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a aduce atingere a aduce la indeplinire un mandat a ndeplini procedura legal a ceda parti sociale a declara pe propria raspundere a denuna

(un contract) a desface marfuri a emite pretentii asupra garantei a exonera de rspundere a imputa o culpa a incheia in nume propriu un act juridic a perfecta un acord a preda n posesie a solicita obligarea paratei la plata aciune n anulare acord de vointa act aditional act aditional de asistenta juridica act constitutiv al societatii act de dezmembrare prin lotizare act normativ aflat in vigoare acte de dezmembrare acte juridice cu titlu oneros sau gratuit acte rau-voitoare actiune in constatare actiuni de firma in bani adeziune de drept

to be detrimental to carry out the powers of attorney to complete the legal procedures to assign shares to hereby declare terminate to sell, to market issue claims against performance guarantees exonerate to attribute blame to sign a judicial/legal document on one's own behalf to execute an agreement hand over we ask the defendant be ordered to pay... action for annulment agreement addendum addendum to legal assistance contract articles and memorandum of association document attesting the parcelling/parcelation of a site/real estate property legislative act in force certification for a land split onerous or gratuitous juridical acts bad faith acts declaratory action cash equities implicit acceptance

adjudecare fara licitatie Administrator Unic Agent Paza andorsare Angajamente ante-contract ferm aparine aplicaii interimare aprobarea anterioara a Clientului arvuna asociatiune in participatiune aspecte aferente audit juridic autosesizare autovehicul avnd denumirea rezervat prin dovada disponibilitii denumirii mproprietrire n culp n solidar ncheiere n form autentic nscrisurile ce trebuie ncheiate ntrirea disciplinei contractuale Statele de plat aferente lunilor aprilie 2008ianuarie 2009 banca creditoare bani virati beneficiarul serviciilor se obliga

awarded with no call for bids Sole Director Security Guard endorsement Commitments firm pre-contract the local (tax authority) interim applications Client's prior consent earnest payment joint venture related aspects/relevant aspects related thereto legal audit refer the matter to itself up to date with the name reserved by the proof of corporate name availability apportionment of property the defaulting party to jointly pay ... signing and authentication of the document deeds that must be concluded tightenting / strengthening of contractual discipline April 2008 till( ending in) January 2009 Payroll creditor bank transferred the reciepient of services undertakes it to

beneficiu de discutiune beneficiu de diviziune beneficiul de discutiune si diviziune buletin de analiza bun de preluare Bunul inchiriat nu este grevat de sarcini bunuri mobile si bunuri imobile Cadastrul extractiv calitatea de proprietar cam de o palm capital subscris si varsat caracter dirimant care nu este tinut fata de destinatar Cartea minier casa de marcat categorie curi - construcii cauze imputabile cazier judiciar cerere de interventie in interes propriu Certificat de atestare a dreptului de proprietate asupra terenurilor certificat de mostenitor Cesiunea circuit civil clauza de neconcurenta clauz contractual cod nomenclator

The benefit of order or of excussion The benefit of division lawful claim of a surety for a preliminary distraint upon the (principal) debtor certificate of analysis take over goods/assets The leased asset is free of any encumbrances movables and immovables Mining Cadastre proof of ownership ajar subscribed and paid up capital nullifying character is not liable to the addressee mining registry electronic cash register buildings and adjoining areas ( annexes/ appendage) reasons attributable to criminal record application for joinder as a party with a personal interest Land Onwnership Certificate certificate of inheritance Assignment civil circulation non-competition clause contractual clause classification code

codul de procedura civila Comisia de Evaluare (n cadrul licitaiei) Comodanii ***dau imobilul spre folosin***... competenta jurisdictionala conborator concurenta conditie potestativa conditie rezolutorie compelxa conditional conveyance contract Conducatorul unitatii fiscale constituirea garaniei pentru participare CONTRACT CADRU contract de arendare contract de asociere contract de mprumut cu garanie imobiliar contract de cesiune Contract de cesiune de crean contract de concesiune contract de credit ipotecar contract de facilitare de credit la termen contract de furnizare contract de garantie imobiliara CONTRACT DE GARANTIE REALA MOBILIARA FARA DEPOSEDARE ASUPRA BUNURILOR VIITOARE Contract de Inchiriere contract de mandat contract de mandatare

code of civil procedure Tender Evaluation Committee transfer the right to use the building/real estate jurisdiction associated lawyer to cover the initial amount/up to the initial amount of ... potestative condition complex (E&W) condition subsequent; (Scots law) resolutive condition contract de cesiune sub conditie ( for) XXXX Revenue Agency establishing the required tender guarantee framework agreement agricultural lease partnership agreement hard money loan agreement assignment agreement debt assignment agreement concession agreement mortgage contract long term credit facility agreement [product] supply contract/agreement real estate, or real property security agreement Agreement on Security Interest in Real Property without Dispossession of Future Assets lease contract mandate/ contract of mandate power of attorney contract

contract de reprezentanta comerciala contract de studii - locuri la buget Contract individual de munc contract respectat cu buna credinta contract rubricat perfectat contract sinalagmatic contract vanzare-cumparare contract-angajament Contractant contributie in numerar si in natura Conventie civila de prestari sportive Cooperare n vederea Finalizrii corp de proprietate coschimbas costestatoarea a implinit lipsurile privind lipsa semnaturii de pe contestatie cota de prima anuala cota exclusiva, indiviza cota-parte i-a revenit lui X prin mostenire creanta certa si lichida creante impotriva vanzatoarei cu exceptia zonelor de circulatie cu titlu de chirie cu titlu de despgubire cu titlu de folosinta gratuita dare n administrare de drept in intarziere

contract of agency/agency contract learning contract- budget places Employment Contract the contract (was) observed in good faith final/signed copy broken down in/ with paragraphs synallagmatic contract purchase agreement (full) commitment contract contracting party capital contribution in cash and in kind Recreation Service Agreement Cooperation for the purpose of completion property unit exchangor associate/ other party associated in the exchange agreement o sugestie annual premium rate exclusive , per indivisum/coparcenary owned share x was entitled to receive a share of legacy certain and liquid debt debts against the seller except common areas as rent as damages gratuitous use contracting out in default by operation of law

de emis debara vs cmar decile declaratie de conformitate delegatie perfecta demersurile denumita in continuare denuntarea deplintatea facultilor mentale dezdunare dezmembraminte diligente din dotarea Director Economic disponibilitatea de firma dispune documente notariale dol domiciliat in drept de retenie asupra bunului nchiriat drept de servitute efectuare de transferuri lunare elaborator emolument eroare material eroare viciu de consimtamant este in sarcina garantorului evictiune

to be issued closet vs. pastry/larder/store room Decil declaration of conformity perfect delegation steps hereinafter referred to as termination (unilateral) In full command of mental faculties indemnity dismemberments (of the ownership right) diligences owned by/belonging to Chief Financial Officer company name availability will have control of / have the use of notarial documents deceit domiciled in (the) ... lien over the leased asset easement right making monthly transfers drafter emolument clerical error error vice of consent (The responsibility) shall lie on the Guarantor total or partial eviction

exigibilitate fals in declaratii si spalare de bani fara a aduce atingere fidejusor filiale fisa tehnica fond aservit fond dominant form de atac pe cale administrativ furt calificat garanie de reinere de garanie garanie real/garanie personal garantm pe cumprtori de orice eviciune garantie garantie reala mobiliara identificat cu C.I. seria ... nr... Imprumutatii imputernicim prin prezenta in calitate de mandatar in caz contrar aceste obligatii conventionale nefiindu-i opozabile in contradictoriu in curs de judecata in masura in care in optiunea cumparatorului in procent de In situaia nedenunrii contractului in subsidiar

on its maturity date misrepresentation and money laundering without prejudice to fidejussor branch (office);subsidiary specification sheet servient tenement dominant tenement administrative challenge modality aggravated theft retainage guarantee/holdback guarantee tangible security/personal security guarantee the buyers against eviction warranty pledge, pawn identified by ID Card Series ... No ... The borrowers are... we hereby empower as authorized agent / authorized representative otherwise, these conventional obligations shall not be opposable to him against / in opposition to the trial is pending to the extent to which as agreed upon by the Buyer / as per the Buyer's decision xxx% in the event of non termination of the contract subsidiarily

indexabil insarcinari ulterioare inscriptiuni de ipoteci inscritie ipotecara instanta de drept comun intabula interdictie de instrainare Interval baz de decontare (IBD) intrarea in posesia imobilului de catre cumparator ipotec de rang I judecator de fond liber consimtit prin semnatura liberaliti excesive licentiat Limba care guverneaz contractul este limba romn. linistita proprietate si posesie a cumparatorilor lipsa de discernamant lista de colisaj locatiune comerciala managing director mandat de cenzor mrime fix mijloace de aparare Ministerul Finanelor Publice motive neimputabile salariatului

subject to indexation further assignments registered mortgage entries registration of mortgage court of common law to enter into the land register restraint on alienation base/standard working hour take posession first mortgage judge at first instance it has been willingly approved by the signature of the hereby parties gifts in excess of the freely disposable portion of the estate licensee The language of the contract (governing language) shall be Romanian undisturbed ownership and possession transferred to the buyers impaired judgment packing list commercial lease/leasing Director Executiv capacitated to fulfill the auditor's mandate flat rate defences Ministry of Public Finance reasons not attributable to the employee

neexecutarea la termen neimputabil neindeplinirea neocolire netulburarea folosinei terenului not de lichidare novatie (a nova) nr. top nu inlatura

non-performance within specified time through no fault of the undersigned non-fulfilment non-circumvention {covenant of undisturbed use =} quiet enjoyment of the land employment termination form novation topographical number shall not waive / prevent (the Parties from being held responsible for...) doesn't constitute a binding agreement to transfer ownership bare ownership name in print The name of the intermediary's authorized representtative the object of the contract financial obligations extinguished liabilities undertaken commitments/obligations legal department enforceable against the Parties hereto opposable to the buyer 12 AM/ midnight notice to proceed jointly issued orders law enforcement agencies commissoria lex

nu transfera niciunul din atributele proprietatii nuda proprietate nume in clar Numele reprezentantului autorizat al Intermediarului obiectul contractului obligaii patrimoniale obligatii stinse obligatiile asumate oficiu juridic opozabila Partilor la prezentul opozabile ora 24 ordin de incepere ordine comune organe de urmarire penala pact comisoriu

pact comisoriu de gradul IV pana la limita despagubirii parti indivize comune aferente parti sociale parti sociale subscrise si varsate paznic juridic pri sociale pe cale administrativ-jurisdicional penalizare contractuala persoana care instraineaza persoana juridica de drept privat pieire fortuita pieirea bunului mobil posesia si proprietatea asupra Casei posturi vacante de natura celor desfiintate prestare de servicii prestari servicii prestatii de asigurari sociale pretentii de natura patrimoniala pretul prestatiei este in functie de comenzile onorate prin acordul partilor principiul oficialitii privilegiul vanzatorului proba cu inscrisuri procedura de ncadrare n grade de invaliditate procedura ofertei urmat de consemnaiune

commissoria lex clause with foreclosure option (in Roman law) to the extent of the indemnity joint tenancy of common elements of a property shares subscribed and paid-up (company/partnership) shares custodian shares by administrative means within the jurisdiction liquidated damages Transferor private law entity/legal entity of private law fortuitous/accidental loss perishing of movable goods possession and title (downsizing) unfilled vacancies service delivery/provision contract for services social insurance services pecuniary claims service ; completed order through the consent of the parties according to the official procedures right to a vendor's lien documentary evidence invalidity degree assessment procedure escrow

proces verbal de receptie procesul verbal de predare-primire a locaiei procura vanzare-cumparare procurator de fonduri produce efecte promitent promitenta promova propunere tehnica/financiara punct de lucru punere in intarziere PUZ raport de drept real rata profitului brut reconduciune reconstituire reconstituirea dreptului de proprietate asupra terenurilor refacerea actului de acuzare regulament de ordine interioara repunere n termen repus in termenul de acceptare restituirea cauzelor la organele de urmarire penala returnare discount comercial rezerva dreptul rezoluie infracional riscul contractului va fi suportat de partea

acceptance certificate / protocol inventory sale-purchase power of attorney fund provider is effective promissory promisor pass technical / financial proposal lucrative facility putting in default Zonal Urbanistic Plan in rem relationship gross profit rate reconduction reconstruction restoration of property rights on land,restoration of property rights in regards to the land/property/real estate in question refiling the bill of indictment Internal Regulations/ Internal Regulation Policy reinstate the appeal the heirs inherit the property within the acceptance period of the inheritance referral of cases back for further investigation commercial discount reimbursement purchaser reserves the right to.... criminal intent The bond debtor is liable for any losses incurred by the

debitoare a obligatiei risturn rol fiscal s.a sa concesioneze bunuri sa radieze salarii medii brute pe societate sanctiunea netinerii seama scopul (contractului) scrisoare de garanie bancar sechestru asigurator sediul materiei semnatura olografa semnatura opozabila servicii de intermediere in comertul cu ridicata servitute de trecere gratuita servituti conventionale sistem cont deschis situatia de fapt si de drept societare societate comercial cu rspundere limitat soluionarea conflictelor pe cale amiabil starea de ndeplinire sub aspect probatoriu sub pedeapsa de nulitate sub punte sub regimul separatiei de patrimonii

present contract. discount tax roll si altele leasing/the lease of... (assets/goods) deregister average gross monthly salary in the company shall be deemed ineffective object BCL/bank comfort letter distraint (upon property) relevant provisions holograph signature legally enforceable signature agency services in wholesale trade (free) right of way agreed / contractual easement open account system issue in fact and law corporate/company-related limited liability company (LLC) amicable settlement of disputes extent to which something was carried out no.... str..... bl ..... ap as an evidentiary matter rephrase (clean) shipped/on board bill of lading during separation of property regime

sub rezerva sub-inchirias subcomision subiect de drept subrogat subscris i vrsat integral supralegalizare tarif contractual teapa teoria impreviziunii terenul nu este urmarit termeni contractuali neloiali tert poprit terta persoana titlu executoriu transferat n interesul serviciului tulburare a posesiei unitate de drept comun urmand ca acesta sa-si inceteze efectele urmarire silita urmarire silita mobiliara vanzare prin justiie

subject to subtenant sub-commission subject of law subrogated subscribed and paid-in superlegalization agreed rate/charge hoax/swindle/scam theory of imprevision the land is not legally claimed unfair contractual terms/arrangements third-party garnishee third person enforceable title transferred/relocated for job purposes disturbance of possession common-law entity followed by (contract) expiry legal seizure judicial execution (on moveable assets) court-supervised sale