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elf Copyrighted Material - Reproduction Prohibited CONTENTS As It Is in Heaven (The Lord's Prayer’... Breakdown ... Calling Heaven Crown Him with Many Crowns .... Cry for Love ........... Vil Be Around Til Lead You Home... : I'm Waiting for You .. A Little Stronger Every Day 0.0.0... Someday ..... Straight to the Heart oc ccsnemne Trilogy: The Other Side of Me/ Breathe in Me/Angels Unaware ...... Pesiemion of w (LI bicenae does st give you permimnion so make ary copy of the music contained ts book. peu are aru (e000 wha rigs puso have tn copy areer a CCL cena or yo wae eormanon Meee CCL planta otha taeh Cry for Love Words and Music by MICHAEL W. SMITH and BRENT BOURGEOIS With yearning J = 112 B © Copyright 1995 O"Ryan Music (adm. by Reunion Music) (ASCAPY, ADC MasicW.B.M, Corp. (SESAC) All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission,