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V - VI Grades

Subiectele de la 1 la 10 valoreaz cte 3 puncte, cele de la 11 la 30 cte 4 puncte, iar cele de la 31 la 40 cte 5 puncte. Se acord 40 de puncte din oficiu. Elevii trebuie s rspund la maximum 30 de ntrebri, dar nu mai mult de 5 ntrebri de 5 puncte. n caz contrar, se puncteaz n ordine descresctoare maxim 5 ntrebri de 5 puncte i maxim 30 de ntrebri n total. Exemplu: Dac un elev rspunde la 34 de ntrebri: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11,..., 29, 30, 31, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 40, atunci se vor puncta 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10,..., 29, 30, 31, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 40. Fiecare ntrebare are un singur rspuns corect. Orice rspuns greit scade punctajul concurentului cu un sfert din valoarea ntrebrii. Subiectele la care nu se indic niciun rspuns sau se indic 2, 3 sau 5 rspunsuri nu se puncteaz. Dac vrei s anulezi rspunsul la o ntrebare, bifeaz nc un rspuns. Dac intenionezi s schimbi un rspuns deja bifat, bifeaz toate celelalte rspunsuri n afara celui pe care l-ai ales n final. Dac nu ai bifat limba german, se consider implicit limba englez. Pentru a vizualiza, pe Internet, analiza n detaliu a lucrrii tale, completeaz parola pe foaia de rspuns. Dup ce vor fi afiate rezultatele concursului, vei gsi pe analiza rspunsurilor tale.

Read the text and answer questions 1-4: One day, on a country road in Ireland, Paddy met Murphy who was carrying a bag on his back. Seeing something moving in the bag, Paddy became curious. Whats in the bag? asked Paddy. Im not going to tell you, answered Murphy. Come on, tell me, said Paddy. Again, Murphy refused to tell him, but his friend kept on insisting. Ah, all right then, there are some ducks in the bag, said Murphy. If I guess how many ducks you have in the bag, will you give me one of them? asked Paddy. Look, said Murphy, if you guess the correct number, Ill give you both of them. Five! said Paddy triumphantly. 1. How many ducks were there in the bag? A) one B) two C) three 2. Paddy and Murphy were ........... . A) Ireland B) Islamic 3. A duck cant have ........... . A) feathers B) ducklings 4. Match the opposites: 1. ask 2. take 3. refuse 4. start A) 1c/ 2b/ 3d/ 4a D) 1a/ 2c/ 3b/ 4d C) Irish C) a tail

D) four D) Icelanders D) fur

E) five E) Irishman E) wings

a. stop b. give c. answer d. accept B) 1b/ 2c/ 3d/ 4a E) 1c/ 2a/ 3d/ 4b C) Whose D) How

C) 1a/ 2b/ 3c/ 4d

5. ........... went to New York last week? A) Why B) Who did

E) Who E) a toothbrush E) fatherss E) painted


6. What keeps you nice and neat, has lots of teeth but cannot eat? A) a broom B) a comb C) a fork D) a mouth 7. You cant take that hat. Its my ........... . A) fathers B) fathers C) fathers D) father D) dotted

8. The fur of a tiger is ..........., and its skin too. A) spotted B) sparkled C) striped

Limba englez clasele V-VI

9. Find the irregular verb: A) cut B) add

C) look

D) vote

E) watch

10. Thanksgiving is an American tradition when people ........... . A) give thanks to God for all the things they have B) celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ C) try to scare away evil spirits D) thank their families for gifts E) celebrate the arrival of autumn Read the text and answer questions 11-15: John Montague, Earl of Sandwich, was an English nobleman who lived in the 18th century. He loved playing cards for money. Sometimes it took hours and hours to finish a game and Montague didnt have time for lunch or dinner. He ordered his servants to bring him some food that he could eat while playing. The servants placed a piece of meat or cheese between two slices of bread. This is what we now consider a sandwich. The next time you eat one, think of John Montague! 11. John Montague was ........... . A) a vet B) a servant

C) a teacher

D) a pupil

E) a nobleman

Limba englez clasele V-VI

12. What was Earl of Sandwich doing when the sandwich was invented? A) playing on the computer B) playing cards C) playing tennis D) playing football E) playing volleyball 13. The Earl of Sandwich played cards for ........... . A) money B) sandwiches C) fun 14. Why did he order his servants to bring him some food? A) Because his friends didnt let him take a break. C) Because he didnt want to stop playing. E) Because the cook didnt let him go into the kitchen. 15. Who made the first sandwiches? A) Montagues servants. B) Montagues guests. D) The Earl of Sandwich. E) Montagues wife. D) his servants E) his friends

B) Because his parents didnt let him eat. D) Because he couldnt eat in the kitchen.

C) Montague himself.

16. Complete the title of Lewis Carrolls famous book: Alices Adventures in ........... . A) Wonderworld B) Waterland C) Wonderland D) Waterworld

E) Wonderwall

17. What is the fifty-first letter in the following passage? A hungry fox saw some fine bunches of grapes hanging from a vine, and he did his best to reach them. A) g B) e C) n D) d E) i 18. Match the halves of the compund words: 1. a washing a. conditioner 2. an air b. cleaner 3. a clock c. machine 4. a vacuum d. radio 5. a light e. bulb A) 1a/ 2d/ 3b/ 4e/ 5c B) 1e/ 2c/ 3a/ 4d/ 5b E) 1c/ 2a/ 3d/ 4b/ 5e D) 1b/ 2a/ 3e/ 4c/ 5d 19. Which is the odd one out? A) Belgian B) Sweden

C) 1c/ 2a/ 3b/ 4e/ 5d

C) Portugal

D) Japan

E) Mexico

20. One of these words doesnt rhyme with the others. Which one? A) four B) score C) sour D) door 21. When her father ........... home, Maria ........... a magazine. A) was coming/ read B) came/ was reading D) will come/ is reading E) is coming/ read

E) shore

C) came/ is reading

22. If you want to visit the Taj Mahal, you have to go to ........... . A) China B) Japan C) Nepal D) India

E) Egypt

23. What animal lives in the forest and makes loud noises with its beak when it finds a tree with lots of tasty bugs in it? Its name is Woody. A) a pigeon B) a wolf C) a bear D) a woodpecker E) an eagle 24. May I ........... your calculator, please? A) borrow B) loan C) lend D) let E) hire

25. The role of Captain Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean was played by: A) Johnny Depp B) Tom Cruise C) Colin Farrell D) Russel Crowe E) Ryan Reynolds E) fifth E) their C) bed and breakfast

27. Sorry, I havent got any money. I have forgotten ........... at home. A) it B) they C) them D) its 28. The acronym B & B stands for ........... . A) bees and bugs B) bus and bicycle D) bacon and beans E) beautiful and British 29. The Tube is another name for ........... . A) the American subway B) the Tower of London D) the Channel Tunnel E) the London Underground 30. People say Im one of a kind. Im glad they consider me ........... . A) kind B) generous C) unique D) nice 31. Please be quiet while I am breaking into this safe. A .... needs to concentrate. A) chef B) student C) boss D) pilot 32. When you are angry, your tongue works faster than your mind. That means ........... . A) you speak better B) you say things you shouldnt C) you think first and then speak D) you are more silent E) you speak louder 33. Match the items with the shops: 1. chicken 2. painkillers 3. onions 4. magazines 5. paper and pens A) 1d/ 2a/ 3b/ 4c/ 5e D) 1e/ 2d/ 3b/ 4a/ 5c a. stationers b. newsagents c. butchers d. chemists e. greengrocers B) 1c/ 2a/ 3e/ 4b/ 5d E) 1b/ 2d/ 3e/ 4a/ 5c

C) a bridge in London

E) cute E) thief

C) 1c/ 2d/ 3e/ 4b/ 5a


Limba englez clasele V-VI

26. The pig is rated the ........... most intelligent animal, after three other animals. A) first B) second C) third D) fourth

34. The first city in the world ........... have a population of more than one million was Rome. A) that B) which C) who D) to E) with 35. Fill in the missing preposition: She was very proud ........... being English. A) of B) over C) with Read the following text and answer questions 36-40: A man entered an antique store and found some beautiful furniture, old paintings and household goods made of silver and crystal. Nothing caught his eye. As he turned to leave, he noticed the owners cat licking milk out of a fine silver plate. The man knew at a glance that the old plate was precious. Nice cat youve got there, said the man. Thanks, answered the owner. Shes a good cat, but I never seem to have enough time for her. I would like to buy her, said the man. Sure, replied the owner. You can have her for ten bucks. Deal, answered the man. He picked up the cat and headed towards the door. Oh, by the way, said the man before leaving, you probably wouldnt mind if I just took that old plate would you? The cat seems to like it. Are you kidding? laughed the owner. That plate has helped me sell fifty cats in the last month! 36. What can be found in an antique store? A) furniture B) paintings C) tools 37. What was the cat doing? A) She was playing with a plate. C) She was playing with the owner. E) She was sleeping on a plate.

D) at

E) on

Limba englez clasele V-VI

D) utensils

E) all of the above

B) She was eating milk. D) She was catching mice.

38. Why did the man want to buy the cat? A) Because he wanted the silver plate. B) Because he liked the cat. C) Because he wanted a brand-new plate. D) Because he wanted a new cat. E) Because he liked the old paintings. 39. How much did the man offer for the plate? A) ten pounds B) ten euros C) ten dollars D) fifty bucks E) nothing

40. The owner didnt want to give the man the plate because ........... . A) he knew it was very valuable B) he didnt want to sell the cat C) he only wanted to annoy customers D) he knew the plate was worth very little E) he only wanted to sell furniture

ntrebrile I, II, III se gsesc la pagina 27. Acestea nu se puncteaz i au scopul de a ne semnala interesul manifestat pentru Cangurul Lingvist. La aceste ntrebri elevii pot bifa una sau mai multe opiuni.