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One of the stumbling blocks in penetrating another language and that people's way of thinking is "idioms" or "modismos".Of course, language learners, language teachers, and linguists do not always agree on just what constitutes an idiom at all -- and the learners and teachers have different points of view on whether a given "idiom" is a mountain or a molehill.Items like 'tener hambre' (to be hungry) involve only a simple shift of point of view in whether the sensation referred to is a noun or an adjectival state.Items like 'dar a luz' (to give birth) give your cognitive category system a bit more of a workout. The Nahuatl phrase 'tlahtolli itlacual' (literally "word [or speech] is his food") is one that, unless you have accidentally tripped over it before, either with the help of a native speaker, a good dictionary, or a well translated text, you might find puzzling.It means "he is irascible, quick-tempered". A special class of Nahuatl idioms are the "bread-and-butter" metaphors.Recall '(in) atl (in) tepetl' for "town" and 'ixtli nacaztli' for "mediator". The following list is the "as-is" index for phrases I have glossed so far in the Florentine Codex.It is not extensive partly because I have concentrated on the single building units before the pre-fab ones.Any additions are welcome. Joe Campbell Nocnihuan, I don't want to wear you out (or your e-mailboxes), but I thought someone might be interested in an update on this vocabulary.I have divided it into three parts to cut down on the size problem for those with space limitations.It might be difficult to handle breaking it into 87 parts, but if you let me know what your ceiling is, oc achi niccotonaz. The three word level indexes from the FC are: 1.vocab by morpheme; 2a. Nahuatl-English vocab; 2b. English-Nahuatl vocab. 2a and 2b come out of the same program and items are included regardless of whether they have been dealt with yet morphologically.1 items are indexed only if they have analyzed morphologically (obviously) *and* have English glosses.Incidentally, to put a nasty rumor to rest, the computer, although it is a great little ol' helper with regard to tagging, reformatting, and sorting, is ***not*** doing the morphological analysis. xipapaquican, Joe

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl a:tli:hua aacaliuhqui aacatl aahuia aahuieni aahuieniti aatlihua aatlihuaya ac ac ac aca acachichictli acachto acacuahuitl acalchimalli acalco acalihui acaliuhqui acalli acalnacazyo acaloco acalotli acalquetzque acaltic acaltica acampa acan acanacochtli acanozomo acatanatli acatic acatl acatzalan acaxoxouhqui acazoc acecec acello acelloa achi Eglish Gloss there is drinking grooved, furrowed reed he is unhappy one who is merry she becomes a harlot there is drinking; everyone drinks drink was provided one, who someone who; anyone; someone; whoever; which; whom some, someone; anyone; one; whoever; another; he who Western Grebe first, at first chocolate beater; smoking tube shield-boat in a boat; in the boat it becomes grooved; it becomes furrowed grooved, furrowed boat, canoe cornerless house at the canal; over the canal canal; canals boatmakers grooved; furrowed by boat, in boats from nowhere; nowhere nowhere reed ear plug perhaps not small reed basket cylindrical; reed-like arrow; dart; reed among the reeds, among the canes green cane; green reed perhaps tasteless full of nits it becomes full of nits a few; a little; a little bit; a while; rather; somewhat; a little while; a little time; almost; about; slightly rather; a little; a little bit; slightly; somewhat Nahuatl achica achichichic achichilacachtli achichina achichinani achihualo achihuaz achipipil achito achiton achitoton achitzi achitzin achitzitzin achto achtopa aci acia acico acillo acito acizque aco aco aco acochiztli acocholoa:ni acocili acocilin acococ acocotica acohuetzqui acohuic acohuic tlalchihuic itto acoliztac acolli acomana acontetemoa acopa acuacualaca acuacualacatihuetzi acuahuitl

Page 2 of 138 English Gloss a little bit a little bitter gibbous duckweed it sucks liquid sucker of liquid there is preparing of drink she will prepare drink tiny bit a little a little; a little bit; to some extent; rather; small; somewhat exceedingly tiny a little bit a little; a little bit; rather; somewhat; a trifle few, a little bit first; ahead of time; earlier; first time; forthwith; to start with at first; first; at once; beforehand; first time it arrives; it reaches it arrived he came to arrive; it came to arrive; they came to arrive; they came to reach full of nits he went to arrive, he went to reach they will arrive, they will reach above; up high high, up above up, above, high lack of sleep, sleeplessness high jumper shrimp shrimp incapable of burning with gourd tubes light, not heavy upwards he is venerated having white wing-bends shoulder it raises up, it is disturbed he seeks it upward it blisters; it boils up blisters quickly form beater, chocolate stirring stick; Page 2 of 138


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Nahuatl Eglish Gloss spoon for stirring cacao; stirring stick bad; evil water eagle water skirt crocodile cliff swallow leech leech very grooved, very furrowed very grooved, very furrowed he tumbles into a pit fragrant, pleasing; infragrant he lives dissolutely she is always full of vice in much water there is drinking, people drink chocolate nowhere upward light, not heavy bad, evil thorn thorny place spiny, thorny he does not deflate himself he is not discreet perhaps that which does not rot never they will not eat it they will not drink it it trembles that which does not powder, that which does not become dust we will not live wing worthless, of no value nothing he belittles inhabitant of a city avocado dewy dew cape oak log; oak tree acorn acorn; oak; oak tree; thorn acorn on dried mud water fly egg Nahuatl ahuayo ahuayo ahuayocan ahuayochamahuac ahuayohua ahuayotilahuac ahuazhuatl ahuehuetl ahuel ahuelic ahuelnenemi ahuia ahuiac ahuianime ahuic ahuic ahuic ahuic yauh ahuiccampa ahuictli ahuienime ahuilcuicatl ahuillatoa ahuilli ahuilnemi ahuilnemi ahuilnemiliztli ahuilnemilizyotl ahuilnemilizzotl ahuilquiza ahuixpatic ahuixtic ahuiyac ahuiyaltic ahuiz ahyectli ahzo ahzo

Page 3 of 138 English Gloss bristly, spiny, thorny prickly; spiny; thorny thorny place coarse-spined it form thorns, it produces thorns; it forms thorns thick-spined oak leaf cypress tree he cannot not of pleasing odor; of no fragrance they cannot walk he is content; he is contented fragrant, perfumed; pleasing; odoriferous; savory harlots back and forth directionless, to and fro; from one side to the other; back and forth to and fro, back and forth; without direction; directionless she wanders here and there back and forth boating pole, oar; paddle pleasure girls pleasure song; song of debauchery; song of vice he speaks vainly jest; laughter; lewd; play he is given to pleasure she is given to carnal pleasure carnal life; incontinence; debauchery; lustful and debauched living debauched living; debauchery; evil life lust and debauchery she disgraces herself very pleasing, exceedingly pleasing of pleasing odor; pleasing fragrant; good smelling; goodtasting; pleasing; savory sweet smelling and here, and behold bad about, perhaps either, perhaps; or; perchance; maybe; about; lest; mayhap; neither; nor; Page 3 of 138

acualli acuauhtli acueitl acuetzpali acuicuialotl acuicuiyachi acuicuiyachin ahacaliuhqui ahacaltic ahactihuetzi ahahuiac ahahuilnemi ahahuiltzoncaloa ahatlan ahatlihua ahcan ahco ahcohuetzqui ahcualli ahhuatl ahhuatla ahhuayo ahmopatzahuallani ahmozcalia ahnoce ahpalanini ahquenman ahquicuazque ahquizque ahtehuihui ahteutini ahtinemizque ahtlapalli ahtlazotli ahtle ahtle ipan tlachia ahua tepehua ahuacatl ahuachio ahuachquemitl ahuacuahuitl ahuacuauhtomatl ahuatl ahuatomatl ahuatzalpan ahuauhtli

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Nahuatl ahzoc ai aic aicochiz ainnezcaliliz aitic aitlacual aitlacualiz aitoloni aitzcuauhtli Eglish Gloss possibly; whether perhaps; perchance she does it never he does not sleep [i, nothing is his sleep] their uncouthness in the water, in the lake; in water; in the midst of the water not his food he has no food [ie nothing is his food] unspeakable, not fit to be said osprey (spr, -pr) n., pl. ospreys. 1. A fisheating hawk (Pandion haliaetus) having plumage that is dark on the back and white below. Also called fish hawk. 2. A plume formerly used to trim women's hats. [Middle English osprai, from Anglo-Norman ospreit, from Medieval Latin avis prede, bird of prey : Latin avis, bird; see awi- below + Latin praedae, genitive of praeda, booty, prey otter: otter (tr) n., pl. otter or otters. 1. Any of various aquatic, carnivorous mammals of the genus Lutra and allied genera, related to the minks and weasels and having webbed feet and dense, dark brown fur. 2. The fur of this mammal. poorly fired [re pottery] insupportability, irresistibility; unbearability unbearability, dazzling very slippery: slippery (slp-r) adj. slipperier, slipperiest. 1. Causing or tending to cause sliding or slipping: a slippery sidewalk. 2. Tending to slip, as from one's grasp: a slippery bar of soap. 3. Not trustworthy; elusive or tricky Nahuatl alactic

Page 4 of 138 English Gloss smooth: smooth (smth) adj. smoother, smoothest. 1. Having a surface free from irregularities, roughness, or projections; even. See Synonyms at level. 2. Having a fine texture: a smooth fabric. 3. Having an even consistency: a smooth pudding. 4. Having an even or gentle motion or movement: a smooth ride. 5. Having no obstructions or difficulties: a smooth operation. See Synonyms at easy. 6. Serene: a smooth temperament. 7. Bland: a smooth wine. 8. Ingratiatingly polite and agreeable. See Synonyms at suave. 9. Having no grossness or coarseness in dress or manner. --smooth v. smoothed, smoothing, smoothes. --tr. 1. To make (something) even, level, or unwrinkled. 2. To rid of obstructions, hindrances, or difficulties. 3. To soothe or tranquilize; make calm. 4. To make less harsh or crude; refine. --intr. 1. To become smooth., slick: slick (slk) adj. slicker, slickest. 1. Smooth, glossy, and slippery: sidewalks slick with ice. See Synonyms at sleek. 2. Deftly executed; adroit: as slick as a sonnet, but as dull as ditch water (Tallulah Bankhead). 3. Shrewd; wily. 4. Superficially attractive or plausible but lacking depth or soundness; glib: a slick writing style. mucus: mucus (myks) n. The viscous, slippery substance that consists chiefly of mucin, water, cells, and inorganic salts and is secreted as a protective lubricant coating by Page 4 of 138


aiuccic aixnamiquiliztli aixnamiquiztli alacpatic


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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl Eglish Gloss cells and glands of the mucous membranes.; phlegm: phlegm (flm) n. 1. Thick, sticky, stringy mucus secreted by the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, as during a cold or other respiratory infection. 2. One of the four humors of ancient physiology, described as cold and moist and thought to cause sluggishness, apathy, and evenness of temper. 3. Sluggishness of temperament. 4. Calm self-possession; equanimity. [Middle English fleume, mucous discharge, the humor phlegm, from Old French, from Medieval Latin phlegma, flegma, from Late Latin phlegma, the humor phlegm, from Greek, heat, the humor phlegm, from phlegein, to burn.; humor; slick; slimy; slippery; smooth; viscous smooth reed mat sleek; smooth cold water castigation, punishment bitter water government house inhabitants of a city; townsmen; inhabitants of a town hamlet, town cities they are city dwellers the guarding of the city city; state; town; settlement; village having a paper headdress paper crown your [pl.] great-grandfathers having paper pendants you [pl.] will do paper pattern in a river paper cutters paper streamer paper-like with paper, by means of paper paper; book Nahuatl amatlamatque amatlapal amatlapalchihchichiltic amatlapale amatlapalhuiac amatlapalhuihuiltecqui amatlapaliztac amatlapaloa amatlapalpatlactotonti amatlapalpatlahuac amatlapalpitzatoton amatlatl amatlatquitl amatzintli amatzotzolli amaxca amaxotlalo amechcahualtiz amechiztlacahuiaya amechmonequililia amechtlapololtiaya amehuanti amehuantin ameyalco ameyalli amicoa amicoayan amicohuaya amihiyotzin amihuaz amiitto amilamatlaca amilamatque amilamayotzin amilhuicapipilti amilome amilotetl amilotl amintli amiquiliztli amitic amixpan

Page 5 of 138 English Gloss paper designers; those skilled with paper wing having chili-red wings finned, having fins; leafed; having leaves; winged; having wings long-finned, having long fins having wings mingled with red having white wings it forms leaves small, broad leaves broad-leafed, wide-leafed, having broad leaves; having wide leaves small and slender leaves strainer paper adornment; paper array; paper goods; paper vestment paper, paltry paper scrap of paper your [pl] possession, your [pl] property; your [pl] array paper is cut he will refuse it to you [pl] it misled you [pl] he requires it of you it deluded you [pl] you (pl) you (pl); you [pl] in a spring spring all die of thirst, there is thirst place of thirst place of death from thirst your (pl) spirit there will be hunting you (pl) are seen you are old women you are old women your (pl) old-womanliness you [pl] are heavenly noblemen white fish white fish egg white fish diarrhea thirst within you (pl) before you (pl), in front of you (pl) Page 5 of 138

alahuacapetlatl alaztic alcecec alcecec tzitzicaztli alchichic altepecalli altepehuaque altepemaitl altepeme altepeonoque altepepializtli altepetl amacale amacalli amachcocolhuan amacuitlapile amaizque amamachiotl amapan amatecque amatetehuitl amatic amatica amatl

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Nahuatl amixpantzinco amo amo tle inecoca amochantzinco amochitl amochoquiz amocihuan amocolhuan amocxi amohuepanmecauh amonanhuan amonanyotzin amonayotzin amonemiliz amono amopiltzin amoquichtzitzinti amotahuan amotayotzin amotequiuh amotlachihual amotlaocol amotlapal amotlatoltzin amotlatqui amotzontecon amoxhua amoxtli amoyollo amoyollotzin amoyome amoyotlaxcalli amozcalia amozcaliani anacayo anahuac anahuacatlatoque anahuatl analoya anca ancho:ca Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss before you (pl), in front of you (pl); in your (pl) presence no, not it is useless, it is valueless your (pl) home tin your (pl) weeping your [pl] grandmothers your [pl] grandfathers; your [pl] forefathers; your [pl] grandparents your [pl] feet your [pl] heavy rope your [pl] mothers your (pl) motherhood, your (pl) motherliness your (pl) motherhood, your (pl) motherliness your [pl] life, your [pl] way of life neither; nor your [pl] son, your [pl] child you men your [pl] fathers your (pl) fatherhood, your (pl) fatherliness your [pl] goal, your [pl] function; your [pl] task your [pl] deed, your [pl] work your (pl) compassion your (pl) strength your [h] words; your [pl] words; your [pl] exhortations your [pl] possession, your [pl] property; your [pl] array your [pl] heads owner of a book book your [pl] hearts your [pl] heart; your [pl] hearts water flies water fly tortilla he is untrained one who is indiscreet fleshless on the coast rulers of anahuac one who whispers they were chosen so, therefore, that being the case; accordingly you (pl) weep Nahuatl ancoconetzitzinti ancuaiztaque ancualani anemiuhqui anemiznequi anhuallaque anhuehuetque anitlachia anmochintin anmononotzazque annechmomapilhuilia annemi ano

Page 6 of 138 English Gloss you [pl] are children you (pl) have become whiteheads you [pl] become angry incomparable he does not wish to live you (pl) came you are old men I am inexperienced; i do not see all of you you [pl] will consult with one another you [pl] choose me, you point at me you (pl) live he is chosen; he is taken; he is seized; it is captured; it is caught; it is removed; it is taken; neither; nor; not eithernot also; also not; or they are caught, they are captured; they are hunted; they are seized; they are taken. nor anyone or; or else; perhaps they were seized, they were captured either, or; or else; o; or; or perhaps; else; if you [pl] are noblemen you [pl] are babies hunters hunter; huntsman you [pl] wait for him you (pl) do it you (pl) will do it you [pl] do not know it; you [pl] know it you [pl] want it, you [pl] wish it you [pl] destroy it you [pl] will seek his counsel you (pl) see him; you [pl] see him you [pl] are youths you [pl] work, you [pl] labor you people you [pl] were born you [pl] work, you [pl] labor you (pl) feel compassion you [pl] are our mothers Page 6 of 138


anoac anoce anoque anozo anpipiltin anpipiltzitzinti anque anqui anquichia anquichihua anquichihuazque anquimati anquinequi anquipoloa anquitlatoltemozque anquitta antelpopochtin antequiti antlaca antlacatque antlacoti antlaocoya antonantzitzinhuan

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl antopilhuan antotatzitzinhuan antoteucyohua antoteucyohuan aoccampa aoccan aocmo aocmo ompa conitta aoctle aoctli aocuilcualoni aohiximati aomio aoompa aoquic aoztoc aoztotl apan apantlaca apaztli apia apilolli apitzalli apitzaltontli apizmicoa apizmicoac apizmicque apizmicqui apizmiquia apizmiquiliztli apizmiquizque apiztla apiztli apozonalli apozoni aquen aquenman aqui aquia aquimati aquimichin aquin Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss you [pl] are our sons you [pl] are our fathers you are our lords you are our lords nowhere no where; nowhere no longer; no more; not anymore; nevermore he despises him no longer anything yellow maguey wine that which is not eaten by worms he is ignorant of the road, he is not familiar not bony, boneless incapable no longer, nevermore in a watery cavern; in underwater caverns watery cavern body of water water people, people who live on the water basin; earthen basin; earthen tub; tub they guard the water water jar diarrhea little bit of diarrhea there is death from hunger, there is starvation there was death from hunger, there was starvation they died of hunger, they starved starved, dying of hunger they hungered hunger; starvation they will be hungry place of hunger famine, hunger amber it boils, it bubbles in no way; in no manner never he enters; he fits; he who; one who she entered they do not know it water mouse he who; the one who; who; Nahuatl

Page 7 of 138 English Gloss one who; anyone; one; someone; whoever; one that; she who; whom he does not want it, he does not wish it those who; some; those; who (pl) it will not endure it they will not see it perhaps ruddy duck it dug for water he had it coming at the shore; coast; shore; water's edge; on the bank; on the shore; on the coast; sea coast man of the river banks lousy ceaseless talker it becomes lousy american bittern 1 (bittern (btrn) n. Any of several wading birds of the genera Botaurus and Ixobrychus, having mottled, brownish plumage and a deep, booming cry in the male. [Middle English bitour (with -n perhaps from heron) from Old French butor, possibly from Vulgar Latin *buti-taurus : Latin bti, buzzard + Latin taurus, bull (after its cry); see taurobelow.]) they pour water in craggy water; water in the crags(crag (krg) n. A steeply projecting mass of rock forming part of a rugged cliff or headland. [Middle English, from Welsh craig or Scottish Gaelic creagh.] -cragged (krgd) adj. ) water cavern in the crags it becomes loose; it is softened; it liquefies; it melts; it loosens something that melts Page 7 of 138

aquinequi aquique aquittaz aquittazque at atapalcatl atatacac atelchitl atenco

atenhua atenio atenpoztequini atenyohua ateponaztli

ateteca atexcalco

atexcaloztotl atia atiani

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl atic atic Eglish Gloss aqueous, runny loose; sparse; watery; dissolved in water; transparent; liquefied; liquid; runny; soft; clear; relaxed; loose-woven; sparce with chocolate, by means of chocolate, by means of drink; with drink; with water; by means of water something that can be liquefied you are untrained we are nothing water; chocolate; drink; lake; river; sea castigation, punishment; reprimands and corrections city sustenance evil men; inhuman people water folk; fisher folk diabolical, inhuman; man of the water; monster; inhuman person; savage he does not look, he is unobservant slippery they transport water, they get water she fetched water, she drew water by the water; from the water; in the water; into the water; in water; on the water; through the water leafed, having leaves; winged; having wings wing wings they draw water goose (goose (gs) n., pl. geese (gs). 1.a. Any of various wild or domesticated water birds of the family Anatidae, and especially of the genera Anser and Branta, characteristically having a shorter neck than that of a swan and a shorter, more pointed bill than that of a duck. b. The female of such a bird. c. The flesh of such a Nahuatl

Page 8 of 138 English Gloss bird used as food. 2. Informal. A silly person. 3., pl. gooses. A tailor's pressing iron with a long curved handle. 4. Slang. A poke, prod, or pinch between or on the buttocks. --goose tr.v. goosed, goosing, gooses. Slang. 1. To poke, prod, or pinch (a person) between or on the buttocks. 2. To move to action, spur: The pilot goosed his craft, powering away (Nicholas Proffitt). [Middle English goos, from Old English gs. See ghansbelow.]) in a canyon; in an abyss; in a gorge in a gorge canyon, gorge, ravine having gorges, having ravines nothing it is useless, it is valueless; it is worthless she respects no one nothing nothing he becomes nothing; it becomes nothing it will fail, it will become nothing nothing he drinks; he drinks (water) it drinks; it drinks water; it takes water they drink they drank; they drank water one drinks; there is drinking; people drink chocolate drinking vessel there was drinking, people drank he will drink water drinking he will drink; he will drink water; he is to drink water; it will drink water it becomes soft atole; maize gruel mushy; soft he has a fever; he has fever Page 8 of 138


atililoni atimozcalia atitleme atl atl cecec tzitzicaztli atl tepetl atl tlacualli atlaca atlaca atlacatl atlachia atlactic atlacui atlacuic atlan

atlauhco atlauhitic atlauhtli atlauhyo atle atle inecoca atle ipan teitta atleh atlei atleti atletiz atletzin atli atli atli atlia atlihua atlihualoni atlihuaya atlihuaz atliliztli atliz atolihui atolli atoltic atonahui

atlapale atlapalli atlapaltin atlatlacui atlatlalacatl

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl atonahuizpatli atoncuepotli Eglish Gloss fever medicine ruddy (ruddy (rd) adj. ruddier, ruddiest. 1.a. Having a healthy, reddish color. b. Reddish; rosy.)duck pelican american bittern(bittern (btrn) n. Any of several wading birds of the genera Botaurus and Ixobrychus, having mottled, brownish plumage and a deep, booming cry in the male. [Middle English bitour (with -n perhaps from heron) from Old French butor, possibly from Vulgar Latin *buti-taurus : Latin bti, buzzard + Latin taurus, bull (after its cry);); american white pelican; pelican water bird river in a river; in the river; in the torrent river pebble current, torrent, river; stream danger river sand oyster little oyster water sprinkler drink northern phalarope(phalarope (fl-rp) n. Any of several small wading birds of the family Phalaropodidae, resembling sandpipers but having lobed toes that enable them to swim. [French, from New Latin phalaropus : Greek phalaris, coot (from phalaros, having a white spot) insipid and; but fine water fly possessor; possessor of goods; possessor of wealth possessions are procured now; for the moment; present;

Page 9 of 138 Nahuatl axcan axcanpa axihua English Gloss presently; nowadays today; now; nowadays now he is seized; he is captured; he is detained; it is caught; it is captured; they are hunted; they are caught; they are seized; they are detained he was seized, he was captured he was seized, he was captured he will be seized, he will be captured it cleanses the urine gall stones he wishes to urinate urine medicine bladder he has a urinary obstruction urine-like with urine, by means of urine urine axolotl they speak like little blue herons no one, nobody there is gourd rattling; there was gourd rattling he goes rattling the rattles they sat rattling gourd rattles; they sat rattling the rattle boards; they sat rattling the gourd rattle the rattle boards were sown they sat erecting gourd rattles gourd rattle; rattle banded-backed wren(wren (rn) n. 1. Any of various small brownish songbirds of the family Troglodytidae, having rounded wings, a slender bill, and a short, often erect tail. 2. Any of various similar unrelated songbirds. [Middle English wrenne, from Old English wrenna.]) cloud rattle board haze, mist, cloud, film not yet; before thin cape coarse maguey fiber cape Page 9 of 138

atotoli atotolin

axihuac axihuaya axihuaz axixchipahua axixcocolli axixmiqui axixpatli axixtecomatl axixtetzahua axixtic axixtica axixtli axolotl axoquentlatoa ayac ayacacholo ayacachotinemi ayacachotoque

atototl atoyaatl atoyac atoyatetl atoyatl atoyatl tepexitl atoyaxalli atzcalli atzcaltontli atzetzelhuaztli atzintli atzitzicuilotl

ayacachpixolo ayacachquetztoque ayacachtli ayacachtototl

atzopelic auh auhtic axaxayacatl axcahua axcahuilo axcan Nahuatl Vocabulary

ayachcuahuitl ayahuitl ayamo ayatl ayatzitzicaztli

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl ayauhcalco ayauhcalli ayauhchapoli ayauhchicahuaztli ayauhcozamalotl ayauhquemitl ayauhtic ayaxcan ayayac ayazolli ayecotli ayectli ayetic ayo ayocmo ayoctli ayohuachnamacac ayohuachpalan ayohuachtli ayomecatic ayomichi ayopaltic ayotectli ayotetl ayotl ayotl ayotlaxcalli ayotli ayotochi ayotochtli ayoxochquilitl azazaca azcame azcapapalotl azcapatlan azcapotzalco azcatl azoc azolin Eglish Gloss with nettles at the mist house; in the mist house mist house mist grasshopper mist rattle board rainbow mist cape misty difficult; with difficulty; gradually; with effort no one miserable cape, old worn cape; old maguey fiber cape fat bean; fat black bean; fat red bean; large black bean bad, evil; unrighteousness\ light; not heavy juicy; watery no longer; not any more; no more; nevermore watered wine seller of gourd seeds or squash seeds spoiled squash seed gourd seed; gourd seeds; squash seed like a gourd vine turtle violet-colored gourd gourd gourd turtle; turtle shell gourd tortilla gourd armadillo armadillo gourd blossom they carry water ants butterfly ant flying ant in an anthill ant perhaps wilson snipe(Wilson's snipe n. A common North American snipe (Capella gallinago subsp. delicata.) [After Alexander Wilson Nahuatl

Page 10 of 138 English Gloss (1766-1813), Scottish-born American ornithologist.])( snipe (snp) n. 1., pl. snipe or snipes.a. Any of various long-billed shore birds of the genus Gallinago or Capella, related to the woodcocks and sandpipers, especially the common, widely distributed species G. gallinago or C. gallinago. b. Any of various similar or related birds. 2. A shot, especially a gunshot, from a concealed place. --snipe intr.v. sniped, sniping, snipes. 1. To shoot at individuals from a concealed place. 2. To shoot snipe. 3. To make malicious, underhand remarks or attacks. [Middle English, probably from Old Norse snpa, as in mrisnpa, marsh snipe.]) exceedingly white; intensly white; very white heron; snowy egret they speak like white herons bathed; it is washed burns the throat no longer, no more; not yet no one any longer iron pyrites for; because he is it is; there is they are they bathe her; they bathe him he will bathe him they took it up, they seized it they go grasping it cacao tree bale of cacao cacao bean cacao; cacao bean; chocolate powdered cacao it crackles; it jingles; it rattles; it sounds it rattled it slaps there is entering on the part of Page 10 of 138

aztapiltic aztatl aztatlatoa c c c ca ca ca ca caaltia caaltiz caanque caantinemi cacahuacuahuitl cacahuapetlatl cacahuatetl cacahuatl cacahuatlalli cacalaca cacalacaya cacalachihui cacalacoa

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl cacalacoac cacalacque cacalaqui Eglish Gloss each one there was entering on the part of each one they each entered; they entered; they got in he enters repeatedly, he enters from house to house; he repeatedly enters; he enters; they enter from house to house he entered from house to house they will enter repeatedly it becomes hollow like "raven-stone" "raven-stone"; crow-egg common raven each of the majordomos, each of the house stewards; stewards porous ducks ducks it whispers black black it stretches with carrying frame cords, by means of carrying frame cords carrying frame he arrives at it, he reaches it; he captures him; he captures it; he catches him; he seizes him; he gains it; he achieves it; he seizes it; he takes him; it achieves; it hunts it; it reaches; it equals they catch him, they capture him; they catch it; they seize him; they detain him; they take it he captured him he took him, he captured him; he took it; he seized it it hunts it they captured it; they caught it; they hunted it; they took it he goes to take him, he goes to capture him he will capture it, he will catch it they try to catch it, they want to catch it Nahuatl cacnamaca cacnamacac cacnamacaque caco caco cacocui cacocuiz cacolehua cacoya cactepiton cactihuetzi cactihuetzia cactimomanaya cactli caczolli caczoque cah cahaltiz cahcamanale cahcamanaltini cahci cahualo cahualoya

Page 11 of 138 English Gloss he sells sandals seller of sandals sellers of sandals it is heard they are heard he brandishes it; she takes it up she will lift it up he raises it as a threat it was heard small sandal it is still, it is quiet; there is silence it was still it was quiet, silence reigned sandal old sandal sandal makers it is; there is he will bathe him entertainer jester he reaches it, he catches it; it catches it she is left he was abandoned; he was let go; he was released; they were released; they were freed it will cease, it will stop he scolded him, chided him; he berated him he affronts him; he dishonors her; he dishonors him (may) he gladden him she amuses him; they gladden him; they gladden it; they harry(harry (hr) tr.v. harried, harrying, harries. 1. To disturb or distress by or as if by repeated attacks; harass. See Synonyms at harass. 2. To raid, as in war; sack or pillage. [Middle English harien, from Old English hergian.) him they harried him he will gladden him, he will amuse him time brief time; moment; bit of time time Page 11 of 138

cacalaquia cacalaquizqueh cacalihui cacalotetic cacalotetl cacalotl cacalpixque cacamactic cacanauhti cacanauhtin cacapaca cacatzactic cacatzactli cacatzca cacaxmecatica cacaxtli caci

cahualoz cahuaya cahuilquixtia cahuilti cahuiltia


cacia cacic cacin cacique cacitiuh caciz caciznequi

cahuiltiaya cahuiltiz cahuitl cahuitontli cahuitzintli

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl calac calacoa calacoaya calacoayan calacoaz calacohua calacque calactihuetzi Eglish Gloss he entered, he went in people enter; there is entering there was entering, people entered entrance there will be entering, people will enter people enter they entered it enters quickly, it penetrates quickly; it suddenly enters; it suddenly dives in; they enter quickly; they hasten to enter; they enter suddenly they go along entering they had gone entering, they had gone penetrating he enters; he goes in; he goes within it enters; it goes in; it penetrates; it sets she enters; they enter; they go in; they penetrate he entered; it entered; it went in; they entered; they came in; they penetrated they came to enter he enters, he returns he was imprisoned he is accustomed to entering; one who enters; it is accustomed to entering; they enter; they are accustomed to enter they went to enter he will enter; it will enter; it will go in he wants to enter, he tries to enter they will enter; they will penetrate on a roof house; home home life in the house; into the house; within the house; inside the house; within; inside they enter, they come in house; hut in the houses stewardship majordomos, house stewards; stewards Nahuatl calpixqui calquimichi calquimichin caltepipitzotl caltepiton caltia

Page 12 of 138 English Gloss majordomo, house steward; steward house mouse house mouse pigsty small house he bathes him; he bathes it; she bathes him; she bathes it; they bathe her; they bathe him; they bathe it he bathed him; she bathed her; she bathed him; they bathed her; they bathed him; they washed him he will bathe him they will bathe him small house round house grooved part of the lower jaw jawbone concave part of the lower jaw it lies open-mouthed bitter to the taste that which burns the mouth wide-mouthed tender jest, joke; scoffing they wrap it in paper cheek big-mouthed; having an open mouth big-mouthed; having a wide mouth brown brown brown brown they thirst for it orange; purple in a place, anywhere somewhere; anywhere; to a place; to where; whence; from where; where; in the direction; in what place; wherever; whither where somewhere where he captures him; he catches her; he seizes her; he catches it; he seizes it; he grasps it; he hunts it; he posts him; he Page 12 of 138


calactinemi calactinenca calaqui calaqui calaqui calaquia calaquico calaquih calaquiloya calaquini

caltiz caltizque caltontli calyahualli camachalacaliuhcantli camachalli camachaloacaliuhiantli camachalotoc camachichic camacococ camacoyahuac camahuac camanalli camaquentia camatetl camaxacal camaxacaltic camilhuiltic camillo camiltic camiltique camiqui camopaltic campa campa

calaquito calaquiz calaquiznequi calaquizque calcuac cali calinemiliztli calitic callaqui calli calpan calpixcantli calpixque

campan can can cana

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl Eglish Gloss places him; he seizes him; he grabs it; he takes it; he takes her; he takes him; he accepts it it catches him; it seizes it; it takes it she takes it; somewhere; anywhere; elsewhere; in a place; in places; some place; some places; where; wherever; they catch it; they raise it; they take it; they receive it; they seize it whereabouts; wherever they came to capture him; they came to take her somewhere it thins fine, thin temple something which can be thinned somewhere it goes to seize him, to catch him; it goes to takeit she went to take it; they went to seize him duck feather wide bill of a duck duck egg dried duck duck stewed in a pot they speak like ducks duck; mallard duckling he will seize it, he will grab it; he will take her; he will take it; he will covet it he tries to capture her, he wants to seize her; he tries to capture it; he wants to seize it; he tries to catch it; he wishes to take it they will catch it; they will take him; they will take it; they will seize it candle he will take it from him, he will remove it from him somewhere; where; wherever where they took it cheek Nahuatl capapachoa capoli capolin capotztic caquia caquiaya caquitiloc caquizti

Page 13 of 138 English Gloss they keep wetting him cherry; cherry tree cherry, american cherry black he puts it inside they inserted it it was made known he discloses, he is heard; he is audible; he sounds; it is audible; it sounds; it is heard; it is loud; it resounds; it sounds out; it sounds well; it is heard clearly; it makes a noise; it rings out there is sound; they resound; they sound it sounded, it was audible something that resounds he was; it was; she was; there was; they were they are it drinks it; they drink it he will provide drink for him dirty dark black; dark; dirty; dirty black; dirty-colored in a basin, in a bowl it is depressed, it becomes bowl-like basin, bowl; vessel bowl-like he expels it in the urine; he urinates it (i e; expels it in the urine); he urinates it (ie; he urinates on it; she urinates it (i e he will urinate it (i e, expel it in the urine); she will urinate it (ie bowl-like; concave; bowlshaped fifteen sixteen nineteen fifteen spans fifteen three hundred three hundred years fifteen fifteen fifteen years Page 13 of 138

cana cana

cana canaco canah canahua canahuac canahuacantli canahualoni canapa canatiuh canato canauhihhuitl canauhtenpatlactli canauhtetl canauhtlahuatzalli canauhtlapahuaxtli canauhtlatoa canauhtli canauhtzin canaz canaznequi

caquizti caquiztia caquiztini catca cate catli catlitiz catzacpol catzactic catzahuac caxic caxihui caxitl caxiuhqui caxixa

caxixaz caxtic caxtolli caxtolloce caxtollonnahui caxtolmapan caxtololotl caxtolpoalli caxtolpoalxihuitl caxtoltetl caxtoltin caxtolxihuitl

canazque candela caniliz canin canpa canque cantli Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl cayac cayac cayacachilhuia cayacachoa ce ceccan cecec cececni cecelia cecelic cecelpatic cecempoalilhuitl cecempoalli cecentetl cecepalalahtic cecepatic cecepoctli cecexiuhtica ceceyaca ceceyoal ceceyohual cecmicque cecni cectlapal cehpayahuitl cehualli cehuetzi cehuetziz cehui Eglish Gloss (may) no one, (may) nobody for no one, for nobody they sound the rattle-board for him it rattles it one; a; an; single separate place cold; chill; fresh; cool in various places; separately it calms down each one soft; verdant; green; very fresh very tender each twenty days by twenties each one; one by one very cold very cold knuckle each year, yearly; once a year; during each year each one; one by one; one at a time each night; nightly every night they died of the cold in some place, apart, elsewhere; separate at one side; half snow shadow it freezes, it gets cold (i e, weather) it will freeze (may) it be placated, (may) it be calmed; (may) it go out; (may) it be extinguished; (may) it rest; it abates; it calms down; it becomes calm; it becomes quiet; it goes out; it is extinguished; it is calmed it will abate; it will calm down; it will be calmed; it will be placated; it will cool it becomes tender; it buds delicate; fresh; green; tender; soft very fresh and green; very tender fresh; green always; constantly; eternal; forever; eternally Nahuatl cemilhuicochi cemilhuitiz cemilhuitl cemiztac cemmachoa cemmolicpitl cemonoque cemoquichtli cempoalilhuitl cempoalli cempoalmatl cempoalpa cempoalteme cempoaltetl cempoalxihuitl cempoalxochitl cenca cenca cenca

Page 14 of 138 English Gloss he sleeps all day he will spend the day a whole day, all day; by day; during the day; for a day; one day completely white it is made known a forearm [in length] they dwell together only boy, only male child twenty days twenty twenty fathoms twenty times twenties, scores twenty twenty years marigold exceedingly, very; extremely; great; greatly; much; frequently; a lot much; great; greatly; strongly very; very quite; exceedingly; excessively; great; much; greatly; pure; really; very much it all enters with one word, by means of a word a word; one word much; very all the forest, the whole forest there was a reunion it spreads they scattered one finger [measure] fathom only child with one word, by means of a word one word one; single; a; an a carrier load kinds a kind; one kind; a way; a manner; one thing; a thing; some; some kind on one side dried ear of maize northern mockingbird four hundred four hundred rabbits Page 14 of 138

cencalaqui cencamatica cencamatl cencan cencuahuitl cenielohuac cenmani cenmanque cenmapilli cenmatl centeconetl cententica cententli centetl centlamamalpan centlamantin centlamantli centlapal centli centzontlatole centzontli centzontotochti

cehuiz celia celic celpatic celtic cemicac

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl cenyohual cepa cepayahuitl ceppa cequi cequin cequinti cequintin cetica cetl cexihuitl cexiuh cexiuhtica ceyoal ceyohual CHA:HUAPA:PA:LO:TL chacayoltic chachacuachtic chachalaca chachapaca chachayactic chahuayotl chalcatlatoque chalchihuitl chalchiuhcozcatl chalchiuhiximati chalchiuhtecomatl chalchiuhtentetl chalchiuhtototl Eglish Gloss all night once, one time snow once; one time; first; first time others; some; in part; one; part; some things some some some; a number of; certain from ice, by means of ice frost, ice one year one year at the end of one year; each year; yearly; for a year; once a year; every year all night; at night; during the night; night; by night all night; during the night; at night night butterfly, "moth" callused rough; coarse; irregular it rattles it falls in large drops spreading jealousy chalcan rulers precious green stone; green stone green stone necklace they have knowledge of green stones green stone jar green stone lip plug blue honeycreeper (honeycreeper (hn-krpr) n. 1. Any of various small, often brightly colored tropical American birds of the family Coerebidae, having a curved bill adapted for sucking nectar from flowers. 2. Any of several birds of the family Drepanididae of Hawaii, similar to the mainland honeycreepers.) green stone jar it becomes coarse coarse; rough; dense; developed; filled out; fat; firm; Nahuatl chanchihua chane chaneque chanitta chanonoque chapani chapoli chapolin chapopotic

Page 15 of 138 English Gloss large; thick it makes its home dweller; householder dwellers; householders; inhabitants; members of the household she finds lodging they are house dwellers it droops locust, grasshopper locust, grasshopper like pitch, like bitumen(bitumen (btmn, -ty-, b-) n. Any of various flammable mixtures of hydrocarbons and other substances, occurring naturally or obtained by distillation from coal or petroleum, that are a component of asphalt and tar and are used for surfacing roads and for waterproofing. [Middle English bithumen, a mineral pitch from the Near East, from Latin bitmen, perhaps of Celtic origin.] -bituminoid (-m-noid) adj.) pitch, bitumen oily it becomes greasy; it becomes soggy; it exudes matter; it gets greasy; it is greasy; it is fat; it is oily; it stains fatty, greasy; fat; oily oily greasy greasiness marchpane marshy land very strong strong, sturdy he becomes strong; he becomes mature; it becomes firm; it becomes mature; it becomes strong; it grows they are strong; they become strong; they fill out; they become mature; they grow firm; hardened; strong; solid; stiff; developed; resistant; Page 15 of 138

chapopotli chiactic chiahua

chiahuac chiahuacaayo chiahuacayo chiahuacayotl chiancaca chiauhtlalli chicacpatic chicactic chicahua

chicahua chicahuac

chalchiuhxicalli chamahua chamahuac

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl chicahuaque chicalotl chicha chichi chichic chichicacococ chichicahua chichicatl Eglish Gloss hard; sturdy; tough strong argemone he spits dog bitter; acid bitter, burning it becomes strong bile(bile (bl) n. 1. A bitter, alkaline, brownish-yellow or greenish-yellow fluid that is secreted by the liver, stored in the gallbladder, and discharged into the duodenum and aids in the emulsification, digestion, and absorption of 1 fats. Also called gall . 2. Bitterness of temper; ill humor; irascibility. 3. Either of two bodily humors, black bile or yellow bile, in medieval physiology. [French, from Latin blis.]) little bag eight dog's tail she suckles (them) milk nursemaids it becomes red, chili-red very red, very chili-red very chili-red, exceedingly chili-red chili-red, red; vermillion dogs exceedingly bitter; very bitter very bitter very bitter, exceedingly bitter saliva; spittle little dog it became bitter dog-fly, a hovering fly barn owl uneven seven seven at a time, by sevens seven days nine nine places of the dead nine years seven rain Nahuatl chicotlamati chicotlamatiz chicotlatoltica chicuace chicuaceccan chicuacempoalilhuitl chicuacen chicuacentetl chicuancen chicuatic chicuatli chicuei chicueilhuitl chicuepoalxihuitl chicuetetl chicuexihuitl chielo chien chihchalo chihchicotlacaqui chihchiltic chihua chihualo chihualoz chilcanauhtli chilpatic chiltotopil

Page 16 of 138 English Gloss he is suspicious he will suspect with malicious words, by means of malicious words six sixth place one hundred and twenty days six six six like a barn owl barn owl; screech owl eight eight days one hundred sixty years eight eight years he is expected, he is awaited chia spit he misunderstands red, chili-red it does it it is done; they are done; they are practised it will be done cinnamon teal very red red warbler(warbler (wrblr) n. 1. Any of various small New World songbirds of the family Parulidae, many of which have brightly colored plumage or markings, as the redstart and the chat. Also called wood warbler. 2. Any of various small, often brownish or grayish Old World songbirds of the family Silviidae, as the blackcap and the whitethroat. 3. Music. One that warbles; a singer.) little chile shield with shields, by means of shields little shield shield flower very clear very clear very clean exceedingly clear; very clear Page 16 of 138

chichicuatzin chichicueei chichicuitlapilli chichihua chichihualayotl chichihuame chichilihui chichilpahtic chichilpatic chichiltic chichime chichipalalatic chichipatic chichipatzontic chichitl chichiton chichix CHICHIZA:YO:LIN chichtli chicohuiac chicome chicometica chicomilhuitl chiconahui chiconamictlan chiconauhxihuitl chiconquiahuitl

chiltzintli chimalli chimaltica chimaltontli chimalxochitl chipacaltic chipaccaltic chipacpahtic chipacpatic

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl chipactic chipahua chipahuac chipahuaca chipahuacaneci chipahuacanemi chipahuacanemilice chipahuacanemiliztli chipahuactic chipayac chiquihuitl chiquimoli chiquiztli chitepaqui cho:ca cho:ca cho:cac cho:cani cho:caque cho:catica cho:catinemi cho:catoc cho:caya Eglish Gloss clean; clear it becomes clean; it becomes pure; it cleanses; it purifies; it is purified clean; pure; clear; limpid; delicate; fresh; refined pure, clean it appears clear he lives in chastity chaste chastity, clean way of life; pure life; clean life very clean bad smelling basket gossiper; ladder-backed woodpecker testicle it brings pleasure he weeps; he cries; it cries; it cries out; it hoots; it howls she weeps, she cries; they cry; they weep he wept, he cried one who weeps, one who cries; weeper they wept, they cried it is weeping he goes along weeping; he goes weeping he lies crying, he lies weeping it hooted; it was wailing; it was weeping; it was crying; she cried; she wept; they wept; they cried there is weeping it weeps constantly he leaps about, he leaps repeatedly it jumps constantly there is weeping place of weeping having dewclaws(dewclaw (dkl, dy-) n. A vestigial digit or claw not reaching the ground and found on the feet of certain mammals. [Origin unknown, perhaps from alteration of toe.] --dewclawed adj.) hoof Nahuatl chohcholoa:ni cholo:z choloa choloa choloa:ni cholohua choloque cholotehua chontzin choponiloni choquizcali choquiztica choquiztli choquiztli ixayotl ciahuac ciahuatotoli ciahuiztli ciammiquiliztli cicitlallo cicitlalti cicitlaltin cihcihuatlatoa cihtli cihua cihuacochi cihuacochia cihuacochiz cihuacocolli cihuacuicatl cihuah cihuahua cihuamazatl cihuamone cihuanequini cihuanotza cihuapan cihuapilchichihualli cihuapille cihuapilli cihuapilpil cihuapilti cihuapiltontli cihuapiltzintle cihuapiltzintli

Page 17 of 138 English Gloss constant jumper he will flee; it will leap; it will jump he flees; he runs away; it flees; it leaps they flee jumper it jumps they fled he springs up to run beautiful fang house of weeping with weeping, weepingly weeping; crying; lamentation mourning damp, wet turkey hen fatigue fatigue starry, having stars stars stars he talks like a woman hare women he sleeps with a woman he lay with a woman; he lay with woman; he slept with a woman he will sleep with a woman woman's ailment women's song women husband doe one who has a daughter-inlaw one who is given to women he is given to women women's quarters girl's breast o my lady; o noblewoman noblewoman; vulva young girls she lives as a noblewoman, she becomes a noblewoman baby girl; girl child; female child; girl; little girl; noble girl; small girl o my beloved lady noblewoman Page 17 of 138

cho:cohua chocho:ca chocholoa chocholohua chocoa chocoaya chohchole

chohcholli Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl cihuapipilti cihuapipiltotonti cihuateotl cihuateteo cihuateteu cihuatitici cihuatl cihuatlahueliloc cihuatlahueliloque cihuatlamacazque cihuatlapalihui cihuatlatolli cihuatlatquitl cihuatotoli cihuatotolin cihuatzintli cihuatzitzinti cintanaton cintlaolli cintli citlalcolotl citlalcueye citlalcuicuiltic citlali citlalin citlalli citlallotoc citlalmaololo citlalminqui citlalmitl citlalpol citli coacihui coacihuizio coacihuiztli coamichi coatetl coatl coatlanquiza coatontli cochcamachaloa Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss princesses girls; small girls; young girls; young women goddess goddesses godesses elderly female matchmakers; women physicians bride, woman; female; hen; uterus; girl evil woman whores offering priestesses robust woman women's words equipment of women, women's belongings; women's array turkey hen turkey hen girl, lady; woman beloved women; honored women; women; young women little maize basket ear of maize or corn dried ear of maize; dried ear of maize or corn; ear of maize scorpion star star-skirted, having a star skirt painted like a star star star star spread with stars, covered with stars star gatherer, one who gathers stars wounded by a shooting star star arrow morning star, big star hare; jack rabbit he has the gout; they have the gout paralyzing gout; numbness eel cyst snake, serpent canine teeth emerge small snake his lips move from side to Nahuatl cochhiza cochi cochi cochihuani cochiz cochizani cochiztli cochoctli cochque cochtica cochtimotlalia cochtlatoa cocoa cococ cococ

Page 18 of 138 English Gloss side; it yawns it wakens sleepers he sleeps it sleeps; she sleeps; they sleep something for sleeping [eg, clothing to sleep in] he will sleep vigilant sleep sleep-producing pulque; sleep-producing wine they slept he is sleeping he lies down to sleep they talk in their sleep serpents, snakes; twins afflicted; affliction; anguish; bitter; burning hot, burning; it burns like pepper; misery; affliction; pain; piquant; that which burns he sleeps song of the sick snakes; serpents they will be hated it sickens he will suffer, he will get sick sickness sickness; affliction; ailment; pestilence; plague ailment; infection; sickness; pain; illness curved; wavy it splashes children; little babies small children childishness, babyishness extremely hot, burning exceedingly burning very burning servants throat it breaks up; it falls to pieces; it is cut to pieces little dove they apply pine pitch to it sick people; the sick sick; sick person; patient it becomes pregnant sickening Page 18 of 138

cocochi cococuicatl cocohua cocolilozque cocolizcui cocolizcuiz cocoliztl cocoliztli cocolli cocoltic cocomotzahui coconetotonti coconetzitzinti coconeyotl cocopahtic cocopalalatic cocopatic cocoti cocotl cocotoca cocotzin cocotzohuia cocoxque cocoxqui cocoya cocoyac

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl cocoyactic cocoyahuac cocoyani cocoyontiuh cohcomoltic cohuacihuizpatli cohuacihuiztli cohuaciztli cohuapetlatl cohuatetl cohuatl cohuatololiztli cohuatontli cohuayo cohuicaittaya coli colini colinia colinique coliniznequi collamizque colochahui cololhuitimoteca cololoa colotitech colotl colotli coltic colxahua comalchihua comalco comic commana commapilhui commatia comolihui comoltic comotzihui compacaya compachoa compalo compaloa compatiaya compatzca compehualtia conaci Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss wide distended (each one) subject to pregnancy they keep opening full of holes remedy for gout, cure for gout gout gout serpent mat cyst serpent, snake swallowing of serpents, snakes little serpent, little snake having snakes they regarded it as dangerous quail he moved him he molests it, he moves it; it stirs it; it moves it; she moves it; they move it they moved it he wants to move it they will play ball against him it becomes curly they seat themselves around it makes it into a ball; it moves it; they ball it together; they pile it up on the frame scorpion carrying frame; frame; wooden framework curved they paint it with rubber he makes griddles on the griddle interior of the vessel he offers it, he places it he pointed to it they took account of him it becomes hollow hollowed it shakes they washed it they press it it ate it, it consumed it it sucks it he cured him they squeeze it out he begins it; they begin it they seize him, they detain Nahuatl conahuaz conalahua conana

Page 19 of 138 English Gloss him he will scold him, he will chide him they anoint it he grabs it, he seizes it; he takes her; he seizes her; he takes it; they seize him; they grab him they took him he seizes it from him; he takes it from her; it works on him they seized it he places it, he inserts it; he puts it on her; they fit it on him; they put it on him they fitted it, they inserted it they insert it into him he leaves it; they leave her; they leave him; they escort him; they leave it he left it; he delivered it; she left it; they left her; they left him; they left it they will leave it he takes it in they put it in goose he hears it they delivered it, they left it they fatten it he spits at her he does it he applies it in drops, he drips it he drips it he made it he will weep for him it eats it; they eat it he will eat it, he is to eat it he acquires it, he takes it; he grabs it; he takes it up; he seizes it she takes it; they take it; they grasp it; they seize it; they take it he took it; they took it; they gathered it; they got it; they plucked it; they secured it he took it (repeatedly) they take it from him she snatched it up, she seized it suddenly Page 19 of 138

conanaya conanilia conanque conaquia conaquiaya conaquilia concahua concahuaya concahuazque concalaquia concalaquique concanauhtli concaqui concauhque conchamahua conchicha conchihua conchipinia conchipinilia conchiuh conchoquiliz concua concuaz concui concui concuia concuicuia concuilia concuitihuetz

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl concuitihui concuitimani concuitiquiza concuizque concuizquia conelcicihuiliz conetl conetontli conetzin conetzintli conexiquipilti coneyotl conhuicaque conhuicaya coni coni coni conia coniahua conic conichiqui conichtacacalaquia conicza conihua conilhui coniltequi conitia conitiaya conitizque conito conitoa conitotihui conitqui conitta conitta conittaque conittaya conittaz coniyahua Eglish Gloss they go taking it they continue taking it they quickly snatch it they will grasp it she would take it he will sigh for him child, girl baby; child; girl; infant; small child child baby; child; little girl; children; little child; small girl womb childishness, babyishness they brought it they took him (may) he drink it he drinks it she drinks it; they drink if; they drink it they drank it he raises it as an offering he drank it he scrapes it he secretly puts it in, he secretly takes it in she tramps on it, she steps on it he sends him he said it to him they sip it they have him drink it they had him drink it, they made him drink it they will make him drink it she said it he says it; she says it; they say it they go saying it they take it he looks upon it; he sees her; he looks at her; he sees him; he sees it they see him; they see it; they study it they saw it he saw it; they saw him; they saw it he will discover it, he will see it; he will experience it he raises it in dedication, he raises it in offering, he offers Nahuatl

Page 20 of 138 English Gloss it; she raises him in dedication; she raises him in offering; she offers him; she raises it in dedication; she raises it in offering; she offers it; they raise her in dedication; they raise her in offering; they offer her; they raise it in dedication; they raise it in offering; they offer it he will drink it; he is to drink it she will drink it, she is to drink it they will drink it, they are to drink it he gives it to her, he offers it to her; he gives it to him; he gives it to it they give it to him they gave it to him he gave it to him they carry it on their backs they lay it; they lay it down; they lay it out he puts it on; they put it on him he put it on; he placed it on himself he feels it; it feels it they will remember it he killed them they kill him, they slay him; they kill it they abandoned it there he [h] will do it, he [h] will bring it about he gives himself to it he will ordain it, he will determine it, he will will it he [h] passes it, he [h] moves it they cut his ears they went to meet him it places it together he will wish it, he will want it they will want it, they will require it they summon him, they call out to him they called to him they apply pine resin to each one he tasted it Page 20 of 138

coniz coniz conizque conmaca conmaca conmacaque conmacaya conmama conmana conmaquia conmaquiaya conmati conmatizque conmicti conmictia conmocahuili conmochihuiliz conmomaca conmonequiltiz conmoquixtilia connacaztequi connamiquito connepanoa connequiz connequizque connotza connotzque conoocotzohuia conpalo

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl conpaloltia conpinauhtiz conpoztec conquechcotona conquentia conquetza conquetzato conquixtia conteca Eglish Gloss she makes him taste it it will shame him he broke it they behead it he covers it; they clothe him; they clothe it; they cover it he stands it up; she sets it up; she stands it up they went to stand him up he passes it, he moves it he fills it, he pours it; he places it; he spreads it out; she places him; she lays him down; she places it; they lay her down; they stretch her out; they lay her out; they lay him down; they stretch him out; they lay it down; they lay it out; they place him; they place it; they pour it; they spread him out; they spread it out he laid him out; he laid it; she filled it he laid him out; she placed it it places it he scatters it; they cast it; they scatter it; they cast them; they scatter them; they spread it; they toss it they cast it, they scattered it; they strewed it; they threw them they heap it up; they pile it up they cut it; they did cut it she pours it on him; they apply it to him; they cut it off of her; they lay it out for him; they place it on him; they spread it out for him he lays it, he places it; he places them; she places it; they place him; they place it; they put it in its place; they set it in place; they set it; they put it they placed it she places it on him they greet her; they greet him he lit it, he set fire to it they burn it they did put it on him they throw it on him they throw each one Nahuatl contlaz contlaza

Page 21 of 138 English Gloss she cast it, she threw it he casts it, he throws it; they cast it down; they throw it down; they cast it; they throw it they threw it, they cast it they love him they set fire to it they set fire to it it buries it he buried it; it followed him they clad him in a sleeveless jacket, they put a sleeveless jacket on him he placed flower garlands on him they stretch it out, they open it out incense they spread incense incense, paltry incense coarse incense they croak they continue croaking, they keep croaking groaning it parts, it breaks; it snaps he has calves (ie on his legs) band for the calf of the leg; leather leg band; skin of the calf of the leg flesh of the calf of the leg calf of the leg it impregnates her calf of the leg powdered he shells it broad, wide; enlarged; extensive; distended; open; roomy peccary; pig coyote skin they cry out; they howl they went howling coyote fur breechcloth coyote fur cape coyote-colored cotton bell he makes awls awl like the sound of a bell they walk on all fours Page 21 of 138

contlazaya contlazotla contlecahuia contlecahuique contoca contocaya conxicoltique conxochicozcati conzoa copalli copaltema copaltzintli copalxalli cotaloa cotalotica cotalotoc cotoni cotze cotzehuatl cotznacatl cotztetl cotztili cotztli coxonqui coya coyahuac coyametl coyoehuatl coyohuia coyohuitihuia coyoichcamaxtlatl coyoichcatilmatli coyoichcatl coyolli coyolmichihua coyolomitl coyoltic coyonenemi

contecac contecaya contema contepehua

contepehuaya contepeuhtitlalia contequia contequilia


contlaliaya contlalilia contlapaloa contlati contlatia contlatlalilique contlatlaxilia contlatlaza Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl coyoni coyonqui coyotl coza cozahtli cozahuia cozama cozamatl cozauhqui cozcacuauhtetl cozcacuauhtli cozcatl cozhuahuanqui cozolco cozolli cozpahtic cozpatic cozpiltic coztic coztlhotli cozyayactic cuachichilihui cuachichiltic cuachnamacac cuachpalan cuachpalaxtli cuachtli cuacoztli cuacuacuahue cuacuahue cuacuahuini cuacualaca cuacualacatoc cuacualacaz cuacualli cuacualo cuacualoni cuacualti cuacualtzin cuacuauhnacatl cuacuauhti cuahcualli cuahuacatl Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss they open hollow; hollowed; perforated; bored through; having a hole coyote they anoint him weasel it turns yellow weasel weasel yellow; blond vulture egg king vulture; vulture jewel, bead, necklace; neck band striped with yellow in a cradle; in the cradle cradle very yellow very yellow very yellow yellow yellow falcon dark yellow the head becomes red, chilired having a chile-red head; having a red head seller of large cotton capes spoiled large cotton cape, rotton large cotton cape spoiled large cotton cape, rotton large cotton cape blanket; large cape; mantle canvas-back they have antennae antled, having antlers; antlered; bull; having thorns woodcutter it boils; it cooks; it churns up; it roars; it swirls; it thunders he lay there rumbling; he stretches out rumbling it will boil, it will cook good; wonderful chewable chewable; edible beautiful good flesh of cattle, beef eagles; it has a pain in its side good pole Nahuatl cuahuacazhuatl cuahuamatl cuahuic cuahuitl

Page 22 of 138 English Gloss oak leaf coarse paper on a board; on wood; on a cradle board club, piece of wood; log; wood; pine stick; pole; shrub; staff; stick; stave; tree; tree branch; forest; wooden stave castigation, punishment pointed on top; tapered having a small pointed tip; pointed at the ends white-headed white-headed gray-headed; white-headed he becomes angry; it becomes angry; it is angry; she becomes angry; they are angry; they become angry they became angry; they were wrathful hatred, anger favorable time; good place; good time; opportune time he was well regarded good; beautiful; fair; handsome; favorable; fine; proper; sound; well; pretty it appears beautiful; it is beautiful; it is good looking; it looks good pious good life attractive beautiful; good looking; of good appearance; pleasing of appearance; they are beautiful he is eaten; it is eaten they are eaten cancer edible; edible things; food; food-producing something to be eaten; source of food; there is food edible ones it was eaten; they were eaten it will be eaten tiny tiny, minute (may) it become good; he becomes good; it became good; it improves; it becomes

cuahuitl tetl cuahuitztic cuahuitztoton cuaiztac cuaiztapatoton cuaiztaque cualani

cualanque cualantli cualcan cualittoya cualli cualneci cualnemilice cualnemiliztli cualnezcapol cualnezqui cualo cualo cualocatl cualoni cualoni cualonime cualoya cualoz cualtepil cualteton cualtia

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl cualtin cualton cuamalacachtic cuamalacachton cuamanqui cuanacame cuanacatl cuanmaitl cuanmaxac cuanmecatica cuaololtic cuapatlachtic cuapazoltic cuapitzahua cuapitzahuac cuapohpoliuhtinemi cuapohpolpol cuapopoltic cuappachcintli cuappachmaxtlatl cuappachtic cuappachtilmatli cuappachtli Eglish Gloss good; it is improved good average size; small round at the top, having a top like a spindle whorl round on top, having a top like a small spindle whorl v-shaped chickens flesh of the head piece of wood tree crotch with heavy ropes, by means of heavy ropes having a round top having a wide head having disheveled hair it becomes slender at the top slender at the tip; slender at the top; thin at the top he goes with tangled hair having twisted hair tangle-haired tawny dried ear of maize tawny-colored breechcloth tawny tawny cape tawny(tawny (tn) n. Color. A light brown to brownish orange. [Middle English, from Anglo-Norman taune, variant of Old French tane, from past participle of taner, to tan. See TAN1.] -tawniness n. --tawny adj.) squirrel cuckoo tan dried ear of maize hip eagle mat military establishment; realm eagle cane, eagle drinking tube harsh harsh having unkempt hair having a very pot-like head having a large head; having a pot-like head having a large head having a broad head; wideheaded; having a wide head Nahuatl cuatequixicihuizpatli cuatequixquiicihuiliztli cuatequixquiicihuizpatli cuatetextli cuatextli cuatezcatl

Page 23 of 138 English Gloss remedy for dandruff dandruff remedy for dandruff brains brain mirror-head; purple gallinule (gallinule (gl-

nl, -nyl) n. Any of various wading and swimming birds of the family Rallidae, frequenting swampy regions and characteristically having dark, iridescent plumage and a red bill tipped with yellow. [Latin gallnula, pullet, diminutive of gallna)
cuatlahueliloc cuatolontic cuatomahuac foolish having a round top flaring at the top, thick at the top; flaring toward the top; thick-headed; having a thick head having matted hair having uncombed hair skein (skein (skn) n.

cuatzohmapol cuatzomatic cuatzontli

cuappachtototl cuappalcintli cuappantli cuappetlatl cuappetlatl ocelopetlatl cuappiaztli cuappitzauhqui cuappitztic cuatatapatic cuateconpol cuatecontic cuatenamaztic cuatepatlachtic

1.a. A length of thread or yarn wound in a loose, elongated coil. b. Something suggesting the coil of a skein; a complex tangle: a twisted skein of lies. 2. A flock of geese or similar birds in flight. See Synonyms at flock1. [Middle English skeine, from Old French escaigne.])
cuauhacatl cuauhazcatl cuauhcalco cuauhcali pole tree ant in a wooden cage; in jail; wooden jail; wooden cage eagle house; warriors' house

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl cuauhcapolin cuauhcaxtica cuauhcelotl cuauhchicahuac cuauhchimalli cuauhchochopitli cuauhcihuatl cuauhcoyametl cuauhichcatl cuauhicxitl cuauhihhuitl cuauhnacatl cuauhnacayotl cuauhnelhuatl cuauhneuctli cuauhocuili cuauhocuiltin cuauhpilli cuauhquezcomatl cuauhquimichi cuauhquimichin cuauhquiyahuac cuauhtanatli cuauhte cuauhtechalotl cuauhtemimilli cuauhtenco cuauhtencolli cuauhtenhuetzi cuauhtenhuetziz cuauhtepiton cuauhtepitztli cuauhtetepoyo cuauhtetl cuauhtextli cuauhtic cuauhtica Eglish Gloss american cherry by means of a wooden vessel tender shoot of a tree strong tree wooden shield woodpecker mature woman; valiant woman; brave woman forest peccary tree cotton eagle foot eagle feather eagle meat wood of the tree tree root bee honey; wild bee honey; wild honey tree worm tree worms sapling wooden grain bin forest mouse forest mouse eagle gate small wooden basket o eagle warriors tree squirrel cylinder of wood at the edge of the forest eagle's curved bill he falls down exhausted; he falls exhausted; she tumbles he will collapse small tree hard tree; hard wood having an eagle claw design firm tree sawdust tall; bigger; grown; high; large; long; mature; size; towering with a club, by means of a club; with staves; with clubs; be means of clubs; by means of clubs; with wooden staves; by means of wooden staves a little tall in the treetops; in tree-tops; in treetops very thick on sticks he will be an eagle warrior; he will become like a tree Nahuatl cuauhtla cuauhtlacacahuatl cuauhtlacatl cuauhtlactli cuauhtlamazatl cuauhtlanemi cuauhtlapitzalli cuauhtlatoque cuauhtlatzacuillotl cuauhtleconi cuauhtli cuauhtlotli cuauhtontli cuauhtzintli cuauhuitztli cuauhxeloloni cuauhxicalco cuauhxicalli cuauhxincayotl cuauhxinque cuauhxinqui cuauhxiuhatlapalli cuauhyahualli cuauhyahualtic cuauhyo cuaxicalli cuaxipetztli

Page 24 of 138 English Gloss forest wild cacao woodsman tree trunk forest deer it lives in the forest flute governors; military governors eagle gate tree-climber eagle; eagle warrior; warrior marsh hawk small stick; stick; sliver of wood little tree; sapling; tree thorn stick ax in the eagle vessel eagle vessel; wooden vessel woodcarving carpenters; woodcutters carpenter; woodcarver; woodcutter petal of a tree flower round tree rounded tree tall; wooded; having trees skull bald pate (pate (pt) n. 1. The human head, especially the top of the head: a bald pate. 2. The intellect; one's brains. [Middle English.] -pated adj), bald head cuaitl-xiquipilli-tic his head itches head abscess xolotl head having a round top small and round on the tips moist it becomes pulverized; it is porous fine-textured of very fine texture; very finetextured; very finely ground up fine; fine-textured; finely ground up; pulverized; of fine texture; porous; powdery he quakes, he quavers; it quavers it is very porous Page 24 of 138

cuaxiquipiltic cuaxococihui cuaxococihuiztli cuaxolotl cuayahualtic cuayahualtoton cuechahuac cuechihui cuechiuhqui cuechpatic cuechtic cuecuechca cuecuechihui

cuauhticatontli cuauhticpac cuauhtilac cuauhtitech cuauhtiz

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl cuecuechiuhqui cuecuechpatic cuecuechtic cuecuel cuecueltic cuecuepoca Eglish Gloss finely ground up, pulverized very finely ground up finely ground up; powdery; very loose; very porous briefly, quickly winding it blooms constantly; it blossoms constantly; blooms constantly; it crackles; it pops; it shoots forth; it sputters one which shoots forth it stands blooming; it stands constantly blossoming; blooming it spreads blossoming constantly, blooming constantly it lies blossoming constantly, blooming constantly; it spreads constantly blossoming; blooming it stands blossoming it extends blossoming it spreads blossoming they crackle hide-like frogs they radiate, they spread out it glistens skirt briefly; quickly quickly; soon; briefly; then forthwith; again?; quickly; forthwill; then curved, doubled over agricultural land it blossomed blossoming, opening he blossoms; it blooms; it blossoms; it bursts; it flowers; it opens; it burst open; it bursts forth; it bursts open; it glows they bloom, they blossom bloomer; blossomer it will blossom; it will flare up blossomed; in blossom; blossomer it stands blossoming it lies blossoming, blooming; it spreads blossoming wolf Nahuatl cuetlanextic cuetlapilhuiac cuetlaxcactli cuetlaxiuhqui cuetlaxochitl cuetlaxtic cuetlaxtilmatli cuetlaxtli cuetontli cuetzpalcuani cuetzpalcuitlatl cuetzpali cuetzpalin cuetzpalli cuexcochtli cueyame cueyatl cueye huipille cuezali cuezcomatl cui:co cuiatl cuica cuica cuicaanqui cuicacalco cuicacali cuicacalli cuicaitoani cuicamana cuicani cuicanime cuicapiquini cuicatihui cuicatilo cuicatiuh cuicatl cuicatlahuilli cuicatlaliani cuicatlaza cuicatoque cuicaz cuichectic cuichehuac cuico cuicoanaliztli cuicoya

Page 25 of 138 English Gloss faded ashen color long-tailed sandal made of cured leather leather-like poinsettia leathery leather cape cured leather; leather little skirt eater of lizards lizard excrement lizard lizard lizard nape of the neck frogs frog woman flame-colored thing; scarletmacaw feather; red-macaw feather; scarlet macaw corn bin, grain bin; maize bin; cornbin there is singing, people sing frog he sings; it sings they sing one who leads the singing in the song house song house house of song singer who intones the chant they provide song singer singers; musicians composer of songs; song composer they go singing there is singing he goes singing song; music; singing torch for singing songwriter they loose the song they sat singing he will sing blackish, sooty blackish, sooty; dark; dusky there is singing; people sing song there was singing; people sang Page 25 of 138

cuecuepocani cuecuepocaticac cuecuepocatimani cuecuepocatoc

cuecueponticac cuecuepontimani cuecuepontoc cuecuetlaca cuecuetlaxtic cuecueya cuecueyahua cuecueyoca cueitl cuel cuel cuele cueltic cuemitl cuepon cueponcayotl cueponi

cueponi cueponini cueponiz cueponqui cueponticac cuepontoc cuetlachtli Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl cuicuica cuicuica cuicuicani cuicuico cuicuilihui cuicuilpatic cuicuiltic cuicuitzcatl cuihua cuilchiltentli cuillotic cuiquiztli cuitihuecho cuitlaazcatl cuitlachehuatl cuitlachhuehue cuitlachtic cuitlachtli cuitlacochin cuitlacochtototl cuitlahuaquiztli cuitlananaca cuitlanexehuac cuitlanexiuhtinemi Eglish Gloss it sings constantly they each sing; they sing constant singer there is singing in each place it becomes varicolored quite varicolored spotted; varicolored barn swallow it is taken edge of the anus thin singing he is quickly seized, he is quickly captured dung ant wolf skin old bear wolf-like bear; wolf curve-billed thrasher curve-billed thrasher dry excrement slothful faded ashen color he goes wallowing in ordure(ordure (rjr) n. 1. Excrement; dung. 2. Something morally offensive; filth. [Middle English, from Old French, from ord, filthy, from Latin horridus, frightful, from horrre, to shudder.]) filthy ashen; ashen green; ashcolored; dark ashen; faded ashen color; having an ashen back having a round back having a round back; having a rounded back flying dung beetle low-backed; squat indigestion on your back testicle testicle hunched shoulder having a broad back; widebellied having a small back having a very small back having a long, curved tail Nahuatl cuitlapile cuitlapilhueyac cuitlapilhuiac cuitlapilhuiacapil cuitlapilhuiyac cuitlapillanqui cuitlapilli cuitlapilli atlapalli cuitlapiltetepontic cuitlapiltin cuitlapiltzatzapal cuitlapiltzatzapaliuhqui cuitlapiltzatzapaltic cuitlapilyahualtic cuitlapoxcahuilizili cuitlatecomatl cuitlatemoli cuitlatetemalli

Page 26 of 138 English Gloss tailed, having a tail long-tailed having a long tail; long-tailed having a rather long tail long-tailed extending toward the tail tail common folk; vassal stub-tailed, having a stubby tail; stubby tail tails having a streaked tail the tail is as if streaked having a streaked tail having a rounded tail mouldy excrement stomach dung beetle purulent (purulent (pyr-lnt, pyry-) adj. Containing, discharging, or causing the production of pus: a purulent infection. [Middle English purulente, from Old French purulent, from Latin prulentus, from ps, pr-, pus. See p- below.] -purulently adv.) excrement hardened excrement silvery purulent excrement in dung; in excrement corruption, excrement; dung; ordure very careless careless entrails; intestine; intestines green-backed dirty, filthy perchance, perhaps plover hawk feather frog three boats fan it sucks in air it hardens in the air wind hooded merganser(merganse Page 26 of 138

cuitlanexpol cuitlanextic

cuitlatexcalhuaquiztli cuitlatexotic cuitlatitimalli cuitlatitlan cuitlatl cuitlatzcocopic cuitlatzcopic cuitlaxcolli cuitlaxoxoctic cuitlayo cuix cuixi cuixihhuitl cuiyatl eacalli ecacehuaztli ecachichina ecatetzahua ecatl ecatototl

cuitlaolol cuitlaololtic CUITLAPA:YOTL cuitlapachtic cuitlapalaniliztli cuitlapan cuitlapanaatetl cuitlapanaayecotli cuitlapanton cuitlapatlachtic cuitlapicic cuitlapicictic cuitlapilcocoltic Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl Eglish Gloss Nahuatl

Page 27 of 138 English Gloss of maize; green ear of maize or corn; green ear of corn; green maize ear; green maize green maize tortilla blue grosbeak(grosbeak (grsbk) n. Any of various finches of the family Fringillidae of Europe and America, having a thick, conical bill. [Partial translation of French grosbec : gros, thick, large (from Old French; see GROSS) + bec, beak.]) maize stalk, corn stalk; maize straw; corn straw having a smoky yellow belly liver sternum three arms spans bean seller spoiled bean, rotten bean skunk sixty years oyster; pearl pearl three heavy, burdensome very heavy bean there will be planting of beans there will be planting of beans triangular three parts; three places three years green bean; string bean string beans it forms a bean three times; thrice bloody urine blood vessel dried, hardened blood mingled with blood striped blood-red dried blood bloody bloody blood banner red reed mat her blood flows blood-flint, blood-stone bloody pus Page 27 of 138

r (mr-gnsr) n. Any of
various fish-eating diving ducks of the genus Mergus or related genera, having a slim, hooked bill. Also called sheldrake. [New Latin : Latin mergus, diver (from mergere, to plunge) + Latin nser, goose; see ghans- below.]) airy red bean yellow bean ball yellow bean mottled bean wind three in three places there is wind wind; air windy place o wind striped blood-red bean owner it rose leather shield bean owner small leather basket shirt; skin barked, having bark having a skin; having bark thin-skinned thick hulled; thick-barked; thick-skinned three three days three three sternal groove he sighs she signed sigh one who sighs sigh very yellow-breasted yellow-breasted; yellowbellied desirable desire white-breasted; white-bellied flesh of the chest ear of green maize; green ear elotlaxcalli elotototl

ecauhtic echichilli ecoztapayolli ecoztli ecuicuilli eecatl eei eexcan eheca ehecatl ehecatlan ehecatle ehezhuahuanqui ehua ehuac ehuachimalli ehuah ehuatanatli ehuatl ehuayo ehuayo ehuayocanahuac ehuayotilahuac ei eilhuitl eintin eixtin elacaliuhiantli elcicihui elcicihuia elcicihuiliztli elcicihuini elcicihuiztli elcozauhqui elcoztic elehuilizio elehuiliztli eliztac elnacatl elotl

elozacatl elpoccoztic eltapachtli eltepicicitli emapan enamacac epalaxtli epatl epoalxihuitl eptli epyollotli etetl etic eticpatic etl etlaxoz etlazaloz excampa nacace excan exihuitl exotl exoyo exoyoa expa ezaxixtli ezcocotli ezcuahuaqui ezcuicuiltic ezhuahuanqui ezhuaqui ezio ezo ezpanitl ezpetlatl ezquiza eztecpatl eztemalli

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl eztenqui eztetl eztic eztica eztli eztli tlapalli ezzo haatlihua hahuicmichi hamo hatle hetic hi hicotoca hiilhuichihua hiilhuitlamati hitla hiyac huac huacalihui huacaliuhqui huacaltic huaccatlatlaciztli huacqui huahuacca huahualaca huahuanqui huahuanti hualaci hualacia hualaniz hualcalac hualcalacque hualcalactihuetzia hualcalactihuetzque hualcalaqui hualcalaquia hualcalaquizque hualcaquizti hualcueponi hualehuaque hualhuetz hualhuetzi hualhui hualhuicoque Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss full of blood bloodstone blood colored; blood-colored with blood blood nobility bloody, stained with blood; having blood there is drinking; people drink fresh fish no, not nothing heavy this he snores they each carry out the feast they each celebrate the feast something stinking it dried it becomes concave; it becomes hollowed hollowed; having gorges concave; having ravines; having concavities; hollowed dry cough dried; dry dry place they growl striped striped ones he arrives; he arrives here; it arrives; it reaches; they arrive; they reach it reached, it arrived; they arrived it will break out he entered; it entered they entered they entered swiftly they quickly entered they enter; they enter here he entered; they entered they will enter it is clearly heard it bursts forth they departed he fell it falls; it falls out; it tumbles down; it falls down; they fall they come they were brought Nahuatl hualhuiloa hualhuiloaz hualhuilohuaya hualiiza hualitto hualixhua hualla huallacat huallacuepaya huallami huallaque huallathui huallathui huallathuic huallathuih huallathuiz huallatoa huallauh huallayahualoa huallaz huallaznequi hualmehua hualmeya hualmeyaz hualmitotiaya hualmitotitiuh hualmocuepa hualmocuepaz hualmomanaya hualmonextia hualmoquetza hualmoteca hualmotlalia hualmotlaloa hualmotoxahua hualmoxixtoc hualnacaztlachie hualneaxixalo hualneci hualnecuepalo

Page 28 of 138 English Gloss people go back; there is going back there will be coming, people will come there was coming, people came he awakes it is seen it sprouts it came he was born they turned back it ends, it is ended they came; they arrived; they came back dawn comes it dawns; day breaks dawn came dawn comes it will dawn, it is about to dawn, day is about to break he speaks it came; it comes they make a circle he will come; he will return; it will come it threatens, it wants to come he arises, he gets up it exudes, it flows out it will flow out, it will come out he came forth to dance; they danced he goes dancing he turns back; they turn around; they turn back; they return he will return they remained she appears it sets in it extends itself; it stretches out she sits down; they sit down they run it gushes out it lies excreting he looks to one side there is urination it appears; it issues; it shows; it shows through; they appear people return, there is returning Page 28 of 138

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl hualnemanalo hualneneci hualnetlalolo hualnoquilo hualoquichehua hualpehua Eglish Gloss there is setting out; there is stopping it appears there is flight, there is running it is poured out he acquits himself as a man he begins; he starts forth; he departs; he sets forth; he starts; it begins; it starts forth; they start forth; they started; they set forth they started forth he was shamed they swell up it came up, it rose he comes forth; he comes up; he departs; he goes out; he emerges; he goes forth; he rises; it came up; it comes forth; it comes out; it comes up; it rises; it emerges; it issues; it rises (e g; sun); she comes forth; they come forth; they come out; they emerge; they go forth; they go out he came out, he emerged; he rose; it rose (ie; sun); it came out; they came forth; they went forth it will come forth; it will rise [ie; sun]; it will come out; it will emerge; it is about to emerge they came forth; they went forth; they will come forth he is going forth they will leave quickly it came down, it descended; they climb down; they descend; they come down they came down, they descended; they descend it decended they descended they will descend they shout out it lies crying out they entered during war firm, stiff; hard; rough it hardens; it is rough firm; stiff; hard; stern; hardy; rough; coarse; rugged; rigid; sturdy stiffness Nahuatl huapahualo huapahualoni huapalli huapalpan huapalteconi huapaltic huapaltilahuac huapaltontli huapalxacalli huaqui

Page 29 of 138 English Gloss they are raises rearing base; beam; board; plank on the board suitable for being cut into beams like a wooden beam thick beam; thick board thin board plank house dry; it becomes lean; it dries; it becomes thin; it dries off; it dries up; it withers; it hardens; they dry amaranth seed seller spoiled amaranth seed amaranth seed will be cast amaranth green tamal stuffed with greens amaranth; amaranth seed amaranth head; head of amaranth kinship far; far away; at a distance; distant; from a distance; deep; profound; extensive; high it lengthens they tarried (tarry (tr) v. tarried, tarrying, tarries. --intr. 1. To delay or be late in going, coming, or doing. See Synonyms at 1 stay . 2. To wait. 3. To remain or stay temporarily, as in a place; sojourn. --tr. Archaic. 1. To wait for; await. --tarry n. A temporary stay; a sojourn. [Middle English tarien.] --tarrier n.), they delayed he will grow old, he will linger high tall (may) it grow, (may) it increase; it increases; it grows deep; depth times of old, remote times far away; afar place to grow old in old man; aged man; old men; old; aged; ole far apart Page 29 of 138

hualpeuhque hualpinauhtiloc hualpozoni hualquiz hualquiza

huauhnamacac huauhpalaxtli huauhpixoloz huauhquilitl huauhquiltamalli huauhtli huauhtzontli huayolcayotl hueca hueca yauh huecahuaque


hualquizaz hualquizque hualquiztica hualquiztiquizque hualtemo hualtemoa hualtemoc hualtemoya hualtemozque hualtzatzi hualtzatzitoc hualyaocalaquia huapactic huapahua huapahuac huapahualiztli Nahuatl Vocabulary

huecahuaz huecapan huecapan huecapanihui huecatlan huecauh huehca huehcahualoya huehue huehueca

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl huehuecuahuitl huehuei huehueinti huehueintin huehueipopol huehueitlaca huehuelic huehuemicoa huehuento huehuentzin huehuentzitzin huehueti huehuetiz huehuetl huehuetlaca huehuetlacatl huehuetlatolli huehuetque huehuetque huehuetqueh huehuetzca huehuetzonani huehuetzonqui huehuetzotzonalo huehuetztoc huehueyac huei Eglish Gloss old tree big; great; large; grown; long great; large aged; great; grown people; important; large; old; old people; old ones very large grown people, mature people; old people always tasty; of pleasing odor there is death for the old men little old man old man; revered old man esteemed old men; old men he grows old; they become old men he will become an old man; he will grow old drum; ground drum; upright cylindrical drum; skin drum old people, ancient people old man; aged man counsel of the elders; words of the old men ancient ones; ancients old men; ancients; old people old men it laughs; it laughs heartily drum beater ground drum beater, one who beats a ground drum there is drum beating cast down, cast about; it is strewn about each one long; long big; great; large; important; greatly; expansive; main; principal; grown; massive; old; long; major; mature size ocean shore, seashore lagoon; sea thumb large; big; quite large; very large big; big and coarse; huge; large; very large a little large; a little long; rather large he becomes large; it becomes large; it grows big; it quickens; it grows; they become large Nahuatl hueiyaz huel huel huel huelic

Page 30 of 138 English Gloss he will grow indeed, really quite, very; really very; great; much; really; completely; well delicious; fragrant; good smelling; good-tasting; of pleasant odor; of pleasing odor; pleasing; savory; good tasting; sweet; tasty; xavory savory; they are savory he is liked, he is spoken well of he lives in bliss, in peace they are obedient it eats like a human being it sees well; it watches carefully; they look well; they look carefully she will eat well, she is to eat well they had good knowledge one who is very learned they are satisfied it explodes very precious very tasty very good-tasting; very tasty good-tasting; tasty the making of offerings gift; offering heavy rope he fell it ended; it fell there is laughter, people laugh he falls; he falls down; it descends; it drops; it falls; it drops out; it ends; it fires; it goes off; it goes; it goes away; it is expelled; it sheds off; it fires (e g; gun); it discharges; it strikes [ie; gun]; she settles they fall he fell; it fell he came to fall; it came to fall he goes to fall he went to fall; it went to fall he will fall; it will descend; it will fall; it will end; it will go they will fall make s.o. laugh there is occasion for mirth Page 30 of 138

huelique huelitolo huellacaconemi huellacaqui huellacatlacua huellachia huellacuaz huellaiximatia huellaiximatini huellamati huellatzcueponi huellazotli huelpahtic huelpatic hueltic huenchihualiztli huentli huepanmecatl huetz huetz huetzco huetzi

huei huei atenco huei atl huei mapilli hueipol hueitepol hueitontli hueiya

huetzi huetzia huetzico huetzitiuh huetzito huetziz huetzizque huetzquili:lo huetzquililo

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl huetzquiztli huetztihuitz huetztoc Eglish Gloss laughter; smile; laugh it quickly settled cast down, cast away; he is lying down; he was lying down; it is spread out; it lies fallen; stretched out; lying down one who has co-parents-inlaw one who has co-parents-inlaw black-crowned night heron turkey cock; turkey-cock willow (may) it grow, (may) it increase it enlarges; it grows; it grows large; it is big; it increases; it lengthens big; high; long; tall small and long it grows long; it lengthens; it grows lagoon kangaroo rat they go; they depart; they migrate go high; long; tall a little long; small and long very long rather long; small and long it lengthens, it becomes long he is carried off; she is taken; she is borne; she is carried; they are brought; they are taken she was taken away, she was carried off he will be carried off digging stick; hoe they go they each go; they disperse; they individually go each one long; long a little long rather long creeper it is dragging there is departing on the part of each one; there is dispersing; there is dispersing Nahuatl

Page 31 of 138 English Gloss on the part of each one; there is going on the part of each one; they disperse there was going on the part of each one there is departing on the part of each one; there is going of various people he is beaten each one pointed; jagged; pointed; spiny; thorny spiny; thorny long he quivers, he trembles; it trembles cripples it lies dragging; it lies stretched out; it lies reaching outward; it lies strung out; she lies outstretched everyone goes; one goes; people go; there is going; there is departing people come, there is coming one went, people went people go, there is going dove; mourning dove blouse; blouse (of indigenous women); shift the day after tomorrow every third day he is struck by lightning; they are struck; they are struck by a thunderbolt; they are struck by lightning it was struck; it was struck by lightning he was struck by lightning very long very long it crumbles; it falls he comes it comes; it falls (ie; day); it follows she comes they come; they come back southern seashore hummingbird hummingbird opal hummingbirds hummingbird Page 31 of 138

huihuiloac huihuilohua huihuiteco huihuitztic huihuitzyo huihuiyac huihuiyoca huilame huilantoc

huexihua huexihue huexocanauhtli huexolotl huexotl hueya hueya hueyac hueyacapil hueyaquia hueyatl huezacotl hui hui:lohua huiac huiacapil huiacapol huiacatontli huiaquia huico

huiloa huiloatz huiloaya huilohuaya huilotl huipilli huiptla huiptlatica huiteco

huitecoc huitecoya huitlatzpatic huitlatztic huitomi huitz huitz huitz huitze huitzilatenco huitzitzili huitzitzilin huitzitziltetl huitzitzilti huitzitziltzin

huicoc huicoz huictli huih huihui huihuiac huihuiacapipil huihuiacatotonti huihuilanqui huihuilantica huihuiloa

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl huitzmallochihua huitzmallonamacac huitzmallotl huitzquilitl huitztequi huitztequiliztli huitztic huitztica Eglish Gloss he makes needles needle seller needle thistle they cut maguey spines the cutting of maguey spines pointed; sharp with a maguey thorn, by means of a maguey thorn; with a thorn; by means of a thorn; with maguey spines; using maguey spines maguey spine, thorn; maguey thorn; spine sharp and pointed; small and pointed spiny, thorny they went long humans; we men his reed stalk his older brother his upper arms tips of the wing-bends his exaltation its wing tips its wings its thorns his aunt her aunts his city her paper crown; his paper headdress its blades; its leaf; its leaves; its wings its little leaves its little leaves his paper adornment; his paper raiment; his paper vestment; his paper vestments; paper vestments his book, his almanac her soul; his soul his diarrhea her water's edge its fins; its leaf; its leaves; its wing; its wings its leafiness, its leaves on its wings on its wing; on its wings her vagina his water his drink Nahuatl iaxca

Page 32 of 138 English Gloss her belongings; her possession; his belongings; his goods; his possession; his property; its possession; their belongings his (h) possession; his (h) property; his (h) treasure his urine his gourd rattle his mist jacket her water its broth; its juice; its liquid; its water its seeds be means of, with it; by it; by means of it hence in order that; in order to purpose, reason; so that; so; thus; thereby; as a result; therefore; because of it; because of this; for this reason; in this way; hence whereof, whereby, therefore; with it; by means of it; with this; thus because of him, about him sometime; with it; over it; with its use he stands; her sandals; his sandal; his sandals; it stands; it is; she stands he stood it stood; it was they stood his chocolate its various entering places his joke its berries it twitters her house; his house its hive; its nest its place of entrance its place of setting, its place of entering his place of entry; its place of setting; its place of entering its place of setting, its place of entering in his house; within his home its setting his treasury storehouse Page 32 of 138

iaxcatzin iaxix iayacach iayauhxicol iayo iayo iayohuachio ic ic ic ic

huitztli huitztontli huitzyo huiya huiyac iacapitzac iach iacol iacolyacac iacoquizaya iahahuitz iahaz iahuayo iahui iahuihuan ialtepeuh iamacal iamatlapal iamatlapalton iamatlapaltoton iamatlatqui

ic ica ica icac icaca icaca icaca icacahuauh icacalaquian icacamanal icacapollo icahuaca ical ical icalaquia icalaquiampa icalaquian icalaquiyan icalitic icallo icalpixcacal

iamox ianima iapitzal iatenco iatlapal iatlapalio iatlapalpan iatlapaltitech iatlauhyacac iatzin iauh Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl icamac icamachaloan icamacpa icampa icanahuacan icanauh icapollo iccen icecentetl iceceyaca icel icel icelica iceltzin icemilhuitl icentequiuh ichamatl ichan Eglish Gloss his mouth; in his mouth; in its mouth; its mouth its jaws by his mouth, from his mouth; his mouth behind him; behind his back; behind it his temples; on his temples his duck its berries finally, once and for all; for the last time each one each one alone, by himself; by itself; he alone; singly only, alone; plain; unaccompanied; she alone; singly; by itself his tenderness, his freshness he alone; only he; he himself all day their complete function maguey fiber paper her home; her abode; her house; his dwelling place; his home; his house; his houses; home; its dwelling; its dwelling place; its home; its habitat; its hive; its burrow; its nest; its house; their dwelling place; their home; their homes; their house his home; his house coarse maguey fiber cape sandal made of maguey fiber Mesoamerica a woody perennial tree sheep dung, sheep excrement cotton waste sheep (pl); sheep [pl] cotton reinforcement of cotton, reinforced cotton carded cotton small piece of cotton her cotton its power, its strength its strength his rattle stick her breast her milk Nahuatl ichichitica ichimal ichio ichiquiz ichmaxtlatzintli ichochol

Page 33 of 138 English Gloss with its saliva, by means of its saliva her shield; his shield; its shield stringy its rubbing maguey fiber breechcloth its dewclaws (dewclaw (dkl, dy-) n. A vestigial digit or claw not reaching the ground and found on the feet of certain mammals. [Origin unknown, perhaps from alteration of toe.] --dewclawed adj.) his weeping his word of sorrow young women his daughter relatives of the girl evil young woman daughter; girl; maiden; virgin baby girl; girl; maiden turkey pullet, young turkey hen young turkey hen maiden unmarried girls maidens; young women maidens secret; secretly they entered secretly secret he stole thieves he steals; it steals theft he will steal they will steal, they will commit a robbery fibrous; wiry with maguey fiber thread; with maguey thread; by means of maguey thread maguey fiber cape maguey fiber place of fatigue her fatigue; his fatigue that which pants his women her daughter-in-law her equipment of women, her woman's belongings; her Page 33 of 138

ichoquiz ichoquiztlatol ichpocatoton ichpoch ichpocheque ichpochtlahueliloc ichpochtli ichpochtontli ichpochtotoli ichpochtotolin ichpochtzintli ichpopochpipil ichpopochti ichpopochtzitzinti ichtaca ichtacacalaquia ichtacatlatolli ichtec ichtecque ichtequi ichtequiliztli ichtequiz ichtequizque ichtic ichtica ichtilmatli ichtli iciahuia iciahuiz icicani icihuahuan icihuamon icihuatlatqui

ichantzinco ichayatl ichcactli Ichcacuahuitl ichcacuitlatl ichcacuitlayo ichcame ichcatl ichcatlahuapahualli ichcatlapochintli ichcatontli ichcauh ichicahualiz ichicahualizo ichicahuaz ichichihual ichichihualayo Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl icihuauh icihuaxic icihuayo iciquiztli icitzin iciuhca Eglish Gloss womanly belongings his wife her female navel her uterus; her vagina; her womb the act of panting his beloved grandmother hurriedly, quickly; quick; at once; immediately; in haste; promptly; soon; speedily; suddenly; swift; swiftly impetuous person withdrawal of friends his friend humble house humble eagle warrior; poor eagle warrior miserable old man; poor old man; poor old men poor old men miserable old woman; poor old woman; poor old women misery of old women humble life humble ocelot warrior; poor ocelot warrior orphan poor sons, poor children needy people; poor people humble person; indigent person; miserable; miserable man; miserable person; needy person; poor man; orphan; poor person very poor person misery; orphanhood mischance, misery; poverty; misfortune its fangs his little snake, his little serpent her sleeping place her sleeping place his sleep his ailment its ailments, its sicknesses its throat his snakebite his guests, his invited ones his grandfather his beloved grandfather his dear child Nahuatl iconeuh icopal icotocatoc icozqui icpac icpal icpaltiz icpatl icpitl icuac icuac icuac icuachichiquil icuacuauh icuaihhuiyo icualan icuanepantla icuauh icuauh iteuh icuauhyo icuaxical icue icuech icuepca icueponca icueton icuexanco icuezcon icuic icuicanyo icuitl icuitlapampa icuitlapan icuitlapanpa icuitlapil icuitlapil iiatlapal icuitlapilco

Page 34 of 138 English Gloss her child; her son; his child his incense snoring his jewel at the top of it; on top of it his seat he will have a seat thread firefly at its head; at the end its tip; on his head; on its head; on its top; on the end of it; to its top when; as; at that time; at the time of; at this time; the time of; then; thereupon; this time its crest his horns; its antlers its head feathers his anger crown of his head; on the crown of his head; the crown of his head his club, his piece of wood; his stick his punishment, his castigation its handle; its stalk; its stalks; its stem; its vine; its vines its skull her skirt; her skirts its rattle; its rattles its reply its blossom; its blossoming; its opening her little skirt in her lap her grain bin her song; his song his songs his excrement; his offal; its excrement from his rectum; his rectum; in his rectum; in the rectum; on its back its under surface; on her back; on his back; on its back; on their back from his anus his tail; its tail his common people at its tail; at its tail end; in its Page 34 of 138

iciuhcatlacatl icnimmoyactli icniuh icnocalli icnocuauhtli icnohuehue icnohuehuetque icnoilama icnoilamayotl icnonemiliztli icnoocelotl icnopiltzintli icnotepilhuan icnotlaca icnotlacatl

icnotlacatzintli icnotlacayotl icnoyotl icoatlan icoatzin icochia icochian icochiz icocol icocolizyo icocouh icohuacualocauh icohuahuan icol icoltzin iconetzin Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl icuitlapiltitech icuitlapilyac icuitlatetepon icuitlaxcol icxi icxi icxic icxicocolli icxicoztic icxihueyaquia icximimiquiz icxiohtli icxitl icxitlan iczotilmaxixipetztli iehuayo ielchiquiuh ielpan ielpanehua iexoyo ieyo iezyo iezzo ihcac ihcica ihcoyoca ihcuac Eglish Gloss tail on its tail the point of its tail its spine, its backbone his intestine; his intestines; its entrails; its intestines her feet; his feet; his foot; his leg; his legs its feet; its legs; its foot on her feet; on his feet; on its feet foot ailment; leg swelling; leg infection having yellow legs the leg becomes very long, the leg lengthens his feet will be numbed path foot at the foot of it shiny palm leaf fiber cape her skin; his skin; its bark; its hide; its skin his chest its belly, its breast; on its breast its chest its bean; its pod its bean his blood his blood; its blood; their blood it stands, it is he is out of breath, he pants; it pants it crackles at that time; at the time; at this time; then; when; when when; as; while; at a time; at some time; at once; during; forthwith; in that time; thereupon; whenever house of feathers feather seller feather down butterfly ball of feathers feather-like with feathers; by means of feathers; feathered; using feathers heavy feathered feather cape feather Nahuatl ihhuitlachihualli ihhuitlacuilolli ihhuitopilli ihhuitzahua ihhuitzoncal ihhuitzoncalli ihhuiyo ihhuiyotilahuac ihhuizaloliztli ihichtequiz ihicxe ihilihuizti ihixtelolohua ihiyo ihiyoquiza ihiyotica ihiyotl ihiyotzin ihiztaquiltic ihiztlacati ihiztlacatizque ihquitiliztli ihquitiz ihtic ihticoyoni ihtitl ihtlacauh ihua ihualoni ihuan ihuan ihuani ihuanyolque ihuanyolqui ihuauhyo ihuayolque ihuehueihuan ihuehueyohuan ihueimaxtli ihuelica ihuelmach ihueltiuh

Page 35 of 138 English Gloss feather work; feather creation feather mosaic, feather design feathered staff she spins feathers his feather headdress; his feathered headdress feather headdress feathered, having feathers; its feathers; plumage; featheriness having thick feathers; heavy feathered feather gluing he will steal it has feet she is inconsiderate having eyes his breath, his spirit it perspires with its breath, by means of his breath breath; spirit his breath, his spirit light green he lies constantly; he tells lies; it is a liar; liar they will tell lies weaving she will weave inside it it is hollow inside belly it became corrupted it is drunk drink and; also; with him with it, and drink; drinkable; potable; something to be drunk; there is drink his kin, his relatives; his kinsmen; their kin; their relatives her kinsman its amaranth seeds her kinsmen his old men his old men his large breechcloth its scent, its odor his pleasure his older sister Page 35 of 138

ihhuicalli ihhuinamacac ihhuipapalotl ihhuitelolotli ihhuitic ihhuitica ihhuitilahuac ihhuitilmatli ihhuitl Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl ihuen ihuetzian ihueyilhuiuh ihui ihuian Eglish Gloss his offering his place of reclining; its place of falling his great festival it is similar; like; as at his leisure, without haste; calm; calmly; in peace; peacefully; carefully; cautiously; gently; quietly; gradually; little by little; in tranquility meekly, peacefully; peace; peaceful; in peace; in tranquility; quietly; silently; slowly; calmly; cautiously;little by little; gently; carefully; gradually; tranquilly; softly unobtrusively; without haste; slowly those who are peaceful meekly, peacefully to him, toward him; toward it; towards it with it, accompanying it near it; to him; toward him; to them; toward them; toward her; toward it; to it thus he gets drunk she gets drunk; they become intoxicated; they get drunk they became besotted, they got drunk drunk, intoxicated; he became drunk; he became intoxicated; he got drunk drunkenness she goes about drunk drinker, drunkard drunkenness her shift; her blouse; her shifts her little blouse striped with feathers her thorns; his maguey spine; his maguey spines; his thorns its thorns calmly; peacefully; peaceful; slowly aromatic; stinking extremely foul smelling it stinks his aunt Nahuatl iiahuiltoca iiahuitzin iiahuiyaca iiamamaxtli iiamatlapal iiamatlapalto iiatlapal iiauh iiaxca iiaxcatzin iiaxix iiayocali iichpochtontli iicnihuan iicniuh iicxi iicxic iiehuayo iielpan iiezzo iihhuiyo iihtztica iilhuiuh iiohhui iiohui iiomio iithualco iiti

Page 36 of 138 English Gloss his derisive name his beloved aunt its scent its paper breechcloth its leaves; its petals; its wings its little leaves his wing; its leaves; its wings his water her property; her realm; his possession; his property his (h) possession, his (h) property her urine his house of tears maiden its companions his friend his foot; his leg; its foot on her legs her skin; its skin; its hide his chest, his breast his blood; its blood its feathers it remains looking his feast day her road, her way; its road; its way its way, its path his bones; its bones; its feathers his courtyard; in his courtyard her abdomen; her abdomen [ie; her labor pains]; her womb; its abdomen; its belly; its insides between them; his stomach; in him; in his stomach; in it; inside it; in the center of it; in the middle of it; in the middle; in the midst of it; in the midst of them; in their midst; inside him; within him; its center; its interior; its intestines; on its belly; within her; within it her abdomen his uncle active its justice her eye; his eye its eye her mediator its tears Page 36 of 138


ihuian ihuianioque ihuiantzin ihuic ihuical ihuicpa ihuin ihuinti ihuinti ihuintia ihuintic ihuintiliztli ihuintitinemi ihuintitl ihuintiztli ihuipil ihuipilton ihuitenhuahuanqui ihuitz ihuitzo ihuiyan ihyac ihyalpatic ihyaya iiahui


iititzin iitla iitzqui iiusticia iix iix iix inacaz iixayo

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl iixco iixhuacan iixhuaya iixiptla iixpan iixpantzinco iiztaya iizti iiztlac ilacatztic ilama ilamamicoa ilamanemiliztli ilamapipil ilamapol ilamati ilamatiz ilamatlaca ilamatlacatl ilamatlahueliloc ilamato ilamaton ilamatotoli ilamatoton ilamatque ilamatzin ilamatzitzin ilamayohua ilamayohuan ilaquiloz ilhuicaapan ilhuicaatenco ilhuicaatl ilhuicaaxalli ilhuicaaxaltitlan ilhuicac ilhuicac ilhuicacihua ilhuicacihuatl Eglish Gloss in front of him, before him; in his face; at his face; on his face; on its surface its sprouting place its sprouting place his image; his impersonator before her, in front of her; in her presence; before him; in front of him; in his presence before him, in front of him; in his presence it becomes white; it whitens; it gladdens his fingernail, its claw; its claws; its nails his lie spiraled old woman; old women there is death for the old women life of an old woman old women poor old woman they become old women she will become an old woman old women noble old woman; old woman evil old woman little old woman little old woman old turkey hen old women old women little old woman; old woman; respected old woman esteemed old women; old women her old women his old women he will be drowned in the ocean; in the sea ocean shore, seashore; seacoast ocean; sea ocean sand in the ocean sand heaven in heaven; in the sky celestial women celestial woman, heavenly woman; woman of the Nahuatl ilhuicateotl ilhuicatitech ilhuicatl ilhuichihualo ilhuilo ilhuiloc ilhuiloque ilhuiloya

Page 37 of 138 English Gloss heavens god of the heavens in the heavens heaven; heavens; in heaven a feast is held he is addressed; it is said to him; it is said; it is told it was said they were told he was told; he was advised; it was said; it was said to her; she was told; it was said to him; they were told his feast day was celebrated day, feast day; feast; his desert; his merit a feast day is celebrated; the feast is celebrated he considers it a feast day her feast day; his feast; his feast day without reason; thoughtlessly inconsiderate person idle word unconsidered discussion he was told ash tree little old woman it abates, it retreats her arms; her hands; his arm; his arms; his hand; its front foot [ie; of an animal]; his hands its branches; its feet; its fore legs; its fore-legs; its hand their paper breechcloths their paper stoles at his hand; at his hands by his hand in her hand; in her hands; in her care; in her charge; in his care; in his hands; in his hand; in its grasp; in its hands; in their hands on her arms; on his arm; on his arms; on his hand; on his hands; on its hands with his hands their boat; their boats to their boat, in their boat in the prow of their boat he is feared; it is feared; it is Page 37 of 138

ilhuiquixtililoya ilhuitl ilhuitlalo ilhuitlamati ilhuiuh ilihuiz ilihuiztlacatl ilihuiztlatlatolli ilihuiztlatolli ililhuiloya ilin illamato iloti ima

ima imaamamaxtli imaamaneapanal imac imac imac

imac imac imacal imacalco imacalyacac imacaxo

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl imacaxoa imacaxoya Eglish Gloss dreaded; they are feared it is respected he was feared, he was dreaded; she was feared; they were dreaded; they were feared respected; revered his obsidian-bladed club; his war club his vassals his common folk, his vassals; his desert; his merit; his man; his servant; his people; his reward his people, his vassals their leader on their shoulders; on their upper arms from his hands; from his clutches in his hands their evil life his obsidian-bladed club; his war club; its sword; their obsidian-bladed clubs his merit their thorn her awe; his fear; his glory his honor; his renown his place of honor his captive; its catch her spindle; her spindle whorl their cities; their city its branches their paper breechclouts their paper should-sash their paper adornment; their paper adornments their paper clothing; their paper vestments their paper adornment; their paper array; their paper vestment; their paper vestments their paper wigs their soul her finger; his finger between his fingers on his wrist on its branches his net their drinking place Nahuatl imatliyan imatzocol imatzotzopaz imauh imaxca imaxtlaton imaxtli imayacach imayazol imayo imayouh imecac imecamaxal imecayo imehuayo imelchiquiuh imelcicihuiliz imemecayo imemetl imemeyallo imetz imetzpan imezzo imezzotica imicampa imichhuan imichpoch imichpochhuan imichtech imicnihuan imicniuh imicpac imicxi imicxic imieuh imihiyo intlatol imil imilhuiuh imimiyahuayo moquetza imiquiz imiquizpan imiquiztehuical imiquiztequipan

Page 38 of 138 English Gloss their drinking place its branch his forearm their water their possession; their property; their privilege his small breechcloth his breech clout; his breechcloth; his breechclout their gourd rattle; their gourd rattles their miserable cape, their old worn cape their milk their turtle shell in his bonds, in his ropes her divided cord its vine their skin their chest; their chests; their breasts their sighing its vine its gizzard its exudation; its sap her thigh; his thigh; his thighs; its legs on his thigh their blood with their blood, using their blood behind them its fish their daughter; their maiden their daughters; their maidens their stolen goods their companions their friend on top of them, on their heads their feet on their ankles; on their feet their maguey their orations his maize field, his corn field their feast day he has a stitch in his side her death; his death; its death; its misery her time of death; his time to die his companion in death his tribute of death Page 38 of 138

imacaxtli imaccuauh imacehuahuan imacehual

imacehualhuan imachcauh imacolpan imacpa imactzinco imacualnemiliz imacuauh imahcehual imahuayo imahuiz imahuizyo imahuizyocan imal imalac imaltepeuh imama imamamaxtli imamaneapan imamanechichihual imamatlaquen imamatlatqui

imamatzon imaniman imapil imapiltzalan imaquechtlan imatitlan imatl imatlian Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl imiquiztequiuh imithualco imitic imitlacauhca imittac imitzcuinhuan imiuh imiuhcatiliz imix imixayo imixco imixcua imixcuac imixhuihuan imixiptla imixiptlahuan Eglish Gloss his burden of death in their courtyard; in their courtyards inside them; within them their defect, their fault; their faulc their refreshment their dogs his arrow; its star their condition; their inherent qualities their eyes; their face their tears in their eyes; in their faces their foreheads their foreheads his grandchildren; their grandchildren their images; their representation their images; their representations; their likenesses; their impersonators before them, in front of them; in their presence; their presence; in their time their eyes their saliva their false gods their false word, their lying word in their hands; on their hands; on their wrists their omen, their sign their captives although their death their wine its breeding place its growing place its growing place his sauce his bones his mother-in-law their valor on the morrow, on the next day; the following day on them; among them; at them for their sake their charge, their care Nahuatl impilhuan in ichpoch in ilhuiuh in ima inaca inacacayo inacayo

Page 39 of 138 English Gloss its young; their children; their sons his daughter his feast day its fore feet its flesh his flesh her body; her flesh; her substance; his body; his flesh; his form; its body; its flesh; its wood; their body on the body his body her ear, her hearer; his ear its ear; its ears in his ear; on his ear its ears from his ear on its outskirts [e g, of a town] near it; in the vicinity of it his disguise; his magic form her helpmate; her husband; her mate; his consort; his equal; his match; his remedy; his spouse; her spouse; his wife its mate; its remedy their wives her mother; his mother its mother; their mother its remedy, its cure her mothers; its mothers; their mothers his beloved mother; his mother; its afterbirth; its mother their carrying frame their house, their houses in their mouth the bad odor of their mouths where on their temples; their temples their tenderness their homes; their houses; their various homes their home; their habitat; their house; their territory; their homes; their houses; their land their home their milk their shields; their shields Page 39 of 138

inacayocan inacayotzin inacaz inacaz inacazco inacazhuan inacaztitech inacaztlan inahuac inahual inamic

imixpan imixtelolo imiztlac imiztlacateohuan imiztlacatlatol immac immachiyouh immalhuan immanel immiquiz imoc imochihuaya imochiuhya imochiuhyan imol imomio imonnan imoquichtiliz imoztlayoc impan impanpa impial Nahuatl Vocabulary

inamic inamichuan inan inan inanamic inanhuan inantzin incacax incal incamac incamaxoquiaca incampa incanahuacan incelica inchachan inchan

inchantzinco inchichihualayouh inchichimal

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl inchimal inchipahuacanemiliz inchoquiz inchoquiztlatol inchoquizyo incihuahua incihuahuan incihuan incihuatlatqui incihuayo incinteohuan incocoliz incocoxcahuan incolhuan inconeuh incuach incuauh incue incuetitlan incuic incuitlapiltzin incuitlaxcol inealtiliz inechichihual Eglish Gloss (each one) their shield; their shields their pure life, their clean life their tears; their weeping their cries, their weeping words; their words of grief their weeping their wives; their women their hens; their women their grandmothers their womanly belongings; their womanly array their vulva their maize gods their sickness their sick people their grandfathers their child their large capes, their mantles their stave their skirts in their skirts their song their tail feathers their entrails; their intestines his bathing her adornment; her array; his adornment; his array; his ornamentation; his finery; their adornment her ornamentation his words of humility her need, need of her; his need; need of him; its need; its use; need of it his guise; his reappearance; his transformation his root, his origin; its root; its roots next to its root its small root his gift; his privilege his excrement his dread, his fear her dwelling place his abode; its dwelling place her life; his life; his ways; its life; its manner of life his abode, his dwelling place her marriage his tongue; its tongue Nahuatl inenepilco inenextiliz inentla inepantla ineteilhuil inetequipachol inetlaxoniuh inetoliniliz ineuc ineucyo inextitlan ineyollaliliz inezahualiz inezca inhuan inhuehuetcahuan inhueltiuh inhuen inhuic inhuipil inhuitz inhuitzio inic inic inicnihuan iniezzo inihuayolque inin inique inixiptlahuan inixpan iniyollo inma inmac inmacuauh inmahuizcuiyan inmahuizyo inmalhua inmalhuan inmamaccuauh inmamacuauh inmanel inmapil inmaquechtlan inmatzotzopazpan

Page 40 of 138 English Gloss on his tongue his apparition, his appearance its dwelling; its dwelling place in the middle of it his accusation; their complaint his effort his resting place his poverty, his misery its honey; its sweetness its sap his fireside his consolation her fast its meaning; its omen; its sign; its trace poss-hua:n1; with them their old men their older sister their gift; their gifts toward them their blouses, their shifts their maguey spines; their thorn; their spine their spine, their thorn for this reason; in order that; in order to such; thus; for this reason; in this way their friends his blood his kinsmen nowhere; this these their images, their representations before them, in front of them his heart their arms; their forelegs; their hands in their arms; in their hands; on their arms their sword; their swords time of their fright their honor their captives their captives their obsidian-bladed swords their swords (each one) although, even though; even their fingers their wrists on their forearms Page 40 of 138

inechihual inecnomachiliztlatol inecoca inecuepaliz inelhuayo inelhuayotitech inelhuayoton inemac inemanahuil inemauhtil inemia inemian inemiliz inemiyan inenamictiliz inenepil Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl inmaxtli inmecahua inmemecamaxtli inmeuh inmil inmiquiz inna innacayo innacaz innahuan innahuatil innamichuan innan innanhuan innealtiayan innealtiliz innechichihual innecuepal innecuiltonol innehuapahualiz inneixcahuil innemiliz innenecoc innenepil innenonotzal innetlapololtiliz innetlapololtilizpan innetol innetoliniliz inneuhca innexin innezahualiz innezcaliliz innezcaltiliz inoma inpan inpaquiz inpayo inpetl inpetlacal inpiel Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss their breechcloths their paramours, their concubines their rope breechcloths their maguey their field their death their mother its flesh; their bodies; their body; their flesh; their staff of life their ears their mothers; their older women their commandment, their law; their precept their mates; their spouses; their husbands their mother their mothers their bathing place their bathing their adornment their return their wealth; their riches their upbringing; their education their privilege their life; their manner of life; their way of life on both sides their tongues their council; their tradition their confusion; their folly; their delusion their place of confusion their vow their poverty, their misery, their distress; their affliction their breakfast their hair style, their haircut; their hair-dress their fasting their prudence; their rearing their rearing herself, on her own on them their happiness their potions their mat; their reed mat their reed chest their charge, their storage Nahuatl inpilhuan inpillo inpiltzin inquech inquechtlan inquimil inta intahhuan intahuan intatanatoton intelpoch intelpochhuan intemal intenanhuan intenco intenonotzaliz intenteuh intentzon inteoauh intlachinol inteocal inteohua inteohuan inteopan inteotequiuh inteouh intepeuh intepozcuacalala intepozmacuauh intepoztopil intequiuh

Page 41 of 138 English Gloss its young; their children; their sons; their young; their young ones; their babies their lord their son, their child their neck on their neck their bundle their father their fathers their fathers their little reed baskets their young man, their youth; their son their youths someone's captive their mothers; their walls on their lips their discourse their lip plugs their beards their war their temples their gods their gods their temple their godly obligation, their godly responsibility their god; their deity; their goddess their hill; their mountain their helmet their iron sword their iron lance their burden; their cares; their charge; their duty; their function; their task; their labor; their office; their preoccupation; their responsibility; their work they lay down their cares their fathers their temples their iron sword their greetings their omen, their evil omen, their portent their leader their capes their little capes if; if if; whether if somewhere Page 41 of 138

intequiuh huetzi intetahuan inteteopan intetepozmacuauh intetlapaloaya intetzauh inteyacancauh intilma intilmatzitzi intla intla cana

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl intlac intlaca intlacalaquil intlacamo intlacaquiliz intlacayocmo intlachializ intlachichihual intlachieliz intlachihual intlacouh intlacua:yan intlacual intlahuanaya intlahuancax intlahuitol intlal intlalhuayo intlalpan intlan intlan intlancua intlancuac intlanel intlanextil intlanitzco intlaniyaca intlanozo intlaocol intlaol intlapetlanilcuauh intlapilchihual intlapoal intlaquen intlaqui intlateotoquiliz intlatlacol intlatlamanaya intlatocauh intlatol Eglish Gloss their bodies; their body if not their tribute; their tribute payment if not; otherwise; unless their understanding if no more, if no longer their appearance their work their appearance their act, their deed; their work; their product their twigs their eating place their food their drinking vessel their drinking vessel their bow; their bows; their crossbow their lands their nerves their land among them; with them; beneath them their teeth; with them; among them their knees on their knees if; though; although their discovery on their shins the bad odor of their teeth or perhaps their sorrow, their compassion their dried grains of maize their lightning stick their sin their reckoning, their count their clothes; their clothing their equipment their idolatry their sin their offering places their ruler their speech; their words; their account; their consideration; their counsel; their determination; their discourse; their discourses; their exhortations; their language; their opinions; their pronouncements; their say; Nahuatl intlatollo intlatolpan intlatoltzin intlatqui

Page 42 of 138 English Gloss their tongue; their utterance their history; their words in their language their words their array; their equipment; their garment; their goods; their possessions; their property their noble goods their product their incense ladle; their incense ladles their name; their names their fur maize, corn their day, their day-sign; their lot; their fate their book of days their coffer their secrets their lance his voice; their voice among them between them their nettles their hair their hair braids their head; their heads; their hear their rags, their tatters their face; their faces in their bosoms in their bosom their gourds their ankles in their nose, in their nostrils their adversaries, their enemies, their foes their battle dress their mode of behavior, their being; their nature their heart; their heart[s]; their hearts from their heart their straw beds his pulque, his wine his wine face its trail, its path; its road his little danger his bones; its bones his bones her wifely place Page 42 of 138

intlatquitzi intlayectlalil intlema intoca intomio intonacayouh intonal intonalamauh intop intop inpetlacal intopil intozqui intzalan intzatzalan intzitzicaz intzon intzonipilhuaz intzontecon intzotzoma inxayac inxilla inxillan inxixical inxoquechtlan inyacac inyaohuan inyaotlatqui inyeliz inyollo inyollocopa inzacapech ioc iocxayac iohhui iohuitzin iomio iomiyo ioquichhuacan

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl ioquichhui ioquichtihua ioztoyo ipac ipaccanemiliz ipahyo ipal ipal ipalanca ipaltzinco ipampa Eglish Gloss her bridegroom, her man; her husband her older brothers its mine, its cave his joy, his happiness its life of peace his remedy; his cure; its cure because of him, with his help; by him; by his grace; with its help its rottenness by his grace because; because of him; on his account; because of it; by reason of it; by this reason; devoted to it; for; for it; for that reason; for this reason; in order to; since; therefore; wherefore; because of this; because of; for the sake of; its reason; for the reason; for the sake of him; for this because; hence; in connection with; in order that on account of it; on behalf of him; on this account; because of this; so; therefore; thus; wherefore because of it; therefore in it; on it of him, about him; on her; on him; upon him; on it; in it she looks; with it; on it he represented him he appeared in the form of him; he took the form of him he turns himself into it they contended with him; they set upon him he pleads his cause they sponsored him thick all over because; because of it; its reason; on account of it; for it; therefore; hence because of it; for that reason; thus its cure, its remedy his price; its price its cure; its remedy; its treatment his origin his reed mat Nahuatl ipetlacaltzin ipetlapan ipetlapan icpalpan ipetlatzin ipial ipialoca ipiazyo ipiel ipihuan ipilhuan ipiltzin ipinahuiz ipochquiotl ipolihuia ipolihuiz ipozonca iquech iquechpan iquechtlan

Page 43 of 138 English Gloss his reed chest on his reed mat in his realm his reed mat her charge, her care the keeping of it its channel his charge her older sisters her poults, her young; his children; his noblemen; his sons; its young his child; his dear son; his son his shame its vapor his destruction his ruin its foam his neck; its neck on its shoulder, from its shoulder from its neck; in his throat; on his neck; to his neck; on his shoulders; on its neck; about its throat; to its neck; on its shoulder its foliage; its leaves; its shoots; its stalk; its stalks when its stem its place of egress, it place of going out its place of egress, its leaving place her father; his father its father its fathers her fathers; his elders; his parents her basket his house of seashells its shell; its sherd its nest his rags, his tatters her father; his beloved father; his father from it; with it; in it; into it; on him; on it to him; to it; up to it; with him he lays hold of it it affected him about him; about it Page 43 of 138


iquillo iquin iquiyoyo iquizaya iquizayan ita ita itahua itahuan itana itapachcal itapalcayo itapazol itatapa itatzin itech itech itech onaci itech oquiz itechpa

ipampan ipan ipan ipan ipan mixeuh ipan moquixti ipan moquixtiaya ipan oquizque ipan tlatoa ipan tlatoaya ipanocatilahuac ipanpa ipanpan ipatica ipatiuh ipayo ipehualiz ipetl Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl itecpayo itehuan itehuical iteiccahuan iteiccauh itelpoch itemoya itempilol iten iten itenco itencualac itenhuan itenhuitz itenpa itenpatlac itentlacahual itentzon itenxipal iteocal iteocuitlacal iteocuitlapan iteopan iteouh itepetzin itepixcauh itepoloaya itepozmacuauh itequio itequiuh Eglish Gloss his flint knife its eggs his companion his younger brothers his younger brother his youth his way of coming down, his path of coming down his lip pendant his lips it bill; its bill; beak; its beak; its edge; its border; its edges; its lips; its muzzle at its edge; on his lips; on the edge his lie; his venom; its poison its lips its pointed bill at its edge its wide bill its gnawed leavings his beard his lip his temple his golden house; his house of gold its golden banner her temple; his temple his god his hill, his mountain his guardian his time to destroy people his iron sword his office, his function her duty; her fate; her task; her works; his charge; his function; his responsibility; his destiny; his domain; his task; his mission; his work; his office; function; his duty; his works; its function; its labor; its work; its task; their acts; their function; their office; their task; their work his omen, his evil omen, his portent his stone; his rock; its egg; its eggs his slender lip pendant his lip pendant courtyard; in the courtyard in the middle of the courtyard Nahuatl itiachcauh itiamic itianquiz itic

Page 44 of 138 English Gloss his older brother her wares her market place in him, inside him; within him; in it; during it; in midst of it; in the midst of it; inside it; into it; within it; among it; inside her; in her womb; its womb; its interior within her, in her; within him; within it; in it that which burns within hollow from within him his cape; their cape pithy; pithy on the inside; pithy within his stomach is swollen green-bellied her chalk his uncle some, something; anything; some part; any; somewhat; thing his bathed sacrificial victims; his bathed slaves her body his body; his upper body; his torso; its body; torso; its trunk; its trunk [ie; of a tree] her hearer its breeding place it becomes damaged; it is harmed; it is damaged; it spoils; it suffers harm his failure on its body its breeding place its breeding place his birth, his birthright; its birth; its birth date blemished its down, its feathers its appearance; its vision; its eyesight his appearance; his countenance; its appearance his deed; his doing its power, its doing his creations; his creatures his (h) creation; his creation his fire-flowers Page 44 of 138

itic iticococ iticoyonqui iticpa itilma itipochinqui itipozahua itixoxoctic itizauh itla itla itlaaltilhuan itlac itlac itlacaccauh itlacachan itlacahui itlacahuiz itlacapan itlacatia itlacatian itlacatiliz itlacauhqui itlachcayo itlachializ itlachieliz itlachihual itlachihual itlachihualhuan itlachihualtzin itlachinolxochiuh

itetzauh iteuh itezacapiaz itezacauh ithualco ithualnepantla Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl itlacoanotzalhuan itlacoyo itlacual itlacual itlacualhuan itlacualtzin itlacuilol itlaczaya itlahtol itlahuan itlahuancayo itlahuilanhuan itlahuitol itlahuiz itlal itlalhuayo itlallo itlalticpactoca itlan itlan itlan onoque itlanco itlancoch itlanelohuaya itlanex itlanextil itlanexton itlaocol itlaocollatol itlapacholhuan itlapalihuiz itlapallo itlapializ itlapilchihualiz itlaquen itlatlachihual itlatlacol itlatlacolpil itlatlatollo itlatocatequiuh itlatol Eglish Gloss his guests, his invited ones its stalk; its stem; its stalks; its stems her food; his food its food; their food its foods their food his writing his walking staff its song her uncles his drunkenness its companions his bow his insignia his land his nerves its land his earthly name by it; next to it his tooth; its teeth; near him they are in charge of him in his teeth its molars its rowers its light his invention; his discovery its small light his sorrow his word of sorrow, his word of pity his subjects her effort; his effort; his work; his strength its color his overseeing his sin his clothing; his covering; his vestments; its accouterments; its dress its actions, its deeds his sin, his fault; its error; its harm; its damage its harm its separate accounts his office of ruler, his function as ruler her language; her speech; his command; his word; his message; his speech; his statement; his words; his conversation; his information; Nahuatl itlatol itlatolhuaz itlatollo itlatoltzin itlaton itlatqui

Page 45 of 138 English Gloss his opinion; his discourse its song; its voice; its words his gullet its account; its discussion; its discourse his word; his words a little something her array; her domain; her goods; his adornment; his array; his belongs; his possessions; his clothing; his raiment; his goods; his property; his vestment; his wealth; its adornment; its array; its property his (h) property; his (h) goods; his clothing his beloved uncle; some little thing his innovation; his invention their bolts, their pegs his esteem his beloved son his fire drill his hearth his incense ladle his fire; its rump gland his glory his black water her name; his name; its name; it is called; so-called his holy name; his name his rabbit he is called; his praised; it is determined; it is said; they are told of it was declared, it was said; it was determined; it was ordained it will be said its bristles; its fur; its fuzz; its hair her day sign; his day sign; his fate; his fortune; his lot; his privilege; his prerogative; its day sign; its fate; its heat their privilege his heat; its fortune his sun his cane, his staff his coffer his mysteries Page 45 of 138

itlatquitzin itlatzin itlatzintil itlaxichio itlazo itlazopiltzin itlecuauh itlecuillan itlema itleuh itleyo itlilauh itoca itocatzin itoch itolo itoloc itoloz itomio itonal

itonal itonallo itonatiuh itopil itoptzin itoptzin ipetlacaltzin

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl itotouh itozca itozcac itozcatlan itozqui ittalo ittaloni ittaloque ittaloya itto itto ittoc ittoque ittoya ittoz ittozque itzahualcax itzatziliz itzcac itzcactli itzcalpatic itzcaltic itzcapatic itzcozcatl itzcuauhtli itzcuin itzcuincuani itzcuinhuan itzcuinnacatl itzcuinnemitiliztli itzcuintepolli itzcuinti itzcuintli itzin itzinco itzintamal itzinteyo itzintiliz itzintlan itzintomahuaca itzmiquilitl itzmitl itzon itzon Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss his bird its throat in its throat; on his throat; on its throat on its throat his voice; its voice it is seen, it is visible visible they were seen it was seen he is seen; he is looked at; it is seen; it was seen they are seen; they are encountered he was seen; it was seen they were seen it was seen; it looked; they were discovered; they were seen he will be seen; it was seen; it will be seen they will be seen her spinning bowl his cry, his shout obsidian sandal obsidian sandal exceedingly cold very cold extremely cold; very cold obsidian necklace golden eagle; obsidian eagle his dog ringtail his dogs dog meat dog breeding penis of a dog dogs dog its origin in his anus his buttocks; its haunches its roots his beginning at its foot, at its base; at the base of it; at the bottom of it; its abdomen its thick base purslane obsidian-pointed arrow her hair; his hair its hair; its maize silk; its corn Nahuatl

Page 46 of 138 English Gloss silk; its spikelet; its top (ie; amaranth leaves) his headdress; his wig his snare her mantle of hair his head her head; his head; its head his head his rags; his tatters his rags; his tatters her weaving stick obsidian medicine obsidian chip unworked obsidian cold; cool; cooling it sits facing it obsidian; obsidian blade; obsidian knife it cooks; it ripens cooked; fired [re pottery]; it cooked; well-formed?; welltextured as, like; thus like, as if so, thus, like this; in this way; likewise at such a time as if; as; like; likewise; similar to; so; similar similar; such; such as; thus; in the same way; same; so as if; like; as as if; like; so; as; just as; similar to; so that similar; thus; as if; in this way as if; like; as his face he sobers up her face; his face; his mask his tears house of tears with tears tear tearful words firm brave his face becomes red red-faced cataract having a star design painted on his face film over the eye Page 46 of 138

itzoncal itzonhuaz itzonquen itzonteco itzontecon itzontencon itzotzoma itzotzomatzin itzotzopaz itzpactli itztapalcatl itztetl itztic itztimotlalia itztli iucci iuccic iuh iuh iuh iuhcapan iuhqui iuhqui iuhquima iuhquin iuhquin iuhquinma ix ix quicui ixayac ixayo ixayocali ixayotica ixayotl ixayoyotlatolli ixchicactic ixchicahuac ixchichilihui ixchichilpol ixchichiticahuiliztli ixcitlalichihuale ixcitlalicihuiztli

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl ixco ixco ixco ixcococ ixcocoliztli ixconi ixcopa ixcoztic ixcuacehua ixcuamolli ixcuappachtic ixcuatoleehua ixcuatoltitech ixcuitlatl ixeehua ixhua ixhua ixhuan ixhuaz ixhuihua ixhuihuan ixhuiuhtli ixic ixichuen ixicol ixillan ixiloyo ixinach ixinach ixinachio ixinacho ixinachyo ixincayo ixiotl ixipehuallo ixiptla Eglish Gloss in his eye; in his face; in his presence; in its face; in its presence on her face; on his face; on its surface; on the surface; on the surface of present revolting; sad-faced eye ailment; eye pain; sickness of the eyes it can be baked on a griddle from the front yellow its forehead eyebrow tawny; tawny on the surface his eyelids burn on the eyelids rheum of the eyes his eyes ache it erupts, it sprouts; it forms they sprout its eyes it will grow, it will sprout one who has grandchildren his grandsons grandchild her umbilical cord; his umbilical cord his umbilical cord offering his sleeveless jacket her bosom; its belly its silk (ie, cornsilk) his semen its seed its seed its seed its seed its scales, its bark; its scaliness scum its bark her image; her representation; her impersonator; her likeness; her representative; his envoy; his representative; his figure; his representation; his image; his impersonator; his likeness; his proxy its image; its impersonator; its likeness; its representation; its representative Nahuatl ixiptlahuan ixiptlan ixiptlati ixiptlatzin ixiquipil ixiquipilco ixittoc ixiuhyo ixiyotl ixmimiqui ixmimiquiliztli ixmimiquini ixnacatl ixnamiquiztli ixneci ixnex ixnextic ixochicuallo ixochio ixochiototon ixochitli ixochiuh ixochyo ixolohua ixolouh ixoocpol ixotlaca ixpalani ixpampa ixpan

Page 47 of 138 English Gloss his impersonators its representation he represents, he impersonates his vicar, his representative his pouch, his bag, his sack in its pouch he was respected its foliage; its leaves; its petals shuttle it is blinded, it is dazzled sun-blindness something which is blinded flesh of the face insufferability, irresistibility it is verified, it is evident ash-face ashen its fruit its blossom; its blossoms; its fat; its flower its little blossoms flower its blossom its blossom their pages his page drunken face its bloom face festers; it festers on the surface from his presence before her, in front of her; before him; in front of him; in his presence; before it; in front of it; before them; in front of them before him, in front of him; in his presence eye medicine having a wide face slender small blind it is destroyed; it perishes; they are destroyed; they perish blind people it becomes blind blindness blinded vision his eyes are inflamed, swollen Page 47 of 138

ixpantzinco ixpatli ixpechtic ixpipitzahuac ixpitzahuac ixpohpoyotic ixpolihui ixpopoyome ixpopoyoti ixpopoyotl ixpopoyotlachializtli ixpopozahua


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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl ixquempalli ixquenpal ixquich Eglish Gloss eyelid his eyelid all; all which; as much; enough; everything; full amount; some; whatsoever; as much as; a full amount; every all all; everyone all a little bit crab lice; lice around the eyes its eyes his eyes are torn out eye eye having eyes like spindle whorls his face becomes pale pale his eyelids droop glazing of the eyes blindness, glazing of the eyes on the desert; on the plain desert; plain they are experienced daring; it is sound short cut having eyes like live coals; having flaming red eyes valiant eye; face mediator; prudent person face blackens dark cataract watchful heavy perspiration of the face perspiration of the face greenish mottled green round; rounded on the surface his nose; its nose stinking his nose; its scent; its odor at the tip in first position; in his nose; at his nose; in his nostril; in the lead; on its tip; on its end; at its end; on its point tender shoots its erectile process [of a Nahuatl iyacatzol iyacayo iyacayocan iyacolpan iyaohuan iyapaltic iyauhchicahuaztli iyaxtiuh iyaya iyaztlacapal iyecaxitl iyecuen iyehel iyel iyeliz

Page 48 of 138 English Gloss turkey]; its nose mucus its snout its tip in first place, in first position on his shoulder his enemies dark green mist rattle board it stinks it has an aroma, it smells its wing tobacco bowl his bean field solicitous diligent his bearing; his being; his way of life; his character; its essence; its habits; its manner of life; its nature; its characteristics; their being; their nature with tobacco, by means of tobacco tobacco; tube of tobacco tobacco flower only its life apart, alone, aside; by himself; separately; each by itself; in private its breeding place deliberately, slowly his offense her heart; his heart; his mind; its; its center; its heart; its interior; its core; its pith; its inside their heart; their hearts in its center; its central part; its interior in his chest; in his heart her heart; his heart its center his exploit, his manliness cold it whitens, it becomes white here his straw bed he was hoarse hoarseness its fable, its story behold it, here it is; behold Page 48 of 138

ixquichti ixquichtin ixquichtzin ixquitzin ixtamazolicihuiztli ixtelolo ixtelolococopinalo ixtelolohtli ixtelolotli ixtemamalacachtic ixtenexiuhtinemi ixtenextic ixtenmimilihui ixtezcaicihuiztli ixtezcaihcihuiztli ixtlahuacan ixtlahuatl ixtlamati ixtlapalihui ixtlapalotli ixtletlexochtic ixtleyo ixtli ixtli nacaztli ixtlilihui ixtliltic ixtotolicihuiztli ixtozoani ixtzocuicuitlatl ixtzocuitlatl ixxoxoctic ixxoxoxoctic ixyayahualtic iyac iyac iyaca iyacac iyacac

iyetica iyetl iyexochitl iyo iyo:liliz iyoca iyolian iyolic iyolitlacoloca iyollo

iyollo iyolloco iyollopan iyollotzin iyolloyo iyoquichio iytztic iyztaya iz izacapepech izahuacaya izahuaquiliztli izazanillo izca

iyacacelica iyacacuitl Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl izcaliloca izcaltilo izcaltiloz izcan izcate izcatiloni izcatqui izhuatica izoloca izquilhuitl izquitlamantli izquixochicuahuitl izquixochitic izquixochitl iztac iztacacuicuiltic iztacanactli iztacapil iztachiuhque iztacpahtic iztacpaltic iztacpatic iztalectic iztalehua iztalehuac iztanamacaque iztaoctli iztapan iztaquetl iztatapalcatl iztatica iztatl iztatlaca iztatlalli iztatzintli iztaxalli iztaya iztayo iztayotic iztayotl izte izti izti izticocoltic izticocopinalo Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss his rearing it is nourished he will be reared behold, here it is behold them, here they are up-bringing behold it, here it is; behold; here she is; note it with maize husks, by means of maize husks it is rumbling all days; every day all kinds; every kind; many things; various things; as many things popcorn flower tree popcorn flower popcorn flower white mottled with white; spotted with white thin bar of salt very white salt makers very white very white very white pale; yellow it becomes pale pale; whitish; chalky salt merchants white wine salt bed white bean salt cake with salt, using salt salt salt people salty earth, salty soil salt coarse salt; grain of salt he becomes white; it becomes white salt[ness]; salty; salted briny brine, salty water clawed, having claws; having nails his claw, his talon its claws; its nails; its hooves having curved claws his finger nails are torn out Nahuatl izticohcoltic iztihuihuiac iztihuihuitztic iztiquiza iztitl iztitlatlaxo iztitle iztitontli iztlac iztlacateteo iztlacati iztlacatiliztli iztlacatini iztlacatlatolli iztlacayotl iztlactica iztlactli ma maahuiltia maaltia maca macalhuitequi maccuahuitl macehualli

Page 49 of 138 English Gloss having curved claws having long claws; having long nails having sharp claws claws emerge nail, fingernail; toenail his finger nails are removed o fingernail small fingernail its venom false gods he lies lie; falsehood liar deceitful word, lie; falsehood falsehood by means of licking falsehood, lie let, may she becomes a harlot they bathe let not, may not they hurl themselves into their boats war club common folk; common man; man of low estate; commoner; vassal; lowly person; man; people among common folk common folk; common people; commoners she acts like a commoner common folk poor commoner common folk especially example; insignia; mark; model; pattern; sign; standard figure of speech; metaphor it is known teachable it is captured; it is caught although although pure; whole it is given they are given it is raised up it sits up it was given; they were given yellow-leafed, having a yellow Page 49 of 138

macehualpan macehualti macehualti macehualtin macehualtzintli macehualtzitzinti mache machiotl machiotlatolli macho machtiloni maci macihui macihuin macitica maco maco macomana macoquetza macoya macoztic

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl macpalhuehuei macpalnacatl macpalpapatlactic macuahuitl macuexcohuatl macuextlaxcalli macuextli macuil macuil matlac macuilcan macuilcaxitl macuililhuitl macuilli macuilmatl macuilpa macuilpeso macuilpoalxihuitl macuiltetl macuiltin macuiltzin macuiltzontli macuilyohual macxoyauh mahahuiltia mahaltia mahaltiaya mahana mahcotonhuitzoa mahmae mahtzopaztli mahueyac mahuihuiac mahuihuiyac mahuiloa mahuilquixtia mahuilquixtia mahuilquixtiani mahuiltia mahuitzoco mahuizauhqui mahuizcuihuac mahuizcuique mahuizo mahuizoloni mahuizoticatca mahuizotihui Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss leaf having wide pads flesh of the palm of the hand having very wide pads war club "bracelet snake" bracelet tortilla bracelet five a few; a little bit five places five bowls five days five five fathoms five times five pesos one hundred years five five five two thousand five nights your fir branch she is given to amusement they bathe they were bathing it stretches it leaps up it has hands forearm long hand having long branches; having long leaves long hands she is dissolute he dishonors himself; he demeans himself she degrades herself, she dishonors herself one who dishonors herself it plays fearful admirable; marvelous; wonderful there was fear, there was terror they were frightened wonderful, marvelous worthy of admiration it was awesome they go in glory, they go in Nahuatl mahuizotl mahuizpan mahuiztia mahuiztic mahuizticapil mahuiztihuani mahuiztililo mahuiztililoni mahuiztililoya mahuiztililoz mahuiztiz mahuiztli mahuizyo mahuizyo mahuizyopolihui mahuizyotl mahuizzo mahuizzochimalli maitia maitl malacachihui malacachiuhqui malacachiuhtiuhi malacachtic malacachtontli malacatl male maleque mali malli malmicoa malmicoaya maltepeuh maltequime maltia

Page 50 of 138 English Gloss honor honor awesome place they were esteemed wonderful, marvelous; estimable; esteemed; noble; of good quality wonderful, very marvelous venerable he is honored meriting wonder; worthy of honor; estimable; illustrious; of reverence; praiseworthy he was honored; he was revered; respected; she was esteemed; they were honored he will be honored he will be esteemed fear; awe; fright; glory; honor; solemnity; wonder honored; esteemed wonderful, marvelous his renown is destroyed, his renown perishes honor honored splendid shield it happens arm; hand he becomes round; it becomes like a spindle whorl; it becomes round round, like a spindle whorl; shaped like a spindle whorl he goes becoming round circular, round, like a spindle whorl; shaped like a spindle whorl small spindle whorl spindle; spindle whorl; spinning whorl captor; one who owns a captive owners of captives; slave owners slave captive; loot; booty there was dying of captives there was slaying of captives your city tribute captives he bathes; he is bathed; it Page 50 of 138

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl maltia maltiani maltiaya maltiz maltiz maltizque mamachihua mamacue mamae mamahuia mamalacachiuhqui mamalacachti mamalacachtic mamalti mamaltin mamaltzitzinti mamana mamapile mamatlaltic mamatlapaltia mamaye mamaza mamazoa mamohuia mamohuiaya mamohuiya mana manaz manazque manel manel manellamaz manenemi manenenque mani Eglish Gloss bathes itself; it is she bathes; she is bathed; they bathe one who bathes herself he bathed; he was bathed; she was bathed; they bathed; they were bathed he will bathe; he is to bathe; he will be bathed; it will be bathed she will bathe, she is to bathe; she will be bathed they will bathe it is made into paper your paper skirt having branches he is covered with paper round, like a spindle whorl it becomes like round, it becomes like spindle whorls arched, curled, round; like a spindle whorl captives captives captives she becomes disturbed fingered, having fingers dark green it forms leaves; it produces leaves it has branches deer; deer (pl); deer [pl] it extends its hand he uses soap; it is spread on; it is washed; they wash their heads they soaped themselves they soaped themselves it increases in size; it is taken; it lengthens it will develop they will develop although; even though; even; even if; nevertheless; no no matter, even though although he will take captives animals; four-footed; they walk on four feet four-footed animals it extends, it is; it spreads out; it lies; it prevails; it rests; they are spread out; they are; they Nahuatl

Page 51 of 138 English Gloss stand; they lie; they spread out; they remain it will rest; it will lie or; or else; but; perhaps it goes resting raccoon finger flesh of the finger they pointed with their fingers fat-fingered, having fat fingers lamed finger little finger having slender branches; having slender leaves he whistles; it whistles there is whistling; they whistle shrill whistler; whistler he has diarrhea having slender leaves it is put; it is transplanted; they are planted water is extracted they escape bracelet tranquil person wrist band, bracelet having thick branches having thick branches in a net; in the net ten ten spans ten fathoms from the net ten times ten ten ten ten eleven thirteen twelve four thousand ten years blue water blue pulque dark green he will throw himself into the water your wing ten days net

maniz manozo mantiuh mapachitli mapilli mapilnacatl mapiloque mapiltotomactic mapiltzatzapal mapilxocoyotl mapipitzahuac mapipitzoa mapipitzoa mapipitzoani mapitza mapitzahuac maquia maquixtia maquiza maquiztli matcatlacatl matemecatl matilahuac matitilahuac matlac matlac matlacmapan matlacmatl matlacopa matlacpa matlacteme matlactetl matlactin matlactli matlactloce matlactlomei matlactlomome matlactzontli matlacxihuitl matlalatl matlaloctli matlaltic matlanhuiz matlapal matlaquilhuitl matlatl

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl matlayo matlequiquizoani matlequiquiztli matlian matoconi matohtomactic matohtozantic matoyahuiz matzatzaztli matzin matzin motepetzin matzopetztli matzotzopaztli mauhca mauhcaitto mauhcaittoni mauhcaittoya Eglish Gloss net-like arquebusier arquebus your time of drinking touchable having thick paws having gopher-like paws he will throw himself into the river ring your [h] water; your water your [h] city wrist band forearm; lower arm bone fearful it is looked at with fear; it is regarded with dread; it is seen with fear venerable, fearful she was held in awe; they were held in awe; they were looked upon with fear; they were regarded with fear coward frightened divided, split your possession; your property it spreads axin is provided, axin is applied he defecates; it is urinated (ie; expelled in the urine); it is expelled in the urine); it urinates; one urinates; they urinate he urinated he will urinate green-branched breech clout; breechcloth; breechclout old, worn breechcloth it is hungry ear plug made of black beetles from hunger, through hunger famine there is hunger there is hunger there will be famine, people will be hungry there was famine; they were Nahuatl mayehuatl mayoxochquillotia mazacetl mazaconetl mazaehuatl mazanacatl mazatiz mazatl mazatla mazatlacualli mazcapotzaltia mazoma mea mec mecahuehuetl mecamaxalli mecapitzahuac mecatic mecatica

Page 52 of 138 English Gloss hungry leather glove it produces gourd blossoms deer fat fawn deerskin venison he will become a deer deer place of the deer deer fodder, horse fodder; fodder for the deer it forms itself an anthill he rages over drink, he gets angry about drink it flows, it exudes then guitar divided cord like a slender cord cord-like; stringy with a cord, by means of a cord; with a rope; by means of a rope; with cord; by means of cord; with cords; by means of cords; with ropes; by means of ropes on the rope cord; rope; thong stringy they took their pleasure it flows it is raised it sits up maguey spine very long rather long long; long and straight; straight small and long it becomes long; it is straight correct; correctly; justly; exact; true; exactly; truthfully; just; legitimate; long; straight; right; truth; righteous; righteously; direct; tall fair person it quickly straightens itself your sighing they go about sighing they trouble themselves he was amused Page 52 of 138

mauhcatlacatl mauhqui maxaltic maxcatzin maxelihui maxhuia maxixa

maxixaya maxixaz maxoxoctic maxtlatl maxtlazoltzintli mayana mayanacochtli mayanaliztica mayanaliztli mayanalo mayanalo mayanaloz mayanaya Nahuatl Vocabulary

mecatitech mecatl mecayo meellelquixtiaya mehmeya mehua mehuatitlalia mehuitztli melacpatic melacpil melactic melactontli melahua melahuac

melahuacatlacatl melahuatihuetzi melcicihuiliz melcicihuititinemi mellacuahua mellelquixtiaya

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl memecati memecatia memecatic memelactic memelahuac menexoaliztli mepan metitlan metl metlapilihui metlapilli metlapiltic metlaza metontli metzcanauhtli metzcuitlatl metznacatl metzonco metzonocuilin metzpan metzpil metztli metztli cualo metztona meuhtoc mexixin mexoyotia meya meyaz mi mi mia mic mic mic micampa miccauh micequiz michconetl michcuani michhuacqui michi michihuauhtli michihuauhtzoalli michin michio michiqui Eglish Gloss it binds it becomes cord-like; it forms vines cord-like; rope-like slender; straight straight hemorrhoids; piles on a maguey leaf; on the maguey among maguey plants maguey; maguey leaf it becomes mano-like mano like the mano of the metate; mano-shaped beans are sown small maguey blue-winged teal mica flesh of the thigh in maguey pith maguey worm on the thigh little moon month; moon eclipse of the moon there is moonlight he is risen lepidium it produces a bean it exudes; it flows it will flow; it will come it is drunk they are drunk it was drunk he died it was drunk she died behind you your younger brother it is roasted baby fish fisheater dried fish fish fish amaranth dough made of fish amaranth seed; fish amaranth dough fish having fish it is scraped; it is scratched Nahuatl michtzontecomatl miciuhcatlaloa mico:hua micoa micoac micoani micoaya micoaz micohuani micohuaya micque micqui micquiz mictihuetzi mictilo mictiloya mictiloz mictla mictlampa mictlan mictlan mictlanpa mictoc micuiloa miec miecca mieccan miecpa miectin miequia miequin miequinti miequintin miexi mih mihcuia mihiyo mihiyohuia mihiyotia mihiyotzin mihmati mihmatini

Page 53 of 138 English Gloss fish head he dashes, he runs hurriedly people die one dies, people die; there is death; there is dying people died; there was death; there was dying dead; deadly; fatal there was dying; there was death; there were deaths there will be death; there will be dying fatal deathly place; place of death they died dead; corpse; dull he will die he dies suddenly they are killed, they are slain they were killed, they were slain he will be killed, he will be put to death place of death north; to the north land of the dead place of death; place of the dead to the north it lies dead it is painted many; much; all often, frequently many places; many; much many times, often; frequent many they multiplied, they increased in numbers many many many it breaks wind; it looses an odor it is drunk it coils your spirit he suffers it emanates splendor your spirit he is cautious, he is prudent; it is prudent one who is prudent Page 53 of 138

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl mihnecui mihtoaya mihtotia mihtotiaya mihtotihtinemi mihtotizque mihuintia mihuintiani mihuintihtinemi mihuintitinemi milchiuhqui millaca milli milpan miltontli mimacaci mimacacia mimatcacueitl mimatcanemi mimati mimati mimatia mimatini mimatqui mimattzintli mimichti mimichtin mimicque mimictiloque mimilihui mimiliuhqui mimiltic mimiltontli mimiltotonti mimiqui minalo minax minayaz minecui minecuiz mipotza mipotzani miqui miqui Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss it is smelled it was called he dances they danced they go dancing they will dance he becomes drunk drunkard he goes about drunk she goes about drunk field worker field people maize field in the field maize plot it is feared, it is dreaded he was feared, he was dreaded; they were afraid fine skirt he lives in modesty he is prudent; intelligent they are clever they are skilled prudent proper circumspect fish; fish (pl); fish [pl]; fishes fish [pl]; fish; fishes dead people; the dead they were slain, they were killed it becomes cylindrical; it enlarges; they become cylindrical; they enlarge cylindrical; rounded cylindrical; rounded; round; shaped like cylinders; thick rounded small and cylindrical they die he is shot with an arrow, he is pierced by an arrow he hid, he took refuge he will hide, he will take refuge it is inhaled; it is smelled; it smells it is sniffed, it is smelled it hisses one that hisses he dies; it dies she dies; they die; they die it Nahuatl miquia miquiciyac miquiciyaltic miquiliztli miquini miquitiuh miquito miquiya miquiz miquiz miquiz miquizhiyaltic miquizmauhque miquiznequi

Page 54 of 138 English Gloss he died; she died; they died; they diedi smelling of death smelling much of death death; mortality worthy of death he goes to die, he would die; it goes to die he went to die, he met his death they died he will die it will die she will die deathly stench those who fear death he is about to die; he is about to drown; he is to die; he wants to die; they wish for death cure for death they will die he would die, he might have died; he would have died omen of death death like an arrow; within you with arrows, by means of arrows arrow; bolt; dart; spear war she will be requested, she will be asked for he was called it was called; it was declared; it was said; it was mentioned; it was told he is called; he is entitled; he is said; it are told; it is asked; it is called; so-called; it is described; it is discussed; it is mentioned; it is related; it is said; it is told; one refers to it; she is called; they are called; they are known as; they are mentioned; they are told; they are said he pledged; he was called; it used to be called; it used to be said; it was called; it was named; it was said; it was claimed; it was stated; it was said3D; they were called Page 54 of 138

miquizpatli miquizque miquizquia miquiztetzahuitl miquiztli mitic mitica mitl mitl chimalli mitlaniz mito mito mitoa


Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl mitohuaya mitonia mitoque mitotia mitotia mitotiani mitotiaya mitotica mitotitihui mitotitihuitz mitotitihuitze mitotitinemi mitotitiuh mitotizque mitotonti mitoz mitozquia mitzahuahuia mitzanatiuh mitzanazque mitzcaquiz mitzchiuh mitzcho:ca mitzelcicihui mitzicxitocaz mitzitta mitziximati mitzizcali mitzmaca mitzmacac mitzmachiotia mitzmapilhui mitzmapilhuia mitzmapilhuiz mitzmochihuilia mitzmotlatolilochtiliz mitzmoyolitlacalhuia mitznonotz mitznotza mitzoma mitzoniyahua Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss it was called; it was said; they were called they sweat they were called he dances she dances; they dance dancer he danced; she danced; they danced it is being said; it is said; it is called; it is being called they go dancing he came dancing they come dancing they continue dancing he goes dancing they will dance little arrows it will be said; it will be told it would be said, it should be pronounced he is pricked with an obsidian point he goes to take you, he goes to seize you they will take you, they will seize you he will hear you he made you it weeps for you, it cries for you it sighs for you he will follow you he sees you they know you he trained you he gives it to you he endowed you, he gave it to you he indicates you he pointed his finger at you he points his finger at you he will select you, he will point his finger at you he [h] does it to you, he [h] causes you he will reverse your word they offend you he admonished you he calls out to you it is sewn; it is sutured he raises you in dedication, he Nahuatl

Page 55 of 138 English Gloss raises you in offering, he offers you he will remove you they made you father he will address you as a man he plants you he buries you he created you he washes his face; his face is washed; it washes its face your tear he is involved; it is involved; they are concerned; they are involved; they pay heed; it is their doing they were concerned, they were involved his face was painted with the star design before you, in your presence; in your face crab-hawk cloud vessel he falls on his face she will give birth she is about to give birth; she wishes to give birth jimsonweed; datura stramonium women who were recently delivered newly delivered woman; newly-delivered woman they disputed among themselves, they contended with each other before you, in front of you; in your presence before you [h], in your [h] presence; before you; in front of you; in your presence; in your sight it closes its eyes they disguised themselves it fills with clouds before your face, in your presence her face is covered with rouge faces were covered with brown he has inflamed eyes cloud

mitzquixtiz mitztatique mitztlacanotzaz mitztlalaquia mitztoca mitzyocox mixamia mixayotzin mixcahuia

mixcahuiaya mixcitlalichiuh mixco mixcoacuauhtli mixcomitl mixicquetza mixihuiz mixihuiznequi mixitl mixiuhque mixiuhqui mixnamicque mixpan mixpantzinco

mixpiqui mixpoloaya mixtemi mixtlan mixtlapalhuatzalhuia mixtlapalhuatzalhuiaya mixtlehuia mixtli

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl mixtoxahua mixxoa miyec miyeccan miyecpa miyequintin miz mizahuia mizahuiani mizcitlalchiuh mizehuatl mizoni mizotla mizotlaz mizquicuahuitl mizquitl miztli mizton MO:YO:TL MO:YO:TZIN moca moca mocacantlapalhuia mocactia mocahua Eglish Gloss he falls on his face it fills with clouds, it is overcast many; much many places many times; often many it will be drunk; it is to be drunk she is apprehensive one who is full of anxiety, one who is fearful he made a star design on his face puma skin one who bleeds himself he vomits he will vomit; it will be vomited up mesquite tree; mesquite wood mesquite; mesquite tree mountain lion cat flying insect; a mosquito gnat; literally "small mosquito" covered with for you, towards you; for your sake; full of; covered with her cheeks are colored he wears sandals, he provides himself with sandals he ceases; he fails to; he holds back; he restrains himself; he remains; he is spared; it ceases; it stops; it is left; it is omitted; it remains; it stays; they remain; they stop he failed to; it ceased; it remained; they remained it will be left, it is to be left; it will remain they enter in your house it makes itself a nest he made himself a house he opens his mouth wide he is heard, he is heeded; it is heard; it is known; it is understood; it understood; they are heard; they sound it will be heard he remained Nahuatl mocayahua

Page 56 of 138 English Gloss he deceives; he deceives himself; he mocks; he makes sport; he ridicules; it deceives; it mocks she deceives; she mocks; they deceive; they mock one who mocks, mocker, one who deceives he gets sick he will not rest you alone, by yourself your tenderness one who boasts of being an ocelot warrior you alone, only you they fasted twenty days he adorns himself, he arrays himself; he is arrayed; he is adorned; he makes ready; he prepares himself; he prepares; it is cleaned; it is prepared; it is finished; it is finished off; it is perfected; it prepares itself; it arranges itself; they are adorned; they are arrayed; they are dressed; they array themselves; they ornament themselves; they prepare themselves he adorned himself; it was arranged; they arrayed themselves he will be supplied, he will be prepared it cares for itself; it is well kept he is proud it is all mixed together; it is mixed together; they are mixed all together; well mixed it is chosen; they assemble they assembled, they came together; they congregated it is ground up; it is ground up together; they are ground together he sits firmly; they assemble; they gather together it is heated thoroughly, it is heated completly all; everything your home; your house it nests, it makes a home for itself; they nest Page 56 of 138

mocayahua mocayahuani moccohcoha mocehuiz mocel mocelica moceloitoani moceltzin mocempoalzauhque mocencahua

mocencahuaya mocencahuaz mocenmati mocenmatini mocenneloa mocenquixtia mocenquixtiaya mocenteci mocentlalia mocentotonia moch mochan mochantia

mocahuaya mocahuaz mocalaquia mocalitic mocaltia mocaltiaya mocamatzayana mocaqui

mocaquiz mocauh Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl mochantzinco moche mochi mochicahualiztzin mochichihua Eglish Gloss your home all all; completely; entirely; every; everything; many; very much your power he adorns himself; he arrays himself; he decks himself; he is adorned; he is arrayed; he ornamented himself; it prepares itself; they are adorned; they are arrayed; they are bedight; they are dressed; they array themselves; they ornament themselves he arrayed himself; he was adorned; he was arrayed; she was arrayed; they adorned themselves; they were adorned; they were arrayed; they were bedecked; they were ornamented he will be adorned, he will be arrayed he is sucked; it is sucked he will be scorched; he will singe himself he becomes; it becomes; it serves as; it forms; it befalls; it happens; it appears; it breeds; it occurs; it comes to pass; it grows; it is produced; it is done; it is made; it comes; it is brought about; it is practised; it is formed; it is grown; it is prepared; it seems like ; it served as she becomes; they are made; they become; they develop; they form; they grow; they are produced it happens, it comes to pass he adorned himself; he became; it became; it befell; it happened; it came to pass; it grew; it was celebrated; it was observed; it was done; it was performed; it was made; it was prepared; she became; they became; they took the form of; they grew; they happened; they were done; they were celebrated; they were observed; they were Nahuatl mochihuaz

Page 57 of 138 English Gloss undertaken; they were made he will become; it befalls; it happens; it will be done; it is to be done; it will happen; it will be made; it will be observed; it will become; it will befall; it will come to pass; it will form; it will turn out; it will take place they will become; they will do it to themselves; it will happen to them it would befall, it would happen it is blotched with red, chili-red your shield shields are struck together it forms a shield all; all of them; everyone all; all (pl); all of them; each of them; everybody; everyone always; all the time; constantly; continually; frequently; often always it drips all people, everyone he became; it became; it happened; it came to pass; it occurred; it was done; it took place; it was formed; it was made; it was waged they became it happened to them they pecked at each other she wept for herself your tears; your weeping they seem to weep it was swept all; all (pl) he is affected by the wine she provides herself with young women they dance in the fashion of women he takes the part of a woman, he acts like a woman they begin to roast he brings good to himself they are thankful your friends your friends

mochihuazque mochihuazquia mochilchachapatz mochimal mochimalhuitequi mochimaltia mochinti mochintin mochipa mochipan mochipinia mochitlacatl mochiuh


mochichihuaz mochichina mochichinoz mochihua


mochihuani mochihuaya

mochiuh mochiuhque mochopinique mochoquiliaya mochoquiz mochoquizcanenequi mochpanaya mochtin mochuia mocicihuapiltiani mocihuaittotia mocihuanenequi mocinixquia mocnelia mocnelilmati mocnihua mocnihuan

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl mocniuh mocnochan mocnoteca mocochteca mococoa Eglish Gloss your friends your poor house he humbles himself he lies down to sleep he becomes sick; it hurts; it has an ailment; it is sick; it sickens; she is sick; they become sick your possession he dances the serpent dance it is bought it was bought your grandfather [h] it is cast; it is molded it will be cast it is cut he sits on his shins they sat down, they squatted pine resin is applied it forms a resin it is pulverized your seat it is chewed; it is eaten they are eaten it is chewed; it is eaten he constantly shakes his head it is boiled it was chewed your anger your [h] anger; your [h] wrath the ends are joined he arranges his hair he is wounded in the head he was of disordered hair your club one who boasts of being an eagle warrior it was eaten it is cut like a ring-shaped carrying pad, it is cut round he will eat himself; it will be eaten; it is to be eaten it is pulverized they turn about he becomes; he turns; it becomes; it turns into; they become they became; they were turned into it will become they dress themselves in skirts Nahuatl mocuetiaya mocueyotia mocuic mocuicui mocuicuilo mocuiliani mocuilo mocuiltono mocuiltonoa

Page 58 of 138 English Gloss they wore a skirt, they provided themselves with a skirt it breaks into waves your song it is sculptured varicolored reserved person painted rich man; he became rich he acquires abundance, he becomes prosperous; he becomes rich; he enjoys; he is rich; he is wealthy; he is prosperous she is rich, she is wealthy; they are rich; they prosper; they rejoice prosperous person; rich person she prospered he pretends to be rich he will be rich; he will be wealthy; rich; he will become rich; he will have wealth; he will prosper she will be rich; she will become rich; she will prosper they will rejoice your tail your vassals your foot he breaks his foot; he breaks his leg runner, one who runs your foot it is spotted as with rubber he brags he looks at himself it develops it is dried he [h] comes it constantly creeps; it creeps; it keeps creeping creeper they are struck repeatedly it stirs he crawls; it crawls; it creeps; it drags itself; it is dragged they crawl creeper they are set in order Page 58 of 138

mocococatzin mococoloa mocohua mocohuaya mocoltzin mocopina mocopinaz mocotona mocototztlalia mocototztlalique mocotzohuia mocotzoyotia mocoxonia mocpaltzin mocua mocua mocuacua mocuacuacuecuechotica mocuacualatza mocuacuaya mocualan mocualantzin mocuanamictia mocuapepetla mocuatzayana mocuatzitzintiaya mocuauh mocuauhitoani mocuaya mocuayahualxima mocuaz mocuechoa mocuecuepa mocuepa mocuepaya mocuepaz mocuetia

mocuiltonoa mocuiltonoani mocuiltonoaya mocuiltonocanectica mocuiltonoz

mocuiltonoz mocuiltonozque mocuitlapil mocuitlapil matlapal mocxi mocxipoztequi mocxitlaloani mocxitzin moholchapani mohoquichitoa mohotta mohuapahua mohuatza mohuicatz mohuihuilana mohuihuilanani mohuihuitequi mohuihuixoa mohuilana mohuilana mohuilanani mohuipana

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl mohuipiltia mohuitequi mohuitz mohuitztlalia molcahualtiloya molcaxitl molchachapatz molhuil molicpitl molinia molinique molli molnamiqui moloni moloni molonini molonqui molontoc molotl molpia momac momacaz momacehual momacehualtzitzinhuan momahuizpia momahuizyocan momahuizzotia momahuizzotiaya momal momalacachoa momalacachotinemi momalcochotimotlalia momalhuiani momamalacachotihui momamali momamalina momamamanani momamana momamantinemi momamatiloa momamayauhtiuh momana Eglish Gloss they dress themselves in blouses it is beaten; she is beaten; she is whipped; they beat each other; they strike each other your thorn they insert maguey spines in themselves they were made to forget sauce dish it is blotched; it is blotched as with rubber your desert elbow it stirs they moved sauce it is recalled, it is remembered it billows; it diffuses; it gushes; it wells up; it spreads out; it swirls; it swirls up they seethe; they swarm that which swirls up pulverized; soft it lies diffusing house finch it is tied in your hand it will be given; it is to be given your merit your servants they are cared for with awe your place of honor he is honored she achieves honor your captive it becomes round, it becomes like a spindle whorl they keep turning around he sits embracing himself it is reserved they go whirling it is drilled they are twisted together it is accustomed to making gestures it is arranged he dances in a circle it is rubbed he goes hurling himself along it is set out; it settles; they spread out Nahuatl momanahuia momapoztequi momaquixtia momati momatia momatica momatiznequi momatzayana momatzin momauhcatlaloa momauhtia momauhtiani momauhtiaya momauhtique momaxacualoa momaxtlatizque momaxtlazoltzin momayahui momayahuiz momecania momecati momecatia momecatiani momecatitinemi momehmecatiani momelahua momemecatia momemelauhtica momemelauhtimotlalia momimiloa momina

Page 59 of 138 English Gloss they excuse themselves, they defend themselves he breaks his hand they free themselves, they escape it resembles; they think; they feel they were considered he is suspecting he wants to think the branch is broken your hand he flees in terror, he runs away fearfully; they run away fearfully he gets frightened; he takes fright; he becomes frightened; it is frightened coward; frightening; one who takes fright; fearful person they were frightened, they were in terror they were frightened it is crumbled in the hands they will be provided with breechcloths your old breechcloth, your wretched breechcloth he throws himself he will cast himself, he will throw himself he hangs himself he had a paramour, he provided himself with a concubine he lives in concubinage, he provides himself with a concubine one who has a paramour, one who has a concubine he lives in concubinage one who lives in concubinage it is declared he has a paramour, he provides himself with a concubine she remains with legs outstretched she sits with legs outstretched it becomes round; it is rounded; it rolls it is shot with an arrow

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl momiquili momiquilia momiquiliaya momiquiz momiyotia momochitl momoloca momolocatoc momoloni momolontoc momonequi momoyactic momoyahua Eglish Gloss he died she (h) dies he died [h] your death it is given a skeleton popcorn it billows, it seethes; it wells up it spreads billowing; it spreads constantly billowing it constantly swirls it spreads billowing it is required outspread it becomes disordered; it scatters; it spreads; it spreads out; it radiates; they disperse; they radiate; they scatter radiating, spread out each day altar your body your body in your ear your mothers he sits hugging himself your (h) duty it is sold he will be sold your husband he is married, he gets married; it is added; it is joined; it is joined with it; they are added; they are brought together it is added your mother he mushrooms himself, he supplies himself with mushrooms she sells herself your mothers your mother; your mothers it takes root your mother; your mother [h] your mothers your (pl) motherhood, your (pl) motherliness motherliness; your motherliness mother of the parents-in-law father of the parents-in-law Nahuatl mone monec monechicoa monecuepal monelhuayotia moneloa moneloz monemiliz monemilizcuepa moneneloa monenemiliz monenepanoa monenepil monenequi

Page 60 of 138 English Gloss one who has a son-in-law it was required they come together, they assemble your return it takes root it is mixed; it is stirred; it is beaten it is to be stirred, it is to be mixed; it will be stirred; it will be mixed your life; your way of life; your live he changes his way of life it is mixed in your traveling they join together your tongue he is capricious, he is overdemanding; it is necessary; it is needed; it is required; she is over-demanding he will be demanding they loved each other he is required, he is needed; it is necessary; it is required; it is wanted; it is needed; it is useful; it is desired; it is used; it necessary they are required, they are necessary; they are needed it is required, it is needed; it was necessary; it was desired; it was needed; it was required; they were needed; they were required he wills it it will be needed; it will be required; it will be necessary your anguish your vow he showed himself it is shown; it shows itself they showed themselves, they revealed themselves the fast is broken mothers-in-law they confer, they consult with one another they consulted among each other they were taking counsel with each other Page 60 of 138

momoyahuac momoztlae momoztli monacayo monacayotzin monacazco monahuan monahuatectimotlalia monahuatiltzin monamaca monamacaz monamic monamictia

monenequiz monepantlazotlaya monequi

monequi monequia

monamiqui monan monanacahuia monanamaca monanhua monanhuan monantia monantzin monantzitzinhuan monanyotzin monayotzin moncitli moncolli Nahuatl Vocabulary

monequiltia monequiz monetequipachol monetol monexti monextia monextiaya monezahualhuiltequi monnanti mononotza mononotzque mononotztoque

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl monotza monotza Eglish Gloss he is advised; he takes heed; he thinks; he deliberates she takes heed; they are summoned; they converse; they deliberate; they speak to each other thinker, one who thinks he reflected he will take heed fathers-in-law father-in-law they move they gird themselves he calls himself a warrior it is washed; they are washed he sits down happily it is pressed; they press one another together he excuses himself; it is cured it is cooked in an olla through you he helps himself on you she washes herself he massages him; it is massaged he will be massaged it washes itself it licks itself they are cured it is dissolved it ruffles its hair he bows it is started it is gathered; it is selected; it is chosen it becomes bare, it is stripped; it glistens; it is polished; it is burnished; it shines your reed mat your reed mat he is abstinent; it is guarded; it is held; it is kept she guards herself; they are guarded chaste it was guarded; it was kept; it was observed; it was stored; they guarded themselves; they were guarded it will be watched, it will cared for Nahuatl mopiazque mopilhuatia

Page 61 of 138 English Gloss they will keep themselves apart he begets sons; it bears its young; it raises its young; it brings forth its young; it hatches its young; it produces young; she bears children; suckers are produced; they rear their young it hangs it becomes inflamed; it blows; it flared; it flares up; it is blown; it is cast; it is inflamed; they are cast it is sown; they are sown continent he is haughty one is fattened energetic on your neck, about your neck they will be provided with clothing he hesitates; he totters loafer he arises, he gets up; it lights; it stands; it set in; it sets in he was set up; they grew it sets in (e g, rain) they arose, they stood up; they departed he became strong like a man she marries he boasts of his manly deeds, he boasts that he is a brave warrior boaster, one who boasts of his manly deeds he goes boasting that he is a brave man they play the part of men he pretends to be a brave warrior he stands as a man one who stands as a man it sits up like a man it sits like a man he frees himself; it is removed; it is taken; it stems he freed himself; they freed themselves; they escaped your father it wanted to be first

monotzani monotzaya monotzaz montati montatli moohlinia moolpia mooquichitoa mopaca mopaccatlalia mopachoa mopahtia mopahuaci mopal mopalehuia mopan mopapaca mopapachoa mopapachoz mopapahca mopapaloa mopatia mopatla mopazoloa mopechteca mopehualtia mopepena mopetlahua mopetlapan mopetlatzin mopia mopia mopiani mopiaya

mopiloa mopitza

mopixoa mopixqui mopoani mopochquiotia mopopoxani moquechtlan moquentizque moquequetza moquequetzani moquetza moquetzaya moquetzaz moquetzque moquichchicauhtic moquichhuatia moquichitoa moquichitoani moquichitotinemi moquichnenequi moquichnenequini moquichquetza moquichquetzani moquichtlalia moquichtlaliani moquixtia moquixtiaya mota motachcauhnequia


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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl motahua motahuan motapayollalia motapazoltiani motataca motatzin motatzitzinhuan motayotzin moteca Eglish Gloss your fathers your fathers he sits rolls up like a ball; it crouches nest maker they are dug out your father; your father [h] your fathers fatherliness; your (pl) fatherhood; your (pl) fatherliness; your fatherliness he is stretched out; he lies down; he stretches out; it crouches; it extends; it is laid out; it is placed; it is spread; it is poured; it is served; it is spread out; it is stretched; it is stretched out; it lies flat; it rests; it settles; it spreads; it spreads out; it stretches out they are ranged about; they are spread; they settle; they stretch out it is thinned, it is made slender it spread; it was poured; it was served it will be applied, it is to be applied, it will be spread; it will spread they will extend from you it is ground; it is ground up; they are ground; they are ground up it will be ground, it is to be ground they arrange themselves in order they will be changed into fierce beasts it resembles crystal it is placed, it is put; she bathes it is anointed he will bathe he licks his lips it makes a smacking sound with its mouth he is called; he is known as; he is named; he is renowned; it is called; it is described; it is told; it is determined; it is expressed; it is known as; it is Nahuatl

Page 62 of 138 English Gloss mentioned; it is given expression; it is named; it is proclaimed; it is related; it is said; it is stated; it was called; it was known as; she are mentioned; she is named; she is called; she is mentioned; they are called; they are known as; they are mentioned; they are named; they are recorded; they are told about he was called; it was called; it was known as; it was named; it was said; it was affirmed; it was stated; she was known as; she was called; they were called; they were known as; they were named it will be mentioned, it will be called upon; it will be published; it will be said; it will be told it was named he shouted, striking his lips with his hand he wonders shouter before your lips he thinks himself better than others they are crushed with a stone your [h] hill; your hill he hurls himself from a cliff, he throws himself from a cliff he will throw himself from a cliff one who adopts grandchildren he sits down firmly, fast the hardness of your heart he stumbles he stumbled it is cut she becomes troubled one who is troubled; sympathetic he is anguished your (h) task your task it is spread diffusely; they are placed one by one they are cut up he sits down firmly Page 62 of 138



moteca motecanahua motecaya motecaz motecazque motechcopa moteci moteciz motecpana motecuancuepazque motehuilonenequi motema motematiloa motemaz motempapaloa motencacapatza motenehua

moteneuh motenhuitec motenmati motenpapahuiani motentlan motepanahuiltoca motepapatlachoa motepetzin motepexihuia motepexihuiz motepiltzintiani motepitztlalia motepitzyollo motepotlamia motepotlamiaya motequi motequipachoa motequipachoani motequipachotica motequiquitzin motequiuh moteteca motetequi moteteuhtlalia

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl motetia motetiani motetzahuiaya motetzotzona moteuh motezcahuia mothotli motiachcauh motilinia motilmatizque motiticana motlacacohuia motlacahualtia motlacahualtiaya motlacaitta motlacamatiz motlacateca motlacatili motlacatiz motlacatlalia motlachihual motlachihualtzin motlacomolhuia motlacotiliqui motlacua:yan motlacualzoma motlaeltia motlahuelquixtique motlahueltzin motlahuical motlali motlalia Eglish Gloss it lays eggs; it lays its eggs egg producer they took it as an omen it is crushed; it is pounded with a stone; they are hammered with a stone your stone they look at themselves in the mirror chipmunk your older brother it extends itself; it stretches they will be provided with capes it becomes stretched they buy people for themselves he abstains; he stops; she abstains they abstained he is regarded as a man; it is regarded; it is respected he will prosper; she will prosper he rests well he was born (h); it was born (h); they were born (h) she will be born (h) it is made in human form, it is placed in human form your deed your creation it falls into the pit they [h] do their labor your time of eating he rages over food, he gets angry about food he becomes nauseated they vented their wrath your fury your helpmate, your companion it took effect; it settled, it sat down; it was laid (e g; fire) he sits; he sits down; it is formed; it is laid; it is set [ie; fire]; it is made; it is placed; it is applied; it is set; it occurs; it is located; it places itself; it sits down; it settles; it sits; she sits; they are placed; they settle; they sit down Nahuatl motlalilia motlalique motlalito motlaloa motlalohuaya motlaloz motlalpiliz motlalticpac motlaltoca motlamelauhcatlalia motlamiahua motlamiahuaz motlamina motlampacaz motlan motlancuatoxahua motlancuaxipehua motlanoquilia motlanpacaz motlantzicuatiliaya motlantzin motlantzinco motlaocol motlapal motlapaloa motlapana motlapanani motlapilchihual motlaquentia motlaquentiz motlaquentizque motlatia motlatiz motlatizque motlatlacol motlatlacolnamictia motlatlahuantia motlatlalia

Page 63 of 138 English Gloss it is put on him they sat down she went to sit he runs; he runs away; it runs; it runs off; it flees; they run; they run away; they flee there was flight, there was running he will run he will dress your world they take cover it sits upright her teeth are darkened; teeth are darkened; they darken their teeth the teeth will be darkened it forms runners; it sends out runners he will clean his teeth your teeth he falls on his knees he skins his knees he is purged the teeth will be washed they filed their teeth your teeth with you [h your grief, your sadness your force he is daring; they dare they hatch that which breaks up your sin they clothe themselves; they are clothed he will cover himself, he will clothe himself they will be provided with clothing it is fired, it is burned; they are burned he will be burned; he will burn himself they will hide themselves your fault, your sin they incur sins, they do wrong they each one get drunk, intoxicated he sits down; it forms; it is placed; it is set (ie; fire); they are each set down; they each Page 63 of 138

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl motlatlaloa motlatlaloz motlatlapitzal motlatlatiliani motlatol motlatoltia motlatoltzin motlatqui motlatquitzin motlaxapochhuiz motlaxquia motlayecoltia Eglish Gloss seated themselves it flees, it runs; they each run off she will run your flute one that stores things, one that hides things your speech; your statement; your words; your word; your discourse he speaks your [h] word; your word your possession, your property your property, your possession he will throw himself into a chasm he roasts [something] for himself he gains a livelihood; he gains his livelihood; he earns his living; he makes a living; it hunts food one who gains his livelihood, one who works; they gain their livelihood one that hunts food; one who gains a livelihood it is thrown away person who is jealous of her virtue it will roast he has a fever; he has fever; it has fever; they have fever one is made famous blotched with black; it is blotched with black; it was spattered with black he fast in black it is buried; it is planted they were buried he was named; it is named; it was called; it was named; it was referred to he is called, he is known as; he is named; he is given the name; it is called; it is named; it is given the name; it was named; it was called; she is named; they are called; they are named; they call themselves Nahuatl motocayotiaya

Page 64 of 138 English Gloss it was called; it was named; it was given the name; they were called; they were given the names they were named, they were given the name; they were called it will be called he is poor; he suffers; he is unfortunate; it suffers she is poor; she suffers; they are afflicted; they suffer; they are poor; they are unfortunate; they are miserable one who is poor they were poor he will suffer she will suffer they will be poor it thickens it gushes your sustenance, your food it is swallowed they appear pompous he is seen; it is considered; it is seen; it is found it was seen it was seen it is closed up; it is stopped; it is stopped up she brings herself to ruin like a dog it keeps beating its wings it beats its wings; it is scattered; it is shaken out; it is sifted out; it is strained; it is sifted; it shakes itself they beat [ie, wings] wing-beater she backs away, she retreats they draw away, they withdraw, they retreat she becomes a paramour, she practices prostitution he falls head first it is beaten; she is beaten; she is pounded; they beat each other it is cooked it will be cooked she paints her face; they paint

motocayotique motocayotiz motolinia motolinia

motlayecoltia motlayecoltiani motlaza motlazotlani motlehuatzaz motlehuia motleyotia motlilchachapatz motlilzahua motoca motocaya motocayoti motocayotia

motoliniani motoliniaya motoliniz motoliniz motolinizque motomahua motompitzoa motonacayouh mototoloa mototopalquetza motta mottac mottaya motzacua motzcuinpoloani motzehtzetzeloa motzetzeloa

motzetzeloa motzetzeloani motzinehua motzinquixtia motzitzinnamaca motzonicquetza motzotzona motzoyonia motzoyoniz moxahua

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl moxahuaya moxanchihua moxancopina moxaxahua moxayac moxca moxexeloa moxima Eglish Gloss their faces faces were smeared, faces were made up adobe bricks are made it is molded into adobe bricks she variously paints her face your face it is baked; it is fired; it is roasted they divide into groups he is shorn; his hair is cut; his hair is shorn; it is carved; it is shaved; it is cut; it is planed; it is trimmed off; it molts; they cut their hair; they preen their hair was shorn, their hair was cut; they did cut their hair it will be carved it forms seeds it is propagated; it is engendered; seeds scatter; they breed it produces seed molted it is barked, it is peeled it resembles turquoise it defecates it is carved it was carved it blossoms; it forms blossoms blossomer, bloomer; producer of blossoms it sheds blossoms it forms fruit it is incised it is drunk uncooked it is shelled your nasal mucous it sends out a shoot producer of runners he falls on his nose he tears off his nose it is disseminated, it spreads; it scatters they spread out it coils itself it is placed around the edge them arm themselves for war; they arm themselves for war; they array themselves for war they armed themselves for war; they arrayed themselves Nahuatl moyaochichiuhtihuitze moyaomiquili moyecihmati moyectia moyectilia moyectlalia moyehuatoca moyehyectia moyeliz moyolitlacoani moyolitlacoz moyollalia moyollaliz moyollalizque moyollo moyollo moyollotechihua moyollotzin moyolnonotzaya mozahua mozahua mozahuani mozahuaya mozahuazque mozalo mozaloa mozalohua mozauhque mozaz mozcalia

Page 65 of 138 English Gloss for battle they come arrayed for war he [h] died in war he is wise it cleans itself; it grooms itself it is made good, it is perfected it is made good, it is perfected he thinks himself superior it cleans itself your being, your nature compassionate he will be affronted, he will be offended they are content he will be content, he will be consoled they will be comforted his heart; its heart your heart he steels himself their heart; your [h] heart; your heart he consulted within his heart he fasts they fast one who fasts he fasted; she fasted; she should fast; they fasted; they should fast they will fast, they will do penance it was joined, it was glued it is joined, it is glued; they are joined; they are glued it is joined, it is glued they fasted he will be anointed he is discreet; he is educated; he is instructed; he is trained; he is mature; he is prudent; he is revived; he is skilled; he rouses himself; he revives himself; he comes to his senses; it comes to life; it grows; it is discreet she is discreet; she is reared; they are able; they revive he is able; one who is able; one who is discreet; one who is prudent; one who is trained they were trained he will be instructed, he will be Page 65 of 138

moximaya moximaz moxinachiotia moxinachoa moxinachyotia moxinqui moxipehua moxiuhnenequi moxixa moxixima moxiximaya moxochiotia moxochiotiani moxochiotlaza moxocoyotia moxotla moxoxouhcaih moya moyacacuitl moyacatlaza moyacatlazani moyacatoxahua moyacatzayana moyahua moyahua moyahuallalia moyahualochtia moyaochichihua moyaochichiuhque

mozcalia mozcaliani mozcaliaya mozcaliz

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl mozcaltia mozcohua mozoma mozoma mozomaltzin mozomani mozomaz mozonehua mozti moztitzin moztla moztla huiptla moztlacahuiaya nabos nacacanahuac nacacuani nacahua nacamacac nacanamacac nacatamalli nacatepol nacatetic nacatic nacatilahuac nacatl nacaxoxouhqui nacayo nacayocanahuac nacazchihchipichtic nacazcuitlatl nacazhuihuiac nacazhuihuitztic nacazpalaniliztli nacazpapatlactic nacaztli nacaztzontli nacel naci naciz nacochtli nahci nahmapilli nahuacalli Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss trained it grows; it grows bigger they warm themselves he is enraged, he becomes angry she becomes enraged, she becomes angry your wrath, your anger one who becomes enraged he will be wrathful, he will frown in anger; he will be wroth; he will become angry it bristles your claws your claws on the morrow, the next day; tomorrow; on the next day for a little while; in a short time they fool themselves, they deceive themselves turnip thin-fleshed meat eater, flesh eater meat owner meat seller meat seller meat tamale very hard-fleshed, very firmfleshed hard-fleshed, firm-fleshed flesh-like; full bodied thick-fleshed flesh; meat raw meat flesh; fleshy; having flesh thin-fleshed having droplet-shaped ears ear wax having long ears having pointed ears ear ulcer having a blunt snout, having a wide nose ear hair of the ear my louse nits i arrive i will reach ear plug i arrive four fingers (e g, of a drink) four boats Nahuatl nahualcalaquia nahualcuahuitl nahualli nahuallotl nahuat nahuati nahuatlatoa nahuatlatolli nahuatlatolpan nahui nahui nahuilhuitl nahuiluitl nahuin nahuinti nahuintin nahuixti nahuixtin naltic naltona namacapolcua namechontlapializ namique namiqueque namonan namota nanacatl nanahuapatli nanahuatl nanalca nanalcatica nanaltona nanchihualo nantequitl nantin nantli napa napazchihua napilolchihua napizmiqui nappa nappan nappoalilhuitl nauhcamatl nauhcampa nauhcan nauhilhuitl

Page 66 of 138 English Gloss they entered in disguise sorcerer's staff sorcerer, sorceress sorcery he spoke aloud he speaks; he speaks aloud; it sounds clear; they speak; they speak aloud they speak nahuatl clear words; nahuatl language in the nahuatl language four my aunt four days four days four four four four four translucent translucent i eat mulberries i will guard for you [pl] he has a spouse married persons i am your [pl] mother i am your [pl] father mushroom pustule medicine pustule; pustules it snarls it is snarling ever translucent he becomes a mother duty of motherhood mothers mother four times i make basins i make water jars i am dying of hunger, i am starving four times four times eighty days four mouthfuls at four places; four places; in four directions; in four places; on four sides four parts four days Page 66 of 138

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl nauhtetl nauhtzontli nauhxihuitl nauhxiuhtica naxca nayoachcua nayohuachcua nayohuachihcequi nayohuachquixtia nayotl nayotlapana ne ne-zahualo ne:xohua nea:to:ya:huilo neacomanalo nec neca:hualo necacahualo necacalaquilo necaco necahualoya necalihuac nececentlalilo necentlalilo nechahua nechcuaznequiz nechicoitoa nechihua nechititzayanaz nechixcuelitta nechmaca necho:quizcui:cati:lo nechoquililo nechoquiztlapalolo nechtlazotlazquia nechtolinia neci Eglish Gloss four sixteen hundred four years every four years my property i eat gourd seeds or squash seeds i eat gourd seeds or squash seeds i parch gourd seeds or squash seeds i remove the gourd seeds motherhood i break the gourd open; i break the turtle open i, me there is fasting appear fall into a river there is disquiet, people are disquieted then remain there is dispersal there is repeated entering hear each other it ceased, it stopped there was fighting there was gathering together on the part of each one there is assembling, there is gathering together he chides me, he scolds me it will want to eat me he speaks ill of me, he gossips about me he sends me away he will break open my entrails they look askance at me they give it to me there are tearful songs there is weeping there are tearful greetings; people greet each other tearfully he should have valued me, he should have esteemed me he abuses me, he causes me pain, he afflicts me he appears; it appears; it comes; it comes to light; it is apparent; it is clear; it is Nahuatl

Page 67 of 138 English Gloss evident; it is found; it is seen; it looks; it presents itself; it resembles; it seems; it shows; it is plain; they appear he appeared; it appeared; it came; it looked; they appeared; they looked like it came to appear he will appear; it will appear; it will be at hand; it will be plain; it will be evident gratitude it is desired they are desired at both ends; at each end on both ends; on both sides; at both ends; in two ways; two-faced traitor on both sides on both sides; at both ends he is two-faced desirable; that which is useful; useful atole with honey honey ant hear each other there is singing wealth; contentment; prosperity; riches; richness land of wealth; rich place there is arising, people get up esteemed place it stands ash-colored people dance there was dancing education; growing up; upbringing; rearing i, me i; me; me i offering of thorns there is vomiting intoxication, drunkenness in truth; truly; verily really, in truth, truly it originated having slender roots thick-rooted, having thick roots in truth, truly; true; truth people wrap themselves up true Page 67 of 138

necia necico neciz necnelilmatiliztli neco neco necoc necoc necoc yaotl necocampa necoccampa necoctene neconi necuatolli necuazcatl necuepalo necui:cati:lo necuiltonolli necuiltonoloya neehehualo nehmachoya nehnexehuaticac nehto:ti:lo nehtotiloya nehuapahualiztli nehuapol nehuatl nehuitzmanaliztli nehzo:tlalo neihuintiliztli nel nel nelhuayohuac nelhuayopitzahuac nelhuayotomahuac nelli nelpililo neltic

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl neltiliztlatolli neltiliztli neltiz nemalhui:lo nemaltilo nemamauhtilo nemanaliztli nematcayotl nematiliztli nemauhtilo nemauhtiloya nemecatiliztli nemi nemi nemia nemico nemictiliztli nemiliztli nemilizyotl nemini nemitiloni nemito nemiz nemiz nemiznequi nemizque nemoa nemohua nen nenantilo nenca nencihuatl neneciz nenecoc nenecuiltic nenemi nenemi nenemiliztli nenemiz nenemiz nenemiznequi nenenque nenepanoliztli Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss word of truth truth it will be the truth, it will be realized; it will become true one takes care there is confinement, there is captive taking there is constant fear, there is constant fright act of placing, act of laying out courtesy prudence there is awe; there is fear; everyone is frightened; there is fright there was fear concubinage he goes, he walks; he lives; it lives; it grows; it nemi; it walks they dwell, they live; they walk he lived; he walked; they lived he came to live, he came to settle murder life; conduct; way of life conduct dweller; one who lives; traveler breedable they went to live he will live; he is to live she will life; she will live he wants to live they will live one lives, people live appear in vain he is made a mother it had lived; she had lived profitless woman it will repeatedly appear at both ends; on both sides; on each side twisted it travels; it walks she walks life he will walk she will walk she wishes to walk travelers union Nahuatl nenepilli nenepilmaxaltic nenepiltexquimiliuhcayotl neneuctic nenexquetzalo nenonotzale nenonotzalli nenonotzalo

Page 68 of 138 English Gloss tongue having a forked tongue coating on the tongue extremely sweet; sweet there is preparing of ashes one who is advised account; common opinion; consensus; counsel; fable; legend; tradition there is consultation; there is deliberation; there is consulting; council is held; there is conversing; there is discussion there was consultation there was consultation, there was plotting profitless man he starts in vain they lived he will not go forth in vain worthless, useless he fails useless; useless man; useless person; worthless person; worthless uselessness he is anguished useless discussion there is pressing together of one another a mutual thing at midday; noon there is washing different, various; different kinds chastity there is jostling people wrap themselves in mantles something for clothing one's self there was wearing stand up he is made a father there is stretching out, there is lying down there was the striking of the hand against the mouth fall from a crag there is stumbling, people stumble Page 68 of 138

nenonotzaloc nenonotzaloya nenoquich nenpehua nenque nenquizaz nenquizqui nenti nentlacatl nentlacayotl nentlamati nentlatlatolli nepacholo nepanotl nepantla tonatiuh nepapaco nepapan nepializtli nequehquetzalo nequentilo nequentiloni nequentiloya nequetzalo netatilo neteco netenhuitecoya netepehxihui:lo netepotlamilo

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl netequiliztli netequipacholli netla:lilo netlalilo netlalolli netlalolo netlaloloc netlamachtilli netlamachtiloya netlancuicuihuaz netlapacholo netlapololtiliztli netlatlalilo netlatlalolo netlayecoltiliztli netlazotlaliztli netoliniliztli netoliniloya netonatiuhzahualoa netotiliztli netotilo netotiloya netotiloz nettoni netzatzililo netzomilli neucnamacac neuctamalli neuctetzahuac neuctic neuctica neuctitlan neuctlaxcalli neuctli neuctzocaltic neuctzopatic neuctzopiltic neucyo nexcacayactic Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss cut, wound torment, affliction sit down there is sitting down running there is flight, there is running there was flight, there was running prosperity; riches land of riches there will be tooth cleaning, people will clean their teeth there is dressing, people clothe themselves confusion; folly there was the seating of each one there is flight, there is running; there is running on the part of each one profession self-esteem poverty, misery; affliction; suffering place of misery there is fasting for the sun dance, dancing there is dancing; people dance there was dancing there will be dancing, people are to dance mirror there is shouting at each other nasal mucus maguey syrup seller tamal made with honey thick syrup honey-like; honeyed; sweet; syrupy; like honey sweet; with honey; by means of honey in honey tortilla made with honey honey; maguey syrup; nectar; syrup very sweet very honey-like; very sweet very sweet honeyed, honey-like; maguey syrup ashen and scant Nahuatl nexcococ nexectic nexehua nexehua nexehuac nexehuacaticectic nexehuaque nexhuauhtli nexi:malo neximalitztli neximaliztli neximaloni nexochizahualo nexotlaliztli nexpan nexpixolo nextic nextique nextitlan nextlahualiztli nextlahualli nextlahualoya nextlalli nextlatilli nextli nextontli nexyayactic neyolcuitiliztlatolli nez nezahualcuachtli nezahualiztli nezahualoya nezcalilizcali nezcaliliztlatolli nezcaltiliztli nezcaltiloya nezohuaya nezotlaliztli nezotlalo nezotlaloz nezque nia niauh niaz nica nicachihua nicaci

Page 69 of 138 English Gloss having a taste like ashes; tasting of ashes; tasting of lime ashen, ash-colored ashen, ash-colored it becomes ashen ash-colored; gray; ashen; grey chalky-ashen ashen gray amaranth seed there is shaving obsidian razor; razor act of trimming hair razor there is flower fasting burn in ashes ashes are scattered ashen; ash-colored; gray ashen in the ashes debt payment; debt-payment offering there was paying of the debt ashen land; ashen soil ashen mound ash; ashes rather ashen ashen; dark ashen confession he appeared; it appeared fasting cape abstinence, fasting everyone fasted, there was fasting; there was abstaining school words of training rearing they were trained there was drawing of blood vomiting there is vomiting there will be vomiting, there is to be vomiting it appeared i go i go i will go i am i make bowls i catch it

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl nicahahuitzana nicahua nicalaqui nican nican tlaca nicana nicapolcua nicapolnamaca nicapoltzetzeloa nicatilia nicaxchihua niccalaquiz niccanahua niccaquiz nicchichiqui nicchihua nicchihuaz niccochitlehua niccozcatlalia niccualnextia niccuaz niccuitlapilhuihuitla nichuica nichuicaz nicma nicmahuizoznequi nicmamaliz nicmapilhuia nicmati nicmelahuaz nicnemitia nicnencua nicnixnextilia nicnocozcatia nicnomacuextia nicnotlapehualtia nicnottiliz nicnoxacaltia nicochitlehuaz nicochiz nicochpana nicomalchihua nicomalixca nicoyotl nicpachichina nicpatlahua nicpetlahua Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss i remove its wings i scold him, i quarrel with him i enter here; in this place; native natives; local people i take it, i seize it i eat cherries i sell cherries i shake the cherry tree i melt i make bowls i will introduce him, i will put him inside i thin it i will hear it i plane it, i scrape it i do it; i work it; i make it i will do it i see it in dreams i form it into a necklace i beautify it i will eat it i pluck its tail i take it, i carry it i will bring it i knew, i realized i wish to marvel at it i will perforate it, i will make a hole in it i point at it i know it i will explain it, i will spread it out i breed them; i raise it i eat it in vain i gain from it i provide myself a necklace of it i provide myself a bracelet of it i begin it for myself i will see him [h] i make myself a hut i shall see in dreams i will sleep i sweep the road i make griddles i fire griddles i am a coyote; i become a coyote i suck it i widen it i shine it Nahuatl nicpia nicpinauhtia nicpitza nicquetza nicquixtia nictemiqui nictencopina nictenextlatia nictenmelahua nictequi nictequiliz nictimaloa nictlacacihuitia nictlacuicuilia nictlalia nictlatolchie nictlatolchielia nictlaxichtoca nictlazotla nictoca nictolcapoyotia nictoliniz nictzetzeloa nictzotzona nicuic nicxacualoa nicxalhuia nicxaxamania nicxaxamatza nicxipetzoa nicxiuhtzacua nicxoxouhcacua nicyectia nicyocoya nicyolehua nihua nihuallaz nihuauhmateloa nihuauhpixoa nihuauhpoztequi nihuauhteca nihuauhyectia nihuecahuaz nihuehue nihuetzi nihuintic nilama nilatzoyotia

Page 70 of 138 English Gloss i guard it i shame him i blow it i set it up i bring it forth i dream it i remove its bill i burn it to make lime i straighten the edge i cut it i will place it for him, i will lay it for him i exalt it i tame it, i domesticate it i clean it up i form it, i put it; i place it i await his word i await his word i stake it i esteem him i follow it i temper it with reed stem fibers i will abuse him, i will cause him pain i shake it i beat it, i pound it i took it, i seized it i knead it i polish it with sand i make it crackle i make it crunch i smooth it i affix turquoise to it i eat it raw i improve it i form it i incite him i am sent i will come i rub amaranth in my hands i sow amaranth i thresh amaranth i plant amaranth i clean amaranth i will tarry, i will delay i am an old man i fall i am drunk i am an old woman i make things dirty

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl nimacehualli niman Eglish Gloss i am a commoner absolutely; extremely; really; completely; forthwith; then; at once; immediately; now; soon; thereupon; whereupon right there i transplant maguey i press the maguey in i sow maguey i plant maguey i set out maguey, i plant maguey i break up the maguey i die i will break a hole in your house i cause you to hear it, i inform you of it i will frighten you i give it to you i will give it to you i will terrify you i await your command i address you, i call out to you; i call to you i cry out to you; i shout to you i eat mesquite i am your mother i am moteuczoma i am your tooth i am your fingernail i pick mushroooms i slip i eat mushrooms i gather mushrooms i remove the maguey syrup i will arise, i will get up i live i remove the maguey syrup from each one i heat the maguey syrup i arrayed myself i will eat myself i become big, i grow i consider myself; i regard myself i throw myself, i cast myself i take jimsonweed i take mushrooms, i supply myself with mushrooms i take off my clothing i arise, i stand Nahuatl ninotepotlamia ninotlampaca ninotlancuicui ninotlaza ninotomahua ninoyollaliz ninoztotema nipepetlaca niqui niquilnamiqui niquimacui niquimichti niquinchopini niquinecui niquitlacoz niquito niquitoa niquitta niquittac niquittaz niquittaznequi niquixpitzinia niquixtelolopitzinia niquixteloloquixtia niquiz niteconchihua nitemetzchipahua nitemetzpaca nitemetztemoa nitemetztlalcui nitemetztlallatia nitemetztlallatilia nitemetztlaltataca nitemetztlaza nitemiqui nitemiquiz nitemixihuia nitemoc niteocuitlapaca nitepetleco nitepozpitza nitepuzatilia nitexcalcehuia nitic niticitl nitlachie nitlachipahua nitlachiqui

Page 71 of 138 English Gloss i trip i wash my teeth i pick my teeth i throw myself, i cast myself i enlarge i will comfort myself, i will be comforted i place myself in a cave i glisten i drink it i think about it, i remember it i take it in hand i become a mouse i peck at them i smell it i will become a slave i said it i say; i say it; i repeat it i see it; i discover it i saw it, i came upon it i will see him i wish to see it i smash it in the eye i smash it in the eyeball i remove its eyeball i will drink it i make pots i purify lead i wash lead i search for lead i gather pulverized lead i heat pulverized lead i fire pulverized lead i excavate pulverized lead i remove lead i dream i shall dream i give jimsonweed to someone i came down, i descended; i was born i wash gold i climb the mountain i cast copper i liquefy copper i cool the oven within me i am a midwife i behold i make something clean i abrade something, i scrape something; I scrape

niman oncan nimeaquia nimepachoa nimepixoa nimeteca nimetlalia nimetlapana nimiqui nimitzcalxaxapotlaz nimitzcaquitia nimitzihizahuiz nimitzmaca nimitzmacaz nimitzmamauhtiz nimitznotlatolchialia nimitznotza nimitztzatzilia nimizquicua nimonan nimoteuczoma nimotlan nimozti ninacanacacuicui ninalahua ninanacacua ninanacaheehua ninecuehua ninehuaz ninemi ninenecuehua nineuctlatia ninochichiuh ninocuaz ninohueilia ninomati ninomayahui ninomixihuia ninonanacahuia ninopepetlahua ninoquetza Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl nitlachix nitlacopina nitlacopinalchihua nitlacua nitlacua:z nitlacualnextia nitlacuammihuia nitlacuatihuetzi nitlacuiloa nitlahuica nitlaixchipahua nitlaixyectia nitlamani nitlancotoni nitlanecui nitlanezomalti nitlanquiquici nitlapalihui nitlapanchichihua nitlapantlalcui nitlapantlallaza nitlapantlallecahuia nitlapetlahua nitlatexcaltema nitlatlahuia nitlatlapachoa nitlatlapana nitlatoani nitlatzohuia nitlatzontlapoa nitlayohualli nitolinilo nitoliniloz nitotolpixqui nitzoaloa nitzotzocolchihua nixalpaca nixalpitza nixalteci nixalyectia nixamana nixancopina nixantlaza nixayo nixcoyan Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss i beheld i mold things i make things with molds i eat i will eat i embellish something; i make things beautiful i pry something i eat hurriedly i paint i carry something, i carry things i clean the surface of something i improve the surface of something i am a captor, i am a taker of captives i break my teeth i smell something i was overwrought i whistle through my teeth i am a field hand i smooth the terrace i gather the terrace earth i remove the terrace earth i raise up the terrace earth i polish something i fire things in an over i redden something i provide the roof i break something up i am ruler i snare something i take off the roof i am darkness i am tormented, i am caused to suffer i will be abused, i will be afflicted i am a turkey caretaker i make amaranth seed dough i make large water jars i wash sand i blow sand i pulverize sand i purify sand, i clean sand i remove adobe bricks i make adobe bricks i lay adobe bricks my tears myself, on my own Nahuatl nixilotl nixiuhzaloa nixochichihua nixochiehua nixochimana nixochipixoa nixochitemoa nixochitequi nixochitetequi nixochitlacuicuilia nixochitlalia nixochitoca nixochizo nixochizozo nixococihui nixpampa nixtlamati niya niyauh niyaz niyez niyolmiqui niyolpaqui niyolpolihui nizoquichihua niztatlalapachohua niztatlalololohua niztatlatia niztayochihua no no ce no cenca no ceppa no ihcuac no iuhqui nochan nochpochtze nochpochtzin nochpotzin nochtlaxcalli nocihuapiltzin noconana

Page 72 of 138 English Gloss responsibility i am an ear of green maize i glue turquoise i make flowers i remove flowers i offer flowers; i lay flowers on the ground i sow flowers i seek flowers, i look for flowers i pick flowers, i cut flowers i continue to cut flowers; i pick different flowers; i cut different flowers i assemble flowers i arrange flowers; i arrange blossoms i plant flowers i thread a flower i thread flowers my teeth are set on edge in my presence i am wise i go i go i will go i will be i faint my heart is delighted i am troubled i make it out of clay i leach the alkaline soil i heap up alkaline soil i make salt i make brine, i make salt water also; also same; as well as; likewise; too another especially once again at the same time same my home; my house o my maiden my daughter my dear daughter tortilla made with tuna cactus fruit my beloved noblewoman; my noblewoman; my young noblewoman i grasp it Page 72 of 138

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl noconcui noconetzin noconiyahua noconpaloz noctlalia nocuica nohnoltic nohquetza nohuia nohuiampa nohuian Eglish Gloss i grasp it my beloved child i raise him in dedication, i raise him in offering, i offer him i will taste it i make pulque, wine my song each one curved i travel the road everywhere in all directions, everywhere everywhere; all about; all around; all over; all places; in all parts; in all places; wherever everywhere, in all directions everywhere everywhere; in all parts; from everywhere; from all parts; to everywhere everywhere; all about; in all directions; in all parts; in all places they become curved twisted curved; twisted; wrinkled in my hand my captive my arrow; my dart my body my wife apart, separately; alone; aside apart, separately my duty; my obligation i fall i appear i beat myself i see myself i lie, i rest apart, separately; each one alone; individually my beloved sons; my sons counselor; one who has wisdom; one who is advised conjurers he is admonished it was announced he was admonished i speak dumb, speechless nopal patch Nahuatl nopalli nopan nopilhuane nopilhuantzitzin nopilhuantzitzine nopiltzintzine nopolihuia noquichpiltzin noquichtihuan notatzin notech notelpochtzin notelpotzine notenahuatil noteouh notequiuh noteucyo notlacual notlatol notlatqui notlaxcal notlazopiltzin notocatzin notonatiuh notopil notzalo notzalo notzaloni notzaloque notzalotoc notzaloya notzaloz notzotzoma notztli noxayac noxhuiuhticatzine noxhuiuhtze noxhuiuhtzine noxocoyohue noxocoyouh noyacauh noyaz noyolcauh noyollo nozo oachitzin oachto

Page 73 of 138 English Gloss tuna cactus on me; to me o my sons my beloved children; my children; my sons o my beloved sons; o my sons o my beloved son; o my nobleman; o my sons my destruction my beloved boy my older brothers my beloved father on me my beloved youth o my youth, o my noble youth my commandment my god my burden; my task my lord my food my talk, my speech, my word; my words my goods, my possession my tortilla my precious noble one; my precious son my name my sun my staff he is addressed; he is summoned they are summoned tractable they were called he is called to they were called he will be called my rags i am pregnant my face o my grandson my beloved grandson o my grandson o my youngest child my youngest child my nose i will go my animal my heart or a little, a little bit first Page 73 of 138

nohuianpa nohuiya nohuiyampa nohuiyan nolihui noliuhqui noltic nomac nomal nomiuh nonacayo nonamic noncua noncuah nonequixtil nonhuetzi nonneci nonnohuitequi nonnotta nonoc nononcua nonopilhuantzitzin nonotzale nonotzaleque nonotzalo nonotzaloc nonotzaloya nontlatoa nontli nopalia Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl oacic oacico Eglish Gloss he arrived; he reached; it arrived; it finished; it reach; it reached he came to arrive; he came to reach; it came to arrive; they came to arrive; they came to reach they arrived he arrived, he went to arrive; he went to reach there]; it arrived; it reached [him]; they arrived; they reach [there]; they reached [there]; they went; they went to arrive [there]; they went to arrive; they went to reach [there] you (pl) came he was chosen, he was picked; he was seized; he was captured you (pl) killed him it melted, it became molten he did he was seized, he was captured other; still; yet still, yet; besides; first; more yet, still especially again again; once again others, even more; the rest; still others they prepared drink for him, they prepared chocolate for him he captured it; she captured him they captured him; they seized him he entered he came to enter, he came to go in; they came to enter he went to enter; it went to enter; it went to set; they went to enter she bathed him she went to get him he was; it had been; it was; they were two places ocelots, ocelot warriors ocelot skirt Nahuatl ocelocuicuiltic oceloe oceloehuacactli oceloehuaicpalli oceloehuatepotzoicpalli oceloehuatl ocelohuehuetl ocelome ocelopetlapan ocelopetlatl ocelotamalli ocelotepotzoicpalli ocelotetepoyo ocelotic ocelotilmatli ocelotiz ocelotl ocelotlachicomitl ocelotlatzacuillotl ocelotle ocelotzontecoyo oceloyotl ocemilhuitl oceuh ochicahuac ochihualoc ochoquiztli ochpantli ochpanzolli ocihuacoch ocihuamic ococalcueitl ococalli ococintli ococuahuitl ococuauhtica ocome oconaaltique oconalti oconcahuato oconcaquiti oconcauh oconchiuh oconcuico

Page 74 of 138 English Gloss varicolored like an ocelot o ocelot warriors ocelot skin sandal ocelot skin seat ocelot skin seat with a back rest ocelot skin ocelot drum ocelots on the ocelot mat ocelot mat spotted tamale ocelot skin seat having an ocelot claw design like an ocelot ocelot cape; cape with an ocelot design he will be an ocelot warrior ocelot; ocelot warrior ocelot wine jar ocelot gate o ocelot warrior having an ocelot head bravery; ocelot warriorhood; status of the ocelot warrior for a day it calmed; it went out; it was extinguished it became firm it was made weeping highway; main road old main road he slept with a woman his wife died pine nut skirt pine wood cage pine nut pine branch; pine log; pine tree; pine stave; pine wood with pine boughs, using pine boughs; with pine staves; by means of pine staves pine sticks, torches they bathed him he bathed it he went to leave him; they went to leave him she informed him of it he abandoned it, he left it he did it, he performed it he came to take it; they came Page 74 of 138

oacique oacito

oanhuallaque oanoc oanquimictique oatix oax oaxihuac oc oc oc oc cenca oc cepa oc ceppa oc cequi ocachihuiliaya ocacic ocacique ocalac ocalaquico ocalaquito ocalti ocanato ocatca occan ocelo ocelocueitl Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl oconcuito oconic oconittac oconpalo oconquechcotonque oconquixti ocontecac ocontlali ocontlalito ocontoyauh ocontzonquixti oconxipeuhque oconyahualoque ocopilli ocotl ocotochehuatl ocotochin ocotochtli ocotzocuahue ocotzocuicui ocotzocuicuini ocotzohua ocotzonamaca ocotzonamacac ocotzotica ocotzotl ocotzoyo ocoxochitl ocozacatl octlali octlaliloya octli ocualittoc ocualoc ocuepon ocuilcuacuah ocuilcualo ocuili ocuilin ocuilti ocuiltin ocuilton ocuiltoton ohecoque Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss to take it they went to take it he drank it he found it, he saw it he tasted it they beheaded it he brought it forth, he made it flow out he spread it out he placed it they went to place it; they went to set it he poured it he ended it they flayed her they encircled it, they surrounded it pine fire brand; pine torch; torch pine; pine (resin); pine stick; pine wood; torch lynx skin; bobcat skin bobcat bobcat; mountain cat possessor of pine resin trees he collects pine resin collector of pine resin possessor of pine resin he sells pine resin pine resin seller with pine resin, by means of pine resin; using pine resin pine resin; resin having pine resin pine flower pine-tree grass wine-maker wine shop maguey wine; pulque; wine he was seen to be suitable it was eaten it bloomed; it blossomed; it burst out decayed, worm-eaten it becomes worm-eaten worm; worms worm; worms worms worms little worm; small worm little worms they arrived Nahuatl ohiximati ohmati ohonoc ohontetl ohpitzactli ohtli ohuac ohualacic ohualan ohualhuiloac ohualla ohuallacat ohuallaque ohuallathuic ohualmocuep ohualquiz ohualtemoc ohualtemoque ohuapahuac ohuatl ohuehueixque ohuehuetic ohueix ohuel ohuelacic ohuelhuehuetic ohuelhuetz ohuellayohuac ohuetz ohuetz ohuetzico ohui ohuican ohuican quizaz ohuih ohuihuiloac ohuitecoc ohuitlatolli ohzolli oicamac oichtec oihcuac oihtlacauh oihualoque

Page 75 of 138 English Gloss he knows the road, he is famililar with the road he knows the road it lies, it extends two trail, narrow road; path road it dried; it dried out he arrived it broke out there was going forth he came; it came it was born they came it dawned, day broke he returned he came forth; it arose [ie; sun]; it came out; it emerged; it came forth; she came forth he descended they climbed down, they descended he matured green corn stalk; green maize stalk they grew large it became like an old man it grew well it arrived he grew very old he fell it became very dark he fell it fell it came to fall it is difficult dangerous place; difficult place; inaccessible place; difficult time he will come to a bad end grave, difficult there was going on the part of each one he was struck insinuation old road in its mouth he stole when it became corrupted they were sent Page 75 of 138

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl oihuintic oilamatic oimac oimacaxoya oimpan oinmac ointlan oinyollo oiquechtlan oitlacauh oitoloc oittaloque oittoc oittoque oiuccic oiuccique oixnez oiztlacatiaque olcactli olchapoli olia olin olini ollacotl olli ololauhqui ololihui ololiuhqui ololpatic ololpipil ololpol ololtic ololtontli olopitzahuac olotl olteteo oltia oltic omac omachoc omacic omalacachiuh omaltic omaltique omaxac omaxix Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss she was drunk it became like an old woman in its claws, in its paws; in their hands they were feared on them in their hands among them their heart on its neck it was damaged it was ordained, it was said; it was determined they were seen he was seen; it was seen they were seen; they were noted it cooked; it got heated; ripened they cooked he appeared [before people] they lied rubber sandal rubber grasshopper it trembles movement it moves green branch rubber round; roundish it becomes round round; rounded very round small and round round round small and round having a slender cob corncob rubber gods it is resilient resilient; rubbery; rubbercolored; rubber-like; yielding on two hands, on two sides it was known, it was found out he matured; mature he became round he was taken captive, he became a captive they bathed themselves at the crossroads; corssroads he urinated Nahuatl omaxixtzauc ome omen omenti omentin ometochtecomatl ometzin omexti omextin omeyocan omic omic omic omicamac omicelic omicetl omichicahuaztli omicoac omicohuac omicque omicqueh omicuicatl omiex omihuictica omihuictli omilhuitl ominoc omio omiohua omipalan omiquizquia omitica omitl omitlaco omito omitoque omitzalmihuali omitzmahuizyoti omitzmixamili omitznantique omitzontlaocolnonotzaco omitztlatolti omixochitl omixpantzinco ommaltia

Page 76 of 138 English Gloss his urine was blocked two; both; couple two two two; both two-rabbit basin two two, both two; both place of duality he died it died she died opening in a bone like tender bone semen bone rasp there was death, people died there was death, people died they died they died collar bone he loosed an odor, he broke wind with a bone blade, by means of a bone blade bone blade two days it was shot bone; bony it becomes bony rotten bone he would have died with a bone awl, by means of a bone awl bone; bone awl he harmed himself it was mentioned; it was said; it was described; it was told; it was related; it was declared they were mentioned he sent you he gave you honor he (h) washed your face they made you mother he came to call out to you in sadness he made you speak white amaryllis before you [h], in your [h] presence she bathes Page 76 of 138

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl ommaltiaya ommaltique ommi ommic ommicoaya ommicque ommih ommiqui ommiquia ommitoa ommiz ommocahua ommocauh ommochihuaz ommochihuazque ommochipinilia ommochiuh ommocua ommomana ommonamictia ommopapachoa ommoquetzaco ommoteca ommotecac ommotecato ommoteneuh ommotlalia ommotlaza ommotta omocac omocauh omocencauh omocenquixtiqueh omochi omochichihuaya omochiuh Eglish Gloss they bathed they bathed it is drunk he died; it died there was dying they died it is drunk it dies she died; they died it is said it will be drunk, it is to be drunk they are left; they remain it remained; it stopped it will be, it will become; it will befall; it will happen they will become it is dripped on him it became; it was done it is eaten it is quieted, it settles down they marry it is pressed they came to stand he stretches out; it is placed; it is spread; it is applied; it settles; it spreads out it was spread they went to establish themselves it was mentioned he seats himself, he sits down; it is placed; they repose; they sit down it throws itself he looks at himself, he sees himself it was heard it remained it was prepared they assembled, they gathered all, everything he was adorned he became; it became; it came to pass; it happened; it was done; it occurred; it was made it had happened, it had occurred it is eaten he enjoyed himself Nahuatl omomatque omomecati

Page 77 of 138 English Gloss they thought, they took [something] to be he took a concubine, he provided himself with a concubine; he took a paramour he [h] died they [h] died it was burnished, it was polished it was guarded it bears its young, it raises its young it came to establish itself; it came to set in it settled they assembled; they established themselves they went to assemble; they went to rest; they went to lie they met him it was called; it was made known; it was mentioned; it was named; it was said; it was published; it was told they were called; they were mentioned; they were named he fell from a precipice, a crag it was ground he was born (h); he was born [h] he tripped it settled they sat down they were confused he was made ruler he was affected by the wine gods he was unfortunate it was seen he became constipated he became constipated they consulted among themselves it was joined, it was glued they revived there; there there; at that time; at this time; then; where; to where he will be destitute there he is happy, he rejoices Page 77 of 138

omomiquili omomiquilique omopetlauh omopiaya omopilhuati omoquetzaco omotecac omotecaque omotecato omotenamicti omoteneuh

omoteneuhque omotepexihui omotez omotlacatili omotlahuitec omotlali omotlalique omotlapololtique omotlatocatlali omotochhui omotolini omottac omotzintzacu omotzintzauc omoyolnonotzque omozalo omozcalique ompa ompa onquizaz ompan ompaqui

omochiuhca omocua omocuiltono Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl ompatia ompehua Eglish Gloss it was remedied, it was cured he begins; he departs; he leaves; he sets forth; it begins; it starts; they begin; they start; they set forth; they depart; they leave he departed, he set forth he will depart, he will set forth; it will begin they wish to depart, they wish to set forth they will set forth he set forth, he started forty days forty years he disappeared it ends he entered he arrives; he approaches; he reaches; it arrives; it arrives at; it reaches; it approaches; it finishes she arrives, she approaches; they arrive; they reach; they arrived; they reached he arrived; he reached; he came; it arrived they came to arrive, they came to reach; they came to arrivie they arrived; they reached he went to arrive; they went to arrive; they went to reach they begin in fun he will do he is taken, he is seized he is starved, he is hungry in four directions he is seized, he is detained; there is arrival; people arrive; there is arriving there; there is it enters from place to place they were left he entered, he set; it set; it entered they entered; they went in; they submitted he goes entering he enters; it enters; it sets [ie; sun]; the sun]; it sets; it goes down; they enter Nahuatl oncalaquito oncalaquiz oncalaquiznequi oncan oncatca oncate onchichaz onchichazque oncho:cac oncholo oncholo:z oncochia oncocochi oncualoc oncuecuepoca oncuecueponi onechtolini onechyolitlaco onelcicihuican onelcicihuiz onen onepantla onez onhuaqui onhuetz onhuetzi onhuetziz onhuetzque onhuicozque onhuihuiloac onhuiloaz onican onicatca onicatoyahui oniccochcauh oniccua onichtacacalaqui onicma onicnexti onicnomonti onicpaccacauh onictepexihui onictlazolmicti onilhuilo onilhuitlaque

Page 78 of 138 English Gloss they went to enter it will set, it will enter he wishes to enter he sits; here; then; there; at that time; at this time; on that point; when; where it was; there was; they were there are, they are; there were he will spit they will spit he wept, he cried he leaped it will spring, it will jump he slept they each sleep it was eaten they each crackle they each explode he abused me, he caused me pain he offended me (may) they sigh he will sigh he lived in the middle of the road it was evident, it appeared it dries, it hardens he fell he falls; it is dropped; it falls he will fall; it will fall they fell they will be captured there was going on the part of each one there will be going, people will go here i was i threw him into the river, i cast him into the torrent i left him asleep i ate it he secretly enters repeatedly i learned it i produced it, i discovered it i made him my son-in-law i gladly left him i threw him from a crag, i cast him from a crag i ruined it it is said to him they celebrated the feast day Page 78 of 138

ompehuaya ompehuaz ompehuaznequi ompehuazque ompeuh ompoalilhuitl ompoalxihuitl ompoliuh omtlami onac onaci

onaci onacic onacico onacique onacito onahuilpehua onaiz onano onapizmiqui onauhcampa onaxihua onca oncacalaqui oncahualoya oncalac oncalacque oncalactinemi oncalaqui

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl oniquittac onitoloz onixhuaqui onixnecia onixpoliuhque onixtotomahuaz onmacalaquia onmacalaquizque onmachoc onmaltia onmaquiaya onmecaniloc onmic onmic onmichiqui onmicoac onmicque onminecui onmiqui onmiquia onmitoa onmiz onmocahua onmocalaqui onmocenquixtia onmochihuaz onmochipinia onmochiuh onmocuacuacua onmocuapepetla onmocuiltono onmomamatiloa onmomatoca onmomiquili onmonextia onmopachoa onmopatzca onmopepetla onmopiazoa onmoquetza onmoteca Eglish Gloss i saw it it will be said it dries on the surface they appeared, they came into view they perished he will be stupid he embarked in a boat they will embark it was known he bathes; it is bathed it was put on he was hanged he died she died it is grated, it is scraped there was dying; there was death they died it is inhaled he dies he died; she died it is said; it is told it will be drunk; it is to be drunk they remain, they are left he entered it is amassed, it is gathered it will be made; it will become; it will happen; it will result; it will occur it is dripped it became it is chewed he combs it he rejoiced they rub themselves he tends it with his hands she died [h] it is divulged, it is made known they are pressed it is squeezed he combs it it gushes, it spurts he places himself he casts himself, he stretches out; it is placed; it is set out; it is spread out; it is spread; it is spread on it was placed it will be placed, it is to be placed; it will be spread; it is Nahuatl onmoteci onmoteneuh onmotepehua onmotepehuaya onmotlalia onmotlaloa onmotlancuanexhuia onmozaloa onneci onnecia onnemi onnextlahualoya onnezahualoc onoc

Page 79 of 138 English Gloss to be spread it is ground it was mentioned they hurl themselves they were cast, they were scattered he sits down he runs; he runs up they put ashes on their knees it is joined, it is glued; they are glued it appears, it is visible it appeared he lives there was paying of the debt the fasting stopped he is, he lies; he rests; he stays; he resides; it exists; it rests; it is laid out; it is; it lies; it occurs; it lay; it was; it is located; it located; it remains; it spreads; it lives; it prevails; it resides; it stands she is, she stays; there is; it lies he dwelled; he lay; he was; it lay; it rested; it was; they lay; they lived; they stayed; they resided; they were; they dwelled i took it he drank it i saw it there has been resting everywhere; in all parts everywhere; all over; in all parts on me there are, they lie; they are; they exist; they remain; they dwell; they dwelled; they stayed; they extend; they extended; they lay; they rest; they spread out; they live; they stay; they reside; they settle she became a good warrior it lies, it rests lightning thunder they will remain there

onoc onoca

onoconcuic onoconic onoconittac onohuac onohuian onohuiyan onopan onoque

onmotecac onmotecaz

onoquichtic onotiuh onotlapetlan onotlatlatzin onozque onpa

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl onpehua onquiza ontecencahualoc ontenacazxapotlaloc ontenamoyeloz onteotlahuanoc ontetl ontetzatzilia ontetzatziliz ontlachia ontlacua ontlacualoc ontlahuelneciz ontlaiyahuaya ontlalpia ontlamanaya ontlamantli ontlamaque ontlami ontlanque ontlanquiquici ontlapia ontlapiaya ontlapitzaloc ontlatlamanaloc ontlatlapaloa ontlatlaza ontlatoa ontleco ontlecoc ontlecoque ontoco ontzinti ontzontli onxihuitl onyaya Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss it starts it issues there was adorning of people, there was arraying of people there was piercing of ear [lobes] there will be plundering of people sacred pulque was drunk, there was drinking of sacred pulque two he cries out to people, he shouts to people he will cry out to people, he will shout at people he looks, he gazes; they look they eat there was eating; people ate it will appear attractive he raised something in dedication, he raised something in offering they bind something, they tie something they laid an offering down two kinds they took captives it ends; it is used up they came to their end, they finished she whistles they keep watch, they keep guard they kept guard, they kept watch shell trumpets were blown people made various offerings they sample, they sip, they taste they repeatedly cast it, they repeatedly throw it he rules; he speaks; they speak; they talk they ascend, they climb he ascended, he climbed they climbed up it is sown it begins eight hundred two years it goes repeatedly Nahuatl onyez ooccan oocelo oocti oommic oommoquetzaco oompa oonacic oonelcicihuico oonhuitza oonmic oonoc oonquiz oonteot oontetl ooquichcoch opa opalan opatic opatiloc opehualoc opeuh opochmaye opoliuh opozahuac oppa oquic oquicac oquicacque oquiceli oquicencauh oquicentlalique oquichcochi oquichcochia oquichcochiz oquichihuili oquichiuh oquichiuh oquichiuhque oquichiuhtiaque oquichnotzale oquichololti oquichpia oquichpilpil

Page 80 of 138 English Gloss he will be; there will be in two places ocelots, ocelot warriors they become wine she died he came to stand there he arrived he came to sigh he had come he died; she died it prevails; it reigns; there is it passed she became a goddess two she slept with a man twice, two times it corrupted, it rotted; it decayed; it festered he got well, he was cured; he recovered he was cured it began he began, he started; it began left-handed person he vanished; he perished; it disappeared; it vanished; it perished it swelled two times, twice he drank it he heard it; it heard it they heard it she received it she prepared it they brought it together, they put it together she sleeps with a man she lay with a man she will sleep with a man he did it to her he did it, he made it; he begat; he fathered him she did it, she made it they did it, they fulfilled it; they made it they proceeded to do it having masculine mode of address he set him free, he let him run she holds a husband young boys Page 80 of 138

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl oquichpiltontli oquichpipiltotonti oquichtacacua oquichtequico oquichti oquichti oquichtia oquichtin oquichtini oquichtiz Eglish Gloss baby boy; male chile; boy; male child; noble boy; small boy boys; small boys; young boys he ate it in stealth he came to steal it he becomes a man; he becomes a warrior; men; males they are men, they become men he became a warrior, he became a man men; males; brave warriors; warriors one who is brave he will be brave; he will become a brave warrior; he will become a warrior; he will become a man they will be valiant, they will be brave she speaks man's talk having masculine speech men's array boy, male; cockerel; man; manly; brave man; brave warrior; courageous person; husband; valiant; warrior; man of war; men; males; middleaged man male turkey heroism; manliness; valor; exploits; status of the warrior; warriorhood he cut it out of it he bought him he ate it; it bit him he chewed it they ate it they went eating it he took it, he assumed it; it took him; it seized him; she accepted it; she took it they received her, they confronted her they had brought it it gave it to him they gave it to him he permitted it he seized it with his paws, grabbed it with his paws they paid honor to him Nahuatl oquiman oquimattiaque oquimimilo oquimittac oquimittaque oquimochihuili oquimocuitlahuique oquimonequilti oquimonhuihuitequito oquimonmictique oquimoyolitlacalhui oquimoyolitlacalhuique oquinapalo oquinchiuhque oquinec oquinemilique oquineuc oquinextique oquinhualittac oquinmacac oquinmopetlacaltemili oquinmopolhui oquinmotlatili oquinpicque oquinpolo oquinquixtito oquintlacatili oquintlati oquintlatolti oquipachoco oquipehualtique oquipiaya oquique oquiquixti oquitac oquitatacaque oquitecac oquitemacac oquitequipacho oquitezque oquitlacualchihuiliaya oquitlali oquito oquitocaque

Page 81 of 138 English Gloss he placed it they went learning it, they went knowing it he made it roll he beheld them, he saw them; he looked upon them they saw them he [h] made it they took care of him he willed it; he determined it they went to strike each one of them they killed them, they slayed them he offended him [h] they offended him he carried it, he embraced it they made them he wished it, he wanted it they deliberated about it, they considered it he smelled it; they smelled it they found it he saw them he gave it to them he placed them in a reed chest he destroyed them he hid them they formed them he destroyed them they went to drive them out she gave birth to them he hid them he made them speak they came to govern it they began it he guarded it they drank it he brought it forth he saw her, he looked upon her they dug it he laid her down, he misused her he gave it to someone he troubled him they ground it up they prepared food for him he placed it, he put it he said it they buried him Page 81 of 138

oquichtizque oquichtlatoa oquichtlatole oquichtlatquitl oquichtli

oquichtotoli oquichyotl oquicotonili oquicouh oquicua oquicuacua oquicuaque oquicuatinen oquicuic oquihualnamicque oquihuicaca oquimacac oquimacaque oquimacauh oquimacuic oquimahuiztiliaya Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl oquitocatinenca oquitopeuh oquittac oquittac oquittaco oquittaque oquittaqueh oquitzintique oquiximatque oquixipeuhque oquiz Eglish Gloss they had gone following him he knocked him down he saw her; he saw it; he found it; he sought it; it saw it she saw him he came to see it, he came to seek it; they came to see him they saw him; they saw it; they discovered it; they found it they saw it they introduced it, they began it they knew, they realized they flayed her he came forth; he emerged; he issued; it came; it came forth; it came out; it departed; it left; it ended; it passed; it went away; it went out; it emerged they came to emerge he spewed it, he vomited it they came out; they left; they set forth; they went forth; they went out there was arranging of people, there was adorning of people; there was ornamenting of people it did put us with others, with people he was an impersonator he descended they spoke divinely they were aiding people he fulfilled his task, his did his work; she worked; she labored he committed adultery they tempted people you went you left it behind, you left it you did it you ate it you suffered exhaustion; you suffered fatigue you [h] made it you suffered fatigue you filched it from her you came we came Nahuatl otihualmohuicac otimacahualoc otimacic otimazatiac otimoquetzaco otimotlacatili otimotlaz otiquic otiquinmacato otiquinmopopolhui otiquitoque otiquittac otiquittaque otiquittaya otitequit otitlacotic otitlacua otitochtiac otitoloque otlacachiuh otlacat otlacat otlacatque otlacencahualoc otlachiquihuitl otlacotic otlacotico otlacua otlacua otlacuahuac otlacualoc otlacualoyan otlahuanque otlahuelcahualoc otlaipantili otlaliloc otlalmic otlaltic otlalticpac otlalticpacquiz otlaltitechacico otlama

Page 82 of 138 English Gloss you [h] came you were forsaken you matured you made yourself into a deer, you became a deer you came to stand you were born (h) you cast yourself, you threw yourself you drank it we went to give it to them you destroyed them we said it you saw him; you saw it; you witnessed it we saw it you saw him you worked, you labored you worked, you labored you ate you made yourself into a rabbit, you became a rabbit it was said of us she gave birth he was born; it became a man in form; it was born; it formed; it was formed she was born they were born there was arranging solid reed basket she performed her service; she worked; she labored they came to serve he ate it ate; it fed it hardened there was eating, people ate; there has been eating place of eating they drank pulque, they got drunk he was abandoned to evil he hit the target, he found the right spot he was placed he died on the ground it became dust on earth he came forth on earth he came to reach the ground she took a captive Page 82 of 138

oquizaco oquizotlac oquizque otecencahualoc

otechaqui otehuan oteixiptlatic otemoc oteotlatoque otepalehuiaya otequit otetlaxin oteyoleuhque otia oticcauh oticchiuh oticcua oticmihiyohuilti oticmochihuilitzino oticmociahuilti oticnahualchihuili otihualla otihuallaque Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl otlamanaloc otlamapilhuique otlamimilo otlan otlaocox otlapitzaloc otlapouh otlaquixtililoque otlathuic otlathuili otlatl otlatlaco Eglish Gloss it was offered they pointed he rolled something it ended, it came to an end; it finished; it was over he grieved, he sorrowed trumpets were blown it opened they were despoiled, they had something taken away from them it dawned, day broke it dawned on him, dawn came to him cane stalk he committed a fault, he did wrong; he did evil; he erred; she did evil; she did wrong; she erred he spoke it travels he ruled, he reigned, he governed they ruled, they reigned they decreed, they ruled; they spoke it became filth he ascended, he climbed, he went up they ascended, they climbed up he went to ascend, he went to climb; they went to climb up road; path; street; way along the road; on the road; by the road; in the road; in the street; on the ground; on the way along the road we took it, we grasped it you heard it you took it, you seized it we accepted it, we took it you had come we heard it otomA1 women otomi song you became wealthy, you became prosperous otomA1 temple trail, little road above us Nahuatl otopan otopanomochiuh otoyollo otzatzic otzatzihuac otzintic otzonquiz otzti otztli oxihuitl oxiquiza oxitl oxiuh oxiuhtica oxocox oxotlac oya oya oyametl oyaomic oyaque oyaquia oyauh oyecauh oyoac oyohuac oyouhtinemi ozomacocone ozomahtli ozomati ozomatli ozomatzin oztoc oztoehuatl oztohua oztomeca oztopilcuahuitl oztotl oztoyehuatl oztoyehuatzintli oztoyo pa:co PA:PA:LO:TL paA4os paccanemilizyotl pachtic

Page 83 of 138 English Gloss on us; upon us it befell us, it happened to us our heart he cried out, he shouted; it screeched; it cried out there was shouting it began it came to an end; it concluded; it passed; it ended it becomes pregnant pregnant woman two years resin exudes, resin flows out resin two years at the end of two years it soured it budded he went; he left; it went they went fir he died in battle they departed, they went; they have gone it becomes long he went he finished night fell, it got dark it darkened, it got dark; it was night he goes howling young monkeys monkey monkeys monkey monkey in a cave; at a cave; from a cave; into a cave; in the cave; into the cave fox skin grey fox; cave-dweller vanguard merchants large wooden stave cave; spring grey fox skin grey fox skin having caves make s.o. happy butterfly cloth peaceful life low, squat Page 83 of 138

otlato otlatoca otlatocat otlatocatque otlatoque otlazoltic otlecoc otlecoque otlecoto otli otlica

otlipan otoconanque otoconcac otoconcuic otoconcuique otohuitza otoncacque otoncihua otoncuicatl otonmocuiltono otonteocalli otontli otopan Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl pachtilahuac pachtontli pacoani paconi pactica pacticate pactli pahuaxoni pahzolpil pahzolpol pahzoltic paina palanaliztli palancapatli palani palaniliztli palanqui palantiuh palaxtli paletl paltic panamacac pani papac papachca papacoa papacoaya papalani papalaniliztli papalomatlatl papalotl papaqui papaqui papaquini papatlaca papatlacani papatlacatiuh papatlachtic papatlactic Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss wide and thick rather squat; squat pleasurable something that can be washed it is happy they were happy testicle cookable in an olla; cookable; it can be cooked in a pot; it can be cooked fluffy tangled, snarled matted; tangled; snarled they run, they hasten festering; rottenness; putrefaction; suppuration cure for festering; medicine for festering; medicine for infection it discharges pus; it festers; it rots; it putrefies; it decays festering; infection; rottenness festered; pus; rottenness; rotten it rots festering brown bean; purple bean wet; moist medicine seller on top; over it; upwards he rejoiced it coagulates, it curdles there is rejoicing there was contentment, there was happiness it discharges pus; it festers; it rots; it is full of sores festering butterfly net butterfly he is happy, he rejoices; it rejoices they take their pleasure, they rejoice happy; happy person (may) it flutter; he shakes; it flutters; it quivers flutterer it goes fluttering very flat broad, wide Nahuatl papatlahuac papatlani papatlanini papayaca papazoltic paqui paqui paquia paquiliztli paquini paquiztli pati

Page 84 of 138 English Gloss broad; wide it flies constantly constant flyer it crumbles woolly it brings delight; it brings pleasure they are happy; they rejoice they were happy, they rejoiced happiness bringer of pleasure delight he gets well; he is cured; he recovers; it cures; it becomes cured; it disintegrates; it dissolves; it falls apart; it falls to pieces; it gets well; it heals; it recovers; it is cured; it is healthful she gets well; she recovers; they get well; they heal; they recover healthful; she got well; she recovered it is a remedy valuable he will be cured, he will recover; he will get well; it will recover; it will heal it widens wide broad; wide; flat broad and thick; long and flat; long and thick excessively wide broad; wide small and wide it broadens; it widens large; wide; spreading; broad broad and thick it flies they fly flyer wide, broad it flies constantly; it goes flying medicine; remedy; potion duck-egg depressed, deflated it softens they died crushed soft Page 84 of 138

pati patic patini patio patiz patlachihui patlachiuhqui patlachtic patlachtilahuac patlacpol patlactic patlactotonti patlahua patlahuac patlahuacatilahuac patlani patlani patlanini patlanqui patlantinemi patli patoxtetl patzahuac patzihui patzmiquia patztic

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl pazoltic pazoltontli pazotic pe:hualo pehpepetlaca pehua pehua pehualo pehualo pehualoque pehualoya pehuan pehuaya pehuaz pehuazque pepehua pepenalo pepenaloya pepepetlaca pepepetzca pepetlaca Eglish Gloss bushy; fleecy; matted; matter straggly bristly; shaggy; wooly begin it is shiny; it shines; it shines constantly begins; he begins; it begins; it starts she begins; they begin; they start; they leave; they start forth it is begun they are conquered they were conquered it was begun it begins it began; it started he will begin they will begin it begins (successively) he is chosen; he is selected he was chosen; they were chosen they flash, they shine it glistens he gives illumination; he illuminates; it gleams; it shines; it glistens; it is resplendent; resplendent; glistening; they gleam; they shine; they glisten; they are resplendent; they glitter it glistens constantly it glistens; resplendent in the granary; in the reed chest reed chest; woven reed chest he weaves reed mats mat maker; reed mat weaver polishable mat cord radiating mat reed mat seller it glistens; it shines rotten mat on a reed mat narrow mat he will have a reed mat he will govern mat; reed mat realm; rulership painted reed mat Nahuatl petlaxaxacualli petlayahualli petlazolli petzcauhqui peuh peuhtica pexontimani pialeque pialilo piallatolli pialo pialoni

Page 85 of 138 English Gloss frayed mat round mat old, worn reed mat slick; slippery it began beginning, starting it is full to the brim ones who have something in their charge, in their care it is saved, it is taken care of entrusted word she is guarded cherishable, worthy of being guarded; something that can be guarded; something that can be cared for; worthy of being kept it was guarded; they were guarded slender; thin; tube-like with a drinking tube, by means of a drink tube; with a hollow cane; by means of a hollow cane; with a long hollow cane drinking tube; hollow cane; sucking tube; tube spikelet fine tobacco; small tobacco minute, tiny; shrunken; small; fragmented minute, tiny solid it was guarded, it was kept he hung parent she has children your maker parents it withers noble; nobleman it hangs child baby; baby boy; child; boy; girl; small boy; poult; puppy; small child; small one; young; young boy; young son babies; baby; boy; child; small child black beetle he is ashamed he was ashamed one who feels shame; modest Page 85 of 138

pialoya piaztic piaztica

piaztli piaztontli picietl piciltic piciltontli picqui pieloya pilcac pilhua pilhua pilhuacatzintli pilhuaque pilini pilli piloa pilpil piltontli

pepetlani pepetzca petlacalco petlacalli petlachihua petlachiuhqui petlahualoni petlamecatl petlamoyahuac petlanamacac petlani petlapalan petlapan petlapitzahuac petlatiz petlatiz icpaltiz petlatl petlatl icpalli petlatlacuilolli Nahuatl Vocabulary

piltzintli pinacatl pinahua pinahuac pinahuani

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl pinahuiztli pinectic pinehua pinehuac pipiaztic pipicpatic pipictic pipilcualoni pipillotl pipilti pipiltin pipiltotonti pipiltotonti pipiltotontin pipiltzitzinti pipiltzitzinti pipiltzitzintin pipinqui pipitzahuac pipitzca pipitzca pipitzcani pipitztlatoa pipixcan pipixcanme pipiyolti pitzactontli pitzahua pitzahuac Eglish Gloss person shame pale it becomes pale pale; pallid long and slender; long and thin; slender; slender and thin; thin very compact compact edible by children childishness, puerility noblemen; nobles noblemen babies; boys; children; little children small boys; small childen; small children; young boys small children children small children; babies; children small children compact; lean slender; thin it chatters; it shrieks; it squeals; it whistles shrilly they neigh screamer they speak like gulls gull franklin gulls he becomes a wild bee rather thin; small and slender it becomes slender; it becomes thin; they become slender fine; flaked; high-pitched; long and slender; long and thin; minute; narrow; slender; small; thin; thin and long something that can be blown; something that can be cast small and thin slender flesh of pig, pork pig thin they fall, they sprinkle; they shower down guardians of tradition crop, harvest Nahuatl poccoztic pochectic pochectique pochotl pochquiotl pochquiotlami pochteca pochtecatl pochtecatlatoque poctic poctica poctli pocyoa poec poelpatic poeltic pohpocalex polaqui polihui

Page 86 of 138 English Gloss dark yellow, smoky yellow smoky; smoked up smoky (pl silk cotton tree fat fat dissolves merchants merchant principal merchants smoky with smoke, by means of smoke smoke it smokes salty very salty salty rail (kind of bird) it sinks he is absent; he perishes; he disappears; it disappears; it ends; it vanishes; it fails; it perishes; it is consumed; it is destroyed they perish he was absent worthy of destruction he will perish; it will perish he vanished; it vanished they perished mud (for adobes) it smokes incense is offered it perished, it was consumed it went to disappear he will perish, he will meet destruction he gibbers, he mumbles; they speak a barbarous tongue he mumbles they spoke a barbarous tongue, they mumbled he sells brooms energetic energetic very salty it lies fluffed up very spongy porous; soft; spongy whip-poor-will it swells; they become soft loose; porous; soft; spongy Page 86 of 138

polihui polihuia polihuini polihuiz poliuh poliuhque pololli popoca popochuilo popolihuia popolihuito popolihuiz popoloca popolocatica popolocaya poponamaca popoxtic popoxtli popoyec popozontoc poxacpatic poxactic poxacuatl poxahua poxahuac

pitzaloni pitzaton pitzatoton pitzonacatl pitzotl pitztic pixahui pixeque pixquiztli Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl poxcauhqui poyec poyelpatic pozactic pozahua pozoni quechacqui quechancatontli quechcoacihuiztli quechhuiac quechhuiacatontli quechnacatl quechnanatztic quechnenetiliztli quechomitl quechpitzahuac quechtli quechtomahua quechtomahuac quehuilia quelcicihuia quelehuia quemaca queman quemitl quen quenami quenami quenamicatzintli quenamique quenin quenmach quenman quenmanian quennel quequechnecuiloa quequeyolli quequeyolnacatl quetzalcoxcox quetzalecacehuaztli quetzalhuitzilin quetzalitztli quetzallahuehuetl Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss moldy salty very salty swollen it swells; it swells up; she swells up it boils; it foams; it is boiled; they swell stiff-necked a little long-necked numbed neck having a long neck having a rather long neck flesh of the neck having a fat neck stiff neck neck bone having a slender neck neck the neck becomes thick having a thick neck they intoned it [ie, song] for her they sighed they long for it yes sometimes clothing; vestment how; in what manner all kinds what kind; what sort; what manner; what way; whatever kind; whatsoever what kind, what sort how, in what manner or condition; whatever kinds how; as; in what manner however sometime; sometimes; at times; when; at what; at what time sometimes; at times; on some occasions; sometime how else it twists its neck repeatedly ankle bone; wrist bone flesh of the ankle pheasant quetzal feather fan broad-tailed hummingbird emerald-green jade precious cypress tree Nahuatl quetzalli quetzallo quetzaltototl quexquich quexquichtin quezqui quezquilhuitl quezquitetl quezquitlamantli qui qui qui qui:xohua quia quia quiahui quiahuitl quiahuiz quic quicac quicacalatztiuh quicacamacahua quicacatzilpia quicacaxchichihuaya quicahua

Page 87 of 138 English Gloss precious feather; quetzal feather having quetzal feathers resplendent trogon as many as, so many; as much as; so much; as much; much as many as, so many a little; howsoever many a few days several many things he drinks it she drinks it they drink it there is leaving, people leave he drank it they drank it it rains; she rains rain it will rain he drank it he heard him he went along rattling it he refrains from saying it they bind it tightly, they tie it tightly they arranged him on a carrying frame he dispels it, he leaves it behind; he gives it up; he leaves it; he lets it go; it leaves it alone; they cease it; they leave it; they leave her; they leave him she went to leave it he will abstain from it; he will leave it they will leave it; they will stop it he brings it in, he puts it in; it puts it in; she puts her in; she puts it in; she inserts it; she puts it inside; they place him; they put him in; they placed him; they bring him in; they put it in they carried it in, they put it in; they placed him; they put him in; they took it in they did put it in, they intruded it

quicahuato quicahuaz quicahuazque quicalaquia

quicalaquiaya quicalaquique

Page 87 of 138

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl quicalaquitihuetzi quicaltia quicamanalhuia quicamatia quicanahua quicanahuaya quicaqui quicaquia quicaquiz quicauhque quicauhtiquiza quicecencahua quicehuia quicehuiz quiceltilia quicencahua Eglish Gloss they quickly place her he builds a house for it she jokes with him they give it a mouth they thin it they flattened it he hears; he hears it; he listens it; he listens toit; they hear it he heard it; they heard it he will hear it; listen to it they left it, they abandoned it they quickly leave him they adorn it it alleviates it, it calms it; it relieves it; it cools it; it lessens it; it quiets it he will quiet them, he will calm them down it makes her bloom he adorns him; he arranges it; he prepares it; they array her; they array it; they prepare it; they finish it; they finish it off; they ornament him; they adorn him; they put it in order; they arrange it they arrayed him, they adorned him; they ornamented her; they adorned her they prepare it for him he mixes it in; he mingles it they arranged it, they gathered it he mixes it in he praises it, he fills it out he raises it in price, he increases it, he fills it out they wait for it he spits it he adorns him; they adorn her; they prepare her; they adorn it they adorned it; they arrayed her; they arrayed him; they adorned him; they made it; they prepared it they adorned it for him he smokes it; it sucks it they suck it sucker Nahuatl quichichiqui quichihua

Page 88 of 138 English Gloss they shave it he did it, he dealt it; he does it; he brings it about; he carries it out; he performs it; he makes him; he makes it; he arranges it; it does it; it brings it about; it makes it; it makes it [the sound] she does it; they do it; they work it; they make it they practise it, they do it, they are accustomed to doing it they come doing it he did it; he committed it; he made it; he made iti; she did it; they did it; they celebrated it; they committed it; they observed it; they performed it; they performed; they rendered it; they made it he will do it; he will perform it; he will it he wants to do it; he wants to make it they will do it; they will perform it; they will make it they made it for him it cleanses it it will purify it he spills it; it drips it; it spills it they abrade it, they scrape it he did it; he committed it; he made it they did it; they made it they did it, they celebrated it he will weep for it it [eg snake] strikes him; it strikes him he calls out to him with weeping they greet him with tears it drinks it it waters it he shows him compassion, he has pity on him he buys it he bought it; they bought her; they bought it they cut him with a knife he will see it in dreams it makes him sick; it sickens; it gets sick he troubles him Page 88 of 138

quichihua quichihuani quichihuaquihui quichihuaya

quichihuaz quichihuaznequi quichihuazque quichihuiliaya quichipahua quichipahuaz quichipinia quichiqui quichiuh quichiuhque quichiuhqueh quicho:caz quichoponia quichoquiznonotza quichoquiztlapaloa quichtacai quiciahua quicnoitta quicoa quicoaya quicochiloa quicochitlehuaz quicocoa quicocomonia


quicencahuilia quicenneloa quicenquixtiaya quicepanneloa quichachamahua quichamahua quichia quichicha quichichihua quichichihuaya

quichichihuiliaya quichichina quichichina quichichinani

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl quicocototza quicohua quicopina quicoyonia quicozcatia quicua quicua quicua quicuacua quicuacuatoque quicuacuaz quicuah quicualittaque quicualittaya Eglish Gloss it breaks it up, it cuts it up they buy it he draws it off, he takes it off it bores a hole in it; it bores it; it makes a hole in it; they drill it they give him a neck band he eats him; he eats it; he chews it; he gnaws on it it bites him; it bites it; it consumes it; it eats it; its eats it she eats it; they eat it he chews it; they chew it they sat eating it he will chew it; he will eat it; she chews it it bites him they saw it as good, they liked it they considered it favorable; they made it good; they regarded it as good; they regarded him as good; they considered him favored; they regarded him favorably; they regarded it as favorable; they liked it; they regarded it as benevolent they regarded him favorably; they regarded it as good; they considered it favorable; they sought to make it good she feeds it to him it benefits her; it improves it; it makes it good; they make it good it eats it eater; he is accustomed to eating it they customarily eat it it removes it; they remove it; they take it away they come to eat him he bolts it down, he eats it hurriedly it quickly went to eat it he goes about eating it; it continues eating it it eats it lying down; it lies eating it they wound someone on the head, they smash someone's Nahuatl quicuauhxicalhuia quicuaya quicuaz quicuaz quicuaznequi quicuazque quicuechoa quicuechtilia quicuecuentilia quicuecuetlania quicuepa quicuepaz quicuepazque quicueponaltiaya quicui

Page 89 of 138 English Gloss head they pan it [sand] he ate it; they ate it he will eat it; he is to eat it; it will eat it she will eat it; she is to eat it it wants to eat it they will eat him; they will eat it; they are to eat it they pulverize it they powder it, they pulverize it they arrange it in rows he threatens him, he waves it she turns it over; they respond to it he will return it they will change it he caused it to bloom; they make it flare up he acquires it, he gets it; he takes it; he assumes it; he grabs it; he receives it; it seizes him; it takes it she participates in it; they gather it; they take it they took it he took it they sing for her; they sing to him they painted it it caused him terror he keeps turning away he takes it away from him, he seizes it from him; they take it off her they took it from him he will take it from him they draw it; they paint it they painted her he will write it, he will record it they picked it; they took it she seized it quickly he hurriedly seizes it; he quickly grabs him; he quickly seizes him; he quickly seizes it; he seizes it quickly; it pounces on it; they grab him quickly; they quickly seize him; they snatch it quickly it gives her a big abdomen he will gain it, he will get it; he Page 89 of 138

quicui quicuia quicuic quicuicatia quicuicuiloaya quicuicuitihuetziltia quicuicuitlacuepa quicuilia quicuiliaya quicuiliz quicuiloa quicuiloaya quicuiloz quicuique quicuitihuetz quicuitihuetzi


quicualtia quicualtilia quicuan quicuani quicuani quicuania quicuaquihui quicuatihuetzi quicuatihuetzito quicuatinemi quicuatoc quicuatzayana

quicuitlapiciohua quicuiz

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl Eglish Gloss will seize it; he will take it; he will take; he will undertake it; it will carry him off they will take it they tie his feet, they bind his feet he gives it feet they kept on binding it, they kept on tying it he lives in want, he suffers; they suffer; they suffer exhaustion she will suffer it hisses at him he stripes him they scold him, they chide him it grabs him; they grasp her; they grab her; they seize her; they seize him; they grab him he drew him, he pulled him they will grab him they drew him forth, they pulled him out they hear it he will wait for him he said it to her; he said it to him they smell it he said it; she said it; she says it he says it they bear it here, they bring it they learn it, they see it he wants to see it they throw him; they throw it he will throw it they give it to him; they give it to them he sets it out; they pour it out they pushed him, they shoved him he will require it; he will wish it on you he confronts him; he receives her; he confronts her; he receives him; they meet it; they receive her; they confront her they found it, they encountered it they take her in their arms, they embrace her Nahuatl quihualnextia quihualnotza quihualpoloaya quihualquechcotontihuetzi quihualquixtia

Page 90 of 138 English Gloss it exposes it they call to it he destroyed it they quickly cut off her head he brings it forth; it brings it out; it removes it; they bring her out; they bring it forth; they draw it forth; they remove it they observed it [ie, feast day]; they took it out; they removed it they take it out of it; they took it out of it it will bring it out, it will expel it they place it he brings him down; they brought it down he scatters it it follows it they reinforce it, they strengthen it he will bring them up, he will rear them they dry it up they consider it big he declares it to be costly they regarded him as favored he will make an offering he brings him; he carries him off; he carries it; he takes her; he takes him; he takes it; he takes them; it bears him away; it bears it; it carries it; it carries him; it takes it away; it transports it; it brings it she carries off, she destroys; she takes her; they accompany her; they bear her; they bear him; they take him; they bear it; they carry it; they carry her; they carry him; they bear him away; they take her; they take it; they take them; they carry them they brought him he swiftly takes it away he goes carrying it; he goes leading him; she goes to bring him they accompanied him; they carried him; they took him; they took it Page 90 of 138

quicuizque quicxilpia quicxitia quihilpiaya quihiyohuia quihiyohuiz quihpotza quihuahuana quihualahua quihualana quihualanaya quihualanazque quihualanque quihualcaqui quihualchiaz quihualilhui quihualinecui quihualito quihualitoa quihualitqui quihualitta quihualittaznequi quihuallaza quihuallazaz quihualmaca quihualmana quihualmayauhque quihualmonequiltiz quihualnamiqui

quihualquixtiaya quihualquixtilia quihualquixtiz quihualteca quihualtemohuia quihualtepehua quihualtoquilia quihuapahua quihuapahuaz quihuatza quihueicatenehua quihueitzatzitia quihuelittaya quihuenmanaz quihuica


quihuicaque quihuicatiquiza quihuicatiuh quihuicaya

quihualnamiquia quihualnapaloa

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl quihuihuipana quihuihuitequi quihuihuitla quihuilana quihuitec quihuitequi quihuitequiz quiilpia quil quilaquia quilcahuazque quilcualoni quilhui quilhuia Eglish Gloss they place it in order he keeps beating it; they repeatedly strike him it plucks it; they pluck it he drags it; it drags it; they drag him away; they pull at it; they drag it he struck him he beats it, he threshes it; they beat it; they strike him it will injure it they bind it, they tie it; they string it together it is said that; it is said that; it is said; they say it drowns him they will forget it edible as greens he said it to him he says it to her; he says it to him; he says it to it; he says to him; he says to it; it says it to him; she says it to her; she says it to him; she says to her; they call it; they say it; they say it to her; they say it to him; they call him; they tell it he said it to her; he said it to him; she said it to her; she said it to him; they called it; they said it to him they observed a feast for him they said it to her; they said it to him; they said it to it they celebrated a feast for him; they observed his feast day they go saying it to him she proceeds saying it to him herb, greens; plant having thick foliage it is said that; so-called it makes him remember it (may) he brood over it, (may) he think about it he intends it, he thinks it; he plans it; he remembers it; he thinks of it; they imagine it; they think it; they remember it he remembered him; he remembered it; it recalled it; they determined it; they decided it; they remembered Nahuatl

Page 91 of 138 English Gloss it; they knew it from memory; they bethought it; they thought it herb-green its foliage falls to pieces he binds it, he ties it; they bind it; they tie it he gulps it, he sips it herb green; dark green; herbgreen he knew it he gives it to her; he gives it to him; it gives it to him; it offers it to him they give it to him he gave her to him; he gave it to him it gave it to him he fears him; he fears it they fear it they dreaded it, they feared it; they feared him they will fear it they gave it to him; they offered it to him he gave it to her; he gave it to him; she gave it to her; they gave it to him he feared it; he will give it to him; it will give it to him; she will give it to him they go fearing it he merits it, he deserves it; she merits it; she deserves it he deserved it he knew it about him; he knew something about him it hunts them; they capture them he will take them, he will capture them they will seize them he seizes it; it catches it with its paws he scolds them, he chides them they scolded them they struck his arms it caused him fear they guard it with honor he paid honor to him; he paid honor to it; they esteemed

quilpaltic quilpati quilpia quiltequi quiltic quima quimaca quimaca quimacac quimacac quimacaci quimacaci quimacacia quimacacizque quimacaque quimacaya quimacaz quimacaztihui quimacehua quimaceuh quimachili quimaci quimaciz quimacizque quimacui quimahua quimahuaya quimahuitecque quimahuizcuitia quimahuizpia quimahuiztiliaya


quilhuichihuiliaya quilhuique quilhuiquixtiliaya quilhuitihui quilhuitinemi quilitl quillotilahuac quilmach quilnamictia quilnamiqui quilnamiqui


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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl Eglish Gloss her; they paid honor to her; they esteemed him; they esteemed it; they paid honor to it; they honored her; they honored it; they venerated it; they paid him honor; they paid honor to him; they paid honors to them; they respected it they honored him he praised it they bathed them he bears her on his back; he carries it on his back; he carries it; he bears it on his back; he carryies it on his back they carry it on their back; they carry it on their backs they give it to him [repeatedly] they gave it to him they bore it they each carried it it continually offers it; they arrange it; they place it; they set it they offered it he is aware of it she massages him he goes carrying it on his back he carries it on his back; they carried it on their backs they soaped them he offers it; he places it; he lays it down; he sets it out; they offer it; they lay it down; they set it out they laid it; they laid it down; they lay it out; they set it out; they placed it; they took them he will take them, he will capture them he wants to catch them, grab them they will off it, they will lay it down he offers it to him; he places it for him he holds fast to it they saved it, they rescued it they seek it diligently he cuts off its branches; they prune its branches he feels it, he senses it; he Nahuatl

Page 92 of 138 English Gloss heeds it; he pays attention to it; he knows it; he experiences it; he is concerned with it; he knows of it; he learns of it; he masters it; he takes heed; it knows it; she feels it; she is rational; she heeds it; they esteem it; they know it; they think it; they know of it he decided it; he gives it hands; he knew it; they knew it; they felt it; they sensed it; they supposed it; they knew; they believed; they thought it he will know it; he will know of it she will consider it they would know it he knocks off its branches he gives them drink; they give them drink they realized it he respects him; they treat him with reserve; they look at him fearfully he regarded it with terror, he looked at it fearfully it frightens him they knock it down they rub [bathe] him with ground up maguey thorns they will whip him in cords they put rope on it they cut their chests they put a rope on him, they fasten him with a rope eater of mice; mouse eater mouse bean mouse mouse mice little mouse mouse-gnawed maize or corn he kills him; he kills it; he kills them; she kills him; they kill him; they kill them he killed him; they killed him; they killed it they will kill her he bound it on them, he tied it on them they tied them Page 92 of 138

quimahuiztilique quimahuizyotiaya quimaltiaya quimama


quimatiz quimatiz quimatizquia quimatlatlaza quimatlitia quimatque quimauhcaitta quimauhcaittac quimauhtia quimayahui quimealtia quimecahuitequizque quimecatitlan quimecayotia quimeltequia quimemecayotia quimichcuani quimichetl quimichi quimichin quimichme quimichpil quimichtlaolli quimictia quimictiaya quimictizque quimihilpiliaya quimiilpiaya

quimama quimamaca quimamacaque quimamali quimamama quimamana quimamanaya quimamati quimamatiloa quimamatiuh quimamaya quimamohuiaya quimana

quimanaya quimanaz quimanaznequi quimanazque quimanilia quimapiqui quimaquixtique quimatataca quimatepehua quimati Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl quimiizahuia quimilhui quimilhui quimilhuia Eglish Gloss he terrifies them he said it to them she said it to them he addresses them, he says it to them; he says to them; she says it to them; they say it to them he said it to them, he ordered them; they said it to them they came to say it to them they said it to them he will say it to them he is wrapped up bundle he ties them they tied them it deadens it it goes rolling it along he shot it with an arrow he shoots arrows at it; he shoots it; it shoots him with an arrow; it stings him; they spear it they want to spear it, they are about to spear it they made them drink it they had them dance, they made them dance he sees them; it seeks them out; it sees them; they see them he saw them; she saw them he saw them; he beheld them; they saw them; they say them they will see them he brings it to them, he shows it to them they knew it, they understood it he made their image; he represented him; he made himself into his likeness; she represented it; they represented them they made them in its image it comes upon him they destroyed them they annihilated them they rear them he will train them they abstained from it he [h] did it Nahuatl quimochihuilia quimochihuiliz

Page 93 of 138 English Gloss he [h] does it, he [h] brings it about; he [h] causes it he [h] will do it; he [h] will do it to him; he [h] will cause him; he [h] will bring it about; he [h] will cause it; he [h] will bring it to pass; he [h] will dispose it they take it for themselves they enjoy it he takes it as applying to him they take care of it, they take pains with it they said to each other they said it among themselves they make 15mole15 of it they hunt them he disguised himself he embraces it, he marries it they make him their mother they went to leave them they left them they bought him he requires it of him; he requires it of it he wills it; he determines it they went to strike each one of them he says it to them they tie it to them, they bind it to them they give it to them they put them to bed, they lay them down it deposits it, it puts it they place in on them they put ashes on their [someone else] knees they greet them; they greets them they visited them they follow them he pulls it off them they pinch their navels they snatch at their navels they snatched at their navels he kept it for himself he keeps it for himself, he guards it for himself he overcomes it he clothes himself; he wraps himself in it; he clothes himself in it; it wraps himself in Page 93 of 138

quimilhuiaya quimilhuico quimilhuique quimilhuiz quimiliuhtoc quimilli quimilpia quimilpiaya quimimictia quimimilotiuh quimin quimina

quimocuilia quimocuiltonoa quimocuitia quimocuitlahuia quimolhuiaya quimolhuique quimomolchihua quimonaci quimonahualtiaya quimonamictia quimonantia quimoncahuato quimoncahuaya quimoncohuaya quimonequililia quimonequiltia quimonhuihuitequito quimonilhuia quimonilpilia quimonmaca quimonteca quimontema quimontlalilia quimontlancuanexhuia quimontlapaloa quimontlapaloaya quimontoquilia quimontzintilinia quimonxiccotona quimonxiccui quimonxiccuia quimopialtiaya quimopieltia quimopopololtia quimoquentia

quiminaznequi quimitiaya quimitotiaya quimitta quimittac quimittaya quimittazque quimittitia quimiximatia quimixiptlatiaya

quimixiptlayotiaya quimixnamictia quimixpoloque quimixtlatique quimizcaltia quimizcaltiz quimocahualtiaya quimochihuili Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl quimotatia quimoteotia quimoteotiaya quimoteotizque quimotequimaca quimotequiuhtia quimotetzahuia quimotlacalhuiaya quimotlacamachitia quimotlaelmaca quimotlalilia quimotlatlauhtilia quimotlatoltia quimotocayotia quimottitia quimoxayacatia quimoyaotia quimozcohua quimpiloa quin quin quinacaztequi quinamaca quinamic quinamictia quinamictinemi quinamiqui Eglish Gloss it they make him their father they worship him they worshipped her; they worshipped him; they worshipped it they will worship it he gives himself to it excessively he dedicates himself to it they regard it as an omen they ruined it they obey him he overindulges himself in it they seat her [h] he prays to god he took it upon himself to talk they call themselves he finds it for himself, he shows it to himself; it appears to him; it shows itself to him he uses it as a face, it shows on his face they prey on it they warm them it suspends them, it hangs them up; it hangs them later then, later they cut his ears he sells him; he sells it; she sells it; they sell it he met him he adds it to it; they add it they go encountering it he adds it; he attains it; he comes upon it; he encounters it; he meets him; he understands it it counteracts it; it remedies it; it meets him;it remedies him; it touches it; it reaches it; they add it; they come upon her; they find her; they encounter it; they meet him; they receive him they met him they meet him he will add it; he will encounter her; he will find her; he will meet her; he will meet him Nahuatl quinamiquizque quinamoya quinanamiquia quinanatzoa quinanquilia quinapaloa quinaya quincactia quincalaquia quincalaquiaya quincalaquito quincalaquizque quincalten quincamanalhuia quincecenmana quincemilnamiquia quincenmana quincenpachoa quincenpopoloaya quincenquixtia quincentlalia quinchichihua quinchichihuaya quinchichihuilia quinchihua quinchihuiliz quinchoquilia quinchoquiztlapaloa quincocoltia quincotona quincozolaquiaya quincozolteca quincua quincuacuatinemi quincualtia

Page 94 of 138 English Gloss they will challenge him they steal it they welcomed him, they received him it fattens her he answers it; they answer him; they answer it he carries it in his arms, he embraces it; they carry it in their arms he conceals it, he hides it he provides them with sandals; they provide them with sandals they put them in they did put them in they went to quarter them, they went to put them in they will put them in, they will introduce them he housed them he jokes with them; it teases them; it jests with them he scatters them they remembered all of them he scatters them he governs them all she destroyed them completely they gather them he gathers them together he arrays them, he arranges them; they adorn them; they array them he arrayed them; they adorned them; they prepared them; they arrayed them he adorns it for them it makes them, it produces them he will do it for them it weeps for them, it cries for them he greets them with tears they made them angry they cut them, they decapitate them they placed them in the cradle she places them in the cradle it eats them it goes about eating them they feed it to them; they Page 94 of 138


quinamiquia quinamiquiin quinamiquiz

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl quincualtiaya quincuaya quincuexcochhuitequi quincuicatia quincuicatiaya quincuicatitihui quincuilia quincuitlahuihuitequi quinechicoa quinechicotihui quinecui quineloa quineltoca quinenehuilia quineneloa quinenepiltia quinequi Eglish Gloss make them eat it they fed it to them they ate them they strike them on the back of the head they sing for them they sang for them they go singing for them, they go providing them with a song he takes it away from them, he seizes it from them they beat their backs repeatedly he gathers it they go gathering it he smells it he mixes it in; he stirs it; they mix it; they stir it they believe it it is the same as it, it resembles it he mixes it they give it a tongue he longs for her; he uses it; he wants it; he wishes it; it wants it; it desires it; it wishes it; she wants it; she wishes it; they want it; they desire it; they wish it they wanted it he will want it, he will will it; it will want it; it will wish it they will wish it, they will want it he promises him; he promises it; he swears it he displays it; he gains it; he discovers it; he makes it clear; he reveals it; he provides it; it bodes it; it signifies it; it indicates it; it causes it to appear; it displays it; it shows it; it maifests it; it reveals it; it foretells it; she shows it; they display her; they display it; they show it he provided it; it indicated it; it signified it; it revealed it; they revealed it he disclosed it to him, he showed it to him they discovered it; they invented it Nahuatl quinextitiuh quinezcayotia quinhualhuicac quinhualhuicaque quinhualhuicaya quinhualihua quinhualilhui quinhualmanaya quinhualmina quinhualnamiqui quinhualnanquili quinhualquiquixtia quinhualquixti quinhualquixtia quinhualquixtiaya quinhualtemohuia quinhualtepehua quinhualyacantiaque quinhuica quinhuica quinhuicaque quinhuicaya quinhuicaz quinhuihuica quinhuihuitequi quinhuipiltia quinicuac quinihcuac quinmaca quinmaca quinmacac quinmacaque quinmacato

Page 95 of 138 English Gloss they go displaying it it denotes it, it makes it evident; it shows it; she signifies it he brought them they accompanied them they brought them, they carried them here he sends them he said to them they laid them out they shoot them with arrows they meet them, they contend against them he answered them it takes them out, it removes them he led them out it brings them out they let them come out, they brought them out he makes them go down, he makes them descend he scatters them they guided them it brings them; it takes them; it carries them along they take them; they accompany them; they carry them; they conduct them they took them, they escorted them they took them, they carried them he will carry them off; he will take them they carry them; they take each of them they beat them he provides them with blouses in time, at that time afterwards, later; then; at that time he gives it to them they give it to them; they offer it to them he gave it to them they gave it to them; they offered it to them; they gave them to them they went to give it to them, they went to offer it to them Page 95 of 138

quinequia quinequiz quinequizque quinetoltia quinextia

quinextiaya quinextiliaya quinextique

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl quinmacaya quinmacaz quinmacuilia quinmama quinmamaca quinmamaltia quinmamama quinmamauhtia quinmamayauhtehua quinmanilia quinmaniliaya quinmaxtlatia quinmicti quinmictia quinmictiaya quinmictique quinmictizque quinmixiptlatiaya quinmomapilhuili quinmoquixtilia quinmoteotiaya quinmoteotitiaque quinmotlaya quinmoyaotia quinnacazcoyoniaya quinnacaztequia quinnacazxapotlaya quinnahuatiaya quinnahuaya quinnamaca quinnamacaya quinnamiqui Eglish Gloss he gave it to them; he offered it to them; they gave it to them; they served it to them he will give it to them, he will offer it to them he receives it from them they bears them they give it to them they carry them on their backs they carry them on their backs he frightens them, he causes them fear they quickly throw them aside they offer it to them they offered it to them he provides them with breechcloths he killed them he kills them; it kills them; they abuse them; they kill them she killed them; they killed them; they punished them they killed them they will slay them, they will kill them they represented them he [h] selected them, he pointed his finger at them he [h] draws them forth they worshipped them they worshipped them he threw [stones] at them; they threw [stones] at them it preys on them they pierced their ears they did cut their ears they perforated their ears he commanded them they embraced them he sells them they sold them he confronts them, he meets them; they confront them; they encounter them [in battle]; they meet them; they contend against them; they met them he went to meet them; they went to contend with them; they went to meet them he will meet them; he will contend with them they answered them Nahuatl quinnanquilique quinnemitiaya quinnotz quinnotza quinnotzaya quinnotztiuh quinonotza quinonotzaco

Page 96 of 138 English Gloss they answered them they let them live; they maintained them he spoke to them; he summoned them; he called to them he calls them; it calls them; they call them he addressed them; they summoned them he goes speaking to them they address him; they advise her; they inform him; they report it to him they came to consult with him; they came toinform him; they came to notify him; they came to warn him; they to tell it to him; they came to report it to him they went to report it to him; they went to report to him; they went to consult with him he addressed him; he admonished him; he counseled him; he exhorted him; he summoned them; she entreated her; they admonished her; they advised him they will inform him he has diarrhea; he passes it; he empties it; he pours it out; he pours it; he issues it; he purges it; he sheds it; it expels it; it purges it; they pour it out he addresses it, he speaks to it; he calls him; he summons him; he calls out to him; he speaks to him; it speaks to him; it summons it; she addresses him; they call forth to him he called out to him; he spoke to him; they addressed it; they called him; they called upon him; they summoned him he sits on them [ie, eggs] he helps them; he distributes to them; it helps them they provided them pleasure he healed them, he cured them Page 96 of 138

quinonotzato quinonotzaya

quinonotzazque quinoquia



quinnamiquito quinnamiquiz quinnanquiliaya Nahuatl Vocabulary

quinpachoa quinpalehuia quinpapaquiltiaya quinpatiaya

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl quinpatzmictiaya quinpepenaya quinpia quinpiaya quinpipiloa quinpipitzquilia quinpiquia quinpiquiya quinquetza quinquixtia quinquixtilia quinquixtique quintecac quintema quintemoa quintemoaya quintemotinemi quintenehua quintepehuaco quintepehuato quintepozmihuique quintetepachoa quintetzotzona quintlacahualtia quintlacahualtiaya quintlacualtia quintlahuanilia quintlahuantia quintlahuantiaya quintlahxinque quintlalia quintlaliaya quintlalilique quintlamaca quintlamamaca quintlamanilia Eglish Gloss they crushed them to death he chose them they guard them they guarded them; they kept them; they were guarding them they hang each of them; they hang them it squeals for them they formed them they formed them they stand them up he casts them out, he removes them they take it away from them they drove them out he settled them they bathe them it hunts for them, it searches for them; they search for them they looked for them, they sought them out it goes about hunting them they mention them they came to scatter them he went to drive them, he went to scatter them they shot them with iron bolts they stone them they beat them with stones they warn them they restrained them; they prevented them he gives them food; they give them food; they feed them they make them drink they give them pulque, they make them drunk they made them drunk; they were giving pulque to them; they were making them drunk they betrayed them, they committed adultery on them he places them; they place them they placed them they did put it on them they serve [food] to them they offer them food they lay out offerings for them; they lay something for them; they offer something to them; Nahuatl quintlamaniliaya quintlananquililia quintlaocoltiz quintlaquentia quintlaquentiaya quintlatlamaniliaya quintlatlanique quintlatoyahuilia quintlatzontequilia quintlaxquiaya quintlazolmictia quintlaztehua quintlequiquizhuique quintoca quintocatzahualquimiloa quintocaya quintocayotia quintocayotiaya quintololti quintotocayoti quintotonia quintzatzilia quintzetzeloa quintzintilinia quinxictequia quinxinque quinxipehuaya quinxixiltihui quinyacana quinyacanaya quinyahualoa quipaca quipachoa

Page 97 of 138 English Gloss they offer it to them they made offerings to them, they laid something before them he responds for them, he answers for them he will make them sad, they will feel sorry for him they array them; they dress them; they clothe them they clothed them they offered it to each of them they asked them they pour something for them he sentences them they roasted them he kills them through filth they quickly abandon them they shot them with their guns he follows them, he pursues them; they bury them; they pursue them; they follow them it wraps them up in spiderweb they buried them they name them they called them he made them swallow it he named them they heat them he screeches at them; she cries out to them; she shouts to them they shake them off he pulls them down they were cutting the umbilical cord they carved them they flayed them they go lancing them they lead them he led them they surround them it cleans it he governs him; it grips it; it sits on it [ie; egg]; she massages her; she massages it; they govern it; they impress it; they protect it; they sit on it [ie quipachoaya they governed it they will govern it Page 97 of 138


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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl quipahuaci quipalanaltia quipalehuia quipalehuiz quipaloa quipanahuia quipantilia quipapaca quipapacaz quipapatla quipati quipatia quipatilizque quipatiznequia quipatla quipaz quipehualtia quipepechtia quipepena quipetlahua quipetztoccahuazque quipeuh quipia Eglish Gloss they boil it they soften it it helps him; it helps it; they help him he will help him; it will help him he tastes it; they sample it; they taste it it exceeds it, they find it, they come upon it she washes it; they wash her he will wash him they keep changing it it cures it it cures him; they cure it they will exchange it she wanted to cure it they change it she will dye it he begins it; he gives rise to it; he starts it; it begins it; they begin it; they undertake it he goes to bed he chooses it; they elect him; they choose him; they pick it up he polishes it; they polish it they will leave him bard he conquered it he guards her; he guards it; he cherishes it; he has it; he possesses it; he keeps her; he watches it; it guards it she protects her; they guard her; they guard him; they guard it; they watch it; they keep it; they take charge of it; they watch over it; they care for it they guarded it for him he guarded it; he kept it; they guarded her; they guarded it; they kept it; they kept watch; they maintained it; they observed it; they stored it; they tended it (eg; fire) he will guard it; he will take charge of it she will guard it, she will take care of it they will watch it, they will care for it he stores it, he takes care of it Nahuatl quipiloa quipinahua quipipia quipipiloa quipiquia quipitza

Page 98 of 138 English Gloss he hangs it he shames him, he embarrasses him they shut him in, they guard him they hang it they composed it, they invented it; they produced it; they made it he blows it; it blows on him; she blows it; she casts him; they blow it; they blow it off; they cast it they cast it he uses it like a pig, he uses it excessively; they lust for it like pigs they harvest it they spread it they recounted it they card it; they shred it he consumes it; he destroys it; he loses it; he mars it; he spoils it; it destroys it; it drives it away; they dispel it; they knead it; they set upon him; they attack him they destroyed it; they lost it; they moistened it; they kneaded it he will destroy it they shred it fine he will destroy it they drank it he carries it on his shoulders they give it a neck it forms a mantle on her, it dresses her they set it up they erected it he tramples on it, he steps on it he places it, he sets it; he sets it up; he stands it up; they set it; they place it he stood him up mice mice he covers it over; he wraps it up; she swaddles him; she wraps him up; they bind it up; they wrap it up; they wrap it they wrapped it Page 98 of 138

quipitzaya quipitzonequi quipixca quipixoa quipoaya quipochina quipoloa

quipoloaya quipoloz quipopochina quipopoloz quique quiquechpanoa quiquechtia quiquentica quiquequetza quiquequetzaya quiquequeza quiquetza quiquetzaya quiquimichti quiquimichtin quiquimiloa


quipialiaya quipiaya

quipiaz quipiaz quipiazque quipie Nahuatl Vocabulary


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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl quiquinaca quiquinacani quiquinacatica quiquiquimiloa quiquixti quiquixtia Eglish Gloss it growls buzzer; something that groans it is growling they wrap him well he took it away, he removed it he brings it forth; he causes it to grow; he provides it; he saves him; he rescues him; it brings it out; it causes it to flow out; it removes it; it draws it out; it expels it; it extracts it she takes it out, she removes it; they cause it to flow out; they issue it; they bring it forth; they present it; they remove her; they bring her out; they take it away; they take it out; they remove it it drives it out, it removes it he drew it out, he pulled it out; they did set him aside it goes removing it he will ransom him, he will bring him out; it will expel it; it will remove it large seashell it measures it they dig her up; they dig it they smooth it he places it; he pours it; he spreads it; he lays it out she places it, she pours it he built it, he set it up; he laid it down they placed it they laid it out he grinds it; it grinds it up; they grind it he notes the pain he gives it to someone to eat he took it away from someone he gives it to someone to drink it reveals it, it makes it evident it places it he gives it to someone he is accustomed to giving it to someone he bestowed it, he gave it to someone they make it known he will dream of it Nahuatl quitemoa

Page 99 of 138 English Gloss he looks for her, he seeks her; he looks for it; he seeks him out; he seeks it; it searches for it; it seeks it; it looks for it they look for it, they seek it out; they seek it one who seeks it they sought it, they looked for it they lower it, they bring it down he will lower it, he will pass it through he seeks of it they go along looking for it; they go searching for it they will seek it, they will look for it he mentions it; he divulges it; it mentions it; they call it; they call upon it; they mention it they told of it, they pronounced it he will mention it they speak to him as a god they cast it, they scatter it he shed it, he scattered it; they scattered it it heaps it up he cuts it up they cut it they (did) cut it; they did cut it it eats it gluttonously he sets it out for him; they cut it off of her; they place it before him; they place it for him it displeases him, it troubles him they spread it they stone him they stoned him they will stone him to death they scatter it repeatedly it cuts it up; she dismembers it; she cuts it up; they cut him up they bind him thoroughly, they tie him firmly; they bind it firmly; they tie it firmly they wrap him thoroughly, tightly he causes someone to Page 99 of 138

quitemoa quitemoani quitemoaya quitemohuia quitemohuiz quitemolia quitemotinemi quitemozque quitenehua quitenehuaya quitenehuaz quiteonotza quitepehua quitepehuaya quitepeuhtitlalia quitequi quitequi quitequia quitequicua quitequilia


quiquixtian quiquixtiaya quiquixtitiuh quiquixtiz quiquiztli quitamachihua quitataca quitealahua quiteca quiteca quitecac quitecaque quitecaya quiteci quitecococamati quitecualtia quitecuili quiteitia quiteittitia quitema quitemaca quitemacani quitemacaya quitemachitia quitemiquiz

quitequipachoa quiteteca quitetepachoa quitetepachoque quitetepachozque quitetepehua quitetequi quiteteuhilpia quiteteuhquimiloa quitetololtia

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl quitetzammatia quitetzauhmatia quitinemiz quitlacahualtiaya quitlacamati quitlacaquitia quitlacatilia quitlacatiliaya quitlacatoca quitlacencuilizque quitlachialtiaya quitlacoa Eglish Gloss swallow it they took it as a portent they considered it an evil omen he will go on drinking it, he is to go on drinking it they restrained him he obeys him; it obeys it; it responds to it he explains it to him, he informs him of it they produce it they gave it form, they formed it he gives the name of a man (of respect) they will rob him, they will plunder him they made him look at it he damages it, he harms it; he spoils it; he sins; it damages it; it harms it; it defiles it; it harms him; they damage it; they err in it they erred in it, they damaged it they make it fall into a pit he will rule it they behead quail for her; they cut something for her they will damage it, they will err in it; they will harm it; they will ruin it he gives it a body he takes food, he eats they will rob him he needs it immoderately it nauseates him, it disgusts him it mocks it he harmed it it causes him irritation he begs him they place her in the earth he put it, he set it in place he places him; he places it; he puts it; it places it; it implants it; they lay it down; they place it; they lay it out; they place him they formed it; they placed it; they laid it; they set it up; they put it Nahuatl quitlalilia quitlalique quitlaliz quitlalizque quitlalnamictia quitlamacaz quitlamachtia quitlamamaca quitlamanilia quitlamaniliaya quitlamia quitlamiaya quitlanamoyalizque quitlanxaxamania quitlaocolnonotza quitlapaloa quitlapaloaya quitlapaloz quitlapalozque quitlapichilia quitlapoaya quitlatia quitlatiaya quitlatique quitlatlalia quitlatlaliaya quitlatlamantilia quitlatlauhtia quitlatlauhtiaya quitlatolchiaya quitlatolilochtia quitlatolimacaci quitlatzontequilia quitlaxilia

Page 100 of 138 English Gloss she places it on him; they place it on him they built it; they placed it; they prepared it he will put it they will make it, they will put it he recalls it, remembers it he will provide food for him he enjoys it they make offerings to him they lay gifts before him, they put something for him they laid offerings before him; they made it consumes it; it finishes it; they finish it; they conclude it he finished it they will rob him, they will despoil him it shatters it with its teeth he calls out to him in sadness he greets her; he greets him; she greets him; they greet him he greeted him; they greeted him he will greet him, he is to greet him they will visit him they provide music for him they uncovered it he conceals it, he hides it; it burns it; she burns it they burned it they burned it it fixes it, it places it; they place it successively; they place it; they set it in place they repeatedly placed it they offer it separately he prays to him; she prays to him they exhorted her, they asked her they awaited his word he forces him to recant they dread his words, they fear his words he pronounces judgement on him he shoots at it; he shoots it at him; it casts it at it; it throws it Page 100 of 138

quitlacoaya quitlacomolhuia quitlacotiz quitlacotonilia quitlacozque quitlactia quitlacuallotia quitlacuicuilizque quitlaelnequi quitlaeltia quitlaeyecalhuia quitlahueliaya quitlahuelilotilia quitlaitlanilia quitlalaquia quitlali quitlalia


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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl quitlaz quitlaz quitlaza Eglish Gloss at it he cast it away, he threw it down she cast it forth, she threw it out he casts it down, he fells it [eg, tree]; he casts it; he throws it; he expels it; he coughs it up; he spends it (eg; night); he throws it away; he tosses it; they cast it; they throw it; they pass it; they scatter it; they shoot it he loves it; they love him; they love it; they value it he loved him they laid it [ie, egg] they take him up they will shoot him with a gun it turns it black, it blackens it he called it; he said it; he told it it said it she said it he says it; he speaks; it says it; it speaks; it spoke; she says it; she talks; they call it; they say it; they tell it he said it; he mentioned it; he used to say it; it said it; she said it; they called him; they named him; they called it; they named it; they said it; they told it he follows her, he pursues her; he follows it; he chases it; he goes along it; he pursues it; he plants it; he sows it; he travels it (ie; road); it buries him; it continues; it follows along it; it follows him; it pursues him; it proceeds through it she buries it; she follows him; she pursues him; she follows it; they bury her; they bury him; they bury it; they continue it; they follow him; they follow it; they take it (ie; road); they sow it he buried it they give him a name one who follows it Nahuatl quitocatihui quitocatinemi quitocaya quitocayoti quitocayotia

Page 101 of 138 English Gloss they go to bury her he goes along it; he goes following along it; they go following him he followed it; she burid it; they followed him; they followed it he named it, he called it, he gave it a name he calls it, he gives it a name; they call him; they call it; they give it a name; they give a name; they name it; they called it; they name him they called it; they named it; they gave it the name; they named her they called it, they gave it a name; they named him; they named it he will follow it they will bury her; they will bury him; they will bury it they said it they harass it she will hurt it, she will cause it pain he swallowed it he swallows it; it swallows it it opens her they damage his day sign for him it drives it away they said it; they spoke it comes after it; it proceeds out of it; it continues from it they make her dance he made him dance she goes about saying it they chase it they wrap the groups of reeds up he heats it they make him hot he will say it it means; it means it; as if to say; that is to say; that is; they want to say it he carries it; he carries it off; he takes it she takes it, she carries it; they carry it; they take it they took it Page 101 of 138

quitlazotla quitlazotlaya quitlazque quitlecahuia quitlequiquizhuizque quitliloa quito quito quito quitoa

quitocayotiaya quitocayotique quitocaz quitocazque quitohua quitolinia quitoliniz quitolo quitoloa quitoma quitonalitlacoa quitopehua quitoque quitoquilia quitotia quitotiaya quitotinemi quitotoca quitotolquimiloa quitotonia quitotonilia quitoz quitoznequi quitqui quitqui quitquique




quitocac quitocamaca quitocani Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl quitquitinemi quitta Eglish Gloss they go about carrying it he attains it, he sees it; he beholds him; he sees him; he beholds it; he consults it; he notes it; he saw him; he saw it; he looked at it; he looks at him; he finds it; he looks at it; he seeks it; he studies it; he witnesses it; he will see it; it sees him; it sees it; it finds it; it realizes it she considers it, she sees it; they saw him; they see her; they look at her; they see him; they look upon him; they see it; they encounter it; they find it; they look for it; they seek it; they watch for it he saw it; he looked at it one who is accustomed to seeing it they found it, they saw it; they saw him; they looked at it he beheld it, he saw it; he found it; he observed it; he saw her; he looked at her; he saw him; he looked upon it; she saw it; she looked at it; they discovered it; they saw it; they found it; they saw him; they looked at it; they studied it; they were seeing it; they sought it he will find it, he will see it; he will see him; he will look for it; he will seek it; it will see it she will look to it, she will see it; she will see him; she will look at him he wants to see it they will see her; they will see him; they will see it he will show it to him they cover it he goes blocking it they tear it to pieces, they rip it to shreds they split it up he cries out to him; he shouts to him; she cries out to her; she shouts to her; she cries out to him; she cries out to it he shouted to them, he Nahuatl quitzatzilitihui quitzeltilia quitzetzeloa quitzinpachichina quitzinpachoa quitzinquixtia quitzinquixtique quitzintia quitzintique quitzitzquia quitzmolinaltiaya quitzoncui

Page 102 of 138 English Gloss summoned them they go shouting at him she tears it; they pound him he shakes it; they shake it out it sucks it from below it covers it at the back they withdraw it they withdrew it it introduces it, it begins it; they begin in they began it, they founded it he holds it, he grasps it; she holds it; she grasps it; they seize it he caused it to sprout he seizes his hair, he plucks hair from him; he takes hair; he plucks hair; they cut his hair he took hair, he plucked hair it makes his head ache he gives it a head she wraps it in cloth she beats it, she pounds it; they beat it; they pound it they hammered it, they pounded it she pricks it he gives it a face they provided it with a mask he looses tears they roast it she tears her face she hacks her face he causes it to sprout he carves it; he cuts it; they cut it [ie; her hair]; his hair]; they cut it; they shave it; they smooth it; they plane it; they work it he knows it; he is familiar with it; he identifies it; they give heed to it; they know about it; they are familiar with it; they know it; they understand it; they know of it; they recognize it they knew it, they understood it he will know it, he will be familiar with it they will know him


quittac quittani quittaque quittaya

quitzoncuia quitzonteconehua quitzontecontia quitzotzomaquimiloa quitzotzona quitzotzonaya quitztzeltilia quixayacatia quixayacatiaya quixayohuitoma quixca quixcocotona quixcocototza quixhualtia quixima

quittaz quittaz quittaznequi quittazque quittitiz quitzacua quitzatzauctinemi quitzatzayana quitzatzayanaya quitzatzilia


quiximatia quiximatiz quiximatizque

quitzatziliaya Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl quiximatizquia quiximatque quixipehua quixipehuaya quixipeuh quixipeuhtihuetzi quixiptlatiaya quixiptlayoti quixiptlayotiaya quixixili quixixiltinemi quixixima quixnamictimotlalia quixnamiqui quixoaya quixohuaya quixotlaltiaya quixotlaya quixoxa quixoxohuialtiaya quixoxouhcapachoa quixpatilia quixtelolotia quixtiloya quixtlapachcuepa quiya quiya quiyacana quiyacana quiyacanamiqui quiyahua quiyahuac quiyahualoa quiyahuatl quiyahui quiyahuitl quiyahuiz quiyamania quiyectlalia quiyo:litia Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss they would have known him they knew it, they learned about it they flay her; they flay him they flayed her; they flayed him he flayed him they quickly flay it they formed her image; they made an image of him; they represented her they made his image he represented him; he was his likeness they spear they keep packing it down he keeps carving it it settles down to face him they contend with it there was leaving, there was going out there was going forth he caused it to blossom they (did) cut it they bewitch him he caused it to leaf out she massages her raw it distracts him he gives it eyes she was set aside; they were released; they were freed she turns it upside down he drank it they drank it he leads it they go before him, they go in front of him he intercepts it she raises it in dedication, she raises it in offering, she offers it outside; out of doors they encircle it, they surround it water, rainwater it rains, it is rainy rain it will rain it soothes it; they tan it; they soften it they arrange it well it animates it Nahuatl quiyo:litiaya quiyo:litiz quiyocox quiyocoxque quiyocoyaya quiyocoyaz quiyolitlacoa quiyolmictiz quiyoti quiz

Page 103 of 138 English Gloss he quickened it, he gave it life he will put life into it, he will cause it to live he created it they devised it, they created it; they invented it he created it he will create it compassionate; he hates it it will terrify him it forms a stem he arrived; he will drink it; he is to drink it; he will drink; he is to drink; it came out; it emerged she will drink it; she is to drink it he comes forth, he comes out; he escapes; he goes out; he goes forth it comes; it comes out; it emerges; it issues; it erupts; it goes out; it leaves; it goes away; it shows; they come out; they emerge it carries it off they cover it with grass it will carry it off it frightened him he went out, he fared forth; it came out; they passed he will come out; he will escape; he will go out; it will come out; it will emerge; it will pass out he tries to go out, he wants to go out; he tries to leave; he wants to leave he caused it to grow he pierces it he opens it out, he spreads it out; it spreads it; it opens it it ruins it he sucks it in it irritates him, it angers him it disturbs it it makes him vomit it paralyzes him it will make him faint they draw blood from him they bled him they escaped, they went out; Page 103 of 138

quiz quiza quiza

quizaca quizacatlapachoa quizacaz quizahuiaya quizaya quizaz

quizaznequi quizcaltiaya quizo quizoa quizoloa quizolotza quizoma quizonehua quizotla quizotlacmiqui quizotlahuaz quizozo quizozoya quizque

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl Eglish Gloss they left; they traveled; they will drink it it quickly flies apart it (ie, snake) strikes him he lusts for it sacraments he becomes a father you will reach we will reach, we will arrive on our shoulder you are thorny you are the owner of water you are the inhabitant of a city you are a cypress tree you do it you will do they make tamales toad we will console you (pl) straight basket cylindrical basket basket seller basket reed basket small round basket our souls seashell potsherd; sherd having a shell; having tileshaped scales; sherd-like; having a sherd; tile-like shell salamander he is rolled up like a ball ball-like; like a ball bushy our hunger rag, tatters rag, tatters round like a ball let's scratch for water duty of fatherhood father you will drink you want to drink (water) we will drink water our possessions, our goods our urine our bladder our bladder our dysuria Nahuatl tayo tayotl te te:chiyalo te:imacaxo te:itto te:pahpa:quilti:lo te:te:ne:hualo te:telchi:hualo te:tlazohtlalo teaahua teahua teahualiztlatolli teahui teahuialti teahuihuan teahuilquixtia teahuitiz teahuitzin tealtiani tealtiani tealtianime tealtiaya tealtique tealtiz

Page 104 of 138 English Gloss our liquid; our moisture fatherhood you people wait for s.o. there is fearing of s.o. there is fearing of s.o. make s.o. happy there is mentioning of s.o. ridicule s.o. love s.o. he belabors people, he scolds people he quarrels with people; he wrangles with others; he scolds people reprimanding words one's aunt it gladdens one aunts she dishonors one she will be an aunt aunt bather; one who bathes people slave bather bathers; slave bathers; ceremonial bather he bathed people, he bathed slaves; they bathed people (eg; slaves) bathers he will bathe people, he is to bathe slaves; he will bathe slaves; he will bathe someone; she will bathe someone it causes diarrhea it drowns people he will provide drink he sprinkles people he goes sprinkling people for people, for others compassionate person in each person's house obedient he receives people, he acts as a receptionist in one's mouth from one's mouth he tempts people, he entertains people they wash people's mouths Page 104 of 138

quiztihuetzi quiztlacmina quiztlaqui sacramentos tachihualo taciz tacizque tacolpa tahhuayo tahua tahua titepehua tahuehuetl tai taiz tamaloa tamazoli tamechtoyollalilizque tanamelactli tanamimilli tananamacac tanatl tanatli tanayahualli tanima tapachtli tapalcatl tapalcayo tapalcayotl tapayaxin tapayolca tapayoltic tapazoltic tapiz tatapatli tatapatzintli tatapayoltic tatatacazque tatequitl tatli tatliz tatliznequi tatlizque taxca taxix taxixteco taxixtecon taxixtetzahualiz

teapitzalti teatlanmictia teatlitiz teatzelhuia teatzelhuitiuh teca teca tlaocoyani tecacalitic tecacqui tecalaquia tecamac tecamacpa tecamanalhuia tecamapaca

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl tecamapaco teccizmichi tecciztli tececec tececenmana tecehuac tecencahualo techahuilquixtia techalotl techaloyehuatl techan techcaqui techicahua techicauhca techichihualo techicoihtoz techicoitoa techitta techmacaque techmictiznequi techmomaquilia techmonequililia techoponia techpalehuiz techpinauhtia techpoloa techpoloz techtequipachoa techtlanextili techtolinia tecihuahuan tecihuiloz tecihuitl tecihuiz tecinmiquiz teciuhtica teciz tecoa tecoacualli tecoani tecoanime tecoanotza tecoanotzaliztlatolli tecoanotzaliztli tecoanotzalo tecoanotzani Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss mouth washing is done shellfish seashell; shell trumpet; snail alum he disperses people chalky there is adorning of people, there is arraying of people she dishonors us squirrel squirrel skin someone's house he hears us he animates people healthy place there is adorning of people, there is arraying of people she will abuse someone he betrays people he sees us they gave it to us he tries to kill us he gives it to us he requires it of us it [eg, snake] strikes one it will help us, it will be of advantage to us she shames us it injures us he will destroy us it afflicts us, it makes us suffer it provided us with light he abuses us, he causes us pain people's wives it will be hailed on hail; hail stone it will hail it will be damaged by hail with hailstones, by means of hailstones she will grind they buy people snakebite slave buyer; slave dealer slave dealers he invites him to a banquet invitation to a banquet summons to a feast, invitation to a banquet there is inviting to a banquet host Nahuatl tecoanotzaz tecoanotzqui tecoaz tecochizpan tecoco tecocolia tecocoliani tecocoliliztli tecocotlatolli tecohuani tecohuanime tecohuanotzaliztli tecohuaz tecol tecolatl tecolli tecolocualiztli tecolotl tecoltia tecoltic tecoltica tecomatl tecomitl teconaltic teconeuh tecontic tecontlacuilolli tecpatetic tecpatl tecpilli tecpiltezcatl tecpiltic tecua tecuacehcepouh tecuachtli tecuacua tecualanalti tecualani tecualania tecualnexti tecualtilia tecuanehuatl tecuani tecuani tecuani

Page 105 of 138 English Gloss she will invited people to feast host he will buy slaves, he will buy people in a dream painful he hates people hater, one who hates people; one who hates someone; enemy persecution, hate words of torment slave buyer slave dealers banquet invitation he will buy a slave, he will buy someone; he will buy slaves one's grandfather charcoal and water past; charcoal and water paste charcoal scorpion bite horned owl; owl they char charcoal-colored with charcoal, by means of charcoal earthen vessel stone basin like carbon; like charcoal one's daughter like a jar painted gourd vessel like flint flint noble mirror of the noblemen courteous it bites one; it bites people; it bites someone he disgusted people small cape it bites it angers one destestable, irritating it angers someone it made one appear good it improves one wild animal skin beast; biter poisonous wild animal; wild beast Page 105 of 138

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl tecuanime tecuanitla tecuannacatl tecuauhtlaxonecuilhuia tecuazque tecue tecuic tecuicananamiqui tecuicatia tecuini tecuitlatl tecuitlaxcolyecti teetili teezio teezzo tehcauh tehcoyouhtinemi tehecatl tehipotza tehitic tehixitia tehpochtli tehtenextic tehuan tehuan Eglish Gloss biters; wild beasts place of wild beasts wild beast flesh it throws sticks at people they will eat people someone's skirt someone's song he joins people in singing he provides songs for others it beats lake scum it soothes one's intestines it makes one heavy our blood one's color our breath he goes along howling you are the wind it hisses at one inside people; within one; within someone it brings one from his sleep, it awakens one smoky stone ashen among others, among people together, with one [this may their eggs]!!!; we; with one; with people; with others; with them we teacher you you [h] it enlarges one it made people laugh; laughable towards one, towards people companions there is beating of people they struck people disc-like crystal ear plug like crystal, like glass; transparent crystal; glass; rock crystal he beats someone in the temple courtyard behind others maiden; one's daughter one's daughters he reprimands the poor Nahuatl teimacacini teimacaciz teimacazqui teini teitic teitqui teitta teittaz teitzmolinaltia teiuc teiuctzin teixco teixcuepanime teixhuiuh teixiptla teixiptlahuan

Page 106 of 138 English Gloss they are respectful, they are fearful he will show reverence to others, he will respect others one who fears people they are shattered within one; within someone; within oneself it carries one she sees someone she will look at people it fills one out one's second daughter one's beloved second daughter in one's presence; in public; in people's presence; in people's faces; in the eye tricksters grandchild image; representation; impersonator; representative; someone's image impersonators; likenesses; their images; their representations; their impersonators impersonator before him, in front of him; before people; in front of people; in public; before the people; before others; before everyone on the eyelid before people, in front of people tubes of tobacco are offered she terrified people he rears people, he teaches people he rears people it causes vomiting deceiver deceivers nevertheless, but he will be accursed they will be abominated; they will be accursed our chest he is rightly served, it serves him right young men Page 106 of 138

teixiptlati teixpan

tehuantin tehuapahuani tehuatl tehuatzin tehueilia tehuetzquiti tehuic tehuicaltin tehuihuiteco tehuihuiteque tehuilacachtic tehuilonacochtli tehuilotic tehuilotl tehuitequi tehuithualco teicampa teichpoch teichpochhuan teicnotlacaahuatica Nahuatl Vocabulary

teixtenco teixtlan teiyemaco teizahuiaya teizcalia teizcaltia teizotlalti teiztlacahuiani teiztlacahuianime tel telchihualoz telchihualozque telchiquiuh telchitl telpocatoton

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl telpochcalco telpochcali telpochpan telpochtlahueliloc telpochtlatoque telpochtli telpochtontli telpochtotolin telpochyotl telpopochpipil telpopochti telpopochtin telpopochtzitzinti temac temacehual temachtia temahuizyotia temalaxixtli temalli temamacuitihuetzi temamauhti temamauhtican tematequilo temauhcaittani temauhcaittaz temaxac temazatl teme temecanitihui temetztlalli temetztli temi temicamatl temictia temictilo temictli temimiliuhqui temimiltic Eglish Gloss in the young men's house young men's house place of the youths; youths' place lewd youth masters of the youths; rulers of the youths youth; young (warrior); young man untried youth; young boy; youth; young man young turkey cock youthfulness, estate of youth youths youths youths youths in someone's hands one's reward he instructs others it glorifies one, it gives one honor urine with pus pus they quickly seize someone with their hands it frightened people; terrifying; fearful fearful place hand washing is done they are attentive, they are fearful he will show reverence for people in someone's crotch mountain goat stones, rocks they go hanging people pulverized lead lead it fills; it swells dream book, book for interpreting dreams he kills people; they kill people; they slay people there is slaying of people dream shaped like a stone column cylindrical; like a pillar; like a stone column; round like a pillar; round like a stone column; shaped like a stone Nahuatl

Page 107 of 138 English Gloss column; shaped like a stone pillar they dream one who delivers babies having a large muzzle having a cylindrical bill it comes down, it descends; it sinks there is descending it fell, it descended black beetle he will sought he disbands people he struck people pestilence they descended; they went down broad-billed wide bill having a broad bill; wide-billed having a slender bill; having a slender muzzle; having a thin muzzle having a slender muzzle having a concave bill corner stone there was piercing of ear [lobes] with others, with people, near others mothers they will meet him, they will confront him wall; rampart; ramparts their is robbing of people; there is plundering of people mother; one's mother they call them by trickery mothers; their mothers at the wall mother chin having a strong mouth; strong-billed having a curved bill curved bill having a curved bill; beak wide-mouthed having a very yellow bill having a yellow bill; having a yellow mouth; yellowmouthed; yellow-billed Page 107 of 138

temiqui temixihuitiani temmetlapiltic temmimiltic temo temo:hua temoc temoli temoloz temomoyahua temotlaya temoxtli ehecatl temoya tempatlactic tempatlactli tempatlahuac tempitzahuac tempitzaton tenacaltic tenacaztli tenacazxapotlaloya tenahuac tenahuan tenamiquizque tenamitl tenamoyelo tenan tenanahualnotza tenanhuan tenantitlan tenantzin tenchalli tenchicahuac tencoliuhqui tencolli tencoltic tencoyahuac tencozpiltic tencoztic

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl tencua tencualactli tencuicuitlatl tencuitlatl tene tenehuallo tenehualo tenemiliz tenemiliztia tenenco tenenenco tenexatl tenexatolli tenexcacahuatl tenexhuia tenexihui tenexio tenexmama tenexnamacac tenextetic tenextetl tenextic tenextlalli tenextlati tenextlatia tenextlatiloni tenextli tenhuelic tenhuiac tenhuiacapil tenhuihuiyoca tenhuilaxtic tenhuitzpil tenhuitztic tenhuitztli tenhuitzton tenihhuihuahuanqui tenio tenitztic tenitztli tennacatl tenonotza tenonotzale tenonotzaliztlatolli Eglish Gloss hare-lipped deceit, lie dirt around the lips dirt around the lips bordered, having a border he is esteemed he is named; they are named; they are mentioned one's conduct; someone's life he is exemplary, he shows someone a life deceiving; fraud cheat lime water; ashen water atole treated with lime chocolate with lime water she applies ashes to someone she becomes pale (like lime) mixed with lime he carries the lime on his back lime seller like limestone kind of limestone; limestone rock chalky limestone land one who burns limestone he burns limestone that which is burned to make lime lime; limestone agreeable of speech; agreeable speaker having a long bill having a long, small muzzle his lips tremble having a long muzzle small pointed bill having a pointed bill; having a sharp; pointed bill pointed bill small pointed bill; small; pointed bill striped with feathers famous sharp-edged black skimmer flesh of the lips he advises people adviser discourse of admonition; sermon Nahuatl tenonotzaliztli tenotza tenotzaya tenpapatlaca tenpitzaton tenpochectic tenpochichitic tentepitztic tentepozomitic tentepoztic tentetepontic

Page 108 of 138 English Gloss admonition, counsel he admonishes people he invited people; he summoned people his lips quiver having a rather thin snout; having a small; slender muzzle having a spongy muzzle having a soft muzzle hard like a metal awl having a bill like a nail; having a nail-like bill; having a pointed bill like a nail having a blunt bill; having a short muzzle; having a stubby muzzle; short-billed; having a short bill; stubby-muzzled; with a very blunt snout; bluntsnouted lip plug it is full colored fringe having a dart-shaped bill lip black-billed; having a black bill having a thick muzzle; thickmuzzled bearded bearded ones flowery of speech, beguiling; of flowery speech war snowy egret temple he waits for someone on the road place of hunger place of starvation divine sickness; leprosy god's wine, sacred wine oak tree gods' song, sacred song gold gold leaf house of gold gold bowl golden disc golden conical cap golden band for the calf of the leg Page 108 of 138

tentetl tentimani tentlapalli tentlaxichtic tentli tentliltic tentomahuac tentzone tentzoneque tenxochitl teoatl teoaztatl teocalli teochia teocihuayan teociohuaya teococoliztli teoctli teocuahuitl teocuicatl teocuitla teocuitlaamatl teocuitlacalli teocuitlacaxitl teocuitlacomalli teocuitlacopilli teocuitlacotzehuatl

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl teocuitlacoyolli teocuitlacozcatl teocuitlacoztic teocuitlacuauhcaxitl teocuitlaepcololli teocuitlahua teocuitlahuaque teocuitlamatemecatl teocuitlanacoche teocuitlanacochtli teocuitlapanitl teocuitlapapalotl teocuitlapatli teocuitlapitzaya teocuitlapitzcayotl teocuitlapitzque teocuitlapitzqui teocuitlaquemitl teocuitlatempilolli teocuitlatentetl teocuitlatica teocuitlatl teocuitlayo teohua teohuatzin teoithualco teololihui teololtic teomiquiz teooctli teootl teopan teopixque teopixqui teoquemitl teotetl teotihuac teotl teotlac teotlachco teotlacpa teotlalli teotlanextli teotlatlatolli Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss golden bell gold necklace; golden necklace gold gold eagle vessel curved gold shell pendant goldworker goldsmiths; goldworkers gold arm band; golden arm band; golden bracelet having golden ear plugs gold ear plug; golden ear plug golden banner golden butterfly gold medicine they cast (past) gold casting of gold gold-workers; goldsmiths gold-worker golden garment gold lip pendant gold lip plug with gold, by means of gold gold; silver gold; golden keeper of the god keeper of the god in the temple courtyard it becomes like a round stone like a round stone; round he will be sacrificed as a captive gods's wine, sacred wine; sacred pulque deity, god temple priests; guardians of god; keepers of the gods keeper of the god, priest divine cape; godly cape jet the god was made god; blessed; divine; holy; goddess evening, late afternoon; sundown god's ball court in the evening; in late afternoon desert waste god's light god's word Nahuatl teotlatolli teotlatolpan teotlatquitl teotzanatl teoxalli teoxihuitl teoxochitl teoyotl tepachichina tepachoa tepachoani tepal tepalehuiani tepallama tepan tepan tepan tepan yaque tepan yauh tepan yaz tepancacalaqui tepancamac tepanmelahuac tepantemo tepantli tepapaquiltia tepatia tepatilo tepehuaco tepepan tepepia tepeti tepetic tepeticpac tepetl tepetlalli tepetontli tepexitl tepi tepia tepilhuan tepiltemalli tepinauhtia

Page 109 of 138 English Gloss god's word; holy word; word of god in god's word array of the gods boat-tailed grackle abrasive sand fine turquoise godly flower, sacred flower divinity; holiness; something holy it sucks one he rules, he governs governor on someone's account helpful he takes a captive with the aid of others among others, among people on people, on men with people they violated someone he commits adultery; she practises adultery he will commit adultery they enter from house to house in openings in walls straight-walled he climbs walls wall he gives joy to one it cures one there is curing of people, people cure someone they came to conquer in the mountains; on the mountain they guard the hill he becomes a mountain mountain-like on the mountain top hill; mountain silt; topsoil small mountain, small hill crag oldest daughter she guards one children; someone's sons; someone's children corrupted matter from the vulva he insults people Page 109 of 138

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl tepinauhtiliztli tepito tepiton tepitoton tepitzin tepitzintle tepitzpatic tepitztic tepizcantoton tepolli tepoloa tepoloani teponazcuicanime teponazcuicatl teponazoani teponaztli tepotzotic tepozcaxic tepoze tepozhuictica tepozhuictli tepozmaccuahuitl tepozmacuahueque tepozmacuauhtica tepozmitl tepoznacochtli tepozomitotonti tepozoni tepozpitza tepozpitzcayotl tepozpitzqui tepozteca tepoztica tepoztlalli tepoztlateconi tepoztlaxichtli tepoztli tepoztopileque tepoztopilli tepoztopiltica tequechtlan tequipacholo:z tequitia tequitilo Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss act of shaming someone small a little bit; small; little a little bit; lesser; small; tiny; very little; very small a little bit; little one o little one very hard hard; firm small amount penis he destroys people one who destroys people those who beat the two-toned drum song with the two-toned drum teponaztli player, one who plays the two-toned drum two-toned drum humped in a copper vessel ax owner with a metal knife, by means of a metal knife copper scalpel iron sword swordsmen with iron swords, by means of iron swords iron arrow; iron bolt copper ear plug metal awls it swells one with anger he casts copper casting of copper copper caster; coppercaster he pours copper with metal, by means of metal copper earth; copper filings copper knife; knife iron nail ax; copper, iron; hard metal; irons; metal lancers iron lance with an iron pole, by means of an iron pole; with iron lances; by means of iron lances on someone's throat she will be troubled he worked he is given a task Nahuatl tequitiz tequitl

Page 110 of 138 English Gloss she will do her work; she will work; she will labor function; his mission; obligation; responsibility; task; requirement; tribute; work; duty very drunk they pole vigorously, they row hard; they row vigorously he gibbers very drunk very drunk nitrous earth; nitrous soil stones rained, it rained stones father one's father fathers fathers; their fathers father like charcoal it crackles; it flares up; it howls; it hurts; it rumbles; it throbs it crackles; they crackle crackling paper banner; paper streamer it breaks up he came down, he descended walls full of stones, stony he wheedles she induces with words, she wheedles wheedler, one who wheedles goddesses; gods gods keepers of the gods temples sacrificial paper o gods it throws stones at people he will be stoned mountains stubby; short knee stubby, small he oppressed people it cause him to become sterile lords light blue; very blue very stony with a stone, by means of a Page 110 of 138

tequitlahuanqui tequitlaneloa tequitlatlatoa tequixocomic tequixocomicqui tequixquitlalli tequiyauh teta teta tetahua tetahuan tetatzin tetecoltic tetecuica tetecuitzahui tetecuitztic tetehuitl teteini tetemoya tetenamitl tetenqui tetenxochitzotzona tetenxochitzotzona tetenxochitzotzonani teteo teteoh teteohuatzitzin teteopan teteopohualli teteoye tetepachoa tetepacholo:z tetepe tetepontic tetepontli tetepontontli tetequipacho tetetzacatili teteuctin tetexotic teteyo tetica

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl Eglish Gloss stone; with stones; by means of stones one's cape rock, stone; clod among others, among people one who brings birth about (ie, midwife) they restrained him; they restrained people it was forbidden he obeys obedient person she will be respectful he harangues people one who watches it made people see club they feasted others, they fed people she will give food to people drinking cup; uncles he despises people he goes off by himself he will provide food among people with others, with people; among others he commits adultery one who provides support he makes people desire things she draws worms from people's teeth he saves for others one's color word of greeting he will greet people one who shatters rocks; stone breaker confusers he burned people one's guilt; wrongdoing it begs from them robbers one's words; someone's words uncle he commits adultery; he engages in adultery she commits adultery adultery he will commit adultery Nahuatl tetlaxinque tetlaxinqui tetlaxintli tetlazotlaliztlatolli tetlazotlani tetleyotia tetloc tetolini

Page 111 of 138 English Gloss adulterers adulterer stone carving loving word they are benevolent it makes one illustrious, it makes one famous with others, with people he inflicted pain, he caused suffering; it abused people; it afflicted people; it caused people suffering one who abuses people, one who causes people pain torment place of misery he will abuse people, he will cause people pain it increases one in size one's lot small stone very thick it becomes firm; it thickens thick; dense; firm; hard; thickened monster; omen, evil omen, portent among people; among others sign of evil he shouts at others; he shouts at people he was shouting at people serpent of omen abominable sin; great sin rumor bird of ill omen it becomes smooth highly polished; very smooth polished; refined; shiny; smooth; glossy; thick small and smooth smooth in the anus reprimander he beats one with nettles he seduces people one's head it pricks one he pounds stone, he hammers stone he will be struck by stones he works as a stone cutter, he Page 111 of 138

tetilma tetl tetla tetlacachihuiliani tetlacahualtiaya tetlacahualtiloya tetlacamati tetlacamatini tetlacamatiz tetlacaquitia tetlachialiani tetlachialti tetlacotl tetlacualtia tetlacualtiz tetlahuan tetlailitta tetlalcahuia tetlamacaz tetlan tetlan tetlan aqui tetlanaquini tetlanectia tetlanocuilana tetlapachilhuia tetlapallo tetlapaloliztlatolli tetlapaloz tetlapanqui tetlapololtianime tetlati tetlatlacol tetlatlaitlanilia tetlatlazaltique tetlatol tetlatzin tetlaxima tetlaxima tetlaximaliztli tetlaximaz Nahuatl Vocabulary

tetoliniani tetolinica tetolinican tetoliniz tetoma tetonal tetontli tetzacpatic tetzahua tetzahuac tetzahuitl tetzalan tetzamachiotl tetzatzilia tetzatziliaya tetzauhcohuatl tetzauhtlatlacolli tetzauhtlatolli tetzauhtototl tetzcalihui tetzcalpatic tetzcaltic tetzcaltontli tetzictic tetzintlan tetzitzicazhui tetzitzicazhuia tetzitzquia tetzontecon tetzoponia tetzotzona tetzotzonaloz tetzotzoncati

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl tetzotzonque tetzotzonqui teuctlatolli teuctlatoque teuctli teuhtic teuhtlalli teuhtli teuhtli tlazolli teuhyo tlazollo teutini texallo texamatl texcalapan texcalcehuia texcalco texcalla texcalli texcalmichi texcalmichtin texcaltitech texcaltitlan texcan texicnacayo texinqui texio texiuhtlati texixilihua texixitinia texoamacale texocaltic texochimaca texochimacac texochimaco texochitia texolotic texoni texoti texotic texoxaya texoxocoyomat textli teyacacpa Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss becomes a stone cutter lapidaries, stone cutters stone cutter discourse of the ruler; judgment high judges; judges; lords lord powdered, like dust dusty land dust; filth; vice; perverseness vice full of vice that which powders, that which becomes dust craggy bark paper in craggy water he cools the oven in an oven; in crags; in precipices; in the crags; the precipices among the crags; in the crags cliff; crag; precipice; oven fish of the crags fish of the crags on the crags among the crags bedbug flesh of one's navel lapidary fine-textured irritating there is stabbing of people he scatters people having a blue paper headdress exceedingly blue; very blue they give flowers to people flower server flowers are offered they provide people with flowers pestle-shaped something which can be ground it is blue blue; light blue he bewitched people she caresses people flour; ground maize; ground maize or corn from people's noses Nahuatl teyacana teyacanaz teyacapan teyizahuican teyo:litia teyolitlaco teyollalia teyollo teyollotlapaltilia teyolmalacachoa teyolmictia tezacatl tezcahuauhtli tezcatl tezcatlalli tezonahui tezontic tezotlacmictia tezotlahua tiacapan tianquililo tianquizco tianquiztentli tianquiztlacualli tianquiztli tiauh tiaz tiazque tica ticaciz ticahuiltiz ticalaqui ticana ticanaz ticaquiz ticate ticcacque ticcahuazque ticcana ticcaquizque

Page 112 of 138 English Gloss he takes the lead, he guides people; it leads he will lead people one's first-born terrifying place it makes one live it is disturbing to people; it is offensive to people he consoles people; he gives comfort to one; they give comfort to one men's heart; one's heart; someone's heart he comforts people it deranges people it terrifies one lip rod mirror-stone amaranth mirror; example; model; mirror-stone mirror stone earth, pulverized mirror stone; mirror-stone earth; pulverized mirror-stone it becomes rough rough it paralyzes one it makes one swoon away, faint first-born wares are marketed in the market place edge of the market place market food market place you go you will go; you are to go you will go we are; you are you will capture him you will gladden him we enter you grasp it; you take it; you seize it you will take it you will insert it we are; we exist we heard it we will leave him, we will take our leave of him we accept it we will hear it, we will listen to it Page 112 of 138

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl ticchia ticchihua ticchihuaz ticchiuhqui ticcuaz ticcui ticcuic ticectic ticehua ticehuac ticehuac ticehuacatontli ticehuaque tichalchihuitl tichichihualo ticho:ca ticho:cani ticholo:zque tichuecahuaz ticicaxitl ticihua ticihuatzitzinti ticiotl ticitl ticmahuiltia ticmahuizalhuiz ticmahuizoz ticmana ticmati Eglish Gloss you wait for him we do it you will do it; you are to do it; you will make it; you will commit it you made it you will eat it; you are to eat it we take it; you take it; you seize it you took it white, chalky it becomes chalky; it becomes pale ashen, whitish chalky; pale; whitish; grey; light-colored; white a little whitish whitish (pl) you are a precious green stone you are arrayed you weep, you cry we are wont to weep, we are accustomed to weeping we will flee, we will run away you will delay physician's bowl we are women we women, us women art of medicine medicine man; midwife; physician you play you will honor him you will admire it we place it, we lay it down we know it; we perceive it; you consider him; you regard him; you feel it; you are moved; you know it; you think him we will know it you go knowing it we kill her; we kill it you (h) hear it you [h] did it you [h] bring it about, you [h] do it; you [h] make it you [h] customarily do it you [h] will do it, you [h] wil make it you (h) grasp it, you (h) grab it you [h] bring it forth Nahuatl ticnequiz ticnocuauhtli ticnohuehuetque ticnoocelotl ticochitlehua ticochizque ticonetontli ticpatiz tictequilizque tictlacaittaz tictlacamatiz tictlapoa tictlaza tictlazaz tictomacehuizque tictotlatolchialican ticualtilizameyalli ticuauhtli

Page 113 of 138 English Gloss you will wish it, you will require it you poor eagle warrior we are poor old men you poor ocelot warrior we see in dreams we will sleep you are a child you will heal her we will lay it for him you will see him as a man you will obey him we open it we cast it, we throw it; you cast it away you will cast it down we shall merit it let us await his word you are the fount of good you are an eagle; you are an eagle warrior; you are the eagle warrior; you eagle warrior you hatch, you are hatched you will be we came you will return we will come by we will tarry, we will delay we are mature; we old men you are an old man we are old men you are the fount of power, you are the fount of might you fell you are lying let's go you come you are spiny very thick very thick thick; thickish it is thick thick; heavy thick thickness we are old women you will be forgotten it is told to you, you are told it The cape, mantle or tunic worn by Mesoamerican men mantle sellers Page 113 of 138

ticueponi tiez tihuallaque tihualmocuepaz tihualquizazque tihuecahuazque tihuehuein tihuehuenton tihuehuetque tihuelitilizameyalli tihuetz tihuetztoc tihuian tihuitz tihuitzyo tilacpahtic tilacpatic tilactic tilahua tilahuac tilahuacayo tilahuacayotl tilamatque tilcahualoz tilhuilo TILMAHTLI tilmanamacaque

ticmatizque ticmattiuh ticmictia ticmocaquitia ticmochihuili ticmochihuilia ticmochihuiliani ticmochihuiliz ticmocuilia ticmoquixtilia Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl tilmapalan tilmatica tilmatli tilmazolli timacehualli timacehualti timaco timacoc timacoz timahuiztic timahuizyo timalli timaltia timaltiz timaxcatzitzinhuan timazoa timecaniloz timezyo timiminoz timiquiz timitzittazque timitzmaca timitztzatzilia timocalaquiz timocauh timocexiuhzahuaz timochi timochihua timochihuaz timochinti timochintin timochipahuaz timocochitiz timocuiltonoa timomati timomauhtia timomauhtiz timomecaniz timonahuan timoneloa timonemitiz Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss spoiled cape, rotten cape with a cloth; with capes; by means of capes cape; mantle old cape you are a common person we achieve our merit; we commoners; you gain merit it is given to you, you are given it it was given to you, you were given it it will be given to you, you will be given it you are esteemed you are honored pus you bathe you will bathe; you will bathe yourself we are your possessions you stretch out your arms, you open your arms you will be hanged you are their blood you will shot with arrows you will die we will see you we give it to you we cry out to you, we shout at you you will enter, you are to enter you finished you will fast for a year all of you you become you will become all of us all of us you will purify yourself you will sleep you acquire abundance, you become prosperous you consider yourself, you regard yourself you are afraid you will be afraid, you will have fear you will hang yourself we are your mothers you roll, you wallow you [h] will live Nahuatl timoquetzaco timotahuan timotepexihuiz timotequitilia timoteuczoma timotlacatili timotlacotilia timotlaloz timotlatiz timotolinia timozahuaz timozcalia timoztohuiz tinantiz tinantli tinechmaca tinechmochihuilia tinemi tinemilizameyalli tinemiz tinemizque tinenca tinentlacatl tinnan tinocelouh tinocuauh tinoxocoyouh tipaqui tipeuhque tipialoni tipilhuan tipiltontli tipiltzintli tipipialo tipopolihuizque tiqui tiquicchicha tiquilcahuaz tiquilnamiquiz

Page 114 of 138 English Gloss you came to place yourself, you came to stand we are your fathers you will hurl yourself from a crag, you will throw yourself from a crag you [h] work, you [h] labor you are moteuczoma you were born (h); you were born [h] you [h] work, you [h] labor you will run you will hide yourself you are unfortunate, you are poor; you suffer you will fast you are discreet you will hurl yourself into a cave, you will throw yourself into a cave you will become a mother you are mother you give it to me you [h] make me, you [h] cause me we live; you live you are the fount of life you will go, you will travel; you will live; you will dwell we will live we had lived you are a useless person you are their mother you are my ocelot warrior you are my eagle warrior you are my youngest son you rejoice, you are happy we started, we began you are worthy of being cherished we are his sons you are a child; you are a girl; you are a little child; you are a small child you are a baby; you are a child you are guarded we will perish we drink it we spit it you will forget it you will remember it; you will Page 114 of 138

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl tiquincahua tiquinmati tiquinmochieli tiquinmochielia tiquinmopolhuiz tiquinmopopolhuia tiquinnamiquizque tiquinpopolozque tiquitlacoa tiquitoa tiquitoa tiquitoani tiquitoaya tiquitoz tiquitozque tiquitta tiquittaca tiquittaque tiquittaz tiquittaznequi tiquittazque tiquixnotza tiquiz titatli titechcualtia titechitia titemati titemiqui titenamichuan titeotl titeoxihuitl titepehua titequiti titequitiz titequitlacua:z titetzahua titic titic titic titici titici Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss think of it we leave them you consider them, you regard them you [h] waited for them you [h] wait for them you [h] destroy them you [h] destroy them we will meet with them we will destroy them you damage it, you harm it we call it; we say it; we talk you say it we customarily speak; we say it; we say it as we are accustomed; we speak we spoke of it you will say it we will say it we see it; you see it let's find her we saw it you will see it; you will watch it; you will look to it; you will discover it we want to see him we will see him you make eyes at her you will drink it; you are to drink it you are father you feed us, you give it to us to eat you give it to us to drink you consider people, you regard people we dream we are their equals you are god you are a fine turquoise you are the owner of a hill you work, you labor you will labor you will eat excessively we mature inside us our abdomen, within us; our interior within us; inside us elderly matchmakers; midwives physicians; women physicians Nahuatl titicuica titilahuac titilahuacayotl titilini titipa titlaca titlacat titlacatl titlacatlacua:z titlachia titlachiacan titlachiaz titlachiazque titlacoti titlacotiz titlacua titlacua:z titlamaton titlano titlanti titlaocoyani titlatiz titlatlachiaz titlatlacozque titlatlahuana titlatoa titlatoani titlatoz titlazotli titocahuazque titocelouh titocuatzotzonque titoloz titomati titopalehuia titotecuinia titotolinia tittoz titzatzililo tixocoyotl tixpnianome tixtelolo tiyani

Page 115 of 138 English Gloss it snaps; they thunder thick various thicknesses it extends on our abdomen we are people; we are men; we people; us people; we you were born you are the master you will fast we see; you see; you look; you observe let's look you will look, you will gaze we will look; we will behold you work, you labor you will work like a slave you eat you will eat you are an old woman he is sent messengers we are wont to sorrow, we are accustomed to sorrowing you will be something, you will become something you will look constantly; you will stare we will commit sin, we will sin you drink continuously we speak; you speak; you talk you are ruler you will speak you are precious we will remain you are our ocelot we gave ourselves a blow in the head it will be said of thee; it will be said of you we consider ourselves, we regard ourselves we help ourselves we stumble we are poor; we suffer you will be seen, it will be discovered of you you are cried out to you are the youngest child we are christians our eyeball; our eyes you are a wanderer Page 115 of 138

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl tiyauh tiyazque tiyectli tiyez tiyo:liz tizacatlazaz tizachimalli tizacuaz tizaoctli tizapaloa tizapaloliztli tizatl tiztlacatini tla tlaaltilli tlaaltilti tlaamana tlaana tlaantli tlaaquixtia tlaatilia tlaatzetzelhuazhuia tlaca tlaca tlaca tlacacahuia tlacacemelle tlacachihua tlacachihuaz tlacachihuazque tlacacihuitilo tlacacihuitilo tlacacihuitiloni tlacaciuhqui tlacaco tlacacochi tlacahua tlacahuaca tlacahuacac tlacahuacaya tlacahualiztlamati tlacahuapahua Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss you go we will go you are good you will be you will live you will pierce your tongue with straws chalky shield she will eat chalk, she is to eat chalk chalky pulque; white pulque he moistens chalk moistening of chalk chalk you are a liar if bathed person; ceremonially bathed person bathed ones; ceremonially bathed ones; the bathed ones he troubles people it takes hold taken they press water out he melts something she filters, she strains during the day, daytime men; people people; folk; humans; men they hum peace it breeds, it has its young; its bears its young she will bear children; she will give birth they will give birth it is tamed they are tamed tamable; capable of domestication tame peacefully, tranquilly; there is hearing; things are heard; people hear he sleeps easily, he sleeps well master there was an outcry there was an outcry there was shouting he thinks of departing he rears people, he teaches Nahuatl tlacahuapahua tlacahuapahualoni tlacahuatza tlacahuilotl tlacaicxe tlacaitolo tlacamacho tlacamachoni tlacamaye tlacamecayonelhuayotl tlacamecayopeuhcayotl tlacamecayotica tlacamecayotl tlacamelahuac tlacamiccacihuatl tlacamiccati tlacamichi tlacamichin tlacamicqui tlacamictiaya tlacamiloa tlacamimil tlacanacatl tlacanahualli tlacanemiliztli tlacanemilizyotl tlacapehualtia tlacaqui tlacaqui tlacaquini tlacat tlacat tlacat tlacatecolotl tlacatecolotlatolli tlacatecolotlatoltica tlacatecoloyotl tlacati tlacati

Page 116 of 138 English Gloss people she teaches people teaching she gives war cries ground dove having human feet he has good repute he is obeyed he deserves obedience having human hands source of lineage beginning of lineage through lineage, through genealogy lineage candid; candid person; honest person; just person perverted woman he becomes perverted large fish large fish perverse; pervert; perverted they killed people; they sacrificed a person; they sacrificed people it makes things brown lump of flesh human flesh; flesh of men thin [plate] civilized way of life; human way of life civilized way of life she founds her lineage, she begins her lineage he hears; he understands; it hears; it hears things she is intelligent, she understands one who listens he was born it was born she was born devil; demon; possessed one enchantment; words of wizardry through the command of the devil, by means of the devil's command work of the devil, devil's doing he is born it breeds; it germinates; it hatches; it is born; it is Page 116 of 138

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl tlacati tlacati tlacatia Eglish Gloss formed; it takes form she is born they are born; they breed; they hatch he was born; he took form; he was given human form; it took human form; she was born; they were born one who is in charge of childbirth producer he will be born; it will be born they will hatch lady; lord; master; person; man; ruler; noble; noble person; being; people it eats like a human being they fasted fast food; fasting food it speaks like a man; it talks like a person talker gossip; testimony he will speak as a man; he will talk as a man o lord; o master; o my lord; o ruler they were born it blackens things it blackens things she founds her lineage, she begins her lineage having a human face; manfaced; having a face like a person seed of man, semen tapir righteous; virtue humanity he rears people training intemperate word, speech cool place it cools things something which cools solicitous people arrange things; there is preparation; there is arranging he praises he brags; he praises his wares; he fills something out; he fattens something Nahuatl tlachcuiticpac tlachcuitl tlachi:hualo tlachia tlachia tlachia tlachiahua tlachiahualli tlachialo tlachiaquiuh tlachiaz tlachiaznequi tlachiazque tlachiccan tlachichictli tlachichihua

Page 117 of 138 English Gloss on top of a clod clump of grass people make s.t. he looks; he appears; he gazes; he sees; he takes notice it looks; it appears; it faces; it sees she looks; they look; they appear; they gaze; they see it gets something greasy; it stains something; it stains things with grease treated with oil there is watching he comes to look he will look, he will behold; it will look; it will gaze he wishes to look they will look, they will gaze tavern abraded, scraped they adorn something; they adorn things; they fashion something; they prepara something; they manufacture things; they work; they adorn; they prepare something act of arranging, act of ornamenting something which is prepared ornamenting is done, people do ornamenting it sips, it sucks ornamenters wine makers made; something made; creation honeyed pulque; honeyed wine artificial mountain creations; creatures fire, conflagration they scrape something [ie, maguey] something made, artifact, creation; something treated; something worked they looked; they gazed onlooker, viewer people look he sweeps; it cleanses Page 117 of 138

tlacatihuani tlacatini tlacatiz tlacatizque tlacatl tlacatlacua tlacatlacua:ya tlacatlacualli tlacatlatoa tlacatlatoani tlacatlatolli tlacatlatoz tlacatle tlacatque tlacatzahua tlacatzahuani tlacatzintia tlacaxayaque tlacaxinachtli tlacaxolotl tlacayectli tlacayotl tlacazcaltia tlacazcaltiloni tlacazollatolli tlaceceyaya tlacehuia tlacehuiloni tlaceliani tlacencahualo tlachachamahua tlachamahua

tlachichihualiztli tlachichihualli tlachichihualo tlachichina tlachichiuhque tlachicque tlachihualli tlachihualoctli tlachihualtepetl tlachihualti tlachinolli tlachiqui tlachiuhtli tlachixque tlachixqui tlachiyalo tlachpana

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl tlachpanaliztli tlachpanazque tlachpanoya tlachpanque tlachtli tlachueyac tlachuiac tlaciahui tlacihuiti tlacihuitia tlacihuitiani tlaciuhqui tlacmimiltic tlacnocahualli tlaco tlacochtica tlacochtli tlacocoyonia tlacocuauhtli tlacohuacualli tlacohuanotzalti tlacoocelotl tlacoquixtiloya tlacotalihui tlacoti tlacotic tlacotica tlacotiz tlacotl tlacotla tlacotli tlacotona tlacotonaya tlacotontli tlacoyohuan tlacoyonia tlacoyoniani tlacoyotl tlacpac tlacpahuitequini tlactli tlactomahuac Eglish Gloss sweeping they will sweep there was sweeping, people swept they swept ball court long-bodied having a long body; longbodied it endures fatigue solicitor, one who solicits he solicits things solicitor, one who solicits sorcerer having a cylindrical trunk someone who is forsaken third daughter with darts, by means of darts arrow, spear; dart it makes holes marsh hawk snake-bitten person invited guests ocelot there was the passing of sticks [through the tongue] there is snoring he serves; she performs her service; they become slaves stalky; stalk-like with a stick, by means of a stick she will perform her office; she will work; she will labor stick; log; twig; shrub; stalk on shrubs, on bushes slave they decapitate quail he did cut something; he beheaded quail small and stalky; small stick; small twig; small stalk midnight it bores things borer slavery above; on a high place; up above one who has stepchildren body, torso having a thick body; thicktrunked; having a thick trunk Nahuatl tlactzocuitlatl tlacua tlacua tlacua tlacua:ni tlacua:ya tlacua:z tlacua:znequi tlacua:zque tlacuacpatic tlacuactic tlacuacua tlacuacualaca tlacuacuani tlacuacuaya tlacuacuaz tlacuacuitlapilli tlacuahua tlacuahuac tlacualania tlacualchihualo tlacualchihuaz tlacualchiquihuitl tlacualitoa tlacualizpan tlacualli tlacualnamacac tlacualnextia tlacualnextiloni

Page 118 of 138 English Gloss perspiration of the body he eats it eats; it feeds opossum; they eat eater he ate; they ate he will eat; he is to eat it wants to eat they will eat very firm; very hard; very tough firm; hard it eats; it feeds; it gets its food; it gnaws things there is thundering; they rumble eater; chewer they ate it will eat opossum tail it hardens hard; firm; solid; tough he angers people; he caused anger; he got people angry; he quarrels; he causes anger there is preparing of food she will prepare food food basket he speaks well of something time to eat food; meal food seller it makes things beautiful; it reveals beauty means for beautifying; means for beautifying things; something used in making things beautiful; that which beautifies; that which serves as embellishment one eats; there is eating; people eat there was eating, people ate place for eating; there was eating place of eating there will be eating with food, by means of food they were fed a little food; food opossum especially Page 118 of 138

tlacualo tlacualoc tlacualoya tlacualoyan tlacualoz tlacualtica tlacualtiloya tlacualtzintli tlacuatl tlacuauh

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl tlacuauhtzonquiza tlacuauhyohua tlacuecuepoca tlacuecuepocatoc tlacuecuepontoc tlacueponi tlacuicuiliztli tlacuillo tlacuilo tlacuilo tlacuiloa tlacuilolli Eglish Gloss they grow like dense hair it is very dark it blossoms constantly, blooms constantly it spreads constantly blossoming, blooming it spreads blossoming it blossoms act of gathering up [eg, rubbish], act of cleaning scribe painter scribe they paint decorated, painted; design; representation; designed; painted design; painting; writing having a painted design painted pattern painted cape, cape with designs painted gourd vessel painters it springs filthily drunk in worked soil he will be abominated, he will regarded with hate; it will be abhorred he is detested; he is hated; it is abhorred he will be hated filth ugly mirror it makes things heavy bloodied painting done with blood bloodied by day, in the daytime rabid warrior he damages things weavers of designs firm; strong inside he hears, he listens benign they drink pulque there is drinking of pulque sayings filth, rubbish it sings; it talks Nahuatl tlahuahuanqui tlahuana tlahuanaliztli tlahuanani tlahuanaya

Page 119 of 138 English Gloss striper, one who puts stripes on things they get drunk, they become intoxicated drunkenness drinker; drunkard; he is accustomed to getting drunk he drank pulque, he got drunk; they became drunk; they became intoxicated; they drank pulque; they got drunk drunkenness he will become drunk he is invited to drink drinking bowl; drinking vessel drunkard, drinker there is drinking of pulque, there is drinking of wine drinking cup drinking place drunk; drunkards drinker; drunk; drunkard; drunk man he goes about drunk they sat drinking pulque he raises animals; it becomes rough well trained dried it tarries, it delays it enlarges bad; evil; perverse; wicked; wicked person bad evil men anger, fury he makes people laugh it lengthens, it grows light; brightness; lightness he strikes lightning flash bow; bow (for arrows) bowed little bow they display their devices, they display their insignia insignia, emblem filth people drink he endures; he suffers; he undergoes trials; it suffers; they suffer; they suffer Page 119 of 138

tlahuanayotl tlahuanaz tlahuancanotzalo tlahuancaxitl tlahuanini tlahuano tlahuanoni tlahuanoya tlahuanque tlahuanqui tlahuanquinemi tlahuantoque tlahuapahua tlahuapahualli tlahuatzalli tlahuecauh tlahueilia tlahueliloc tlahuelilocapil tlahueliloque tlahuelli tlahuetzquitia tlahueyaquia tlahuilli tlahuitequi tlahuitequiliztli tlahuitolli tlahuitoltic tlahuitoltontli tlahuiznextia tlahuiztli tlahzolli tlai:hua tlaihiyohuia

tlacuilollo tlacuilolmachiotl tlacuiloltilmatli tlacuilolxicalli tlacuiloque tlacxotla tlaelihuintic tlaelimicpa tlaelittaloz tlaelitto tlaelittoz tlaelli tlaeltezcatl tlaetilia tlaezhuilli tlaezicuilolli tlaezzotilli tlahca tlahiloquichtli tlahitlacoa tlahmachchiuhque tlahpaltic tlahtic tlahtlacaqui tlahtlacatl tlahtlahuana tlahtlahuano tlahtlatolli tlahtlazollo tlahtoa Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl tlaihiyohuiliztli tlaihiyohuitoc tlaihua tlaihualoni tlailli tlaimacaxiliztli tlaitlacoa tlaiximati tlaiximatini Eglish Gloss affliction suffering, fatigue it lies suffering there is drinking, people drink drinking vessel drinking; filth reverence he damages things; she spoils things; she damages things one who has knowledge one who has experience; one who has great experience; one who is experienced; one who is learned those who have experience it is dark he flattens red-crowned parrot goose; wild goose earth basin he is avoided on the ground, groundward downwards, towards the ground; toward the ground he is respected they revere him workers of the soil farmer he ate earth she will eat earth, she is to eat earth dry land nerve-like nerve full of nerves fibrous; tough rough he is placed; it was placed it was placed, it was put it was placed it will be placed in the earth; underground dirt, earth; dust; field; ground; land; soil; plain; world on the surface of the ground the earth quivers; there is an earthquake earthquake they die on earth he will die in bondage rememberer, one who remembers Nahuatl tlalocuili tlalpan tlalpilmaxtlatl tlalpiltilmatli tlalquimichi tlalquimichin tlaltechalotl tlalteuctli tlaltic tlalticpac tlalticpacayotl tlalticpactlaca tlalticpactli tlaltitech tlalxocotl tlama tlama tlama:ma:lo tlamacazcamazatl tlamacazque tlamacazqui tlamachcactli tlamachcueitl tlamachtilli tlamahuizoa tlamahuizolli tlamahuizoloz tlamahuizoltic tlamahuizoz tlamahuiztilia tlamahuiztililiztli tlamahuizyocan tlamahuizyotia tlamaliztli tlamalo tlamamalli tlamamani tlamamaz tlamanaliztli tlamanalo tlamanaloya

Page 120 of 138 English Gloss earthworm on the earth; on the ground netted breechcloth netted cape field mouse field mouse ground squirrel lord of the earth like soil, like earth on earth; in the world; of the earth; the world; on the ground worldly goods, worldly things people on earth, people of the earth earth; on earth to the ground alum he takes captives it hunts carry s.t. on the back antelope priests priest sandal with designs on it embroidered skirt well instructed he admires things; she admires something marvel people will marvel marvelous; wonderful he will be admired, he will be honored; respected he shows reverence honor place of awe he does honor taking of captives; act of capturing someone captives are taken, there is taking of captives burden; burden borne on one's back one who bears a burden he will bear something on his back offering people make offerings; there are offerings; there is offering there was offering, people made offerings Page 120 of 138

tlaiximatinime tlaixmiqui tlaixtlaza tlalacuezali tlalalacatl tlalapazco tlalcahuilo tlalchi tlalchihuic tlalchihuic itto tlalchihuic quitta tlalchiuhque tlalchiuhqui tlalcuaya tlalcuaz tlalhuacpan tlalhuatic tlalhuatl tlalhuayo tlalichtic tlalictli tlalilo tlaliloc tlaliloya tlaliloz tlallan tlalli tlallixco tlallolini tlalloliniliztli tlalmiqui tlalmiquiz tlalnamiquini

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl tlamanaya tlamanaz tlamanazque tlamaneloa tlamaneloani tlamani tlamani tlamani tlamania tlamanililoya tlamanime tlamanitiliztli tlamantin tlamantli tlamapilhuiani tlamapilhuiloni tlamatiliztli tlamatini tlamatini tlamatinime tlamattimani tlamauhtiaya tlamaya tlamaz tlamaznequi tlamazque tlamecahuia tlamelahuaya tlamelauhqui tlami tlami tlamia tlamiahualtica tlamicti tlamictia tlamictiliztli tlamina tlaminque tlaminqui tlamiz tlamizque tlan Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss they laid an offering down; they laid things; they laid offerings; they made offerings he will make an offering they will lay offerings it swims swimmer captor; hunter; it is the custom taker of captives trapper it was customary; it was the custom there was the setting out of offerings to him captors; takers of captives; those who take captives custom kinds kind; manner; way; thing; act; offering pointer index finger wisdom knower, one who knows wise man; wise person wise men it is calm [ie, weather] she frightened people they took captives he will take a captive; he will take captives it wishes to hunt they will take captives he fastens with cord they went straight a straight thing it ends; it concludes; it finishes; it gets used up; it is used up; it is completed they end up they finished with the tlamiahualli herb slayer, killer it kills; they kill; they slay slaying, sacrificial slaying he shoots hunters hunger; hunter; huntsman it will be complete; it will end they will end; they will perish; they will be finished it ended up, it was consumed Nahuatl tlanahuati tlanamaca tlanamaquililo tlanamoya tlananquilia tlancochquiza tlancochtexolotl tlancoyolomitic tlancualo tlancuanacatl tlancuicuitlatl tlancuihcuitztic tlancuitlatiliztli tlancuitlatl tlancuitzoa tlane tlaneci tlanehuihuiliztlatolli tlanelhuatl tlanelhuatontli tlanelolli tlanemachtilli tlanemitia tlanemmatini tlanenpoloa tlanepantla tlanequiliztli tlanexaquia tlanextia tlanextile tlanextli tlanez tlani tlanitztepiton tlanixcuatl tlanononcuanamaca tlanonotzalli tlanquetzoma tlanqui tlanquiquici tlanquiquici tlanquiquicini tlanquiza tlantexquimilihuiztli tlantica tlantli tlao:coyalo

Page 121 of 138 English Gloss he commanded he sells wares are sold they loot, they steal he answers; she answers molars emerge having molars like pestles having pointed front teeth he has a toothache, he has tooth decay flesh of the knee filth left in the teeth toothy scum on the teeth filth left in the teeth; scum on the teeth it bares its teeth it has teeth day breaks, it gets light; it grows light (ie; daybreak) simile root little root mixture, something mixed prudent he keeps animals negligent he wastes things in the middle desire he introduces ashes into something he casts forth light; it shines founder light; brilliance it shined deep small shank front tooth he sells [something] separately well reared it bites ended it hisses; it whistles they hiss hisser, that which hisses teeth emerge tartar on the teeth it is extending tooth there is sorrow Page 121 of 138

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl tlaocolcalli tlaocolli tlaocoxque tlaocoxtinemi tlaocoya tlaocoyalo tlaocoyani tlaocoyaz tlaohuican tlaolchipinilli tlaolcua tlaolhuilli tlaolli Eglish Gloss house of tears sorrow they were saddened he goes in sadness, he goes sorrowing; it lives in mourning; in sorrow he is sad, he grieves; he sorrows; he is moved there is sadness one who sorrows; sorrower; sad one he will show compassion dangerous place; difficult place spattered with liquid rubber it eats grains of dried maize, it eats grains of dried corn spattered with liquid rubber dried grain of maize or corn; dried maize grain; dried corn kernel; grain of maize; kernel of maiz; kernel of maize; maize; maize kernel; corn cornmeal; ground maize; cornflour polygyny it dyes things he cares for his assets; he governs; it grips; it sits [on eggs]; they brood; they set [ie; on eggs]; they govern they govern washed it becomes inflamed; there is infection dye water it becomes brown brown paint dish reddish dried ear of maize varicolored it helps dried pigment red amaranth with colored feathers, by means of colored feathers; with red feathers; by means of red feathers colored feather; red feather he dares; he is mature; he is robust; they are mature; they are robust Nahuatl tlapalihuiztli tlapalli tlapaloa tlapaloaya tlapalolo tlapalpoyahuac tlapaltecciztli tlapaltehuilotl tlapalteoxihuitl tlapaltic tlapaltica tlapaltototl tlapanco tlapani tlapanizque tlapanoni tlapapactli tlapapatlatztoc tlapatia tlapatl tlapatlahua tlapazoloa tlapcopa tlapechhuapalli tlapehualtia tlapehualtileque tlapepenaliztli tlapepentli tlapetlahua tlapetlahualli tlapetlahualoni tlapetlahuani tlapetlanaliztli tlapetlaniliztli tlapetlanillotl tlapia tlapia tlapializtli tlapialoya tlapialoz

Page 122 of 138 English Gloss effort; strength color; coloring; dye; pigment; red; red color it moistens; it sucks things he tasted it he is greeted rose-colored colored seashell amethyst ruby colored; powerful; red; rubyred with red; by means of red vermilion flycatcher; vermillion flycatcher roof terrace it breaks; they hatch they will break breakable washed it lies beating [ie, its wings] he liquifies something; it restores; it cures jimsonweed it widens he makes confusion, he mixes things up towards the east foundaton beam he starts, he begins they founded things, they began things election chosen one he polishes burnished, polished polish one who polishes; something which polishes lightning flash lightning flash lightning; lightning flash he guards; he takes care of things they keep guard, they keep watch; they guard; they stand guard caretaking, acting of guarding something; watch; guard they were watched; watch was kept; there was guarding there will be guarding, people Page 122 of 138

tlaoltextli tlaomepializtli tlapa tlapachoa

tlapachohua tlapactli tlapalani tlapalatl tlapalcamilihui tlapalcamiltic tlapalcaxitl tlapalcintli tlapalcuicuiltic tlapalehuia tlapalhuatzalli tlapalhuauhtli tlapalihhuitica

tlapalihhuitl tlapalihui

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl tlapiani tlapiaya Eglish Gloss will guard; watch will be kept one who guards, one who keeps watch he kept guard, he kept watch; he oversaw; she oversaw; she kept watch; they kept guard; they kept watch; they watched they will guard, they will keep watch; they will keep guard; they will oversee there is neighing they blow (eg, trumpets) long and narrow flutes are blown; musical instruments are blown; shell trumpets are blown; there is blowing of shell trumpets; trumpets are blown; there is blowing trumpets were blown smoked it opens destroy soothsayers soothsayer she spins loosely darkness falls; it gets dark; night falls; it is dark dark colored corpulent people get dressed shirker The cape, mantle or tunic worn by Mesoamerican men with clothing, by means of clothing column that which extracts it scratches; they dig people who are governed it grinds devil he establishes order there is going into the palace, people enter the palace lapidary aid to digestion there is searching, people search he turns hems he rolls hems he provides a rim, he forms a Nahuatl tlatentli tlateomatini tlateotocani tlateotocanime tlateotocanipol tlateotocatinemi tlateotoquiliztli tlatepehuani tlatepitonauhia tlatepitonihui tlatepoloa tlatepozhuiani tlatequini tlatequipanoa tlatetequi tlatetequi tlatetequini tlatetexoa tlatetoa tlatetzotzona tlatexcaltema tlatexhuia tlathui tlathui tlathuia tlathuinahuac tlathuitihuitz tlathuiz tlathuiznequi tlatilo tlatitic tlatla tlatla tlatla tlatla:hua:no tlatlaaltilti tlatlaaltiltin tlatlac tlatlac tlatlacahuaca tlatlacamati

Page 123 of 138 English Gloss rim; she forms borders band of cloth devout person; one who is devout idolater idolaters despicable idolater he lives in idolatry idolatry that which expels it becomes small it decreases in size they destroy something ax-wielder cutter he works it cuts things; it cuts things up they cut something up cutter it gnaws he jabbers he beats; he beats with a stone he loads the oven, he places the limestone in the oven they apply maize dough dawn breaks; it dawns; day breaks she wakes at dawn, she "dawns" it dawned, day broke at daybreak; near dawn it is about to dawn, day is about to break dawn will break; it will dawn; day will break it is about to dawn, day is about to break he is burned; it is hidden inside, within he burns it burns; fire breaks out; it is heated; it toasts they burn there is drinking bathed ones; bathed slaves; ceremonially bathed slaves bathed ones fire broke out, it burned it burned there is shouting he is obedient; he obeys Page 123 of 138

tlapiazque tlapipitzca tlapitza tlapitzahuac tlapitzalo

tlapitzaloya tlapochehualli tlapohui tlapolo:lo tlapouhque tlapouhqui tlapoxahuatzahua tlapoyahua tlappoyahuac tlaque tlaque:mi:hua tlaquehquelmatini TLAQUEMITL tlaquentica tlaquetzalli tlaquixtiani tlatataca tlatconi tlamamaloni tlateci tlatecolotl tlatecpana tlatecpanoloz tlatecqui tlatemohuiani tlatemolo tlatencuepa tlatenmimiloa tlatentia Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl tlatlacamatini tlatlacanequi tlatlacatecolo tlatlacatl tlatlachia tlatlachiani tlatlaci tlatlaci tlatlacizpatli tlatlaciztli tlatlaco tlatlacoa Eglish Gloss obedient person she is impetuous devils; demons benign; gentle he looks; it looks repeatedly; it looks about examiner, one who watches he coughs; he has a cold; it has a cough they cough cough medicine cough; act of coughing; cold; mucus half-way he commits a sin; he does harm; he does wrong; he errs; he sins; he harms something; he ruins things she harms things; they commit a sin; they do evil; they do harm; they do wrong; they err; they make a mistake evildoer; sinner he uses it moderately he does evil sin, fault; evil; wrong; something wrong; vice slaves stalky; stick-like beloved slaves he will sin very ruddy, very red reddish; ruddy; red; vermilion ruddy, red everyone eats, people eat; there is eating; there is feasting food was provided they paint, they write painted; painted design they drink pulque, they get drunk; they drink wine he speaks drunkenly there is drinking of pulque, there is drinking of wine; there is the drinking of pulque; people get drunk perverse, wicked it becomes ruddy, it becomes red ruddy, red ruddy, red Nahuatl tlatlahuiloni tlatlalia tlatlalteco tlatlaltequi tlatlama tlatlama tlatlamanazque tlatlamani tlatlamaya tlatlancotona tlatlane tlatlanextia tlatlanonotza tlatlanonotzaya tlatlapaca tlatlapalli tlatlapalolo tlatlapana tlatlapanani tlatlapantli tlatlaquetzani tlatlatia tlatlatihuitz tlatlatinemi tlatlatiuh tlatlatlauhtiaya tlatlatlauhtiliztlatolli tlatlatlauhtiliztli tlatlatoa tlatlatoani tlatlatoc tlatlatolli tlatlatoznequi tlatlatta tlatlatzini tlatlatziniliztli tlatlatziniloni tlatlatzintinemiz tlatlauhcacintli tlatlauhque tlatlauhqui tlatlauhtiloya tlatlauhtiloz tlatlauhtli tlatlayahualoa tlatlayohua tlatlayohuatoc tlatlayohuayan

Page 124 of 138 English Gloss means for reddening he distributes things it is placed on the ground they gulp he hunts they snare game, they hunt they will lay offerings it is a hunter they hunted it tears with its teetl having teeth it illuminates they narrate, they relate [eg, story] they narrated it shatters many-colored there is visiting it hatches; it hatches [eggs] hatcher piece teller of tales it hides things it comes burning it keeps burning it goes burning they prayed word of prayer prayer he chatters; it chatters; it warbles; it sings constant warbler; great talker; talkative person it lies burning account; report he wants to talk, to speak they look on it thunders thunder; thunder clap clapper, clapping instrument it will crackle reddish dried ear of maize ruddy, red [pl] red; reddish; ruddy he was prayed to he will be prayed to entreaty they keep circling about it becomes dark darkness lies about dark place


tlatlacoani tlatlacoitta tlatlacolchihua tlatlacolli tlatlacoti tlatlacotic tlatlacotzitzintin tlatlacoz tlatlacpahtic tlatlactic tlatlactli tlatlacualo tlatlacualoya tlatlacuiloa tlatlacuilolli tlatlahuana tlatlahuancatlatoa tlatlahuano

tlatlahueliloc tlatlahuia tlatlahuic tlatlahuillo Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl tlatlaz tlatlaza tlatlazani tlatlazque tlatlaztinemi tlatlaztinemiz tlatlecuauhyotia tlatlemina tlatlequiquizhuitihuitze tlato tlatoa Eglish Gloss it will burn it lays eggs egg-layer they laid something [ie, eggs] he coughs constantly he will go about coughing he places the firewood he sets the fire they come firing guns (may) it sing he directs, he governs; he speaks; he talks; it hoots; it sings; it speaks; it sounds; it talks; it tells she speaks; they govern; they say; they speak; they sing; they sing (eg; birds); they talk chief, ruler; speaker he spoke; it told; they speak; they spoke princely breechcloth; ruler's breech clout; ruler's breechcloth death of a ruler he ruled; he reigned mirror of the ruler he ruled, he reigned; he rules; he reigns he was ruling, he was reigning ruler's cape ruler's word; rulers' words they ruled, they reigned, they governed he named; they named government, reign; rule planted pleasing of speech word is awaited false word counselor gullet having pleasant speech; mild; mild of speech there was affliction, there was suffering discourse, speech; word; saying; story; accord; account; advice; counsel; custom; decision; declaration; discussion; expression; information; instruction; language; news; proverb; Nahuatl

Page 125 of 138 English Gloss report; song; conversation; something said; talking; statement; talk; teaching; words he is hot-tempered; he is of evil temper; words are his food it swallows things place of discussion; place of judgment words of stone by talking, by means of talking; of words; about words; with words; by means of words soft-spoken discord lords; rulers; principal [merchants]; principal men it continues to sing it becomes warm it heats warm place he pours something he will speak; he will talk; it will sing; she will speak it carries something owner; possessor of goods wares are consigned one who carries something array; article; property; goods; clothing; possession; wealth governed people he will govern inside, within he uses a sifter one who uses a sifter he sifts she filters, she strains; they shake things one who shakes out clothing; one who shakes something out; one who sifts it becomes bare he was lazy by laziness, by means of laziness it breaks (eg, sore); it bursts clapper, clapping instrument he starts, he begins beginner they founded things, they Page 125 of 138

tlatolli itlacual tlatoloa tlatoloyan tlatoltetl tlatoltica

tlatoa tlatoani tlatoaya tlatocamaxtlatl tlatocamiquiliztli tlatocat tlatocatezcatl tlatocati tlatocatia tlatocatilmatli tlatocatlatolli tlatocatque tlatocayoti tlatocayotl tlatoctli tlatolahuiyac tlatolchialo tlatolchichihualli tlatole tlatolhuaztli tlatolhuelic tlatoliniaya tlatolli

tlatolyamanqui tlatolyaotl tlatoque tlatotica tlatotonia tlatotonilia tlatotoyan tlatoyahua tlatoz tlatqui tlatquihua tlatquilolo tlatquini tlatquitl tlatquitl tlamamalli tlatquiz tlamamaz tlattic tlatzetzelhuazhuia tlatzetzelhuazhuiani tlatzetzeloa tlatzetzeloa tlatzetzeloani tlatzihui tlatzihuia tlatzihuiliztica tlatzini tlatziniloni tlatzintia tlatzintile tlatzintileque

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Nahuatl tlatzintla tlatzintlan Eglish Gloss began things down below at the base; below; at the bottom; at the foot; down below; on the bottom; to the bottom it holds, it grabs lazy tailor, one who sews he beats (eg, clay); two-toned drum); he pounds; he hammers; she beats; she weaves tightly; they play the drum foamy, foamed up drum beater, one who beats a drum fried it soils things red spoonbill; roseate spoonbill something which is kneaded hole; trap tortilla tortilla-maker tortilla-maker unreliable heed it, hear it take it peg carpenters; woodcutters carpenter carving, something carved; something hewn; something carving; something worked wood shavings they make things glossy smoothed there was dispersing carved, something carved; carving; something hewn it is cast aside, it is thrown away he presides, he governs; it leads; she governs he becomes a leader; it leads; they lead; they are of the front rank it softens they run about, there is running about well formed Nahuatl tlayecoltiloni tlayectenehua tlayoa tlayoalli tlayoaticac tlayoaya tlayohua tlayohualli tlayohuayan tlayohuaz tlayolquixtia tlayoyocanamaca tlazacani tlazalo tlazalozque tlazazacani tlazcaltilli tlazocactli tlazochimalli tlazocozcatl tlazocueitl tlazohuipilli tlazoihhuitica

Page 126 of 138 English Gloss one who takes responsibility he praises something it becomes dark; it darkens; it is dark darkness it is in darkness it is a place of darkness it becomes dark darkness in the dark; in the darkness it will be dark, there will be darkness he torments he sells prudently carrier it is cast aside, it is thrown away; it is laid (ie; egg) they will be thrown, they will be cast carrier well taught fine sandal costly shield; precious shield precious necklace precious skirt; costly skirt precious blouse, precious shift with costly feathers, by means of costly feathers; with precious feathers; by means of precious feathers costly feather; precious feather; rare feather filth; sin; vice; evil; refuse; rubbish; corruption; dirt; perverseness in filth; in rubbish a little dirt precious arm band costly breechcloth; precious breechcloth; valuable breech clout; valuable breechcloth costly breech clout it is rare; it appears rarely; it is scarce it is rare it is guarded as precious princely princes precious stone it was costly precious, priceless with a precious cape, by Page 126 of 138

tlatzitzquia tlatziuhqui tlatzonqui tlatzotzona

tlatzotzoncuitl tlatzotzonqui tlatzoyonilli tlatzoyotiani tlauhquechol tlaxacualolli tlaxapochtli tlaxcalli tlaxcalo tlaxcaloani tlaxiccahuani tlaxiccaqui tlaxiccui tlaxichtli tlaxinque tlaxinqui tlaxintli tlaxipehualli tlaxipetzoa tlaxipetzolli tlaxitiniaya tlaxixintli tlaxo tlayacana tlayacatia tlayamanilia tlayayauh tlayecchihualli Nahuatl Vocabulary

tlazoihhuitl tlazolli tlazoltitlan tlazoltontli tlazomacuextli tlazomaxtlatl tlazomaxtle tlazoneci tlazonemi tlazopialo tlazopilli tlazopipilti tlazotetl tlazotia tlazotic tlazotilmatica

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl tlazotilmatli tlazotitlaca tlazotitlacatl tlazotitlacatle tlazotlalo tlazotlaloni tlazotlaloz tlazotlanqui tlazotli Eglish Gloss means of a precious cape costly cape; costly mantle; precious cape; valuable cape precious persons esteemed noble person o precious person he is esteemed amiable; lovable; worthy of being loved he will be esteemed costly cherished; dear; valued; choice; esteemed; costly; precious; precious one; expensive; preciousness; proud; rare; value o precious one precious flower what why at the fire; over the fire he ascends; he climbs; he climbs up in the fire; into the fire; into the flames; on the fire; it ascends; it moves up; it rises; it climbs on the fire; in the fire they ascend, they ascend; they climb; they climb up there is climbing they had ascended, they had climbed up there was ascending, people ascended fire pot [ie, charcoat brazier] storeroom they ascended, they climbed up he ascends quickly, he goes up quickly he ascended, he climbed he will ascend, he will climb fire drill they take fire in the hearth before the hearth, in front of the hearth hearth what they ascend climb, ascend why Nahuatl tlein tlemaco tlemaitl tlemiquiz tlemiyahuatl tlemoyotl tlemoyototonti tlenamaca tlenamacac tlenamacoya tlenenepilli tlepapalotl tlepilli tlequiquizhuiloc tlequiquiztlalli tlequiquiztli tleteco tletic tletica tletl tletlexochio tlexictli tlexochpan tlexochpatic tlexochtli tleyo tlhocuauhtli tlilatl tlilazcatl tlilcaxitl tlilcohuatl tlilcuicuiltic tlilectic tlilehua tlilehuac tliletl tlilihui tlilletl tlilli tlilli tlapalli tlilnextic tlilpatic tliltic tliltica tliltique tliltzotl tlilxochitl

Page 127 of 138 English Gloss what; that which fire ladle, fire shovel incense ladle he will suffer from the heat flame spark little sparks he offers incense fire priest incense was offered; there was offering of incense tongue of fire fire moth faggot he was shot by a gun gunpowder gun; lombard gun fire is laid fiery at the fire, by the fire; with fire; by means of fire fever, fire; temperature; flame; heat; rump gland live coals, embers hearth on live coals, on embers very much like an ember coal, ember; spark; live coal having fire marsh hawk ink black ant black bowl blacksnake mottled with black blackish; dark it becomes black black; dark colored black bean it becomes black black bean black color; black stain writing blackish, dark gray; dark ashen very black black with black, by means of black black; black (pl) black sweat vanilla

tlazotzintle tlazoxochitl tle tle ipampa tleco tleco tleco tleco tleco tlecoa tlecoca tlecohuaya tlecomic tlecopa tlecoque tlecotihuetzi tlecoya tlecoz tlecuahuitl tlecui tlecuilco tlecuilixcuac tlecuilli tleh tlehco tlehco:hua tleica Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl tlocuauhtli tocaitl tocamachalacaliuhca tocamachaloacal tocamachaloacaliuhia tocamateuh tocanahuaca tocanahuacan tocapeyotl tocatl tocatzahualli tocayoh tocelica tocelotl Eglish Gloss marsh hawk name; title grooved part of the lower jaw concave part of our lower jaw concave part of our lower jaw our cheek our temples our temple spiderweb, cobweb spider spiderweb, cobweb renowned our cartilage; our freshness you are an ocelot; you are an ocelot warrior; you are the ocelot warrior; you ocelot warrior our home, our house rabbit rabbit our grease our saliva our bile rabbit our testicle rabbit meat rabbit hair, rabbit fur he will become a rabbit rabbit little rabbit our grandmother noblewoman with yellow parrot feathers our friends our humble ocelot warrior our forefathers, our grandfathers we take it you will hear it you will eat it our child we will say it we will see it you know it you [h] will procure it, you [h] will discover it we will discover it you will ridicule him we set it forth you will cast it off you will follow her they were buried Nahuatl tocoz toctli tocuayac tocuilcoyotl tocuilcoyotlatoa tocuitlapa tocuitlapampa tocuitlapan tocuitlapanacaliuhca tocuitlatetepon tocuitlaxilotca tocxi tocxitlan tohmio tohpoltic tohtolontic tohtomahuac tohueimapil tohueixopil tohueliacahuan tolanazque tolcapoyo toli tolinilo toliniloz tolitic tolla tolla tollah tolloa tolmecatica tolompatic tolonpol tolontic tolotica tolotimotlalia tolpitzahuac toltecatl toltzalan toma tomac tomacohua tomacpalacaliuhca tomacpaltilahuaca tomactic tomactontli tomahua

Page 128 of 138 English Gloss there will be sowing, there will be planting young plant bad smelling, stinking brown crane they speak like brown cranes on our back our rectum on our back grooved part of our back our backbone the small of our back our feet; our hands near our foot hairy lump-like each one round, ball-like thick in each our thumb our big toe our leaders they will gather reeds having reed stem fibers reed; rush he is abused, he is caused pain he will caused to suffer in the midst of reeds among reeds in the reeds among the reeds it becomes reedy with a cord made of reeds, by means of a cord made of reeds exceedingly round very round bulbous, round; ball-like with bowed head he sits with his head drooping thin reed craftsman; one who is skilled among the reeds our hand, our arm; our hands in our hands he buys tomatoes grooved part of our hand thickness of the palm of our hand thick thick-bodied he enlarges; it becomes big; it Page 128 of 138

tocha tochcuicatl tochi tochiahuaca tochichi tochichicauh tochin tochiquiz tochnacatl tochomitl tochtiz tochtli tochton toci tocihuateucyo tocihuitica tocnihua tocnocelouh tocolhuan toconana toconcaquiz toconcuaz toconetzin toconitozque toconittazque toconmati toconmonextiliz toconnextizque toconqueloz tocontlalia tocontlazaz tocontocaz tocoya Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl Eglish Gloss becomes thick; it enlarges; it swells; it fattens; it is enlarged; it is well-formed; it is thick; it thickens; she enlarges; they fatten; they grow large coarse; fat; thick; full; large our finger bone between our fingers our wrist bone tomato our breechcloths on our thigh our cylindrical [parts], we are cylindrical; our loins our lung downy; fuzzy; hairy; furry our bones fuzzy time of our death fuzz; down our bones our elbow palm-leaf basket he shines it shines (eg, sun, moon) maize bin maize bin our body; our flesh on our body of the body food; maize; corn; sustenance our ears near our ear our mothers book of days winter summer lightning flash towards the east day; day sign; fortune; sun day count our mother our mother our mother you will be taken, you will be seized oh, our mother our mother sun; day eclipse of the sun he will become the sun it (ie, sun) will shine; it will Nahuatl tonca toncate toncochitlehua tonconcui tonemanahuil tonemiliz tonenca tonenepil tonenepilpatlahuaca tonepoztequia tonetlapololtilizohhui tonhuetziz tonitoloz tonneci tonoc tonpiatli tonquiza tontemiqui tontlamatiz tontlatoa topal topalti topan topan topanehuayo topiazio topihpiazyo topilli topiltzin topochquio topolihuiliz toptli toquechtlan toqueznacayo toquichcocol toquichio toquichti toquichtin toquichtli toquichyo toquizpan tota totahuan tote totecocolicahuan

Page 129 of 138 English Gloss shine (ie; the sun) you are we are you see in dreams we grasp it, we take it our excrement our life our sustenance; our nourishment our tongue wide part of our tongue our breaking place our road to ruin you will fall you will gain renown we appear you are here; you lie; you rest palm-leaf basket we pass over you dream you will know [something] we speak gaudy gaudy dressers above us; over us; among us; at us for us; on us; about us; above us; over us; upon us our outer skin our tube our tubes staff our prince; our son our fat our ruin coffer on our throat flesh of our hip ailment of us men; our male sickness our manliness; our semen we men us men; we men you are a man our genitals, our manliness; our penis; our manhood time of sowing, time of planting our father our fathers our abdomen; our lip our adversaries, our enemies Page 129 of 138

tomahuac tomapilomio tomapiltzala tomaquequeyol tomatl tomaxtli tometzpa tomimiliuhca tomimiyahuayo tomio tomio tomiollo tomiquian tomitl tomiyo tomolicpi tompiatli tona tona tonacacuezcomac tonacacuezcomatl tonacayo tonacayopan tonacayotica tonacayotl tonacaz tonacaztlan tonahuan tonalamatl tonalco tonalhuiteco tonalixco tonalli tonalpoalli tonan tonana tonani tonanoz tonantze tonantzin tonatiuh tonatiuh cualo tonatiuhtiz tonaz Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl totecocolicauh totecue totelpoch toteoh totequiuh totetzauh toteucyo toteucyocihuatl toteucyoe toteucyohua toteucyohuan toteucyohuane toteucyoohuane totezcauh totilahuaca totitilahuaca totlac totlahuematia totlalhuayo totlan totlanco totlancuanacayo totlanizcua totlapallo totlatlacol totlatlacoltica totlatlaliaya totlatlalil totlatlalilteco totlatoaya totlatocatzin totlatocauh totlatol totlatolhuaz totlatqui totoca totochti totochtin totoco totoihhuitl totoixtli totoizquitl totolayotl totolcocone totolcocotl totolconentoton totolconetl totolconetontli totolhuauhtli Eglish Gloss our enemy, one who hates us o our lady; o our lord our youth our god our tribute our omen, our evil omen, our portent our lady; our lord noblewoman o our lady; o our lord our ladies; our lords our goddesses; our ladies; our lords o our lords; our lords o our lords our mirror our thickness our various thicknesses our torso, our body our place of tasting our nerves our teeth in our teeth flesh of our knee our front tooth our redness our sin by our sins our stomach our stomach our stomach our speaking place our ruler our ruler our words our gullet our possessions, our goods it runs; they run wine gods; rabbits rabbits; wine gods it (ie, seed) is sown bird feather bird's eye birds with toasted maize turkey broth; hen broth newly-hatched turkeys throat of a turkey turkey chicks poult, chick little poult, little chick bird amaranth; bird amaranth Nahuatl totoli totoli totolicxitl totolihhuitica totolihhuitl totolihuitica totolin totolixtli totollaapozonilli totollalehuatzalli totolme totolnacatl totolontic totolpipil totolpixqui totoltehuauhtli totoltenamacac totoltepalan totoltetl totoltetlaxcalli totolti totomactic totomahuac totomatlatl totome totomio totomitl totomolihui totomonaliztli totomoniliztli totoncapatli totonenepilli totonililo totoniliztli totonilizzotl totonillotl totoniz totonqui totopanitl totopochhuaqui totopochtli tototentli tototl

Page 130 of 138 English Gloss seed; chicken amaranth fowl, bird turkey; turkey hen; fowl; turkey-like leg of a turkey with turkey feathers; by means of turkey feathers bird feather; turkey feather with turkey feathers, by means of turkey feathers chicken; turkey; turkey hen eye of a turkey stew turkey hen roasted turkey hen turkey hens; turkeys; fowls turkey meat each one round chicks turkey guardian, turkey caretaker bird-egg amaranth seed egg seller rotten egg bird's egg; birds' egg; egg; turkey egg tortilla made of turkey egg; tortilla made with turkey egg turkey chicks; turkey hens; turkeys each one is fat each one is fat; thick bird net birds hairy bird arrow; feathered arrow it swells plague blister fever medicine bird's tongue it is warmed fever fever, feverishness fever; heat it will heat up heat; fever; hot; inflamed; inflammation; warm bird banner it shrivels up toasted tortilla bird's bill bird; fledgling; penis Page 130 of 138

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl tototouh tototzintli totzon totzontecon totzoyo toxic toxillan toximmolpia toxiuh toxocpalehuayo toxpalatl toxuiuhtzin toyac toyacaacaliuhia toyacacpa toyacelica toyaohuan toyaopan toyaouh toyaz toyezque toyolca toyollo tozan tozazaniltzin tozcachichiltic tozcacococ tozcayacacuitlatl tozozcuicatl tozti toztlac toztli trigo tzahtzi tzahualcaxitl tzahuaz tzanaihhuitl tzanatl tzanatopilli tzapame tzapocuahuitl tzapocueye tzatzatzi tzatzatzini tzatzayan Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss our member, our organ; our penis small bird our hair our head; our heads our perspiration, our sweat our umbilical cord our side (ie, of the body) our binding of the years our years our skin of the sole of the foot yellow water our grandson our nose grooved places of our nose to our noses our septum our foes, our adversaries, our enemies on our foes, on our adversaries, on our enemies our enemy; our foe; our adversary you will go we will be our sustenance, our nourishment our heart; our chest; our soul gopher our little riddle; our little story having a chil-red throat that which burns or stings the throat; that which mucus of the throat, phlegm; throat mucus vigil song our fingernails our saliva yellow-headed parrot wheat it roars, it cries out spinning bowl she will spsin grackle feather slender-billed grackle grackle-stave dwarves sapodilla tree having a sapota-leaf skirt it cries out repeatedly crier it broke into pieces Nahuatl tzatzayani tzatzayania tzatzi tzatzi tzatzi tzatzia tzatzic tzatzihua tzatzililo tzatzililotoc tzatzililoya tzatziliztli tzatzini tzatzique tzatzitica tzatzitinemi tzatzitiuh tzauctic tzauctli tzayani tzayanoni tzetzelihuiz tzicame tziccuacua tziccuacualiztli tziccuacuaz tzictic tzicuictic tzilini tzimpitzahuac

Page 131 of 138 English Gloss it breaks it broke he cries out; he shouts; he yells it calls out; it cries out; it screeches; it sings she calls out; she cries out; she shouts; they cry out; they howl he cried out, he shouted; it cried out; they shouted; they cried out he cried out, he shouted there is crying out, there is shouting he is cried out to he is cried out to he was cried out to, he was shouted to shout, act of crying out crier, one who shouts they shouted it continues to call out he goes shouting; they go along crying out; they go along shouting she goes crying out gummy glue it breaks; it tears splittable he will sprinkle ants; tzicatl ants they chew chicle the chewing of chicle she will chew chicle gummy agile it resounds narrow at the base; narrow at the bottom; slender at the base; tapering toward the bottom; thin at the base having a stem dirt of the buttocks dirt of the buttocks having a white base; white at the base having a cylindrical base he turns back, he retreats long and thin at the root; slender at the base; slender at Page 131 of 138

tzincuauhyo tzincuicuitlatl tzincuitlatl tziniztac tzinmimiltic tzinnenemi tzinpitzahuac

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl Eglish Gloss the bottom; slender on the end; slender-tailed; having a slender tail having a small slender base he turns back, he retreats rump it began; it originated they began, they had their beginning it thickens at the base having a thick base; having a wide base; thick at the base having a green base punisher nettle; thistle he sobs she tinkles rattle, jingles demon it becomes white at the base she continuously tinkles demons it is seized amaranth seed dough perspiration, sweat having folds sobbing restricted skull rack perfect; superb headdress; headpiece; wig like mucus rope for snaring; snare hairy hair appears; hair forms; hair grows; it grows hair white-haired white-haired; white-headed splitting of the hair hair emerges; hair forms; it concludes; it ends; it finishes conclusion, end head headache perfect with hair, by means of hair cornsilk o hair hair; mockingbird hair thickens; it becomes covered with hair; it has hair sweet Nahuatl tzopelililoni tzopelpatic tzopiloani tzopilotetl tzopilotl tzotl tzotzoca tzotzocati tzotzolihui tzotzoltic tzotzomatica tzotzomatli tzotzomatzin tzotzomatzintli tzotzomatzitzinti tzotzonaloni tzotzopaztli tzotzopelic tzotzotlaca tzotzotlani tzotzoyoca tzoyaya tzoyo tzoyoni tzoyoniz tzoyotl vaca XA:LMO:YO:TL XA:XA:YAC(A)-TZIN xacalli xacaltontli XAHCALMO:YO:TL xahuia xalcuani xallalli xalli xallo xaloztoc xaloztotl xalpitzactic xalpitzahuac xaltetl xaltic xaltitlan

Page 132 of 138 English Gloss something which can be made into something sweet very sweet scavenger turkey buzzard egg black vulture perspiration, sweat he is parsimonious, he is miserly; he is stingy he is mean, he is miserly; he is stingy; he becomes stingy it becomes flabby flabby; having folds; narrow with a rag, using a rag rag; something tattered; tatters rag, tatters rag, tatters swaddling cloths something which can be beaten batten; weaving stick; wide batten sweet it continually shines; they glisten glistening it crackles; it sizzles it smells foul, it stinks hairy it cooks it will cook; it will be cooked perspiration, sweat cow sand fly; a type of mosquito dragonfly hut small hut jacal-fly; a type of mosquito be happy baldpate; sand eater sandy soil sand grainy; sandy in a sand cave sand cave; cave where they take out sand like fine sand fine sand pebble like sand; sand-like; sandy in the sand; on the sand Page 132 of 138

tzinpitzatoton tzinquiza tzintetenpan tzintic tzintique tzintomahua tzintomahuac tzinxoxoctic tzitzicace tzitzicaztli tzitziconoa tzitzilica tzitzilli tzitzimitl tzitziniztaya tzitzitzilica tzitzitzimi tzitzquilo tzoalli tzocuitlatl tzohtzoltic tzohtzoyontica tzoltic tzompantli tzompatic tzoncalli tzoncualactic tzonhuaztli tzonio tzonixhua tzoniztac tzoniztaque tzonocuilcualiztli tzonquiza tzonquizcayotl tzontecomatl tzonteconcocolli tzontic tzontica tzontlaolli tzontle tzontli tzonyohua tzopelic Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl xamani xamitl xaxallo xaxamaca xaxamaca Eglish Gloss they are crushed; shattered adobe grainy it crashes; it crunches; it jingles she clatters; there is havoc; there is clatter; they are crushed; shattered; they each resound something that crashes it is rapid-flowing it crackles mask dregs it divides in half; it divides; it splits; it falls apart; it opens (eg; sore); they extend splittable it extends; it spreads; they each one fall apart; they extend; they spread; they spread out; they divide gladden him in the gourd vessel; in the jar gourd; gourd vessel gourd-like in a vessel, by means of a vessel; with a gourd vessel; by means of a gourd vessel small gourd bowl grasp it, seize it; take it retract it stop it listen to him, pay him heed; listen to it; hear it take it, seize it give it to him do it (h) show favor to her take [h] it! aid (h) him help (h) him throw [stones] at him cry out to him flesh of the navel shout at him he prepares beeswax with beeswax, by means of beeswax beeswax sleeveless jacket he becomes a bee Nahuatl xicotli xicoyohui xicpaccaitta xictli xicxichuencuaqui xihualhuian xihualmohuica xihuitl xilotl xilotlaxcalli ximehua ximimati ximmilli ximocahua ximotequitili ximotlacotili ximotlali xinachio xinachtli xincayo xincayo xincayocanahuac xincayochamahuac xincayohua xincayotilahuac xinechitta xinechmaca xinechmicti xinechoncohui xipehualo xipetzihui xipetziuhqui xipetztic xipetztli xiquipiltontli xiquito xiquitta xitechitta xitin xitini xitini xitinohua xitlacaqui xitlachia

Page 133 of 138 English Gloss honey bee, bumblebee, large bee cry out to him look joyously at him, look happily at him navel eat the umbilical cord offering come (pl); come here come hither, come here comet; foliage; herb; leaf; grass; plant; turquoise; year tender maize tortilla made of green maize arise, get up be prudent upland cease!, stop! do your (h) work perform your (h) office, do your (h) duty settle down, sit down having seeds seed; semen barked, having bark scaly; having scales having thin scales thick scaled, coarse scaled it becomes scaly having thick scales; thickscaled look at me you give it to me kill me buy it for me it is peeled, it is barked it becomes smooth; it glistens; it looks smooth sleek; smooth slick, smooth smooth small bag say it look at it, see it, examine it; look upon her; see her look at us it crumbled it breaks up; it crumbles they break apart there is breaking up hear, listen look, be careful; pay attention; see; observe Page 133 of 138

xaxamacani xaxamacaticac xaxamani xayacatl xayocuitlatl xelihui xeloloni xexelihui

xicahuilti xicalco xicalli xicaltic xicaltica xicaltzintli xicana xiccacalaqui xiccahua xiccaqui xiccui xicmaca xicmochihuilia xicmocnelili xicmocuili xicmonahnamiquili xicmopalehuili xicmotla xicmotzatzilili xicnacatl xicnotza xicocuitlachihua xicocuitlatica xicocuitlatl xicolli xicoti Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl xitlatocan xitoltic xitomacihuiztli xitoncueponi xiuhamatl xiuhcoatl xiuhneci xiuhpetlahualoni xiuhtontli xiuhtotoamacale xiuhtotocalli xiuhtotocuitlapilli xiuhtotome xiuhtotoquemitl xiuhtototic xiuhtototl xiuhyo XIUHZA:YO:LIN xixincayo xixipetztic xixipetztli xixiquipilihui xixitin xixitini xixitomoni xixtli xiyauh xiyotl xo:chipa:co: xochayatl xochiayatl xochicacahuatl xochichilihui xochicihuiztli xochicintli xochicozcatl xochicualcuahuitl xochicualla xochicualli xochicuallo xochihcihuiztli xochimanalo xochime xochimecatl xochiocotzotl xochitemoloa Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss note haplology having a reed-like navel small tumor it blows up book of years turquoise serpent it looks like turquoise, it resembles turquoise turquoise-burnisher little leaf; small herb having a paper headdress with the feathers of the lovely cotinga house of lovely cotinga feathers lovely cotinga tailfeather lovely cotingas, blue cotingas lovely cotinga cape lovely cotinga lovely cotinga; blue cotinga foliage; leafy green fly very scaly smooth; smooth on all parts; slick smooth on all parts it swells it crumbled it falls apart it blisters excrement go! shuttle rejoice with flowers thin flowered cape thin flowered cape flowery cacao the legs become red, chili-red hemorrhoids; piles flower dried ear of maize garland of flowers, flower necklace fruit tree land of fruit fruit; food fruit piles, hemorrhoids there is flower offering flowers, blossoms flower cord liquidambar there is seeking of flowers Nahuatl xochitic xochitica xochitl xochitla xochitla xochitlalpa xochitlalpan xochitlano xochitli xochitotonti xochitototl xochyo xoco xocoatica xococ xococ xococoztic xocohcozpatic xocohcozpiltic xocohcoztic xocomic xocomicqui xocompehualti xoconcua xoconi xoconitta xocopahtic xocopalalatic xocopatic xocotamalli xocotonqui xocotzin xocoyoa xocoyotl xocoyotle xocoyoton xocoztic xocpalehuatl xocpalixtli xocpalnacatl xohuehueyaquia xohueyac xohuiac

Page 134 of 138 English Gloss fatty; flower-colored; flowerlike; flower-yellow with flowers, by means of flowers blossom, flower; delicate; hemorrhoids flower; flower garden place of flowers land of flowers flower garden; land of flowers flower procurement is done flower small flowers oriole flowers; having flowers; it has blossoms last daughter with acid water, by means of acid water acid, sour sour having yellow legs; yellowlegged having very yellow legs having very yellow legs having very yellow legs he became drunk drunk; drunkard begin it eat it drink it; drink it! see to him very sour very sour, exceedingly sour very sour fruit tamal lacking a leg beloved last daughter it develops fruit youngest child; youngest daughter; youngest son o youngest child; o youngest son small, little having yellow legs skin of sole of the foot sole of the foot flesh of the sole of the foot the legs become long having a long stem; longlegged long-legged Page 134 of 138

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl xohuihuiac xohxoloti xoiztalehuac xolachahui xolochahui xolochtic xolopime xolopiti xolopitli xomecatic xomemecatia xomimiltic xomoihhuihuipilli xomoihhuitilmatli xomolco xompaqui xonacatl xonehuayo xonelcicihui xonelcicihuican xonmocuiltono xontlachia xontlamati xontlato xopan xopancuicatl xopantla xopapachtic xopapatlactic xopiaztic xopilli xopilnacatl xopiltzatzapal xopitzahua xoquechtlan xoquiac xoquiyatic xothiticectic xotla xotlacotic xotlani xotlaz xotliltic xotlitliltic xotomahua xotomahuac Nahuatl Vocabulary Re-compiled by Tezozomoc contact me at Eglish Gloss having long legs; long-legged she is stupid having a pale base it becomes wrinkled it becomes wrinkled with age wrinkled stupid people, senseless people she is stupid foolish person, stupid person; fool; idiot having cord-like legs the legs become rope-like having a cylindrical stem duck feather blouse (of indigenous women), shift cape of duck feathers in a corner; in the corner be happy onion scaly sigh sigh (pl) be prosperous! look know! speak summer flower song summer short-legged; wide-footed broad-footed; having wide feet having a long slender foot toe flesh of the toe lamed toe the leg becomes slender on the ankle, to the ankle fetid, stinking; foul-smelling; of fetid smell; smelly; spoiled fetid, stinking chalky-legged it bursts having legs like sticks; having stick-like legs bloomer it will bud having black legs having black feet; having black legs the leg becomes thick thick-legged Nahuatl XOXO:TLANI xoxocacualoni xoxocpatic xoxoctia xoxoctic xoxoctique xoxohqui xoxohuia xoxohuic xoxolochahui xoxolochtic xoxotla xoxotla xoxotlame xoxouhcacuacualoni xoxouhcacualoni xoxouhqui xoxoxocpatic xoxoxoctic xoxoxohuia xoyac xoyauhqui xoyayauhqui ya ya yacachto yacacuitlatl yacahuiac yacahuitzauhqui yacahuitzihui yacahuitztic yacapitzahua yacapitzahuac yacatolli yacatomahua yacatzolchiactic yacatzolchiahuac yacaxihuitl yacazozoloniliztli yah yahualihui yahualiuhqui

Page 135 of 138 English Gloss firefly edible uncooked very green it becomes green blue; green; blue-green; greenish; light blue green green it becomes blue; it becomes green; it becomes discolored; they become green green it becomes very wrinkled very wrinkled it glistens; it glows they are crimson; they glisten; they flame; they glow fireflies edible raw edible raw; edible uncooked fresh; green; blue-green; blue; raw; gangrenous; light blue; uncooked light green green it becomes green; they become green sour spoiled having green legs he goes; he went it goes at first nasal mucus; nose mucus long at the end pointed at the end it becomes pointed at the top pointed; pointed at the end; having a pointed tip; having a pointed end; sharp at the end they become pointed at the end slender at the end nasal mucus the nose swells having a fatty nose having an oily nose turquoise nose rod snuffles he went it becomes round round; rounded Page 135 of 138

Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl yahualtic yahualtontli yahualtotonti yahuilquizca yamanca yamancatlacatl yamancatlatoltica yamania yamanic yamannqui yamanqui yamazpatic yamaztic yancuic yancuican yani yaoc yaoc yaochihualoque yaoitacatl yaomicque yaomicqui yaomiqui yaomiquia yaomiquico yaomiquiz yaopan Eglish Gloss circular, round small and round small and round his vice soft gentle person with tender words, by means of tender words it becomes warm warm soft mellow; soft; softened; tender; tepid; warm very soft soft new; newly; recently caught; uncooked anew; for the first time; in the beginning; new; newly one who goes; she is accustomed to going; something that goes enemy land in war, in battle; war; battle; battlefield; region of battle war was waged provision for war, battle rations they died in war, ones who died in war; war dead one who died in war he dies in war; they die in battle they died in war he came to die in war he will die in battle; he will die in war at the battlefield; in a warlike place; in battle; in time of battle; in war; land of the enemy; land of the foe; to war war will break out he goes forth to battle she fought a battle bulwark omen of war region of battle enemy sentinel spies, sentinels furious in war intrepid warriors Nahuatl yaotlapializtica yaotlapializtli yaotlapixque yaotlatoa yaotlatquitl yaoyotica yaoyotl yaque

Page 136 of 138 English Gloss guarding against the foe guard, watch against enemies sentries they announce war; they proclaim war war array, battle gear; war goods in battle; militarily war; battle; warfare having a nose; pointed; having a point; well-formed; they went; they went away; they departed; they migrated he keeps going he goes; it goes; it leaves; it migrates; it moves; she goes; they go black dried ear of maize dark colored dark; swarthy round small and round soft very soft he wanders, he goes about it goes (repeatedly) dark; swarthy he will go; it will go; it will leave she will go he wants to go; he plans to go; they wish to go they will go already; when when, already it is enough, it is sufficient one who has good drink bowl for tobacco favorable place; good time though, however just; one who has a saintly life; one who has a righteous life road of righteous life (may) it become good; it becomes pure one who has good food having a good voice bad, evil; fine; good; clear; fair; favorable; good thing; proper; righteous; sound; virtuous Page 136 of 138

yatinemi yauh yauhcintli yayacpol yayactic yayahualtic yayahualtotonti yayamanqui yayamaztic yayatinemi yayauh yayauhqui yaz yaz yaznequi yazque ye ye ye oncan onaci yecahua yecaxitl yeccan yece yecnemilice yecnemilizotli yectia yectlacuale yectlatole yectli

yaoquixoaz yaoquizatiuh yaot yaotenamitl yaotetzahuitl yaotitlan yaotl yaotlachiani yaotlachixque yaotlahueliloc yaotlahueliloque Nahuatl Vocabulary

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl yectozque yeehuan yehuan yehuanti yehuantin yehuantzitzin yehuatica yehuatl yehuatzin yeilhuitl yelchichiltic yeliz yelizyotl yellacuaz yexcan yexiuhtica yeyehuan yez yez yezque yezquia yo:li yo:li yo:li:hua yo:liliztli yoac yoalli yoalnepantla yoaltica yoatzinco yocoxca Eglish Gloss having a good voice they, them they; them; these; those they; these; those they; them; those; these; those who they, those it is sitting he; one who; she; it; this; this one; that he; he [h] three days having a chili-red breast his nature character, nature, being he will not be able to eat three places at the end of three years they, these he will be; it will be; it will happen she will be; there will be; it will be there will be; they will be; they will exist he would have been he lives; it exists; it is alive; it lives; it takes form they are formed; they live live life at night; in the dark night at midnight; midnight at night; by night at dawn; early in the morning; in the early dawn; in the morning calm, modest; calmly; peacefully; deliberately; in peace; little by little; in tranquility; quietly peaceful person peace, contentment morning dew nocturnal eagle dark, nighttime; night; darkness; shadow at midnight; midnight at night; by night; in the dark at night; by night; in the dark; nighttime; night-time Nahuatl yohuatzinco yohuayan yoitolo yolcahua yolcatl yolcatontli yolcatzitzinti yolcayotl yolchicahua yolchicahuac yolizmatque yolizmatqui yollatolli yollochamahuac yollochicahuac yollochichic yollochipahuac yollococihuatl yollocococ yollocoztic yollopiciltic yollopitzahuac yolloquiquimil yollotlahueliloc yollotlahuelilocatiliztli yollotlapalihui yollotlapaltic yollotli yolloxochitl yolmiqui yolmiquia yolollotli yolque yolqui yoltica yoltoz yoyohuac yoyoli yoyoliton yoyolitoton yoyolitzin yoyomoctli yuhquinma za za ZA:YO:L-IN zacachapoli zacapan

Page 137 of 138 English Gloss at dawn; in early morning; in the early morning at night, by night it was ordained, it was said animal owner animal, creature small insect small animals nourishment they become courageous brave; valiant; courageous prudent people discreet atole, maize gruel having a fat center brave-hearted; stout of heart; brave firm of heart pure of heart middle-aged woman cruel having a yellow center having a small center having a slender center dull mad; madman insanity he is valiant, he is courageous; it becomes hardy it is hardy heart magnolia he faints; it is deadened he was frightened to death heart animals animal it is living it will remain alive nightly, night after night alive; insect; small animal insect; little fly little insect; small insects little creatures, little animals testicle as if just, only only, just fly grass grasshopper on grass; on straw; on the

yocoxcatlacatl yocoxcayotl yohualahuachtli yohualcuauhtli yohualli yohualnepantla yohualtica yohuan

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Florentine Codex Vocabulary

Nahuatl zacatecolotl zacaticpac zacatl zacatla zacatontli zacaxacalli zacayaman zacayamanqui zacayo zacayohua zacuan zah zahuatl zan zan huetzi zan oncan zaniyo zaniyo zaniyoca zaniyocan zatepan zayolcintli zayoli zayolin zayolla zayolli zayollo zayoltoton zazalic zazaliuhqui zazaltic zolcanauhtli zoletl zoli zolin zollatoa zolli zolli zollin zolnacatl zoloni zolonini zoltetl zoltic zonectic zonectontli Eglish Gloss grass; on the straw burrowing owl over the grass grass; straw grass land; grassland; grassy place grass grass hut soft grass soft grass grass blades it becomes grassy troupial only, just pimple; pox; smallpox just; only; only just; quite; still; anyway it is useless right there alone just, only separately, alone separate place later; then fly-specked dried ear of maize fly; gnats fly place of flies fly flies little fly adhesive, sticky, viscous jointed adhesive, sticky mallard quail bean; quail-colored bean; speckled bean quail montezuma quail; quail it sings like a quail montezuma quail quail quail quail meat it darts; it forms rapids; it hums something that whirs quail egg like a quail, quail-like spiky; spongy; fluffy; light fluffy Nahuatl zonehuac zoquiazolin zoquicanauhtli zoquichiuhque zoquichiuhqui zoquinacochtli zoquitic zoquititlan zoquitl zoquitlatquitl zoquixicocuitlatl zotl zotlahua zoyatanatl zozoloca zozolti zozoltin zozotlahua

Page 138 of 138 English Gloss bristling; spongy; light wilson snipe goose potters potter pottery ear plug wet in the mud clay; mud earthenware; clay articles impure beeswax piece of cloth he faints; he loses his strength; they yield; they are soft small palm leaf basket it buzzes quail (pl); quails quails they yield, they are soft

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