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less of the same, more of the different

14:20h our office at westerstraat 187, amsterdam / photo by remko modderkolk

We believe that lifes too beautiful for dull design and boring basics. Thats why we founded LEFF amsterdam: to make outspoken objects that tell time and light up their surroundings. Your life deserves interesting surroundings. All LEFF products are designed by international designers, developed with personality and style and the utmost attention to durability and quality. We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we did making them.

arno ruijzenaars founder

13:46h inside our office / photo by tony prez

this is LEFF

brandclock35 - LT00001 35cm/13.8 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

The brandclock displays all the things we are proud of at LEFF amsterdam. We wrote down our philosophy and added the icons we uniquely designed to communicate the features of our clocks. Displaying this item next to the LEFF collection will provide your client with some background information about our brand and products.
designed by LEFF amsterdam 5


We pay attention to the details of our products while also on the entire concept. Our clocks are packed in a high quality grey box with a thick sleeve, garantueeing maximum protection. On the sleeve you can find all the information you need in eight languages! Every clock comes with a service pack we designed and composed ourselves. This pack makes it possible to install your clock right after the purchase: no surprises, no going back to the store to get something. Everything is there.

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unpacking experience

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1. name and diameter (in  cm) of the clock 2. picture of the clock 3. item number and diameter of the clock in cm and inch 4. qr-code which refers to our website 5. description of the clock in eight different languages (NL, EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, JP, CN) 6. icons applicable to clock 7. picture of designer 8. five year warranty card 9. cleaning cloth 10. screw and plug (may vary per clock) 11. GP battery (size may vary per clock) 12. all service items are collected in this pouch.

Responsibility is a big topic in my work and my process of product design. At the beginning is always the question of need. Material, craftsmanship and technology are important considerations when creating solutions which dont respond to trends, but rely on usability and sustainability.

sebastian herkner (1981, germany)


felt35 - LT17001 35cm/13.8 - depth: 6,8cm/2.7

felt35 - LT17002 35cm/13.8 - depth: 6,8cm/2.7

felt35 - LT17003 35cm/13.8 - depth: 6,8cm/2.7

Sebastian wanted the clock to have a distinctive nature, but with a message. In consideration of time and material usage, this clock is made out of 60% recycled PET. The PET felt allows a single-step production, offers sound dampening properties and provides a non-obtrusive aesthetic.
japanese movement / AA battery / designed by sebastian herkner 11


Being educated at the academy of art and design in s-hertogenbosch, the netherlands, my special interest is the crossover of both disciplines. In my work Im always searching for this aspect. Looking at a good design can move me as much as a good painting can. In that way there is no difference between art and design. I believe that people are more comfortable when surrounded by beautiful, recognizable design from earlier days.

willemijn faber (1957, the netherlands)

fift25 - LT18001 h: 25cm/17.7 - w: 32cm/17.7 depth: 6cm/2.4

fift25 - LT18002 h: 25cm/17.7 - w: 32cm/17.7 depth: 6cm/2.4



A true composition of materials, each has their own characteristics. With ceramic as the most classic and noticeable. The graphics of the index are transferred onto the glazed ceramic base.The steel flange holds the beautiful convexed glass which also protects the hands. The fift is a flashback translated in a wall clock.
japanese movement / AA battery / designed by willemijn faber 15


Since I was young it has been clear that I had a passion for creating in general, but particularly product design. With my background in engineering, my designs fuse creativity and technology. As an in-house designer of LEFF amsterdam I create contemporary and accessible design, allowing everyday inspiration to become exceptional.

erwin termaat (1986, the netherlands)


scope45 - LT30005 45cm/17.7 - depth: 4,5cm/1.77

scope45 - LT30025 45cm/17.7 - depth: 4,5cm/1.77

This design shows a different perspective on time. Every angle will give a new experience. Erwin emphasized the inseparable elements time and light in the scope. Time is based on light and darkness and so is the shape of this clock. Twelve segments play with light and darkness as you pass. The base is made of high density poly styrene.
japanese movement / AA battery / designed by erwin termaat 19

brick24h - LT15001 / brick12h - LT15002 36cm/14.17 x 15,7cm/6.2 x 12,8cm/5

brick24h - LT15101 / brick12h - LT15102 36cm/14.17 x 15,7cm/6.2 x 12,8cm/5

brick24h - LT15201 / brick12h - LT15202 36cm/14.17 x 15,7cm/6.2 x 12,8cm/5



The ultimate heavy duty piece of our collection. A vintage flip clock, reinvented and redesigned, with a unique combination of materials and graphics. Inside the stainless steel case a precision machine provides you a different composition of numbers every minute. The case is welded and brushed by hand which brings this clock to a high level of craftsmanship. This clock can be displayed on a desk or hung to the wall. Available in a 24 hour or an am/pm version.
2 x D battery / designed by erwin termaat 21


We create our works with experimental methods. Rather than fulfilling current needs, the purpose of our work is to explore possibilities between people and objects. This could be positive or sarcastic. We believe the aim of design is not simply providing a solution, but also reflecting the designers life experiences and thoughts. We wish to bring more affecting moments to peoples lives in a humorous way.

deson wang (1980, Taiwan) and mike he (1980, Taiwan)


day&night35 - LT50002 35cm/13.8 - depth: 4cm/1.6

day&night35 - LT50012 35cm/13.8 - depth: 4cm/1.6

Deson and Mike created a new interpretation of time. The concept is inspired by their own experiences of needing a watch while out and a clock while at home. With a focus on details and the use of quality materials, this watch is the heart of the clock. In the day&night the relationship between clock and watch has been redefined.
japanese movement / 30m water resistant / SR626 battery / designed by deson wang & mike he 25


My works are always inspired by three principles; the function, the materials and the details of the everyday object. The shape and structure of the wyzer are inspired by PET bottles. The properties of this plastic enable the hands to be extremely light and thin, yet with great stability. The clock is composed of mainly two parts. Only two large hands are visible. Any wall has potential as an attractive background, blurring the boundary between clock and room.

reinhard dienes (1981, germany)


wyzer - LT60001 60cm/23.6 - depth: 4,8cm/1.9

wyzer - LT60011 60cm/23.6 - depth: 4,8cm/1.9

wyzer - LT60021 60cm/23.6 - depth: 4,8cm/1.9

More than two hands, this clock is a graphic composition displaying time. A constantly changing wall decoration for 12 hours long. This clock comes with a high torque german movement to guarantee a perfect and reliable piece of design. Reinhard chose three unique colour combinations to add even more to the character of this design.
german movement / AA battery / designed by reinhard dienes 29


After designing and developing home accessories, including clocks, for many years, it is a challenge to design and create ultimate no limit time pieces from scratch for LEFF amsterdam. We have created the new standard in time by creating timeless works of art. New dimensions, new standards, new looks. It is great to be part of LEFF amsterdam, because: LEFF is more!

wiebe teertstra (1956, the netherlands)


Our office at Westerstraat 187, Amsterdam photo: Elwin Vizetelly


one25 - LT10001 25cm/9.8 - depth: 4,6cm/1,81

one45 - LT10003 / one45rc - LT10004 45cm/17.7 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

one35rc - LT10002 35cm/13.8 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

one55 - LT10005 55cm/21.7 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

The design of the one clocks is instantly classic; an iconic design recognised for its timelessness, quality and durability. The brushed stainless steel case combined with the back cover makes this clock feel solid and reliable. Inside, a precise japanese movement will indicate the right time.
white index dial / japanese movement / available with radio controlled movement / AA battery / designed by wiebe teertstra 33

16:47h barista paul preparing a cappuccino at caff toscanini, amsterdam / photo by elwin vizetelly


one25 - LT10011 25cm/9.8 - depth: 4,6cm/1,81

one45 - LT10013 45cm/17.7 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

one35rc - LT10012 35cm/13.8 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

one55 - LT10015 55cm/21.7 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

In addition to the index range, wiebe also designed an arabic dial. The clock is identical to the one index, except for the graphics of the dial. Its delicate hands and slim stainless steel edge give a nice contrast with the robust thickness of the clock. A perfect balance in these elements creates a pleasant and neutral clock as attractive decoration.
white arabic dial / japanese movement / available with radio controlled movement / AA battery / designed by wiebe teertstra 35


one45 - LT10023 45cm/17.7 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

one55 - LT10025 55cm/21.7 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

This timepiece represents the ultimate fusion of classic and modern design. The shape of the hands match perfectly with the design of the dial. All one models can be identified by our orange dot, a subtle colour accent that enhances the appearance of this basic LEFF clock.
white roman dial / japanese movement / AA battery / designed by wiebe teertstra 37


one45 - LT13003 45cm/17.7 - depth: 6cm/2.36

one45 - LT13013 45cm/17.7 - depth: 6cm/2.36

The beauty of convexed glass together with the one dial makes this design irresistable. Four clamps connect the glass to the plastic case, which adds to the light and subtle appearance. To protect and keep the movement dust-free, the backs of all our clocks are closed and accessible by opening the battery lid.
white index & arabic dial / japanese movement / AA battery / designed by wiebe teertstra 39

10:09h at fronteer strategy, our marketing advisors, amsterdam / photo by tony prez


one75 - LT11006 75cm/29.5 - depth: 2,7cm/1.06

one75 - LT11016 75cm/29.5 - depth: 2,7cm/1.06

The so-called extra-large in the range of the one series. The base is made out of a single sheet of steel, coated with a matte paint. An ideal timepiece for a larger room where the time needs to be widely visible. With its small thickness the clock is modestly present; blending in with your wall.
white index & arabic dial / japanese movement / AA battery / designed by wiebe teertstra 41


one45 - LT10103 / one45rc - LT10104 45cm/17.7 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

one55 - LT10105 55cm/21.7 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

Same dial, different colour. The translation from white to black changes the whole character of this clock. Suddenly, the outlook is tougher and draws more attention. The appearance is different from the white models, although except for the dial we didnt change a thing. Due the contrast between the hands and black dial, this is an easy-to-read clock.
black index dial / japanese movement / available with radio controlled movement / AA battery / designed by wiebe teertstra 43

14:52h at herengracht, amsterdam / photo by tony prez


one45 - LT10113 45cm/17.7 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

one55 - LT10115 55cm/21.7 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

The sustainability of the one range is reflected by its construction and the use of long lasting materials. It is possible to disassemble the clock completely into single parts and therefore recycling is simplified. For all our dials we use paper instead of the conventional pvc dials.
black arabic dial / japanese movement / AA battery / designed by wiebe teertstra 45


one45 - LT12103 45cm/17.7 - depth: 2,7cm/1.06

one55 - LT12105 55cm/21.7 - depth: 2,7cm/1.06

When you replace the material, you change the product. This glass clock guarantees style on your wall. The graphics have a mirror finish, as well as the hands. For this clock we used a 4mm thick tempered glass with a multi layer print to make this clock also look good from the back.
46 black index dial / japanese movement / AA battery / designed by wiebe teertstra


one45 - LT12113 45cm/17.7 - depth: 2,7cm/1.06

one55 - LT12115 55cm/21.7 - depth: 2,7cm/1.06

At the back of the clock, the movement is protected by a plastic holder with a battery cover. Besides this, the holder ensures the clock is hung flat against the wall. As a result of the distance between the glass and the wall, the clock seems to be floating on the wall. With the right light, a beautiful shadow appears.
black arabic dial / japanese movement / AA battery / designed by wiebe teertstra 47


one25 - LT14011 25cm/9.8 - depth: 4,6cm/1,81

one35 - LT14013 35cm/13.8 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

one25 - LT14111 25cm/9.8 - depth: 4,6cm/1,81

one35 - LT14113 35cm/13.8 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

The one dial embossed in a thin sheet of aluminium is the most complicated and sophisticated dial in our collection. We created a dial while pushing material to its limit.The result is an industrial clock with the material playing the most prominent role. Available in a plain aluminium dial or a black coated aluminium dial.
aluminium arabic & black arabic dial / japanese movement / AA battery / designed by wiebe teertstra 49



tone35 - LT16001 35cm/13.8 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

tone35 - LT16002 35cm/13.8 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

tone35 - LT16003 35cm/13.8 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

The contrast in this design is not formed by the colours itself, but by its finish. A glossy transparent spot varnish is printed on the matte dial to create a so-called ton-sur-ton effect. Depending on the light, the index print is clearly visible, slightly visible or not even visible at all. Let light set the tone.
japanese movement / AA battery / designed by wiebe teertstra 51

Bold and beautiful with a big stainless steel rim and a delicate aluminium dial. An extra dimension is added by the embossed index of the dial. The rugged look of the bold guarantees to draw a lot of attention. As part of our basic range, the bold series includes our signature orange dot.
japanese movement / AA battery / designed by wiebe teertstra

bold35 - LT20001 35cm/13.8 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

bold55 - LT20005 55cm/21.7 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44


bold35 - LT20011 35cm/13.8 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

bold35 - LT20021 35cm/13.8 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

bold55 - LT20015 55cm/21.7 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44

bold55 - LT20025 55cm/21.7 - depth: 6,2cm/2.44 53


metlev35 - LT80002 35cm/13.8 - depth: 2,8cm/1.1

metlev35 - LT80012 35cm/13.8 - depth: 2,8cm/1.1

metlev35 - LT80022 35cm/13.8 - depth: 2,8cm/1.1

The ultimate melting pot; coloured glass with a stainless steel edge. A clock in the most basic way, built up out of a detailed cut ring fixed to the glass. The simple index of the clock makes it look familiar yet unique. The movement holder on the back lifts the clock a bit from the wall creating an optic illusion in your room.
japanese movement / AA battery / designed by wiebe teertstra 55


dome45 - LT40005 45cm/17.7 - depth: 4,3cm/1.7

dome45 - LT40015 45cm/17.7 - depth: 4,3cm/1.7

Made from a single piece of high-density plastic, the beauty of the front is reflected in the back of the clock. The sheen of the hands complements the matte finish. Its outspoken shape makes this clock stand out on any wall, as a unique member of our collection.
japanese movement / AA battery / designed by wiebe teertstra 57


facet55 - LT70005 55cm/21.7 - depth: 2,5cm/1

facet55 - LT70015 55cm/21.7 - depth: 2,5cm/1

Modestly brilliant; this clock is the sophisticated beauty of the collection. Created with the intention to bring brilliance to the room without showing off. The glossy diamonds stand out on the matte spray-painted base. It is both a functional and beautiful decorative item.
japanese movement / AA battery / designed by wiebe teertstra 59

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