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Teach English abroad and

start your adventure!

nglish is everywhere. It is the language of globalization of international business, politics, and diplomacy. It is the language of computers and the Internet. Youll see it on posters in Beijing, youll hear it in pop songs in Tokyo, and youll read it in ofcial documents in Prague. Deutsche Welle broadcasts in it. Bjork, an Icelander, sings in it. French business schools teach in it. English is now the global language. With over 20,000 ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching jobs being advertised each month, there is no better time than now to go and teach English abroad. Your next job could be your greatest adventure. Oxford Seminars graduates explore the world, collect experiences of a lifetime, and nd themselves in high demand.

Introduction .............................................2 Why Teach English Abroad? ......................3 Why Choose Oxford Seminars? ..................4 Information Sessions ................................5 Course Instructors ....................................6 A Week In The Life ...................................7 Country Information .................................9 Course Outline ........................................13 Graduate Placement Service ....................15 How to Enroll .........................................17




12335 Santa Monica Blvd. - Suite 337 Los Angeles, CA 90025 310.820.2359


244 5th Avenue - Suite J262 New York, NY 10001-7406 212.213.8978


Why Teach English Abroad?

Whether you are still in school, have just nished school, are unsure of which career path to take, have been in the workforce for a number of years, or are looking for a change, teaching English abroad has numerous rewards: Immerse yourself in new cultures Begin new adventures and a new lifestyle Travel extensively to exotic locations Experience an exciting in-demand job Increase your independence and self-reliance Establish rewarding and lasting friendships Help the communities you live and teach in Save considerable amounts of money Gain valuable life and career experience

I particularly enjoyed the days we presented our lessons. It exposed me to different teaching styles and the feedback from my own lesson was enlightening. - A. Beauregard

Why Choose Oxford Seminars?

With courses from Manhattan to Miami, San Diego to Seattle, Phoenix to Philadelphia, Tampa Bay to Toronto, and many more in between, Oxford Seminars offers: Comprehensive 100-Hour Courses with Limited Class Size Highly Qualied and Experienced Instructors Comprehensive Curriculum and Course Materials Unparalleled Graduate Placement Service Exclusive Money-Back Guarantee Over 5,000 Satised Graduates Annually 19+ Years of Industry Experience As the number of qualied and experienced English teachers has grown, language schools around the world are becoming more selective when hiring their teaching staff. Obtaining your Oxford Seminars certication indicates to potential employers that:


Experience stories to last a lifetime Armed with our internationally-recognized certicate, Oxford Seminars graduates have found teaching jobs around the world from Barcelona to Bangkok, from Paris to Prague, and from Santiago to Seoul.





From tHE outSIdE but WHEn you GEt Into It , It IS rEaLLy ComPLEX and a Lot oF tHouGHt and EFFort nEEdS to bE Put In .

I wonder if it is going to be difcult for me to adjust to being just an average person on the street back home after being treated like a rock star here in China! I bet strangers wont be stopping me on the streets of San Antonio asking to have their picture taken with me! Thanks Oxford Seminars for all your help. - K. Hamilton

You are prepared and committed to teaching English as a Second Language You are familiar with both the theoretical approaches as well as the practical techniques required to be a successful ESL teacher You are taking your employment with their school seriously Established in 1992, Oxford Seminars is the leading provider of teacher training certication courses throughout the US and Canada.

anyonE WantInG to tEaCH EnGLISH WouLd dEFInItELy bEnEFIt From tHIS CourSE . - J. branCH


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The weekly assignments were an excellent supplement to the in-class work. They gave a good background on ESL theory, history and current practice. - M. Sandhu

Our Experienced Instructors

From teaching in a multicultural setting and organizing the teaching workload to meeting the needs of diverse learners in the classroom and making effective use of English teaching resources, our experienced and dynamic course instructors cover a comprehensive range of teaching skills ensuring our graduates are well-trained, marketable ESL teachers. Every member of Oxford Seminars extensive teaching faculty has years of distinguished ESL teaching experience both locally and abroad and rmly believes that teaching ESL provides an exciting and fullling opportunity for teachers and students alike. When asked to evaluate our teaching staff, students tell us that they nd our instructors approachable, highly knowledgeable, and able to teach difcult material in a dynamic, useful, and creative manner which facilitates learning.

Kelly Holmes
i started teaching english overseas because i wanted to travel. since elementary school, i had dreamed of seeing the world. i took my rst teaching assignment in dalian, China because i wanted to practice the Chinese i had learned in college. i had no idea how passionate i would become about teaching.

Matthew Eng
i graduated from university with a degree in anthropology and a hunger for traveling and studying languages. on a suggestion from my international student friends, i looked at Japan as a destination to explore. My rst teaching position was in a small town north of Tokyo at a large school with multiple satellite branches.

Free Information Sessions

We hold frequent information sessions across the country, where you can learn more about our course and about the exciting opportunities for teaching English abroad. These sessions are typically an hour-and-a-half long and our instructors share their own experiences from living and teaching abroad. There is no pre-registration required. Come and meet one of our instructors who will answer your questions and cover the following: What is it like teaching English abroad? Where are the job opportunities? When is the peak hiring season? How can I secure an ESL teaching job abroad? How much will I earn?





What is a working visa and how do I get one? How much experience do I need? When and where should I sign a contract? Do I need a TESOL/TESL/TEFL certicate? What skills should I learn to become a better ESL teacher? Check our website regularly for upcoming information session dates and locations.

Teya Tanner
i have taught esl for more than thirty years. Being an esl teacher has allowed me the opportunity to teach (and live!) in places i had always dreamed of living: Australia, fiji, Mexico, Grenada, Guyana, Japan, and the Philippines to name just a few!

Julia Ruskin


adEQuatE PrEParatIon , tHE

FIrSt WEEk oF tEaCHInG Can bE tHE LonGESt WEEk oF your LIFE ."

- oLd tEaCHInG ProvErb

My original plan was to stay in Barcelona for one year. one year turned into four! during those four years, i had the opportunity to travel all over Catalunya and spain, throughout much of europe, and even to Africa, israel, and Vietnam. The experience i had just living the everyday life in Barcelona was absolutely life changing! i make it my goal to share all that good stuff with my students!


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! E r u t n E v d a


A Week in the Life of an Oxford Seminars Graduate

Whether working in the public school system, or at a private language school, our graduates have ample time for both work and play.


tHInGS to dISCovEr !



11 am
A pretty walk to school.

1 pm
Sing & play games in the classroom are a fun way to learn.

5 pm
Getting a history lesson at a Baekje dynasty fortress.

8 am

1 pm

4:30 pm
Learning through pictures. My students are so smart!

Volunteering at an orphanage Shopping at lunch in the before I teach at a private busy streets of the city language school in the afternoon. Time for retail therapy.

wednesday thursday



2:30 pm
Taking the kids on a eld trip.

5 pm
Staff dinner with all my coworkers. Check out the spread delicious!

8 pm
Molding young minds.

2 pm
Enjoying lunch with my coworkers.

4 pm
Taking in a wrestling match at a festival before heading off to school for the evening.




11:30 Am
My students on the hunt for English books.

1 pm
Lunchtime view. I love my job!

6:30 pm
Eating samgyetang (whole young chicken) for dinner.

7:30 pm
Watching a show with friends.

3 pm
Fun in the sun at the Mud Festival.

9:30 pm
Gorgeous sunset and a perfect ending to my week.


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of Rome.


Among continents, only Australia is smaller in area than Europe, which contains roughly 7% of the Earths land area. More than 730 million people call Europe home about 11% of the worlds population. Nations range in size from giant Russia to tiny Vatican City, a country entirely bounded by the city

Bounded by Europe and the Arctic, Pacic and Indian oceans, Asia is the largest and most populous continent in the world. Located primarily in the Eastern and Northern Hemispheres, it contains nearly 30% of the Earths land area and is home to about 60% of the worlds population.

St. Peters Basilica Vatican City Gadi Sagar Lake, Jaisalmer, India



Culture and Tradition

With a vast array of nationalities, religions, geography and governments, this regions cultures have little unity. Art, music, lifestyle, and other aspects vary greatly. Religions have a strong inuence, affecting such things as how to dress and even how long to hold a handshake.



The wide-ranging cuisines can be divided into regional styles, each rooted to a regions people and culture, from Indian curries and Szechuan cooking to traditional pounded dishes of Myanmar and a variety of fresh seafoods.

Culture Languages
There are literally thousands of languages spoken in Asia, most of them falling into three large language families: Altai, Sino-Tibetan and Indo-European. In Asia, you may encounter Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Ainu, Hindi, Malay, Burmese, Vietnamese and Turkish, to name but a few. Considered by many to be the birthplace of Western culture enjoyed in the US, Europe is also home to a fascinatingly diverse mixture of traditions, beliefs and historical monuments.

While English is spoken in much of Europe, it is by no means dominant. Other European languages include the Romance languages of Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian, along with various Germanic, Baltic and Slavic languages.


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FRANCE: Argentina Austria Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Cambodia Chile China Colombia EGYPT: Costa Rica Czech Republic Ecuador Egypt Finland France Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary India Indonesia BRAZIL:
With an area of more than 3 million square miles, Brazil is only slightly smaller than the United States. One of Paris oldest streets, rue Saint-Sverin, dates to the early 13th century.

Israel Italy KOREA: Japan

Cheomseongdae astronomical observatory, dating to the 7th century, is designated as one of Koreas national treasures.

Korea Kuwait Laos Malaysia Mexico Netherlands Oman Panama Peru Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Slovakia Spain Sweden

The Great Wall of China stretches approximately 5,500 miles. It was built centuries ago to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire.

Plaza Mxico, in Mexico City, is the largest bullring in the world. Spanish conquerors brought bullghting to Mexico in the 1500s.

The Great Pyramid was the tallest building on Earth for nearly ve thousand years (until construction of the Eiffel Tower in 1889).

THAILAND: Switzerland
Be sure to try some refreshing bubble tea. After all, this is where it originated.

Taiwan Thailand Turkey U.A.E. Vietnam

Country Argentina Austria

Typical Contract 6 months or 1 year 3 months -1 year 9 months or 1 year 1 year 6 months or 1 year 1 year

Peak Hiring Season(s) Feb-Mar or Nov Sept

Teaching Hours/Week 10-30 15-30

Monthly Salary 700-2,600 ARS 1,080-2,160 EUR 1,280-3,500 EUR 950-2,500 BRL 800-1,100 BGN Mostly volunteer; paid positions: 28,400 101,500 KHR 500,000 1,500,000 CLP 4,000-11,000 CNY 1.0-2.5 million COP 200,000350,000 CRC 12,000-25,000 CZK 400-540 USD 3,000-8,000 EGP 600-700 EUR 1,000-2,500 EUR 1,500-2,400 EUR

Private Tutoring 15-30 ARS/hr 20-35 EUR/hr

Exchange Rate $1 USD= 4.0 ARS $1 USD= 0.75 EUR $1 USD= 0.75 EUR $1 USD= 1.7 BRL $1 USD= 1.5 BGN $1 USD= 4,000 KHR

Income Tax 9-20% 0-50%

Cost of a Big Mac 14 ARS 3.38 EUR

Accommodations Seldom included Seldom included

Airfare Seldom included Not included

Health Care Seldom included Partially included Included, if on contract Sometimes included Seldom included Sometimes included

Holidays Paid Sometimes paid, if on contract Usually paid Sometimes paid Usually paid Paid

Location Greece

Typical Contract 7-9 months

Peak Hiring Season Sept

Teaching Hours/Week 25

Monthly Salary 800-1,800 EUR 12,000-40,000 HKD 136,000204,000 HUF Volunteer50,000 INR 6-15 million IDR 3,500-14,000 ILS 800-1,200 EUR 225,000300,000 JPY 1.8-2.5 million KRW 560-1,100 KWD 4-6.5 million LAK 6,000-11,000 MYR 6,000-12,000 MXN 1,400-2,600 EUR 770-1,540 OMR 412-1,030 PAB

Private Tutoring 9-11 EUR/hr

Exchange Rate $1 USD= 0.75 EUR $1 USD= 7.7 HKD $1 USD= 210 HUF $1 USD= 45 INR $1 USD= 9,000 IDR $1 USD= 3.6 ILS $1 USD= 0.75 EUR $1 USD= 83 JPY $1 USD= 1,100 KRW $1 USD= 0.29 KWD $1 USD= 8,000 LAK $1 USD= 3.0 MYR $1 USD= 12 MXN $1 USD= 0.75 EUR $1 USD= 0.39 OMR $1 USD= 1.0 PAB

Income Tax 0-45%

Cost of a Big Mac 3.38 EUR

Accommodations Sometimes included, if on contract Sometimes included Sometimes included Sometimes included Always included Usually included Not included Sometimes included Always included Usually provided or housing allowance Sometimes included Usually included Usually included Seldom included

Airfare Not included

Health Care Usually included, if on contract Sometimes included Seldom included Sometimes included Always included Always included Not included Seldom included Always included Usually included Sometimes included Always included Usually included Seldom included Usually included Seldom included

Holidays Usually paid, if on contract Paid Usually paid Paid Paid Usually paid Usually paid Paid Paid Usually paid Usually paid Paid Sometimes paid Usually paid

Hong Kong Hungary India Indonesia Israel Italy

1 year 6 months or 1 year 1 year 1 year 6 months or 1 year 6-9 months 6 months or 1 year 1 year 3 months or 1 year 1 year 1-2 years 1 year 3 months, 9 months or 1 year 1-2 years 6 months or 1 year

Year round Jan or Aug Year round Year round Year round Sept Apr or year round Feb-Mar or year round Year round Year round Year round Jan or AugSept Jan or Aug

30-40 20-30 25-40 25-40 20-30 25 25-40 25-40 20-35 25-35 25-35 12-35 30

200-500 HKD/hr 1,600-3,400 HUF/hr 400-1,000 INR/hr 150,000-350,000 IDR/hr 70-120 ILS/hr 11-22 EUR/hr 2,000-5,0000 JPY/hr 25,000-75,000 KRW/hr 5-10 KWD/hr 80,700-121,000 LAK/hr 35-80 MYR/hr 81-85 MXN/hr 10-40 EUR/hr 10-20 OMR/hr 15-25 PAB/hr

16-20% 17% 0-30% 5-35% 10-46% 23-43% 5-30% 3-5% 0% 0-35% 27% 3-34% 33-52%

14.80 HKD 740 HUF Not Available 22,780 IDR 14.90 ILS 3.38 EUR 320 JPY 3,400 KRW Not Available Not Available 7.05 MYR 32 MXN 3.38 EUR

Sometimes included Seldom included Sometimes included Sometimes included Seldom included Not included Seldom included Always included Usually included Seldom included Always included Sometimes included Seldom included Usually included Seldom included

Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Cambodia

Jan or Sept Feb-Mar or Nov Jan or Aug Year round

20-25 20-30 15-25 25-30

15-20 EUR/hr 5-20 BRL/hr 10-30 BGN/hr 20-100 KHR/hr

25-50% 0-15% 10-40% 20%

3.38 EUR 8.71 BRL 2.63 BGN Not Available

Seldom included Seldom included Sometimes included Sometimes included

Not included Sometimes included Seldom included Seldom included

Chile China

6 months or 1 year Flexible (preference is 1 year) 6 months or 1 year 6 months or 1 year 9 months or 1 year 6 months or 1 year 6 months or 2 years 3 months or 1 year 7-9 months Freelance

Feb-Mar or Nov Year round

15-30 15-35

6,000-20,000 CLP/hr 100-400 CNY/hr

$1 USD= 475 CLP $1 USD= 6.5 CNY $1 USD= 1,800 COP $1 USD= 500 CRC $1 USD= 19 CZK USD used in this country $1 USD= 5.8 EGP $1 USD= 0.75 EUR $1 USD= 0.75 EUR $1 USD= 0.75 EUR

0-20% 5-25%

1,750 CLP 13.20 CNY

Seldom included Usually included

Seldom included Usually included Sometimes included Seldom included Seldom included Seldom included Sometimes included Seldom included Not included Not included

Seldom included Sometimes included Sometimes included Not included Usually included Seldom included Usually included Seldom included Not included Partially included

Seldom paid Paid

Japan Korea Kuwait

Colombia Costa Rica Czech Republic Ecuador Egypt Finland France Germany

Feb-Mar or Nov Sept-Dec Year round Jan or Sept Year round Jan or Aug Jan or Sept Sept

15-25 8-30 25-30 15-30 20-25 20-30 5-30 30-40

20,000-35,000 COP/hr 3,000-5,000 CRC/hr 100-1,000 CZK/hr 15-20 USD/hr 80-130 EGP/hr 15-30 EUR/hr 15-30 EUR/hr 15-30 EUR/hr

0-33% 0-10% 15% 5-35% 6-16% 9-30% 0-40% 0-45%

8,200 COP 2,043.77 CRC 67.60 CZK 1.50 USD 13 EGP 3.38 EUR 3.38 EUR 3.38 EUR

Sometimes included Sometimes assisted Usually included or assisted Usually assisted Usually included or housing allowance Sometimes included Not included Seldom included

Sometimes paid Sometimes paid Sometimes paid Seldom paid Usually paid Usually paid Usually paid Usually paid if on contract

Laos Malaysia Mexico Netherlands

Oman Panama

Year round Mar - Aug

20 20-25

0% 7-27%

Not Available Not Available

Usually provided or housing allowance Seldom included

Usually paid Seldom paid

For the most up-to-date country information, visit




location Peru Poland Portugal

Typical Contract 6 months or 1 year 6 months or 1 year 9-10 months 1-2 years 6 months or 1 year 6 months, 9 months or 1 year 1-2 years 9 months or 1 year 9 months or 1 year 1 year 3 months, 6 months or 1 year 1 year 4 months or 1 year 1 year 1-2 years 1 year

Peak hiring season Jan or Nov-dec sept-oct or year round Jan or sept

Teaching hours/Week 20-35 20-35 40

Monthly salary 1,300 - 3,300 PeN 1,500-3,500 PlN 800-1,600 eUr 6,700-9,000 QAr 1,500-2,000 roN 24,900-62,500 rUB 9,300-15,000 sAr 365-530 eUr 800-1,400 eUr 5,5006,400 seK 1,800-7,000 Chf 45,000-80,000 TWd 25,00055,000 ThB 1,000-3,500 TrY 11,000-14,000 Aed 15.6-39 million VNd

Private Tutoring 28-56 PeN/hr 35-80 PlN/hr 10-25 eUr/hr

exchange rate $1 Usd= 2.8 PeN $1 Usd= 3.0 PlN $1 Usd= 0.75 eUr $1 Usd= 3 QAr $1 Usd= 3.3 roN $1 Usd= 31 rUB $1 Usd= 3 sAr $1 Usd= 0.75 eUr $1 Usd= 0.75 eUr $1 Usd= 6.9 seK $1 Usd= 0.95 Chf $1 Usd= 30 TWd $1 Usd= 30 ThB $1 Usd= 1.5 TrY $1 Usd= 3.5 Aed $1 Usd= 19,500 VNd

income Tax 15-30% 32% 10.542% 0% 16% 13%

Cost of a Big Mac 10 PeN 8.30 PlN 3.38 eUr

Accommodations sometimes assisted Usually included or assisted sometimes included, if on contract Usually included or housing assistance sometimes included Usually included or assisted Usually included Usually assisted sometimes included, if on contract seldom included seldom included

Airfare seldom included seldom included Not included

health Care Not included Usually included sometimes included Usually included sometimes included Usually included Usually included sometimes included sometimes included, if on contract seldom included sometimes included, if on contract sometimes included Always included

holidays seldom paid Usually paid

Always paid, if on contract

Qatar romania russia

Jan or sept Year round June-sept

25 25-35 25-30

50-150 QAr/hr 30-100 roN/hr 300-1,000 rUB/hr

16 QAr 10 roN 71 rUB

Usually included seldom included flight allowance usually given Usually included sometimes included Not included

Usually paid Always paid Usually paid

saudi Arabia slovakia spain

Year round sept or year round sept

25 25-30 15-30

100-200 sAr/hr 13-25 eUr/hr 22-30 eUr/hr

0% 19% 15-45%

10 sAr 1.52 eUr 3.38 eUr

Usually paid Always paid Usually paid, if on contract Usually paid Usually paid, if on contract

LatIn amErICa
Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

Ranging from Mexico in North America, down to the southern tips of Argentina and Chile in South America, Latin America covers nearly 8 million square miles and is home to more than 580 million people.

sweden switzerland

Jan or Aug sept

20-30 15-25

100-200 seK/hr 20-45 Chf/hr

29-60% 0-30%

48.40 seK 6.50 Chf

seldom included Not included

PAGE Paid Paid

Taiwan Thailand

Year round Year round

20-35 20-30

600-1,200 TWd/hr 500-900 ThB/hr

6-20% 5-37%

75 TWd 70 ThB

sometimes included sometimes included

sometimes included seldom included sometimes included Usually included seldom included


Turkey UAe Vietnam

Year round Year round Year round

25-30 20-25 20-35

20-100 TrY/hr 100-200 Aed/hr 292,425-487,375 VNd/hr

35% 0% 5-35%

5.95 TrY 11 Aed Not Available

Usually included or assisted Usually included or housing allowance sometimes included

Usually included Usually included sometimes included

employer assisted Usually paid Paid

Latin America is home to a unique blend of cultural inuences, including the indigenous cultures of pre-

For the most up-to-date country information, please visit

European inuence, Western civilization from Europe and the United States, and various African cultures.

Cuisine varies from nation to nation. Spices and seasoning mixtures such as cumin and chili powders give many foods of Latin America their unique identities. Many foods are typically corn-based.

Get certied to teach English abroad with Oxford Seminars, the leading provider of TESOL/TESL/TEFL certication, and join thousands teaching English around the globe.

Today, Spanish and Portuguese are the predominant languages of Latin America. Creole languages are spoken in several nations, along with Italian, German and English.

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Course Outline
From ESL warm-up games and classroom management techniques to second language acquisition and teaching English grammar, our 100-hour course covers a comprehensive range of ESL knowledge and teaching expertise. The course is comprised of a 60-hour in-class component (spread over three weekends) and a 40-hour online component.

JoIn tHE 5,000 GraduatES WHo GEt CErtIFIEd WItH o XFord S EmInarS EaCH yEar and bEGIn your EXCItInG advEnturE tEaCHInG E nGLISH abroad .
Course Materials
As part of the extensive materials and resources included with our course, you will receive a comprehensive teaching textbook by Jeremy Harmer, our industry-leading 475-page training manual, and the practical Focus on Grammar textbook. You will nd these resources useful, both during the course, and in subsequent overseas teaching positions.

How To Teach English (w/DVD)

by Jeremy Harmer Paperback: 288 pages Publisher: Pearson Education ISBN: 978-1-405-85309-5 $49 value

Day 1
- Introduction to the Course/ Materials/Assignments - ESL Warm-Up Games and Exercises - ESL Icebreaker Activities - The Effective Learner - The Effective Teacher - Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners in Your Classroom

Day 2
- Introduction to Educational Theory - Second Language Acquisition - Teaching Across Age and Proficiency Levels - Classroom Management Techniques - Lesson Planning - Living and Working Overseas - Cultural Sensitivity in the Classroom

Day 3
- Teaching English Grammar - Sample Grammar Lessons - Teaching Vocabulary Techniques - Teaching Speaking and Listening - Teaching Reading - Long-Term Unit Planning - International Trends in ESL Teaching - Effective Cross-Cultural Relations

Oxford Seminars' TESOL/TEFL Certication Course Training Manual

Paperback: 475 pages Publisher: Oxford University Press ISBN: 978-0-195-44537-4 $145 value



Day 4
- Multiple Intelligence Theory - Teaching Writing - Teaching Pronunciation - Teaching Idioms, Expressions, Phrasal Verbs, and Slang - Organizing the Teaching Workload - Conflict Resolution Techniques - Teaching in a Multicultural Setting

Day 5
- Lesson Coordination When Team Teaching - Testing and Evaluating ESL Students - Finding ESL Teaching Jobs - Writing Resumes and Cover Letters - Job Interviews for Teaching Positions - Pre-Departure Planning, Culture Shock, and Adaptation

Day 6
- Teaching Practicums - Instructor Feedback and Peer Evaluations - Effective Use of ESL Teaching Resources and Activities - The Globalization of the Job Market - Finding and Using ESL Teaching Resources - Wrap-up/Final Questions



- The Role of the Teacher - Applying Communicative Teaching Theory - Fundamentals of Language Acquisition - Creating Engaging and Educational Lesson Activities - Practicing Lesson and Unit Planning - Analysis of ESL Case Studies - Reviewing and Applying ESL Theories and Concepts - Comprehending Grammatical Structures - Common Grammatical Errors and Misconceptions - Teaching the Twelve Verb Tenses of English - Creative Grammar Activities to Stimulate Communication - Teaching Adverbs, Quantiers, Gerunds and Innitives - Critical Evaluation of Grammar Lessons and Materials - Completion of the 100-Question Online Assignment

Focus on Grammar: An Integrated Skills Approach (w/CD)

3rd Edition by Marjorie Fuchs, Margaret Bonner and Miriam Westheimer Paperback: 432 pages Publisher: Pearson Longman ISBN: 978-0-131-89985-8 $45 value


CALL TOLL-FREE 800.779.1779

The school that Oxford Seminars presented me with has been just outstanding in accommodating their foreign experts, and I am extremely happy with taking on this adventure. I am very thankful for this opportunity of a lifetime and without a doubt Oxford Seminars has made it all possible. At the drop of a hat I would recommend teaching English as a foreign language to anyone, young and old alike. - P. Sullivan

by EnroLLInG WItH FuLL PaymEnt at LEaSt 28 dayS PrIor to tHE Start datE oF tHE CourSE .

oFF tHE CoSt oF tHE CourSE

SavE $100


Graduate Placement Service

Available exclusively to Oxford Seminars graduates at no additional cost, our Graduate Placement Service provides assistance with nding the most rewarding teaching jobs at ESL schools around the world. We have formed partnerships with language schools worldwide that are searching for certied ESL teachers. Our Job Search Advisors provide timely job placement assistance to help make your experiences teaching overseas as successful and rewarding as possible. Many Oxford Seminars students who begin their job search during the course receive interviews and offers for full-time teaching positions before the course is over.

"The experience I have gained from Oxford Seminars has helped me to fully understand the need for teachers abroad. They have helped me to gain experience and learn about different cultures. My instructor made me feel so comfortable about teaching overseas and I am ecstatic to have this opportunity. - C. Sassine





Money-Back Guarantee
Our goal is to help you nd an excellent ESL teaching job abroad and we stand by this with our Money-Back Guarantee. For more information please visit

oXFord SEmInarS' CourSE ovEr tHE SummEr , and WItHIn onE montH oF ComPLEtInG tHE CourSE , I Had an oPPortunIty to Work In o man , LoCatEd In a rEGIon I HavE aLWayS WantEd to EXPErIEnCE . I am EmPLoyEd at a CoLLEGE , I am makInG a GrEat LIvInG, and EXPErIEnCInG SomEtHInG I nEvEr WouLd HavE tHouGHt PoSSIbLE ! - S. bHaLLa


CALL TOLL-FREE 800.779.1779

Embark on your a dvEnturE !

How To Enroll
The course price of $1195 includes all course materials, ESL Teaching Resources, full access to the English Language Schools Directory, and Graduate Placement Service. A deposit of $95 is required to reserve your spot in an upcoming course. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and Google Checkout. Enroll in one of the following ways:

By Phone
Call toll-free: Los Angeles: 1-800-779-1779 310-820-2359

New York City: 212-213-8978

Oxford Seminars offers secure online payment processing. To enroll, select a course from our locations and dates page:

In Person
Enroll in person by attending one of our free Information Sessions. To nd a location near you, visit

By Fax or Mail
Complete the enrollment form below and fax it to 1-800-955-9950, or mail it along with your check or money order to one of our ofces listed below. Alabama Auburn Birmingham Arizona Phoenix Tucson Florida Gainesville Jacksonville Miami Orlando Tallahassee Tampa Bay Georgia Athens Atlanta Hawaii Hilo Honolulu Idaho Boise Illinois Champaign Chicago Evanston Indiana Indianapolis South Bend Iowa Des Moines Iowa City Kentucky Lexington Louisville Louisiana Baton Rouge New Orleans Maryland Baltimore College Park Massachusetts Amherst Boston Williamstown Michigan Ann Arbor Detroit East Lansing Minnesota Duluth Minneapolis Missouri Kansas City St. Louis Nebraska Lincoln Omaha Nevada Las Vegas Reno New Jersey New Brunswick Newark New Mexico Albuquerque New York Albany Brooklyn Buffalo Manhattan Queens Rochester Stony Brook Syracuse North Carolina Chapel Hill Charlotte Raleigh Winston-Salem Ohio Bowling Green Cincinnati Cleveland Columbus Kent Oklahoma Norman Stillwater Oregon Eugene Portland Pennsylvania Philadelphia Pittsburgh State College Rhode Island Providence South Carolina Columbia Greenville Tennessee Memphis Nashville Texas Austin College Station Dallas Houston San Antonio Utah Provo Salt Lake City Virginia Charlottesville Norfolk Richmond Washington Pullman Seattle Wisconsin Madison Milwaukee Canada Burnaby Calgary Edmonton Halifax Hamilton London Montreal North York Ottawa Regina Saskatoon St. Johns Toronto Vancouver Victoria Waterloo Windsor Winnipeg

Oxford Seminars Enrollment Form

MeThod of PAYMeNT: Name Address Cardholder Name: ____________________________________ Apt. or Unit# City Telephone email Check or Money order state Zip Credit Card Number: ____________________________________ Credit Card expiry date: (mm/yy) ________________________ Cardholder signature: _________________________________ Credit Card

Arkansas Fayetteville Little Rock California Bakerseld Berkeley Claremont Fresno Fullerton Irvine Long Beach Los Angeles Northridge Palo Alto Riverside Sacramento San Diego San Francisco San Jose Santa Barbara Santa Cruz Colorado Boulder Denver Connecticut Hartford New Haven New London District of Columbia Washington, D.C.

CoUrse seleCTioN: Course # ____________________________________________ Course dates: ________________________________________ Course location: _____________________________________ PAYMeNT AMoUNT: $95 Course deposit [$1100 balance payable on the rst day of the course] $1195 full Course Price early enrollment discount applies [Save $100 with full payment of $1095 when you enroll 28 days or more in advance.]

Made payable to Oxford Seminars and mail to:

oxford seminars 12335 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 337 Los Angeles, CA 90025


oxford seminars 244 5th Avenue Suite J262 New York, NY 10001-7406

for CoMPleTe TerMs ANd CoNdiTioNs, refer To oxfordseMiNArs.CoM.

Call us toll-free at 1-800-779-1779

Oxford Seminars COURSES can be found at a location near you!

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