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have a good time

enjoy oneself (opp. have a bad time)

have the time of one's life

experience a period of exceptional happiness

have an early night

go to bed early

fall in love with

begin to feel romantic love for somebody

get along/on with

be on friendly terms with

get into a mess

get into a difficult situation

get on somebody's nerves

irritate/annoy somebody

get rid of

remove or dispose of / throw away

give somebody one's word

make a promise

He gave his word that he would never lie to her again.

Did he buy you flowers again? I think he _______________________________________ with you!

I ________________________________ my colleagues in my new job. I really like it there.

I'm sure I will ___________________________________ at the party tonight.

I'm so tired. I think I will ______________________________________.

I ___________________________________________ on my honeymoon. We went to Venice.

John ___________________________________________. He never stops talking in class.

He spent too much money and _______________________________ with his credit card payments.

I think you should _______________________________ those old jeans. They're full of holes!

Future forms:

Fill in with will, won't or shall.

Mum: Anna! Will you please stop making so much noise? I _______________ never finish this work if you
Anna: But Mum, what ______________ I do? If I don't practise, I ________________ pass my violin exam
Mum: And I ______________ be in trouble at work if I don't finish this. Then I ______________ get promoted.
Anna: ________________ I go upstairs then?
Mum: Thanks, Anna. That ______________ help.
Fill in with by or until.

What time will you have finished painting your room?

I will have finished

Are you seeing Julie tonight?

No, I will have left ____________ the time she gets there.

Have they built their house yet?

No, they won't have built it _____________ the end of May.

Will you have done your homework _____________ tomorrow?

______________ Friday.

She'll have saved enough money to buy a car _____________ Christmas.

I'll have worked here for ten years _____________ the end of this month.

by 7 o'clock, I hope.

No, I won't have it done

We won't have built the shed ______________ Friday.

She'll have finished dressing ______________ the time the guests arrive.

Put the verbs into the Present Simple or Future.

You 'll meet (meet) Agent 205 under the clock at the railway station. When she ______________________
(arrive), she _______________________(give) you an envelope. I don't know if you ______________________
(recognise) her in disguise, but if she ________________________(not / say) the secret code word, you
____________________(know) she is an enemy agent. You ___________________(take) the envelope and head
for the train to Waterloo Station. When the train ___________________(come), you _____________________
(get) on it and go to Waterloo. If you _____________________(miss) the train, you ______________________
(have to) get the next one. As soon as it _____________________(reach) Waterloo, leave the train and take a
taxi to the Opera House. You _______________________(meet) Jenny there, although I'm not sure exactly when
she ______________________(get) there. Give her the envelope. Wait until she ___________________(drive)
off and then go home. We _____________________(call) you there. Are there any questions?
Match the sentences and fill in the correct tense.

She'll call us ...

a) until it _______________________(stop) raining.

I don't know ...


b) as soon as I __________________________(can).

What ___________________(you / do) ... ___

c) if you ____________________(come) home late.

Turn the lights off ...


d) as soon as she

Don't go out ...


e) if you have an accident?

I __________________(write) to you ...


f) what __________________________(you / buy)?

He will be angry ...


g) when he __________________________(leave).

If I give you $1000, ...


h) before you ____________________(go) to bed.


(reach) London.

Complete the following dialogue using the Future Simple or the Future Continuous.

Can I phone you tomorrow, Suzy?


What time?


Well, I'm not working tomorrow so I


Oh no! I _____________________________(sleep) then.


OK, I ________________________(call) you at noon.


Well, I _____________________________(wash) my hair.


Perhaps I _____________________(come) and visit you in the afternoon, then. What _________

'll phone (phone) you at 9 o'clock in the morning.

___________________________(you / do) around 3 o'clock?


I ___________________________(get) ready for my aerobics class.


Well, if I phone you at 5, ____________________________(you / be) at home?


No, I'm afraid not. I ______________________________(visit) my aunt in hospital.


When can I see you Suzy?


Phone me tomorrow evening. I __________________________________(do) anything then!