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Phone: 204-270-0215 srta.mts@gmail.


Proud member of ...

President Suzanne Moore Vice-President Pat Liss Treasurer Janelle Picton Secretary Frances Gauthier Collective Bargaining Chair Steve Muzyka Employee Benefits Chair Wendy Chase Health & Wellness Chair Colleen Kachur-Reico Professional Development Chair Allison Graham Workplace Safety & Health Kathy Dubesky Equity & Social Justice Chair Rebecca Sheffield Education Finance Chair Jason Sparling Resolutions Chair Lindsay Hutchinson Public Relations Chair Suzanne Moore

6. The Division shall provide to any teacher being considered for a transfer an opportunity for consultation with the Superintendents Department with respect to the transfer and the details of the intended assignment. The most reasonable notice possible given the circumstances shall be provided to the teacher. 7. Membership fees will be deducted in 10 equal monthly instalments. The SRTA acknowledges and thanks the staff at division office for their work in calculating increases in pay and depositing the retroactive paycheques so quickly.

Hello Everyone! and welcome back to a new year. I am hoping your start has been a positive one and that your year looks promising. There are lots of news to tell you about:

Maternity Workshops:
It can be very confusing to try understand all the legalities and intricacies of Maternity and Parental leaves. There will be two maternity/parental workshops offered this year to our members; one will be in October @ DTS and the other in May @ CSNC. See poster on page 3. A response is needed if you wish to attend.

Collective Bargaining:
First of all, thank you to the 67% of the teachers who took the time on very short notice to travel to Dawson Trail on June 29th to cast a vote on our new Collective Agreement. The vote was 97% in favour of ratification. Here are the highlights of the changes to the collective agreement: 1. Increases in Salary of 1.5 & 1.5; 2%, 2% and 2% over the 4 year life of the agreement 2. The second personal leave day will be at no cost to the members 3. The Professional Development Fund will be increased to $60 000 in 2011; $65 000 in 2012; $70 000 in 2013 and $75 000 in 2014. 4. At any point in the complaint process against a teacher, the individual named shall have the right to have an MTS Staff Officer present. 5. Mileage rates will be based on the provincial rate when an individual uses his/her personal vehicle for divisional business.

Council Meeting Dates:

(Tuesdays) November 29, 2011 February 7, 2012 April 24, 2012 June 12, 2012

Changes to Professional Development:

As those of you who have already accessed PD funding are aware, the email account to handle PD correspondence is and the PD chair is Allison Graham of SAC. Two copies of the new PD brochure that helps navigate the application process have been sent to each workplace. Because of some surpluses during the first few years of the PD fund, and because of the increase to $60 000 funding from the
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Information & Forms on Sharepoint Contact Allison Graham @

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division, the amount of funds available for terms 1,2, and 3 will be slightly more than $21 000. We have already reached the cap for Term 1!

SRTA Website:

Thanks to Shannon Keith of College Lorette Collegiate, the Seine River Teachers Association has a website! Go to

purchase of wii wii staff tournament a night at the Forks with walking yoga lessons and classes purchase of Zumba and having dance Wednesdays
to view the latest updates.

New Legislation Re Violence in the Workplace:

Beginning August 31, 2011, all places of employment must follow the new amendment to the Workplace Safety and Health Act. I have extrapolated some of the key pieces regarding violence in the workplace: Unless otherwise prohibited by law, the duty to inform a worker about the risk of violence under clause (1)(b) includes a duty to provide any information in the employer's possession, including personal information, related to the risk of violence from persons who have a history of violent behaviour and whom workers are likely to encounter in the course of their work. The personal information provided under clause (1)(b) must be the minimum amount necessary to accomplish the purpose.

SRTA Reference Binders:

At the first council meeting of September 20, each workplace received an SRTA Reference Binder to be explained to the members and be made available to all. The binders are to be brought to each council meeting for updating. Each binder contains valuable information such as the constitution, collective agreement, PD brochure, contact information, legislative responsibilities, our dental plan, extended health plan, and more.

As soon as reasonably practicable after an incident of violence to a worker, the employer must (a) investigate the incident; and Constitutional Amendments: (b) implement any control measure that is identified At the council meeting, several proposed constitutional as a result of the investigation that will eliminate or amendments were proposed. The reps have brought control the risk of violence to a worker. these back to each workplace for review. Voting will take place at the next council meeting. Annually, the employer must prepare a report that compiles (a) the records of the incidents of violence to a worker Membership Fees: in the workplace, if any; The executive and council voted to maintain the (b) the results of any investigation into an incident of membership fees for 2011-2012 at $200/member. violence, including a copy of The fees will be deducted in ten equal monthly (i) any recommendations for control measures installments from September to June. or changes to the violence prevention policy (ii) any report prepared under section 2.9 in respect of such an incident; and Health & Wellness for Teaching Staff: (c) the control measures, if any, implemented as a Last year, only $3800 out of a result of an investigation into an incident. possible $6000 was claimed and used by schools for health In a nutshell, all employees must be informed of a & wellness activities. This potential risk of violence and there must be a plan in year, there is a new category plan to deal with the violence. The principal must file on the application form: a report of the incidence, complete an investigation schools with 21+ teachers can and provide control measures to prevent recurrences. apply for $500 in funds. In the past, some rather inventive applications to the fund were used: Thats a lot of information to digest. If you would like help or clarification on anything that is affecting you in the workplace, please contact me @ 270-0215 or

pedometers bowling night out


SRTA PD Fund Update

Applicants by Workplace:

Major Categories of Interest:

Literacy Words Their Way for Struggling
Readers Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks Meeting Literacy Challenge Writing

Money Spoken For, Term 1 $21, 234.00 Dates for Term 2 PD: January to March Applications for Term 2 PD accepted beginning: October 15, 2011 Funds Available Term 2: $21, 020.00

Math3 applications & 1 Group

Project Counselling Assessment in Inclusive Education

Examining Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia in Our Schools

A 2011 national study conducted by U of W and U of M researchers sheds light on some scary statistics involving the safety and overall wellbeing of our homosexual, bisexual and transgender students. We all understand the impact that bullying has on kids, but rarely do we think it comes directly from us, the teachers. This report, entitled Every Class In Every School: Final Report on the First National Climate Survey on Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia in Canadian Schools sites that almost 10% of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning) students reported having heard homo/ transphobic remarks from teachers on a daily basis and this figure is higher for trans students at 17%. Comments aside, students experience staggering amounts of verbal, physical and sexual harassment, all because of their sexual orientation or gender expression. For example: least one or two adults and peer allies they can talk to about LGBTQ matters. As asked by a student 58% of non-LGBTQ youth surveyed: Is there anyone I can found homophobic remarks confide in about this harassment? upsetting as well. Not my parents theyd freak if they knew I was gay. The art As a result, many of these students teacher maybe she seems cool, skip school, run away from home, but shes never said anything about are at risk for depression and gay people so I better not. anxiety, have thoughts of suicide, Remember, sometimes all they need is one safe The art teacher maybe she seems person that they feel unsafe at school. If none of the above is possible, I urge you to just keep an open mind. Do some research on self-mutilate, or are generally your own and be vigilant in your unhappy. Given that 1 in 7 students schools. One final thought, many who completed the survey selfof our schools have human rights identified as LGBTQ or 14% of our initiatives, leadership groups and kids, we have to recognize that they peer support teams that espouse are in our classrooms right now! respect and dignity for every These statistics shed light on the identity group protected by the growing concern for how to keep Canadian Charter of Rights and these kids safe. They also make us Freedoms the group excluded ask the question: do the LGBTQ from these initiatives are often our members of SRTA LGBTQ people. Just some food for feel they work in a thought safe place? If these is offering a workshop January comments exist in our MTS rd 23 and 24th. Please see hallways, do they exist for registration in our staffrooms? info. So, where do we start? The following websites have There are some things to think about: incorporate anti- abundant amounts of information homophobia measures into our and I have attended multiple workshops on the topic. I am also safe schools policies; attend pd certified as an ALLY through the workshops on gender and sexual Rainbow Resource Centre if you identity which talk about how to have any questions that you think I address issues in our classrooms; talk to an ALLY trained staff member can answer please dont hesitate to in your school if you have questions; ask! listen in your hallways and dont look the other way when you hear thats so gay, hey lesbo, or you faggot.

cool, but shes never said anything about gay people so I better not

90% of trans youth hear transphobic comments daily some of these comments come directly from staff members. 1 in 5 LGBTQ students reported being physically harassed or assaulted daily by peers. Over 40% of LGBTQ students reported being sexually harassed on any given school day. Over 65% of LGBTQ students and students with LGBTQ parents or guardians reported Also, consider starting a Gay/Straight Alliance in your school. This is a space where Rebecca Sheffield Equity and students can go and Social Justice Chair know they have at 4

Learning Communities Professional Development Reflections

A strong body of research has grown which documents there is improved teaching and learning when using learning communities (LCs). LCs are based on the belief that teachers know best what they need to improve their practice. Improved teacher practice translates into improved student learning. LCs support teachers knowing the why of their professional development as they are involved in the creation and implementation of their communities. There are eight common characteristics of LCs if they are run effectively: 1. LCs are characterized by inclusive environments. Adults teach and learn from all members. They foster dialogue among its participants. 2. LCs support change. They encourage teachers to take leadership in making changes in their school and classroom practices. The collegial support among teachers supports positive change. teachers analyze their work and share critical feedback in a collegial exchange with peers and supervisors, powerful learning occurs. (p. 161) 6. LCs thrive in a positive school culture and climate. Strong school culture and climate are supported by collegiality, risktaking, high expectations, trust and confidence, real support, appreciation and recognition, caring, celebration and humour, involvement in decision making, protection of what is important, traditions and honest, open communication. In schools where they exist, LCs are most effective and allow the school community to grow. 7. Trust is at the center of a LC. Relational trust is the core ingredient. It rests on the foundation of respect, competence, personal regard and integrity. Trust acts as the glue that supports teachers making change together. 8. Caring is a trademark in a LC. Caring for each other at a personal level often results from working together in a trusting relationship. learning, investing time in the process, and by empowering teachers as leaders. (p. 112). A learning community is built by everyone. A learning community will only evolve if the leader actively nurtures and models growthoriented practices and processes. As the leader of leaders in a learning community, the principal must possess a strong resolve to create and sustain the conditions and culture needed to build capacity in the individual and the organization. (7980). LCs operate over an extended period of time, recognizing that change in practice does not occur in a short time period. Creating time within the regular school day for LCs establishes an environment of jobembedded learning where professional development is a part of a schools culture. There are three attributes of successful jobembedded learning: a) It is relevant to the individual teacher b) Feedback is built into the process c) It facilitates the transfer of new skills into practice. (p. 143)

3. LCs are collaborative. When teachers collaborate, they share ideas and problemsolve solutions to issues in their classrooms. They are supported in taking risks in their efforts to improve teaching and learning. 4. LCs support autonomy and foster connectedness among members. Members feel bound by common goals and a vision that were developed collaboratively while respecting each individuals autonomy in their implementation.

5. LCs hold that reflection is at the core of all adult learning. Using formative and summative reflection support inquiry into making sense of your teaching practices. When

In conclusion, Professional development cannot be left to chance. Professional development must be planned purposefully and deliberately as part of the workday. Professional development The school principal has a key role to play in supporting the establishment of is never the end but rather the beginning of the journey toward learning. (p. 61) LCs. Leadership that fosters trust is When a school works toward becoming essential for building LCs where teachers attempt change and take risks. a learning community, all stakeholders are valued, collaboration is the norm, Principals need to foster teacher leadership and to accept that teachers, learning occurs naturally, and reflection as professionals in LCs, become the key is fostered through collaborative conversations. (p. 112) decisionmakers in determining their professional development direction. Training for school leaders to foster and Learning communities are an exciting vehicle for this professional learning. facilitate this type of learning is essential. The transformation of the school into a learning community begins Source: Zapeda, Sally. (2008) Professional with the principal. The principal sets the Development: What Works? Oxford, OH: Learning Forward. tone for learning by modelling active Created by MTS PD committee

What are some of the new changes under our Extended Health Plan?
Drug coverage is presently capped at $1000, but it is expected to increase to $1200, effective January 1, 2012, pending approval. Athletic Therapy will be combined with Physiotherapy at a combined $850 maximum per person per year, as of January 1, 2012 Occupational Therapy maximum will be $150 per person per year, as of January 1, 2012. Premiums for new retirees are now deducted directly from bank accounts by Blue Cross. Booklets will now be posted on the MTS website. Divisions will have hard copies for new teachers and for those teachers who ask for them.

Can I purchase pensionable service for parental leave?

Yes, provided that:

the leave must be designated as a Parental


the member must purchase the whole leave

The member purchases the first 17 weeks @ cost based on salary at that time, and the balance of the leave @ 2 times the salary cost. These can be purchased at the end of the leave or during the leave. To Purchase Past Parental Leaves:

active members must apply to

TRAF and buy service by December 16, 2012!

Application forms are on

the TRAF website

Member purchases first 17

weeks at cost of members contribution based on present salary, and the balance of the leave at 2X present salary cost.

After December 16, 2012, cost will be much

higher (based on actuarial costs)

Why did I only pay $20.00 for my membership fees this month?
As part of our new collective agreement, membership fees will be deducted in ten equal monthly instalments. Since we set the fees for 2011-2012 at $200.00, this works out to $20 per month. All teachers receiving a paycheque from the division will be deducted that amount per month. This move is aimed at removing the hit to the wallet in October and November, and to provide equity of payment for all members.

How many school divisions have Short Term Disability as part of their collective agreement?
In the spring of 2010, members had the opportunity to vote on whether or not we would include Short Term Disability Plan as part of our Collective Bargaining Package. We had set the goal of 60% approval rate before we would go ahead and bargain on behalf of the members. The fifty-one percent (51%) return was insufficient for us to proceed. At present, approximately 6,000 teachers, or 43% of Manitobas teachers are covered by Short Term Disability plans. Their members who have exhausted their sick days and still have many days ahead without pay until the 80th day when Long Term Disability kicks in, are secure because STD guarantees payment of up to 80% of take home pay for that time period.
The following divisions have STD plans in place:

How can I increase my group life insurance so I can leave more money to my beneficiary?
When you signed your contract, you were enrolled in MPSEGLIP (Manitoba Public Services Employees Group Life Insurance Plan) and you selected either 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x your salary as the amount that would be given to your beneficiary should you die during your employment. During November 2011, you are allowed to increase that coverage by 1x or 2x your salary, without having to show any proof of good health. The only other time you can increase your coverage without proof of insurability is within 90 days of a life-changing event such as marriage, death of a spouse, or the birth of your first child. Those on unpaid disability leaves, including DBP at November 1, 2011 are not eligible Plan takes effect January 1, 2012.

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What happens when I am sick for an extended period of time?

When you are sick for me than 10 days, the divisions payroll staff is expected to notify the Disability Benefits Plan case managers by using the Disability Notification Form. A Case Manager will contact you to determine if you need supports and does an assessment with you. If the Case Manager determines that you need to go on Disability, the Plan sends out application forms to both you and your employer.

SRTA website:

toclassroomsandstudents. MTSRecommendations: The October 4th provincial Ensureteachershaveadequate election is an opportunity for The timetopreparereportsto Manitoba Teachers Society to parentsandadequatetimefor advance four issues that our parentteachercommunication. members say are important to them: Ensureteachershaveongoing supportfortrainingand professionaldevelopmentto Smaller classes mean more implementstrategiesfor timeto: differentiatedinstructionand Workoneononewitheach assessment. student

Vote Manitoba

MTSRecommendations: Ensurethatfundingforspecial needsactuallyreachesthe classroom. Shortenwaitinglistsfor specializedassessments. MakeManitobaschoolscentres forintegratedservicesfor childrenprovidedbythe provincialgovernment. Educatethepublicregardingthe impactofbullying.

James Beddome Green Party

Ensurethattheprovincialreport needs cardbalancestheneedsof parentsforclearand Adapttostudentslearning comprehensiveinformationwith styles Givechildrenwithspecialneeds theworkloaddemandson teachers. theattentiontheyrequire Planindividualprogramsfor students Safe and inclusive schools Communicateandworkwith Provincialmoneydesignatedfor parentstocreateasuccessful specialneedsmustreachthese learningenvironment students. Waitinglistsforspecialized MTS Recommendations: Asafirststep,reduceclasssizesin assessmentsandclinical supportssuchaspsychologists


Growing expectations

newCanadianstoensuretheir childrengetthebeststart possible. Studentswhodonotspeak EnglishorFrench,whohave neverbeentoschool,orwho havemedicalorbehavioural challengesneedsupportsand resourcessothattheycanbe successful. Issuessuchaschildhoodobesity, theenvironment,citizenshipand newtechnologyareamongthe manytopicsthatteachersare

Jon Gerrard Liberal

Hugh McFadyen PC Manitoba

KindergartentoGrade3toa maximumof20students. Developaprocesstoreduceclass sizesthattakesintoaccountthe speciallearningneedsofall students.

aretoolong,especiallyinrural Manitoba. Teachersrequireaccesstointer departmentalservicesteachers todevelopprogramsthatwill besthelpstudentssucceed. Whetheritsbullyingorcyber bullying,teachersworking Communicating with directlywithparentsisthebest parents waytoaddresstheseissues. Ongoingcommunication Nutritionprogramsforstudents betweenteachersandparentsis fromlowincomefamiliesare importanttostudentsuccess. essentialtothehealth,well Thebestwayforaparenttoget beingandlearningneedsof children,buttheydonotreplace informationabouthowtheir theneedforstrongersocial childisdoinginschoolistoask programs,stablehousingand theirchildsteacher. incomesupportforfamilies. Standardizedtestingdoesnot Familycentresinschools improvestudentachievement. Themillionsofdollarsneededto encouragehomeandschool communicationforsome implementastandardized parentswhoareunfamiliaror testingregimewouldbemuch uncomfortablewithschool. betterinvestedinproviding resourcesandsupportsdirectly

requiredtointegrateintotheir lessons.Teachersneedthetime, trainingandprofessional developmenttoimplementnew curriculaandinitiatives. Transportationandresources areneededtoenableruraland northernstudentstoparticipate inextracurricularactivities. MTSRecommendations: Provideresourcesandsupports fornewcomerstudentsand familiestohelpthem successfullyestablish themselvesinManitoba. Ensureteachershavetimeand trainingtoincorporatenew programsintheclassroom. ProvidefundingsoallManitoba studentshaveaccesstoextra curricularactivities. SummaryofMTS2011Provincial GeneralElectionHandbook

Greg Selinger NPD

Voter Turnout in Recent Manitoba Elections

1995 1999 2003 2007 69.2% 68.11% 54.17% 56.75%

EUROPE MISSION 2011: Studying the Holocaust

TeachersEducationalTourJuly20August6,2011 Germany,Poland,andUkraine

SUMMER2011 "...toremainsilentandindifferentisthegreatestsinofall..."(ElieWiesel,survivorofAuschwitz) Emptyfreightcarbearswitnesstoatrocitiesatdeathcamp,where1.5millionpeoplewerekilled.


ForeverletthisplacebeacryofdespairandawarningtohumanitywheretheNazismurderedaboutoneandahalfmillionmen,women,andchildren,mainlyJewsfrom variouscountriesofEurope.(memorialinscriptionatAuschwitzBirkenau,siteofthelabouranddeathcampsinPoland,194045)N.B.Itiswrittenin22differentlanguages, torepresentthevariouspeoplesofEuropeliquidatedthere. AsahighschoolteacherofsocialstudiesandSAG member,IwasnotifiedbytheManitobaSocial ScienceTeachersAssociation(throughitsJournal) ofanupcomingprofessionaldevelopment opportunityinJulyandAugust2011.Subsequently, Idecidedtomakethecommitment,securedPD fundingfrommylocalschooldivision,andendedup travellingtoTorontoforathreedayconferenceat HumberCollege.Then,itwasontoGermany, Poland,andUkrainefortwoweekstotakepartina tour,whichfocussedonWorldWarTwoand specifically,theHolocaust.Ourgroupof22 educatorsvisitedthehistoriclandmarks,crucialwar sites,andimportantlocationsinthecitiesofBerlin, Warsaw,Krakow,Lviv,andKyiv.Moreover, meetingwithlocalpeopleandhearingtheirstories wasavitalaspectofourlearningandappreciation ofthehistoryofEasternEurope,duringthetime periodof1933to1945. thelaststepsofthousandsofinnocentvictims;and honouringthemultitudeofchildrenbrutallykilled atBabynYar,ontheoutskirtsofKyivinUkraine. Thesemomentsandmanymorewillbe rememberedforeverbytheparticipants,whowere bothintellectuallychallengedandemotionally movedbytheirexperiences.Overall,theEurope Mission2011wasverymuchmorethanasimple summervacation! Barrack27,whereherfatherwasinternedat Auschwitz.Also,myowngrandfatherwastricked andarrestedbytheNazis,undertheGeneral GovernmentofoccupiedPoland,andthenexecuted byfiringsquadthenextday!

Insummary,Ihighlyrecommendthistypeof professionaldevelopment,wherebyagroupof educatorshasthechancetotraveltogether,visit importantsitesintheworld,andexpandtheir Intermsofpracticalapplications,Iwilldefinitely knowledge.Moreimportantly,thegroupmembers makeuseofmyincreasedknowledge,personal havetheimmediateopportunitytodebriefand photographs,andmaterialsgained,duringmy sharetheirexperiencesandreactions.Thisprocess involvementwiththeEuropeMission2011 allowsforinformationtobereviewed,interpreted, educationaltour.Atthesecondarylevel,several andpreparedforlateruseintheclassroomwith coursesincludethestudyoftheHolocaustandthe students.Thereisnosubstitutefordirect SecondWorldWar;i.e.Grade9EnglishLanguage experience,especiallyifonehasapassionfor Arts(DiaryofaYoungGirlTheAnneFrankStory), certaincoursesofstudy.Withfundingavailable,I urgeteacherstotakeflightandlearn! Grade11History,andWorldIssuesinGrade12. Othercoursesmaylendthemselvestoaddressing TarasMaluzynsky,teacheratSte.AnneCollegiate,Seine Someofthetriphighlightsincluded:visitingthe thistopic,too.Moreover,theindividualgrowth RiverSchoolDivision siteoftheWannseeConference,justoutsideBerlin, gainedonthistripwasimmenseforthoseofus, wheretheFinalSolutionwasdeterminedbythe whoembracedtheuniqueopportunities,contained Formoreinformation,pleasecontact Naziregime;speakingwithaHolocaustsurvivorata therein,andevenhadapersonalconnectiontothe JewishcemeteryinWarsaw;followingtherailway eventspresented.Forexample,onewomanfrom orphone(204)4225417(afterschool) tracksthroughthegatesatAuschwitz,andretracing Torontobrokedownsobbing,whenshefound


Duringthe2010/2011school yearItooka6credithour courseininclusiveeducation. Thisisacoursedesignedto assistteacherswhensupporting studentswithspecialneeds.


does not give up on slow learners,

Thefirstsectionofthecourse focusedonsocialrole valorizationandhowstudents withspecialneedscanbe devaluedandwhattheirlife experiencesare.Thecourse discussionsallowedparticipants todiscussgroupsinsocietywe considerasdevaluedandwhatwe candoasteachersandschoolsto preventthis.Thisgavemeabetter understandingofwheremanyofour studentsarecomingfromandhow manychildrenareconsideredtobe partofadevaluedgroup.

experienceinthe resourceareaIfound thistobea challengingassignmentbutitgave inventorywhichwouldassessthe schools(principal,teacher,support levelofsupportneededifatall.From meagreatoverviewofaresource team)andhowtoworkeffectively modelandknowledgeofwhatneeds thereweweretowriteandIEPand together. tobedonewhenstartingany planacommunitymeeting. intervention.Itwasveryhelpfulto Fromtherethefocusbecamehowto havetogothroughallthestepsof Beingaschoolcounsellorandnot expandthepartnershipbetween planning,implementingand schoolsandtheircommunities.Being havingmuchexperienceinthe evaluatingasupportplanwhiletrying newtomyschoolsandthedivisionI resourceareaIfoundthistobea Fromtherethediscussionturnedto founditveryinterestingtospeakto challengingassignmentbutitgave toincorporateeverythingIdbeen inclusionandhowourschoolsystems otherteachersandparentsandhow meagreatoverviewofwhatneedsto taughtinthefirstsectionofthe arechanging.Ifounditbeneficialtoo theyviewtherelationshipsbetween bedonewhenstartingany course. lookindepthatthedifferences intervention.Thisassignmentalso schoolsandcommunities.This betweendifferentiatedinstruction allowedmetoworkcloselywiththe Overallthecoursewasanexcellent informationallowedcourse learningopportunitynotonlyformy anduniversaldesignandwhat resourceteacherinmyschoolsand participantstothenplanaunitto inclusionwasintendedtolooklike otherdivisionsupportpeople.Ifound personalprofessionaldevelopment targetasituationofsocial butalsotoprovidemewithabetter comparedtosomepracticesthatare devaluationwhilelearningabout thisassignmenttobethemost understandingofmanyofthe commonlyfollowed. variousservicedeliverymodels(co beneficial. studentsinourschoolsand teaching,consultation,programming, Thesecondhalfofthecoursewas everythingtheneedstoandcanbe Thefinalprojectwastocreatean learningsupportblocksetc). morepracticalwiththeintentionof interventionplanspecifictoaneedin donetosupporttheminantrue beingapplicabletoeachstudents inclusiveschoolsystem. Oneassignmentwastoevaluatethe eachstudentsschool.Theplans teaching/supportposition.We neededtoincluderesearchinthe needforsupportforastudentwith discussedthevariousrolesinthe targetedareasaswellamodelwhich Liz Hammond specialneedsbycompletingan
Education for a peaceful, just, and equitable world, Editorial, Manila Bulletin Online

on the poor and the most vulnerable, on people who are differently abled. Neither does it discriminate in terms of culture and faith affiliation. Instead, it capitalizes on the diversity of individual learners to broaden perspectives and enrich the learning experience. It is about understanding other cultures, other faiths, and people who are different from us, with the Beingaschool aim of achieving greater global understanding and tolerance, and obtaining counsellorandnot havingmuch peace for our conflict-plagued world."

wouldbefollowed. Preandpost assessmentand evaluationalongwith samplesandpersonal reflectionwereall partofthefinal portfolio.

Evaluation on the conversational course B2 taken through Alliance Franaise

IdecidedtotakethiscoursebecauseI wantedaFrenchcoursewhereIwouldbe abletopracticemyFrenchoralskills.This coursewasexactlythat.Itwasoncea weekwith12students.Eachclass2 studentswoulddoa30minute presentationonasubjecteitherchosen bytheteacherorthemselves.They wouldpresentthesubjectandthenthe restoftheclasswasrequiredtoask questions.Everypersonintheclasshad tosaysomething.So,notonlywasthe persondoingthepresentationpracticing theirFrenchoralskillsbuttherestcould practicetheirsaswell. Ienjoyedthiscourse,meetingnew peopleandtalkingaboutdifferent subjectsinFrench.Ilearntnew vocabularyandnewFrenchexpressions.

Family Life Education EDUA 5570

ThecourseItookthis summercoveredawide varietyofsubjectsonFamily Life.Welearnedabout FamilyIssues,Personal Development,Human Sexuality,HealthIssues, ConflictandViolence,Abuse (Physical,Sexualand Emotional),Values,Family LifeIssuesandotherrelated topics. Asanew(ish)teacher,the informationgleanedfrom thiscoursewilldefinitely helpmeasIbeginteaching atthegrade5levelthis year.Iwouldrecommendit tothosewhoneeda refreshercourseand/or whoareworkingontheir postbacs. JanellePicton,ESAI

Equine Therapy Group Project Dawson Trail School

Equinetherapyinvolvesstudentsworkingandlearning fromhorses.Equinetherapycanbeusedwithstudents withcognitivedisabilities,childrenwithautism,FASD, downsyndrome,multiplesclerosis,cerebralpalsy, spinabifida,visualimpairmentsaswellasother disorders. Howequinetherapyworksisthathorseslookfor leadersandarewillingtoworkforchildrenwhocanlead,butonlyafterthehorse findsrespectandtrustfromthechild. Formanyofourstudents,thiswasagreataccomplishment,trustingandleadinga horse. Fivemiddleyearsstudentswereincludedintheequinetherapyprogramandwe attendedatotalof301hoursessions.Duringthose30sessions,ourstudents learnedhowtocarefortheirhorsesaswellashowtowalk,trot,canter,and gallopontheirhorses.Ourstudentsmadeemotionalconnectionswiththeir horsesaswellasoneanotherastheyoftenhadtoworktogetherwiththeirhorses asateam. Asresourceteachers,wewantedtoresearchothertherapiesoutsideofour divisionaltherapiessuchasoccupationaltherapy,andspeechandlanguage.We wantedanopportunitytotakeourstudentsoutsideofourbuildingandlearn aboutthevalueofanimalsandhowtheycanbepositiveforchildrenwithspecial needs.Welearnedandhavesharednewstrategiestousewithourstudentswith specialneeds.Byprovidingourstudentswithpositivelifeexperiences,wehave noticedimprovedschoolbehaviors.Ourplanistocontinuetoresearchother alternativetherapiesforstudentswithspecialneeds. KellyBaker,DanieleEmardFerre,AlannaKlopick



EDUA 5540 - Groups in Guidance EDUA 5480 - Counselling Skills EDUA 5500 - Theories and Issues in School Counselling
ThisspringIcompleted9credithoursof UniversityEducationcourses,eachbeinga prerequisitefortheFacultyofMastersin Education&Counselling.Eachcoursehad differentgoalsandassignments,butwereall tiedintooneanother. introductiontotheclassesthatfollowed, knowthatthereishelpandresources whichfocusedonthepracticalcomponentsin availableforeducatorsandcounsellors.It Counselling. wasveryinformativeandhelpful. ThefinalcourseIcompletedwasGroupsin Guidance.Thiscoursewasbyfarthemost exhilarating,andtaughtmeawholeother worldofhowtoworkwithkids.Groupsare awayoforganizingstudentstogetherwho maybesharingsimilarissuesordifficulties. Theyarethengiventheopportunitytoshare experiences,askeachotherquestions,and learnfromoneanother. GroupCounsellingisafarlessintimidating wayforstudentstocomeaskforhelp,andto knowtheyarenotalone.Forexample,a teacherorcounsellormaychoosetoruna discreetnoonhoursessionforteenagegirls whoarestrugglingwitheatingdisorders. Withwrittenpermissionfromthestudent andtheirparent/guardian,theywouldcome forregularsessionsanddiscusstheirfeelings andstruggleswiththegroup.Thisformsa bondandaleveloftrustbetweenthegroup thatmightnotbeattainedthroughoneon onecounselling.Thegirlscouldalsousethis timetoeattogether,andtalkabouthealthy foodchoices,andwhyitsimportanttostay healthy.GroupTherapyhasamultitudeof benefitsandstrategiesthatallcounsellors shouldtryandincorporateintotheirschools. Laura Janzen

CounsellingSkillswasasmallclassof educatorsandcounsellors,withawiderange ofexperienceandskills.Wesharedstrategies Myfirstcourse,TheoriesandIssuesinSchool andstyles,anddiscussedthedifferentways Counselling,wassetaroundthetheoretical inwhichourschool/divisionoffers aspectsofCounselling.Westudiedavariety CounsellingandResource.Withdifferent ofdifferenttheorists,andresearched/ partnersweweregivenrandomscenarios,in discussedtheprosandconsofeachone.We whichoneofushadtoactasastudent,and lookedatBehaviourModificationTherapy, theotherasacounsellor(roleplaying).We FeministTherapy,FamilyTherapy,Person switchedpartnersaroundandswitchedroles, Centered whichgavetheclassa Therapy,and lotofpracticefrom manymore.We bothends.Thehands studiedthe onpracticeis historybehind definitelythemost thedifferent effectivewayto theories,and becomecomfortable wherethese withcounsellingand theoriesarebest therapy. suitedandused. Everyweekadifferent Wewatcheda groupwasalso varietyof assignedachapterto Counselling presentinfrontofthe session class.Ourgroup interviews, presentedon whichfocused ResistanceandResilience.Wegave ondifferenttherapistsmodelingtheirstyleof therapy.Wethendiscussedtheeffectiveness scenarios,situations,examplesanddefined ofthatstyle,andwhatcouldhavebeenused whatitmeanstoberesilientorresistant. Thiscoursealsoallowedthestudentstofeel alternatively.Thiscoursewasanexcellent comfortablewithbeinguncomfortable,and

Project Overseas Applications Being Accepted

August21,2011 primary,elementaryandsecondarylevels.Criteriafor ProjectOverseasisnowacceptingapplicationsfromManitoba ManitobateachersincludemembershipinMTS,an educatorswantingtoassistteachersindevelopingcountries. appropriateteacherscertificate,fiveyearsexperience,

Canadiancitizenshipandexcellentheath. Eachyearabout50Canadianteachersspendtheirsummers workingwithcolleaguesinAfrica,AsiaandtheCaribbean.The TheapplicationdeadlineisMonday,Oct.312011. ManitobaTeachersSocietysponsorsfour eachyear. Applicationformsandfurtherinformationcanbeobtainedby BasedonrequestsfromoverseaspartnersoftheCanadian contactingNancyKerratTheManitobaTeachersSociety,191 TeachersFederation,teamsareformedinJanuarywith HarcourtSt.,R3J3H2oremail, servicetakingplacethefollowingJulyandAugust.