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9/11 Personal Privacy

Production Number: M-INT-00001551 ..,-•""

Case/Serial no: 265A-NY-280350-302~.11"65
Date: 09/12/2001 ....---'" /
Description: | [-INTERVIEW BY SA |_


J Also
present during the interview were SA-'I /'/' ; |o£ the F.B.I.,
and Trooper I 1 Massachusetts StatefPolice. After
being advised of the identity of the interviewing agents and the
nature of the interview',' I Tprovid'ed the fjblloWing
information: / '• // ;

| ~|has been etaployed/with UniteJ_^ir_lines for

approximately five 5 years. 0n 09/^72001, I .f ' ^ reported
to work a double shift beginning at/ /5: 00am. It| ijsj hijs | practice
to work a double shift on Tuesdays/and have a friend iwcirk a
double, covering his shift, on \. I l l I III

On 9/11/2001,1 T,arrived at Ldga^n jAir!po!r,t| at

approximately 4:45am. He attended a daily br|'efiiig fjorj iaill
employees at 5:00am and subsequently reported;; to' the ifridnit ticket
counters where he checked in passengers until;; 6; Opam.j I I
does not recall anyone he checked! in for fligfitp ^3 qr 1J7$.

At 6:00am, I Tprobeeded to Gifte;: #J20 tjo wbtk a

7:00am flight to San Francisco. He closed t£ie ;do:'or tjo th^ jetway
at 6:58am and proceeded to Gate #!•£ to work ;Un|.te;d fljight ^number
175 bound for Los Angeles. \ i ; i i

At approximately 7: 30am, I I; was 4pprc|ach4d; at the

gate counter by a young male, early\o mid—^CLlfij;1 with a dairk
complexion, possibly middle eastern,y*rfio spibk^ v^ry pioor iEfaglish.
This subject identified himself as m. ALGHAM0I ^nd tjold I i |
that his brother had already boardea<t_he flight/and a;ccideri.tally
took his boarding pass with him. I ~l~e&ecked thje computer
and located two passengers with the last name1 of| ALGHAMDI, bne
with a first initial of E or A and th^ other;wad H. | ~\d a boarding pass for ALGHAMDt

The "gate reader", a scanner located a't the boardincr area, fr>as
not working for the past two or three days causing| |to
enter the boarded passengers by hand. I ~1 confirmed that
the person he issued the boarding pass t° w^s A. ALGHAMDI after

09/11/01 Boston, Massachusetts;

265D-NY-280350 \ 09/12/01

9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

Personal Privacy

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reviewing a copy of the' fl-i'ght manifest provided to him \by the

interviewing agent ,.-••'' .-••'' / / / \ .--•'" Icould not recall wh'at &LGHAMD

He also did--"not recall ALGHAMDI having ariy carry on luggage.

| F''did not recall any other middle' easterfl men in the
boarding area. He left the gate area at approximately 7: ^\ in
order to take his scheduled break/ [ / I, another O'pited
CSR who was working the flight with ' | "ag giving aiway
seats to United employees and family/members when I |\left
the gate area. / / \d flight #175''' had v.ery few passenge

its normal load. | "^'estimated that less than fifty 50\e were seated in coach, and/six to

in first class, some of which we're United employees and theia

families. In addition to | and | _J
c were also working for United in
the gate area for the boarding of flight #175.

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