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Lesson 1 -- Week 1, Tuesday, 9:15 a.m.-11:45 a.m.

1. Opening discussion: Since last time This is a regular introductory activity done every Tuesday morning this unit. Students describe what they did (past tense) over the weekend, providing an opportunity for informal reminders about grammatical form and pronunciation of final consonants. Anticipates late arrivers.
10 min.

Outcomes/ Objectives

Language Skills Speaking/ Listening

Learning Strategies

Critical Thinking

Materials AS = All-Star 3 HO = Handout (in appendix)


Recycling and automatization of past tense form Pronunciation practice of final consonants Fluency Accuracy (informal)

2. Overview of class schedule and learning outcomes 1 min. 3. Introduce Unit Theme: 2 min. Money and Consumer Issues 4. Warm-up Task: Where does the money go? 20 min. Students categorize how they spend money by object/item and by purpose, compare, and develop a class profile of where their money goes; students identify issues related to finances. Collect new vocabulary. Car Talk 5. Focus on form: present progressive 5 min. Review form (worksheet); examples 6. Activity: Game - Individuals in groups of three use the AS photo spread of car dealership to generate and write on white board what people are doing in a competition to identify the most (using correctly the present progressive form.) Class talk: infer why they are doing what theyre doing. 10 min. 7. Exercise: Based on elated reading (with visual input)
10 min.

Class Class Class Ind. Group Class Activation of schemata Identification of money matters of interest to the students Fluency Speaking/ Listening/ HO #1 (Task)



Recycling: explicit review of present progressive form (learned in past unit) Activation of schemata Automatization of present progressive Accuracy plus Fluency

Focus on form Four skills Use context to discover meaning Make Inferences

HO #2 (Grammar) AS pp.58-59, #2

Group Class

Ind. Pair Group Class

Strengthen reading comprehension Build understanding of vocabulary Use new vocabulary Fluency

Reading Speaking/ Listening Reasons for opinion A-S, p. 60 #1

8. Activity/Discussion: Buy New or Buy Used? 10 min.

Break (free time!)

15 min.

Understanding Warranties 9. Warm-up: read definition of warranty, identify products in picture, students discuss which items they think a warranty is needed for and why 5 min. 10. Exercise: Vocabulary in context (commonly used words related to warranty rights, with visuals) 10 min. 11. Focus on Form: Word Families. Side-bar focus on suffixes 5 min. 12. Activity: Dialogues on returning purchases with substitution: listen to dialogue on CD, repeat dialogue, replace content, role play. Expanded from text to also include another purchase of students own choosing, time permitting. 10 min. 13. Project work 30 min. a. Listen to and discuss a Storycorps story b. Continuation of project work (Whats in an interview?) 14. Wrap-up; Homework; Preview of Next Class 5 min. Pairs Class Activation of schemata Vocabulary building Fluency Learn vocabulary words/collocations Vocabulary extension through understanding of word families; noticing Use vocabulary words Replacements/transformation of patterns that can be used in real life situations Fluency Creative and authentic language use Outcome/product focused language use Speaking/ Listening Use context to discover meaning Analyze Reasons for opinion A-S, p. 60, #1,2

Ind. Class Class

Reading/ Writing Focus on form Listening/ Speaking HO #3 (Grammar)

Adapated from: AS p. 60, p. 71, #2

Class Pairs Class Group

A-S, p. 60, #3

Four skills

Plan Problemsolve

Storycorps Project description is in Appendix B animation/to-r-psalazar-with-love/

HOMEWORK: (1) Write paragraph in Language Journal. (See Appendix B.) (2) What is a major purchase they plan to make (or would like to make)? What do you need to think about it to make a smart purchase? (Think about things like price range, new/used, where you want to buy it.) Bring in any ads or other material from newspapers, magazines, fliers, internet, etc.

Realia (examples of ads for cars and appliances to illustrate homework assignment)