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31 JUNE & 1-2 JULY



Following our VIP Yacht security courses in Greece, Russia, Norway, Italy, Malta and Thailand we are again organising this course to include, immersion in matters maritime, nautical and related areas of Maritime Security including counter piracy. The course covers yacht security protocols, underwater hull search and inspection with practical exercises. The programme is an intensive 3 day course, starting on Monday 31st June and 01st and 2nd July 2013. Training will be held in conjunction with IBA Cyprus. Training will be conducted under the IBA Director General, the senior IBA instructor,

The VIP Bodyguard Yacht course provides a review of the history of maritime terrorism, crime and piracy with a view towards identifying relevant trends in the industry. It will also familiarise the trainee with the types of security equipment and systems that are currently in use. It focuses on the characteristics and potential effects of prohibited weapons and explosives, exploring the appropriate actions and protocols to be taken in the event of a bomb threat, explosion, hijacking and piracy or other similar events

Bodyguard Yacht & Maritime Security

Methods of Transport for VIP Principals and their families Yachts &Yachting Centres History & development of Super Yachts Harbours & marinas & anchorages (Berth vs. Port vs. Open Water) Marina Facilities Gangways and Access Control Points for Vessel The Hard, Lifts, Hoists and Out of the Water MV Blue Marlin Charter vs. Ownership Yacht types, tonnage and size Crew numbers and functions SSO and Security protocols on the vessel IMO requirements Bodyguard/CPO duties on shore and on board Protective Escort Priorities (Maritime) Conflict management Medic packs Assassinations at Sea Review Paparazzi problems and solutions Search for Electronic Surveillance Devices and Tracking Devices Interior search of bulkheads and structures Interior search for improvised explosive devices (IEDs) Review of dedicated Vessel Explosive devices (SPM/KZU2) Underwater search & preparation for hull search and safety measures Underwater search camera Sabotage and fouled inlets and mechanical equipment

VIP Bodyguard Yacht Block Syllabus

Free Dive, Snorkel, Scuba, Hookah

Piracy and counter piracy International Maritime Bureau (IMB Piracy Centre) Malaysia

Code of Practice
The I.B.A. is an international nongovernmental organization (INGO) established in Paris in December 1957. The Associations primary objective is to train officers of government and corporate security in world class bodyguard techniques for protection. The training courses can only be attended by those men or women who are psychologically and physically healthy, and who are 18 years and over. Provided an individual has no criminal record, they may enrol in the I.B.A. training programmes.

All successful participants will be presented with the IBAHQ international certificates. Each I.B.A. course is authenticated through a diploma issued to the trainee signed by the Director General and impressed with the legal seal of the International Bodyguard Association and with a IBAHQ security hologram.

Terms and Conditions

All bookings and payments are to be received under the terms of the I.B.A. Code of Practice. Payment is non refundable unless I.B.A. fails to provide the Course aforementioned. Those unable to attend due to personal illness or injury, will be guaranteed a place on the next suitable course, in which case a medical certificate has to be presented to the I.B.A. Officers describing the nature of the injury or illness with corresponding dates. Other conditions may apply. I.B.A. reserves the right to refuse any applications from any individual.

Bookings and Payments

The Maritime & Yacht Security Course Fee is of 500 A discount of a 50 off the full fee applies if you pay the full fee on booking your place Alternatively you can reserve your place by paying 200 and the balance before the start of the course

You can also pay by credit card or from your account through PayPal to email address at

There are only a limited number of vacancies for this course. This is a very unique training and certification opportunity. Do not miss out. If you have any queries or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Information
IBAHQ James Shortt (DG) Suite 206 33 Parkway London NW1 7 PN United Kingdom Tel: (+44) 7899705068 Mob: (+356) 79200777 / (+356) 99207700 Email: Website:

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Location: CYPRUS Language : English Point of Contact: IBA DG

Partner: IBAHQ & IBA CYPRUS Translation : E-mail: +353 871 940 787

Course fee, you may pay the full fee (reduced) or reserve with a deposit and pay balance by 1 day of course Discounted course Full Fee: 450 Course Deposit only 200 then balance 300 BANK DETAILS Account Name: James SHORTT Account # 53981339 Bank: Barclays Bank PLC IBAN# Sort Code: 20-44-86



Scan of Bank Transfer (not purchase order) should be sent to confirm payment Amount sent: Notes: I confirm the information provided on this form is correct. I understand any deposit is forfeit should I fail to attend the course(s) I have applied for. I attach a copy of transfer/deposit from my bank with this application.. I understand that the course fee does not include accommodation, transport or meals unless otherwise stated or agreed with IBAHQ. Signature of Applicant Date: (official IBAHQ use only) ACCEPTANCE: Date: Date sent:

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