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1 Gunta = 121 square yards = 101.17 square metres = 2.5 cents 40 Guntas = 1.0 acre 1 Guntha = 33 ft (10 m).

x 33 ft (10 m). = 1,089 sq ft (101.2 m2) _______________________________________________________ Vasai to Diva DMU Vasai Rd. Juchandra Kaman Kharbao Bhivandi Diva Jn. 07.34 07.42 07.49 08.00 08.11 08.50 16.19 16.26 16.33 16.42 16.53 17.30 19.59 20.07 20.13 20.24 20.35 21.05

Diva to Vasai DMU Dombivali Diva Jn. Bhivandi Kharbao Kaman Juchandra Vasai Rd. 05.45 -06.02 06.14 06.25 06.33 06.50 14.39 15.02 15.14 15.25 15.31 15.48 18.09 18.32 18.44 18.56 19.01 19.20

______________________________________25 lakhs 1 BHK 521 sq. ft Resale Property Unfurnished Property Age: 10-20 Years Kalwa thane Name: Sanjay Mobile: 9892901806 Email: ________________________________________ Resolved Question Show me another Residential plot documents? I am trying to purchase a residential plot from a land promoter. Can I know what are the documents I need to check before buying the plot? Please advise with a link if possible. 3 years ago Report Abuse ravii_aachary ravii_aa... Best Answer - Chosen by Voters hi here is the list of documents you should look for 1. Conveyance / Sale deed : Document by which the title of a property is conveye d by the seller to the purchaser

2. ULC [Urban Land (Ceiling & Regulation) Act] : 3. 7/12 extract is a document, which shows the names of the owners of the proper ty. It contains details such as the Survey numbers, area, date from which the cu rrent owner s names were registered as owners. The 7/12 extract is issued by the T ehsildar or the concerned land authorities. 4. Index II Index II is a document issued by the office of the Sub- Registrar of Assurances. It mainly mentions the names of the sellers & purchasers of a prope rty for which the document is registered. 5. Search report & Title certificate A Title certificate is issued by an advocat e after conducting a search of the title of the property, which is intended to b e purchased. The title certificate would state if the property is unencumbered a nd has a clear marketable title.(30 years) 6. Non Agricultural (N.A) permission 7. Development Agreement : entered into by the builder with the landowner. It co ntains details regarding the terms and conditions on which the landowner has per mitted development of his property. This is where the landowner engages a third party (i.e. the developer) to develop and build on their plot of land. This agre ement is generally accompanied by a Power of Attorney in favour of the developer . 8. Approved building plans need to be checked necessarily. The plans must be app roved by the Municipal Corporation/ Town Planning authority or other concerned a uthorities like CIDCO, MHADA, HUDCO, Gram Panchayat, etc. as applicable dependin g on the location of the project. Approved plan of the building along with the n umber of floors. Check if occupancy certificate has been issued by the municipal ity authority with the approved of Building Plan. 9. Commencement certificate is given by the Municipal Corporation permitting the developer to begin construction. 10. Completion/occupation certificate is given by the concerned authorities to t he developer once the said building is complete in all respects and fit for occu pation. 11. Stamp Duty & Registration: 12. Registration of an agreement 13. Approved layout plan 14. ownership documents. Check if the land on which the builder is building is h is or he has undertaken an agreement with a landlord. If so, check the title of the land ownership with the help of an advocate. 15. Ensure that urban land ceiling NOC (if applicable) has been obtained or not. 16. NOC from water and electricity authorities also have to be obtained. 17. NOC from lift authorities. 18. Has your builder/promoter acquired the approvals from Municipal Corporation, Area Development Authorities, Electricity Boards, Water Supply & Sewerage Board s, Airport Area Authorities? 19. Ensure execution of proper sale agreements on your initial payments. 20. IOD (Intimation of disapproval) 21. Encumbrance certificate Hope this will solve your problems _________________________________________________________________