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Pro'sKit PK-5308BM Electronics Tool Kit Package Contents

Pro'sKit PK-5308BM electronics tool kit: o Digital multimeter (1 pc.) o Bit set with bit holder (23 pcs.) o Curved claw hammer (1 pc.) o Adjustable wrench (1 pc.) o IC extractor (1 pc.) o Hobby vise (1 pc.) o Slip-channel pump pliers (1 pc.) o Long nose pliers (2 pcs.) o Diagonal cutting pliers (1 pc.) o Lineman's pliers (1 pc.) o Side cutting pliers (1 pc.) o Straight tweezer (1 pc.) o Screwdrivers (9 pcs.) o Utility component storage box (1 pc.) o Electronics screwdriver set (6 pcs.) o Hex key set (9 pcs.) o Wrench key set (10 pcs.) o Needle file set (5 pcs.) o Soldering iron 110V or 220V (1 pc.) o Desoldering wick (1 pc.) o Solder (1 pc.) o Desoldering pump (1 pc.) o Telescopic magnetic pick up tool (1 pc.) o Blow brush (1 pc.) o Inspection mirror (1 pc.) o Flux bottle (2 pcs.) o PVC insulated tape (1 pc.) o Utility knife (3 blades) (1 pc.) o Measuring tape (1 pc.) o Electrician's scissors (1 pc.) ABS tool case (1 pc.) Removable pallet (2 pc.)

Pro'sKit PK-4021M
SR-332 1PK-CT007 HW-121M PD-994 PM-909 PM-715 8PK-101K 1PK-H026 1PK-H078 DK-2047N SD-207A SD-207B SD-210A SD-210B 9SD057P 1PK-H064 8PK-SD016 MT-7068 MT-8091 8PK-3140N PD-2606 DK-2032 MS-V305 108-608A 108-608B 903-132C-G CP-372 CP-236DM5 CP-336DA4 CP-336DH1 DK-2040 1PK-T406 9PK-4021-P All Purpose Snip Double End Socket Can Wrench 8PCS Folding Hex Key Set Electrician's Knife Long Nose Plier (170mm) Black Oxide Finish 6" Dual Color Diagonal Cutting Plier (110mm) Micro Cutting Plier Adjustable Wrench-6" Probe-Pic Spudder Electrician's Scissors Pro-Soft Screwdriver (6.0x100mm) Pro-Soft Screwdriver (#2x100mm) Pro-Soft Screwdriver (5.0x100mm) Pro-Soft Screwdriver (#1x100mm) Double-End Screwdriver Precision Hand Drill 23PCS 1/4" Driver Socket Set All-in-one Toner & Probe Kit In-Line Modular Adapters 4/6/8 Pin 3 In 1 Punch Down Tool With 110/66 Blades Heavy Duty Curved-Claw Hammer W/Fiberglass Handle Fish Tape (50FT) Velcro Cable Tie-5" Assortment (15PCS/Pack) 10PCS Electronic Combination Wrench (Inch) or (Metric) Utility Component Storage Box (165x95x45mm) Pro-Crimper (Frame only) Die Set for CP-372G 8P8C/RJ45 Plug & Cable O/D around 5.2O Die Set for CP-372O RG 58,59,62,174 Die Set for CP-372T CATV F Connectors RG 59,6 Hi-rel Tape Measure 3M/10Ft 6" Straight Forceps Pallet for PK-4021

9PK-4021-TP 9PK-990

Top pallet for PK-4021 Aluminum frame tool w/1 pallet

PK-4020B (metric)


Plain box + Color label

Pro'sKit PK-4020B
Communications maintenance kit, 220V.

1PK-108T 1PK-317N 1PK-606A 1PK-701 1PK-705 1PK-706 1PK-709 1PK-H026 1PK-H078 1PK-T405 3PK-NT023N 5PK-3140-110 8PK-2061 8PK-3001D 8PK-CT004 9FL-005 9H002/9H002A 9PD-3141C-W 9R006 9SD055-EX 9PK-3018SD 9SD055N-BIT

Reverse action tweezer Spring hook 3pcs anti-static alignment tool kit Micro cutting plier Diagonal cutting nipper Long nose plier Long nose plier 150mm Adjustable wrench 6" Probe-pic spudger Straight Forceps 5" Tone probe kit Replacement blade-110 for 8PK-3140N 6pcs electronic screwdriver set Precision wire stripper Insertion/extraction tool Mini flash light 7pcs folding type hex key set (inch) or (metric) Impact & punch down tool w/o blade Steel ruler 6" Extension blade 7"(175mm) Super torque ratchet handle 8pcs screwdriver blades: #0, #1, #2 3, 5, 6mm T10, T15


7pcs nut driver blares: 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 11/32", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2"(inch) or 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12mm(metric) Double ended screwdriver 3mm/#0 Wrist strap 10FT Measuring tape 3M/10FT Electrician's scissors Inspection mirroe Butt set Dual telephone line tester Electrician's knife Slip-channel pump pliers 204mm Two pallet for PK-4020 Deluxe carry bag with 2 pallets of 1PK-9383 Case size (mm) Individual packing

9SD057P AS-611 DK-2040 DK-2047N MS-391 MT-8001 NT-6006 PD-994 PN-P008 TC-2002ES Model No.

MT-7068 CP-373 8PK314BR CP-505 1PKSD006 SR-332 9STPK4015 All-in-one Toner & Probe Kit Pro-Crimper Modular Tool Impact & Punch Down Tool Universal Stripping Tool (UTP/STP, RG59/6/7/11) 6-in-1 Magnetic Quick Change Screwdriver All Purpose Snip Carring Zipper bag