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Mary Greene Horvath

Concord, MA 01742


Over 15 years of progressively responsible technical writing and editing experience in both software and pharmaceutical companies

Excellent collaboration and communication skills

Proven ability to produce accurate, concise, and effective documentation on time

Technically astute problem solver who thrives in a challenging environment

Medical Writing Experience

Medical Writer, Lantheus Medical Imaging, Billerica, MA

Served as a liaison between the Biostatistics, Data Management & Medical Writing


(BDM) group and various regulatory and clinical groups.

Wrote, edited, and formatted BDM documents, such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and user guides. Utilized ISIWriter and Acrobat to format these documents according to industry standards.

Developed and maintained EndNote libraries, providing scientific literature searches as needed.

Compiled Clinical Study Report appendix documents, including data tables, listings, figures, and cover sheets. Completed the preparation of appendices for a phase III study pertaining to the assessment of myocardial perfusion.

Technical Writing Experience

Principal Technical Writer, OmniViz, Inc., Maynard, MA

Managed the publication process for all OmniViz documentation, help files, manuals, and press releases.

Designed, wrote, edited, and produced all documentation for release to external customers.

Worked with scientific content specialists to improve documentation quality.

Co-authored many technical documents, working closely with the biologists, chemists, and bioinformatics experts at OmniViz.

Designed the layout of all manuals, help files, and web pages.

Researched customers’ needs through ongoing communication with customer service representatives.


Senior Technical Writer, Allaire (now Adobe), Newton, MA

Managed the revision of help files and manuals for multiple releases of the ColdFusion Markup Language and for Allaire Spectra, a framework for developing content management systems.

Worked with internal developers and external partners to ensure the accuracy and thoroughness of each document.



Mary Greene Horvath

Content Engineer, Information Resources, Inc., Waltham, MA

Planned and wrote a system administrator's guide and an associated toolkit guide for PromoProphet, a client-server system designed to help manufacturers plan product-line promotions.

Improved the quality of the user interface, editing the content and sequence of dialog boxes displayed to customers.


Senior Software Technical Writer, FASTech Integration, Inc., Lincoln, MA

Designed and wrote online help files for the FACTORYworks ActiveX controls. These help files provided both a user’s guide and a reference.

Wrote Visual Basic examples for online help and added context strings to create context- sensitive links.



Software Engineer, Stratus Computer, Inc., Marlborough, MA

Supported all of the System Network Architecture (SNA) products, designing, and programming extensive enhancements to the product set.


Software Technical Writer, Stratus Computer, Inc., Marlborough, MA

Revised and updated the VOS Subroutines Manual for Pascal, C, PL/1, and Cobol.

Wrote the VOS Pascal Language Manual and the VOS Pascal User’s Guide.

Created all of the programming examples for both of these manuals.


Publishing Systems: ISIWriter, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Dreamweaver, RoboHelp, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Javadoc, and Quadralay WebWorks ePublisher Pro Bibliographic Software: Thomson EndNote Graphics: Microsoft Visio and SnagIt Markup Languages: HTML, CSS, CFML, DITA, and XML Platforms: UNIX (VOS), Windows, and Mac 10.7.1


M.A. in Teaching English, Brown University, Providence, RI

B.A., English Literature, Wellesley College, MA

Accelerated Nurse Practitioner B.S./M.S. program (completed 2 semesters) Regis College, Weston, MA

Prerequisite Courses (8), including Statistics, Organic Chemistry, and Microbiology


Regis College, Weston, MA