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Eliminate Power Black Spots PRODUCT FEATURES:

Programmable current control for grid-interactive mode True Four quadrant ruggedized IGBT based bidirectional inverter DSP and microcontroller based Integrated cell battery management system, supporting advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries Withdrawable battery shelves (on selected models) Available in single and three phase Isolated RS232 or RS485, Ethernet Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Internal Webpage, DNP3 for Inverter based products only Access Facility Software Alarm relay card with 6 x 7A volt free relay outputs Power factor correction Optional integrated PMWMMPT solar charge controller with priority charging Full system remote diagnostics, monitoring and reporting via internet, SMS or Orbcomm


A 4 year research and development work in progress the Magellan Solar Smoother started life as a Grid Power Support System which has already been sold to the QLD Utility Ergon Energy. The Magellan Grid Power Support System operates in Townsville for a similar purpose of correcting power levels. The Magellan range of renewable products are at the forefront of grid power support, and in 2011 was a state nalist in the WA Innovator of the Year. One of the only companies with a viable, advanced solution, Magellan Power is a leader in the renewable landscape.

Note: Product specications are subject to change without notice


Solar smoother system size Efciency Nominal ramp up and down AC voltage window Frequency window Model Nominal DC voltage Switching devices Transient respond Test functions Application Cooling Enclosure (epoxy powder coated) Circuit Breakers Grid Bidirectional Inverter / Charger 5kW, 10kW, 20kW, 30kW 40kW, 50kW, 100kW 90% - 95% overall Adjustable 190- 265VAC 46.5Hz 53Hz Single and Three Phase Depending on model and size, 200V 470V IGBT 1sec Push button test, Automatic Self-test, Annual testing, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Small Wind, Mini Hydro, Retrot to DC or AC Forced Air with Temperature controlled cooling fan IP43 for indoor applications / IP54 for outdoor applications Battery Input, Grid output, Source Output, Solar Input Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Frequency, Under Frequency, Islanding Detection Inverter Over Voltage Monitoring, Inverter Over Load Monitoring, Inverter Current Limit Monitoring, Inverter Over Temperature Monitoring, AC Relay Fault, Sensing Fault, Automatic Timed Restart on Fault, Fan Failure Battery Over Temperature Monitoring, Battery Under Voltage Monitoring, Battery Over Voltage Monitoring Battery Positive & Negative, Source Active & Neutral, Protective Earth Volt Free Relays: Grid Failure, Battery Low Alarm, Common Alarm Optional Opto-Isolated Inputs 5V Voltage: Stop Grid Input (Forced AC Disconnect) Isolated RS DB9 Female Connector or USB, Isolated RS485 Screw Terminal, Connector, Default 9600 bits per second for RS232/RS485, Ehternet Connector 128x64 Graphical Blue LCD with white LED backlight, Membrane keypad, Green Mains Ok LED, Red Fault LED, Alarm Buzzer Battery Voltage, Current & Temperature, Inverter Voltage, Current & Temperature, Mains Voltage, Current, Watts, VAR & Frequency, Ambient Solar Current Off/ Inverting / Synchronising / AC Interactive/ Standby Graphical overview of system and status, Grid or Genset AC Source Selected (Genset Option), Power ow directions, PV Power and Inverter power, Bar Graph indicator of PV power with respect to time of day Periodic Data Logging into Non-Volatile Memory (44 days of logged data at 15 minute intervals, 1 year of logged data at 2 hour intervals), Battery Voltage & Temperature, Mains Voltage & Frequency, Inverter/Charger Voltage & Temperature, Inverter/Charger Power, Fault Event Recorder, Data accessible via Communications Ports Design according to AS 4777 and AS 3100

Battery Protections Terminals

Communication Ports User Interface Monitored System Inverter Indicators Mimic Indications

Inbuilt Diagnostic System


Note: Product specications are subject to change without notice