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The Mind and Matter



Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 An introduction to the mind Personality, spirit and consciousness Perception of the mind Feelings, emotions and the personality matrix Triggers, pheromones and communication Sickness in the body Sickness and the mind and body Philosophy and purpose for life Ethics and values The mind and brain connection Limitation and perception of life Page. 4 19 31 42 55 77 94 116 123 130 150


The Mind and Matter is the second book to my creation theory writing studies and explores the major link to our own consciousness and awareness, that which I call the mind. Throughout the writing of this book I will endeavor to explore components of the mind in relation to our physical world, discussing what the mind is and how it is formed. I will link back to the work of Creation Theory Revised in order to expand on the topics already noted giving a broader idea on how much the mind and our perception is a major factor to understanding the reason why we are here, also focusing on why we do all the things that we choose to accept as reality. The mind is a very complex concept and cannot be taken in and understood with just one book alone. It is extremely unlimited and expansive in its possibility that only the most common human interaction will be explained in this book to give light to why we are human and how we choose to see the world we live in. Of course the mind is more than just connected to the human physical world. It is linked to the whole of creation and cannot be organized into one small explanation. It needs to be considered when focusing on things in more detail and shown by how it affects the physical matter around us in order to form our perceptions. As I noted in my first book, I would probably need a million books in which to describe all of the mind and how it works and the influence it has on the whole of creation. However, for this book it is not necessary to view the whole of creation together but to see only the mechanics behind our human state of being. This is what we know so far, this world called earth and all that is on it. We are only just getting our feet wet when it comes to exploration beyond our own limited known understanding.

However, we are getting so eager to move on to see new worlds and explore new horizons. We have past the point of repeating ourselves to a level of needing more stimulation in order to create elevated experiences and interests. We are now in exploration mode and the understanding of our mind comes at a time when we will start to utilize its functions to see beyond the ordered world that we know. It is true, this physical world as we know it now has accumulated a tremendous amount of order and structure that we are even more limited than we were in our first exploration days, when we were only just coming out of our humble tribal like ways. The more we isolate ourselves within these limited confines then the mind begins to turn inwards again in order to learn a new level of exploration and understanding of our life and all that it has to offer. This is the level we are at now. We are re-evaluating our lives and how we exist within its framework, wanting more than just the world that we know. It is time to understand the mind for what it is and what it has to offer us into the future. As I am writing these words it is not hard to see, especially for first time readers of my work, that I see the mind as a natural component in itself. It must seem such a weird concept to place the mind as a subject when it has no physical attribute in which to show its true formation. However, gradually as I start to explain the mind and what it means to me and the self studies I have done over the last ten years specifically, you will gradually see where I am coming from when I describe its meaning and purpose. I will give a basic outline of how I see its formation and how it is utilized within the physical world around us. Some of the subjects I will endeavor to explore surround the basic fundamental formation of the mind with connection to the purpose of existence. I want to emphasis the importance of ethics and reasoning within creation itself, and what it means to exist. This is one of the greatest topics that people question throughout their life, why is there existence? What is the reason behind our existence and creation, there has to be a plausible answer.

I will endeavor to explain the motivation behind the mind in creation and how it develops reason in all formation, linking it to the physical world through our bodies and how we interact with one another. Other subjects that I will explore will include how physical matter interacts with the mind, revising on a bit of the information from my first book in order to give a more complex understanding to the topics first realized. These topics surround the idea of the personality matrix and energy matrix. Leading into topics of motivated existence and how the mind has influence on this, especially describing the link between matter bodies. I will endeavor also to discuss electromagnetic energy and the reason for our own choices and interactions in life. Not only will I discuss the connection between mind and matter but I will also begin to branch out into aspects of life that do not necessarily have a complete physical bounds. Things like emotions, triggers, sensations and expression. I will start to look at the mind from the inner core of life, what it is in its purest state and how it effects us here now as humans. Choice, expression, creativity, illusion, all these things come from our connection to the mind. I will begin to open up the onion that is our current beliefs to get a deeper look at the minds influence on us as a whole and how we view our own complex nature. Eventually I would like to lead to a broader understanding of the human state that we are in, giving awareness to possibility beyond the physical state. Maybe even to show how much more there is for us still to explore in the world that we know, things we might not yet have awareness of, that do not hold to a purely material objective. Could it be possible to be living within the influence of something that we are not even aware of? This thing could very well be the mind, the basis of who we are at the core of our being. It is time to see it for what it is, to see it as having a formation and to understand its very nature and how it affects us as a whole. Let us now view into the mind and explore its possibility within matter 3

Chapter 1

An introduction to the mind

Is it possible to explore such a miraculous yet illusionary part of creation as the mind, to know it for all that it has to offer and what it brings to us in our current state of perception? Its formation is unlimited and so grand that to merely describe it as the mind is almost lunacy, yet in its core foundation this label for it is an appropriate title. The mind is exactly that, one of the most important parts of existence that we as humans utilize on a daily basis. It makes us see what we presume is the truth through the physical senses and relays it back to the centre of who we are, allowing us to choose what we do and create a path in life for all that we wish and desire. The mind is the core of our very nature, it helps to illuminate the matter that we are and makes us aware of our own creation. If the mind were to be described in a short paragraph it would have to be one of the defining factors to why we exist. Although it is not the total reason why we have physicality, it is the integral part that makes life motivated and energized, the part that gives life breath to awaken its possibility, to drive it toward purpose and reasoning. It is personality, creativity, development, initiative, emotions, urge and most of all passion and love for all that we strive to achieve in life. It defines our own nature on every level which could also be described as the soul of our own being. In all ways it is the deepest part of ourselves and all that we see, and links us all together from the centre of the original point of creation, to the point that we understand ourselves existing in now, that which is the moment. 4

Remember these are only just labels, to describe the mind how it could be seen. However it could also be described in so many other ways and understood for so many different values. It could be seen as the mother, the nurturer, the core, the zero point, the black hole, the mirror and the heart of creation for all that it stands for and its very central reason for the purpose of why we are here. However to define such a purpose, the mind needs to be seen for what it is from its own unique state, from the origins of life and then understood through to what it offers creation as a whole. To understand the mind is to reason it from all points of view, from all perceptions and from all life and its link to creation at its core. Without the mind we cannot even reason purpose and existence, I would not even be here to write about our nature and possibility. The mind is the most essential component in order to view creation and understand it for what it has to offer in worth and value. In order to describe such a complex component of creation, firstly it needs to be seen from a humans perception, from the eyes of how we see ourselves now. The mind is an interesting thing when it comes to a humans perception. We see that we have physical bodies and with these bodies, we feel, we experience and most of all we think, reason, devise and create. We focus a lot on the brain and the way it functions, presuming that all reasoning comes from its synapses and linking energy pathways to which we call thought and memory. In some ways this is so, especially memories are developed in the perceived organ we call the brain. It stores short and long term memories that which we can access depending on the health of our brain and its creative ability. However the brain is not the main factor defining why we think internally, but merely a tool of the body in order to co-ordinate functioning for keeping the body alive within the physical state. How could such a concept be proven, that there is a mind, another separate body that grants us thoughts and personality? When we see the human body we know for sure that we have a hand, eyes and a mouth. We feel it with our senses and see it with our eyes, and utilize their functions on a daily basis.

These things have what we consider factual understanding. They are physically provable and constantly been made aware of in all that we do in our life. What is not fully understood is that the mind also has this ability to be seen as factual. In order for us to even see our hands or any other physical component in our life we have to think that it exists. We have to reason it and understand it though our own perceptions in order to say that it is there. Without our own thoughts and perceptions we would not even acknowledge the physical attributes that we see in the world around us. The mind might not be able to be placed in the palm of our hand or understood in a physical sense, but it has a formation just as the air we breathe, that which cannot also be seen but is an integral part of physical life. Most would presume then the brain does all this functioning for us, it makes us take the breath in order to breathe in oxygen. This summation is very much true. However in order for the brain to utilize its own physical functions, it is necessary for the mind to give it power and drive it towards its animated state. It would be more reasonable to conclude that without all components there would not be any life at all for what we now see. The necessary parts of life are the physical components and the non-physical forces, one being the motivator the other being the building block to form the structures that we are, the animated creation called human. There cannot be life without formation and without the integral component of force that motivates it to exist and create upon itself. They are two separate components and each stands for the foundation of life as a whole. The first being what I call the unending light particle, or physical embodiment of creation, the other being the unlimited force of the mirror, to which I call the mind.

In my last book, Creation Theory Revised, I outlined quite descriptively the original creation and how it is formed by these two creator components. I will quickly outline this for people who have not read the other book and wonder at how the origin of creation is written from my own perspective. It is an important part in understanding the mind and how it functions in our world, and understanding it for its full purpose and importance. Without knowing what it is at the core is as good as having a baseball bat without knowing what to do with it. The mind is an integral component of who we are, and will give more clarity to a lot of things we understand and reason in our life around us now. Imagine how creation would be seen, without the veil of learnt teachings, and the predisposed patterns of thoughts and ideas that we have already devised. How would creation be seen from a conceptual state where only foundational elements are utilized in order to describe it? Imagine there was once a light particle, a simple elemental component of matter, unlimited in its own very nature, yet never knowing itself for what it was, never having purpose or reasoning. It stands as the formation of all but also as a whole embodiment of one. One day it sees at the core of its embodiment an illusional separation. It sees a mirror standing in the center of it total form inviting it to come and look at the very nature its own existence. The light particle that surrounds the mirror looks within its surface. This first curiosity of the light particle is the original spark of the nature of reality. It is this point that light hits the mirror, that which is the mind, that it starts to reason its own existence and creation. Maybe one would at this point question why the light particle is even there, or the mirror within it. It would be easy to answer, but not easy for us to accept, because in life there is always reason, however outside of creation itself, formation has a different understanding, one that does not need to have purpose or foundation as we know it systematically. It exists because it can, and because it is, without the need to have a direct understanding or a defined logic.

Systematic logic and reasoning comes from the creation itself not of the creator forming it. It is not until the light particle hits the mirror that consciousness and reasoning can be utilized in order to find any purpose for existence. Before this time it was not necessary. Light had no mind in which to think, it was just matter at its most refined state, existing without motivation. The mind was emptiness to begin with, so it did not even need to be reasoned from nothing to something. It was not until both elements came into contact that the reason was determined. That purpose is founded on the fact the matter can now see itself and delve into the reasoning of its nature and cause. It is us the creation from the original elements that can marvel at the miracle that they produce. We have the best of both worlds combined into one that we utilize to the very edge of all possibility. We are the ones who reason creation, not the creator bodies in their pure state. Their purpose is separate to ours and it could never be seen as the same, purely because creation and creator belong to two separate viewpoints. We do not live within their perception as much as they cannot live within ours in their whole entirety. However they are who we are, together, they make us who we are and creation what it is. It is not their separate states but their combined marriage which forms us into the animated existence that we know and see today. There is no more practical way to describe such an event in words as to make it sound like a marriage but I will try and explain in more simplified terms so all who have a separate belief can see it as a core foundational study and not as a faith or practice. When I write this foundation of creation it is to simply find understanding in the beginning formation to be utilized at the core of all that is known. It should not matter what belief or understanding that we have chosen to hold fast to, it would be best to be seen to be able to be identified within all structures and understanding. It is not in the words that the core formation is understood, it is in the essence of its meaning that people can derive understanding, if they so choose. Each person takes what they need and turns it to suit their own lifestyle and beliefs in order to form their own separate opinion. 8

It does not matter what way it is looked at, whether the core foundational embodiments have a different name, they still exist and are undeniably the very center of our own nature and purpose. It is the only truth we have to hold onto to know that there is physical embodiment, that which we call the body, and another component of ourselves to which we call the mind, to reason all of life and its core formation. These things are fact by acceptance alone, acceptance by all, unless we wish not to see life for what it is now and to not exist at all. Even with such philosophy we would still wake up in our own body and realize that we are thinking and still existing in creation. Which ever way we look at it, it is an unavoidable reality and it is from this that we can devise the main facts and foundations of life:

1 2 3 4

We exist in body We think and reason We create We die in body

These things can be very determinable just by simply pinching yourself and watching the world around you. They are what I call causal truths and they are the very reason for who we are at the essence of our formation. They do not require faith or science to be devised, or any other method of seeing, from past or present. They are known in the now moment of our own nature, known by all experiencing it in direct, as they live their lives out as humans and interact in the world around them. They are fundamental truths that everyone can relate to and they are where we can start to explore the understanding of the mind and creation without having an ulterior motive in which to formulate a purpose. The mind is a hard component to tackle down to the core. Most would want to keep thinking in terms of upbringing and truths told from when they were born in order to devise ways to see life. 9

It makes no difference when looking at the core components as a whole, what faith or understanding you have. They exist within all concepts and beliefs, and they are the core of all that we know and appreciate, the linking components between all our visualizations and desires. If we were to strip away at our beliefs to the core, as well as our bodies to the core, these building blocks or elements would be seen as the basis of formation, without needing a way in which to compare or reason. They would just be foundational truth. Looking at the foundational truth at its simplicity, each component of creation, the creator elements have an integral part to play in the forming of animated reality. I would like to firstly demonstrate this in a diagram that I have devised myself, in order to keep things simple and devoid of labels as much as possible. Here is creation at its most simple, seen from my eyes and based on the foundational questions that are shown on the previous page:

T h e o r i g i n a l m a t te r l i g h t p a r t i c l e i s v i e w i n g w i th i n t h e m i r r o r a n e x a c t r e f le c tio n o f a ll th a t e x is ts .

This first diagram shows how the light particle views itself within the mirror. The mirrors role here is to show light its true form, giving reason and insight to allow it to see the nature of its unique formation. 10

Not only does the mirror give the light particle a doorway into seeing its own very nature, but it also creates a great pressure that splits the light up into other matter formations. The mirror is the force behind the creation at this point. You can view this splitting up in more detail in the following diagram:

I t i s b e t t e r to s e e t h e o r i g i n a l c r e a t i o n a s a v i e w i n g fr o m w ith i n . A s p l i tt i n g u p o c c u r s o f t h e l i g h t p a r ti c le i n to a d u a l n a tu r e th a t m a k e s it v i e w b a c k w a r d s in o n i ts e lf . T h i s c r e a te s a n in w a rd a n d o u tw a rd f lo w in g o f c r e a tio n .

T h i s d u a l n a tu r e c r e a te d fro m th e m ir r o rin g e ffe c t o f z e r o p o in t o r m in d f o r m s a g r e a t p r e s s u r e th a t p u s h e s c r e a ti o n to s p i n i n o n i ts e lf to f o r m a n o u tw a r d m a te r i a l fo r m a tio n .


This diagram shows the splitting up of creation forming a dual nature of the original light matter particle. The pressure of the force behind the mirror is what drives the light to split itself up and form into the dimensions of creation. It would not matter what object or part of creation that would be viewed, this diagram can work for all formation of existence, from a planet to a cell or anything that can be formed from physical matter. Here is the diagram of it seen from the side:

A g o o d w a y to v i e w t h i s i s s i d e o n , t h i s is th e w a y a ll fo r m a tio n in c re a tio n is m a te ri a liz e d .

This simplified version of creation can be seen in many ways, but this is the most basic of understanding that I have found so far, based on the easiest of terms and words. It does not matter what labels are placed on it or what wording is used. New phrasing would not even change the form of creation in any way. It is not the wording that should be looked at but the form itself. It is easy to be turned off writing when people see words that come from ideas that they do not believe in or understand. 12

However words are only labels and they do not truly represent the concept that a person is trying to portray. It is best to see beyond wording to the core of what is being described. It is not in the words but the understanding of the original formation that is the key. This understanding, however it is chosen to be seen, is the linking core of all that we know, no matter what way it is described. The mirror is the centre of this outward expression of ourselves and forms energized creation as we know it, the third dimension environment. This might seem very confusing at this point to see the mirror/mind for what it is at its original formation. Later I will describe in more detail how this formation is developed into other forms of mind/mirror interaction, how we view life as humans with the use of this original formation and the force behind all that exists. In order to see and understand the full role of the mind it is important to see its effect on creation as a whole. To also see how it forms the matter that we know as the human body. In the following diagrams I want to detail how the original elements create all of matter existence that we know as the physical and how matter is energized into existence:


T he h u m an h e a d sh o w in g th e m o d e l o f th e o rig in a l c r e a ti o n .

I n o rd e r to s e e h o w th is f o r m a t i o n w o r k s w i th i n o u r p h y sic a l b o d ie s, in s id e o u r h e a d s a n d w i t h i n th e c e n t r a l b a la n c in g p o in t o f t h e b r a i n i s w h e r e th e c o r e c r e a ti o n f o r m e d its e lf. I t th e n c r e a te s t h e o u tw a r d v i e w o f f o r m a t i o n i n to a d u a l c y c li n g e ffe c t w h ic h c o u ld b e s e e n a n d te r m e d a s B i o - c y l i n d r i c a l e x i s te n c e .

Here is a basic representation of the original creation within the human body. However the diagram can be used on any known form that we see around us on every level. Anything that has a three dimensional formation, that which is a matter body with an energized existence. I will get more into how the matter dimensions form in order to make us who we are in personality as well as matter formation, but firstly I want to show how bio-cylindrical creation forms all that we know and see:


E v e r y t h i n g w i th i n c r e a tio n c a n b e m o d e le d o n its b io - c y lin d ric a l fo r m , w ith a c o re c e n tra l p o in t th a t m ir r o r s o u t tw o s e p a ra te h a lv e s . T h is is th e d u a l e n e rg iz e d n a tu r e o f a l l m a t e r i a l f o r m a t i o n a n d c r e a ti o n . I t is fr o m th is c o r e b a la n c in g p o in t in a ll a n i m a t e d t h i r d d i m e n s i o n a l c r e a ti o n t h a t a m i r r o r e d s ta te i s p r o d u c e d w h i c h f o r m s tw o s i d e s b o th n o t e n tir e ly e x a c t t o o n e a n o t h e r, b u t i n s te a d a n i l l u s i o n a l m i r r o r i n g i s s e e n t o o c c u r.

The mirror is the illusional state. It is what creates the thought of seeing even within the framework of visualizing life, it is what helps us to view our outside world.


The spiraling of the dual nature that comes from the splitting up of the original light particle forms the dimensions of the material world. These dimensions form with the mind/mirror as the core, spiraling out and returning to its original state with each wave or event. In the next diagram I will give a brief understanding to how the dimensions work. I will not go into too much detail seeing as most I have already outlined in my first book. I will detail just what is needed to outline the concept of the mind and to show how the human body is formed and the personality within it. Without seeing the formation of the dimensions, human personality cannot be understood. Each dimension plays a role in the whole makeup of the human form:

D im e n s io n s s ta r t f r o m th e c o r e o f m ir ro r in a ll fo r m a tio n a n d p ro d u c e a ll fo r m b a s e d o n th e la w s o f e n e r g i z e d c r e a ti o n . T h e s e la w s a r e lim ite d to th e fo u n d a tio n s o f t h e o r i g i n a l l i g h t p a r ti c l e a n d a r e b a s e d o n f o r m i n g c r e a t i o n a s a m o t i v a te d s ta t e o f c o n s c i o u s n e s s a n d e m b o d i m e n t. 1s t D i m e n s io n : L i g h t a n d e n e rg y m a tri x , S p i ri t 2 n d D im e n s i o n : C o m p o s itio n a n d s o lid ity 3 r d D i m e n s i o n : A n i m a te d r e a l i t y 4 th D im e n s i o n : D r e a m , tim e a n d p h e ro m o n e 5 th D im e n s i o n : C o n s c io u s n e s s a n d e th e r 0 / 6 : F o rc e fro m m in d / m ir r o r ( Z e r o p o in t)


I will describe more about the mind/mirrors influence on the dimensions in later chapters but for now it is only a quick guide for people who have not yet read my previous book. It is better to see the dimensions for their whole formation within creation itself and how all is formed from the core to the state that we see in now:

D i m e n s io n s e x i s t o n ly i n s id e c r e a tio n its e lf. E a c h 1s t d im e n s i o n a l fo r m a tio n o f e n e rg y m a tri x , o r p o in t in sp a c e h a s its o w n u n iq u e v ie w p o in t a n d s e p a r a ti o n o f d im e n sio n an d sp ace.

E a r th G a la x y S o la r S y s te m

P la n e t
S o la r S y s te m

M oon Sun


The mind/mirror is the core of all things within material creation. It is the driving force behind the motivation it has in order to exist. It is like the energy inside an electrical appliance, or the fuel inside a motor. It is the connection point, or spark produced between the mirror and the particle of light that forms all the dimensions and makes us the material formation that we know and understand. This is just the basis of formation of what the mind has to offer material creation. There are however many different ways to view the mind for what it is. I will venture into a few of these topics within this book. The most important place to begin is in the first dimension where the formation of the mind is determined into now moments. Each moment creating with it a linking electromagnetic energy that forms the personality of who we are and every other formation within creation itself. In the next chapter I will outline the formation of personality and what could be seen as spirit, or the electromagnetic energy charge that pushes the formation of matter. Instead of just taking on a viewpoint from matter as I did in my first book I will endeavor to describe the role of the mind within the formation of these matrixes and how it creates our unique perception that we have of the world around us.


Chapter 2

Personality, spirit and consciousness

What is the main non-physical area of human interaction that differentiates one person from the next? We can all quickly choose physical characteristics to determine difference, but when it comes to non-physical components of existence, we find it hard to define what it is that makes a person who they are as a unique creation. It is obvious however to the title of this chapter that the place that I am referring to is the personality. This is the place that people are far more aware of than they would be likely to admit. A personality is a character form that we all adhere to individually, each person with their own unique angle of representation. Normally in life we choose to look at personality of each person after we have decided on their character physically, how they are projecting themselves on the outside. These characteristics usually are determined by how well we blend in with another persons outward projected state. Seeing as this projected state is what the other person is representing as themselves on the outside, it can often lead to later learning new things about a person that do not show on the surface. Most have this relationship with one another, this surface understanding. They will only see what they want to see, to what makes this person unique in their own eyes. Often this can lead to all sorts of misunderstanding, especially when people start to get to know each other. They often find things in the other person that they did not think possible or might later consider misleading.


What is happening in this scenario is a truth in the eyes of the physically limited world. What we see is what we get and although we all have a unique personality state, when viewing another person we can only determine what we wish to take on from what we decide ourselves to explore. The longer we get to know someone, the more we delve into their personality and the truth of their own formation and reasoning. How does this personality form develop and what does it mean in our eyes? A personality is a projection that another person shows to us, to state how they are in character and form. It is a choice based expression that comes from a persons own mind and allows them to decide on what they wish to show others about themselves and their lives. Each and every person has this unique personality reference, which is individual and different to all that they come across in life depending on the choices and projections of the people around them. The personality that we know on the outside is a shadow to the real one that does truly exist, and even though we know this to be true we cannot individually justify this fact. We cannot say to another that they are not projecting their true form when we ourselves are limited by our own reflection that we project to others, one that we do not always understand in ourselves. No one can state the personality of another when they cannot be in the shoes of another to understand their own life and everyday experiences. Our life is our own and the personality is the only way that we can link to the outside world that we know, in order to communicate our own desires and needs. In order to understand the personality for what it really is, it needs to be viewed from the original elements of how it is formed. I want to show how the personality develops into the expression that we know in human form, to which we interact with on a daily basis. Here is a diagram that outlines the link of the personality from the mind:


T o u n d e r s t a n d th e p e r s o n a l i t y m a t r i x a n d h o w it is fo r m e d , th e re is a lin k in g c o m p o n e n t th a t i s fi r s t r e a liz e d b e f o r e th e p e r s o n a l i t y i s d e f i n e d i n c r e a ti o n a n d t h a t is th e c r e a tio n o f th e e n e rg y m a trix o f a ll th a t w e k n o w a n d s e e . T h i s f o r m i s n o t th e t r u e r e p r e s e n ta t i o n o f h o w th i s w o u ld b e s e e n , b u t a sim p le d ia g ra m sh o w in g h o w th e e n e rg y m a trix is fir s t r e a liz e d . T h i s fo r m r e p r e s e n ts a ll k n o w n p o in ts in s p a c e a n d i s th e c e n t r a l c o m p u te r f o r d e v e l o p i n g a l l f o r m s o f c r e a t i o n , w h e th e r t h a t b e f r o m a l l th e p h y s i c a l th i n g s t h a t w e k n o w w i t h o u r e y e s t o a l l th e f o r m s o f c r e a ti o n th a t w e d o n o t s e e . I t a ls o r e p r e s e n ts a ll th e p o i n ts i n s p a c e , fro m o n e m o m e n t to th e n e x t.

The energy matrix is the starting point of outward creation. It is where creation splits up into all the forms of perception possible into moments of space. Each black ball that links from the larger ball represents the mind reaching out into creation and linking to all the forms of matter that is created from the original pressure formed out from the interaction of light and mirror. Try and imagine that this diagram is totally full without any gaps, because all of known space or creation has these energy matrixes within it.


Every particle, cell, formation and embodiment has at its central core a link back to the original mind, that which it was created out from. This energy matrix is what determines the force exuded to make the creation outwardly projecting to form into the dimensions that I showed in the earlier chapter. I call this outward projection of the mind, energy matrix, simply because that is what it stands for. It is in itself an individual ball of energy that forces personality into being. In order to do this it first has to identify its position in space in connection to other points in space. It will automatically relate to other points in space via the use of personality that which in the original state of itself is nothing more than electromagnetic energy. What this electromagnetic energy does is that it draws all other points in space towards the other creating a link that determines not only the position of the created object, but the relationship it has in connection with other creation around it. The formation part of the matrix can be very tedious to understand for people that do not have a mind for such schematics. However it can be seen in many other ways. Think of how we individually work on the basis of consciousness of our environment around us, before we can know that we ourselves exist as an embodiment we have to have a point in creation to exist from. Right now I am here writing this book in this point in space. I am myself, but yet without reference to other points in space around me I am unaware of the position of where I exist. It is important for my current point of perception to differentiate from the other points of living organisms around me otherwise we would all just blend back into one another and have no cause to be individualized at all. It is the individualizing of ourselves that determines the points in space. Thus my current point in space is my mind now viewing this page that I am writing. It is the beginning of determining my position and identity.


A good way to look at the energy matrix is to see it as a unique key that is the beginning of the music that is about to be created, that which is the physical embodiment. Each one of us has this unique key tone within us. It is sort of like a buzz that emanates out like a pulse, which always remains individualized depending on each embodiment and the interactions that we have with other formation. After determining our unique place in creation it is then up to the link we have with other matter in order to determine our own being and how it is defined within the whole makeup of creation. In order for us to realize that we are human it is important for us to determine the environment that we live in. The personality matrix is the means in which we characterize our world and give it reference. Here is a more defined diagram of the energy matrix formed into human showing the link of the personality matrix that connects all life together giving us all a unique reference point:


T h e p e r s o n a l i t y n o t o n l y l i n k s t o th e m i n d a n d c o r e o f c r e a ti o n , b u t a ls o b e tw e e n a ll t h e o t h e r c r e a t e d m a tt e r f o r m s w i t h i n c r e a ti o n i ts e l f . P e r s o n a li ty m a tr i x

P o i n ts i n s p a c e E a c h h u m a n p o in t in s p a c e is c o n n e c te d to th e e a r th s p o in t i n s p a c e to w h ic h i t is c r e a te d f r o m . W e a l l h a v e a p e r s o n a l i ty m a t r i x th a t n o t o n l y l i n k s to t h e e a r t h a n d o u r o w n v e r y n a tu r e b u t to a ll th e o th e r fo r m s , a n im a ls a n d p e o p le a r o u n d u s . I t d e te r m in e s w h o w e a re a n d o u r p o s itio n w i t h i n c r e a ti o n a n d i d e n t i f i e s u s f o r o u r o w n c r e a ti v e n a t u r e . I t a l s o f o r m s o u r i n d i v i d u a l i d e n t i t y a n d t o n e s i g n a tu r e , th a t d iffe re n tia te s u s fro m th e n e x t.


This shows the personality matrix as having a linking to all things in the environment around us. A link which is formed out of the energy released from the point in space. This energy is what I call, electromagnetic, the best word I could find to identify it. It does work in this way, creating a field that pulls and pushes the other energy forms around it. The electromagnetic energy of the personality matrix is what makes the shape of our form and determines the interaction that this form has with other forms around it. It creates fields of space that identifies objects individually whilst in turn showing the effect that each object has when it comes into contact with another, or in the same environment of another. Both the personality and energy matrixes are the beginning of the formation of the dimensions, together they combine to form an electrical charge that helps to determine existence and its continual cycling. This electrical charge, I have named Spirit, but could be seen in many ways. It is the energy that pushes all solid matter to motivate, to make it move through vibration forming all the rest of the dimensions on its journey to consciousness. This charge or spirit energy is what makes us get up in the morning, to move and walk, to breath and to perform any task that we do in human form. It determines the force behind all matter within creation. Everything in creation needs a motivator in order to formulate itself. That is just common sense and knowledge that we all know and understand. When we see man made appliances and how they work, the same applies to all the objects that are not man made but created from the earth. All forms need a charge in order to get them moving and creating. The charge or electricity can be seen in many ways. Some link their ideas of spirit and say that it is our bodys state when we leave the physical form that we know as human. In some ways this is true, however not entirely. The spirit is the electrical charge that determines the formation of the matter environment.


Alongside with the mind/mirror, it could be seen as the driver within the physical body being used as a vehicle. However, for me, to see it as the result after the cause, the embodiment after the human form, in my eyes is not totally correct. Instead it is the form that creates the embodiment in the first place, which allows it a place and formation within existence. Utilizing the reference of a driver in a vehicle then is not totally accurate for the fact that they body needs the spirit in order to also form its structure. This might seem confusing and illogical to some, the order of such formation. One thing to take into consideration when viewing material creation is that formation comes before consciousness and understanding. This is the factor that we forget to take into consideration when we think and determine logic within our own minds. We see something before our eyes and immediately determine it as a physical formation outside of ourselves. For starters, Spirit is not outside of us but instead what determines our consequential lives and the motivator behind our creativity in human form. The after effect that we are seeing and terming spirit is in fact the ether that is the de-materializing element of creation on its way back to mirror in the fifth dimension. It might sound confusing to see it this way, but spirit is in fact energy, the name itself derives in my mind a logical link to its formation. Whether we were to term it holy spirit, spirit, electricity, force or motivation, it is all meaning the same thing. The forms that we say we are seeing through our mind around us as ethereal beings of white light. Whether we see it as angels or spirits, or dead loved ones, it does not matter how we are determining it, they are the ether of fifth dimension realizing itself on its way back to the mirror. They are creation becoming aware of its own nature through consciousness before dissolving back into the original elements of creation to be reinvented in another way, through the cycling of creation. This consciousness that I refer to is exactly that. It is the awareness that creation exists, and that it is formation.


This is the point to which we all say that we are existing and creating as humans here on earth, and determines the true identity of who we are in totality. Whilst the personality matrix determines our position in creation and a unique identity key, it is not until creation reaches its highest point of connection and returns to the mind/mirror that it realizes itself to be form, then within our minds we say that we exist. Here is a diagram that explains this in more detail to which I hope provides a bit more understanding:

T h e first d im e n s io n is w h e r e th e e n e rg y a n d p e r s o n a l i ty m a trix e s a re f o r m e d to c r e a te a n e le c tric c h a rg e to w h ic h c o u ld b e c a lle d S p irit . Y o u c a n s e e th e f lo w o f th e d i m e n s i o n s in m a t te r w i t h th i s c h a r t a b o v e . I t s h o w s h o w c r e a tio n g o e s fr o m th e m i n d / m ir r o r f o r m i n g t h e d i m e n s i o n s o f m a t te r o u t fr o m its c o r e , w h i c h w h e n r e a c h i n g th e h i g h e s t p o in t o f m a tte r, tu r n s i n o n i ts e lf t o r e t u r n b a c k t o t h e o r i g i n a l s ta t e a n d th e s o u rc e to w h ic h it c o m e s fro m . T h e d i a g r a m a ls o i n d i c a te s th e p o s i ti o n o f f i fth d i m e n s i o n w h e r e c o n s c i o u s n e s s is fo r m e d . Y o u c a n s e e o n th e c h a r t th a t th e fifth d im e n s io n lie s o n th e s a m e c irc le a s t h e f i r s t , b u t o n t h e w a y b a c k t o th e s o u r c e o f a ll.


You can see in the diagram that both the first and fifth dimensions lie in the same circle of vibration of matter. They may live within the same place, but the reason why they are not the same projection of energy is that one is lying on the side of creation that is solidifying itself, the other on the side that is non-solidifying back to mirror. As seen in this diagram:

S o lid ify in g

N o n -s o lid ify in g

O n e s id e o f th e f lo w o f th e d im e n s io n s is m a tte r s o lid ify in g its e lf. T h e o th e r is m a tte r b ein g ab so rb e d b a c k i n to i t s o rig in a l fo r m .

First and fifth dimension are both pointed in opposite directions so thus not being the totally same formation as each other but existing within the same world and formation. To describe this better, would be to ask someone to differentiate the back of my body to the front. Some people have trouble in determining people just by viewing them from the back and often mistake people for the wrong person just by their hair and body shape. The front of a person is not the same as the back, yet they both belong to the same person and formation, that which is called the human body.


If the question still remains even after my explanation, to wonder why I would see spirit and ether as different to one another, the only way I can explain this even better is to say that they both play different roles. They might work within the same framework of creation, but because of their different viewpoints, they have different roles to play. One is on a separate journey to the other but also living within the same framework of the others existence. The mind plays a very big role in how both sides see creation. When looking at the fifth dimension, you can see on the diagram that creation is returning to the mind/mirror. Right at the point that it touches the outside wall of the mirror, is the point where consciousness is understood. Whereas on the solidifying side of creation, matter and formation has less influence from the mind, forming more from the original light particles outward expression. The mind helps to determine creation by defining its position, creating a pressure that forms the original light into solid matter that we know as our bodies. The solidifying side of creation is the side that we are more acquainted with in understanding. It is the side that determines the formation of matter and the existence of energy and embodiment. The side of creation that we are less understanding is that is more dominated by the mind, the non-solidifying side where creation is determining its position within the mind and reasoning. Many things on this side are determining themselves simply from the fact that creation is starting now to see the mirror on its way back to its origins. Such things that come up within the dimensions on the nonsolidifying side are emotions, creativity, concentration, perception, understanding, reasoning, thoughts, and processes such as dreams and time. This side has a very big connection to non-material creation and is more influenced by the minds reasoning and formation from the created perception.


What I mean by created perception is that to see the mind as anything, when it is not, is simply achieved through our own mind or created embodiment perception. I want to lead onto perception of creation in my next chapter, to give more light to the topics that I have written about in this chapter. It is a very difficult topic to conceptualize however an important stepping stone in understanding the core foundation of the mind itself and what it means to see and know that we exist.


Chapter 3

Perception of the mind

How we view creation and existence stems from many different factors in our lives. One huge factor is from our upbringing, from the time of our birth to the current state that we find ourselves in now. We are born here on this earth as a baby, with no specific guidebook on how to be a human. Most is learnt from our parents or other people who are our teachers in life. Who are here for our development and security on some levels, and on some levels they can become our intellectual and psychological teachers, guiding us on pathways through our lives. They become our textbooks, purely on the fact that they themselves have had many levels of experience and have acquired a level of knowledge on what life is about for human survival. People might say that there are guidebooks written already on life, developed over the years by masters of the mind. Perhaps this is so, but for a baby, he/she has not yet developed the necessary means to read or communicate properly, and has many years of being drilled and taught the means to read and write before they even have a chance to be taught the ways of what is considered right or wrong. Books are a creation developed on experiences that are accumulated on a persons journey through life. It is a personal and intimate relationship that a person has with their own knowledge of life and what they have learnt on their own path through experience.


In many ways this journey that is taken by these individuals is unique and a personal experience, but when shared with others, they help to enhance lives and inform on issues that may not have been yet considered. A good way to look at such a philosophy would be to consider the writing of an author who talks about his journey into the mountains and the experiences that he comes into contact with. Although we read the information that this writer portrays in his book, the real understanding of the experiences is a personal experience and unless we ourselves experience that exact life also, we would not really understand the true value of the words and writing that was set down by the writer himself. We can marvel at his words and try and imagine how such an experience might be seen, but the truth of the whole process is that we cannot really understand the true experience unless we would have participated in it ourselves. It would not matter how many books we read or what sort of information is written, the portrayal is yet an experience of the other human, with a completely different and individual understanding for the words that are being placed on the page. That is why many books which are read, have just as many different reviews on the subject matter depending on each individual person and how they have interpreted the words projected on the page. There are no two people in life that see in the same way, even if we can agree on certain things it is not the entirety of our whole personal outlook. Each individual has a unique way of seeing and interprets their own life depending on experiences, development and personality. Im sure these words are not that new to anyone reading this information, we can see with our own eyes that everyone is uniquely different to each other. We all have a different viewpoint in which to see. You can imagine creation from the mind and how this unique perception could be seen, that we all have our own individual point in space, creating from this singular perception throughout our lives. This is how unique and individual we are:


E a c h p e r s o n in life h a s th e ir o w n p e r c e p ti o n a n d v i e w p o i n t , a l l t o a t o t a l l y d i f f e r e n t a n g l e t o a n o t h e r. N o t w o p e o p le s e e fr o m th e s a m e p a r a m e te r s .

N o t o n e p e r s o n c a n s ta n d i n th e e x a c t s a m e s p a c e o f a n o th e r i n th e p h y s i c a l e n v i r o n m e n t. T h e o n l y c o n n e c ti o n th a t li n k s a ll i s th r o u g h th e m i n d i t s e l f a n d t h a t c o m e s f r o m w i th i n a l l o f u s . T h e p h y s i c a l w o r l d i s l i m i te d t o t h e b o d y th a t w e a r e p r o v i d e d w i t h .

When looking at the diagram, you can see by the black lines that they are a representation for the connection that we all have with the core of creation, that which is our mind. It is easy to be mistaken to believe that the mind is connected to the core of all then we all are from one source and entirely connected as one.


It is an interesting theory, and in some ways true, but only when it comes to components of the mind and how it is utilized. When it comes to physical matter itself the mind works in a more concentrated way, seeing life within the confines of physical matter, that which is the human three dimension form we call the body. It is good to see that the mind is one, which is true, when looking at the diagram none of the lines really do exist, in fact they all connect into one entire space that is a whole. It is almost like the bending of light around one core inner realm of space. It could almost be seen like this in a simplified way:

T h e f i r s t p i c tu r e i s o f a h u m a n th e w a y w e s e e t h e f o r m i n p h y s i c a l r e a l i ty , s ta n d i n g u p r i g h t.

T h e s e c o n d is a re p re se n ta tio n o f th e h u m a n f o r m f r o m th e m i n d s p e r s p e c t i v e , w ith th e m in d c o n n e c te d a s o n e .


When looking at this diagram it might seem a bit extreme to imagine a human in such a way, for starters we do not walk on our heads and certainly not with our head inside the centre of the earth. This diagram is not to be taken so literally for the fact that it is just showing the representation of how the physical form is represented as matter in connection to the mind. The reason why we do not see matter in this way as physical beings is because of our three dimensional viewpoint. When we are created as the physical matter embodiment, the mind is what forms it, but through the perception of the brain and our senses, creation is seen from only the matter components point of perception. We see with the physical embodiment thus allowing us only to see creation from the matter viewpoint. Matter viewing matter sees itself far differently than the mind sees reality. This is the illusional side of the mind that we still have trouble dealing with even within our physical forms and the limitation that is presented to us. This problem and confusion of some of the things that we deal with in our mind comes directly from the creator elements and the separation that non-matter (mind) has from matter. We see in matter but yet think in non-matter. This is bound to bring up many issues of illusional misunderstandings. Perception of the mind is one of the biggest subjects when it comes to understanding how we see the world around us. Some things might be an illusion to the mind, but the physical world has organization and structure. It is through the viewing of the physical world that we can categorize the information that we receive through the mind. We can choose what we want to focus on, depending on our own motives and drives. This is something that people might not be aware of in their daily lives. How influential the mind is when it comes to our own thoughts and perceptions. We all view life depending on our own personal experiences and understanding from the learning we have developed in the physical world so far. This could be seen on a graph of possibility when it comes to the physical and might give a broader understanding to how we as humans view life in general:


T h e m in d its e lf v ie w s a l l p o s s i b i l i ty f r o m o u ts i d e o f i t s e l f . T h e r e a r e n o l i m i ts to its v ie w o f c r e a tio n a n d w h a t i t w is h e s to s e e .

T h e s e c o n d d ia g ra m is s h o w in g th e p e r c e p ti o n o f h o w c e r t a i n p e o p l e m i g h t v i e w c r e a tio n fr o m th e i r o w n b e li e f s tr u c t u r e s . T h e d i a g r a m i s f i r s t l y d iv i d e d i n to fo u r d if fe r e n t li fe / r e li g io u s p e r c e p ti o n s . E a c h life / r e li g io u s v a lu e h a s c e r ta i n e c o n o m i c / s o c ia l a r e a s th a t th e y fo c u s o n , e a c h d iv i d e d a l s o i n to f o u r s e c ti o n s . W h a t th is d ia g ra m s h o w s is h o w c e r ta in p e r c e p ti o n s o f c re a tio n c a n lim it th e fo c u s o f o u r m in d a n d h o w m u c h w e a r e a b le to ta k e in fr o m th e w h o le o f c r e a tio n .


The more beliefs or choices that we make bring to us a finer line of perception from the mind. This comes from the fact that we are deciding individually not to concentrate on all the things possible from the mind at once. We only want to take in what we have decided or been taught to see. The more and more we take on beliefs and structures there is created a finer degree of focus which leads to tunnel vision of life, only allowing for certain experiences and life goals to play out. This is all choice based from our own individual connection to the mind. However what this means is that at any time the limitation that we put on our mind can always be seen in a more expansive way. Just by letting go to set structures in our mind we start to open up to more possibility and more understanding to the whole of creation. The mind has the ability to view the whole of creation in all forms and in all ways, it is only through our physical body that we as humans choose to view using set methods, but also we are bound by certain physical constructs that already limit the mind to some degree. Just being in a human physical body limits the mind in so much scale from viewing the whole of creation. You could imagine that if it is limited even more than our perception becomes almost like a pinpoint view of all that is. This works on all levels of creation no matter the construct that is formed within matter it is always limited to the physical world and its environment, determining how much we can view through the mind and the rest of the creation as a whole. All perception of creation when utilizing our mind can be divided into percentages of probability and possibility. This comes purely from the fact that the mind is the core of all creation and thus when viewing outside of itself it is then split up into direction and purpose of the physical matter forms. The only thing that can see the whole of creation is the mind as a whole. This can be accessed at any time through the physical world via all the points in space and their connection to the mind as a whole. This means that all humans, animals and anything living or organic on this world can view portions of the mind that it has access to and see information that is sourced in a group parameter. 37

This purely depends on how open people are in the mind to accessing thoughts that come from inside themselves. This is an interesting topic to talk about and very much links to our perception through our mind. The topic of how information is gathered into our physical brain and from within our mind in general. There are four ways in which to receive information within our human bodies. One is to access information via our minds, which in many ways is called inspiration and innovation. The second is to take information in through our bodies on what we see through our physical senses to the world around us, this includes via the use of language and communication, and learning from sight. The third is to take things on via the personality matrix which is joined to electromagnetic energy and depends on how good a person is at reading the information of this transference. The fourth is reading via the pheromone body which is a chemical transference. Currently when viewing a humans perception as a whole, eighty percent of our thought processes comes from the physical senses, fifteen percent comes from the inspiration of the mind itself and a small five percent comes from the reading of information via the personality matrix and pheromone. Most thought processes that we utilize derive from our connection to life and the physical world. We think daily about our activities and action that we need to do or have done in the past, mostly thinking about the tasks that we need to do daily in the now moment. A lot of these tasks are more systematic and require very little thinking in order to produce an outcome. Most of this thinking is focused around ordering the physical body to produce a result. Throughout these mundane processes that we do daily we think back and forward about experiences that we have within our brains of past and future. Most is usually focusing on about 5 percent of the experience that was participated in, from our own focused viewpoint. When viewing the future we utilize at times connection to the mind, when it comes to inspiration, creation and ideas.


A small percentage of the time, and mostly when we connect with other people or living things in life, we acquire information via the personality matrix and pheromone. This can only be achieved when we come into contact with another object in the physical world around us, and not when we are individually participating in a task at hand. Mostly this occurs also between us and animated objects, not normally objects which have a high level of physical solidity. What I mean by this is things such as rock and solid matter building blocks. Even though it is possible to connect to these forms via the personality matrix it is not readily noticed or bothered with, their formation is developed in a more simplistic way. We are all aware of how we take in information in the physical world, and most are on a daily basis using inspiration in their work and life. The area that we are not so aware of is the receiving of information via the personality matrix and pheromone. I want to detail this more to make things clearer on how this method of communication works. Everyone by now is familiar to the work of people who term themselves Psychic or Empathic. We are aware of how this works through seeing these people picking up our thoughts and changing certain constructs in the world around, utilizing this method of seeing through the personality and pheromone. There have been people who pick up emotions, others that pick up words or experiences, and there are people who talk to spirits that exist outside of our known physical space. I want to now describe how this works when it comes to the mind and make clear how simple and yet illusional this method of communication is. When viewing these methods of picking up information, we automatically see the result and determine in our minds a certain belief structure that goes with the practice. It is not a method that is widely used, but becoming more and more popular as we become more interested in the mind than the physical world.


What most will find intriguing is that this method of communication is still very much physically inclined and does not have a big influence from the mind itself. I will try and explain this from my own point of view, and from the viewpoint of the mind. One thing to take into consideration when viewing the work of reading from the personality matrix is that each individual person has their own connection individually to the mind. This space that they have within themselves is unique and belonging only to their singular mind. No one person can access the information of a singular mind unless it is chosen to be openly accessible for people to see. How does this work? The best way to see this is to look how we as humans think from accessing our brain and mind. Usually when we think within ourselves it is either with words, pictures, feelings or emotions. We might be a person who lives out thoughts of the past through story form in our minds, reliving the experiences almost like movies running in our heads. Some people think also with words, talking to themselves in phrases and sentences. Living out conversations that they have had in the past, inventing new paragraphs in which to express in the future. Some people also do not think much at all, but live mostly in the moment of what stimulation they access through their physical world. Others think in visuals and feelings, remembering touching others people and objects in the world around them. They can link feeling to taste and smells also. Thoughts are individually chosen and in some instances not directed to people on the outside and can not always be accessed via the personality matrix. Only when information is directed outwards into the physical can this information be picked up via people who can read the personality matrix and pheromone chemicals. People fear a lot this sort of communication connection, often being misled by fears, especially when it comes to protection of their own personal space. One thing that is never taught and understood is that within each of us this personal and individual space already exists, and it is from our own choice that we have accepted others to access it at one level or another. 40

This also can be seen through the actions and words that we present to all, it is chosen from our mind how we wish to be seen. This type of reading of information has been always around, and even though it is getting more popular people will start to become gradually aware that they are also choosing themselves individually through the mind what information they want to present to the world. Whether that involves past experiences or thoughts in their head, they outwardly express these things from how they think and what emotions they give out in every moment of their lives. This does not mean that these things cannot be chosen to be more discreet and hidden from other people. It is all a choice of the individual and what they wish to achieve and experience. This topic is a very big subject and often extremely sensitive to each individual when it comes to perception of the mind. I would like to lead into how this is also seen through emotions and outward displays of personality, which I will talk about more in the next chapter. Then in the following chapter I will describe how the personality matrix works in relation to utilizing and harnessing the energy of electromagnetism, and understanding pheromones.


Chapter 4

Feelings, emotions and the personality matrix

What is a feeling compared to an emotion if it is not considered the same in meaning? When looking at how we express ourselves in this world, these two labeled words are the best way in which we describe our outward displays or reaction to the world around us. A feeling from my own wording comes from the reaction of our physical bodies to an incident that causes sensation through our skin. To understand how this works, it is best to see it in a scenario, where a person is confronted with an incident in their lives where feeling of the body occurs. This person may be walking along in the street and all of a sudden they fall over onto their knee. There is an instant shock reaction and feeling within their body to the event that takes place. This shock feeling and pain that goes through their body is a feeling reaction that is determined by the bodys defenses and senses. This is via the nerves under a persons skin where this reaction takes place. There are conditions where people cannot feel the physical word around them with their bodies. A person that does not have good sensitivity of the nerves would react to the situation in a totally different way, maybe not even noticing the wound that is made and how serious it is until some time later. This instant shock of the body or sensation reaction from the nerves is called in my terms, feeling. It is a purely physical reaction and sense and is not directed outward from our mind, but firstly created by the body in order to protect ourselves within the environment around us. 42

Feeling is also when we sense heat when drinking coffee, the sense that we get in the body when we jump into a cold pool. It is the reaction of the physical body that determines the feeling that is issued to our brains, which is then picked up via the mind. The mind does not have a direct connection with feelings, for the fact that it makes adjustments to a persons awareness after the physical event occurs. This adjustment that it makes is based purely on the emotion created from the mind in order to deal with the situation at hand. Emotion comes from the mind and is issued out after the pain is felt and the brain picks up the senses of the body. These emotions can range from upset to anger depending on how the individual has learnt to deal with experiences and situation in their life and the feelings that they have through the body. Repeating what I wrote earlier, humans are born here without any rules on how to perform in the body. We learn how to react to situations as we grow up and according to the experiences that we come across in life. It is easy to see this when viewing how a child reacts to falling the first time in their life, when they are learning how to walk. Most often the child does not know how to first react and they will often look to the parent for a way in which to outwardly act. When they find no response they will then cry in order to get feedback from the parent to understand the feeling that they have received through their body. Children know automatically from birth that crying is the best means to get what they need. This is why crying is the first emotional reaction that they learn to cope with unknown situations at hand. It is not until later in life that they learn that crying will gets them nowhere. They then adopt a cursing and anger expression for the experience at hand especially when it comes to hurting themselves. This new reaction through emotion is learnt and takes some years before the person realizes that crying has inverse effects as we get older.


Emotions are learnt paradigms in our life. They are learnt from birth in order to react to situations and feelings at hand. Also they are a form of communication to show others how we are feeling. A good example of this, which shows that emotions are learnt, is to detail how someone reacts to pain emotionally. Imagine that someone in your life has fallen and you go to them and they are over excessively outwardly reacting to the situation at hand. They are cursing and they are grabbing at the place where it is hurting and this goes on for some time, for at least a few minutes. Some might think what a silly person for reacting so badly, others might think that the person has hurt themselves worse than what is really occurring and will have concern that is maybe not necessary, or perhaps the person has broken something or the condition is far worse than what was initially thought. Each person has an individual pain threshold and reacts to the same situation differently. The same pain might have occurred, the exact same incident, but what determines the outcome comes from the persons own individual approach to outward emotional expression. One person might have a fear of hurting themselves so they then might react far worse to the situation at hand than a person who is accustomed to feeling pain and instead of reacting, just rubs the spot where they have been hurt and continues to walk on without an outburst of emotions. Emotion is the outward display of the feelings that we are learning to deal with. Learning is the perfect word to describe what is happening with emotions, because daily we are learning how to change the way we react and view life with each experience that we have and person or event that we come into contact with. We can even learn from other people how to react emotionally in different ways, especially through forms of self defense arts, where pain is part of the experience. Some people also learn to not show pain outwardly through their emotions and expression, but instead to deal with it more inwardly and systematically through the feelings and senses of the body.


Like for instance if they were to have a cramp in their foot they might just shake it out and try not to focus on it for too long to give concentration to the problem. Sometimes not focusing on things can also allow the issue to be resolved a lot faster and the pain to be less influencing on the mind. It is the influence of feeling on the mind that creates the order of emotions. The mind is so creative and will want to experience the feeling in all ways depending on what is to be achieved by the experience. Some people can even be seen to deliberately hurt themselves in order to get attention, like for instance a child who sees that emotions can receive attention and reaction from other people around them. This is then a way in order to manipulate via emotions the world outside of their own physical existence, in order to get immediate interaction from others and a desired result. Of course this is an extreme example and most often people display emotions automatically without realizing where they are getting the reaction from in the first place. They have from their own knowledge been reacting to the situation for many years and do not ever remember when they first learnt how to express such emotions. It is a cultural acceptance that emotions are a display of communication. We even have television programs that utilize the full extent of emotional and drama displays, in which to teach people new ways to express themselves outwardly. They teach also ways in which to manipulate the world around us to best suit the intentions that we wish or desire, and at the other end of the scale they can teach people what results can come from such displays of emotions if they are utilized towards others. Emotion in some ways is a creative activity, an art form that is as language is for a writer that becomes a form of expression for an actor in a film or play. It is an outward creative state of being and can be viewed also through the mind. The reading of such emotional states becomes then part of the understanding of what I detailed in the previous chapter, of how people can read information via the personality matrix and pheromone.


I want to now detail this more how this is seen from the mind and show how it works through diagram:

W h e n l o o k i n g a t t h e p e r s o n a l i ty m a tr i x i n m o r e d e ta il, it c a n b e s e e n a s a la y e r o f o u tw a r d e l e c t r o m a g n e ti c e n e r g y th a t c a n w h e n c o m i n g c l o s e t o a n o th e r p e r s o n o r o b je c t h a v e a re a d in g re c e iv e d t h r o u g h w h a t c o u l d b e te r m e d a s a d iffe r e n t s e n s e o f o u r b o d y.

S o m e p e o p l e d e t e r m i n e th i s s e n s e t o b e t h e i r s i x t h s e n s e w h i c h i s l i n k e d to f e e l i n g s a n d e m o ti o n s . T h i s s e n s e i s l i n k e d t o t h e p e r s o n a l i t y m a tr i x w h i c h i s a n e n e rg y th a t is s e n t o u t fr o m th e m in d to fo r m a s o r t o f e l e c tr i c f i e l d w i th i n t h e b o d y .


When it comes to pheromone, this level of communication is coming from the fourth dimension and it is affected by the levels of electricity charges created from first dimension in the most interesting way. Normally these two dimensions do never come into connection with each other and influence each other directly, but via the second dimension which is creational building blocks this is made possible. This is mostly also because spirit itself which is the electricity behind the body is on the crux of first dimension and second. It almost has a connection to both dimensions, but in different ways. Firstly to understand feelings and how they work when it comes to sensation, there is a sort of sixth sense of the body physically that is separate to the sixth sense that is determined as the personality matrix. The main physical sensations of the body are:

Sight Sound Taste Touch (feeling) Smell

I consider that there is another sense of the physical body that we are not so aware of that could also be termed the sixth sense but it is not linked to how we pick up the personality matrix or pheromone body. This sense is:



Most might consider that sensation comes from touch itself. This is in some ways true but not totally accurate. Feeling when we go to touch something is allowing us to determine things by physical triggers in our finger tips or body which can well be seen as the sensation of the body. However the word feeling really means the outward approach to touch, and how the body comes into contact with the object outwardly with account to realizing the texture of the object interacted with. It is a determining of the world outside and how it feels to us. However sensation is the inward reaction that we have to something, whether that be shock or reaction to an event that is not necessarily physically interacted with in order to receive the effects. Another thing to consider is that sensation itself even though it is felt inwardly it is a way in which to understand the outside world and is in turn affected by outside influence. Without the physical body and the physical components of the third dimensional environment, sensation would not be determinable or exist. When looking at the personality matrix in this level of communication things work a little differently. To begin with the awareness of the electromagnetic pulse is not sensation, it is not a physical component of the human body and can exist outside of the physical form that we know as human. It exists within everything and can be a level of communication used within all forms of life even when they have no physical communication ability, such as language in order to express. The personality matrix is the formation of the intention of the physical form, the energy that will eventually create it. It is almost like a hum or sound that resonates in our bodies making us project in the way that we do, and can be seen as an electricity current that determines intention expressed outwardly. How then is communication achieved via the personality matrix? I will show in a diagram first to give an example of how this is formulated:


E a c h p e r s o n h a s a n e l e c tr o m a g n e t i c f i e l d t h a t e x i s ts i n s i d e a n d o u t w a r d f o r m i n g t h e p e r s o n a l i t y a n d s t r u c tu r e o f t h e b o d y .

T h e p e r s o n a lity m a trix c o u ld b e s e e n a s a f o r m a ti o n o f l i g h t b e a m s o r s p a r k s a l l i n t e r l o c k i n g w i th e a c h o t h e r. I t i s o n e t h i n g k n o w i n g i t e x i s ts a n d a n o t h e r to u n d e r s t a n d h o w i t f u n c ti o n s . T h e p e r so n a lity m a trix lin k s n o t o n ly to th e fo r m a tio n o f a ll e m b o d im e n t i t is a ls o th e o n g o in g c o m m u n ic a tio n t h a t l i n k s b e t w e e n m a tt e r a t a l l l e v e l s .

In order to achieve communication through the personality matrix, two creational embodiments have to come into contact with each other. This is determined by the space that exists between them. Not only is there physical three dimensional touching but there is a level of touching that exists outside of the body that we are not yet fully aware of. This touching is between the dimensions of matter that we do not see with our eyes in the space where we think only air based life forms exist. When looking back at the work of my first book it can be seen in this way: 49

T h e d im e n sio n s o f m a t te r n o t o n l y p r e s c r i b e to e x i s t w i th i n t h e f r a m e o f th e b o d y b u t a l s o c o n n e c t i n g to t h e w h o l e o f p h y s i c a l e x i s te n c e , li n k in g a ll fo r m s o f li fe t o g e t h e r th r o u g h e n e r g y , n o t o n l y t h r o u g h th e m i n d o r c o r e o f t h e in d iv i d u a l e m b o d im e n ts b u t a ls o in th e e n v ir o n m e n t to w h e re m a tte r is fo r m e d .

The best way to describe this fluctuating energy that links all formation together is to see it as almost like a pulse, or heart beat. The pulses are what the body and the mind picks up as the communication directed by the other forms that it comes into contact with through the personality matrix. However, electromagnetic energy to which this pulse derives is much more complex than this to describe, it also has a bonding mechanism within its framework in order to bring together all life into a formation. Making it all glue and stick together. The interesting thing about the personality matrix and communication directed through this means is that it is based on a completely different scope of communication than we know and can even understand through the body and physical senses.


It is more subliminal and although it can be understood on certain levels and reasoned in some ways it is more like trying to interpret a language that is a million times larger than that of a completely foreign language of earth. The only difference being that we are aware and know the language but the means to understand it stems mostly from instinct than fully understanding its entire framework. This makes the describing of the communication of personality matrix and pheromone body very difficult for me to express in words but I will give it a try anyway. Imagine that the framework of the human body is also including all the space around its mass as well as the mass and framework inside of the form itself. That the space around the body is not only built up of air and other life forms that we do know but also forms that exist in all the dimensions of matter reality. (If you are unsure of what I mean by the use of dimensions you can refer to my first book to get more understanding.) Some of the forms existing in fourth dimension space are almost chemically based in some ways. It is like a mist of what could be called, pheromones for want of a better word. The pheromones are like small pockets of chemical particles that when coming into contact with other particles around them they send signals to the body with the help of the motivating electromagnetic energy of first dimension via a sort of electrical current allowing the mind to determine the change of the environment or space that has occurred. The reading or communication that is actually happening between these pheromones and the personality matrix is based purely on the change in the environment around the embodiments. This means that the information that the mind is picking via the personality matrix is really only the difference in the changes of energy within the physical matter environment. How does this work more simply? When looking at the communication between two humans, if you were to describe the reading through the personality matrix, you could see it as the picking up of changes of energy between the two parties.


The pheromones of the other person are picked up by the pheromones of the other and information is relayed back to the mind as a sort of impulse, which when related and understood is a consciousness event. This allows people to read information about people, from thoughts, to emotions and also past and future possibility for the fact that the information is outwardly displayed for all to see. This outward displaying of pheromone chemicals is taught to us from birth, in order to display ways in which to express ourselves, we give out energy pulses in order to try and attract attention from others. Then over the years as we become older we have already learnt how to express outwardly and our embodiment becomes an open book for all to see what we are thinking, feeling and willing. This communication can be read by all embodiments, not only humans, but also all forms of animals, plants and basically all forms of life and existence. I want to describe how this might be seen within a humans mind when communicating through this method. Imagine that you are talking with your friend and when you see them you get an impulse feeling triggered in your body that is what you have labeled in your mind as sadness. What actually happens in this transference of this energy is that you pick up the energy of the other person as an impulse and it forms in your own body almost as if it is felt as your own emotion. Learning to differentiate the energy of another to your own projections is part of understanding how to communicate with the use of triggers. If this method of communication is focused on a lot through the mind, after much learning all forms of life can develop a means in which to differentiate energy pulses and know what they are, to the point of even picking up language and words that the other person is thinking. This might seem a really scary concept to think that someone has the ability to pick up your thoughts and all the feelings that you are having, which might lead to assumptions that there would not be any privacy if this method of communication were to be taken on by everyone. 52

This is not totally accurate for the fact that outward displays of thoughts and emotions are learnt also, and do not have to exist within the framework of our reality. We can learn to hold in information within the area of our mind and matrix without allowing others to access it easily. The only reason these people pick up this energy is that we are giving it freely and naturally, hoping that they will pick up on what we are projecting. We do this because we do not fear what other people might think of what we feel and say, we are happy to express ourselves openly for the world to see. Of course this does not account for some things we would like to never remember or to keep from view of others. This information can be kept separate if we do not focus on the issue when we come into contact with another. It is through the utilization of thinking that we offer the other person a doorway into our mind, we can choose at times what to think and not depending on the situation at hand to which we are confronted with. This all comes to the power of a persons willingness to control their own mind and how they want to present themselves within the world that they are accustomed to. The mind is the only powerful tool that we all have in order to control and understand the environment around us. Physical existence offers us only limitation and pressure to work against, but the mind can offer us so much more in order to see existence in so many new and different ways. Understanding the full extent of the mind is just the beginning to understanding how much freedom we have within the framework of our conceptual creation. Freedom does not really come within the order of physical matter existence, but belongs always with the mind and what we think will never be able to be manipulated for this reason. Manipulation is a choice, and although we would like people to think that we had no choice, we always mentally make decisions without interference from others. It is only physically that we can say that we were limited in our choices, but not in thinking.


Thinking comes fully free flowing and will always be open for experimentation. We all like to talk about mind control and manipulation. Naturally there are methods of influencing a persons mind via methods of media and the like, but these are still only influencing us, not making the choices for us. Choice is determined by the singular energy matrix or point in space linked to the mind deciding on the fate of its own embodiments existence. It can not be inwardly manipulated by another, only outwardly via the use of the physical environment. In my next chapter I want to talk about this more, how we are seeing the world through the mind and how electromagnetic impulse is related to what I term triggers and the pheromone chemical body, and how this works with the changing of the environment around us.


Chapter 5

Triggers, pheromones and communication

We all communicate in the physical world using the five senses, directing our focus to our interaction with other matter objects in our world. When we utilize our senses, some of us are unaware that they give out a sort of signal, not in the same way that a nerve gives a signal to the brain, but that the environment around the body also sends signals back through the body which is in turn given back to the mind. I detailed in the last chapter that these signals are picked up in the environment that sits around the body, called the pheromone, this is a fourth dimension embodiment. To describe the pheromone space a little better it would be best to say that it is not just sitting around the body but also coming from within, but that it extends the framework of the body further than the physical form itself. This area is filled with not only chemicals more fine than what can be seen even within the framework of a cell, but also small electrical charges that heat the chemicals to react on the body, that are sent from first and second dimensions. When looking at this visually it might seem like a space of floating particles with little electrical charges being fired off from the body. These particles then ignite which causes them to spin at certain rates releasing the chemicals into the framework of the body. If you were to slow down the electrical charge in order to be viewed it would still just look like small flashes of light, that are firing off at rates so fast that the physical eye would never be able to interpret, without the ability to slow down matter in the extreme.


The chemicals of pheromone themselves do make influence on the state of the physical body, and the electrical impulses that are felt are interpreted by the mind. This electrical charge is formed by the personality matrix, where electromagnetic energy is transferred to other forms, but it is also taken in by the ether body, which is of the fifth dimension, where things are made conscious to the mind. I have already described the dimensions before and do not want to go into too much detail in this chapter, but I will show in a diagram how this can be seen:

T h e f i r s t a n d f i f th d im e n s io n s lie w ith in th e s a m e fie ld o f v i b r a ti o n . T h e o n l y d i f f e r e n c e b e tw e e n th e tw o e m b o d im e n ts is th a t o n e is lig h t a n d e n e rg y d ire c te d f r o m th e m i r r o r / m i n d , a n d t h e o t h e r re tu r n in g b a c k , w h ic h is w h e re c o n sc io u s n e s s o r a w a re n e s s is fo r m e d .

This zone where first and fifth dimensions lie is a place where energy and light is at its most refined, in some ways this could be seen as a place of ether that looks sort of like a veil of fine elements that fill the entirety of all existence. When taking into account the communication through the human body, we see that this ether is around the body as well as inside. The full extent of the human body is not visually realized.


The body is not just contained within the constraints of the physical body framework that we see with our eyes. All the space around and within, which forms and influences our physical form, is also part of its entire makeup. The best way to see this is when viewing a tree:

The space around a tree is included in what makes a tree whole. Everything from the air to the dirt, to the rotting fruit, forms the environment to which the tree exists. This goes for all forms of life no matter if they are more stationary objects or not.


The only time that the formation of the bio-cylindrical embodiment changes is when it comes to pure mineral components, such as rocks and other naturally occurring mineral bodies, they are built up from fine building blocks without a direct internal electromagnetic gluing agent. The only time that these components can have real solid base is when a chemical reaction has occurred, and this always relates to the heating up of the mineral components either by fire or heating and pressure under the ground over a long period of time. Going back to my original discussion on first and fifth dimension, some people might see these two dimensions in a number of different ways. The first dimension could be seen as the spirit that is within the framework of an embodiment allowing it to exist. Then they might see that the fifth dimension is linked to our consciousness, like the thought people have of going to heaven, it is an almost angelic realm of misty soft energy and most importantly lighter creation. Of course we can see it in a number of ways, and create as many perceptions with the art of words and language in order to describe it. I just wanted to show it in this way to make note that these areas of existence are already known by us but in different ways and through different means. The first dimension personality matrix is electromagnetic energy that is linked between all objects in order to animate existence. If you were to even get the chance to visualize this state or vibration it would be seen as tiny electrical charges that stimulate the chemicals and the physical matter forms. However it is and will not be easily seen, not through the physical body and the outward sense, possibly only measured by the after effect that occurs. Only through more intricate means like the link to the mind can these things be visualized. Physically it is mostly through effect when things are acknowledged. This means a sort of cause and effect scenario, where the result shows that something is affecting the body even when it is not able to be seen via microscope or any other method.


There might be people that would say we have already had a glimpse with their eyes into this reality, that we have seen these elements at play. My personal response to that would be that what they are seeing is only the beginning, firstly through physical methods these places of reality would have to pick up the building blocks of second dimension in order to actualize a summation of the whole of formation, and so far this has not been achieved by the science of today. It is now in its frontier of discovery and when looking at dark matter and matter that exists in the space between physical existence, if we were to explore this more, we will find building blocks of life that exist in this framework. One type building block is what I call, green matter, which is the main constructional building block of life in second dimension. (When viewing from the mind, green matter could be likened to a sort of clay that can be molded into forms.) It is also where such things as pheromone exist and also levels of radiation that exists in all forms of life here on the planet and all other places of existence, when viewing creation from the other angle back to the mind through fourth dimension. However, radiation itself is the by product of green matter after it is heated up by the charge of electromagnetic energy that is existing from first dimension, it belongs to fourth dimension. I would like to talk more about this electromagnetic charge of the personality matrix in more detail, and how it effects communication within our bodies and interaction within life around us. This charge is what could be termed when it comes to communication alone, a trigger. A trigger is the result from reading signals of electromagnetic charge within this environment and is linked to a subconscious level of our own understanding. It is however able to be understood on the conscious level and seen for what it is and how it works, but most are not always aware of this and utilize it more in an automatic way. To explore what a trigger means is to see it as a spark of information directed back into our mind through the dimensions of matter and the chemical environment understood through outward stimulation. 59

Whether that is through language, touch or any other physical sense of the body, this trigger makes us aware of the nature of things and gives us the ability to read information that is not always delivered verbally. This is a very complex notion to explain so I will go into more detail in order to show how this works. Think of what happens when you say such a word as No within the framework of the body. What does this word stimulate through our senses? The word when it is directed outwards has an interaction level that is learnt by all people on the physical world as something that does not want to be acknowledged, or that they do not wish for someone else to do. Depending on how such a word is expressed, impacts how this word is picked up by others. If we yell the word to a child they receive often an instant shock which fires through their body. This is produced from the electromagnetically charged area that makes up their form. This shock not only comes from the sound and physical expression, but it is also stimulated through the personality where the brain picks this word up as a trigger. This occurs once the energy pulse has returned back to the mind and becomes aware of it through consciousness. Each individual word, thought, picture or feeling has a trigger that is utilized like a sort of impression. Most triggers have to be learnt from birth and are picked up differently depending on the framework of the physical body form. Triggers do not need to be sent physically, but can also be directed through the brain and picked up by others through electromagnetic and pheromone means. Things that you even think about are an outward expression and will be then picked up via this energy charge (this is most often the chemical reaction that occurs within the fourth dimension), and if a person is open to reading such energy, they will be able to even interpret thoughts, future and past concepts that are sitting within the pheromone and personality matrix environment. These patterns of words, thoughts and experiences are picked up via impulse through charges sent to the other person via their interaction with you.


They will pick up your information as if it is their own, but if they are able to differentiate the difference in their own personality and the impact of your thoughts on them, they will be able to read what you are thinking in forms of visuals and word sounds, and even feelings. Here is a simplified picture representation of this:

How is this done in more detail? To try and see it in a more direct way, think about what occurs when you are thinking of an experience in your life. Actively within the framework of your mind and brain you are dreaming up scenarios or events, reliving or reevaluating situations as they were experienced by you. These thoughts are then creating an energy or chemical reaction outwardly that then sits within the framework of the pheromone environment.


This will stay there for your entire lifetime if not cleansed or evaluated back within the mind. It will be open to be picked up via anyone that has the ability to read personality and the chemicals of pheromone via impulses and triggers. Anyone can learn to pick up energy from personality matrix and pheromone through seeing it for what it is. It is however a very difficult and often misleading communication method and depends strongly on how powerful the thoughts of the other person are and the information to which they are directing outwardly. Information that can also be picked up via this method is the memory of family, friends and people that come into contact with us in life. This means that when we come into contact with other people in our life that their thoughts and experiences are projected onto us, and also sit within the framework of our own pheromone environment. Even their feelings and interpretations of life can be viewed through us as almost belonging to our own personality or formation. We do at times then utilize the memories of another to build on our own character depending on what we find important and desire to utilize. Memories are gradually forgotten as the energy discharges itself from the framework of our bodies, only holding onto the learnt things that are utilized on a daily basis. One thing that could be determinable about this type of communication is that when someone is reading this energy from your pheromone and personality matrix, they are reading it from you, and not from the person or people that you had in your life. It works like this, imagine that your father is now dead and he once had a conversation with you about life and goals. Then when he died, you still had this lingering moment imprinted in your mind, sitting in the framework of your pheromone body, even down to the finer details about how your father projects himself outwards in personality, to how he looks, how he is posing, even to the words that he utilized during the conversation he had with you. Then someone comes to you and says that I see your dead father and he is having a conversation with you about life and goals.


You will say this is correct and that you had this conversation with him, some time ago bringing up memories of how he looked and what he said. This memory is then brought up into your mind via the trigger that you utilize for this event, which might just be the name of your father, or the subject about the conversation. When a person sees someone presenting this information to them, they immediately think that this person is conversing with their father in order to bring forth the information to them. It seems reliable right down to even details of what he wore to how he was looking, even to what he might have been thinking at the time. The reason why this method of communication is not always very accurate, and can be at times questionable, not only does it depend on the person who holds the information within their own personality and pheromone, it also depends on how the reader is taking in the information from the other person. The reader of the information will take on the energy that you hold from this event you had with your father, almost recreating your father and how his philosophy would have been seen within your life. The reader might then say to you that your father now wants you to get on with your life and stop worrying about certain issues all the time. What this means is that the person is reading the personality and pheromone of your father taking it on as their own. They then can imagine how your father would present himself to you, and through using the energy of your father they can recreate how he would present issues to you through his pheromone and personality that is still lingering in and around your embodiment. A lot of this information however comes from the reader and makes for a good story, especially when it involves making people happy and changing their views of life away from certain personal destructive behaviors. This is the positive thing about people who can read your personality matrix, and that is that they can give you ideas on how to help yourself in the issues that you are having problems with. When viewing your information they can direct to you ways in which to address issues that you have inside with the information that they have learnt in life and their own experiences. 63

They can make you aware of things that you have been avoiding yourself to look at. This will lead to in most cases, not all, as having an uplifting experience purely on the fact that they had communicated to another on a more natural and subliminal way, which is always a very strong trigger that plays in a persons mind. This can impact people strongly and make them revisit their choices over and over again until they are resolved and cleansed. If you are questioning some issues to do with this sort of communication of the dead, know also that when this communication occurs the person has to be in the vicinity of where you are in order to read your information. This information is thus picked up from the individual via the personality matrix and pheromone interaction as triggers, usually in forms of pictures, smells and words within the brain and mind. Pheromone can play in interesting part in this for picking up emotions and can be contained within a room even after a person has left for many years after the event took place, but is read more on feeling and impression than on charged energy that is contained within an energized embodiment. We all pick up this pheromone sitting around in all places that we visit. Mostly being felt as a feeling on the body, or sort of pressure, like for instance knowing that a fight took place, and that there was aggressive energy around, can be picked up even after the next day within a contained environment. It depends purely on how strong the impression was and how much chemical expression was discharged from the event that took place. Other things that are strong triggers are mostly shock related, such as fear, excitement and surprise. They tend to set off electric triggers within the body far more strongly than other forms of communication. The memory of these events tends to linger longer within the framework of the individuals pheromone embodiment affecting their viewing of the world around them. However this does not affect their thinking but can have a strong effect on their decisions and choices. It will however not mean that they will make choices based on the events but more based on feelings; the mind works more in a free thinking way.


You can see this when looking at a persons personality when they are making assumptions on their choices. This person might be seen to another that they choose to do a certain task because of the influences in their life, however, that person has every chance freely to change their mind at any moment, and this leads to people often mistaking the acts of another and being surprised by the result. Choice is free within the mind and cannot be influenced directly, only indirectly through the physical limitation of the body, which has to still account for choice within the mind, no matter how strong the experience. Outward force is still not control, and no matter the experience, a person can decide for themselves the outcome that they desire to choose. This relates also to dire and the most extreme of situations, our thoughts are our own and also the event taking place was chosen to be experienced in the first place. We do not walk into a room if we do not choose to, and if this means that when we walk in that room we are grabbed and mugged then the events leading up to this event, even choosing the time and place are also part of the whole evaluation of the experience. This does not mean that the event taking place is the individual persons fault for choosing to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, it means more that they have the ability even to choose where to be or not, or what to do within the scenario of being mugged, the choice to fight or not. This also includes the choice of the muggers involved. Without leading too far from the topic of triggers and the pheromone embodiment, there is a means in order to cleanse this area of thoughts and experiences, in turn allowing a person to not hold information for a long period of time unless it is chosen as important to their philosophy. One such method that is still even used today is via shock therapy, which to me can also cause all sorts of other complications. It can develop fears and even more forms of information to invade into the personality matrix for life, besides the fact that it can cause damage to the brain and the body. Lets be honest, no one likes to be shocked, unless they have a particular fetish towards such things. It is not likely to become someones first choice for cleaning their body and can instead make the problem worse. 65

There are other means in which to achieve this in a more relaxed and soft approach. There are several methods in fact, some that can be utilized on a more continuous basis and others that can be utilized from time to time as a sort of cleansing ritual. One method is something we already utilize on a daily basis, and this is through the eating of salt in our diet. Salt when consumed into the body, is then processed down to the state of its mineral components (sodium and chloride). It is the refined state of salt that allows the body to be cleansed and offers even other areas of improvement in the growth of the body as a whole. Only in cases where it is not advised to intake too much salt is when a person is not genetically able to process this salt within their bodies properly because of various health reasons. This can lead to heart attack and organ trouble. It depends purely on physical makeup and construction the individual body. We all have a totally separate makeup to any other person and the understanding of our bodies needs to be individually understood. In some cases it could be determined that the reason why salt becomes a cause of problems in a body can be from over excessive amounts of eating fat, whether that be through deep fried foods, to oils, chocolates and certain milk products where fat is a derivative, and other forms of non-organically occurring fats. These fats usually form into a solid mass at room temperature. What these fats do to us is stop the absorption of salt into our bodies, lining the walls like a barrier not even allowing other good vitamins to penetrate where they are needed. The salt then gets fed through the body without being absorbed along the way, getting built up in our cleansing organs causing a sort of poisoning. In order to rectify such a situation it is simple, and that is to stop eating so much fat in our diets, allowing for our bodies to process vitamins and minerals effectively. Some people eat salt quite frequently and if their body can take it without getting overtaxed by the consumption, it has properties that are helping them to cleanse the impact of information on their body allowing them to feel less weighed down. 66

This does not mean that they should go and eat a whole bottle of salt; this would be harmful to the body. It means that the level of salt that is consumed when eaten on a more subconscious level through the mind, is then taken in purely based on what is needed, not on what our brain thinks is best for the body via society values. There is a point where salt induced in the body can also become too much, and needs to be considered more to be used in moderation. I will detail later why salt makes such an impact on the body and its beneficial effects. There are other means in order to cleanse ourselves that does not have the possibility of creating harm within the body. It is not required to be induced into the body. The next method is by providing the body with the refined properties of salt through the skin. This does not mean that one should go and rub salt all over their body, it will not be achieved in this way. Think about it in another way. Often when people go to the beach, they go swimming in the ocean where a component of this water is salt based. When they come out of the water they feel in their body a sort of buzzing, this is the body taking in the food from the salt, giving the body a sort of cleansing and freshness feeling. This can be achieved through swimming in the ocean, which will also heal wounds of the body faster and keep the skin of the body in a fresh state for longer, in turn cleansing the body and pheromones sitting around its form. Sea water has however other forms of minerals that are not always so good for our bodies, not to mention sea life that can do harm to us. It is the salt that it contains that does benefit our bodies in a big way. However my opinion of this is that dipping in the sea is more a recreational activity but has some benefit to the skin depending on what time of the day we go swimming. The only problem with swimming in the ocean and acquiring cleansing this way, is that the sun itself has an in turn effect on the body and the cleansing process. In order to get full effect of this cleansing, swimming would need to take place more at night when the influence of heat does not come into account. 67

Heat influences chemicals in our pheromone to be soaked into the body faster. Unfortunately the sun has this bad effect on our bodies and when we have over exposure this can make worse and already overtaxed space of our pheromone body. It will destroy the ability for the salt to be able to make changes and allow for aging of the body to speed up rather than slow down through dehydration. Also what should be noted is that when salt dries on the body that it forms a sort of crystal layer that acts as a magnifying glass to the sun, enhancing the effects that the sun is making on our skin. That is why we burn faster when swimming, not only for the reflection made on the top of the water, but the crystalline effects of salt also help to enhance the light, causing it to be more harshly directed on the body. You can imagine how this works if you remember back to school and what was taught about the effects of sending light through crystals and prisms. Depending on the direction that the crystal is placed, will depend on whether the light is split up or made to focus more direct. When we go swimming and then lie in the sun without washing the salt off our body, it dries and then becomes a magnifying glass for the sun, burning our bodies at a much faster rate. One might then question the good of salt if it does then dry on the body and the answer is this. The beneficial components of salt within the first ten minutes have already been absorbed within the body, mostly during the time when our bodies are wet. Once the salt is dried it can no longer be absorbed into the body and will only remain as an itchy layer on the skin until it is able to absorb water again. It is not beneficial to leave salt to remain on the body for the whole day especially if we are to have exposure to any forms of direct heat, particularly the sun. Another factor to take into consideration when at the beach is oil on the body. When oil is used on the outside of the body it acts as a layer to enhance the suns effects. It can also barrier against the absorption of the beneficial components of the salt into our skin, leading to more enhanced damaging effects on the outside cells of the body. 68

When we sun tan with oil this can be seen on our skin, that it burns much faster and more efficient, leading to the body being cooked, creating the cells on the outside to die. This burning effect that later turns into what we call suntan can almost be likened to hard leather and is pealed away gradually over time through everyday cleansing of the body. It really is just dead and dying skin cells no longer able to regenerate themselves. Natural skin oil produced through a healthy body is enough to keep the body supple than to have to add oil onto the skin. Not only does it cause damage via the sun, but also when used to make the skin softer it does instead in the long term clog the pours and do more harm on the body than good. Even oils when it comes to potions and lotions that we add to our bodies are not a good option for the skin. It would be better to use a soft moisturizer than to lather the body in oil which will only eventually lead to enlarged pours through the build up of dirt in the skin, making pimples and blackheads that can also damage the surface of the skin. The body has a natural balance when it comes to oil on the skin of the body, and it is much healthier to get this oil through natural production than to place it on the skin in an unnatural way. This oil will also impinge on the natural cleansing processes of the body. Cleansing the body is also a good way to help it to produce the natural oils in order to soften the skin. Through the use of salt and cleansing, it can stop build up of dirt in the pours that lead normally to all sorts of rashes and skin conditions. It will unclog the pours leaving them open for oil to pass through onto the surface in a balanced way. When pours are clogged the oil will tend to then build up in certain locations of the body where ever it can find an outlet. A process in which to induce salt (sodium chloride) better into the body for feeding the cells and to cleanse the body on the outside would be to create a simulated environment for this process to occur. For starters the environment would be better if it was in a chamber or enclosed space in order to be done effectively.


I will show a diagram of a possibility for a model if it were to be created. However it is just a simple diagram and does not highlight details and means in which to formulate such a device technically:

H e r e i s th e b a s i c o u t l i n e o f w h a t c o u l d b e m a d e i n t o a c l e a n i n g d e v i c e . S t a r ti n g w i th t h e c a p s u l e t o w h i c h a p e r s o n w o u l d b e l y i n g w i t h i n , a c a s e th a t c o u l d b e f u l l y e n c l o s e d f o r t h e a b i l i t y t o c r e a te a s e p a ra te e n v ir o n m e n t w ith in .

O n e a c h s i d e o f th e d e v i c e w o u l d b e a t u b e th a t g o e s i n to t h e c h a m b e r a t t h e h e a d to w h i c h o x y g e n is d e l i v e r e d i n to t h e e n v i r o n m e n t , l e a v i n g t h e n th r o u g h a t u b e a t t h e e n d w h i c h w i l l c a r r y n o t o n l y th e o x y g e n b u t a l s o t h e c h e m ic a ls re le a s e d b y th e b o d y th o u g h th e c le a n s in g p ro c e s s .

One thing to take into consideration about this model is that it is a very expensive way to achieve such cleansing of the body, but in turn the most ideal for the best results. There are also many other different factors within our lifestyles today that do not make this method the most convenient to utilize and I will later describe some more modern constructive means to achieve similar results. 70

To detail the configurations of the cleansing chamber it would be best to be made in stone with enough room on the inside for a human to lie comfortably and for oxygen to flow in and out of it of the chamber. It is best to be made of stone, preferably granite or another such hard stone that does not break away when wet or put under weight conditions. So the base would be fairly solid with a thinner cover of stone overlaying on top, if this is not acceptable for the comfort of a person who does not like to lie in the dark, glass could also be used to shield in the flow of oxygen that circulates through the device. Take into account that the devices shape will also influence the flow of oxygen in and out of the environment, so having the walls rounded would encourage a more flowing effect, with a tube going into the device at the head of the person and leaving out a tube that is situated at the feet. The reason why stone is preferred is that it does not hinder the electrical current that needs to be setup between the stone and wet copper clay that is placed within the water. This means that the bottom of the bath would be made of stone with a waterproof electrical device that can create a small electrical charge to be placed along the base in a sort of sheeting. Over this sheeting would be placed then the wet copper clay which is best to be already mixed with the water that will later have the salt (Sodium Chloride, Basic Salt) placed within it. When the clay particles settle they will then lie more uniform along the base of the device allowing a more equaled distribution of the electrical current. Within the water would then be placed the salt, and once the small electrical current is produced it will stimulate the salt to enter the body as a form of ionized particle. The water would be best kept cool (around 15 -20 degrees preferable) for this process and the current to remain steady and not too strong for it to work properly at any length of time. Also it is best that the body lie outside of the water naturally for the fact that we would not want electrocution and also for the reason of the effects that water has on the body when submerged for long periods of time. The long term effects of bathing can also be damaging to the body, especially when in warmer water, it can make the body soft and wrinkly, drawing out all the good moisture that is intended to be soaked in. 71

You could do this process daily for anything up to 10 minutes to an hour, depending on how it feels to be within such a closed space. Lights would not be utilized during the cleansing because they will affect the warmth of the environment within, as does the sun when swimming in the sea. It will over stimulate the current which will produce a burning out of the salt particles rather than a soaking into the body. This also means that the current has to also be monitored properly. Too strong a current could have also reverse effects. That is why copper is used within a wet clay compound which will enhance the current but at the same time keep it steady though the use of the other naturally formed mineral components of the clay. (Notice I use the word naturally formed, and I am specific on this because these components are not harmful to us in their natural state, only when they are modified or changed by heating are they able to let off chemical discharge.) The clay should be in its natural state as if it were dug out of the ground rather than fired or purified through sifting. The important component is the copper and will help in speeding up the production of the body taking on the salt particles that are driven by the electrical current to the outside of the body. Almost in a magnetic way, the particles will attach themselves to the body just like what happens to wool when it is made to have electricity run through it. The current should not make effect on the destruction of the salt particle unless it is created through a heating device. The current could be passed through copper wire just as easily enough, which should not affect the overall setup of the device. When such a system is setup, it would not be a good idea to touch the water, only the sides of the stone when entering and exiting the device, which would have a bed setup on a stone pedestal that sits within. Temperature is a very important thing to consider when setting up any method of cleansing the body with salt. Retaining a less than body temperature for the entire apparatus is ideal and when a person lies in they will adjust most often to the conditions within the first few minutes once their body becomes calm.


The interesting thing about salt and its healing properties, which will be seen, is that it balances the natural heating of the body allowing the outside of the body to bring itself up to an ideal temperature. It is preferable that the person also enter when their body is calm and not just after a workout or any exercise. The heat of their bodies will cause effects to the flow of the device. When setting up the device it is preferred that the person has no clothes on or any other articles of material within the device would have to be cleansed before they were to lie within, especially matrices and toweling, which make for more comfort, could be placed within the device 10 minutes before use. Any metals such as watches or body jewelry should not enter also because they will have an effect also on the outcome of the cleansing. In fact even for the device itself it is not advisable to use any other processed metals other than what is present in the natural clay in order to make it. This would affect the result of the process which can in some cases lead to poisoning if outer walls of the device were to rust or have a chemical attached to their outer surface. It would eventually leak into the water than enter the body through the cleansing process. It is obvious that this first method shown does not exactly work in well with our everyday needs of an individual in our modern world, not just for cost but also weight and space. There are other means in which to achieve good results that do not require such strict methods to produce. The stone bath is however the most purest of methods to get the best results. If lying down within the device seems not that great an idea for some then maybe considering a standing apparatus could also work effectively. In turn, it could also be turned into a cleaning method of the body to wash away dirt and impurities if it were made to squirt out a fine mist of water between (20 30 degrees) over the body through the process. It can be slightly warmer within the container which then cools down when it turns into mist depending on how far away from the spray jet the body is standing.


Take into account that the salt water will have to first be issued onto the body, preferably after 10 minutes to be followed by only water to clean off the salt particles from the outside of the body. Glass could also be used as a housing device but not any metals as they will produce a discharge of the wrong chemicals and effect the current as it is directed through the device. The device could also be created without the electrical component and be utilized more for a cleaning method alone, which will also be good for the body if allowed enough time for it to naturally soak in the salt itself without the help of the electrical current. The last two methods require not much thought and are the easiest to achieve everyday. The first is more preferable for the fact that the body does not have to be submerged too long within water. With a spray bottle salt can be added to water and distributed evenly over the body. This can be pat dried by towel and left on the body for an hour before normal showering. The second is to soak in a bath for at least ten minutes before removing the excess salt via showering. Of course you can choose to leave the salt on the body, which will not do any direct harm unless coming into contact with heat or sun exposure. It is not necessary to have the water perfected to a certain temperature but more that it is not hot water, preferable lower than normal body temperature. The reason for this is that the body naturally balances out the temperature of the skin on its own, which is especially helped along by the effects of the salt. It is good to make the body adjust itself to temperature because it can also enhance the blood flow of the body, by making the body work for itself. When the body becomes too calm and steady in its environment it tends to get lazy and not work as effectively in processing all the minerals through the body. This sort of cleansing process is a long term solution to enhancing the health of the body, and will be seen more effective over time.


Some direct changes in the body might include faster healing of the skin and infections, a better regulating of the body temperature, a clearer mental focus, soft and supple skin, also an inability to burn fast when in the sun and a slight change in moles and skin imperfections. When used on a daily basis it can help to minimize excessive oil levels of the skin allowing for a lot less pimples and clogging of the pours, depending of course on what we are internally ingesting within our bodies through eating. (Another good way salt can be used is inside the mouth through washing it with water and spitting it out. It can help heal infections inside the mouth faster such as ulcers, inflammations and cuts. All infections do not like the impact of salt into their environment.) To understand how this refined salt cleanses the body, and why it has such purifying results, is to understand how the cells of the body work when they reproduce and exist within the body. One of the main foods for a cell is salt, it not only allowing for the lining around the cell to become stronger, but it also helps to hold fluid within the cell, keeping it firm and healthy. Salt in its sodium form is the defining factor on how good the cell reproduces and splits up into new cells in the body. The better the separation and reproduction of the cell depends on how healthy it is. In order to slow down aging of the body, it is important that the cell retain its form, rigidity and strength. It will not stop aging but it will slow down the effects of deformation with the cells of the body if used continuously within the structure of everyday living. The reason why it does not slow down the aging process entirely is because of the environment that we live within in our chosen world. The environment here is different and is continually working against healthy cell reproduction instead of enhancing it. We cannot live within wet salty water all day, so we will be affected by outside influences when we come into contact with all in life. The biggest influence on aging and deterioration of the body is radiation which is produced at many levels within the whole of creation itself, not just the world that we live in.


I would like to talk more about radiation and the effects of certain things within our environment in the next chapter, looking more into sickness in relationship to the body as well as the mind, which will highlight issues of cancer and mental illness and how these forms of destruction of the physical world can be treated in a different means other than through physically destructive manners, such as through the use of chemicals and drugs.


Chapter 6

Sickness in the body

To understand sickness is to know how it is formed and why it exists. When it comes to the physical body it is already shown within science how all these sicknesses derive and they are continuously working on ways in which to solve problems, mostly through chemical and radiation means. We start with having a sickness in the body and in order to balance out the effects, we take tablets to settle the bodys reactions. This in turn can create counter reactions within the body, such things as side effects that result in needing other medication in order to rectify the effects. Not only do we deal with drugs in all ways through our medical system, but also most induce forms of drug abuse daily at perceived normal rates in order to balance out their reality. These forms can range from drinking to smoking and taking other forms of drugs, which are used in order to calm the body or to take the mind to other places rather than to where people exist in the present. They are a sort of coping mechanism adopted in order to get through the pains of life. Of course this does not account for all forms of drug usage. There is only one form which is not considered directly abusive, and that is when we take drugs knowing fully the result of their side effects and when we have chosen to do it for choice and enjoyment base. This will still result however in changes in the body and perhaps even bad side effects in later life. It is still harmful and the results understood by the individual utilizing them. Even in some cases, for example, of people with lung cancer refusing to give up smoking.


When considering drugs in the body, most harmful forms come from purified and manipulated natural substances that when put together form a sometimes lethal concoction that can do some rather strange things to the body. Such side effects might include an overdose of certain chemicals and minerals into the body, causing conditions that can include, hyperventilation, heart palpitations, tension, and migraines as the body tries to rebalance the effects. Long term effects can range from brain damage, to heart failure and other life threatening conditions. I know these things might sound scary and drastic to hear, but it is what happens when the body is not in balance and has been for such a long time. In order to keep a good healthy balance in the body, and to prolong its longevity, it is simple to reason that good health is one key factor. This means with all we eat, drink or digest in the body needs to be considered for all the effects that it can create. In order to learn health of the body the first step is to understand that we are individually responsible for our own wellbeing and lifestyle. Everything that we consume into the body needs to be considered by the individual for what it has to offer them. Everyone has the opportunity to learn what certain chemicals can do to their body. This means that it does not take the schooling of a doctor to understand how our bodies work and what can give better conditioning in the long term. The first step in order to do this is to take responsibility back to base and understand everything that we individually utilize everyday, instead of relying purely on another persons opinions and recommendations. It is good to hear anothers advice, but also smart to study the effects of such drugs and foods for ourselves in order to also understand what it really happening to our bodies. Learning is the first step to understanding, and understanding that comes from the true care giver of the body, to which is our individual self. When all comes down to a crunch, when sicknesses are faced and doctors are seen, it will be the individual experiencing these things that will have the responsibility to deal with the outcome.


The doctor can turn to new medications, or pass you on to other doctors, in order to hopefully find a solution. A friend can sympathize with you as well as family, but they are not the ones who will suffer the consequences of the pain. In the end it all boils down to the individual taking back responsibility for their own health and life and choosing to understand why things are happening to their body. Better understanding of the body and health can go a long way to determining a lot of reasons for problems and to a better understanding to why things occur, without needing a million tests just to find out that a person has stress and needs to take a vacation. One thing that is certain about the medical system today is that most, not all, is based a lot on making money and trial based therapy. This occurs for the fact that we do not know why most diseases or sickness occur in the body, especially sickness that mutate and change in their appearance from person to person. They try one drug to help you cope dealing with the sickness, and if it fails then another is used, or nothing at all. It depends on how well the body copes with the different drugs being placed within it. This does not mean that all levels of the medical system that we have fail. Medical help via finding means to eliminate some viral infections and the cause of outbreaks, surgeries and transplants help to save many lives and give people the ability to live longer or even to appear younger than their own years, through plastic surgery. The only problem that can occur is through the use of drugs in order to control pain that can sometimes cause surgery to become complicated and many after effects that may cause other issues in the body. Of course no one wants to go though surgery awake, or to deal with the effects of pain after and during the event. The use of drugs is then implemented in order to control this pain that we have in our lives, to give a relaxed state to the body allowing for healing to work faster. This is true that when the body is more relaxed it can recuperate and heal itself at a faster pace. However in this world of high life living, the chance of calm and relaxed is getting less and less.


We do not choose for simple anymore, instead opting for quick methods of relaxation that keep us up with the lifestyle to which we set ourselves to. Such things like sleeping pills and pain killers, which seem to be the only means to get us by. When we feel like we have no control of our life we take drugs to calm our nerves and settle our mind. Certainly lifestyle has a lot to do with how we cope within our world. It shows that from our own choices we have created a world that has become dependant on living with drug abuse and it is becoming normal and accepted. Some might argue the fact that they do not choose for such a fast pace world, and if they were to be asked to give up any of the things in their life they would be the first to respond in dislike to such an idea. We have become dependant on all the things we have around us in life, it gives us a certain level of comfort and enjoyment. In order to keep it this way we now have to live by the rules that come with such a way of living life and adjust to its sometimes harsh results. This does not mean that the lifestyle that we have chosen is bad, the only thing is that the dissatisfaction of certain parts of our lives is apparent and never resolved to the point that we are getting accustomed to living with more and more aggravation as normality. Most of this aggravation comes from pains and aches in the body, and forms of stress that come from pressures, overwork and emotional dependency. What if there were to be a way to control some of this pain without the use of drugs and coping in order to deal with it? A way that we could choose the life we wanted to live without having to suffer all the consequences that we have to deal with daily. This does not include all the things that we do deliberately, like partying all night, no matter how much you heal your body if you induce alcohol all night it will most times than not, make you sick the next day. Besides the fact that alcohol is a drug and does not fit into any category for long term healing, but only to numb things in the present.


(It is not the fruit in most alcohol that is considered bad but it is what is added to cause chemical reactions in the fruit in order to get it to ferment that turns it into a drug that creates chemical effects in the body.) Things that can be helped are the incidental sickness and effects that are put on our body via our society and its environment, effects that are not induced by the misuse of drugs and other forms of physically destructive behaviors. There are methods, including the cleansing method I wrote in the other chapter that can make a difference to our life on all levels, not allowing for sickness to occur so rapidly and inconsistently. These methods circle mostly around the effects of the environment on our personality matrix as well as on our pheromone encasing. Also around the effects of friction within our world, that which is heat, whether coming from the sun or other methods of radiated lighting or electrical appliances. You might not even be surprised when you hear what I have to say about this and the effects it has on the body. We have known for years the effects of even mobile phones on the body and how they cause all sorts of cancers and cell damaging effects. One thing is for certain about technology, it comes with all hype and excitement, never with a worry about the effects until they have occurred. It is not the idea behind technology and its purpose that is the problem; it is in the design and implementation to where the effects are seen. Mobile phones are very useful devices and if we thought long and hard enough we could easily produce such devices that do not allow for such transference of electrical charge. It is really just as simple as that. To produce something that might be a little more expensive compared to something that is fast cheap and easy to make. This does not just include mobile phones, but all electrical devices especially the ones that have a wireless method of information transference via radiation, microwaves and the like. They create even in the environment around us such effects on our body, that if you were to turn all devices off in the world, the difference in feeling within the body would be quite huge especially in larger cities. 81

You would instantly see how this charge coming from these devices is creating effects on the body. Naturally we have not seen this occur overnight. These devices have slowly come into our world allowing for us to gradually adjust to their presence. We have become customized to our new environment, suffering the consequence of the results gradually more and more each year. The effects will not get better, unless we change the technology that we are using. It is as simple as that. This does not mean at all that we should ever go without this level of technology. It is not a solution either to say that we should disregard all and throw it away. This just means that we will in time become naturally aware of what is happening to our bodies. We will adjust our technology as we grow and learn to see how these things react to our environment. It is all part of the learning process as we delve into the unknown. What I am leading up to talking about in this chapter is the main contributor of sickness and deterioration within the world around us, that which is called radiation. I want to talk about how radiation causes effects on our bodies and also on the mind, and where such radiation is found within our world. I have started to talk about radiation that occurs with the use of electrical devices. Some might say that such radiation is not evident and there are already means of protection available. What ever the viewpoint I will talk about how this radiation is still evident in all that we do and what its effects are on our lives as a whole. I will not be presenting a debate on what is right or wrong, but merely a statement of what is occurring. Whether we choose to adopt methods of living is purely choice based and my own personal feelings on this subject are on not adopting any side. I like to see the world developing and to see technology enhance the world around us, as well as living with good health as much as possible. I choose both, so when I present my personal findings on this subject I do it with an open mind to reasoning that will encompass all forms of possibility.


To begin with the subject of radiation, there are two forms of this type of deterioration that we are exposed to, one is through the natural environment and the other through technology. In order to understand where radiation comes from, I will first describe my interpretation of what radiation is and how it affects the body (just remember I am no scientist so I will try and explain the best that I can through what I understand through my mind):

L o o k in g b a c k a t m y d ia g ra m s o f d u a l r e a lity fr o m th e o rig in a l s p a rk c r e a tio n . T h e s e c o n d d ia g ra m o f th e c e ll re s p o n d s t o t h i s s a m e m e th o d w i th t h e c e n t e r c o n ta in i n g z e r o p o in t a n d tw o o p p o s in g c h a rg e s o f d u a l e n e rg y th a t w h e n s p u n p u s h c r e a ti o n i n t o e x i s t e n c e .

A s w i th e v e r y c e l l n o m a tt e r i t s p e r c e i v e d c o m p le x ity a n d in w h a t fo r m i t c o m e s in t h e r e i s a c e n te r w h i c h c o u n t e r a c t s t w o e le c tric a l c h a r g e s , c o n s i d e re d o f p o la r o p p o s i t e s . T h e c e l l s o f th e b o d y a r e s e e n m o re c o m p le x a n d b u ilt u p o f m a n y d iffe re n t la y e r s b u t e v e n s o , in a ll c e lls t h e s e th r e e c o m p o n e n t s w i l l b e f o u n d .


Cells of the body are more complex than that of energy but can be seen the same when brought down to their created components. Each cell vibrates and is energized by dual existence creating a spinning forming animated life. Imagine now that such a cell vibrates at a certain speed natural to the environment that it is accustomed to. When you place abnormal radiation or a heating on the cells, it changes the rate of the pulse that they normally and comfortable exist within. This relates not only to the cells of the body but also for the pheromone chemicals around our form, which contain far more simplified particles that are based on the same principles. (When I talk about abnormal radiation levels, this refers to forcing objects or other matter forms to radiate a faster rate of impulse from the core of itself, meaning the dual spin. The sun for instance has a much greater formation of personality matrix and thus pushes matter particles to spin much faster. This not only comes from relative size but also relates to the suns relationship within the whole of creation. Man made formations have also a relationship with other objects on the earth and when forms of electromagnetic energy are manipulated it can make effects to all life on the world as well as the world itself.) When abnormal levels of radiation come into contact with the cell it starts to heat up more, when this heating up occurs it then pushes the cell to vibrate faster, not only heating up the body, but also changing the cell in all sorts of ways. For starters the more heating up of the cells in the body to what it is normally accustomed to, can cause high levels of inner food loss to the cell, as well as water loss. It will start to go dry and get deformed in appearance. Without proper sustenance and moisture, especially water within our bodies it will lead to the cell drying out. This can lead to the cell looking deformed and unstructured. Once the cell has deformed itself it then reproduces other cells in the same manner which can lead to all sorts of things like cancers and body malfunctions, even to wrinkles and deterioration of the body as a whole.


What occurs when the cell dries out and deforms, when it is not totally dead it reproduces itself in a sort of splitting effect, creating other cells to reproduce in the same way. It only takes one deformed cell to create cancer and pockets within the body that contain these deformations over a period of time as it continues to reproduce upon itself. So far we have developed methods in order to kill such cells in the body, leading to radiation therapy which not only enhances the chances of it reoccurring but also kills off good cells in the process. They use this therapy in order to destroy the cancer cells in the body, by targeting the area with direct and high levels of radiation. The other method is through operation and cutting the cells out of the body entirely, and is only successful if all the cells are removed without leaving any behind. The horrible thing about such diseases as cancer is that once a person has it, there are no real easy means in which to get rid of it. It is highly dependant on the type of cancer and what sort of cell is affected. Some cells naturally move through the body as a means to reproduce and if this happens cancer can develop then in places that becomes fatal to the individual often leading to death or several operations in order to control it. Some cells stay in one place and it only takes the removal of the deformed cells to stop a growth from forming a continual growing lump on the body in the long term. There are four ways in which to get rid of cancer, two I have noted up above, and three is for your body to naturally kill off the cancer itself. The body will create its own defenses and destroy the cells on its own. How does it do this? Imagine that your body is at a certain health level when the cancer occurs. The reason why the cancer is allowed by the body to form comes from the fact that the body does not see the original deformed cell as a defect. It does not naturally rid of the original defect for the fact that the condition of most cells in the body are not of great health, maybe not so far as a cancer cell in their ill health but gradually leading towards it.


In order for the body to pick up the cell for its deformity and see it as foreign in the body in order to destroy it naturally, the other cells of the body have to have a great difference in health condition. This comes from concentration on what goes into the body and how we are looking after it daily. Many people who have experiences with cancer opt for changes in their lifestyle, from eating to exercise and also to change their viewpoint on life and how much stress that they put upon themselves. Some find ways in which to cure themselves of certain cancer, which leads to great changes in their lifestyle right into the future. The reason why some do not find it so easy is that the rate of the cancer growth overtakes the rate for the body to heal itself in order to see the cancer as a disease in the body. These things have to be seen earlier in order to prevent them in the long term. The fourth way to prevent cancer is over the long term, through preventative methods. To learn how to understand how cancer forms is the first step to understanding how to prevent it over the long term. (This goes for also a lot of the other sicknesses and diseases that we have at present.) When we start to learn some of the reasons for health conditions, things start to make more sense and lead to healthy methods in dealing with sickness at hand. We then focus on long term teaching of health and lifestyle to our children, making them also aware of the effects of certain environmental issues. Teaching is what is meant for lifestyle changes when it comes to learning about the body. Most things that we do are habit based and occur from learning over many years the set rules that society encourages us to achieve. It might seem hard now to imagine a life where all of the things that I write about become understood and practiced everyday. When someone is living their life, drinking, smoking, and using drugs of various means in order to get rid of pain in their lives, it is hard for them to imagine living life without these dependencies. One thing that is forgotten is that the dependency was first taught and learnt by the individual and can be taught again to be seen in a different way. 86

It should not have to take a health scare such as heart attack in order for a person to see reason in living life in a more conducive way. At the present state and condition of society it will take some years to relearn health and the issues of the deterioration of the body. One step will lead to another, gradually moving us to a point that we get more perfected at what we are trying to achieve. It all takes time and even when things look extremely bad, over a long term basis so much can be achieved. When looking back it can be reasoned how much change has occurred. It is however hard to imagine that such extreme health care could be at this stage considered as normal. Things like eating healthy and cleansing the body of drugs and dependencies might seem something that an extreme health fanatic does at this point. However, as people gradually learn more about their health, they will start to change their habits on a daily basis, leading to a new way to see health care for the body. It will seem in the future a strange thing to induce smoke into the body, and might even be seen as illogical, and unnecessary for the comforting of the body for relaxation. Learning about health is all part of the process to understanding and changing the way we see life for ourselves. It is a stepping stone to becoming more aware of what effects things can have on our bodies in the long term. One of these long term effects that makes a difference on the health of our bodies comes from our contact with levels of radiation in the environment around us. It could be determined that radiation is the number one cause of cancer in all forms, and when understood it can be reasoned possible ways in which to prevent further attacks on the body. Radiation comes in all forms of life at many levels. Firstly the biggest radiator to our body is the sun. Heavy exposure to the sun over many years can lead to many destructive occurrences in the body. When we go to the beach or sit relaxing by the pool, we do not realize how much the sun is affecting our bodies, and what chemical reactions are taking place within the body to cause it to deteriorate faster.


It is all in the order to look beautiful, but in the long term it is doing the opposite and will cause premature aging as well as cancer and in some cases heat stroke, blisters, eye damage, and hardening of the skin, nails and hair, and much more. The unnatural warming of our body causes the cells to spin at a faster rate heating up from their core pushing out all the water from the body, causing also dehydration and long term deterioration of the body cells from inside to out. Some people find when heating the body through showering for example (at high temperatures, not warm), even though it feels nice, and that they say it opens the pores to allow dirt to wash away, not only does it wash away dirt from our skin but also good oils and nutrients that our body needs in order to feed the cells and keep the body healthy. Unnatural heating of the body is the first way to cause damage and premature aging (Unnatural means that we get to a point of overheating and we are no longer comfortable. This level is different for every person depending on where they are born and their own genetic characteristics). This heating is mostly achieved through exposure to the sun directly, through the use of special lights that radiate levels of UV, through most electrical devices that we use to transmit information, mobile phones and in mild levels through the digestion of heated food and drink, smoking, hot showering, and over excessive exercise regimes. When looking at this list, it does not mean that we have to live without these things, but more to access our lives and the level of aging that we are exposed to, and make choices based on goals that we would like in the long term. We might not be able to give up all things in our life and prevent totally all forms of aging to our bodies, but even if we become aware of some of the minor things that are making our bodies deteriorate faster, then we can deal with how to solve some of the annoyance issues.


What ever decisions we make to expose our body to aging and deteriorative elements should be based on knowledge and choice, and when aging occurs we then understand exactly why it has occurred and how it could have been prevented. How does the affects of radiation change the physical makeup of our bodies in total? When radiated heat or electrical friction, whether from the sun or other influences in our lives comes into contact with our bodies, not only does it harden the skin and tissue on the outside, causing burning to the tissue, but it also effects the whole makeup of all dimensions within our bodies. It speeds up the rate of vibration for all the cells and particles making them aggravated and chaotic. The chemicals within the fourth dimension embodiment of pheromone are heated up and start to perform strange interactions with each other sending signal's to the body that are inconsistent and erratic. The mind, depending on the individuals upbringing, might see this then as aggression, aggravation, fear, tension, pressure which if unresolved leads to breakdown, over exhaustion and sickness, and maybe even death in extreme cases. When someone comes to you and holds their hands to your throat, people automatically see this as an attack on the body. This works the same way with overheating of the body from radiation. The body feels the over abundant chemical reactions from the pheromone embodiment when overheated as an attack on the overall body, and the mind will then pick this up as an automatic emotional response. When the body feels an attack it will do a serious of things. Firstly for some people they might have the tendency to aggression, when overheated they will respond in this way, by being annoyed at people and irritated by having to push themselves further than their natural urge. It will in some cases feel like pressure on the body leading to sweat and in some circumstance to becoming overwhelmed and dizzy. You might have already noticed that when viewing people that live in warmer countries they tend to have more outward expression and an emotional response to life. People who come from colder climates have a more inward personality and tend to want to be more within themselves.


These changes in personality come from the effects that radiation has on the body to how motivated a person is in life. Exposure to too much friction and heat can lead to hyperactivity, aggression or overemotional responses. Then when viewing the other extreme of too much cold can lead to depression and closed personality. There is of course a natural balance to this exposure and that is to maintain the outside temperature for the body to within 20-30 degrees centigrade (depending on the country and the adaptability of the people living within its climate). Having the body slightly cooler than its own normal body temperature is best for optimal living and allows the body to regulate itself giving the person more stimulation in order to live life. The body will prefer to be naturally regulating itself to some degree allowing the brain to work and process and to keep natural blood flow which enhances clearer thinking patterns. In some levels of life people would question my reference to overheating and ask how they could possibly live life without overexposure of heat in hot climates and physical exercise. My answer to this is, if this world were to be accessing aging as a primary issue then there would be more monitored and created environments to live within. Such environments like in shopping centers where people can feel comfortable in the body and maintain a good level of temperature. We are more and more each day learning to monitor our environments to suit for comfort, which in the long term will account for a steadier rate of body aging. When it comes to exercise, fitness and sports, even though this might sound harsh, these forms of regime are choice based and do not necessarily benefit us in the long term. This might sound crazy, but what I am referring to is overexposure, or extreme forms of fitness, from sports to exercise programs that force the body to elevate its body temperature for long periods of time. There are many reasons why we have fitness in our lives, the first being to loose weight. If food were to be better monitored then this would never be an issue and over excessive exercise regimes would not need to force the body to sweat in order to loose weight.


The second is for sport and recreation, and this is choice based and a thing that people do for their own enjoyment activity. Extreme sporting in the long run will put a lot of pressure on the body and cause aging at a faster rate, especially if the sport has an overexposure to the sun and overheating. Such sports create a great loss of water from the body which needs to be constantly maintained in order to keep the body at full health. The third is for fitness, and that is something people feel they have to do to look good in the body. There is a way to exercise to keep the body firm and fit without having to over stress it with heat. Such methods of exercise range from swimming and walking, where the body can regulate itself without overheating. If people were to spend more time doing these activities they could just as well keep fit and firm without having the damaging effects of overheating that occurs when doing forms of fitness such as gym, aerobics and so forth. These sports should be considered choice based and not done for the bettering of our bodies in the long term. They are affecting the aging process of the body, and if made aware of then such activities would then only be taken up if they were for the choice of the individual who was full aware of the effects that it can have in the long term. It is crazy to think that certain sporting can have long term aging and deterioration effects on the body. If you were to look at why this is so, then it would become clearer to understand. Overheating of the body causes not only water loss but also increased pressure on the body joints. This repeated pressure causes the body to become weak and depending on a person biology can cause in later life problems with the joints and muscles. Loss of water during sport needs to be constantly restored within the body in order to keep optimal health and allow your body to naturally feed and adjust itself to changes in temperature. Water as all should know is the main contributor to the body. Without it we would just be as we see mummies in a museum, all shriveled up and without any means to deliver sustenance to the rest of the body. 91

Wrinkles come from the level of water loss within the outer skin tissue, and water loss in the body leads to dehydration and faintness, mostly because the body is unable to flow properly. It is well known that the body is mostly made up of water. Without enough fluid, the blood even becomes thicker leading to all sorts of problems such as headaches, heart problems, low blood pressure, brain damage and so forth. It is important for the body to keep the natural flow of fluids to maintain a healthy living. In order to do this, reducing the level of heating in the body is one of the first steps, which includes exposure to the elements, such as sun and also to reduce the exposure we have to radiation in all forms. Then not only will our bodies live to a good age on the inside, but also show it on the outside. Of course this is just a small portion of the effects that these things have on the human body as a whole. I would like to also describe how these exposures affect emotional responses as well, and how we can come to understand where certain pressures in the body are coming from, things that we term as stress, pressure and tension. One thing to take note of when I am writing this information, it is not to be taken as strict and regimental. What I write about is not rules or regulation, in the end it is all choice based depending on the outcome to which we want to achieve individually. We each have individual choice that comes into consideration, and for one person the ability to continue sporting would not be an issue, and they might accept the aging for the fact that they enjoy their sport so much to not be able to give it up. It has all got to do with levels of sacrifice that we all choose to accept. Some people might not even see aging as a big deal, but more experiences in life being part of a valuable ideal to live up to. It is all choice based. Understanding how some of the outward elements of life can affect us in total is just one part of the whole picture. There is also a level of mental and mind interaction that takes place that can also have an affect on our life in total and create also pressures in our bodies.


Certain outside pressures and exposure will not help the processing of emotions and can play an influence to some degrees, but also the way we handle things through our mind and interactions in general with the world around us, can make a huge impact on the body, mental health and the aging process. I described earlier how emotions are learnt paradigms in our lives. Stories of our feelings put into action in order to communicate in our world. Emotions come from our connection to the mind and the physical world, and can impact our view of the life in extreme ways. I detailed earlier a method of cleansing the personality matrix of emotional discharge and how we can also cleanse and feed the skin and body to keep it rejuvenated. In my next chapter I want to talk about the other side of the coin, which is how sickness can be formed by emotions and how they impact the mind and our view of life.


Chapter 7

Sickness and the mind and body

The mind plays an important role in determining our emotions and the way we utilize feeling within our lives. When we express ourselves, no matter in what form, the mind is on all levels influencing the energy of the personality matrix and impacting the space to which we live depending on how well we choose to utilize our emotions. Understanding that emotions are learnt within our world is just one step towards seeing the world for what it truly offers. It is also a step towards understanding why certain mind and body illnesses occur and how the mind plays an important role determining the outcome of our personal life goals. I have already detailed a lot about the personality matrix and how it creates the world of personality for our embodiment through the interaction of electromagnetic energy or impulses, which I talked about earlier as being read by the mind as a sort of trigger. Going back to this topic to describe it a bit more I want to also look at how sickness forms in the personality and mind, in order to see why we react in certain ways in our lives. Also I will discus my interpretation of why some of the considered disorders of the mind and brain derive. I described earlier the makeup of the personality matrix and how it forms into our direct personality through the physical world. It is a sort of energy that pulsates at a certain rate sending electrical charges back to the mind in the fifth dimension, allowing for consciousness to form, which means that it is the moment that people take on certain perception or viewpoints in life. 94

The personality matrix is only half of the embodiment of spirit, which is a combination of energy matrix and personality matrix. The energy matrix is the known moments in existence that we realize ourselves and the personality is the linking energy that brings all life together like the gluing agent of life. Both form into an electrical energy charge that is likened to electricity for the body allowing inanimate life to motive and to form living existence, to which I have named spirit. The personality matrix is not only the gluing agent for the entire embodiment of existence, but it is also what links the relationship between each moment in space within existence, which helps us to determine the space that we call creation. To make this into a more simple interpretation, when we see all around us as humans, we realize that we are human by comparing our environment to what lies around us in our perception. Without this comparison being evident we would have no model or reason to realize who we are. To understand the personality matrix is also to see that it has no relationship to time as we know it and does not form the congruent patterns of life, but that it merely determines the personality and positioning of the individual point in space, that being who we are in the now moment. It is more a marker for existence. On top of this role that it plays in creation as a whole, it also determines how our personalities as humans will play out. It is the structure that we as a unique human embodiments work from in order to interact with other forms in life. The personality is an outward projected state of life, purely analyzing the physical components of formation and how we are to utilize energy outwardly through our physical body. The outward projected state formulates our conceptual understanding of the world around us and defines how we interact with all forms of life. Here is a diagram that details this outward projection, showing it as the solidifying state of creation:


S o lid ify in g W h e n lo o k in g a t th is d ia g ra m o f th e d im e n s io n s o f m a te r i a l e x i s te n c e th e re is a n o u tw a r d f lo w in g si d e o f c r e a tio n th a t d e te r m in e s th e s o lid ifie d N o n - s o lid ify in g n a tu r e o f r e a l i t y a n d fo r m s th e th ird d i m e n s i o n a l e n v i r o n m e n t. I t s ta r ts a t fir s t d im e n s io n a fte r th e fir s t i n itia l d u a l s p li ttin g o f c r e a ti o n , f o r m i n g i n to e n e r g y a n d p e r s o n a li ty m a tr i x , w h i c h i n tu r n fo r m s in to th e e m b o d i m e n t th a t I h a v e t e r m e d a s t h e s p i r i t. W i th i n t h e s e c o n d d i m e n s i o n m o r e s o li d i fi e d m a tte r f o r m s i n t o f i n e c r e a ti o n e l e m e n t s s u c h a s g r e e n m a t t e r, d a r k m a t t e r a n d w h a t I c a l l c o n s t r u c t i o n p a r ti c l e s . A l l o f t h e s e e m b o d i m e n t s f o r m t o c r e a t e t h e m a tt e r o f th ird d im e n s io n in o r d e r to d e fin e u s as h u m an s.

Outward projection of life relates to the solidifying nature of the dimensions, and when looking at the cycling effect this starts to change once formation of the physical third dimensional environment is formed. Then creation cycles back in towards the mirror breaking up the physical matter components back into the elements to which they were originally formed from.


This is the point where formation becomes aware of itself, point that matter returns back the mirror in fifth dimension consciousness is formed. This is the state of the ether body, could be seen as the realm people talk about as heaven or matter state that is seeing existence on the terms of the mind.

at the where which a soft

If we were to understand where humans fit on the graph it would be far easier to understand why we look at life the way we do, not just in an outward way but also we are beginning to seek an inward journey back towards the mind:

S e c o n d d im e n sio n

T h ird d im en sio n

C e ll

S o lid ify in g

R ock

an um H B ird

N o n - s o lid ify in g

F o u r th d i m e n s i o n

D e n sest p o in t o f c re a tio n : S lo w e s t v ib ra tio n .

This diagram demonstrates how creation turns in on itself in a cycling fashion. It is represented this way in relation to dimensions but in all actuality existence of the dimensions are at once and in the same space of reality.


It is only when viewing creation from the elemental point of view that the formation can be seen. I have shown on the diagram the positioning of where a human would lie on the dimension graph in relation to other animated creation such as a cell, rock, and bird. A human sits on the graph on the way back to the mind, closer to fourth dimension than that of second. It shows that the human form is beginning to return to the mind and reason creation from within than purely from a physical perception. Dense solid matter at its highest peak sits at the slowest vibration, which is solid mineral based, such things as diamonds and hard stones sit close to this centre. Then moving towards fourth dimension of time and dream, we have a less solid form of the human, which can be understood just in the texture and movement of our bodies as a whole. Our skin is flexible and our mind is also creative, allowing for some inward exploration in dream and consciousness. However as humans we only spend a small portion of our total life focusing in these states of dream and consciousness. This is because of the fact that our bodies pulse at a certain rate and each pulse represents a returning to the mind/mirror and consciousness of our now moment in space. This indicates that we are only conscious of our whole existence 40 percent of the time in relation to our time spent as a physical embodiment. 60 percent of our reality is played out by the body and the other dimensions of matter, from first to third. We might not be aware of the fact that our thinking is actually pulsating and there are moments that we are switched off mentally from reality. It is through the fourth dimension and fifth where we determine congruency to the information that we receive in our minds, allowing us to eliminate any areas of space that we do not utilize as a thinking moment ordered through the mind and brain. They still exist there, but yet we only focus on what we want to utilize rather than on all formation at the same time, allowing for concentrated perception.


The concentrated perception for a human is physical life, and interaction with others within our world. We focus mostly on the moments that we come into contact with other forms of life, rather than on the continuous moments and existence that we have individually in our physical form inwardly as a whole. In fact we are mostly unaware of our true nature outwardly, like when we view ourselves within a mirror, only a flat representation of our form is presented to our eyes. We only then see a part of the whole of our form, and this also relates to how we order through our mind the created perception of our reality. If we were to take in the whole of creation and all that exists at the same moment then we would see ourselves from the outside as well as within at all moments in time, but instead we only look from within our bodies to outside, and the concentrated moments that we interact with within the world around us. It is important to know how the flow of dimensions work in relation to the development of the personality matrix and also how we become aware of existence, in order to see how emotions influence our mind and consciousness. How can a person truly understand why things happen in their lives without knowing the full extent of why these things exist in the first place? Knowing things for how they are formed is part of the journey to finding reason and understanding. When we look at life through emotions, we know that certain reactions take place in the body to influence our way of thinking. Not only are these things chemically based but also learnt responses of the body in order to function ethically within the known space to which we exist. Ethics plays a huge role on the whole of the equation, which I will talk about later, but for now I want to focus on the role of emotions and how they impact our lives. An emotion is created from our learnt reaction that stems from feelings that are sensed within our bodies chemically and physically.


We have certain feelings within our bodies, natural impulses sent through to our brain from our nerves, when we feel heat, pain, cold or any other physical sensation. Not only does the body pick up these things as senses, but so does the space in which personality and pheromones exist. How is this achieved? Imagine how many times you have had a continual shock reaction within the body to which is called surprise or fright. It causes your body to jolt itself via an excessive amount of charged energy resulting in the body heating and pulsating faster. Shock is the natural body defense when it comes to things like fright and the events that we do not expect to occur. It is a way to tell the body to move aside or protect itself from an unknown experience. What is really happening when such an experience occurs? Whenever a person has a shock experience, not only is the body affected by this wave of energy burst, but also the personality matrix. There is a trigger that is alarmed which then sends an over abundance of energy pulses that are picked up via the brain releasing not only chemicals into the body but also spurting pheromones outside into the environment through the fourth dimension. The increase in chemicals in this environment only enhances the effects of the shock reaction causing faster vibration and heating of the chemical components in this space, sending even more signals to the body creating a cycling effect. I will try and demonstrate this within more complex diagrams to show the different levels of this transference. However this is an extremely complex formation to demonstrate in such detail as it is to write about its complexity, but I will endeavor to detail it as best that I can. It is better to see it more conceptually than figuratively:


T h e B ra in 5 1 2 3 4

T h e M in d / M iirr rroo rr M

T h e e th e r b o d y ( F i fth d i m e n s i o n )

P h e ro m o n e B o d y ( F o u r th d i m e n s io n ) ( F o u r th d i m e n s i o n )

When looking at this diagram you can see the electricity symbols which relate to the shock event occurring. The first arrow, labeled (no.1), is the sound or sight of the shock being sent through to the brain, which automatically sends signals to the body via chemical release in third dimension (no.2), some of these chemicals are released through the bodys skin into the embodiment that determines fourth dimension which is the pheromone body (no.3). This then is transferred through to the mind via fifth dimension (no.4) which is really the conscious awareness of the event taking place being picked up through the fifth dimension embodiment of ether and returned to the mind for analysis (no.5).


This is an extremely difficult to draw and illustrate and I cannot put all into one diagram. It seems that two events are taking place when this happens, and I will illustrate in the next diagram what happens when the mind takes the information in from the brain:

T h e B ra in 2 1 3 4

T h e M in d / M ir ro r

T h e P e r s o n a lity M a tr i x (F irst d im e n s io n )

B u i ld in g B lo c k s ( S e c o n d d im e n s io n )

The second diagram demonstrates what happens to the body from within the mind when this event occurs. First there is the shock event that takes places that is transferred to the brain (no.1). The brain has a direct link to the mind which I will describe more about in a moment. 102

The mind then picks up the information (no.2) and sends it to the second dimension, effecting the electromagnetic energy and electricity of the spirit (no.3), which is the pulse rate that the body will vibrate at. The speeding up of the electrical charge in the body creates a charge that animates the building blocks of the second dimension (no.4), that is then creating effects on the body as a whole in third dimension (no.5), and also on fourth and fifth dimensions depending on how much electric current is sent through the body. This is no easy task to create a diagram to illustrate the effects and flow of the body in its dimensional state. However if you were to look at the diagrams together as a whole entire component, then you would see the cycling effect taking place within all of the dimensions. One thing that I need to detail more is that the pheromone body sits outside the physical body for the reason that chemicals are dispensed from out of the body to form it. Everything internally and externally affects each space depending on the relationship between each dimension. It is far too complex a subject to demonstrate in a few pages so I will leave it for another time, for now it is important to just see how feelings and emotions effect our perception of life. The two diagrams that I have so far drawn illustrate the effects of feeling on the body describing shock which is translated via two methods of reasoning. First is the instant reaction of the body to protect itself. When signals are sent via the brain to the body, it causes reaction in the body to self protect its livelihood. This process of chemical transference through the body is far slower than the initial transference of information taken from the brain and into the mind. This means that the body will respond before the actual realization of the event taking place, via the personality matrix and spirit. Remember that the third dimension of matter is where creation turns in on itself which is why this sort of transference could be seen in this way:


T h e m in d / m irro r is o f o n e

5 1

4 3 2

4 2

5 1

This picture represents matter space and what it would look like if it were spliced in half and spread out on a flat surface. This represents also the dual nature of creation and the flow of energy as a whole. It shows that duality of true creation is a direct mirror to itself and not an opposite of nature and also details the connection between third dimension and the mind. Both third dimension and the mind are the points where creation is bent in on itself, creating the cycling effect. Then it is the mirroring effect within all formation, that when put together forms into one formation of bio-cylindrical form. Before I get too far away from the topic at hand I wanted to show this diagram in order to show how emotions and feelings are passed through the body and how internal and external information all work in together to form the whole of our conscious reality.


When considering shock in the body, it can internally effect the body and externally. What occurs first is that we see the shock or feel it via a pressure outside of our body, then creating a first reaction on the outside of our physical body that feels like a jolt, often we will then feel little electrical charges against the skin. These electrical charges come from the effect that the first dimension has created. It picks up the information direct through the brain to the mind and sends electromagnetic energy through to the second dimensional embodiment where the building blocks exist. This is then sent through the physical embodiment of third dimension which issues out chemicals to form the fourth dimension of pheromone. This flow of charge heats up the chemicals in the pheromone body which are read by our consciousness then redirected into the mind, which in turn sends it back through to first dimension via small electrical charges from spirit. This is then felt on the outside of the skin and it will often react as if all the hairs stand up on end. This is because of the friction being created from the interaction of heat produced from spirit. When this is felt on the body it sends then signals back to the brain to form awareness of the event. There are a number of seconds before the event is picked by our consciousness as it travels back through the fourth and fifth dimension, giving information back into the mind. When we feel shock of the body most often it is in order to get a sudden inward and outward response to make us redirect away from what we were intending to do. That is why shock is used as a therapy in many cases where people cannot focus away from current thought patterns. However it would not be my preferred means of helping someone to deal with reoccurring issues in their mind and brain, because of the after effects it has on the personality of the person as a whole, and their chemical and physical body. It can also cause a lot of harm through heating the body and damage on all parts of the body and brain as a whole, as I detailed earlier in the other chapter of how radiation creates heat and progressive aging in the body. 105

I want to later describe some less harmful ways to deal with some conditions of the body, but firstly I want to talk about how we form emotions through our mind which will reason some of the underlying basis for some of the mental conditions that we have in this world. Emotions are what I call a chain of learnt feelings that are stored in the brain as a sort of trigger or image in which to refer to at a later date when needed. They are learnt by us from a young age through our experiences in life and how we deal with situations in our own way through our individual personality. Each individual has their own unique personality matrix in which their embodiment forms itself, allowing for so many different formations of emotionally learnt responses to be taken on and harnessed. Even though we do in all cultures have words for particular emotions, such as anger, sadness, love, compassion, they are in so many different forms within each worded emotion. There could not be a name for all the possibilities on how to see all emotion as a whole. For one person love is something completely different than to another. We all see in our own individual way. One thing to remember is that emotions are learnt paradigms, so what can be learnt can be just as easily unlearnt or for a better use of word, changed. The reason I say changed is for the fact that when people experience things in life, they always store this inside their brain as memory. If someone does not like the way they think, then in order to see in a different way they would need to change their focus. They will not unlearn their experience unless they have problems with the chemicals in the brain or brain damage at any point. It will always be part of their lives until their body dies and no longer accesses the memories stored in the brain. To understand how emotions are learnt, it is good to explore how they are created through the mind and brain connection. We all know that when we experience certain things in our lives such as falling, touching, or shock experiences that they trigger our response mechanisms in certain ways.


For instance, if someone were to fall the first time and feel the effects of the pain taken via the nerves of the body to the brain, they internally get a shock response and a learnt paradigm. When the person goes to fall again not only are they prepared for this event, but also their emotional outcome will be the product of their learning of the experience. They know that falling creates a pain and shock through the body, and in order to respond to this experience they might cry out, scream or even swear at the event. They say the event is called pain and the emotion is then called hurt. There is a big difference between pain and hurt. One is the feeling we get from an event taking place, the other is the way in which we respond on an individual basis to the event taking place. Pain happens in the moment and through the memory of the pain we create the emotional scenario called hurt. Hurt can have a very wide range of utilization also. It can also describe the response to someone doing bad things to us, or the emotion expressed when we feel that we are not wanted by people. Hurt is the learnt response for the shock experienced from the feeling event and when learnt can be utilized within the body as a protection mechanism in order to avoid such experiences in the future. If a person were to walk in the same spot where they fell the first time, this place would become a trigger from their experience. This trigger then gives them a reminder to feeling that they experienced, and then they respond to the remembering of the experience by wincing with their face at just the thought alone, not even with the experience being lived out again in real. Emotion of the experience then becomes an event in itself, separate from the real experience, a learnt response that we can live out in our mind that shows us how we interpreted the experience. That is the amazing thing about the mind and brain connection is that we can live out these emotional scenarios that we have created as many times as we choose. Just by going into our thoughts we can get a feeling response in our body that we determine as the response we had during the original event.


Even though it is not the original feeling event, it is an adaptation of our interpretation of the event taking place, a learnt paradigm. The interesting thing about learnt emotional responses is that when and event is relived not only does it allow us to experience it in our body, but also the feeling that goes along with it. If this feeling is shock within our body, then we will remember this shock and this will be felt though our body as a sort of tension. We cannot remake the exact feeling in our mind, but only the trigger response of the body reacting to the event. This trigger response is tension or a sort of pulling of all the muscles tight forming rigidity in the body. The original event made such an impact on the body already, taking up to an hour for the body to relax again. If a person finds the event worth revisiting in their mind, depending on the frequency of their concentration, they will relive part of this impact on their body again and again. This causes all sort of things to occur within the body, not only the feeling of the event being relived, but also the result of this tension being harnessed by the body. Overtime this tension causes things to happen within the framework of the natural order of our lives. Tensing the muscles stops certain blood flow of the body, and the place that it is found the most is at the neck where blood is needed to flow to the brain. This tension can cause dizziness, hypertension, headaches, muscle pain, back pain resulting in a need for the body to relax. Not only does this relived emotional experience impact that body and the muscles, but it can do this for a long period of time depending on how much a person holds onto their experience and through their own choice becomes addicted to experiencing it over and over again. The tensing of the body does not then allow for the natural flow and cleansing of the pheromone body. Gradually over time leading to over excessive amounts of chemical build up, that when it reaches overload it causes all sorts of issues within a persons life. Some of these chemical buildups can lead to outward displays of pressure, like anger and aggression.


It is much like steam building up in a kettle that will eventually have no other way but to explode outside of its casing. What explodes out then is the steam, and this is also for the body when this pressure occurs, it pushes out an overabundance of chemicals all at once into the pheromone body. The pheromone body now becomes not only very thick with chemicals, depending on the level of heat produced in the body the chemicals are all reacting then in strange ways. There are little tiny explosions or charges then sent back through to the mind resulting in a nagging feeling or pressure rebuilding in the body. This occurrence then leads to a cyclic event, that without cleansing of the pheromone body, the buildup will reoccur in the body time and time again. We can become aware of this not only in the mind, but also in the brain and the physical matter components which are forcing the body to become aware that there is an overabundance of chemicals that need to be cleansed and processed. The issue then becomes not only a mental issue, but a chemical body issue, resulting in a totally imbalanced flow and order to the body that stems away from the original natural order and flow. This is why doctors try to issue chemical drugs in order to balance out problems that they see as coming from the brain. Not only are chemicals being issued by the brain but more importantly through the pheromone body which is the ordering system for the chemical flow. The drugs that are issued might for a time make an effect on the body and chemicals being issued from the brain. The body becomes dependant on the flow of these chemicals in order to balance itself. It does not take into account the choice of the individual to revisit the cause event and emotional trigger within their brain. Gradually over time the brain and mind win the fight and it will become an even bigger issue, needing then more and more drugs in order to balance the overflow of regressed pressure which produces continual upset to the body.


There are only so many walls that can be built up to hold in these chemicals before eventually they start to have inverse effects. Not only does the person have to then deal with the chemicals produced from the first problems that they had, but now all the new chemicals that are being pumped into their body via medication and therapies. Their body then becomes overwhelmed by all and starts to try and find whatever means in which to cope with what is occurring, leading to strange outward reactions and outbursts. In order to have a good therapy system in place for people with emotional issues, firstly not only do these people need to for their own individual wellbeing a desire to reevaluate their need to focus on issues, but the cleansing of their chemical body needs also a reevaluation. Choice is the big factor for deciding whether an issue is to be looked at or not. It does not matter how much a person is told or understands the natural flow and order of creation, if they choose not to do something they will not be easily swayed to reassess their current life path. That is the power of the mind and choice as I detailed earlier. It is our link to free will within our limited body and is decided on through an individual basis. We are all separate and unique in our formation. Making choice is the number one factor when it comes to change. If an issue were to be seen by the individual as something that they do not want to deal with and they have decided to choose a different way to seeing life, the most valuable way in order for them to change is through offering of alternatives. This means that the alternative possibilities that the person has been offered would be without reference or comparison to the experiences already taking place. What this means is that when a person wants to change they really do have to stop thinking about what they do not want to have in their life. If left to comparison models within the construct of change there is always a chance that an individual will decide that they prefer their old way of seeing. In order to move beyond a way of seeing, there needs to be offered something more interesting, more beneficial to the person suiting to their own desires and needs.


It will not always work if the desires and needs are of another viewing this person and wanting them to change, instead it has to come from the person who through their own choice wants for themselves to experience something new. Not only is choice a big part of dealing with sickness and deterioration of the body, also learning how to cleanse the body as a whole and allow it to naturally flow is also a valuable contribution. When cleansing the body of the overabundance of chemicals, not only does it help the overall physical appearance it can also simplify issues of the mind and brain. The chemicals from the original stress that occurred do not then get reissued through the body, making worse the problem already created. Cleansing can be done in many ways, not only through the use of salt, which mostly works to cleanse the body and to reabsorb food into the cells, also cleaning the pheromone body. There can be other ways that we deal with chemical overload in our bodies.

One is to first understand what learnt paradigms are within our life. Two is to understand the flow of emotions and how they not only affect our own experiences but also how it impacts other people we come into contact with. Three is to understand that choice exists. Four is to understand that chemicals can have an influence on our bodies and can influence how we feel in life, in turn effecting our emotions. Five is to understand the natural flow of material creation.

Through viewing life in the flow of the dimensions it becomes very obvious why a lot of sicknesses form in our world, especially ones that have a link to our mental awareness. Some of the damage comes from too much pressure on the brain resulting in cell deterioration that links to brain damage. Once brain damage has occurred the only way to resolve the problem of rapid deterioration is to firstly prevent further attacks. The brain then can get the chance to redevelop its links and again grow its cells. However the damage that has occurred on the brain will be forever lost and if this links to memories that a person has they will never be able to regain the memory patterns unless they are still stored in the healthy cells of the brain. They will need to regain these physically oriented knowledge patterns through the process of relearning. Do not think that when parts of the brain are dead that it will never be able to regain health again. If the brain damage is stopped early it will then allow for more chance of redeveloping itself. This is just like with cancer that the deterioration needs to be acknowledged early for a better chance of healing. If the deterioration is not stopped early, the cells will continue to be destroyed at a faster rate as time moves on. This will eventually lead to the death of the person before any gain can be achieved through natural healing. Early prevention and awareness is the real key that can make a huge difference to the longevity of the human brain. There is no reason why a person should die without full awareness of their life and experiences. Most devise that as we get older that we all get to be a bit senile and forget things a lot. However this occurs from gradual and equaled deterioration that we all have through the environment to which we live in. Deterioration is the main factor to why we die in the body. It is not the sicknesses themselves that should be seen as a natural cause of death but instead the unawareness of how to maintain the body in the long term. We all have the potential to choose to have a longer and healthier life.


Most sicknesses and premature aging can be prevented through understanding the formation of our bodies and how they exist in our material reality. When looking at sickness we know that some forms come from the influence of other foreign organisms that are introduced into the body. Some of these can be already eliminated by chemical means to which we have already devised. This can be achieved faster when our bodies are at an optimal health and when it is allowed enough time to focus on healing with adequate rest and recuperation. Depending on what sickness forms in the body will determine the outcome through healing. Sicknesses that come from foreign bodies are far harder to eliminate than sicknesses that derive from deterioration of the body. Sicknesses such as Aids and Hepatitis that become part of the body system require chemical means in which to rid of their impact on the body. In many cases leading to the breakdown of the bodys defenses before the virus can be eliminated. Not only does the virus itself impact the rate of deterioration of the body but the heath and lifestyle of the person in the whole. This will determine the longevity of the body. The problem when it comes to a lot of viruses and infections is that in the long term they begin to belong to the natural order of the body. The bodys natural defenses become to accept the alien invaders as normal and part of the order of the body. Only then when new viruses impact the body they not only come across the natural defenses of the body but also the infection that has already taken hold. The more viruses that then impact the body start wars on each other for space and at a much faster pace break down the health and structure of the body until it can no longer heal itself effectively. The first step to healing such viruses is to isolate the body from the impact of other possible attacks from more foreign invaders. Then can the first virus be properly considered for its singular impact without the pressure of more interference.


Viruses are invaders and new alien creatures that decide to live and feed on the bodys nutrients. They make the body their home from within to outside. In order to properly consider the elimination of such entities, firstly it needs to be determined what each virus feeds off within the body. Just like every human depends on food in order to survive, so do these creatures making their home within our bodies. They need sustenance to survive, which most often leads to in the long term an inundation of the virus firstly eating all it can find in the body to reproduce itself. Eventually the virus population grows too big for the body to be able to sustain it to survive. If the virus is efficient enough to surpass the bodies natural defenses it will eventually eat the body to total annihilation until death. In most cases the virus takes over the body too fast before it has the chance to heal. This is when flow of the body stops when the organs no longer get the nutrition they need to survive. Most viruses are eliminated via methods of poisoning it in the body with chemicals that can have also a great impact on the heath of the body as a whole. Some introduce the foreign virus into the body when we are at optimal health in order to build defenses early in life, leading to future resistance. To eliminate viruses is to consider them as small living beings that order their life in much the same way as humans do but on a different level. There are many ways in which a human can die, not only from poisoning but also from overeating which leads to an over taxing on the body of minerals and vitamins that can impact the body in reverse ways. Some viruses can be eliminated in this way depending on what food they find as a source of survival. They can be poisoned by overtaxing of food intake if it does not in turn affect the health of the body, and the population growth of the virus in total. Most often when it comes to viruses, good health of the body is one of the main factors in finding a way to eliminate effects in the long term. When it comes to cell deterioration and brain damage, continued body health is considered in a different way to that of a virus. Every cell in the body needs to retain optimal health and rejuvenation in order for healthy cell regeneration.


Brain damage can be eliminated through learning how to control stimulation through our bodies. One of the reasons why the brain cells die off so fast comes from the fact that through life the brain has been subjected to too much overheating and stimulation. This occurs before the brain is able to naturally harness the abundance of energy pulses from spirit and levels of radiation. Over exposure to sun and other pressures that overheat the body such as stress and addiction to emotional triggers can cause excessive shock and tension that eventually leads to strain on the body. Not only on the cells of the brain but on the body as a whole. A balanced life in activity, eating, relaxation, cleansing and education can help to enhance the longevity of the body and also the experience to which we are awarded as created human life. In the next chapter I will talk more about perception of reality when it comes to learning and philosophies, death of the body and our will power for life. In order to balance our lives and have more control on our choices these factors need to be taken into consideration. They are the rulers of our choices and goals, to which we make our path towards future and reasoning, creating purpose for life.


Chapter 8

Philosophy and purpose for life

Here we find ourselves in existence as humans, living in a world of rules and regulations encompassed by beliefs and values. These guides become the philosophy to which we individually stand strong and uphold to. They are our choices for life, forming and guiding our pathways into future goals and decisions. Everything that we experience in life or come into contact with forms and influences the patterns of our choices based on our personality and outward focus on life. These choices can produce certain pressures in our lives especially when it comes to finding purpose for our own placement in life as a whole. We turn to books and other peoples philosophies in order to find reason that will make us feel whole. The real question of life always relates to purpose and a questioning to why we do all that we choose and why we are here in the first place. These thoughts create the biggest impact on our choice than all other rudimentary physical experiences, and impact our life paths in the most extreme ways. One question that could be first asked is, if life had no meaning but what an individual makes of it would that make someone happy to reason a goal for themselves and find a future that could bring all that they willed and desired? In most cases not, because the thought of life having no real purpose makes for fears to arise and even more questions to be asked. Life does have a reason even though in all purity its creator elements have a different goal in which to achieve, and this is the most unique thing when it comes to understanding purpose.


Although we find it hard at times to understand the full impact of creation itself, we know intuitively the pattern to which life is ordered and reasoned. We might come across problems in our lives but overcome them often through chance and feeling what we think is best for what we wish to learn and experience. Life can be seen in so many ways, but in all essence to the core of what it represents, it offers a special gift that allows us to experience life through physical perception. Life is feeling through the body and interacting with all that is around us. If we were to think about how life is made through a more practical perception, we know that when we wake up in the morning we are going to be back in this life and in our bodies. At this moment in time and in creation we are experiencing human life and all it has to offer. If we were to be just one and nothing more, to live life alone and singular, would interaction with others be necessary, leading to the question of whether life really needs to exist. One thing is that we are presented with other in this world. This gives at least a glimpse into the true reasoning behind the creator elements in order to form life. Togetherness, comparison, separation, uniqueness, formation, experience are all words that justify the meaning of life. They give us the keys in order to search for all that we want and desire to experience. If life were some chaotic accident then reasoning would not even need a place in the formation of logic and order. I think at the end of all things, people can feel and reason that there is some sort of structure and purpose behind all that we do and experience. All things can be understood if we choose to see it. Even deciding that life has no purpose is finding purpose from no purpose; if that does not get your mind boggling then I do not know what will! To think that there is nothing when you are something is a bit of insanity in my mind. There is definitely in the now moment an event happening and we are that experience playing out to formulate life and creation in a cyclic pattern of order and balance. Everything within the whole of creation has a purpose or why would it ever need to bother with existence?


One cannot truly reason purpose of why, when they are the purpose playing out. Instead they can only work from what they have individually and the angle of perception to which they are created. This is where life gets unstable for many people, when they delve into the core of why. It is a rocky ground to walk and most find it difficult to even comprehend its foundation than to try and delve into the reasoning behind it. It also creates all sorts of problems and arguments when people all have different philosophies on how life should be seen. There are fundamental core elements to creation that hold their ground and forever remain the same and these are the only things that we can justify our understanding to. That we are aware of this world is one. Also that we are experiencing life and thinking is another. These are at this moment undeniably happening and even when someone should choose to question whether it is all an illusion they fail to understand their own logic. For starters an illusion itself, cannot justify that it is an illusion. When it is illusion then it can only be the illusion. This may seem very confusing but it is logical, foundational and systematic. Even if we were to imagine that we are an illusion, it still stands to reason that we indeed exist. It does not matter how we try to delete ourselves in the mind, our bodies still wake up the next day and continues on in the same patterns that it is accustomed to. This is unless of course the physical form is deleted and we no longer have any three dimensional physical body to work with. Physically we are bound up by cycle and the natural flow of creation that orders life through systems and formation. Within our minds we can think what ever we choose, we can live other lives, die without dying physically, fly, travel to other worlds, talk to spirits, talk to ourselves, dream, vision, create and a lot more. The mind has unlimited possibility and it is the level of creation that has the illusionary value, not the physicality itself.


Physical life from light to matter is the formation of existence and the podium in which life orders itself and has formation. Without the initial light particle, that which is the original building block of matter, life would have no bounds or reasoning. It could be proposed as illusionary and illogical. If the mind were only to exist chaos would be order, and physicality would not be needed in order to achieve desires. However life is from two, it is the mind as well as matter. We are formation and illusion that can understand itself for what it has to experience and achieve. Logically if life were to be valued for what its true purpose were to be, then we would immediately know that to be in the physical body is part of the main purpose. To experience what the body has to offer and what the part of creation that we see can allow us. The more we understand that life is to experience physicality in all ways then we can see easily what purpose the original formation was trying to achieve. It will not matter how it is to be seen, in what way or through what methods, life is experiencing our physical bodies. Even if a person were to debate against such ideas, it could always be given back to the thinker as insanity to see life this way for the fact that they cannot control their body to disappear and that they still remain as who they are physically whether they like it or not. There might be people that have an interesting philosophy of that if we choose not to be here we do not have to, that we can just think ourselves out of creation. Unfortunately this is the only thing we cannot do. The creation itself cannot think itself out of itself. It would be like asking a cup not to be a cup. If we are the creation from components outside of ourselves how can we then order logically the formation of ourselves? If we were able to do such a thing, then surely someone would have already done it by now. Unfortunately life is not as easy as thinking what we like and getting it. This is the most frustrating thing to people on the whole, to not understand why life does not give them everything they desire with the click of their fingers. Logically it is very simple for why this is so.


Think about life in a more simple way. Thinking is unlimited and physical is limited by the formation to which we exist. It is that simple. Even though we are linked to the whole of formation at the core through the mind, individually we have our own unique perspective because of matter itself. Matter has split the mind up into various possibilities of perception, allowing for more ways to understand itself. The mind can still access the whole but it has become also split up into unique formations just as matter has in order to formulate the creative element of existence. This gives everyone a unique standpoint in which to view life and allows for individuality and interaction with other parts of creation that are from a completely different point of view. It is through physicality that we can reason purpose, through our bodies and the interaction that we have with creation from the formation of ourselves. Purpose comes from understanding physicality and how formation orders itself. There is a purpose but it derives from physicality alone, not from the order of the mind and all the possibilities that we can dream up and propose. If we were mind alone then we would be able to be anything, but we are that of light and matter and this is what gives us a podium to stand on in order to view the rest of creation. This podium has its own unique viewpoint and is held up by the fundamental constructs of life, the relationship between matter and mind/mirror which are the two components that formulate life. We are the created and are made up from the properties of both parties that we call mother and father, that which is light and the other mind or soul. It does not matter what labels are placed on it, or what philosophies create the story in which to describe the union, it is physically obvious that this occurs when viewing our bodies. We have a mind in which to think and a body in which to experience, and these are the two main components of our formation, of what makes us exist and create. They are the only true facts that we can hold onto and realize continually time and time again.


Philosophy then is just a reasoning of why, looking from an individual perspective. It is neither truth nor perfection but a glimpse of reality from a different point of view. Even when I write these words they are a look into my own individual perspective of creation. It is different to another, but holds its own uniqueness and interest. We do not all see the world in the same light or viewpoint. Each individual has their own unique path to follow and choices to make, giving them the ability to create within creation itself. We all have a space to work within, a palate and canvas, a paintbrush in order to describe our dreams. Also we have an individual approach to how we wish to see things and discover concepts and ideas. Not all philosophy is chosen or needed, only when it presented to a person who is searching along a similar path of reasoning. Looking for their own answers to why they are here and how to achieve all their own inner goals and desires. One person might believe in life after death, another might believe in reincarnation, another in nothingness, what links all of these belief patterns together is the truth, at this moment we are existing. What happens tomorrow is a dream, goal and an individual perception of the person who believes. The real truth happens now. We are here in existence with an embodiment that which we call human. We also have a mind in which to think. It will not matter what happens tomorrow, what links us all together is in the now. The truth happens now and no matter the philosophy, this foundational truth holds all up and gives the possibility to dream and create in order to forward life and consciousness. We do not individually need to be told what to do in order to achieve desires and goals. This is the level of choice that we are allowed in order to direct ourselves with what human life has to offer. Just as a feline makes choices based on their own culture, having a defined way to see life, we as humans have our own set structures to which we can pick and choose from. Limitation is based purely on what is physically possible within the confines of what we know through our bodies. These structures have rules and systems in order to live effectively. 121

We cannot eat fruit without it first growing on a tree or vine. There are systems in place that have a physical structure and pattern, an order of consistency. This relates back to my diagrams of the material dimensions. This structure can be known by all, reasoned and understood. Physicality has understanding through natural causal laws. It can all be known for what it has to offer and all that is possible. Now as humans we cannot know all, this is obvious. We have not traveled that far outside our own space to which we call home. The limited body has only allowed us so much knowledge and understanding of the whole entire universe and creation. As time goes by we learn more and more about the space to which we exist. We learn how much more we can stretch the physical abilities that we have and to move into unknown spaces to which we once thought almost impossible. It is our physical bodies that are exploring. In the mind we already have a connection to all possibility. Our bodies reach further and further into the unknown everyday to expand on their capabilities and enhance in their scope of seeing all. Practically and technically we are mastering new ways to add to our choices through the physical. This gives us more scope and understanding, and a glimpse into seeing all that is creatively possible. As we master the physicality in our world issues arise when it comes to ethics and choice. This is I think one of the hardest hurdles that people have to overcome through faith and reasoning. It definitely has a definable and strong face when it comes to choosing patterns for living life and in my next chapter I will delve more into why I think certain ethical values are important. This is the stepping stone to understanding why creation exists and how it will continue to exist far into the future.


Chapter 9

Ethics and values

Ethics and values are the biggest things to which we derive purpose for life in the world that we know. We choose things always based on our own faith and belief on how life should be seen and valued. This is a valuable philosophy to stand strong by when it comes to furthering our path to the future on a global level. We know already as a fact that when we die we no longer can physically continue on as who we are physically. This truth holds up the banner to which we choose all ethics and values from. Death is one of the biggest fears and facts that people are faced with in life, it defines us to who we are and makes us value the time that we have with the physical life that we know. It creates all sorts of struggles and pressures when it comes to sickness and war and is a valuating factor for life as a whole. We think that money rules a lot of who we are but if there are not enough people to follow through with the experience the money will fall short. The defining factor to life is the interaction we have with others, coming together as a group to achieve purpose and reasons. On our own individually we can achieve only so much, but as a group we can work together to achieve so much more. Everyone needs another in order to survive, as much as they think that is not the case, just ask them how they were born then they will fully understand. You cannot even be born without the help of another. Life depends on the interaction that we have with other when it comes to physicality.


The farmer grows the crop, the market sells the fruit and then someone buys the fruit to support the market and the person eats it in order to survive in his or her body. It all has natural order and flow to create longevity within our physical world. Without some choices in ethics and values it would be far harder to achieve the continuation of physical life. If we all just one day choose to kill ourselves then life would not go on in physical human form. It is that simple. Ethics and values play a huge role in the continuation of life that we know and should be placed on the highest podium if we truly value life for the great gift that it offers us. We are awarded with a chance to feel, to experience through a physical form and explore parts of creation for what it has to offer. Ethics and values define us to how grateful we are for such a gift that has been offered to us. Some people might say that being human is not that good a thing and that we have so much limitation and inability to choose for what we want. Seeing limitation and being pressured from it comes only from the mind, not from the physicality itself. The physical life knows its order and natural flow, but the mind wants always more and more. The mind sees so much more possibility and desires always for the future. However we are formed from two components within creation and it does not matter how much we dream, our physical form has restrictions based on its own formation and environment. We can look at this as a wonderful challenge or forever seek to free ourselves from what we consider not good enough within our minds. The mind set of not good enough comes from a valuing system that we have chosen to see in our minds. How can we truly define what is good or bad until we truly respect what we are given and understand it for the values that are offered to us. Continuing constantly to want more will only lead to dissatisfaction when the things we want are finally achieved. Then when things are achieved they are no longer good enough.


Then nothing will ever be good enough to someone who always seeks more. This body will seem restricting and pressuring and it will not be evident what is truly magnificent and rewarding. Life is then quickly gotten bored of and has no value or inspiration. This is based purely on an individuals approach through their mind set of how they wish to see and value life. The mind can do so many things more than what the physical world offers and gives us insights into possibility and future. However future is based on choice and acceptance of things also and can only be defined by what we physically do in order to achieve what we want. It will not matter how much we think about something, it will not be until we physically actuate it that it will become part of our lives. This is how life works in the natural flow and order to the original formation. We first become life, we then see life and order it on our choices and goals. If our goals involve not wanting to experience this life than ethics have already been thrown out the window and life not valued on what it has to offer in the now. Maybe we spend to much time in the future without seeing what is really happening now. When we exist in these other worlds to which we have not physically achieved as yet, life value become second place. This can mean also that people are dissatisfied with what they have and want to achieve to be someone or something else entirely. Unfortunately for people who always want other, they physically cannot yet achieve this in this world. Such a thing will not be achieved until physicality is valued for what it has to offer rather than what it lacks in. When this occurs that we constantly focus on what is not good enough, we seek to destroy what is given to us in a natural way. We want to change our physical form to suit our ideals and desires. This never achieves happiness, purely from the fact that dissatisfaction only leads to more criticism and unhappiness. It leads to destroying more of the foundation of who we were born to be, leading to no control over the outcome of our future.


We cannot control the future by seeking more and more. Only in the now can we even make an impact on how our future will play out. Perhaps if people could really see the future for what it had to offer from their choices of insecurities, they would then realize how important the now moment really is, offering them a doorway into understanding. Now is where it all happens, for our past and future to have any place or relevance. We cannot seek to be something when we can only be now. This is where we are seeing from, from this physical body now, this is a fact and foundational truth. The physical body is the canvas in order to experience life. No one has your physical body or choices for life, or your valuing systems or beliefs. It is a truly remarkable thing to be given such a standpoint in life. The body is a place in order to create from and to achieve all that we can in the physical. Even with its limitation there is still so much scope in which to work from. If we are given long legs in which to run than this might be the path that we can choose to pursue. We could also with long legs play basketball, or dance, or jump over things. We are only limited by our mind and the valuing system that we choose to live by. Ethics play a huge role in determining what is considered right or wrong. Even when in all truth nothing has a place at all within these parameters, it is through ethics that we realize the importance of creation itself. One person might say I think that something is the wrong thing to do. What they really mean is that in life in order to achieve a particular goal, this thing presented to us, might be the wrong path to take. It depends on what sort of outcome we work towards and what we wish to achieve. Ethics however has also a different role and exists mostly in the now. It defines our future path as we live life in the now moment of existence. The right path to take is chosen by ethics and is defined by our own choices and knowledge from our physical position.


A person can question whether they want to walk one road or not and through ethics they can make a choice. Maybe they say to their friend you choose which way we go, purely from the fact that they feel that they should also give others choice when it comes to group experiences. This is ethics and values and comes into consideration when we connect with other forms of life, people and places. Ethics is a mental reasoning of the space to which we define ourselves, deciding our fate within every moment where we formulate goals. It can determine whether we live or die or whether creation exists from the framework that we know, leading to the fate of our world as we know it. It changes all the interaction that we have with other physical existence and defines the space to which all exists. It creates our character as well as our individual identity which is made first from the defining components of matter and mind creation. Yes, we can choose whether to live or die as individuals in this world. That is a foundational truth. However, if we seek to destroy ourselves, then the understanding of creation must then not have been definable enough. If we live and are given this body and life, then knowing that we are given such a thing should surely give us enough reason to understand why it exists. Our choice to destroy possibility only makes for an illogical approach to valuing life for what is given to us. A good way to think about it is to understand it in another way. We all know that we have a body and are given this from birth. There is no real remembrance of why we chose to exist here in the first place and why we have been given this body in order to create from. With this in mind, destroying what is given comes from not understanding why it is given. We know that our body dies after death, so the continuation of our physical form ceases to have value anymore. How can we then justify the choice to die if we do not truly understand what is more or what is of true value. We are but a small viewpoint of the whole of creation and to make decisions on life that do not harness creativity, lead only to an individual disappointment from the fact that these people will no longer be able to experience what they have been given through physicality. 127

If the body dies, it then decays back into the earth and the person no longer has the chance to physically exist with what they have been given as a unique viewpoint and experience. Of course this is choice but it goes against the true reasoning for why they were originally here in the first place, to exist. They would not exist if they were not meant to be. This could be another defining fact of life that since we do exist, we were meant to exist. Nothing happens by accident, there is always a reason, even when we cannot immediately define what it is. This is the hardest thing for people to accept as foundational truth, they consider such logic to be more subjective than truth. Seeing life this way comes from the inability to accept things at face value and see purpose through what is already presented to us in the direct moment. Physically there is a purpose even if we cannot value it for what it represents. Most often because of inability to cope with what is presented to us. It comes also from our upbringing and value systems that are given to us as we learn to experience life for what it has to offer. If we view life this way our focus can become so limited in scope that we cannot even see reasoning for why these things are occurring, instead just defining our existence by one small event that has such a little part to play. This happens a lot in life, that people define their existence by one small event in their life. They say that if I do not get the thing I want then life is not worth living. Ok this is a very small position in life, and when seeing it with this pinhole reasoning then life has a very short thread to stand on. A person can only see more when they want to and choose for it. Life has so much more possibility than to only choose for singular things. We might have only one viewpoint in which to stand on but we have such a broad area to work from. Look at it in this way:


W e s e e c r e a ti o n f r o m i n s i d e t o o u t s i d e . O u r m i n d i s w i t h i n a n d a l l i s p r e s e n te d t o u s o u ts i d e i n t h e p h y s i c a l w o r l d . O u r p h y s ic a l p o s s ib ility is lim ite d b y o u r b o d y b u t th e a r e a t o w h i c h w e c a n s e e i s f a r m o r e e x p a n s i v e t h a n th e p o s i ti o n to w h ic h w e fo r m o u t fro m . We are one viewpoint viewing out into all. We are the mind seeing all of creation from our own unique standpoint as with all the other points in space existing at the same moment. The only thing that is not seen is our own self, not from a physical point of view, but all else has a physicality and constructional placement outside of our own personal perception. The only time we are able to see ourselves is when we look from a picture or film and often what is shown is not what we had originally imagined within our minds of how we think we are perceived. This goes also for our own individual choice when viewing the world outside of ourselves. We can only focus on one thing in each moment of space with the mind, so we are limited also through our outward connection to viewing the world through the physical body. I want to talk more of this connection of viewing when it comes to the constructs of the mind and the brain to which we interact with the physical world around us. It is a step back into the formational components of our perception in order to understand where logic and reasoning is defined from. What is the link between mind and matter? I will attempt to describe this more, to see how formation is defined and how logic for creation can be understood from an even more unique standpoint. 129

Chapter 10

The mind and brain connection

What is the connection between the brain and the mind that makes it so unique and interesting? I described in an earlier chapter the interaction of mind and the third dimensional environment of matter, how they have an interlocking relationship. It is at these unique points in mind/matter creation where there is a crux for the cycling of material formation. Creation turns in on itself and light and matter is then redirected returning to the point from where it was formed. The point where formation is formed is right on the surface of mind/mirror where consciousness of creation was first realized. The unusual thing about creation is that we see it as humans far differently than the creator elements and their positioning in formation. We see it as an outward projection of formations that are cyclic and systematical. In matter this is very true, but when it comes to the mind things work a lot differently and less systematic than we would like it to be experienced. This is the problem that arises with most theories relating to mathematics and calendars. They do not allow for the interaction of the mind within creation and its impact on life as a whole. They purely devise means in which to order physical life through calculated numeric methods, leading only to an interesting and intelligent design that does not relate always to the patterns of life to which we are created, meaning that they are not always exact or accurate. When the mind comes into play, life has no order or congruency which is the hardest thing for a person to wrap around their head in order to understand. How can life be created from two completely different standpoints, yet be defined logically and reasonably? 130

Life is the summation of matter and the pressure created from its link with the mind at the core. This is the only realistic logical standpoint that creation can be understood from. Matter can be defined into a system and understood for its formation but not when it comes to inhibition, desires, reasoning and any other spontaneous and non-systematic approach. The things that cannot be definable come from the mind itself, which has no real dimension of space, and yet an unbelievable amount of possibility to create through will and desire. The only thing left standing when coming up with theories about creation itself is the formation of the space in which we see ourselves here as humans now. There is on certain levels a system of flow and order that has an edge of illusion and creativity. Most would want to define life on time lines and logical positioning that has a linear progression. That is how we as the creation define ourselves in the space that we realize. However creation is illusional and does not proceed to exist in line or procession and not even in progression. This is the hardest thing for most to deal with because they always want to then go back to purpose of life and with knowing this they immediately reason then that life has no meaning. This is not true and does not state this at all in its meaning. Life does have a purpose in matter and in formation that I have talked about in the previous chapter. However, when it comes to the formation of creation itself from the creator elements life is seen in a much more simplistic way, and can even make things a lot more clear and free flowing to the philosopher who would reason and understand all at its core. Creation is the creators only existing in the exact moment, however from our perspective it is occurring in a pattern and cycle of events. The best way to see it is as an eternity sign that cycles back in to the mind without ever stopping. If a person were to see life as a time line then they are only seeing a portion of the whole, not the entirety of creation itself and its natural order. It would be best to start the time line from one point and returning back to the point in which it came. 131

Time lines only proceed to work when it comes to counting and ordering of material structures or systems. This includes pyramid structures and ending cycles that are devised for periods of life formed on time and motion that have no actual end or true beginning. They do not solve ever the mystery of creation itself, but only make for more questions about what will happen in the future after it comes to a closure. Could you imagine that understanding was as simple as adding another component in to formation, one that we already knew existed? The mind is a component of reality even though it does not have a factual understanding it still plays a part in the formation of creation, ordering the pattern of its cycling. That is why life turns in on itself showing the mirroring effect to light giving it a way in which to create upon itself. The cycling is the illusional part and is the reason why we have not yet truly perfected or accepted the concept into the main stream. Maybe the acceptance of creation bending in on itself, even though it was theorized much earlier by philosophers, the thought of such a thing seems ineffective to understanding why life has so many values and linear congruencies. If there is through our perception linear reasoning then how can this system even be possible? The interesting reason to why this occurs is from the fact that the viewpoint we have within our position in creation is so small compared to creation as a whole that we do see it in lines and patterns. Here is a diagram to help see this reasoning:


T h e a b o v e p i c tu r e s h o w s a s ty lis tic d ia g ra m o f h o w c r e a ti o n c o u l d b e s e e n . T h e s m a ll c i rc le in d ic a te s a r e p r e s e n ta t i o n o f th e s m a ll p i e c e o f c r e a ti o n t h a t w e s e e fro m a h u m a n p o in t o f v ie w . W h e n s e e in g it u p c lo s e th e lin e o f c r e a tio n th a t i s s e e n i s p e r c e i v e d to b e l i n e a r. S t a r ti n g w i th a b e g i n n i n g a n d a n e n d . O u r v i e w o f c r e a t i o n i s j u s t a s m a l l p o r ti o n o f t h e w h o le o f w h a t is p o s s ib le .


People might question at this stage how this could even be possible especially when it comes to death of the body. This is true that the body at one stage in development is seen by a human to die off and no longer contain energized life, that which is termed spirit. When looking at creation from the minds perspective this is the illusional state of our conscious awareness of this event. The death of the body is not part of our mind and spirit connection to creation as a whole. The components of the body work more on a three dimensional level of matter that cycles also within its own formational pattern. Look at this concept at a more foundational level. Just as a stone has a group formation of living organisms holding together the structure of its mineral components. So does the body to the same extent. It is a build up of chemicals, minerals and cellular structures that form into a whole embodiment that has its own separate flow and pattern in which to exist. In order to understand the true flow of the body is to know of how it forms. It starts with a human who eats the food, water and minerals of the earth, the female then forms within her body a baby from the feeding of the body from the outside environment of the earth. This relates also to the minerals, water, vegetables, animals that form a rock, a tree or any other form of life within the world that we know. Our formation comes from the earth itself and relates to the environment to which we are formed from. The formation of the human body could also be seen in a cyclic fashion. Starting with the components of the earth fed to the baby by the mother, the child is born and continues to eat to grow itself, over time the formation changes and decays, it dies and returns to the components within the earth to where it was originally formed. This could also relate to the formation of creation from the dimensions graph. It could be seen to start with the cellular level of the baby forming in the body, with the interaction of the sperm and the egg and the electrical spark that is created in first dimension.


This then leads to the formation of second dimension building blocks that form into third dimensional material life. This then proceeds to build upon itself in a growth fashion. Once this growth reaches its ultimate point, the decay of the body starts to occur which is the returning back to mind/mirror from the perspective of fourth dimension. When we reach maturity this is shown also in our level of reasoning from the mind. Our conscious awareness of our environment becomes stronger leading to the focus on dream and time, and a lot more creating of life through the mind than that of a growing child. A growing child is learning to adapt to the body, but the mature adult is now focusing more on his/her perception of life. Once we reach full maturity of the body which is usually not until around 25-30 we start to see life in a different way, leading to redefining of matter creation back to the mind. The components of our body start to break up again on their journey back to the point from where they were formed. This is the deterioration of form and it starts to get softer and more pliable as we get older and return on our journey back to fourth, then fifth dimensions, until we reach death where we return to the mind. This is why some minds can get more fluid just before death, they start to leave the three dimensional focus, and travel into dream and eventually leading to the realm I call ether, which to many might be the place of light bodies and a sort of heaven or simplistic realm where light is at its more refined state. This is the interesting thing about looking at the dimensions of material matter and their connection to the mind, and that is that it can relate to all forms of life on all levels. Whether you were to look at life through thought and the way we perceive our reality, to even the most simplistic of material matter objects. The formation of its creation is formed in the same cyclic way coming from the same two sources of creation, light and mind.


I want to lead more into information about how our own connection to mind occurs within a human body construct, to detail the connection between brain and mind in a more detailed way. I have described in my previous book about how the mind is connected into the body via the brain, which I call the main balancing point of the body. Each object or organism of creation works in the same way, each with their own core of balance where creation of their form is biocylindrically formed. Remembering that we are formed of the matter of the earth, I would like to scan closer into the brain and show how this connection works on a deeper more defined level:

T h e p i c tu r e a b o v e s h o w s th e p o in t w h e r e m in d a n d b r a i n l i n k to g e t h e r. T h e m i n d i s a t th e c e n t r a l b a l a n c i n g p o in t o f th e b ra in its e lf w h ic h i s f o r m e d f r o m th e e a r t h a n d i t s o w n c e n tr a l b a l a n c i n g p o i n t . O u r m i n d i s l i n k e d n o t o n l y t o th e e a r t h b u t a l s o to t h e o t h e r c e n t r a l b a l a n c i n g p o i n t s w i t h i n t h e w h o l e o f c r e a ti o n , r e m e m b e r i n g th a t t h e m i n d i s o n e .


The form of the human body is not only defined by the central balancing point of the brain to where it presides but also the earth from where it is derived. This creates the area of space to where the form is to develop which is usually dependant on mass and measurement ratio, derived from understanding dimension. There are natural laws that define the created form which are purely based on the environment that the form is created from, which in our case it is the earth. The structure of the form is dependant on minerals, vegetables, water, electromagnetic energy, and the connection of mind with the earth. Many would question by now the defining factor behind our original creation of the physical form, that which we call human. It is noted already how a baby is created within the womb of a woman, but who then created the form before the first woman was given life. That is a very easy answer, which can be seen in many ways depending on how a person wishes to focus on the formation of life. Life can be seen from the minds eye as already existing from a momentary point of view. All moments in space or energy matrix, that which belong to the first dimension, exist at one moment in viewing all possibility. That is the perception from the mind and it sees that the form was already there and that it is only within our eyes as humans that we see it in a progressive way. There are other ways to look at this event also, and if you are a person who likes a more material point of view on life, creation has a more linear quality to it and the formation of matter was in a progressive way. That the forms of earth first came from the building blocks of matter and over a long period of time developed upon their form to become more complex structures. This is an evolutionary point of view that is purely based on matter alone saying that it has no connection to the mind and cyclic formation. The third way to look at it is through seeing life as a blending of forms that already exist. To some people our forms were created by other forms in the past, that were derived from a mix of other beings to make us who we are today, which is also another possible defining factor. 137

We could also define life being created as if we rose up out of the dust of the earth and form was seen, with the breath of life from spirit and the creator elements that which some people might call God. This is also another way to see it. The real answer is all of the above. They are each a way of viewing creation from a unique standpoint. It is true that creation has a multitude of points of perception when it comes to its original formation. They are viewing life from a section of the whole depending on what is to be achieved through the viewpoint. If material matter is to be seen, then it is viewed in the evolutionary or scientific way. If the spirit or soul is to be seen then life is viewed in a philosophic or religious perspective, and so forth. Each singular perception is a consideration of the same issue but just viewed and written creatively in a different way, depending on the concentration of focus that is wanted by the individual. Not all people want to see life only physically. Some want to see it ethically, spiritually and methodologically. The only defining factor that is mostly always missed out totally when viewing creation is the mind and its original connection to matter, that is where I would like to describe how all of these possibilities can come into play with just the addition of one major component that makes all glue together into one. Without the connection of matter and mind, formation could not have any ground to stand on and it would have no means in which to animate itself into formation. It would be like saying that a body should survive without spirit within it, or formation have no structural qualities that make it into material formation, that it is all just a dream. Life is not just a dream and it does have spirit in order to energize formation. Each quality is vital in forming the whole. It is not through viewing life from one point of view that will achieve a complete understanding of the whole. It is only common sense that viewing all of life is the only way to see it for what it truly is both matter and mind.


Looking at life from one way will only proceed to cause conflict with all other points of perception, and will always be questioned for all the parts to which it misses to its structure as a whole. When looking at creation as all combined there is never a time when formation needs to be questioned. This means also that the truth of creation holds itself on a pedestal of solid ground that no matter what is presented to it as criticism it will always stand strong in its approach. Truth is grounded and never needs to be questioned or made to be believed. It is just truth, and it does not matter whether it is understood or seen, it still exists at the core, and will forever be what it is, no matter the viewpoint. It all comes down to choice and the way in which we decide to view life and what it has to offer. No way is wrong and all has a purpose in the formation of creation itself, and allows us a multitude of ways in which to experience all that is has to offer. If life were to be viewed with all combined, matter and mind, how does formation then proceed from the core? The core for us as humans as I noted earlier is the earth. We stand on the earth and are made from the components of the earth, all minerals, water, vegetables, mind and energy combined. I want to show the connection of mind and brain and how this is formed at a close material inspection:


T h e m i n d b e l o n g s w i th i n th e re g io n o f th e b r a i n to w h i c h w e c a ll th e T h a la m u s . T h is is th e c e n tra l c o r e o f th e b r a in w h e r e a ll o f o u r f o u n d a ti o n a l a s p e c t s o f u n d e r s ta n d i n g a r e d e r i v e d . T h e d i m e n s i o n s a r e th e n fo r m e d fr o m th i s lo c a tio n is s u in g o u t fr o m th e m in d to f o r m th e b r a i n . T h e b r a i n is th e e m b o d i m e n t w h e r e o u r tr u e i d e n ti t y p r e s i d e s . I t b e l o n g s w i t h i n th e b o d y a s a s a i d o r g a n t h a t c o n tr o l s t h e r e s t o f t h e f o r m i n g o f th e b o d y b y i s s u in g o u t e le c tr o m a g n e ti c , c h e m i c a l a n d m a tte r c o m p o n e n ts .

It would be easy to confuse the brain as just another organ of the entire makeup of our form. However the brain has a completely different physiology to the rest of the organs in the body and does not have the same formational beginnings for the fact that it determines the creation of the rest of the three dimension body as a whole. The brain is the first created matter to be formed to where the first cells of our formation belong, directly in the centre of the brain called the Thalamus.


It is at the Thalamus that the central balancing point of human is formed from the positioning of the mind. The mind sends signals out from this position to form the dimensions, starting with the area of space that is of first dimension and then proceeding to second. In first dimension spirit is formed and the electromagnetic energy that creates the areas of the brain, this is formed in order to store memories through the system to which I call triggers and impulses. They are matrix formations of personality that define reasoning within our brains. We first think before we realize what we think, as we first exist before we realize we exist. The matrix formations in the brain are created in a similar way to the universe. The initial point of mind pushes out into the brain other points of space, to which I call energy matrix. In order to view this even more closely it is best to see the brain as a well defined universe continually creating and destroying life depending on what is given to it to develop upon itself. This includes all the oxygen, water and other mineral components that it utilizes to create itself into form. Take a look at the structure of the human brain in a more detailed way, looking at it from the Minds point of view:


A s y o u c a n s e e fro m th e a b o v e d ia g r a m th e m in d r e a c h e s o u t fo r m in g n e w b a la n c in g p o in ts o f e v e n m o r e d e fin e d m a t e r i a l t h a t e x i s ts o u t s i d e o f i t s e l f i n th e o th e r d im e n si o n s . E v e r y c o m p o n e n t o f th e b o d y w o r k s i n th e s a m e w a y, n o m a t te r i f i t i s s k i n , o r o r g a n s , e v e r y c e l l h a s i t s o w n c e n te r o f b a l a n c e a n d c r e a ti o n fo r m a tio n . I t is its o w n u n iq u e u n iv e r s e a s w e a r e u n iq u e c re a tio n liv in g fr o m t h e m a t e r i a l o f th e e a r t h , a s t h e y a r e l i v i n g f r o m th e m a t e r i a l s p r e s e n t e d w i t h i n t h e f r a m e w o r k o f th e b o d y .

Looking at the diagram above it is made evident the order to the patterning of the information within the mind. The original point in space of the mind forms itself into the energy and personality matrix which is defined in our brain as the electric activity that constitutes our thoughts. Each stem breaks off into finer pockets of information cells where our patterns of interaction with our senses and outside influences are stored as triggers for future reference.


Each memory almost has its own life and embodiment within the brain. It is stored as a matrix of its own connecting to other cells via the mind and energy matrix. Some might see these connections almost like tree branches all reaching out to form the structure of the brain. Each tree branch is connected to other branches via the chemicals that make up the matter of the material brain in totality. The brain might at times not seem like a very organized structure. This is mostly because its foundation is created on material matter formation which has a level of limitation attached to it. If the brain is unable to utilize certain chemicals, oxygen or water in order to produce upon itself, it will compensate in order to survive, just like any other organ of the body in order to sustain itself. It will function in a different way by either breaking down some of the links of information that are processed leading to the possible death of brain cells. It can also send signals to the body to try and stimulate it to create these chemicals that it needs. The brain sends signals via the nerves of our body in order to ask for what it wants. Like when it needs water it is sends automatic signals to the individual that he or she is thirsty and must then drink. These things are not learnt devices of the brain as I detailed earlier about emotions. They are automatic and spontaneous, created out of the more perceived primal instinctive algorithms in order to sustain our life. These algorithms are created out from natural order and the connection between the initial creator bodies to form life, showing that life was intended to survive, build and create upon itself. Looking at the position of the brain within the whole of our body, it is clear that it has a direct link to our own personality and perception of creation. Most of our senses form out of this part of the body around our head and push out to the rest of the formation of the body from this location. If the brain were to be truly understood for the significant role that it plays within our whole body it would be seen as our true embodiment of our identity. Now this might sound insane to think that our whole true identity is from our brain and mind connection and that the rest of the body is formulated from the control mechanisms within the brain. How could this be visualized properly? 143

If you were to look at the body and its full physical makeup it is clear to see that it is running on account of what the mind and brain is ordering it to do. It did originally in the womb create the structure of our body in accordance to the laws of this world to make the form that we know to work and animate. The major organs of the body, like for instance the heart, are formulated first by the brain to regulate the flow of the body in order to give it sustenance. Each organ plays a role in the overall survival of the body to nourish itself as long as it is able to do this within the worldly physical constraints. The brain is where our original spark was formed and where the mind connects into our body, making it the organ of our identity. We do not see from our heart or from our lungs, it is from our brain that our perceptions are formulated via the use of the senses. These senses are like the arms of the brain feeling out to the rest of the body for ways in which to order and exist. The brain and mind are then our true identity point of perception, the matter where we truly exist from into the physical world. The other organs and matter of the body are what could be called secondary interfaces in order to keep the brain alive. They are having a completely different connection to mind than that of our brain, having also a life of their own separate to our brain and mind and their connection. This is really hard to explain as it is to understand, that we are but the organ of the brain thinking we are the system of the entire body. We can with our brain order and connect into the flow of other organs and matter of the body via chemicals and electric transference. I know this might sound like an insane concept to see that our true identity is the brain when it comes to material formation, but when this is acknowledged it is then understood why there is limitation within the body as a whole. We cannot think things to happen in our body and order other organs to work how we want, they have a life of their own and can only connect to our brain via their own food cycle, that which is through blood, vitamins and the like.


If they were truly linked to the brain and part of our identity then we would be able to order their life just as we do order our own way of thinking. When understanding that these organs do not have a direct link when it comes to the mind and brain, then it can be understood why a lot of sicknesses occur. They have a link to the brain via the mind of the brain but not the mind of the earth itself. It is through the chemical, material and biological changes that our material bodies face that defines the natural flow and health of our bodies as a whole. We cannot just think that we will be healthy and then this will occur. Most would definitely at this point stop me in my tracks when writing these words. There are many people that fully believe, and with good intentions, that we are what we think and that life is only ordered on what we believe will be what we get. In a world that is only run by the mind this might be so, but because our creation is also formed on limited material matter constructs this system falls down when it comes to any logical reasoning. I can definitely see myself when it comes to dire circumstances of any man or woman in life, especially someone who obtains a terrible sickness that is leading to their death that they all do not will for such an experience. Most people do not like pain and to say that they are creating that for themselves is probably the most insane thing to even stipulate especially to someone who is going through the experience. Maybe their care for their body was not particularly good in their former years, but this mostly comes from not being well educated and misunderstanding of how the body truly works to formulate upon itself, now and into the future. They may have had times that they felt sad and down about their life and did always assume that bad things were going to happen to them. This also does not mean that they created the circumstances for themselves when it comes to their matter body.


I know many people who have lived way into their 90s that still contained all of these principles in their thought patterns and did not contend with any sickness of the body. Their principles did not formulate or change their material construction over the long term. There is a great component of creation of every formation in existence that we have no real control over when it comes to the mind and matter connection. Even though matter does have a connection to mind and the core of all creation there is a place that does not connect in this way. When life was formulated in this principle from inside out, there was one place where life could never be touched or ordered via thought patterns and mind control. This is what I spoke about earlier and has a lot to do with the connection between two matter bodies. Two matter bodies that have their own unique mind portal and view out into three dimensional matter existence cannot control each other from the outside of themselves, not from thoughts alone. They have to connect through the laws specific to the environment to where they are creating out from. This means that for matter creation, which is our human bodies, we have to run by the laws of the human construction of matter in order to create and interact with other life around us. It is a very complex notion and takes a lot of foundational understanding to truly understand how this order works. I will try and detail it more in a diagram in order to make it clearer what I am trying to describe:


I t i s t h e a r e a b e t w e e n s e c o n d a n d th i r d d im e n s io n e m b o d im e n ts th a t th e m in d h a s n o lin k , o n ly a lin k to th e o th e r p a r ts o f t h e b o d y f r o m t h e b r a i n w h i c h c o n ta i n s t h e m i n d t h a t l i n k s t o t h e c e n tr a l b a l a n c i n g p o in t c o n n e c te d to th e m in d o f t h e e a r th .

This is why the brain is not totally connected to the structural formation of the other organs of the body. It is linked via the matrix that forms our spirit but not via the matter construction itself. If the brain was connected to other organs then it would be physically joined as a total package of one within the body, and could be organized and run by thought alone. If the human heart were to be materially connected to the brain and joined as one matter object then we would be able to order the rhythms of the heart with our brain and mind alone.


We could choose for it to stop and start whenever we wanted. Just as well it does not work this way, or we might be in a lot of trouble when it comes to stress levels. We might just think ourselves to stop our heart just because we fear it to stop. This is the reason why the constructs of the body have also life of their own not fully dependant on their connection to the mind and the brain. They are connected but having a singular mind perception of their own in order to construct themselves and run within the system of the body which is chemical and biologically based. The only time that we would be able to manipulate the thought patterns of another is if this scenario were to be created:


We are not all walking around with our brains and minds connected together. For this reason we cannot control the thoughts and reasoning of another outwardly formulated material embodiment whilst we exist within the framework of this space. The three dimensional environment is limited by the material constructs themselves and can only be manipulated by physical force exuded by another object on the outside that lives within the same environment as another matter object. The two matter objects can only truly connect between each other via chemical, matter and physical means. This goes for all the physical contact we can have with another person, we also connect in body on the outside delivering chemical exchange that can be or not taken in via our own body. This also goes for our fourth dimensional body called the pheromone and the electricity that is directed through spirit. It is the only means in which we can connect when it comes to two totally different matter forms, and that is to make use of the environment that we are created into, utilizing what is offered to us. It may seem limited but even in the scope of a human body there are so many more possibilities to achieve compared to say that of a worm or any other creature with a more limited body formation. Enough to keep us busy for a whole lifetime of viewing outside of ourselves without ever needing to feel constrained and isolated within our form. It all comes down to the way we view life and its limitations to which I will talk more about in the next chapter.


Chapter 11

Limitation and perception of the life

The way we view life becomes a great factor in the continuation of our human bodies in order to create more possibilities for our formation into the future. Depending on the way we see life can make a big difference to how fulfilled we become, and how much we find for ourselves to experience. Limitation is not in the mind, but some people tend to take the limitation of the body over into this realm in order to see life. A closed mind only offers less ability to see more and experience more, and only leads a person on the way to finding little reason in being part of the experience that they have been already given. As I detailed in earlier chapters on personal perception of reality, it should not be the mind that limits our goals but only the physical matter itself that is the barrier to all of our dreams. If we limit our dreams as well then our desire to belong to creation as a whole starts to lead into disaster, taking us away from the original experience that we are given to participate in. If we were not meant to be here right now then it would not be occurring and that is the simple fact of the whole formation of thinking. Limiting ones mind with thoughts of no worth or meaning to all that they have to achieve, only makes obvious the inability for the person to understand the true meaning of creation in the first place. If you are presented with a gift and a new material possession, do you throw it away when you feel you have not the ability to use it properly, or do you look at it further to determine all of its possibility?


Inability to understand is only limited by the perception of the mind viewing the possibility that is presented to it. That is where education comes in and allows the person to see more in which to work with and experience. Imagine how life might be seen if education were not to be a part of our everyday experience, if even our parents were not to show us how to order our life to survive in the modern world. Maybe we would not even know how to use the toilet or shower. We might not even know how to brush our teeth or eat healthy food in order to sustain our bodies. Even more we would not learn how to communicate with one another through the use of language, instead maybe opting for grunts of likes and dislikes, just like in the times of the caveman. Education is an important factor in finding more in life in which to achieve. It gives new possibility for finding fulfilment and increases our knowledge and awareness. Imagine what life would be like without anyone having been taught how to play sports, or that we did not know how to makes movies or act in plays. These creative endeavours would then not be possibilities for us to experience and explore. We would have then less ability to express ourselves and to define our own individuality in the world around us. The more education and new ideas that we can be introduced to in the world the better it is for the development of a human consciousness and future. It allows for expansion of experience and an ability to grow ourselves bigger than the small space to which we define ourselves now. If our creativity and awareness were to be isolated then we would only eventually stray towards the destruction of ourselves, based purely on the boredom and inability to understand reasoning for our experience. Creativity and the gaining of knowledge is a major part of the whole of our experiences as humans. That is why it is so important to be aware of the connection between matter and the mind to see that part of our experiences come from our thoughts as well as the material world. 151

Our thoughts need things in which to advance our ideas and ways in which to be inspired, in order for us to understand the true value behind creation and its purpose and meaning. True value for creation comes from desire. Desire is the root of purpose and meaning and allows a person to further themselves far beyond what they might not have realized possible. Desire is an inner drive that makes us will for something to be experienced and achieved. It gives us the power to exert ourselves within our physical forms, and most importantly gives us the power to animate within life. This desire comes from the electric charge that is spirit. The more we utilize it the more we can harness desire in order for us to reach further and adapt to change and new experiences. The same principle also relates to other matter objects in the world around us. To look at a tree or plant, it survives on sun and the motivation of electromagnetic energy impulses in order for it to grow, as well as the minerals, water and food that it takes from the earth. The more energized that it becomes, the more food it is given then it can grow beyond all possibility, even to live over hundreds of years, expanding itself beyond imagination. This works also for the human body. It can achieve so much more than we even yet realize from the perspective that we look from now. We live in a world that only wants to see secular and closed arenas of ideas and dreams. Things are formed into categories and labels that define our nature and the only possibilities that we will allow ourselves to experience. It is a closed world with very little hope for new experiences or development. We proceed in our lives on thoughts that only focus on our upbringing and the order of life that we were taught to uphold to. This order of life exists in schools that teach us how to live life based on old teaching and ideas. We are not allowed to make an opinion on life as a whole, but instead assume that there are others that are more knowledgeable than we are, that can do all the thinking for us.


Thinking is choice also and defines what a person will discover in life. Life is not dependant purely on learning how it was done before, but also on discovery what is also new and possible to achieve even more. If I would say to someone to take a deck of cards and do something with it, most would just shuffle it and ask what you want them to do next. Some people might proceed to play games that they learnt as children and as they were growing up. The ones that stand out the most are the people that are defining new games for their own amusement, when they realize how much more possibility a pack of cards can present to them. They could make structures from them, throw them, stomp on them, make paper planes with them, they might play pick up 52, it does not matter what they choose to experience they will be able to create so many variations of possibility that will keep them amused for hours. Creativity is a big part of forming life and defines our physical experience. If we loose creativity then we loose the defining reason for creation. The defining factor is to create life not eliminate it from the inability to see future and purpose. Even when we think that we have no creative ability there is then so much more room for experience. To learn to be creative is also an experience that offers so much to see and value as interesting, leading us into areas of discoveries that we might not even have thought we could achieve. Knowing the full extent and reason for creation is just a stepping stone to seeing that life is to experience physicality and all it has to offer. It takes away the pressure of feeling as if we do not belong or that we should be in another place. Here now is a place, it is an experience that is as worthy as any other, depending on how we wish to see it. If we cannot be satisfied with experiencing what we have now then how can we even be happy with what is offered elsewhere? We are defined in the moment not on what we think and hope will eventually come to us. Forever looking for satisfaction in something else when the fulfilment is really achieved in the experience that is in the moment occurring.


Fulfilment comes from within and helps us to move into new and unknown experiences. That without some fulfilment than the desire for life gets depleted and our will for life comes to a standstill. Life is not still and stopped, but forever changing and moving. Even the mind will continue to create even after we refuse to acknowledge that we have desire and dreams. We will then get creative on ways to die and to destroy the space to which we are given, no longer grateful for the experience that is offered and only seeing life as a limited, dark and a dreary place to exist. The sun shines on the mountain, but in order to get there we have to look up first to see it and to believe that it is real. When believing is experiencing, we will dream to reach that sun, and walk the mountain purely for the desire for curiosity and a will to experience all that we can right until the end of material possibility. When we reach the top of the mountain to look over the whole of creation, then we can see how many more mountains there are still to walk, that their really is so much possibility to experience. This is only the beginning; the end only happens when we no longer value the formation of life and all it has to offer. Perception of life is purely up to choice and how we desire to live and experience it.



I hope that this book has given some insight into how I view reality from my own perspective and realization of possibility. It shows my deep mind and how I have determined a logical answer to formation and purpose allowing me space in order to dream and experience all that life has to offer me. Through my own desire to discover the link between physicality and the mind in order to understand the true meaning of life and its formation, I have been able to tap into areas of knowledge that I did not even know would have such an impact on my value of life as a whole. This book comes from my own desire to understand life and also from the desire I had in order to discover reason and meaning. It comes from my own will to choose for a life that has offered me future and goals. It brings me to a point now that I can say I really do value life and what it has to offer and I know that limitation comes only from perception and an inability to explore and find reason.

Life is a perception of the mind and all the answers are within us. Limitation is of the body, not of the mind We only have to believe that what we are seeing is truth and value it on what we want to achieve in order to understand the true nature behind lifes very purpose and reasoning.