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Write the verbs in the correct tense cont: 46 47 48 49 50 I _______________________(hate) listening to their complaints all day.

One of these days I'll tell them what I really think. I _______________________(lie) down on the bed and fell asleep. I think I ___________________________(see) him somewhere before. I couldn't get into the car because the children ___________________________(hide) the car keys. Peter was meeting someone that night, so I __________________________(stay) at the office and ______________________________(work) for a few hours. The Future: Remember! USE Present Continuous as Future A planned future action: I'm seeing Jessica tonight. 'Going to' future Planned future events: They're going to open the new offices on 1st March. Future events evident from something in the present: Look at that snow. It's going to be difficult to get into work tomorrow. Future events in a neutral way: Richard's going to be the new director. Future Simple Statements of future fact: The job will be finished by the weekend. Decisions made at the time of speaking: There's Eleanor. I'll go and talk to her. To show willingness: I'll help you. Write the following sentences in the most likely form (Present Continuous, Going to, or Future Simple). 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 We've run out of milk. Oh, have we? I 'll go (go) and get some. So you've moved into your new house. Congratulations! Thank you. We 're going to have (have) a party soon. I'm afraid I can't come to dinner on Saturday - I __________________________(meet) Tom. Joe _________________________(be) five next Tuesday. It's raining we __________________________(have to) take an umbrella. My cousins _____________________________(come) to stay with us at the weekend. Look at that car! It __________________________________(hit) that tree! I promise I _______________________________(not do) that again. (Present Continuous, going to, and Future Simple)

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Did you hear that the company _______________________________(open) a new factory? You look tired. Sit down and I _________________________(make) you a cup of tea. I think there's someone at the door. OK, I _________________________(go) and answer it. _____________________________(you stay) at home this weekend? Kate's really unhappy at work so she __________________________________(look for) a new job soon. She looks really upset. I think she ____________________________________(cry). I know you've got a lot to do so I ______________________________(try) and help you as much as I can. What __________________________________(you / do) when you've spent all your money? Kate phoned. She __________________________________(come round) to see us this afternoon. I'm sorry I made you so angry. I __________________________(not do) that again. Look at the sky. It ___________________________________(be) a lovely day. I'm sorry you're leaving. I hope you ____________________________(come back) and see us soon.

Present Simple as Future: What time does the ferry leave? The ferry leaves at eight, we arrive at Macau at nine-fifteen and we get on the bus an hour later. USE To describe an organised future timetable.

Do these sentences refer to the habitual present or the future? Circle P or F for each sentence. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 I leave home at eight, walk to the station and catch the 8.30 train. I always get to the office before before 9 o'clock. (P / F) The committee leaves Stockholm on Sunday morning, arrives in Australia on Monday and starts work on Tuesday. (P / F) (P / F) (P / F) Your plane leaves London at 8.30 and arrives in Cairo at 12.00.

I travel by the 8.30 train because it gets to London before 10 o'clock. You arrive in London an hour before your appointment. (P / F)

You take the 1.30 train from Berlin which connects with the night ferry from the Hook of Holland. I always take the night train from Edinburgh which arrives in London at half-past six. (P / F)

The hovercraft leaves Felixstowe at 12.00. It takes an hour, so you get there at 14.00 French time. (P / F) The Prime Minister arrives in India on Tuesday, spends a couple of days in Delhi, then goes on to Malaysia. (P / F) (P / F) The local train is very slow and stops at all the stations between here and London. before half-past eight. (P / F)

The bus leaves at 4 o'clock, we get to Dublin at seven and we have to register at the hotel