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Player 1

Sunderland AFC Free £220

? £220 £240 £200 £260 £260 £150 £280
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Cannot Buy Houses Parking Scunthorp Tranmere Burnley Fc Liverpool Everton Fc Liverpool Water Arsenal Jail
e United Chance Street

Houses: 0 Rovers FC Works



6 5

Stoke City

er United
n n n n
Sunderland AFC Roll Dice n n n
CC n n n n

West Ham


Gare du



Active Player: 2 Ready


Dice total is 11
Player 1 landed on St Charles Place
Player 1 bought St Charles Place

ol United





nd AFC

ter City

nd AFC

ter City
Newcastle Hull City Hereford King's Forest Torquay

0 United United
CC United

£120 £100 £100 £200
£80 £60 GO á
£1360 Just Chance Chest

Head ? CC
£400 £350 £200 £320 £300 £300

s Comm

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21hr 58m
Player 2


GO á

Official Rules
Create New Board
An Excel game by charlie jan


OBJECT...The object of the game is to become the wealthiest player through buying, renting and selling property.
EQUIPMENT...The equipment consists of a board, 2 dice, tokens 32 houses and 12 hotels. There are Chance and Community Chest
cards, a Title Deed card for each property and play money.
PREPARATION...Place the board on a table and put the Chance and Community Chest cards face-down on their allotted spaces on th
board. Each player chooses one token to represent him on his travels around the board.
Each player is given £1500 divided as follows: 2 each of £500's, £100's and £50's; 6-£20's; 5 each of £10's, £5's and £1's.
All remaining money and other equipment go to the Bank.
BANKER...Select as Banker a player who will also make a good Auctioneer. If the Banker plays in the game, he must keep his persona
funds separate from those
THE BANK...Besides theof the Bank.
Bank's money, When the more
Bank than
Title Deed play, the Banker
cards and houses mayandelect to actprior
hotels onlytoaspurchase
Banker andandAuctioneer.
use by the
players. The Bank pays salaries and bonuses. It sells and auctions properties
The Bank collects all taxes, fines, loans and interest, and the price of all properties which it sells and auctions. and hands out their proper Title Deed cards; it sells houses
and hotels to the players and loans money when required on mortgages.
The Bank never "goes broke". If the Bank runs out of money it may issue as much more as may be needed by merely writing on any
THE paper.Starting with the Banker, each player in turn throws the dice. The player with the highest total starts the play. He places
token thecorner
space marked
which his "GO",
reaches, thea2player
dice and maymoves his token
be entitled to buyin the
estate orof the properties,
other arrow the number of spaces
-or be obliged to indicate
pay ren
pay the dice.draw
taxes, After a he has completed
Chance or Community his play,
Chest thecard,
turn "Goto play
to passesetc.
Jail", to the left. The tokens remain on the spaces occupied and proceed
If a player
from throws
that point on doubles
the player'she moves his token
next turn. Two or as more
the sum mayof the
resttwo dicesame
on the and is subject
space to same
at the any privileges
time. or penalties pertaining to
the space on which
"GO"...Each time he lands. Retaining
a player's token lands the dice,
on orhepasses
throwsover again and moves
"GO", whether his by
tokenthrowas before.
of the If a player
dice or bythrows
drawing doubles
a card, three
pays him he moves
£200 salary. his token immediately to the space marked "In Jail" (see JAIL).
However, £200 is paid only once each time around the board. If a player, passing "GO" on the throw of the dice, lands 2 spaces beyond
on "Community
BUYING Chest", or 7 spaces beyond
PROPERTY...Whenever a playeritlandson "Chance",
on an unownedand draws the card
property "Advance
he may buy thatto GO", he collects
property from the£200Bankforatpassing "GO"
its printed th
He time and another £200 for reaching it the second time by instructions on the card.
If hereceives
does not thewish
TitletoDeedbuy thecard showing
property it ownership and places
is sold at auction by the it face-up
Banker to in the
of him.bidder. The buyer pays to the Bank the amount
PAYING RENT...When a player lands on property owned by another player the owner the
bid in cash and receives the Title Deed card for that property. Any player, including one who
collects rent declined
from himthe in option of buying
accordance it atl
with the
the printed
printed on price,
the Titlemay Deedbid.card
Bidding may to
applying start
it. at any price.
If the property is mortgaged, no rent can be collected. When a property is mortgaged its Title Deed card is placed face-down in front of
It isowner.
an advantage to hold all the Title Deeds in a color-group (i.e.: Park Lane and Mayfair, - or Bow St, Marlborough St and Vine St)
It is eventhe moreownerof an may then charge
advantage to havedouble
houses rentorfor unimproved
hotels properties
on properties because in that
are much higherThis rule
thanapplies to unmortgaged
for unimproved properties.
properties even if another property in that color-group is mortgaged.
The owner may not collect his rent if he fails to ask for it before the second player following throws the dice.
"CHANCE" and "COMMUNITY CHEST"...When a player lands on either of these spaces he takes the top card from the deck
The "Get Out followsof JailtheFree"
instructions and returns
card is held until used the and
returnedtotothe thebottom
bottomofofthe thedeck.
deck. If the player who draws it does not wish t
use it he may sell it, at any time, to another player at a price agreeable to both.
"INCOME TAX"...When a player lands on "Income Tax" he has two options: he may estimate his tax at £200 and pay the Ban
may pay must10% decide of which
his total worth
option he towillthetake
before Hishetotal
addsworthup hisistotal
all his cash on hand, printed prices of mortgaged and
unmortgaged properties and cost price of all buildings he owns.
JAIL...A player lands in Jail when. . . (1.) his token lands on the space marked "Go to Jail"; (2.) he draws a card marked "Go to Jail";
(3.) heathrows
When playerdoubles
is sent tothree Jail times in succession.
he cannot collect £200 salary in that move since, regardless of where his token is on the board, he must
move it directly into Jail. A player's
If a player is not "sent to Jail" but in the ordinary turn ends when he isofsent
course play to lands
Jail. on that space, he is "Just Visiting", incurs no penalty, and moves
ahead in the usual manner on his next turn.
A player gets out of Jail by... (1.) throwing doubles on any of his next three turns. If he succeeds in doing this he immediately moves
If the player the number
does notofthrow spaces shownby
doubles byhishisthird
he must Evenpaythough
the £50hefine.hasHe thrown
then doubles
gets out he doesand
of Jail notimmediately
take anothermoves
turn; (2.) using
the "Get
number Outofofspaces
Jail Free"shown card byifhis
has it; (3.) purchasing the "Get Out of Jail Free" card from another player and playing it; (4.) paying
a fine though
of £50 he is inhe
before Jail, a player
rolls the dicemay onbuyeitheror sell property,
of his next two buy or sell houses and hotels and collect rents.
FREE PARKING...A player landing on this space does not receive any money, property or reward of any kind. This is just a "free"
resting place.
HOUSES...When a player owns all the properties in a color group he may buy houses from the Bank and erect them on those propertie
If he buys one house, he may put it on any one of those properties. The next house he buys must be erected on one of the unimproved
The price he of must
this orpay anytheother
Bank complete
for eachcolor-group
house is shown he may own.
on his Title Deed card for the property on which he erects the house.
The owner can still collect double rent from an opponent who lands on the unimproved properties of his complete color-group.
Following the above rules, a player may buy and erect at any time as many houses as his judgment and financial standing will allow. Bu
As must
a player build evenly
builds (i.e.: he
evenly, he cannot
must alsoerect moredown
break thanevenly
one house if heon anyhouses
sells one property
back tooftheany color-group
he has built one house on
every property of that group. He may then begin on the second row of houses, and so on, up to a limit of four houses to a property. For
example, he cannota build playerthree
has four
houses houses
on one on property
each property
if he hasof aonly
complete color-group,
one house on another he may buy of
property a hotel from the Bank and erect it o
that group.).
any property SHORTAGE...When
BUILDING of that color-group. Hethe returns
Bankthe hasfour houses to
no houses from
sell,that property
players to the
wishing toBank
build and
somefor the hotel
player to turnas shown
back oron to
sell Title Deed card. Only one hotelbuilding.
may be If erected on any one property.
SELLING PROPERTY... Unimproved properties, Railways and utilities (but not buildings) may be sold to any player as awish t
his houses to the Bank before there are a limited number of houses and hotels available, and two or more players
privatemore than the Bank
transaction forbe has,
any the houses or hotels
amount must be sold at auction to nothe highest can bidder.
Houses and hotels may sold back tothat the the
Bank owner
at anycan timeget.
one-half the property
price be sold to another player if buildings are
paid for them.
standing on any properties of that color-group. Any buildings so located must be sold back to the Bank before the owner can se
property on oneof thatcolor-group
color-group.must be sold one by one, evenly, in reverse of the manner in which they were erected.
All hotels on one color-group may be sold at once. Or they may be sold one house at a time (one hotel equals five houses), evenly, in
reverse of the manner in which they
MORTGAGES...Unimproved were erected.
properties can be mortgaged through the Bank at any time. Before an improved property can be
No rent can be collected on mortgagedproperties
all the buildings on all the propertiesoforits color-group
utilities, but rent must
canbe besold back to
collected onthe Bank at halfproperties
unmortgaged price. The inmortgage value is
the same group.
printed on each Title Deed card.
In order to lift the mortgage, the owner must pay the Bank the amount of the mortgage plus 10% interest. When all the properties of a
The player who are no longer mortgaged
mortgages the owner
property retains may begin
possession of ittoandbuy noback
playeratmay fullsecure
price. it by lifting the mortgage from the Bank.
However, the owner may sell this mortgaged property to another player at any agreed price. The new owner may lift the mortgage at
once, if he wishes, by paying off the mortgage plus 10% interest to the Bank. If he does not lift the mortgage at once he must pay the
Bank 10% interest when he buys the property and if he lifts the mortgage later he must pay an additional 10% interest as well as the
amount of the mortgage to the Bank.
BANKRUPTCY...A player is bankrupt when he owes more than he can pay either to another player or to the Bank. If his debt is to
Should aplayer,
playerhe must
owe theturn
Bank,over to thatofplayer
instead allplayer,
another that hemore
has ofthan
he and
can retire from theofgame.
pay (because taxes In
or making thiseven
penalties) settlement, if he
by selling hisowns
houses or
buildings hotels, he must return
and mortgaging property, these to
he mustthe Bank in
turn overexchange for money to the extent of one-half the amount paid for them and thisallca
is given to the creditor. he hascan
If buildings. only
mortgaged be loaned
property aall
to he his assets
player by the toBank
also immediately
turns this
the Bank.
In this case,
and then
to his
the Bank immediately
but property.
the newleft No
sells by auction
must may
at borrow
once pay
from so
or lend taken, except A bankrupt player must retire from the game. The last player in the game wins.
the Bank the money
on the loan, which is 10% of the value of the property. After the new owner does this, he may, at his
option, pay the principal or hold the property until some later turn at which time he may lift the mortgage. If he holds property in this
way until a later turn, he must pay the interest again when he lifts the mortgage.
Instructions for the Excel version of the game
Official Rules General Play
Instructions 1) Click New Game to begin a new game; otherwise state of play from the previous game will rem
Create New Board immediately resumed
FAQ 2) Click Roll Dice to roll the dice for player 1 (you). The dice will be rolled and the counter (the blu
will move automatically.

3) Depending on the property landed upon, you may be asked if you want to buy the Property, o
player 2, take a card, pay a fine or go to Jail. If you have the cash available, Fines and Rent will
automatically from your cash total in the bottom LH corner.

4) When ready, click the Roll Dice button again to roll the dice for player 2. Player 2's counter (lim
automatically. Upon landing on his destination, Player 2 will also make purchasing decisions or p
Player 2 will also consider house buying and mortgaging decisions.
5) Upon completion of Player 2's turn, control will return to you. You can again make any house,
decisions. When ready, click the play button to roll the dice for your move.

Mortgaging Property
When Player 1 is active, you have the opportunity to mortgage any undeveloped property you ow
toolbar to display the mortgaging form

Select you property you wish to Mortgage from the drop-down box. The Mortgage value of that p
Click OK to complete the mortgage.
If you have any properties that have been mortgaged, you can choose to Unmortgage them. Clic
and select the property from the dropdown box. The cost of mortgaging is calculated at 110% of
the property.

Buying Houses
Once you own a complete colour group, you can begin to develop properties in the group. Click B
to display the Buy/Sell House form

Select the property you want to build on from the dropdown list. The cost of building the house is
build a house if the number of houses on that property is greater than the minimum number of ho
that group. You cannot buy a house if the cost exceeds your cash level; you will need to raise fu
selling first.
Click Buy to complete the house purchase. (If only it were that simple in real life!)
Occasionally, after a house purchase, some properties that were unimprovable when the form w
improveable. Click done and then Buy House again to re-load the form.

When Player 1 and Player 2 both own property, you can offer to swap a property you own for on
also either ask for or offer cash to even up the value of the deal. Click Offer Deal to show the De

Select the Player 2 property you want (St Charles Place in the example) from the top dropdown,
offering to swap for it in the bottom dropdown.

If the property you are bidding for is more valuable than the property you are offering, then you a
if you offer cash in addition. Enter the cash amount that you are offering to pay into the BOTTOM
offering to swap a property of higher value, then you can ask for cash from player 2 to even up th
Note that if a value is entered in one of the cash boxes, it must be cleared before you can enter a
Create New Board
It's now possible to create new boards based around any place names or otherwise that you like
on the menu and get to this sheet:


Follow these steps to create a new board.

1) Enter a name and Currency for the board
2) Enter the full name of each property.
3) Click the 'Copy Names across' button. This will copy the full names to the display names cells
4) Adjust the display names so that the name fits the Property header box. Activate the cell and t
tester, allowing you to check that the name is short enough
5) Click the 'Add sheet' button to create the new board. If you have not filled all the fields, and er
to do so.

6) Return to the Board via the hyperlink and play the game

Note. This feature has not been exhaustively test and it is likely that supplying names with specia
cause an error. Note for bored hackers: You've tried SQL injection - now try formula injection! En
names will give some strange results.

The card packs are shuffled randomly at the beginning of the game. Get out of jail free cards, if t
in the pack. However, once used, they return to their original pack position and not to the bottom
than I felt the difference was worth
Income tax, as stated in the rules, can be either £200 or 10% of total assets. To simplify this, the
will automatically be deducted. Furthermore, total assets are calculated as the sale or mortgage
houses and property,
When purchasing not face
property, thevalue
playerasisstated in the
allowed rules.
to pay more for the property than their current c
more for the property, then the Debt decision screen appears, and the player sells assets (not in
being purchased) to pay their debt. The computer opponent also has the ability to do this.
The computer opponent has no more information than the player. It does not anticipate the dice
community chest card values.

Note for the US edition:

The version I coded originally used London place names and Sterling (£) signs throughout the ga
of tribute to the game's origins, I thought that I could make the whole game convertible to the Atl
Superficially, I achieved this by a little research into the US property names. Since the face value
identical to the UK version, I assumed all other prices were equal and applied no scaling factor -
inaccurate for certain aspects.
An Excel game by charlie jans

rom the previous game will remain intact and can be

rolled and the counter (the blue highlighted property)

ou want to buy the Property, or have to pay Rent to

available, Fines and Rent will be deducted

player 2. Player 2's counter (lime green) will also move

ake purchasing decisions or pay rent etc. At this time,
ou can again make any house, mortgaging or deal
r move.

undeveloped property you own. Click Mortgage in the

. The Mortgage value of that property is displayed.

ose to Unmortgage them. Click on the unmortgage tab,

aging is calculated at 110% of the mortgage value of
properties in the group. Click Buy House in the toolbar

e cost of building the house is displayed. You cannot

han the minimum number of houses on any property on
level; you will need to raise funds from mortgaging or

ple in real life!)

nimprovable when the form was loaded become

wap a property you own for one Player 2 owns. You can
lick Offer Deal to show the Deal form:

mple) from the top dropdown, and the property you are

ty you are offering, then you are more likely to succeed

fering to pay into the BOTTOM box. Similarly, if you are
ash from player 2 to even up then deal.
cleared before you can enter a value into the other.
mes or otherwise that you like. Click 'Create new board'

mes to the display names cells.

der box. Activate the cell and the text will appear in the

not filled all the fields, and error message will ask you

at supplying names with special characters like " or ( will

- now try formula injection! Entering Excel formulae as

e. Get out of jail free cards, if turned up, do not remain

position and not to the bottom. This saved more coding
tal assets. To simplify this, the lower of these two sums
lated as the sale or mortgage value of all money,
e property than their current cash total. If the does pay
the player sells assets (not including the property
as the ability to do this.
t does not anticipate the dice total or chance or

ing (£) signs throughout the game. However, as a kind

ole game convertible to the Atlantic city names.
y names. Since the face values of property were
and applied no scaling factor - possible this is
Value of assets over time

Mortgageable Value

6 Column C
1 Column D

1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5
Property Ownership
Player 1

Still Available
xlMonopoly FAQ
Official Rules Q: How long did the game take to build?
A: The first version took about 4 weeks of coding. I didn't have a job at the time, so I was able to
Create New Board After that, I then got a job and the second version was put on significant hold. In all, I'd guess I've
FAQ hours designing, testing and playing the game

Q: I've spotted a mistake / The game's given me an error message. What can I do?

A: Let me know about it. If you can email a description of the problem, and the error message if t
can fix it of rthe next version. If you're a VBA programmer and want to fix it yourself, drop me a li
password. My email address is

Q: Why do the colors of the property banner cells sometimes disappear?

A: No idea at all. The code never changes those cells, and there's no conditional formatting on a
a mystery why they sometimes lose their color.

Q: What will be in the next version?

A: If it happens, the ability to play other people over a LAN, multiple opponents, difficulty levels, a
of. Realistically, this may be a while coming, if ever.

Q: Why did you decide to do this?

A: I was sitting in a backpackers hostel in Seattle, wondering what to do. I remembered how I lov
when I was younger, thinking that I'd like a game right now. This led me on to thinking that the ga
excel, and I began to think how it might be done. The first version was sketched out in my notepa
stayed roughly the same.

Q: How does the game work?

A: Roughly, there's a flow of events leading from the click of the roll dice button that is roughly su
flowchart below. Decisions such as Player 2 buying houses have their own separate and fairly de
majority of the difficult calculation (such as working out rent) is done by worksheet formula. VBA
and user input.

Roll Dice

Auto? HB Roll dice Is double? 3rd time?

In Jail Show Form
e Pay fine
Play Money

Go to
Roll Double? 3 in a row?
Auto? HB Roll dice Is double? 3rd time?

In Jail Show Form
e Pay fine
Play Money

Go to
Roll Double? 3 in a row?

Available? Op owns? Tax?


Auction Calc tax

Get P1

Get P2
Price Sell Chang
Hous e
e Money

House/ Show
In debt?
Prop Form


Q: Who are you?

A: I'm an economics consultant currently living in Oxford, UK.
An Excel game by charlie jans

b at the time, so I was able to spend a lot of time on it.

ficant hold. In all, I'd guess I've spend north of 200

sage. What can I do?

em, and the error message if there is one, then maybe I

t to fix it yourself, drop me a line and I'll send you the


no conditional formatting on any of them, so it's a bit of

e opponents, difficulty levels, and anything else I think

to do. I remembered how I loved playing monopoly

d me on to thinking that the game could be done in
was sketched out in my notepad. The board design has

ll dice button that is roughly summarised in the

heir own separate and fairly detailed processes. The
e by worksheet formula. VBA takes care of the flow

3rd time?

Pay fine
3rd time?

Pay fine

Op owns? Tax? Card? Jail?

Calc Display
Calc tax
Rent Card


e Cash? Jail

Show Allocate
In debt? Card

Create Your Own Board
Official Rules Field Insert New Value
Create New Board Board name Football teams
FAQ Currency Symbol £

Board Spaces Full Name

eg North Carolina Avenue

Torquay United Torquay United
Community Chest Community Chest
Forest Green Forest Green
Income Tax Income Tax
King's Cross Station King's Cross Station
Hereford United Hereford United
Chance Chance
Hull City Hull City
Newcastle United Newcastle United
Just Visiting Vistors center
Sunderland AFC Sunderland AFC
Electric Company 7-Eleven
Oldham Athletic Oldham Athletic
West Brom West Brom
Marylebone Station Gare du Nord
West Ham West Ham
Community Chest Community Chest
Stoke City Stoke City
Aston Villa Aston Villa
Free Parking Free Parking
Scunthorpe United Scunthorpe United
Chance Chance
Tranmere Rovers Tranmere Rovers
Burnley Fc Burnley Fc
Liverpool Street Station Liverpool Street Station
Everton Fc Everton Fc
Liverpool FC Liverpool FC
Water Works Water Works
Arsenal Arsenal
Go To Jail Go To Jail
Leeds United Leeds United
Man Utd Manchester United
Community Chest Community Chest
Chelsea Fc Chelsea
Fenchurch Street Station Fenchurch Street Station
Chance Chance
Hartlepool United Hartlepool United
Fa Head Quarters Fa Head Quarters
Man City Manchester City

Remaining fields: 0
An Excel game by charlie jans

Add Board (2 left)

Abreviated name for display Tester (check name fits neatly in box)
eg N Carl'na Avenue

Go Go
Torquay United
Community Chest
Forest Green Copy Names
Income Tax Across

King's Cross Station

Hereford United
Hull City
Newcastle United
Vistors center
Sunderland AFC
Oldham Athletic
West Brom
Gare du Nord
West Ham
Community Chest
Stoke City
Aston Villa
Free Parking
Scunthorpe United
Tranmere Rovers
Burnley Fc
Liverpool Street Station
Everton Fc
Liverpool FC
Water Works
Go To Jail
Leeds United
Manchester United
Community Chest
Fenchurch Street Station
Hartlepool United
Fa Head Quarters
Manchester City