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Hello ladies. Just compiled a few links that may be of use to you when revising for the UKCAT.

The UKCAT is an online test that allows medical schools to see who they want to invite for interview. Its out of 3600, each of the 4 sections being out of 900 and when you go and sit the test, the guy there prints you out your average score (out of 900) straight after you finish. Its done online, so you can sit the exam pretty much anytime between 1st July and 4th October and registration starts on the 1st May, AND ENDS 20th SEPTEMBER, so make sure you schedule before this date otherwise you wont be able to sit the test. Youre also allowed to reschedule without penalty, as long give 24 hours notice. Test itself comprises of 4 sections, which you can find out more about here: For the maths section you guys get an on-screen calculator which is the one you get on windows, and throughout the entire test you get a few sheets of laminated paper and a board marker so you can jot down notes/working out and then easily rub off. Apparently the on screen calculator is really slow, but when Bhavna and I did our tests it was functioning fine, and you can type with the number pad on the keyboard. Registration website is the following: 2L&clientCode=UKCAT This is an illegal Kaplan UKCAT practice test book which I found pretty decent: UKCAT tutorials: The UKCAT website has 2 full practice tests and a shortened one, which do come in useful but from personal experience are a bit harder than the real thing: These are entry requirements for all 32 medical schools in the United Kingdom. N.B. the requirements they state are the MINIMUM requirements which ALL applicants have, so you should apply somewhere where you have something above the minimum requirements the medical school asks for: Pros and Cons of each medical school in the UK: Miscellaneous resources we got from the previous medsoc people: speed reading thats useful for the first section of the test: After you guys finish all your exams in May/June, you should have a small break followed by UKCAT revision. The revision is going to be slightly demoralising, but Ive heard from many people that the people who do really well are those who manage their time well in the test and keep cool throughout the entire thing. Both Bhavna and I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you guys sit the exam mid towards end of August so you wont have to sit it when UCAS stuff starts to kick off. There isnt that much online preparation you can find on the BMAT, its mostly just books/past papers, and the BMAT is going to be sometime in November so its up to you guys to find out whether or not you need to sit the BMAT and when the deadlines are etc. When registering for it, you need to write down your UCAS number so registration is going to be slightly later in the academic year of year 13.