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2013 MN Football Coaches Association Clinic Butch Jones University of Tennessee Building the Program Brick by Brick Have

ave to start a project and make it last What is your edge as a coach? o What makes you different from any other coach in America? o What do you stand for? o What does your brand stand for? Everyone is a head coach o RBs coach is head coach of RBs o What does your film say? There are no patents in football o Anyone can draw Xs and Os o You do not win with schematics You win by teaching chemistry, effort, fundamentals, and toughness Can you get your kids to play with an edge Coaching is leadership and vision o What is vision for your position group, for your program, effort, conduct o You need to paint the vision for every part of your program Stances tell you how well coached your are o All stances should be in a power position o Body position is the key to plays so teach it All teach from an athletic body position Practice with noise o Mental conditioning o Used to hostile environment o Put a thinking element into your drills Its the small things that add up to the big things o Kids dont win off the field, he will not win on the field Do not compromise on this, do it right all the time You define what you want it all to look like o This is the power of the program Developing a Style of Play o All great teams have one o All great positions have one Watch backside corner or wideout on run away (or field goal block) This tells you how hard a team will play Watch how teams take to field Do they run off or run off

You wear opponent out o Physically o Philosophically/Mental o Football is a battle of wills On a 4-6 play selection of plays someone is going to give in In times of adversity never tell someone what you do not want them to do Tell them what you do want them to do Sudden Change o Embrace it in everything Put into practice period Be flexible and keep people on their feet Terminology o Keep it the same for O, D, and ST o One word for ball security: Chin Chin to ball and cover the tip All 5 points are there o Ball disruptions Mirror off hand of QB then get hands up Culture of your team shows in practice o Do not walk on the field If you do not know where you are going run in place then follow somebody o Take the field at a sprint Build an attacking mentality Ball holds dreams, goals, and aspirations Fight for blades of grass o It is a game of inches o Fight for those small advantages that add up into big advantages o You must get better every day as a coach or you are not gaining any experience Do you have three years of experience or do you have one year of twenty years experience with twenty years of repeat Consistency in message o Teacher vs presenter Can you teach fundamentals Teachers teach o Language all use same o Meetings Clear, clean, concise, direct Coach with pictures, stills and give coaching points o Peer Intervention Program leadership teach them how to lead Leadership is the ability to influence Skelly is bad

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Skelly is the driving range for the QB Work routes in team pass 1 on 1s O vs DL DE does not always know it is pass DL or LB must put foot in ground, turn, then sprint 10 yds to dummy with a ball Just like in a game Vary up where that dummy would be screen section

Swarm o Smart Swarm to ball Leverage to ball Proper hip/landmark 63 o Play lasts four to six seconds o Need six seconds of effort with three great efforts o Show effort in practice to team the night before the game 63 sticker on back of helmet for effort Toughness o Bear Bryant on toughness Talent does not matter, if boys do not think tough, practice tough, and live tough, then how can they play tough on gameday. o Practice toughness once per week You do not know when that one play will win or lost the game Soft o The worst thing that you can be called in the program is soft Really soft players get soft c Strain o Work hard and give great effort No job is too small o Be the best holder in the country, best guard on punt in country LOF o Lack of finish Toughness o Physical condition precedes anything else Turn and sprint at end of quarter Football rewards the team that is in good physical condition o Body position o Hand punch, hand violence, hand placement o Restarting feet Running the number, body on a body o Teaching of Strain Count out six seconds in drills o Winning at the Junction point

When defender that initiates contact meets player running away from contact o Effort o Blades of Grass o Standard Periods Morning workout that show expectations o Build confidence and belief in physicality of their game o No kids wearing long sleeves in cold games Shows you the mentality Circle of Life Drill o 1 on 1 that goes until one man plants the other on the ground o Name drills after opponents Bama drill inside run drill Gator drill 1 on 1 with RB Vols live blocking DB vs WR with RB WR and DBs are soft by nature, you have to make them tough Keep score in the drills Tackling Drills Can get team around to raise intensity 3x3 drill 8 yd box, 10yds deep O has 4 plays to score o Add RB and LB First Up o Anyone that carries ball is the first up off the ground before that defender That is mentally intimidating If someone on the ground you have to get them up Body on a body o If ball is thrown then go and get a body on a body o Everyone else should turn and sprint to the ball o Never leave ball on ground give to ref Ball holds dreams, goals, and aspirations Score standard o When you score all look the same Chin to ball, give ball to the ref What are your core values at your position? o What are the standards for the position? Tracy Claeys U of MN DC

Get to frontside shoulder rip out the ball do not secure then strip as RB has time to secure pull ball low and away If behind and cannot get to shoulder then punch the ball out

Then progress to second man strip second man cannot go until the first man makes contact with the ball-carrier They do not match routes easier to play man then, when play zone want all eyes on ball Defenders work to first QB look then jump the second look when hand off ball the defender jumps it Sack and fumble strip hands down and get the ball out Scoop and score over bags like to do into boundary (if you cannot recover the ball then knock it back in bounds) Defend what you see on film and enjoy life Candy is an amazing motivator for kids LB levels a FB iso block get him a crunch bar in front of the whole team, TFL get candy, effort get a tootsie pop Matt Limegrover Minnesota Gopher Offense Power Read Series Why the Power Read o Like because it horizontally stretches the defense and attacks the perimeter o Option play without QB taking big hits, Power scheme, great complementary plays (counter, QB power, PAP, shovel), QB does not have to be a difference maker to make the play go, can read frontside DE or frontside LB to keep D honest If play does not look good on Tuesday, take it out for that week, it will not be effective in the game Principles o Same as power O for oline o Block main threats (MLB and safety) Block defenders most likely to tackle for a loss o Adjust and counter punch o Not expensive play to add o Always have three blockers playside Read the end o Block LB and push crack next most dangerous Read the MLB o Block end and SS o Widest offensive player push seal Push corner If he bails seal safety If he sits block him Next two offensive players block the next to most dangerous players #2 blocks SS or OLB #3 blocks MLB work outside in to assignment

Combo #1 DL on LOS to BSLB BST slam B gap BSG pull and work to FSLB (#3) If he runs out get eyes inside for next backside defender QB step shuffle, shuffle, read o 3 LB look BSG is pulling for MLB o Like to run with the slot/WR coming in jet motion as the ball carrier o Nice to bunch Inside man on bunch arcs out and push/seal the perimeter o Fun out of empty o Power Read Swing Run with the back to the three receiver side QB still read end End squeezes throw swing End widens keep up inside TB is playside and runs a swing Same concept as speed option Perimeter is the same Like this from Bunch Reading the MLB o Block the end o Safe for QB o Perimeter is 3 for 3 3 widest Offensive players block the three widest defensive players o Basically trapping the end with the guard Complements o QB Counter Exploit over aggressive Defense Guard pulls and kickouts, WB or back then pulls and seals o QB Power Can be run to, or away, from motion QB great fake then go With two backs in backfield: Motion flanker in Block power, have backside RB as extra logger o Play Action Off of the MLB read #1 - vertical #2 - bubble


#3 quick seam/pop route #1 backside post QB reads backside safety He runs to pop throw the glance He sits go to pop If you do not feel comfortable run the play as before as blocking allows you to do this o OL blocks power anyway because throw comes out so fast o Play action Three verticals playside #2 WR fakes quick hook outside then comes under and comes inside o That LB will get tired of you trying to get outside with steady does of Power read anyway Backside runs vertical or corner (if backside #1 is TE) o Shovel Off of reading the end action If dropped it is an incomplete pass QB does not ride and read Gets width and depth while reading the DE Back gets vertical then gets flat for shovel pass OL has same blocking as regular Power Read Power Read series can be as big or as small as you want it to be o As many ways as you can pressure a DE to help your offensive line make him think, the better it is DE has running back coming at him and QB reading him Vs 3-4 put TE to read the next man outside o Answer to most problems with 3-4 is to put a TE in the game Glen Caruso University of St. Thomas (MN) D3 national runner up UST Pride and Passion Building Your Program Your Way

Iron sharpens iron o Respect your opponent by giving your best effort when you step on the field Only as good as your staff o Whatever you do, do it for the greater good of us o How does what you learn apply to your team Cultural Tenets / cultural pillars o Pride in personnel play hard, play fast, play for each other o Passion for your performance o Persistence in your plan takes no smarts or athleticism, just determination The leader: Know you, be you

Know who you are and who you are not List it out What are your non-negotiables Think about the end What are you willing/not willing to win or lose with Personnel o Be totally transparent in your recruiting o 1. Enjoy the journey, embrace the struggle All enjoy when it goes well, what do you do when it goes bad o 2. Critical, confident, optimistic o 3. Forward thinking next Lose game, move forward o 4. Take it personally o 5. Stubborn not a negative if you can harness it o 6. Competitive o 7. Highly demanding easy vs worthy Not the critic / Man in the arena quote o 8.Highly selective slow to go Who do you have that should not be there Better to have one less than one more If you dont know it means they must go Performance o Consistent structure defined parameters Threat of not having limitations is debilitating for people Clear minds make fast legs o Ability to recalculate Be flexible not linear Know where you want to go Tom tom: recalculating o Absurdly High expectations If you do not set them high you will not get there o Good leader, good follower o Tempo and urgency There is a rhythm to how the program produces o Patience Water the bamboo Just because you work, and just because you wait, does not entitle you to a darn thing o Understanding Failure Accept it, learn from it, There is no sin in failure, but there is failure in doing same thing twice

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Risk take it, be ok to fail Own up to failures and do not make same mistake twice o Relentless effort o Accountability and Judgment Starts at the top All we do is judging others it is not bad Judgment is how to stay sane, safe, and learn The Plan o Big Picture: Focal points by years for each aspect of your program Attitude, staffing, scheme, recruiting, etc Then what o FAMILY Forget about me, I love you Find a way to focus on your family Give yourselves up to your teammates What you get is a by-product of the family Personnel, Performance, Plan, FAMILY o Concentric growth o Perpetuating virtuous cycle Culture of people o Coach the kid, not the scheme Life Lessons and football lessons o Enhancement sessions Leadership training, PAUSCH last lecture o Vision, summation, selflessness, thoughtfulness, mental toughness, positive mental outlook Books: o Energy bus, good to great, talent code, talent is overrated, as a man thinketh, blessings of a skinned knee, big russ and me, Ive got things to do with my life, huddle: fathers sons and football, no: why kids of all ages need to hear it, they call me coach, psycho cybernetics, Find your absolutes o Not willing to have / not have in the program o Who are we? o Defense hustle, balanced talent, ambidextrous, leverage/liabilities, baseline check system(default), thoughtful aggression, tempo variation, personnel aberrations, singleness of purpose defense (work hard to not let team beat you the way that they want to o Offense hustle, trade-shift-motion, cadence (most underused weapon), balance, +1 football, split variation, tempo variation, ample check system, personnel aberrations Building a Village o Team traditions take the field, after a victory

Team travel Bonding Personal contact Team / community outreach Civic engagement relay for life, reading recess Leadership growth Involving the family: House rules We never quit We never whine. Pouting is non-verbal whining We never get embarrassed Be wrong, but be proud Bring family to practice Let your kids see you at work o Show kids what it means to be a man Blessed to work let kids do some o Working is a privilege Take pictures of the highs and the lows o Embrace the thorns Do not enjoy it, but embrace it, you are better for it down the road Lessons in life that are most valuable are based on our failures Prepare the child for the path and not the path for the child o Fail at 18, not when you are 42 o Do not make it easy, make it worthy

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