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LBS I Program Observation Form Teacher Candidate: Lesson: Ariana Dymerski Observer: Date: 2/14/13 Talbott


Rating Code: S=satisfactory performance; NIA=needs improvement; amount of improved needed is appropriate for point in program; NIU=needs improvement, performance level is not acceptable for point in program; NA=Not applicable to this observation

Helped students focus on relevant stimuli Teacher candidate had and followed a plan to engage students interest and attention before introducing instruction Teacher candidate ensured students were paying attention before delivering directions or instruction Materials and activities were designed and sequenced to draw students attention to the relevant stimuli Provided frequent opportunities for students to respond Materials and activities were designed and sequenced to provide maximum practice for each student Teacher candidate ensured as many students as possible had opportunities to practice Practice opportunities were designed to match skills targeted in lesson objectives Assessment Had and followed plan to assess student learning that would enable instructional decision-making Teacher candidate used appropriate technique (maintained neutrality, didnt offer error correction or task-related reinforcement)

x x x

It was a good idea to tell him I was coming. Hes super shy! Your introduction to the lesson was clear and concise. Bryan is a really good listener! I can tell he wants to learn!

x x x

The program does a nice job teaching and reteaching skills at different levels of difficulty. You were very in tune with Bryans performance and did a great job with pacing.

x x

Though not an official part of this lesson, our post-observation meeting told me that you are constantly thinking about his performance. It was interesting to hear your rationale for going back to the tricky part. You were spot-on! I like that you adhered closely to the error correction in the program. It is very deliberate and effective! I especially like that you know this program so well and are able to know whats important and helpful to your student. Touching the tiles helped tremendously!

Errorless learning Materials and activities were designed and sequenced to increase correct responding Teacher candidate developed an appropriate plan for providing prompts before student responding Prompts were delivered according to plan (clear, concise, neutral/positive tone) Error correction was delivered appropriately (immediately after error, clear, concise, neutral tone) Positive Learning Environment Teacher candidate minimized undesirable behavior through design and delivery of instruction (interest, pacing, proximity, practice opportunities. x x x x

Its very interesting to watch you interact with your kids! Youve mentioned that you are a bit out of your comfort zone, and that

Teacher candidate provided positive consequences for positive social behaviors or other skills in addition to those targeted for instruction Transitions between activities and settings were structures and smooth Teacher candidate used students time wisely (filled unanticipated free time with constructive activities) Teacher candidate seemed aware of all activities occurring in the instructional environment and adapted quickly and responsibly as needed (voice volume, instructional delivery, materials) Informal interactions: teacher candidate involved him/herself in positive, age appropriate interactions with students at appropriate times; teacher candidate facilitated respectful interactions between students

you are worried that you might not be animated enough. You are absolutely unlike most of the teachers at this grade level, BUTI think it totally works for you and for your kids. Your voice is low and calm, your demeanor is very serious, and you are conservative in your reinforcement. AND YOUR KIDS RESPOND BEAUTIFULLY TO THAT! They lean in closely to you as if you hold the secrets to learning! Its fun to see someone with a different style! I think youre pretty mysterious and interesting to these little guys!

x x x

Meaningfulness of Task & Context Teacher candidate demonstrated appropriate level of initiative in planning task and materials Task and materials were designed to engage students interest Task and materials were as natural and relevant to the situation as possible x x x You have done an EXCELLENT job training this kiddo in this program. There was absolutely no question about the expectations and he rarely made mistakes. Nice job learning all about Barton. It helps to know what youre teaching!