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REGIONS CHARACTERISTICS DEFINED EXPERTS AJ Herbert son RE Dickinson Carter Leeds Smith Vidal de Blanche Albert De Mange on P.G.F.

Le Play Boudeville Keeble Klassen Gould and white Stamp and Beaver Dickinson, Smailes and Green Unstead Regions are based on natural characteristics of land, climate, vegetation and population A region is a natural social unit; a region is determined through distribution and frequency of services A region is a cultural core A region has no nucleated settlement because its existence is based on specialization A regions economic health and rate of economic growth is derive thru income level and rate of employment A region population is the basic criteria known as pays A regions criteria is human geography A region is the intimate relationship between human settlement and land Region are areas displaying coherence and unit pertaining economic decisions Regions are areas which are large enough to enable substantial changes in distribution of population and take place within its boundaries, yet small enough for its planning problems to be seen as a whole Regions are areas which are large enough to take investments decisions of an economic size to supply its own industry and its necessary labor Regions are identified thru mental maps like perception of surface with peaks and troughs Regions are areas with agricultural sub-regions and industrial core (19 and 13 Britain) Regions can be identified thru deductive process in nodal areas Regions one based on physical factors, exerting outwards from the centre of a region until the - no longer the characteristics of the centre

CONCEPTS OF PLANNING GREEKS HPPODAMUS Romans VAUBAN Biaggo Rosseti Leonardo da Vinci Christopher Wren John Evelyn Valentine Knight Tony Garnier Ebenezer Howard


CITIES Acropolis Miletus Nimes Richeliu Ferrara

Gridiron with Cardo and Decanus Town as military outpost Renaissances static and centralized cities Codex Atlanticus Re-building of 17th century London Greenbelt Functional grid of street 1. High residential density about 15 houses per acre or roughly 80-90 per acre 2. 30, 000 people surrounded by large greenbelt 3. Town divided into wards of about 5,000 people each containing local shops, Schools and other services Low density neighborhood housing with open space background for future Development of road ways and not surrounded by greenbelt

Industrial City Garden Cities of Tomorrow Three Magnet Diagram Town, Country, Town and Country Modified Howards idea at Letch worth and Welwyn nothing gained by overcrowding Town Planning and Traffic New York Regional Plan

Raymond Unwin

Barry Parker H. Alker Tripp Clarence Perry

Low density neighborhood housing with open space background connected by parkways Precintai streets piece with main arterial and sub- arterial road with occasional access Wards as deliberate piece of social engineering to help people achieve a sense of identity with the place and community Neighborhood wards will extend to 1/3 of a mile in all directions containing 1,000 families or 5,000 people Neighborhood wards with primary school as the catchments area Neighborhood wards are bounded by main traffic roads where children should not cross Clarence Stain Architect physical planner Henry Wright Segregation of pedestrian and vehicular route George Gerwin Marsh Modern Conservation Man in cooperation with nature Frederick Law Olmstead Grandfather of American landscaping Urban Park Patrick Geddes Planning process as survey analyzes- plan Gave planning a logical structure Patrick Abercrombie Combining Howards idea thru Geedees method into Unwins graphic blueprint for Future development of great regions Camillo Sitte Benton Mckaye Parks and tail system Conservationist approach on where nations are with natural divisions of rivers And drainage areas not state lines Beautiful City- axis of boulevards radiating outwards the city terminated by domed Formal mega civic structure

Radburn Town house in New Jersey Man and Nature Central Park in New York Cities in Evolutionconurbation Country of London Plan Architect Notes and reflections upon artistic city planning

Daniel Bunham

Chicago and Manila Eugene Baron Hausmann ERNST MAY SATELITTE TOWNS ON OPEN LAND OUTSIDE THE CITY SEPARATED BY GREENBELT FRANKFURT AM MAIN Charles Pierre Le Washington Enfant Antonio Saint Ella Machine City Edgardo Sorio Mata Linear City St. Petersburgh (Present day Moscow) Edgar Chambless Motor City

Le Corbusier Frank Lloyd Wright Walter Buley Griffith Edmund Bacon THE DIFFERENT PROCESS OF PLANNING COMMON STEPS PATRICK GEDDES 1915 Survey BRIAN MCLOUG HIN 1960 Decision to Adopt planning & Environme ntal scanning Goal formulation GEORGE CHADWICK 1960 Problem Finding ALAN WILSON 1960 Techniques JOHN RATCLIFFE 1975 Preliminary study JOHN LEVY 1988 Research

Radiant Cities of Tommorrow Broadacre City / Mile High Tower Wisconsin Arizone Canberra, Australia Philadelphia, USA Design of Cities

ERNST ALEXAND ER 1986-1992 Problem Diagnosis

PETER HALL 1992 Decision to adopt planning

N.HAMDI R.GOETHERT 1997 Problems & opportunities

1.Reseach & study of problem

2. Goals systems & Targets

3. Objectives, Forecasting, Prediction & Projection 4. Design techniques for models & alternative


Objective Identificati on Study possible courses of action w/models

Goal formulation & system description Projection of goals & system modeling Evaluation of projection & system projection

System models

Goal formulation

Goals clarification

Goal articulation

Problem Formulation

Objective identification

Objective Clarification

Prediction & Projection Design of alternative

Goal, objective & targets formulation Forecasting

Goals & priorities

Options & Trade-offs

Design Techniques


Resources & constraints

5. Formulation Of alternative plan testing & evaluation


6. Action plan evaluation & implementation

Evaluation w/ alternative s& Reference s to values & cost/benefi ts Action taken thru public investment or control over private investment

Evaluation w/ alternative & system synthesis w/ alternatives

Plan formulation

Preparation of alternative strategies

Plan formulation

Plan testing

Plan design

Project team & tasks

Evaluation performance & system control


Plan evaluation & Implementation

Plan implementation

Plan evaluation & Implementa tion

Plan evaluation & Implementat ion

Plan implementation

7. Review 8. Monitor & Revision

Review Monitoring the state of the system

Goals Action

Review Monitoring

Review Review Review Monitoring



Cyclic Planning

System Planning

Technique & model Planning

Study Planning

Research & Revise Planning

Predictive Planning

Forecasting Planning

Incremental & Participatory Planning

8. HLURF FO - Monitor enactment thru LGU 9. Local Government Unit- enforcement

A MATRIX HISTORY OF PLANNING IN THE PHILIPPINES DATE LAW Pres. Quezon Commonwealth Act #2 1935 Pres. Osmena Post Commonwealth Act EO 98 RA 353 Ra 940 EO 367 1950 RA 200 1957 Ra 2264 1959 AO 31 EO 121 RA 4726 RA 4846 RA 4368 RA 5752 1967 Coty or Municipal Planning Boards CPB/ MPB Provincial Development Committee PES Condominium Act Cultural Properties Preservation & Protection Act CPPPA National Historical Institute Municipality & city forest Tree Parks & watershed Act Local Autonomy Act Developing Town Planning functions to cities & Municipalities AGENCIES National Economic Council NEC FUNCTION

1946 1948

National Urban Planning Commission NUPC Quezon city as Manila Capital Metro Manila as the Permanent Seat of the National Govt. Abolishing the NUPC and Capital City Planning Commission to create the National Planning Commission NPC Limited Access Highway Act

1962 1966

Responsible of preserving, restoring & constructing national shrines, monuments & landmarks

1969 1972 Pres. Marcos PD 31 EO 419

Establishment of UP Institute of Environmental Planning Integrated Re- Organizational Plan IRP +Regional Development Council RDC Task Force on human settlements TFHS (Beginning of integration planning between socio, economic & physical development) National Economic Development Authority NEDA National Physical Framework plan NPFP Metro Manila Commission Limiting the use of one Thousand meters of land along any existing, Proposed or On- going Public Highway or Road Re-organization of port administration & functions in the Phil. Creating the National Housing Authority NHA To classify the Phil. 7001 Islands into 11 Regions Pinpoint areas for development Formulate social & economic plans, programs & projects Blueprint for national devt. Until GOP have formulated a Comprehensive & Integrated Land use Development plan Defining its powers & functions & providing funds therefore & other purposes



PD 107

1975 PD 399

PD 857 PD 757


PD 33

Commission of Human Settlements CHS (created by Task Force on Human Settlement) Physical perspective Plan Condominium & Subdivision Law

PD 957

Plan, regulate, coordinate & implement Physical planning into policies & programs Funds therefore & other purposes


LOI 511

PD 1096 PD 1185 PD 1151 PD 1216

National Coordinating Council Town Planning, Housing & zoning NCCTPHZ Pamayanang Pilipino Integrated Plan National Building Code Fire code of the Philippines Philippine Environmental Policy Open Space Law

Prepare town plans & formulate zoning

Requiring residential subdivision owners to provide roads, alleys, sidewalks & reserve open spaces for parks & recreational use Defining its powers & functions Memorandum on permit & clearance

PD 1267 LOI 624 MC 67 LOI 511 PD 1396 1978

National Home Mortgage Finance Corp. Plan Enforcement & Regulation Center DPWTC- Building officials in Metro Manila National Coordinating Council on Town Planning, Housing & Zoning NCCTPHZ Human settlements Development Corp. HDMF National Standards & Guidelines NSG National Multi- Year Human Settlement Program NMYHSP NCIAD Housing Land Use Regulatory Board HLURB Human settlements Regional Council HSRC (formerly called Human Settlements Council) Human settlements Environmental Management Directives- Ministry of Human Settlement

PD 1378 LOI 711 LOI 729

Translate physical Devt plan into spatial & location terms Formulates & prescribes housing & zoning regulations Agricultural Lands Prepare, Enforce & cause land use plans & zoning implementation as guidelines for both urban & urbanizable areas

PD 815 PD 1517 PD 1539 PD 1586 PD 1067


Unlawful Ejection, exclusion, removal & ouster of tenant farmers from their farm lots Urban Land reform in the Philippines Home Development Mutual Fund Environmental Impact Assessment Act IRR of Water Code

EO 79-1 PD 1084 EO 526 EO 654 PD 3-A PR 1893

Metro Manila Action Center for Infrastructure Devt Public Estates Authority PEA Designation PEA Functions Exclusive Prosecution Metro Manila as Urban Land Reform Zone

Prescribing Penalties Decree revising the consolidating laws Governing the ownership, Appropriation, Utilization, Exploitation, Devt, Conservation & Protection of Water Resources Creation as PEA As agency primarily responsible for all Reclamation Projects Further definition of powers Prosecution by administration or Contract of Reclamation Projects


PR 1967 PD 1752 EO 648 PD 1616 PD 1640 PD 1642 LOI 935 PR 2146

Urban Land Reform Zone Creating the Home Devt Mutual Fund HDMF Human Settlements Regulatory Board HSRB Intramuros Administration Freezing Land Values of APDs Control Rent of APDs APDs new pricing scheme Areas w/ unique Historical, Archaeological & Scientific interest as ECA Accessibility Law Economic & Socialized Housing

Declaring Metro Manila as APD & ULRZ specify 44 sites Support, control & review CLUP Amending PD 1748 of 1980


National govt control on all land Transactions regarding APDs Guidelines & standards for design of Buildings for Handicapped Prescribing different levels of standards & technical requirements other than that of PD 957, 1216, 1096 & 1185 PFP consistent to support PDP


BP 344 BP 220


LOI 1350

National Land Use Committee NLUC Ministry of human Settlements (revising NMYHSP) National Land Use Committee NLUC (completed in 1985) UP school of Urban & Regional Planning SURP Development of LRT1 (Monumento to Baclaran) Stabilization 7 Regulation of Rentals Act


Tasked to prepare NPFR

1985 1986

BP 887 Pres. Aquino

Prescribing the rental of certain residential units

EO 1037 EO 90

Housing Urban Devt Coordinating Council HUDCC (replacing ministry of Human settlements) Philippine Leisure & Retirement Authority Housing Land Use & Regulatory Board HLURB

Mandated as the Agency to promulgate Zoning


EO 535

IRR- Home Finance Corporation


RA 7160 RA 6957

Local Government Code LGC IRR of Build-operate- transfer (BOT) scheme

RA 6657 R-491 DAO 25 1992 RA 7279 RA 7586 RA 1922 RA 7227 BR 511 PD 198 PD 7942 RA 7356 Pres. Ramos Sec.20 AO 14 AO 16 EO 446 PD 1181 EO 898 EO 202 PD 474 EO 124 EO 71

Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law Inter-Agency Committee on Local Planning program DENR- NIPAs IRR Urban Devt Housing Act UDHA National integrated of Protected Areas NIPA Law Cagayan Special Economic Zone The bases Conversion & Devt. Authority Act HLURB IRR: Approval to govern Sec.18 of UDHA 7279 Land Water Utilities Administration Philippine Mining Act National Commission for Culture & Arts LGC DENR- Air Quality Standards DENR- Presidential Air Quality Commission LTO Clean Air Act LTO- Accreditation of Cars LTFRB- Office of Transport Cooperatives LTFRB Motor Vehicle Registration Marine Industrial Authority MARINA Land conversion for Regional Agri Industrial centers, Regional Industrial Centers, Tourism Devt. Areas & sites for Socialized Housing HLUIRB LGU Devolving Housing Powers

Governing the organization, Administration, and supervision of homeowners associations & corp. Empowering LGUs in cities & municipalities Act Authorizing the Financing, Construction, Operation & Maintenance of Infrastructure Projects by private Sector & for other purposes Approval; of guidelines in the preparation of; Provincial Physical framework Plan


Authorizing cities & municipalities to reclassify agricultural lands into nonagricultural uses

Prescribing priorities & procedures HLURB granting LGU the power to approve subdivision plans to cities & municipalities providing for the preparation & implementation of comprehensive land use plans & other pertinent love

EO 72 AO 09 R- 532 RA 7644

LGU CLUP HLURB- IR : Scope of Application govern Sec.18 of UDHA 7279 HLURB IRR : Approval of Requirement of PD 953 Rent Control Period Law- amending RA 877

Every owner of existing subdivision must plant trees in designated areas for certain residential units


RA 7718 EO 184

BOT Law Socialized housing One Stop Processing Centers

EO 258 MC -1

Time standards for issuance of permits for housing projects HLURB Regional Officers

Amended 6957 TO facilitate the processing & issuance of permits, clearance & certifications & licenses for implementation of socialized housing projects & directing all government agencies to support the said centers

Prescribing functions, duties & responsibilities 1995 RA 7924 RA 7916 RA 8784 00-411 RA 1903 RA 6983 RA 6972 RA 7876 RA 8372 RA 8368 RA 8435 Metro Manila devt Authority MMDA Special Economic Zone Authority Amending SPEZA law PEZA Guidelines for registration for information of RA 7916 Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone Cooperative Code Brgy. Level Childrens Protection Act Senior Citizens Act of the Philippines Indigenous People Rights Act Penalizing Squatting & other Similar Acts Agricultural Fisheries & Modernization Act of AFMA Law


Act prescribing urgent measures to modernize the agriculture & fisheries sector of the country in order to finance their profitability & prepare the said sectors for challenge of Globalization through an adequate, focused & rational delivery of necessary support services.


RA 8749 RA 87925 R- 106

Philippine Clean Air Act Electronic Commerce Act Laguna Bay Region



RA 8974 RA 9003 RA 9184 EO 45

Eminent Domain Law Ecological Solid waste management Act of 2000 Govt Procurement reform Act Prescribing Time Periods to Reduce Red Tape in the National Govt

Approving policy guidelines governing all industrial estates/ Parks within Laguna region Acquisition of right of Way, Site

RA 9072 EO 20 BR 699 BR 700 BR 714 BR 001 CC 027

National Cave & Cave Resource Management & Protection Act HUDCC Mass Housing Revised IRR- PD 957 Revised IRR- 220 HLURB- Strategic Planning Process HUDCC- IRR Rule 8 National Home Mortgage & Finance Corp. NHMFC

Issuance of housing related certifications, clearances & permits & impose sanctions of failure to observe the same Mass housing as centerpiece in the priority allocation efforts of the govt.

CC 028


Guidelines in the application for the preparation of CLUP Adoption of local housing program RA 7835 to ensure an expeditious processing of projects for accreditation & enrollment of eventual take 0out payment under Community Mortgage Program CMP Further reduction of CMP documents


RO2- 342 BR 725 RA 9161

PEZA- Guidelines for registration & administration for tourism ecozones Developers HLURB- Amending Revised IRR for both PD 957 & BP 220 Reform for regulation of rentals Architects Code

Incentives for tourism locators & operators


RA 9266

For certain residential units Repealing RA 545