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Fill in with Past Simple or Past Continuous.

Last night I ____________________(be) alone at home. I _________________________(lie) on my bed and I

______________________________(watch) TV when I _________________________(hear) a strange noise.
The noise ___________________________(come) from the kitchen. I _________________________(go)
downstairs, ___________________________(pick up) a heavy vase from the table and ____________________
(head for) the kitchen. I _______________________(open) the door very slowly. Then I __________________
(see) someone. He _____________________________(search) in the fridge. I ________________________(be)
so frightened that I ____________________________(drop) the vase I _________________________________
(carry) and it _____________________________(crash) onto the floor. The man _______________________
(turn) towards the door and I _________________________(see) his face. It was my husband!
Fill in with the Past Simple or Past Perfect then state which action happened first.

When I left (leave) the house, I realised (realise) that I

First action:

had forgotten (forget) my keys.

had forgotten

After I ________________________(finish) digging the garden I ___________________(decided) to

go for a walk.
First action: ____________________________

I __________________________(lend) Fiona some money only after she ________________________

(promise) to give it back the next day.
First action: ____________________________

They kept arguing about the money their father ___________________________(leave) them in his will
when he ___________________________(die).
First action: ____________________________

Kate _________________________(start) studying after John _______________________(leave).

First action: ____________________________

I _____________________________(buy) Beckie a plant yesterday because she ___________________

(sing) so well in the concert the night before.
First action: ____________________________

When I ___________________________(see) Julie, I __________________________(realise) that I

________________________________(meet) her before.
First action: _____________________________

Fill in a suitable word or phrase using 'Present' or 'Past' verb forms.


As soon as I

saw that the house was

on fire, I phoned the fire brigade.

By the end of 1990 he ____________________________________________ eleven different countries.

The river flooded because _______________________________________________ heavily for weeks.

Where have you been? I _______________________________________________________ for hours.

The first time I _________________________________________________ a bicycle, I kept falling off.

Steven didn't realise he _____________________________________ until he put his hand in his pocket.

Mark was out of breath. He ____________________________________________________ for an hour.

He is very strong because ______________________________________________________ every day.

He ______________________________________________________ the park when it started to snow.


Don't make too much noise! The baby ____________________________________________________.

Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple or the Past Perfect.
Last Monday Angie

got up (get up) for work as usual and _______________________(go) to the kitchen to

have some breakfast. But when she _________________________(open) the fridge, she __________________
(find) that her flatmate Lucy ____________________________(drink) all the milk not a good start to the day!
So she _________________________(get) dressed and _____________________(go) out to the car. There she
_________________________(find) that she ______________________________(forget) to put the cover on
the car the night before and there _______________________(be) thick frost all over the windscreen. She
_______________________(scrape) it off and ________________________(get) into the car. However, when
she ____________________________(turn) the key, nothing _______________________(happen)! Someone
____________________________(leave) the headlights on and the battery ________________________(go)
flat. She _____________________(be) furious as Lucy _______________________(use) the car last and it
_______________________(be) her who _____________________________(forget) to switch off the lights.
Angie _______________________(head) for the bus stop to wait in the freezing cold.
Write what was going to happen but didn't happen.

He was going to drink some orange juice but there was none left.

She _______________________________________ her red skirt but it was dirty.

They ______________________________________ some flowers but the shop was closed.

Fill in with 'Past Simple', 'Present Simple', 'Present Continuous' or 'Present Perfect'.

Hi, Johnny. I

haven't heard (not / hear) from you for a long time. Where _______________________

(you / be)?

I ____________________(start) a new job six months ago. I ___________________(be) a computer

salesman now. I _________________________(enjoy) it very much. My company _________________
(send) me abroad every few weeks. Last month I ______________________(go) to Japan it
_______________________(be) fantastic!


Wow! Japan! How long __________________________(you / stay) there? Tell me all about it.


I ___________________(stay) there for three weeks in a luxurious hotel. The company always
_____________________(pay) for everything.


I'd love a job like yours.


Well, actually, Jane, that ________________(be) the reason why I ______________________(call) you
now. I __________________(need) an assistant. Last week, the company __________________(tell) me
to choose someone and I immediately __________________(think) of you. What _____________________(think)?


When __________________________(I / start).