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Basic Quilled Shapes

Quilling or paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that
are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. The paper is
wound around a quill to create a basic coil shape. The paper is then glued at the tip
and the coil shaped, these shaped coils are arranged to form flowers, leaves, and
various ornamental patterns. ¹

Tight Coil Or Tight Roll

Roll tightly on quilling tool, and Make your own tight coil
remove while holding tightly and glue. place here for reference:

Loose Circle Or Coil

Roll on quilling tool, remove, Make your own loose circle
let unfurl then glue. place here for reference:

~~All of the following shapes start with a loose circle


Pinch the glued end of Make your own teardrop
a loose circle. place here for reference:
Eye Or Marquise
Pinch both ends of Make your own marquise
a loose circle place here for reference:

Shaped Marquise
Pinch marquise in Make your own shaped marquise
opposite directions. place here for reference:

Tulip Or Bunny Ears

Make an indentation Make your own tulip
on one side of circle. place here for reference:
Pinch the bottom of Make your own heart
a tulip or bunny ears. place here for reference:

Pinch the opposite Make your own square
sides of a marquise. place here for reference:

~~ Scrolls ~~

Loose Scroll
Roll only one end Make your own loose scroll
of a quilling strip. place here for reference:
Scrolled S Shape
Roll one end one way then roll Make your own S scroll
the other end the opposite way. place here for reference:

Scrolled C Shape
Roll both ends evenly toward Make your own C scroll
the center. place here for reference:

Scrolled Heart
Pinch the bottom middle Make your own heart
of a scrolled C shape. place here for reference:
Other Shapes You Create

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