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The Future


Write the following sentences in the correct form (Present Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect
Simple, Future Perfect Continuous). If more than one answer is possible, write the most likely one.

Next November we 'll have been (be) married for fifteen years.

What time does the train leave (leave)?

Just think! This time next week we ______________________________(lie) on the beach!

I _______________________________(wait) at the airport when your plane lands.

In two weeks' time she _______________________________(finish) her exams.

____________________________________(see) Brian at the meeting?

At 10 o'clock I _______________________________________(drive) for sixteen hours.

Hurry up! The lecture _____________________________(start) in five minutes.

By the end of the week we ______________________________(interview) ten applicants for the job.


Next time I write to you I _________________________________(live) in Australia.

No. 27

Choose between the simple and continuous aspects in the following sentences. If two answers
are possible, write them both.
Where's Stella?

is playing

(play) tennis in the park. (present)

They _______________________(go) abroad three times last year. (past)

I _________________________(see) you outside the cinema at 8 o'clock. (future)

The phone _________________________(ring) but I _________________________(watch) my favourite

programme so I ___________________________(not answer) it. (past)

Simon __________________________(work) very hard for his exams next month. (present)

He _____________________________(live) away from home when he starts college. (future)

Cats ___________________________(not like) water.

I _______________________________(not understand) what she ________________________(mean) at

first, but then she ____________________________(explain) more clearly. (past)

I think I _________________________ (make) a cup of tea. (future)


The bottle _______________________(roll) off the table and _________________________(smash)

when it _______________________(hit) the floor. (past)


I _________________________(call) at the office but they ____________________________(work) so I

__________________________(not stay) long. (past)


I ____________________________(see) my parents tonight so I _______________________(give) them

your message. (future)


I ________________________(not understand) a single word he ____________________(say). (present)


Five or six people _________________________(wait) to see Mrs Blackheart. (past)


The bottle __________________________(roll) off the table, but I ____________________(catch) it

before it ____________________________(go) over the edge. (past)

No 28
The perfect aspect can either be Simple or Continuous. It tells us:

that the activity or state being discussed occurs or starts before a certain point in time: and

that the activity or state has an important connection with that later point in time:
I have been to France twice. (Present Perfect: the events occurred before the present time now)
It was 1946. The war had finished and Jack had left the army. (Past Perfect: the events occurred
before the past time 1946)
Come tomorrow at 7.30. I'll have had dinner by then. (Future Perfect: dinner will occur before a
future time tomorrow at 7.30)

Write the sentences below, putting the verbs into the Present Perfect, Past Perfect, or Future Perfect, and
using the Simple or Continuous forms.

Have you seen (you see) that film yet?

I 've been writing (write) letters all day, and I'm tired.

I _______________________________(not play) football since I was at school.

How long ____________________________________(you wait) to see the doctor?

They _________________________________(talk) but they stopped when I came into the room.

By the end of this month, I _____________________________________(work) here for ten years.

When I arrived, The party _________________________________(finish).

We've got two more hours. We ________________________________(do) all the housework by the time
your parents arrive.

I __________________________________(read) that book for two months, but I __________________

___________________(not finish) it yet.


They ________________________________(wait) for me for two hours when I finally arrived.


We ________________________________(know) each other since we were at school together.


They _________________________________(try) to solve the problem for some time now.


The machines __________________________________________(work) continuously for two years

when they get their first service next month.


We ____________________________________(work) on the car for two hours before it finally started.


By tomorrow, they _____________________________(get) permission to have the meeting at the town

hall, I'm sure.


_________________________________(anyone arrive) when you got to the office?


She looks very tired - I think she ______________________________(do) too much overtime.


I ________________________________(not see) her for the last five years.


__________________________________(you say) goodnight to the children yet?


When I got there, I could see that they _____________________________________(not expect) me.