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S ome people think of yoga as a self- help discipline. In my opinion, it

S ome people think of yoga as a self- help discipline. In my opinion, it is the most powerful healing modality on the planet. People do yoga to improve their lives, and it is a

wonderful tool for alleviating both depression and addiction, which often go hand in hand. I always recommend professional guidance as well, for people dealing with these complex issues. You may be having the problem for the first time, but an experienced professional will be addressing your issue for the hundredth time. Whether you take your direction from a professional, a book, a seminar or your own inner compass, you still will need to develop the inner discipline to recognize and act on the fact that ultimately you are the only one who can change your habits.

Yogi Bhajan recommended a sattvic diet—eating light, easy to digest foods that are free of stimulants. This will greatly help by calming your mind and soothing the emotional turmoil eating away at you. Balance your diet by eating a wide variety of whole foods and avoiding processed foods and soft drinks. Cleansing programs can be a great way to start the process of change by detoxifying your body and giving you an experience of what ‘healthy’ feels like. Certain cooked proteins like Mung Beans and Rice, and Kitcheree (the soupy version of Mung Beans and Rice) ease digestion by helping to break down proteins. Meat can give a double whammy to your digestive system as it contains nitrogen groups which tend to dull your mind, and because it takes so long to digest, it also causes unhealthy

say goodbye to depression and addiction

Learn how a balanced diet and Kundalini Yoga can bring relief and personal fulfillment

By Siri Atma Singh Khalsa, M.D.

fermentation. Avoiding foods like meat that generate toxins, and caffeinated drinks which contain toxins, will give your liver enough time to clean the blood, and enable your mind to be focused and responsive to your command. Kundalini Yoga exercises aid digestion, circulate the blood, and stimulate the thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary, and pineal glands, contributing to a healthy mind and a body that is less susceptible to depression and addiction. In addition, yoga strengthens the energy bodies yogically known as the Aura and Arcline, which protect you from your own mental negativity and the negativity of others. This helps eliminate the self-defeating thought patterns that generate depression and addictive behaviors. By integrating the Subtle, Pranic and Radiant energy bodies, you attract prosperity and connect to the voice of your soul, which will bring you personal fulfillment. You may find, once you establish a regular practice of doing Kundalini Yoga and eating a sattvic diet, depression and addiction will vanish as you nourish your soul from within. The following Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations have been used to help overcome depression and addiction: Nabhi Kriya, Aura Strengthening Set, Sat Kriya, Meditation for Healing Addictions, Blue Gap Meditation, and the Grace of God Meditation. These can be found in The Aquarian Teacher and Sadhana Guideline manuals. +

Dr. Siri Atma Singh is an Internist who served as Yogi Bhajan’s full-time personal physician for four years. Currently he offers private Yogic Consultations by phone, leads workshops on the role of Kundalini Yoga in healing and medicine, and teaches in KRI Teacher Training programs around the

country. Dr. Siri Atma can be reached at

29 or 505-927-3480.