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Post Applied for Name Address Phone No. E-mail Permanent Address Phone No. Marital Status Passport No. Issued Valid up to Date of Birth Professional Qualification : : : : : : : : : : : : : API-510 Inspector Dipak Kumar Das. B-11, Room No. 0/3, Shivdarshan Hsg. Society Sector 10, Airoli , Navi Mumbai 400708, India. 0091- 98201 10174 and SaiGouravApartment,RoomNo-303,Plot-F15/1,Sector9,Divanagar,Aerioli,Navimumbai-400708 +91-99371 57678 Married. Nationality: Indian E 7637757. Bhubaneshwar, Orissa Date:30.01.2004. 29.01.2014. ECNR: Not Required 27.07.1964. M. Tech. (Petroleum Engg. ISM, Dhandbad, 1993) A.M.I.E. (Mechanical Engg, 1989) P.G.Diploma in Industrial Relation & Personnel Management. : API-510(Certified Pressure Vessel Inspector) Valid up to31st January 2012. Certification No-34118. ASNT LEVEL II (DPT, MPT, UT, RT)



NATURE OF WORK: 16 years in Refinery, Petrochemicals and Oil and Gas sector in diversified field such as construction, maintenance (static Equipment), Inspection, planning, scheduling and vendor selection Etc. Presently stick to Inspection field as third party Inspector, shutdown Inspector, plant inspector Etc. Inspection External and Internal Inspection of static equipment such as Heat Exchanger, Columns, vessels, fin fan cooler, reformers, reactor as per API-510. Hydro testing, Pneumatic testing, repair and recommendation as per above codes. WPS, PQR and Welder Qualification as per ASME Section IX. NDT as per ASME Section-V and Section-VIII Division-I. Inspection of PRV as per API-576. Piping Inspection as per API-570. Inspection of Gate Valve, Globe valve, Ball valve, NRV as per API-574. QA /QC: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) Preparation of QAP Preparation of ITP Identification of material as per applicable drawing & specification In-process inspection includes welding, NDT, HT and surface preparation & painting. Weld specification before, during & after. Preparation of QWP of related activities & work instruction .WPS, PQR, WQT. Preparation of NDT procedure. Preparation of Hydro test procedure. Preparation of PWHT procedure. Witnessing of DT & NDT. Preparation of Inspection report. Preparation of Punch list. Preparation of Mechanical clearance. Preparation of as built.

15) Preparation of test pack. 16) Approval of test pack & final documentation. Painting: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Preparation of ITP Preparation of painting & coating system. Inspection of surface preparation. Monitoring of weather conditions, WBT , DBT , DEWPOINT .Relative Humidity (RH %) & Metal temperature. Measuring WFT, DFT of each coat. Final DFT, Visual inspection, Pinhole detection & Holiday detection Preparation of daily painting inspection reports and Final inspection report.

Shut down (Maintenance) : Maintenance of static equipment such as 1) Columns (Bubble cap, structural, mol. Sieve, valve cap, chimney tray), 2) Heat Exchanger (U Tube, floating head, Fixed, Air fin), re -boiler, kettle type re boiler. Hydro Testing of heat exchanger (shell test/ring test, tube test, back shell test/overall test), Re -tubing, 3) Vessels (Actified, charcoal, clay, Paul - ring, carbon ring, ceramic ring, demister pad, rotor) Filter, dryer, scrubber, K. O. Drum, flare tip, still, stripper, etc 4) Fin fan cooler (stud Type, Plug type), hydro testing. 5) Repair and overhauling of furnace, Refractory repair, 6) Handling of catalyst (Removal & reloading). Planning: 1) Planning, Scheduling, Manpower Planning, Equipment/ Logistic Planning, 2) Planning & scheduling of complete project. Preparation of S-curve & Bar- chart . 3) Break-up of entire project into different activities from initial to final stage. 4) Spilt major activities & Sub activities by assigning weightage in percentage. 5) Estimation of Manpower & material. Construction: 1) Review of plot diagram, GAD, P&ID, Isometric, Equipment, GAG and detail fabrications. 2) Preparation of MTO as per required drawing. 3) Procurement as per applicable codes& specification. 4) Evaluation of material supply vendors. 5) Planning & allocating QA/QC personnel for identification of material. 6) Co- ordination with TPI & CLIENT to the requirement. a) Piping: Piping job includes:

1) Fabrication, erection and modification of CS, SS, DSS, SDSS & alloy steel Pipes according to isometric drawing & Preparation of working procedure for piping work. . 2) Checking & Identification of all piping materials. 3) Monitoring on fabrication & erection of piping spools 4) Mechanical clearance & Punch list killing. 5) Formation of System loops for test pack of different system. 6) Checking of Isometrics at site for location equipments & Test pack clearance, 7) Preparation of hydro test packages & Hydro test of pipelines, 8) Preparation and installation of piping supports as per supports drawing. 9) Supervision on Re-routing of pipelines. 10) Air blowing & Reinstatement, 11) Selection of piping flanges, valves etc. b) Mechanical / Structure / Civil : Mechanical repair job includes, 1) Fabrication, erection and dismantling of steel structure, columns. Trusses, cross bracing, side Bracing etc 2) Modification of steel structure of columns i.e., bubble cap tray system to steel structure system..

3) Checking out Rigging study for critical equipments of projects. 4) Checking erection, alignments of flanges & static equipments. 5) Load testing of overhead crane, lifting tools and tackles, 6) Erection of pumps, blower, motors, ID & FD Fans Bellows, Ducts etc. 7) Leveling & Layout of equipment foundations/pipe supports. 8) Reinforcement checking as per drawing. 9) Cube testing of concrete work for required strength. 10) Curing & bitumen coating of pedestals/foundations. Major Shutdown: Sr. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 Position Client Company Name Country Period From APi-510 Inspector Plant Inspector Plant Inspector Inspection Engineer Plant Inspector Mechanical Engineer Site BPCL, India SADAF (Seconding) Oryx-GTL (Seconding) Ar-razi (Seconded) QAFAC (Seconded) HPCL (Seconded) ESP Asia Pvt Ltd ISS Velosi Certification, Doha, Qatar I.S.O.L, KSA Emirates Industrial Lab (EIL), Dubai. Aarvi Encon Pvt Ltd, India. India KSA Qatar KSA (AR_RAZIMethonal plant) Qatar (Qafac MTBE Plant) HPCL, (Visakha Refinery) 19/03/2009 21/01/2009 10/02/2008 01/06/2007 11/03/2007 21/07/2005 To 12/04/2009 23/02/2009 12/03/2008 31/07/2007 25/04/2007 03/09/2005

Stationary equipment site Engineer Task force Representative (Ins& maint) Site Planner

Qatar Petroleum (Seconded) Reliance Industry Ltd (Seconded) ADNOC

Brunel Energy W.L.L., Qatar. Midland Corporation Mumbai, India. Ramsis BHARAIN. TRAGS, QATAR. O.H.C.S. (I) Pvt. Ltd. INDIA. Engg.

Qatar (Qatar Petroleum Refinery) INDIA (Real- Nocil site) ABUDHBI, (Takreer Refinery) QATAR, (NGL 1&3) Bombay High Offshore INDIA.







10 11

Mechanical Engineer Project Engineer

Q.G.P.C. Qatar KAVERNER ENERGY LTD. SCOTLAND U.K. for O.N.G.C. Hyundai Heavy Industry South Korea for ONGC

22/08/2000 01/01/2000

19/10/2000 12/05/2000


Equipment Engineer

O.H.C.S. (I) Pvt. Ltd. INDIA.

Bombay High Offshore INDIA.



Sand blasting, grit blasting, hydro jetting (WOMER ECO MASTER, rigid& Rotary Lancer) Cleaning (manual, mechanical, surfactant) rigging, scaffolding, hot and cold insulation and refractory job includes insulation of pipes, vessels, columns etc and refractory works in furnace of boiler and chimney etc. plant painting job includes, painting of pipeline, vessels, columns/Towers, steel structures in enamel and epoxy. Also managed a work over onshore oil/gas rig of capacity 50 ton. Maintenance of oil/gas well includes

i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. ix. x. xi. xii. xiii. xiv.

Field survey before rig installation. Rig mobilization ad demobilization. Killing fluid arrangements, pressure check and well killing. Removal and installation of X-mass trees and BOP. Pull out run in of tubings. Sand cleaning and sand screen installation. Removal and installation of permanent and retable packers and Bridge plugs. Gas lifts valve system. Sucker-rod pumping system. Well arrangements for logging, fishing, surfactant application and compressor job. Preparation of daily, weekly, monthly maintenance report & daily progress report. Installation and removal of casing line /pull out rope as per validity and inspection report. Maintenance of BOP, Pumps, Generation etc. Man power control, client coordination and over all safety.

Detail Works:Sl No 1) Company Name ESP Asia Pvt Ltd Period 19th March2009 to 12th April 2009 21st Feb 2009 to 23 march 2009 10th Feb 2008 to 12th March 2008 1st June 2007 to 31st July 2007 Designation API- 510 Inspector Plant Inspector Work Done External & internal visual inspection of Vessels, columns, Heaters, fin-fan cooler and heat Exchanger. Hydro and Pneumatic testing. Final Report preparation Etc. External & internal visual inspection of Vessels, columns, Heaters, fin-fan cooler and heat Exchanger. Daily and Final Report preparation Etc. External & internal visual inspection of Vessels, columns, Heaters, fin-fan cooler and heat Exchanger. Final Report preparation Etc.


3) 4)

Industrial Support Services, KSA Velosi Certification Doha, Qatar Industrial Services on line, KSA

Plant Inspector Inspection Engineer


Emirates Industrial Lab (EIL). Dubai

11th March 2007 to 25th April 2007

External & internal visual inspection. NDT (UT, RT, MPT, DPT, REPLICA, HARDNESS) of vessels & reactors. Monitoring and inspection of repair job of reactors includes Dehydrogenation, preheating, inter-pass temperature control &PWHT. Insulation and refractory inspection of Reformer Piping fit up and welding inspection of VG & RG line. Daily progress report & final report preparation. Plant Inspector External & internal visual inspection. NDT (UT, RT, MPT, DPT, REPLICA, HARDNESS) of vessels, columns, heaters, fin fan cooler. Heat exchanger, Witness of hydro test, pneumatic test of heat exchanger & fin fan cooler, Daily progress report & final report preparation. Preparation of permit for inspection, Over all co-ordination & Safety. Construction Engineer Construction & supervision of CS pipeline which includes 20, 14, 12 10 8 6 &2 around tank inlet & outlet in RMP (refinery modification project),tank fabrication , Shotblasting,Painting,Hydrotesting Structural fabrication, Civil Works for pipe support, Issuing permit, Billing, Site survey & safety for BPCL , Mumbai , Indi Maintenance and supervision of Over head condenser, Columns, Furnace. Retubing and Refractory repair jobs in HPCL , Visaka Refinery for HPCL ,India .


SM AKER MANAGEMENT SERVICES (Seconded to BPCL) Aarvi Encon Pvt Ltd. (Seconded to HPCL)

22nd Jan 2006 To 28th Feb 2007


21st July2005 to 3rd September 2005

Mechanical Site Engineer


Brunel Energy W.L.L. Qatar (Seconded to Qatar Petroleum) Midland Corporation (Seconded to REAL)

7th March 2005 to 15th May 2005 12thMay 2004 to 30th November 2004.

Stationary Equipment Site Engineer Task force Representative (Inspection & maint ).

Maintenance and supervision of all static equipment in Kerosene Hydro treater and Naphtha Hydrotreater in Qatar Petroleum Refinery(NODCO) for Qatar Petroleum , Qatar . Inspection, Maintenance & Supervision of vessels, columns, Heat exchanger& tanks. Hydro testing of all static- equipments &all piping loops. Pneumatic testing, air flushing, air blowing (Card board rupture). Assistance to operation during Pre commissioning & commissioning / start-up. Material Handling, Fabrication & Erection of piping in EO /EG plant REAL- NOCIL site of Reliance Industry Ltd. Mumbai, India. Punch list killing, test pack clearance, pneumatic test, hydro test, reinstatement for MECON in NGL-4 project at DUKHAN for JV of Hyundai & Snaprogetti of Qatar Petroleum in DOHA, QATAR. Worked as a planner in warranty inspection of condensate plant of Takreer Refinery (ADNOC) ABUDHABI. Maintenance work of Gas dehydration unit, Fuel Gas System, Merox Unit, Instrument Air System at NGL-1, Mesaieed of Q.G.P.C. Qatar.




14th June to 5th September 2002. 20th Feb 2002 to 16th May 2002 22nd August to 10th October April 10th 1998 to May 17th 2000.

Piping coordinator.


RAMSIS Engineering Bahrain. TRAGS (Trading and Agency Services), Doha, Qatar. FOR OFFSHORE HOOK-UP & CONSTRUCTIO N SERVICES (I) PVT. LTD., INDIA.

Site Planner


Mechanical Engineer (Maintenance Shutdown Job) A) Project Engineer (Revamp project)


Detail survey, Quality Plan, Manpower planning, In-house fabrication according to Engg. Drawing, Construction Schedule, Demolition, Erection, Modification, Pre-commissioning of revamping of 3 nos. of TG sets at BHS/SLQ offshore platform of ONGC for KEL Scotland, UK. Detail survey, planning& complete execution, installation, internal modification of columns & testing for revamping of GDU (GAS DEHYDRATION UNIT) system at BLQ-II / BPB offshore process platform of O.N.G.C. for Hyuand Heavy Industry South Korea. Detail survey, Engineering drawing, In- house fabrication & Installation of Riser Guard for PA well head offshore platform Of Enron Oil & Gas India Ltd. Supervision, fabrication, modification, erection of PILOT FLARE TIP & connection of 2 flexible pipeline between HEERA offshore platform & HP FLARE TIP of ONGC for LARSEN & TURBRO LTD Complete work over operation, Rig mobilization & de Mobilization, well take over & hand over, DPR Testing / killing fluid arrangements, maintenance of electrical & mechanical work of rig , bop maintenance Etc for more than 200 oil / gas well in Ahmedabad Mehsna Project of ONGC.

B) Equipment Engineer C) Engineer (fabrication & erection) D) Field Engineer (offshore shutdown job) 14) JOHNEQUIPME NT (P) LTD, MEHSANA, Gujarat, India Jan 1994 to Dec 1997 RIG INCHARGE

Note: Local Inspection as a free lancer is not included in this CV. THE ABOVE INFORMATIONS ARE TRUE TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE & BELIEF. (DIPAK KUMAR DAS)