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1. Adjectivele i pronumele demonstrative sunt: this acest, aceasta, these aceste, aceti, that acel, aceea, those acei, acele. Pronumele demonstrative (Demonstrative pronouns) sunt: this = acesta, aceasta That book is yours and this (one) is mine = Cartea aceasta este a ta, iar acesta este a mea. that = acela, acela This book is mine and that (one) is yours. = Cartea aceaste este a mea, iar aceea este a ta. these = acetia, acestea Those books are mine and these (ones) are yours. = Crile acelea sunt ale mele, iar acestea sunt ale tale. Those players are good but these (ones) are better = Juctorii aceia sunt bini, dar acetia sunt mai buni. those = aceia, acela These players are very good but those (ones) arent. = Juctorii acetia sunt foarte buni, dar aceia nu sunt. This i these indic aporpiere a obiectului n timp i spaiu fa de persoana care vorbete. this book aceast carte that book aceea carte this year anul acesta these books aceste cri those books acele cri that year anul acela, trecut sau viitor

this tune is delightful melodia aceasta este ncnttoare these houses are larger than those casele acestea sunt mai mari dect acelea the landscape in the mountains is more attractive than that in the plains privelitea din muni este mai atrgtoare dect aceea din cmpie Those are your tennis balls, these are mine acestea sunt mingile voastre de tennis, acestea sunt ale mele Please, give him, this te rog, d-i aceasta

What do you think of that? ce crezi despre aceasta? Dac adjectivul demonstrativ se refer la mai mult de un substantive nu este necesar s fie repetat. Exemple: This man and woman acest brbat i aceast femeie A nu se confunda forma singular a pronumelui demonstrative that cu that care, pronume relativ. 2. Pronumele demonstrative aceasta, acesta, aceea, acel, se poate omite n construcia genitivului posesiv. This house is my brothers casa aceasta este a fratelui meu That handbag is my sisters poeta aceea este a surorii mele Se poate omite substantivul nsoit de genitivul s, cnd n aceiai propoziie a fost deja amintit i astfel se evit repetiia: This car is faster than your wifes maina lui este mai rapid dect a soiei sale. I bought my books and my sisters am adus crile mele i ale surorii mele 3. One(s) este folosit cteodat i ca pronume demonstrative pentru a se evita repetarea sau drept correspondent al articolului adjectival din limba romn, cel, cea (this one) sau ca nlocuitor al unui substantive dup adjectivele determinative this, that, which, another, other. Exemple: She took off her hat and put a new one ea i-a scos plria i i-a pus o alta. Its a fine fish but the one I caught was bigger este bun petele dar cel pe care l-am prins este mai mare My house is the one on the left - casa mea este aceea de pe stnga Is that the one who sang last time? este acela care a cntat data trecut? All these books are interesting, this (one) for example toate crile sunt interesante, de exemplu ia-o pe aceasta. MAI REINI: Her sister was a teacher and she wanted to be one too sora ei era profesoar i ea dorea s fie la fel. The little ones cei mici Im not one of those (one of those people) who like him nu sunt dintre aceea (unul dintre) care-l plac

4. Notai traducerea pronumelui demonstrativ englez n urmtoarele cazuri: You will be sorry for this are s-i par ru pentru aceasta It was like this - aa s-a ntmplat This is what he told me aceasta este ce mi-a spus .That is what he told me. aceasta este ce mi-a spus What did he tell you? Oh, this and that. ce i-a povestit? Oh, una alta. I had heard of it before this auzisem despre asta mai nainte It ought to have been done before this trebuia s fie fcut de mai nainte This is something like a meal acesta este ceea ce se cheam un prnz And thats all i cu asta, gata, am terminat Is this (that) all the luggage you are taking? este acesta tot bagajul? Is this (that) where she lives? aici locuiete ea? Is that you John? tu eti John? What do you mean by that? ce vrei s spui cu asta? This, that and the other ba una, ba alta, cnd una, cnd alta There is no such thing! nu exist aa ceva Dont do that s nu faci aa ceva EXERCIII Exerciiul 1 Transformai propoziiile urmtoare dup exemplul de mai jos: Ex. This is my cat. This cat belongs to me. 1. Those are your books. 2. That is their ball. 3. Is this your house? 4. That is Marys dog. 5. Are these your coats? __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

Exerciiul 2 Transformai propoziiile de mai jos, folosind pronumele demonstrative dup urmtorul model: Model: This car is red. This is a red car. 1. This door is open. 2. Those windows are closed. 3. These buildings are modern. 4. Those boys are naughty. Exerciiul 3 Completai spaiile libere cu pronumele demonstrative corespunztoare: 1. Is ____________ all she has to say? 2. ____________ is my younger sister. 3. ____________ is what she said. 4. ____________ is the fate of an ordinary man. 5. Id do ____________ 6. ____________ is what I am going to do right now. Exerciiul 4 Traducei n limba romn urmtoarele popoziii: a) Theres a squirrel in the tree. ______________________________________________________ b) Theres the squirrel in the tree. __________________________________________________ c) Theres the man I was telling you about. __________________________________________________ d) Theres John! __________________________________________________ e) Theres John in the tree. __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

__________________________________________________ f) Theres a letter and two messages for you. __________________________________________________ g) There are a letter and two messages for you. __________________________________________________ h) There are two messages and a letter for you. __________________________________________________ i) There are a load of messages for you. __________________________________________________ j) Theres a load of messages for you. __________________________________________________ k) There are a lot of messages for you. __________________________________________________ l) Theres a lot of messages for you. __________________________________________________ m) Theres two messages for you. __________________________________________________ Exerciiul 5 Alegei pronumele demonstrative din propoziiile de mai jos i scriei-le n csuele de mai jos: 1. This sounds like a great idea!

2. What is that?

3. Larry brought those to the party.

4. These are simply delicious!

Exerciiul 6 Completai spaiile libere cu pronumele demonstrative potrivit: 1. ________________ is my school. 2. I like both the shirts, but ________________ is better than _______________. 3. ________________ are my brothers things. 4. ________________ is my aunt. 5. ________________ is my friends umbrella. My family

This is my family: my wife, my son, my daughter and I. My wife is Mrs. Black. I am Mrs. Black husband. I am a man. My wife is a woman. We have two children, a boy and a girl. The boys name is John. Hes twelve years old. The girls name is Mary. She is still quite young. Shes only eight. Shes four years younger than John, and John is four years older than she is. Mary is the youngest in the family and I am the oldest. John is Marys brother. Mary is Johns sister. John is my son. I am his father. Mary is my daughter. I am her father. My wife is her mother. John and Mary are our children. I am their father; my wife is their mother; we are their parents. We love our children.

Vocabulary parents = prini father = tat mother = mam son = fiu daughter = fiic grandparents = bunici grandmother = bunic grandfather = bunic 6

grandson = nepot (de bunic) grand-daughter = nepoat (de bunic) uncle = unchi aunt = mtu nephew = nepot (de unchi) niece = nepoat (de unchi) cousin = verior, verioar brother-in-law = cumnat sister-in-law = cumnat son-in law =ginere daughter-in-law = nor parents-in-law =socri father-in law = socru mother-in-law =soacr great-grandparents = strbunici great-grandfather = strbunic great-grandmother = strbunic great-grandchildren =strnepoi great-grandson = strnepot great-granddaughter = strnepoat in-laws = cuscri step-father =tat vitreg step-mother = mam vitreg step-son = fiu vitreg step-daughter = fiic vitreg step-brother = frate vitreg step-sister = sor vitreg half-brother = frate dup unul din prini half-sister = sor dup unul din prini Exerciiul 7 Compunei un eseu de zece rnduri despre familia voastr.

_________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ __________

PROVERBS Where there is life there is hope. There is no rose without thorns. There is no rule without exceptions. There is no smoke without fire. life = via without = fr rule = regul thorn = ghimpe JOKES A playwright was the husband of a famous actress. I make the acts and she makes the scenes, he used to say. playwright = dramaturg act = act It is late at night. A man comes out of a pub. He is very drunk. He goes towards his car and tries to get in. A policeman sees that, and asks: Do you intend to drive drunk as you are? I cant help it, the man answers, cant you see I cant walk? scene = scen used to = obinuia s exception = excepie smoke = fum

at night = noaptea drunk = beat as = cum

to come out of = a iei din towards = ctre, nspre I cant help it = n-am ncotro

pub = crcium to intend = a inteniona