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INTRODUCTION B.1 PROJECT DEFINTION: Qorban Academy of Science and Creative Arts is a youth driven academy set to create and develop the Zambian music and film industries. The academy was set up on 10th June, 2010 by a group of young oriented people with a passion for Arts and Arts related ICTS. B.1.1 PROJECT STATUS (NEW/EXISTING): Our project is a new project and it has never been in existence until the day it was founded and registered. METHODOLOGY B.1.2 PROJECT DESCRIPTION/KIND OF PROJECT: Qorban Academy of Science and Creative Arts is a youth oriented academy set to create capacity building and develop the flow of goods and services in the music , film industries and art related ICTS. Technically speaking we are a youth organization which shall be dealing in music, music videos, feature film production and distribution. Our organization is called an academy because besides, the production and distribution business we shall be recruiting young gifted Zambians and give them both professional and technical skills in music and cinema and art related ICTS. These skills shall be offered to our Zambian youths inform of mentorship workshops, short trainings and job on training kind of learning. In so doing we shall reach out to the jobless but gifted youths and give them an opportunity to use their gifts to improve their livelihoods and the livelihoods of other people around them. Our key aim is to open up an industry that shall be able to produce and distribute our own music and film products e.g. DVDS and CDS both locally and internationally. We also intend to create the academy as a point of exposure for these talented young stars to the entertainment industry of music and cinema (film) as well as the international line light. Qorban academy of Science and Creative Arts intends to proffessionize its cast and crew members in the following music and film related arts and ICTS; MUSIC & CINEMA(FILM)RELATED MUSIC, CINEMA (FILM) & ART ARTS RELATED ICTS 1) Music & choreography 1) Editing & software engineering 2) Film directing 2) Sound engineering 3) Acting & cinematography 3) Graphic designing in photography 4) Music video & commercial productions 4) Graphic designing in animation 5) TV series production 5) Lighting (SET & STAGE) techniques 6) Documentary production 6) Outside broadcasting techniques 7) Television programming 7) Camera & photography 8) Costume & fashion designing 8) Video, sound recording & editing 9) Modeling & set staging 9) General computer skills

10) Fine Arts, drawing & story boarding 11) Makeup art 12) Exterior & interior set designing 13) Mass communication & creative writing 14) Business management in music, film productions & art related ICTS

10) Computer hardware maintenance & installation 11) Internet & wireless installations 12) Web designing 13) Information process 14) Management of information systems

The above skills are what shall make our key personnel and the artists we will be dealing with in doing music and film productions, which shall be professional and acceptable at both local and international markets. The songs and stories which will be produced by Qorban academy shall be originally Zambian without infiltrations of Hollywood, Nigerian and/or any other countries influence. We shall have enough and rich creativity already vested in them hence forth creating a variable foreign exchange earner for our country mother Zambia. Qorban Academy of Science and Creative Arts has discovered that music and film (cinema) industries are a highly paying form of enterprise that can make both the artists and the country itself move a step forward in development. Music and film (cinema) industries have made many countries around the world rich and developed. For instance in the years of 1999 and 2004, the Philippines film industry had accumulated up to 3 billion US dollars through the selling of rights and DVDS. The Nigerian film industry contributes up to 25% of the countrys Gross Domestic product. In South Africa the music and film industries have benefited other government sectors for many decades now, such as Tourism sector, Agriculture & mining sectors have benefited economically both directly and indirectly from the music and film (cinema) industries. The same thing can happen to our country Zambia if organizations like Qorban Academy of Science & Creative Arts were given a chance to prove themselves, and the programms they have on paper. As a growing industry of both music, film productions, branding and distributions of our products should be highly competitive to suit with the required international standards, therefore, modern technologies shall be employed when producing, branding and distributing of these music and film products i.e. DVDS, CDS & music videos. For music Qorban shall identify partners and potential clients inform of artists who are renowned and whose albums need a distributer. We have already started having meetings with Zambia Association of Musicians executive, so as to have the right products from the well sought after, artists to be branded and distributed under our label. For film a number of stages and technologies shall be employed in the production and distribution channels. Firstly as an academy we shall gloom and trim our professional crew and cast members to modern shorting and set standards so as to be able to produce the required music

videos and movies. We shall ensure that the crew members acquire knowledge on how to use equipments like the HDV professional cameras, as well as the dollies, grips and rails. Then the editing department shall employ new ICTs being used both on set and off set, such as the apple technology of editing raw footages. The sound and lighting systems shall also be equipped with digitally controlled sound and lighting equipments, such as equalizers for lights and phantom power supply sound mixer, boom microphone both of which needs to be connected to the computer. We shall have a state of art music and video studios both for pre-recorded and recorded projects. Packaging of these music CDs and film DVDs shall be done in accordance with international distribution and branding standards which shall involve professional graphic designing as well as modern DVD and CD printers and materials. When the musical and film products are ready, distribution shall be done in two major stages for music and three major stages for movies which are in line with normal standards of distribution. For music, the first stage shall be to organize album launch shows and tours for the artists who shall sign up under our label. Then secondly when the first stage is done we shall do the printing of CDs for the audio albums and DVDs for the videos. This shall then be taken in all our partners (outlets) where these products shall be sold from. Then for movies the first stage of the three shall be premiers and big screen shows. This stage shall take place from identified cinema halls and other public halls across the country. The National Association of Media Arts, where our academy is affiliated to has identified cinema halls around the country where our movies shall be able to premier from. Then the second shall be the making of DVDs which shall be reproduced on a larger scale both country wide and internationally. Qorban academy of Science and Creative Arts, has set up partners across the country inform of outlets for the selling of DVDs. Outlets like Book world, Shoprite Zambia, Sounds Investments and PEP Stores have expressed interest in the idea already. When the features films have exhausted the above two stages, the third stage shall be involved and this shall be the selling off of rights to television stations such as Africa Magic, BTV, CBC TV, Muvi TV, ZNBC & TV2 all these have expressed interest in our idea and some of the scripts weve presented before them. The only thing theyre looking forward to is our finished products. The other services that Qorban academy shall be offering are TV adverts, script and film consultancy, casting, modeling agency and consultancy, equipment hiring as well as skills training and mentorship in arts and ICTs which are related to music and film. Below is a list of goods and services to be offered. MAJOR GOODS & SERVICES 1) Skills training & mentorship in arts and ICTs 2) Film productions 3) Music productions 4) Distribution & branding

MINOR GOODS & SERVICES 1) Adverts and TV commercials, production and consultancy. 2) Equipment hire for both music and film 3) Script writing and film consultancy 4) Jingles and Radio adverts 5) Casting and modeling agency/consultancy 6) Still photography and graphic designing 7) Documentary production 8) Stage and set designing RATIONALE OF THE PROJECT Qorban academy of science and creative arts key vision is to enhance the livelihoods of young and gifted Zambian in the world of film and music related arts and ICTs. Therefore, helping in the alleviation of poverty by contributing to the national domestic product GDP. We intend to employ as many young people in the cast and crew departments of the academy as possible. Others shall also have jobs in other departments of the secretariat such as marketing, antipiracy, public relations and advertising department e.t.c. B1.3 AIMS/OBJECTIVES The following are the aims and objectives of Qorban academy of science and creative arts; - To offer a platform for the Zambian music and film industries to be represented at word class level. - To create a pool of wealthy, opportunities and material for young and talented Zambians, who are unemployed and cannot penetrate through to their destiny. - To create capacity building for the development of the Zambian music and film industries, both economically and professionally. - To build an entertainment industry where other sectors of government shall be able to benefit from, such sectors as the tourism industry shall benefit from us through the exposure of tourist attraction locations in our music videos as well as our movies and T.V. commercials. Other sectors to benefit from us are mining, agriculture, sports and recreation, health and education sectors. The commerce sector shall benefit directly through our professionally branded T.V. commercials for our clients which are reputable Zambian companies as well as the selling of our DVDs. The sale of DVDs and rights shall attract value added tax and for those being sold outside the country there will be some foreign exchange earnings. - To create a distribution market for the Zambian film industry which is not currently there, both for the local market as well as the international market?

To use film and music as tools of communication and the dissemination of information, through our Zambian branded films and songs, hence forth creating a society that is not only well entertained but well informed as well. Help in the fight against HIV/AIDS, human rights violation, drug abuse and other injustices through the use of cinema and music as away of reaching out to the community where these injustices occur from. Being able to offer training and mentorship to young and gifted Zambians in music and film related arts and ICTs through short courses, workshops and full time training, for job creation in the entertainment industry. Being able to break the thin line between film and ICTs therefore, producing highly modernized movies and music videos for the world markets acceptance.

B2. PRODUCTION/SERVICE PROCESS B2.1 DESCRIBES YOUR PRODUTION/FROM START TO FINISH-FROM RAW MATERIALS TO FINISHED GOODS. Qorban academy of science and creative arts shall the first major products inform of music, music videos and a feature film. For music there shall be three major stages to be followed in the production and distribution channels. These stages shall be as follows. A renowned artist shall be identified and a recording and distribution contract shall be singed between Qorban and him or her. Then the second stage shall be recording of the songs to make an album. Then from there music videos shall begin coming in one by one depending on the completion of every song in the album. Then from there a final stage shall be employed which will involve, marketing, branding and distribution. The album shall be promoted through the playing of songs and videos on radio and television respectively as well as the printing of posters and also through T.V. adverts and album launch shows around the country. Then from there we are going to duplicate CDs and DVDs which shall be sold in our partners outlets. Film/cinema shall have about four to five main stages of production and distribution and these are; (1) Development (2) Production (3) Post production (4) Marketing and distribution The period for a musical product to mature shall take one month but for film it shall be a little bit longer, it will be two to three months. The first stage as stated above is what we call in cinematography as development stage; this is a stage where every piece of a film starts from. At this stage a lot of energy is applied by every crewmember involved in the film project. Actors and actresses are auditioned and rehearse through the script at this stage, then crew members discuss issues pertaining to the type of technology to be employed when shooting the movie as well as locations and costume to be used a full budget of the production is drawn up at this stage. It is at this stage where planning and dress production is done so as to iron out mistakes and

complications. Development stage takes one to two weeks depending on the length and genre of the film project. The next stage is called the production stage; this stage would be easier to do in the sense that much of the thinking and planning has already being done in the development stage. The only task with this stage is to ensure that all what was put and evaluated in the script comes to life. According to Qorban production stage shall involve three major departments; these are the lighting department, camera department and the sound department. The camera department shall involve such machinery as an HDV professional camera, still camera, rails and grips as well as dollies and min DV tapes. Three camera personnel shall be involved to shoot the film from start to finish. The other department called lighting department shall work hand in hand with the camera department as the camera records what is being shot on the seen the information shall be stored on special recording tapes called min DV tapes, lights shall then be used to beautify the picture. These lights shall be in form of spotlights which will be connected to a lighting equalizer and a computer to produce digitally controlled lighting on set. Dollies and rails shall be used to move the camera on set and also to achieve certain shots like moving and running shots. The third department is the sound department this shall be an important part of production and like the lighting departments two personnel shall be involve on set. The sound department shall consist of a professionally designed sound system and a boom microphone which shall be used to capture sound, which shall be connected to a phantom power supply mixer and a computer. The final recording of sound shall be done separate from the video which is to be saved on a computer. The above major departments shall not work with out smaller departments like the food and beverage department, costume and make up department, locations and props department, transport department as well as the directing and production departments which shall be there in all the stages. After a period of two to three weeks, production stage would have been concluded. Then the next stage is post production. This is the actual making of a product to be put on the market. It shall involve he directors, producers, sound engineers, editors and graphic designers as well s a marketing team. These people shall come together to make sure the project is successfully complete. Editing shall involve a highly professional team of editors with highly professional computers loaded with apple generated editing software for both video and audio. The video raw footage shall be down loaded from min DVs and the audio shall also be transferred to an editing computer. When both the audio and video has being down loaded on the editing computer, the two shall be synchronized (combined together in sequence). Then from there the actual editing

work shall resume which will involve cutting out unwanted pieces and leaving the wanted pieces together after arranging them scene by scene. Then from there a sound effect supervisor shall ensure that the music and effects are put into the film which shall be in line with the themes of the scenes of the movie plus the main theme. Graphic designers are the called in to spice up the product by adding some special visual effects and some 3d animation where necessary to do so. Then from there the entire team including a director shall sit down to watch the film and criticize and if there is need for re-editing it shall be done. This stage shall take 2 to 3 weeks. Then after the above stage the final one shall come aboard, this shall consist of marketing and distribution which is a life long venture once a movie is released. At this stage a film shall be cut into footage of highlights called a theatrical trailer. This footage shall be used to advertise the film product by exporting it on the internet, local T.V. stations and theatres and cinemas around the country. Posters of the movie shall be made and stuck in public cinema halls and places. All these activities shall be done by the marketing team. Then the producers, actors and actresses as well as the director shall begin pre box office publicity through radio and T.V. shows. Then from there a film shall be launched through a series of country wide premiers which shall be an extensive way of advertising as well as the beginning of the initial sales of the movie through ticket sales. A series of fixtures shall be put in the post newspaper following the above country wide premiers. The identified cinema halls and public places are; In Lusaka sterkheinekor, plaza3 cinema and numetro cinema to be situated at new manda hill have been identified. As for the first two halls talks have already been done so as to enter into partnership. In Livingstone capitol theatre has been identified, in Ndola its Savoy hotel and plaza 5 cinemas. In Kitwe it is hotel edinbugh, Kitwe little theatre and Rokana cinema hall. As for Mufulira and Chingola it is the little theatres. Other provinces like eastern, western, central, luapula and north western provinces local churches, lodges and learning institutions have already expressed interests in our idea and are already looking forward. After the film project has exusted the box office part of distribution a lot of exposure and publicity would have already been done. Then it shall move to another part which is DVD production. Qorban academy shall be duplicating about 2 million copies of each film product released every month but for our first production we shall begin with 8000 copies. These copies shall be put in our partners stores who have liked our idea and are looking forward to begin distributing our movies on commission basis. These partners are; sounds investment outlets, spur Zambia, Shoprite Zambia outlets, mikalile trading limited, real masters shops, big moze shops as well as other individual owned outlets around the country.

During the production of DVDs, our graphic designers will do the entire cover outlook and the branding shall be numbered to avoid piracy. Each film project shall take similar stages and it shall take two to three years of its DVD sales before it gets into the final part of distribution called the selling of rights and video rentals. The international distribution has already been sought after in as far as this part is concerned. International TV stations like Africa magic, my TV, BTV and an Angolan channel called ZTV are expecting our future productions. The rights to these stations shall be sold at different rates and durations depending on factors such as the length of a film project, its genre as well as, differences in money exchange rates and the type of contracts signed. Some times customs and international regulations shall act as determining factors in the sale of our rights for these films. Rights shall also be sold locally to our local TV stations like Mobi TV, MuviTV, Africa unite TV, ZNBC TV2 and CBC TV. International products shall have subtitles in three languages namely, French, Portuguese and English. With time of selling rights to international TV stations we shall open doors to our international audiences in the respective countries where these movies shall be shown from by these TV stations .this will in return enhance and expand our DVD production as they shall be reaching out to people in these territories outside our country. As we shall be distributing and marketing our products, promotion shall also follow suit. We shall venture into activities of taking part in international film festivals such as the sighing in Cape Town, Zanzibar film festival, balneal film festival in Berlin, Germany, the Cannes film festival in France, Toronto film festival in Canadian the Oscar awards foreign language film category in USA. These activities shall make our music and films be known internationally therefore expanding our chain of distribution. We have also been talking to our future partners for cross boarder co-production treaties and these are; Adeelar carrim of morula pictures producers of a south African soap generations, Genevieve hofmeyr a producer from moonlight pictures co-producers of a Hollywood film the interpreter, as well as nilesh Singh executive producer for video vision production producers of sarafina,reddustandMr bones. We have done advanced talking and planning on line with these people, we are just looking forward to our financial birth, so that the above things can be implemented. B2.2 WHAT IS THE MAXMUM NUMBER THAT YOU CAN PUT/PROVIDE OVER A MONTH The maximum number of DVD and CD copies to be provided per month is 2 million copies per film and musical product. But for a start we are going to start with 8000 copies. Then for our musical concerts we shall be printing 5000 tickets per album tour but provision to print more shall be there in case we run out of stock. For film premier tickets 8000 of them shall be printed per film project.

B2.3 STATE FACTORS WHICH COULD DISRUPT/DISTURB YOUR PRODUCTION/SERVICE PROCESS AND THOSE WHICH COULD MAKE IT BETTER. The factor which can disrupt our production is piracy. Piracy is like a thorn in the flesh in as far as the entertainment industry general is concerned. As Qorban academy of science and creative arts, we have a strategy on how we are going to mitigate piracy. Firstly we are going to engage stake holders to be assisting us in monitoring the flow of our products on the market, in so doing we shall ensure transparency and accountability in the way our branded products will be reaching our intended audience(consumers).these stake holders shall be coming in at different stages of production and distribution and the identified stake holders are; Zambia bureau of standards, anti-corruption commission, Zamcops, national association of media arts, Zambia police service, ministry of justice, Zambia completion commission, Zambia revenue authority as well as drug enforcement commission. The above stake holders shall work with different departments of Qorban academy, to make sure piracy of our branded DVD/CD is mitigated. For instance our anti-piracy department shall be monitoring our flow of sales on the market as they keep the police service, Zamcops, national association of media arts and anti corruption commission informed of any malicious of anyone trying to pirate our branded DVDs. Then our production department shall ensure standards are set to our branded DVDs and any sub-standard product photocopied from these DVDs, shall make us to take action with Zambia competition commission as well as Zambia bureau of standards. Since we will be paying tax on every DVD/CD on sale Zambia revenue authority come in to take action with us on every counterfeit DVDs/CDs photocopied from our branded DVDs. Then for foreign or exported products we shall ensure that ZRA and Interpol are involved, at every stage of distribution. Though piracy is a factor that can disrupt our production, we have means and ways of mitigating it. We shall also mitigate piracy, technically by numbering our products and a software on the DVD/CD that shall be requesting a pass word on every Microsoft windows branded computer device. MAKE IT BETTER There are number of factors that can make our music and film production better than others i.e. is the cost of our music and film production. It is cheaper to produce an album of music and a film in Zambia than anywhere else in the world. This is according to our research that we did during our market research process. Starting from the issue of locations, transportation, costume and food as well as man power are easy to maintain financially though there is a bit of hustle organizing equipment, but still the hustle is also achievable. Then the other factor is that; were going to take advantage of the crisis going on at the moment in the market place of Zambia at

large. This crisis is coming in the market place of Zambia inform of an out cry from our local audience as there is lack of proper told and educational original Zambian stories in film production. Therefore, once we begin our production we shall be able to reach out to many masses out there that are on the look out for the original Zambian stories in the cinema (film) industries. Currently our film makers already in existence in our country have totally failed to bridge the gap between the industry itself and the consumers out there. Most of the products which we have in the market are sub- standard and lacks of creativity, hence forth, there fail to draw the audience closer to them. Our coming into the business will mean that this crisis which is currently in the market place shall definitely make our production better, because our key objective is to develop a professional Zambian film, music industries and art related ICTs mentorships that shall represent both locally and internationally. The other factors which shall make our production better is the issue of distribution, currently we seem not to have too much competition on the distribution of films and music. We have a bit of competition on the side of film and music production, because of the existing music & film producers. In our case well be invisible and untouchable at the market in the sense that we will engage ourselves in both production and distribution, since there isnt any existing company dealing in both parts of production and distribution/mentorship. This shall make our business outstanding than others and it will enhance our business with less or no competition in the market. We shall be the only ones capable of producing and distributing both music and films country wide. It will also mean that most film makers in our country will be coming to us after producing their movies in various places, so that we can distribute them on their behalf. This is the reason why we will make sure that we professionally brand and design our DVDs/CDs up to the international standard, so as to attract clients who will come from both consumers as well as our fellow music/film producers around us. B3. MARKET RESEARCH B3.1 PRODUCT/SERVICE? WHAT IS YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE Our product is actually feature film, audio music and video music and mentorship then production and distribution like already stated above. We shall be producing locally created Zambian feature films and music of which we shall be the producers and distributors of the same products. HOW DIFFERENT WILL IT BE FROM OTHER PRODUCTS/SERVICES ON THE MARKET We are going to be different from other products and services in the market by bridging the gap between the film and music industries with the consumers out there who happens to be our Zambian audience as well as international audience world wide. Our coming into the market will

ensure that our chain of distribution and production is in line with professional standards of film and music distribution as already stated above. We shall also ensure that our chain of production and distribution is strong due to the number of partners we will create in the distribution system across the country from the capital city to all the way up to the boarder towns of our country. We will also ensure that standards are set to our products at every stage of our production no wonder we will create partnership with the regulatory bodies like Zambia burue of standards and Zambia competition commission. We shall be the first film and music producers in Zambia to partner with these regulatory bodies. Coming to our stories, they shall be different from the rest in the sense that we will open a platform for our Zambian script writers to bid for stories with us, through what we call in cinematography as Pitching. This is actually a professional way of selling a story by the writer to an executive producer during the pitching session, story tellers are asked to tell their stories to producers and directors the best story is selected. No film maker or music writers or producers in Zambia are doing this; we shall be the first ones. This will ensure that the best Zambian stories are collected which shall then be professionally produced to suit with the viewers specification. Apart from that we shall be different from the rest in the sense that our production shall be done with a view to reaching out to every Zambian, therefore our products shall always be produced and packaged in bulks to ensure every potential consumer is sustained. Our key purpose of doing business shall always be to reach out to every Zambian out there, hence bridging the gap between the Zambian music/film industries and the consumers which is not currently happening with the existing film/music producers. And our key objective is to open a platform for the Zambian film industry at world class level. This objective is what shall maker us totally different from the rest in the sense that we shall ensure to take part in every international film and music festivals, so as to promote our film and music to the out side market. We shall also have some of our projects done under co-production treaties with our already existing partners and friends in South Africa, so as to expose our music/video/film and the industry itself to the international red-carpet and audience. Then the other venture is the selling of rights to international TV stations like Africa magic, Botswana TV, My TV Africa, Muvi TV, ZNBC & TV2 and many more. This is not currently done with the existing film/music producers. The only Zambian production that was sold out sometime back was What a life a Zambian soap, but the producers have stopped producing and havent signed any contract with African Magic since then. B.2 PRICE WHAT PRICE WILL YOU HAVE FOR THE PRODUCT/SERVICE The standard price for the Zambian film DVDs is 30,000 zmk but ours shall be going at 25,000 zmk, with VAT inclusive. For CDs its 20,000zmk but us we shall be selling at 15,000zmk

HOW DID YOU CALCULATE THAT PRICE Blank DVDs + P/Cover + Paper cover + Typing/Printing + Branding/Material +VAT/ Labor = Selling price K 2, 000 + K 1, 500 + K 2, 500 + K 5, 000 + K 5, 000 + K 9, 000 = K 25, 000 Blank CDs + Plastic cover + Paper + Typing/Printing + Branding/Material + VAT/Labor = Selling price K 1, 000 + K 1, 000 + K 1, 000 + K 5, 000 + K 2, 000 + K 5, 000 = K 15, 000 WHAT IS THE PRICE FOR A SIMILAR PRODUCT ON THE MARKET Like we stated earlier the standard price for a Zambian DVDs is 30,000zmk and for a CDs is 20,000zmk HOW MANY PRODUCTS OR SERVICES DO YOU INTEND TO SELL IN A MONTH AT THAT PRICE The maximum number of DVDS /CDS that we shall be producing per month is 2 million copies but for our first month we shall have 8000 copies. 6000 for film DVDs and 2000 for our first musical album CDs. B3.3 DISTRIBUTION HOW WILL GET YOUR PRODUCTS RAW MATERIALS TO YOUR PLACE OF OPERATION In the sections above we mentioned of the fact that it is cheaper to produce a movie in Zambia than anywhere else in Africa more especially in terms of transportation. We have taken note of the rising fuel prices in the recent passed and for our first month of doing business we are going to allocate k10, 000,000 kwacha for transportation costs of which, k2, 000,000 shall be for movement of blank DVDs, CDS, DVD/CD covers and gross paper from Ndola and Kitwe where our suppliers are based to Mufulira, our place of operation. It is just less than an hour of travel from Kitwe to Mufulira. WHERE WILL YOU GET THEM FROM We have two major future partners in terms of our suppliers and these are real masters outlet, in Kitwe as well as NR Investments also found in the same town of Kitwe. These suppliers are located just in the central part of the town and it is just less an hour travel from our place of operation in Kansuswa Mufulira to their outlets. ARE THE SUPPLIERS YOU AE LOOKING AT USING RELIABLE AND WOULD YOU HAVE AN ALTERNATIVE IN CASE ONE CANNOT SUPPLY. Qorban academy of science and creative arts has looked at that issue critically and we came to a conclusion that if we come up with two reliable sources. This is because in an event where by one fails to sustain your needs the other one becomes of handy. But since both partners are

seriously involved in the business of supplying electronic items of which blank DVDs/CDs apart of the accessories they supply on full time basis. We have no worries on their reliability. HOW WILL YOU GET YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE TO THE BUYERS The hustle of transporting our branded DVDs/CDs to the buyers one area we have considered as very cardinal. For the first month of doing business about 8,000,000 zmk has been allocated from the ten million kwacha total amount allocated on transport. Our strategy to tackling the issue of transporting our products to the consumers has been the use of public transport system. We believe by using public transport we are going to have a convenient and faster way of reaching out to our clients. In so doing we have had discussions with public transport dealers such as Mbwe bus services, Juldan motors bus services and Machandu bus services. These partners have agreed to be giving us fare discounts on every bunch of branded DVDs/CDs we transport to the intended destination. This shall be in return for a favor which we have put before them. We are going to put free adverts in our DVDS at least the first ten minutes before the film starts. This will mean us doing massive advertisement for them. By using public transport we shall be able to reach out to every Zambian out there, in areas where these busses are able to reach, which is the nine provinces of this country by doing so we shall achieve our key purpose of doing business, which is to reach out to every Zambian out there. B3.4 PROMOTION AND STRATEGY HOW WILL YOU ENSURE THAT YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS KNOW ABOUT YOU Qorban academy of science and creative arts believe hat advertisement is the key to the success of every business out there more especially done in the entertainment industry. It is the popularity of a product that sales a product in the music and film industry. This is the reason why 20,000,000 zmk is going to be allocated in our first month of doing business, for advertisement and marketing. For music songs and music videos shall be playing on radios and TV stations. As for our first feature film we shall have a three minutes trailer be put on TV stations and cinemas as a way of advertisement. Posters and fixtures shall be put in newspapers and public places country wide. Then album launch shows and concerts shall always improve sales for music, as for movies it is through country wide big screen premiers. These shows and premiers shall be another way of doing publicity apart from making the initial sales of the both the musical product and the film. As all this will be going on, the artistes, producers and directors as well as actors shall be doing more publicity through TV and radio talk shows. Then for the international market we intend to take part in international film festivals as well as international award participation. We shall also

participate on our local music and film awards such as the ngoma, born and bred music awards as well as the NAMA film awards. HOW WILL YOU GET THEM TO BUY FROM YOU By doing all the above activities we could have already made our clients know about us. Since our key vision of doing business is to reach out to every Zambian, we shall ensure that goods are distributed in bulk and in an efficient manner. We want to create an empire of our Zambian film distribution both locally and internationally. We shall get these clients to buy from us because our product shall be taken directly at their door step through our direct sales representatives from our marketing team who will be working on targets.