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Lesson Planning Sheet Title: Decimals Addition and Subtraction Learning Objectives: By the end of the lesson: All students should be able to add and subtract with decimals using the place value table. Most students should be able to add and subtract with decimals using the written column method. Some students should be able to calculate the difference between a pair of decimals in order to solve problems. Key words: Addition, Subtraction, Decimal, Place value, Carry Learning Activities Starter/Introduction The starter involves adding and subtracting with single digit numbers. To place the correct operations in the correct place the students may need to use a number line so they can see how to focus in on the solution. To differentiate for the most able, problems involving multiplication and division could be given. The task could be completed on mini-whiteboards so students can draw their own number line if needed and wipe out errors. Development The first few questions are deliberately given in column form to enable easy use of the place value table. This makes the concept of carrying over more obvious. When organising the digits in to the place value table discuss with the students using the decimal point as the point of reference. Work through the remainder of the problems from a to f and have the class attempt the last two on their mini-whiteboards so that progress can be ascertained. The problems on the third slide are intended to be worked through independently by students. Provide feedback throughout the lesson to ensure confidence and pace is maintained. Plenary The plenary is intended to assess each of the three learning objectives. Students who manage to complete the bottom row would be considered to have met all the criteria. Pose the task for students to do on mini-whiteboards and present to the teacher at the end to enable assessment and feedback. An alternative could be to use the plenary as part of the development phase and the PowerPoint quiz as a form of assessment at the end. Differentiation More able: Questions such as 10 0.7 require a sound understanding of place value and could be attempted using a number line which the students maybe able to discover for themselves. Understanding that subtraction is the inverse of addition enables students to solve basic equations using their ability to add and subtract with decimal numbers. Less Able Students may need to persist with the use of the place value table in order to consider the value of each digit. Resources: PowerPoint Quiz Mini-whiteboards Place value grid