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Fill in the correct tense. Sue Thomas is a fashion designer.

She has been making (make) clothes ever since she __________________ (be) a young girl. She ______________________(get) her first job in a clothes factory when she was sixteen. She __________________________(sew) buttons onto a shirt one day when she ____________________(have) a brilliant idea for a design. After she ________________________(speak) to her bank manager, she got a loan and she ________________________(open) her own little workshop. Now she ____________________(make) lots of money. Next year, she ___________________________(open) a shop which will sell all her own designs. She _______________________(sell) clothes to a lot of famous people, including film stars and singers, and she _________________________(think) she will be very rich soon. Fill in the correct tense. Kevin Adams loves (love) trains. He first ___________________(see) one when he was four years old and he ______________________(think) it was great. He ____________________(go) to a different railway station every week and _____________________________(write down) the engine number of every train he sees. He _______________________________(do) this since he was eight. By the time he was fifteen he ____________ ________________________(collect) over ten thousand different engine numbers in various counties. Once, while he ____________________________(stand) in a station in Cheshire he saw something very unusual. He ______________________________(wait) for over an hour for a train to go by when suddenly he __________ (see) a very old steam train coming down the track. It _________________________(not / stop) at the station and, as it passed, Kevin noticed that all the passengers ___________________________(wear) old-fashioned clothes. When he told the station guard about this, the poor man turned pale. He said that no steam train ___________________________(pass) through that station for years, and that the last one _________________ (crash), killing everyone on board. In other words: It's a long time since he called us. He hasn't called us for a long time. The last time I saw him was a week ago. I haven't seen him for a week.

When did he get the job? How long ago did he get the job? How long is it since he got the job? Rephrase the following sentences using the word in bold. 1 2 3 4 It's months since I saw Jane. I haven't seen Jane for months. When did she come back? I haven't spoken to him for a week. How long is it since he found a new job? since last when ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ for

5 6

It's a month since I saw Chris. The last time I went to the cinema was a month ago.

seen been

___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Past Forms: Phrasal Verbs bring about bring out bring round bring up 1 2 3 4 5 cause to happen publish (1) cause to regain consciousness (2) persuade raise a child about many changes over the past few months.

The government's new policies have brought

When Paul fainted, his friends splashed him with cold water to bring him _________________. As both her parents had died, she was brought _______________ by her grandparents. Susan's first book will be brought __________________ in December. After trying to persuade him for hours, I finally brought him ________________ to my point of view.

Fill in with the correct preposition. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Everybody congratulated him on passing his exams. The police have charged him ________________ murder. How much did they charge you ________________ that haircut? The nurse takes care _______________ her patients. The con-man was very clever _______________ making people believe his stories. The journey was awful because the train was so crowded ______________ passengers. I've lost contact _________________ Jim since he moved to America. Mr Gibbons is converting his basement _______________ a games room. The police questioned him in connection _________________ the robbery. If you compare Jim _______________ Harry, you'll realise they are very different, even though they are twins. Nothing can compare ______________ a nice hot bath after a hard day's work. The man complained ______________ the police _______________ his noisy neighbour. This drink consists ________________ orange and soda. I don't like people who are cruel ______________ animals. Can I change this black pen _______________ a blue one, please? While he was driving, he crashed _______________ a lamp-post.