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Skylanders: Giants (Wii U) Walkthrough Chapter 1: Time of the Giants Welcome to my Skylanders: Giants playthrough!

This rst level, Time of the Giants, involves the Mabu Slaves, who were imprisoned in Skylands 10,000 years ago by the Arkeyan Conquerton, an evil Arkeyan robot. Mabus are basically panda-like mammal creatures. The level actually takes place in Skylands 10,000 years ago, when the Arkeyans still ruled Skylands. The Giants must free the Mabu Slaves from the robotic Arkeyan Conquerton. Along the way, your Giant will often encounter a turtle. These turtles must be moved and used as bridges to cross certain gaps and such. The movable turtles have arrows on their backs, indicating that they can be pushed by a Skylander. Theyre pretty cool! Once you reach the Arkeyan Conquerton robot, you must break off his chains and avoid his attacks. Chapter 2: Junkyard Isles This is another basic (and easy) chapter. The Skylanders must repair the parts of Flynns ship in order to progress on their great adventure. Chapter 3: Rumbletown The Skylanders must nd an elf-like creature named Ermit, who is a...well, hermit! The Skylanders will have to go through many forest-like areas along the way. A Goliath Drow, named Brock, will try to stop you from saving Ermit. You must ght Brock and his minions. Brock is simply defeated by your Skylander repeatedly hitting him with that Skylanders attacks. Once you rescue Ermit, he tells you the story of how Kaos has managed to use the Arkeyan Conquerton for more of his evil tricks... Chapter 4: Cutthroat Carnival The Skylanders must defeat many pirates in a carnival-themed area, defeating them at a card game called Skystones in order to progress. At one point this level, you can choose to either use a Giant to pull the chains to x up a ship, or beat the Boatmaster at a game of Skystones. To me, Skystones was pretty annoying and difcult. I kept losing my Giant (Tree Rex), who needed a break, so that didnt help too much, lol. Chapter 5: Glacier Gully This chapter involves an ice wasteland which inhabits Ice Ogres and Snowclopses. The Skylanders meet Machine Ghost here in this icy area, who helps you use beams to melt ice blocks. Noodles, the Arkeyan robots servant, tries to stop you along the way. You need to reach the end and melt the ice on the Arkeyan robot so that Machine Ghost can possess it. There are also snowmen here who, if broken, can give you helpful items or collectibles, such as Food. Chapter 6: Secret Vault of Secrets Machine Ghost and the Skylanders must utilize the giant Arkeyan Conquerton to shoot down red, ying ships. The Skylanders must also attack other robots; to defeat these robots, the Skylanders must press B to punch them and, eventually, destroy the robots. This level also has many eloectric obstacles for you to pass and puzzles to solve involving energy beams. You must solve these puzzles in order to progress. Also at the end of this Chapter, Machine Ghost dies from rocks that hit him. Chapter 7: Wilikin Village

This chapter introduces the Wilikins, a wooden doll-like species that were once Kaos toys when Kaos was a child. You must defeat several enemies here, nd Keys to unlock paths, and, at the end, ght the Chompy Mage, a giant Chompy. I should also note that there are blue energy waves here in some of the cave areas and in the Chompy Mage battle; the red waves are bad and hurt your Skylander, and the blue ones are good and give you health. Chapter 8: Troll Home Security The Skylanders must ght several trolls in this level and disable the cannons guarding Kaos castle. Now, you can pay Kaos a little visit in the next Chapter. (Note: I highly recommend Cynder here, because her speed really helps with avoiding the constantly ring cannonballs.) Chapter 9: Kaos Kastle The Skylanders must progress through Kaos castle in this level, avoiding spiked balls and, eventually, reaching a Boss Arena to ght a boss. I found this level to be one of the tougher ones, lol. Chapter 10: Aerial Attack! The ghost pirate eet of the Dreadnaught attacks Capn Flynns Ship. Youll be ghting the ghost ships to make your way to the next Chapter... Chapter 11: Drill-Xs Big Rig The Skylanders must locate the big drill that Kaos has been using to dig into the City of Arkus and get the powerful Fist of Arkus. Eventually, youll reach the machine itself and will have to ght the rapping drill, who attacks with his drill hands and sings before he ghts. Chapter 12: Molekin Mountain A Mabu from Drill-Xs Rig tells Cali where to nd the Oracle, who will be able to tell your Skylander and the gang where the Arkeyan Vault is located. Youll come across a Cyclops Chopper, Pipsqueak, here, and your Skylander must defeat him. Chapter 13: The Oracle The Skylanders meet the Oracle, Octavius, here. Octavius forces the Skylanders to complete a series of Trials. After you nish these Trials, Octavius will give Flynn the coordinates to the lost city. Hell also send an Arkeyan Copter to Flynns Ship... Chapter 14: Autogyro Adventure Flying through tunnels in an Arkeyan Copter! Chapter 15: Lost City of Arkus The Skylanders must progress through many traps to reach the Great Palace and stop Kaos and his evil Arkeyan army of robots. Chapter 16: Bringing Order To Kaos! Its time to defeat Kaos and his Iron Fist! Kaos and the Fist have many dangerous attacks, so beware. There are also plenty of enemies to avoid as well. Adventure Packs Chapter 17: Empire of Ice These Adventure Pack Chapters, if you havent played Spyros Adventure, are packs that you can buy to unlock new levels and extra Chapters. The Adventure Packs also come with two Magic Items and an exclusive Skylander. This Chapter is pretty cool (no pun intended). It features the Great Northern Wizard, Haldor, who needs the Skylanders to save his village from evil Ice Ogres, who blocked

out the sun from a giant wall they built, turning the area into ice. The Skylanders must return the village back to normal. This Chapter includes the Magic Items the Sky-Iron Shield and the Anvil Rain. Chapter 18: Pirate Seas Hmmm, I wonder whats in this level... Chapter 19: Darklight Crypt The Skylanders meet Batterson, a baker who specically bakes pies. His customers have been forbidden to buy his pies by Occulous, who has taken over control in the area. The Skylanders must face Occulous so that the undead customers can buy pies once again from Battersons bakery. Ghost Roaster is included with the Darklight Crypt Adventure Pack. Chapter 20: Dragons Peak Vathek, the brother of the King Ramses, has taken over Dragons Peak. Flavius needs the Skylanders to help defeat Vathek and his minions to restore order to Dragons Peak. The Dragons Peak Adventure Pack also contains the Skylander Sunburn. Thats it for the main Chapters of Skylaners Giants! Concerning the Heroic Challenges, however, I may get to those at a later date.