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Apple Inc. announced tonight that company co-founder and former Chief Executive Steve Jobs has died at the age of 56. Here is a look back at his career. He was the father of the iPhone, the iPod and the Apple Mac computers turning ____________________ gadgets into objects of desire. I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful. As he was fond of saying, Wait, theres more! Today Apple is going to ____________________ the phone. And people did wait in long lines for the first iPhones in 2007. Then three years later they lined up for the iPad changing the way people consume media. Design plus function ____________________ the right life style and thats what he felt. In 1976 Jobs co-founded Apple Computer and within a few years was worth one hundred million dollars. In 1984 he was showing off his new ____________________ and joy, the Macintosh. And this has turned out insanely great. As critics hailed the Mac, Jobs was on the losing end of a ____________________ struggle at his company and left Apple a year later. He went into computer animation acquiring Pixar Studios and striking failure with a ____________________ of hit movies starting with Toy Story To infinity and beyond! Jobs came back to Apple in 1996 and began reinventing the Mac dressing it up in a variety of colours. They look so good you kinda wanna lick them. Concerns about the health of Steve Jobs began in 2004 when he underwent ____________________ for pancreatic cancer. A year later he spoke about that during a commencement at Stanford University. This was the closest Ive been to facing death and I hope its the closest I get for a few more decades. An ____________________ private man with a quick temper kept reporters at bay saying his health was nobodys business. But Jobs was losing weight, something revealed in these photos taken in 2007 and 2008. In April 2009 he underwent a liver ____________________. Five months later back on the job at Apple he expressed his gratitude. I now have the liver of a mid-twenties person who died in a car crash and was generous enough to donate his organs. And I wouldnt be here without such____________________. On August 24th of this year he stepped down as Apples CEO. Back in 2005 he offered this bit of advice to the Stanford University grads Your time is ____________________ so dont waste it living someone elses life. Dont let the noise of others opinions drown out your inner voice the most visionary products of the internet ____________________.. Steve Jobs, a man whose own inner voice led him to create some of Jobs leaves behind a wife and four children. George Lewis, NBC News, Los Angeles

Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps in the text using the following words.
era generosity intensely limited power transplant electronic pride reinvent string equals surgery

Exercise 2. Match the words in bold in the text with the definitions on the right. Put the correct letter into the box next to each word. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 gadgets lined up hailed acquiring commencement kept reporters at bay revealed gratitude stepped down a) prevented them from coming close b) a feeling of thankfulness c) shown, displayed d) left his position e) praised, said how good it was f) stood in a line g) students who had just got their degrees h) graduation ceremony i) j) small useful devices or machines getting, buying

10 grads

Exercise 3. Fill in the key dates in the timeline of Steve Jobs life and work.

A timeline of Steve Jobs life and career

Steve Jobs co-founds Apple Computer. The Makintosh computer goes on sale. Jobs resigns from Apple. He buys Pixar. He comes back to Apple. He undergoes surgery for pancreatic cancer. He gives his famous commencement speech at Stanford University. Apple releases its first smartphone, the iPhone. He undergoes a liver transplant. The iPad, Apples tablet computer, goes on sale. He steps down as Apples CEO. Jobs dies after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.



rise, increase, examine or check something carefully become higher be built

chase or follow somebody try to get something

happen, be done start

leave your house to go to a special event stop burning

leave a person or a place

return continue happen, take place fall to the ground become reduced in price, amount, explode stop working or functioning enter a room, a house quantity choose like or admire

Complete the sentences with after, ahead, away, back, down, for, in(to), off, on, our, over or up. 1. George went _ _ _ _ _ to the cellar to bring a bottle of wine. 2. Go _ _ _ _ _ ! I cant talk to you right now Im very busy. 3. My parents have gone _ _ _ _ _ _ for dinner. Theyll be back in an hour. 4. Jack tried to go _ _ _ _ _ _ the robber but he failed to catch him. 5. New apartments are going _ _ _ _ _ _ all over the west coast. 6. The bomb went _ _ _ _ _ _ but fortunately no one was seriously injured. 7. We cant go _ _ _ _ _ _ with the project without them. They are a crucial part. 8. Mr. Stevenson doesnt go much _ _ _ _ _ _ modern architecture. 9. When the headmaster entered, the teacher went _ _ _ _ _ _ explaining the new topic. 10. Every morning my mum goes _ _ _ _ _ _ my

bedroom to say Hello. 11. You should go _ _ _ _ _ _ your essay before you hand it in to your teacher. 12. Lets go _ _ _ _ _ _ to the hotel. Im exhausted after five hours of sightseeing. 13. Life expectancy has gone _ _ _ _ _ _ from 70 to 73 recently. 14. Ive been going _ _ _ _ _ _ that job for three months. 15. My sister always goes _ _ _ _ _ _ vivid colours of her outfits. 16. I was writing an email when the light went _ _ _ _ _ _. 17. Yesterday I was late for school because I had to go _ _ _ _ _ _ home to get my maths book. 18. Theres a party going _ _ _ _ _ _ at my neighbours house. 19. Taxes never seem to go _ _ _ _ _ _. The government exacts more and more from us. 20. The local craftwork festival will go _ _ _ _ _ _ as planned next month.

get out of bed rise to your feet

cause to be understood

have a friendly relationship

succeed in finishing a task

have a holiday escape

recover from

an ilness
overcome a

manage to survive in spite of difficulties


become known (news, information) start doing or continue doing an activity leave a bus, train, plane or a place
go inside a car, dismount or

get serious

room, home
arrive at a

about topic


Complete the sentences with across, along, away, by, down (to), in, off, on, out, over, through or up. 1. My daughter is an early bird. She gets _ _ _ _ _ _ at 7 every day of the week. 2. How can Tom get _ _ _ _ _ _ on his poor salary? 3. Pat usually fails to get her jokes _ _ _ _ _ _. 4. Jim got _ _ _ _ _ _ his exams without much effort. 5. Youd better get _ _ _ _ _ _ the back seat. Ive got my sons safety seat in the front. 6. Ive never got _ _ _ _ _ _ with my brother-inlaw. 7. If this secret gets _ _ _ _ _ _ , youll be in trouble. 8. Weve climbed the fence easily, but now we cant get _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . 9. You should get _ _ _ _ _ _ with your homework right now.

10. Kate hasnt got _ _ _ _ _ _ her separation with Mark. 11. The burglar got _ _ _ _ _ _ before we came back home . 12. When Moly got _ _ _ _ _ _ the plane, she saw all her family waiting for her. 13. Lets get _ _ _ _ _ _ business. 14. Lindas been unemployed for six months. Shes getting _ _ _ _ _ _ thanks to her parents help. 15. After the concert the audience got _ _ _ _ _ _ and applauded for ten minutes. 16. Do Steve and Jess get _ _ _ _ _ _? 17. Can you tell me where I should get _ _ _ _ _ _? 18. We hope to get _ _ _ _ _ _ for a few day at Easter. 19. How did Liz get _ _ _ _ _ _ in here? She hasnt got the key, has she? 20. It took me two weeks to get _ _ _ _ _ _ the terrible flu.