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Lutain slithered throughout the school.

The Slytherins were aware that he knew English, but none really wanted to say that 'Harry' was petrified, they were afraid of his bite. Even Daphne had no heart to say what had happened to his master. The school was in a panic really, The Purebloods seemed to have realized that none were safe is Shadis was petrified, none were safe actually. When McGonagall stood in the entrance, the crowd from Quiditch stopped, almost all of the school looked up to her saddened face, immediately fearing the worse, that someone had been attacked once more. "It seems." She started, gaining silence she so wanted. "That there has been another attack, Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, may I speak to you a moment." She announced, looking over the crowd, and at that moment, Skylar understood exactly what had happened. "It's Hermione! She's been attacked! Sweat Merlin, is it Hermione!" Skylar shouted more in fear then in concern, Professor McGonagall frowned not wanting to say exactly what it was, but it seemed that she had no choice. "Yes, Mr. Potter. Mrs. Granger has been attacked." The Gryffindors immediately bursted out shouts, screams, and threats, all aimed at Draco Malfoy, Slytherins in general, or Harry Shadis, it seemed that Skylar shared his rumors to the tower also. "Yeah? Where's Shadis? Probably off killing some Muggleborn!" Ron finally screamed in the direction of the Slytherins, but they didn't respond, they whispered and looked at each other, trying to think of why Granger was attacked. It was then Daphne realized something, Shadis had said that he was going to the library, and that was where Granger normally was. Oh Merlin no. "Mr. Potter! That is enough!" McGonagall shouted, but the shouts and threats about Harry increased. "He's probably killing her!" "Torturing some muggle." "Death Eater scum!" "I SAID ENOUGH! MR. SHADIS IS NOT THE CAUSE OF MISS. GRANGERS ATTACK!" McGonagall finally shouted, face red and she was angry. The hall went silent, and now, Daphne knew. "What's your proof!" Ron called back, to angry to even think of what he was saying, luckily, Mcgonangall understood this.

"This attack was not only Mrs. Granger-" "It got Harry Shadis didn't it?" Blaise asked, looking at her right in the eye. It was silent while people looked at each other in shock, fearing the worse. Professor McGonagall gave a brisk nod. x-(X)-x Harry walked around the chamber, and much to his surprise, it wasn't just one chamber. It was a labyrinth, of chambers and rooms, desks chairs meeting rooms. Harry could believe if this was a breeding area for exotic animals like the Basilisk or different snakes, it seemed amazing for just one though. Harry worked and worked, using many cleaning and banishing charms to rid the floor of the goo and slime. Soon the only thing left, was the slightly wet marble from the always dripping pipes, but at least it was warm. And Adalonda's knowledge was great, impossibly so, she even told stories of Master Salazar when she had just hatched, surprisingly, he was only around twenty in age. "Should I ever get a Basilisk, Adalonda?" Harry asked one night, looking at the large form of Adalonda who was teaching Lutain a better way to strike prey. "I am unsure of how to respond, I'm sure this bundle of scales is hard enough." "Hey! I resent that!" Lutain shouted, spinning around from after practicing a twisting lunge. "Silence Hatchling." "I'm not a baby!" "To me you are." The entire time, the two's heads grew closer and closer, going almost cross-eyed as they did so. Harry laughed at Lutain as he did a little argument against an amused Adalonda "I'm not sure though, a Basilisk is very hard to raise, not to mention I am classified as a 'dark species' because of Master Salazar." Adalonda hissed, using her tail tip to lift up Lutain as he tried to take a tiny nip out of her nose. "Ah, Wizards are all Hypocrites." "And you aren't a wizard?" That got Harry thinking, what was a wizard? A wizard was a male with magical powers, but Harry didn't have only magical powers, he had the vampire and demonic abilities known only through dark blood spells outlawed hundreds of years ago.

Just what was he? "I" Harry started, unsure of how to continue, Adalonda turned, as did Lutain, seeing how confused he was, and much to Harry's confusion, Adalonda chuckled. "Every generation I meet, I ask the same question, are you a wizard? And you know the answer I get?" She started, looking very amused now. "They never answer, because they are unsure of what they are. But I know the answer, as did Master Riddle and Master Salazar. No, you and they are not wizard." At this, she lowered her head until her cheek brushed the side of his. "You are so much more, Master Shadow." Harry jumped back, looking into the bright yellow orbs of Adalonda, and holding his ground against the surprised and lethal gaze. "How? How am I better than a wizard? For my childhood I was trapped with muggles, treated like a freak, vermin to their own species. But I am better, they are no better than worms beneath my feet, and I prided myself that I was not one of them, that I was a wizard, and now, I am not even that? Tell me Adalonda, what am I, should I even exist, or am I just as much a rat as I was a freak." Harry hissed, trying to find out exactly what he was. Andalonda suddenly reared, baring her teeth and flicking her tail to knock him down and pin him to the stone. Harry looked up with sharp emerald orbs as the seventy foot long Basilisk reared over, breath reeking of rotten meat. "How dare you! To lower yourself to one that killed Mylla, to be beneath their feet even in thought! No, never bow to anyone, because soon, they will rot and die all over. We are the great and noble species, tell me, Master Shadow, when was the last of Godric's Griffins, or where has the Daughter of Rowena vanished to? They are weak, they are foolish to trust those so far below, no, never bow to them, and never lose your faith!" Adalonda hissed, crest flaring and resembled a crown so much more than Harry ever realized. In the stunned silence that followed, Harry never thought to vanish in smoke, or to use the shadows to push away the tail. No, he thought, and plotted, for all he once briefly saw was real and Adalonda was the proof of it. Salazar was a great wizard, better than Albus Dumbledore could ever be, and it was the heir's job to follow in their footsteps. It was Harry's job, to be great. x-(X)-x Lutain and Harry (unseen) drifted through the corridors, looking at students which bustled about in large groups, as if that would help them. Lutain looked up

and a first year Slytherin looked down at him sadly, she opened her mouth, but then closed it, racing away. "They fear telling me what happened to rat-man." "Wormtail, his name is Wormtail. Rat-man sounds like a muggle villain." "Or a serpents greatest meal." Lutain pointed out, causing Harry to glare at him through the shadows. Harry moved silently through in the form of thick black smoke, like a phantom or a spirit, strange and impossible to stop, as he was like smoke. Lutain moved slightly faster, a Gryffindor sixth year wrinkled his nose before turning and stomping away, causing Lutain to glare daggers. "Foolish humans, dare look upon us with disgust!" "Ah, but I think Gryffindors don't fall under that category of humans, Lutain." Harry chuckled hauntingly, causing a fluffy cat walking past to freeze, ears swiveling around until it caught sight of Lutain and licked it's lips, thenit saw the pure size of him. "Ignorant feline." Lutain muttered, glaring at the fleeing cat. Harry followed, before stiffening as he heard slight chuckled from behind a tapestry. "Lutain, wait a moment." Harry hissed, phasing through the fine strands into the little chamber. Two red haired boys watched the fleeing cat with identical smirks. "'Bout time-" "Someone showed-" "That fur ball-" "What was coming." They finished in harmony, smirking at Lutain who looked up and down the hallway, oblivious to the fifth years. 'Fred and George Weasley, twin pranksters, and so far, the best of the Weasleys.' Harry thought, looking at the two as they leaned back, looking out like a one way mirror. "Ya' know, that snake isn't half bad-" "-Even for belonging to a Slytherin." The other agreed, tossing a bottle of ice cold butter beer to his twin, together, they clanked the lids together, popping off the cap. "Master?"

"I am here Lutain, behind the tapestry, the Weasley Twins watch you with appreciation." Harry whispered, causing the two twins to jump and look around for the ghostly snake. Lutain flicked out his tongue and spun so suddenly, the twins looked at each other in surprise. Then very slowly, Lutain moved forward, flicking his tongue and increasing in speed. "Sweet Merlin-" "-It's coming for us!" The other finished in a panicked whisper as they dropped the Butter beer and scurried to the back corner. "Ah, you are right, the twin Weasels." Lutain hissed, rearing up slightly and flicking his tongue. "Hey Gred, didn't the git say that the snake spoke English?" The twin on the right whispered, and the one of the left shrugged, stepping forward and raising his arms in peace. "Oh, this will be amusing." Lutain hissed, looking at the twins who gulped. "Oh great mighty serpent, we mean you no harm." He pronounced loud and clear, finishing with a swooping bow which caused Harry to physically hold his jaw shut so he wouldn't laugh. "Do they think I am a Basilisk?" "Hey Lutain! Looks like you got a few admirers!" Harry hissed, almost laughing at the glare Lutain sent at Harry in the shadows. "Think the things mental, staring in the dark like that?" The other twin whispered, getting a sharp deadly hiss in response that caused him to stop talking, the other prompt idly burst into laughter. "Well Forge, the thing hates you!" Another hiss at the word 'thing' "Snake! I meant snake! The snake hates you!" He hurriedly corrected, causing Harry to shake his head. "Adalonda will nag on you for this forever Lutain." "Oh shut up." x-(X)-x It was only a few days later that, when Adalonda whispered that two boys raced out to the Acromantuala's fields, what for, she was uncertain. Harry and Lutain were on watch after that, hoping to find at least one thing that was out of place. Harry drifted in his phantom shadow form; it was faster than his mortal form, and more efficient, but held horrible side effects. This travel was made for those

who died submersed in the black arts, yet Harry was not dead. When he tried to reform into his true body after long periods of time, he would be unconscious, leeching life energy from anyone inside the room, it was a brutal trade. That was why Harry made sure to remain in phantom form for a little while, and then his normal form inside the chamber, no glamour's needed. Harry drifted through the small crack in the doorframe, Madam Pomfrey was gone, she wouldn't be returning for a while yet, and Harry glanced at all the victims. Returning to Shadow as he did. Mostly his body, it was in a posture that had his wand out, stance large, Wormtail did do an excellent job mimicking his movements. Just as Harry turned to Hermione, he felt something was wrong, a slight sickening from her, that something very important had happened around her. Harry needed to find out what. Harry searched her, touching her weak magic core, sifting the pockets of her clothes, and finding nothing. "What is it?" Harry growled, before finally stilling and looking at the clenched fist, very carefully, he melted into the shadows, weaving between her locked fingers, expecting to find a book page crumpled beyond recognition. It was empty. Harry recoiled, still In his shadow form. His father once told him, that the shadow form reminded him of a cat, the way it arched and spat when it was angry. And that was what Madam Pomfry saw when she walked in. "Great Merlin!" She cried out, holding her wand and looking at the angry black shadow. Harry spun, locking eyes with the scared Mediwitch, showing green chips of ice as they seemed suspended by the black swirling mass. "Die!" He screeched, voice coming out like a ghost as he lunged, the Mediwitch held no chance. Five minutes later, she laid on a bed, knocked out cold and not waking for a while now. Harry slipped under the door, confidently trying to find Ronald the Weasel, and the idiot Potter. Harry spun a corner, and dodged a red spell coming at him; he spun, rearing up much like a Dementor. Ginny Weasley stood, her face pale and arm shaking as she held her wand ready, just waiting to attack Harry.

He laughed, it was a short little haunting chuckle one would give if you were taking part in a horror film, and it unnerved little Ginny even more. "I-I don't know what you are- But leave this school!" She shouted, taking a step forward, Harry landed, wishing to see her face as he took her captive, yes, a hostage inside the chamber would do nicely. "You can't hurt me, little Ginerva." Harry chuckled, allowing the shadows to solidify, showing his real body, and the scars, the long silver scars on his face. Ginny gasped, scrambling back, and Harry took a silent step forward, slowly approaching. "You aren't alive! You can't be!" She screamed, and Harry casted a silencing spell around. Ginny's legs were shaking now and her face was a sickly shade of white. "Can't I? You believe every little word of your 'hero' the boy who was crying just because he couldn't punch a child in Diagon Alley?" Harry asked, jaw clenching shut, and he grabbed her jaw, forcing her to look at him. "Such a pretty girl, it would be such a shame, really." He stated, by now, tears were streaming down her face, she sobbed silently and Harry lifted her up. "No, I won't kill you, I'll let Skylar Potter play hero once more, and you and I, can watch him fail." Harry noted, trailing a finger down her neck, then, he jabbed a spot on her collar bone, causing her to gasp and go limp as the pressure point was triggered. With a cold feeling and a wave of darkness, the two vanished, traveling through the ground in inky black smoke. x-(X)-x "All teachers please report to the second floor corridor. All students please return to your common rooms." The words echoed throughout the school, even faintly inside the chamber. Lutain watched from the shadows, flicking his tongue and tasting fear. So it was then, Lutain decided to go and see what the teachers were worried about. Lutain tensed his muscles before flexing and propelling himself forward, scraping against the floor ever so gently, and to his luck, none heard. Lutain looked around, flicking his eyes as he allowed them to shift into the heat seeking mode, as all vipers had. He scanned around once more, seeing bright orange shapes moving slightly, once more another larger bright orange shape moved with surprising speed behind a wall, towards the group. Lutain flicked his tongue, scenting the air and recognizing almost all.

Reeking fumes, smell of parchment, the smell of cleanser, roots and grasses, an unforgettable smell of goblin blood, and the worst of all, a full blast of strong smelling perfume reminding Lutain greatly of a peacock. "Rat in Snakes skin, come out come out." Lutain hissed, moving slowly around the bend and blinking away his heat seeing eyes, now he watched in strange colors, purples and greens almost entirely gone, reds and browns overly brilliant, as it was the sight of a magic viper. Lutain flicked his tongue once more, scenting the perfume-peacock man, he turned his head, looking at the overly smiling man with honey hair, similar to a mouse's underbelly. Oh, the man Lutain once fought, the coward. A vibration, across the floor and up Lutain's fine scales on his belly, he turned, using his long neck to look behind him, none was there, but the mortal eye often deceives one. Two small bright orange colors bunkered down under a blue veil, cooler then the bodies under. The tongue flickered out, and scents came back. Weasel, the taller one, and the sickly smell of sugar. The burning particles of white that Lutain tasted before. "What is it Minerva?" Lutain turned, widening the vibration sensors behind his eyes, listening to the strange speak of human tongue, it was so different from the noble tongue of the serpents, and it took decades to learn and understand. "Our worst fears have been confirmed." It was the one that smelled of parchments, the one with Goblin blood exhaled, and the Weasel and sugar behind shuddered. "The monster, has taken a captive into the chamber itself." The parchment spoke once more, Lutain's eyes widened, the two behind him gasped, annoying Lutain with the stinky breath. "We will have to close the school, send the children home." Grass and roots whispered, sniffling softly, Lutain had seen her and scented her before.the plant-house, her den was the plant-house. "Pomana, Fileus, Severus, warn your house, and tell them to pack, Hogwarts shan't survive if the ministry hears of this." Parchment sniffled, and the two behind seemed to whisper in little hisses, Lutain flared his sensors, listening closely incase his Master wished to know. "Where's Dumbledore?" Yes, such a good question for the Sweet-hatchling. Where was the fool, the man that carried the stench of the burning rocks Lutain had stuck in his mouth before, the lemon citrus fruit and all related.

Where was he? "Minerva, who is it?" The smell of cleanser whispered, her orange movement was wringing the strange limbs and tail tips together. The parchment lady looked down; at least her orange heat did, and sighed, filling the room with her breath. "Ginerva Weasley." Lutain tilted his head, looking at the Weasel under the blue film, Sugar-hatchling had the tail tips on his limb clasped over the others maw, silencing any hisses. Quickly, they all raced away, the hatchlings and the elders, the perfume-peacock man gulped before dashing away without pride, as if fleeing from a predator. What strange creatures humans are. Skylar Potter raced through the halls, Ron on his heels. Skylar was panting as he ran, obviously not used to the exercise. He took a left, throwing the doors to his mothers office open, causing her to squeak and jump in surprise. "Sky! What is the meaning of-" "We know what the monster in the chamber is!" Ron and Skylar both chorused. Eyes wide and cheeks red, Lily potter stiffened before sighing. "Skylar, Ron, Headmaster Dumbledore isn't here, he was pulled away for a very important meeting from the minister." Lily replied, Skylar opened his mouth in protest, but Lily beat him there. "No Skylar, we can't just call him away. This is politics, not something you'd understand." And Lily's heart broke to say that. She expected so much more from little Skylar. According to Minerva and Dumbledore, Tom Riddle was a genius when it came to magic, shouldn't Skylar be that skilled if he was his equal? "Then get dad to call in some aurors!" Skylar protested, every second wasted was another second Ginny could be dying. "Sky, the ministry is to arrogant to concern themselves over the petrifying students. They believe that Lockhart and Dumbledore should be able to take care of it, and won't send in anybody." Lily stiffly said, and Skylar understood. She believed that Lockhart was as much a phony as anything. "But Lockhart or Dumbledore doesn't know how to kill a Basilisk!" Ron protested, causing Lily to spin around surprised. "A Basilisk? Don't be silly, a Basilisk kill, not petrifies, and how would a Basilisk slip through the school?" She demanded, hands on her hips as she icily debated. "The pipes! It moves through the pipes, and nobody ever saw it directly in the eye!" Skylar protested, Lily then crossed her arms. "Skylar Charlus Potter, there is not a Basilisk in this school, nor should you look for a Basilisk in this school, do I make myself clear?" She demanded, emerald green eyes narrowing slightly, she only nodded when she received two 'yes ma'am's'. "Good, now make yourself scarce."

The boys didn't need to be told twice. They dashed down the hall, only stopping when they were out of harm's way, both panting, they looked at each other, eyes wide and thinking quickly. "What do we do now Sky?" Ron whispered and Skylar gulped quickly, looking around for anything he could think of. "Now, we go into the chamber." x-(X)-x Ginny Weasley groaned as she stirred, blinking away the black spots in her vision. She reached down, pressing her hands against the cool stone before lifting herself up slightly and looking around with a gasp. Ginny gasped and searched her pocket for her wand, while looking around, taking in the appearance of the beautiful, yet frightening dungeon. "You won't find it." She spun, freezing her hands in the frantic search. Shadow stood, leaning against a snake statue by the door, he was twirling her wand between his fingers, while his eyes were closed, a relaxed posture. "What do you want?" Ginny forced her voice to sound more confident then she felt, and even that, had a slight shake to it. Shadow opened his eyes, letting them slide over to Ginny, and her breathing stopped. So the rumors were true, he really did have eyes made of green ice and a cloak made of darkness. He was like a dark prince. "The closing of Hogwarts, to be honest, I wasn't going to a captive; I assumed that one child wouldn't be too hard to kill, but they always get away, don't they." Shadow sighed, shaking his head slightly, and still, he twirled her wand. "Th-the scars." She started, looking at the scared side of his face, immediately he flinched, looking away and gently pressed a few fingers to the flesh. "Yes, that wasn't part of the plan." Shadow murmured, sighing and looking towards the vault like door. "Why did you kidnap me?" Ginny whispered, curling her legs close to her chest and she shivered slightly as Shadow's gaze drifted to her own, a small smile came to Shadows face and he shook his head approaching her and lowering himself to her level. "You knew to much, you would have alerted Dumbledore of my presence, and in the end, the school would be cleansed of Dark Magic, killing me." Shadow muttered, drawing his fingers along her jaw, causing her to flinch back. A while ago, Shadow had come up with a good excuse of how he was still alive, and much to his and his father's amusement, he 'isn't alive' It would give Dumbledore a massive headache, almost as big as his ego actually. "So you kidnap me to save your scrawny little hide?" She challenged, nose flaring in anger, Shadow's fist curled slightly, the other held Ginny's wand and traced it, gently getting a feel for it.

"If I could, I would Obliviate you, wipe your memories and send you on your little way, but I am without a wand, and your core doesn't work with mine, Unicorn hair, is it?' He asked, tossing the wand to her, and she caught it, surprised and wary. "You would wipe my mind." "How do you think, I grew up, young Ginerva. Bathed in attention? Surrounded by gold and riches? No, I was a secret, if anyone saw me, they shot on sight, the memory charm has saved me more times than you care to believe." Shadow noted, pushing his hand down and pulling up, slowly yanking on a shadow which stretched like putty, making her gasp as she saw it. "This is why I gave you your wand, I can do more things with the night than spells you know, you cannot do anything down here." Shadow stated calmly, letting the shadows retract as he rose, closing his eyes and exhaling. "I hear things, I know things." Ginny randomly said, causing Shadow's eyes to flicker open. "Oh? He offered, refusing to look at her, and Ginny talked on. "The order, I know things about the order. Things my brothers don't." She stated smugly, and Shadow turned, eyes narrowing. "And do tell me, Ginerva, why shouldn't I jump into her mind and find out what you hear?" He purred, seeming to be everywhere at once while still remaining in one spot. "A spell, something Fedelus, or something like that." She declared, eyes flashing as she challenged him once again, Shadow turned and cursed on his breath. "Fedelius charm, wouldn't put it past Dumbledore." Shadow muttered, kicking a nearby rock so it flew and splashed into the water over by the statue of Salazar Slytherin. "I still know a few things." She stated, slowly getting to her feet with her wand out, ready to use a spell if needed. "And how do I know that these aren't lies?" Shadow shot back, pulling the shadows up to him. "You attacked Sirius Black in Diagon Alley years ago in a raid, you were small, young. The order thinks you were eight, maybe nine." She stated, grinning at the shocked look on Shadow's face before he laughed loudly. "I was seven, young Ginerva, seven and blissfully unaware of the horrors the light held hidden." Shadow laughed, leaning against a statue. "Horrors of the light?" "You've never looked past the rules drilled into yourself being, have you?" Ginny blinked, looking up at the scowling face of Shadow with wide innocent eyes. "Tell me what Dumbledore has done 'for the greater good?'" Ginny opened her mouth, but froze as she though over what Shadow had said.

Actually, a lot of things had changed for the worse for 'the greater good' and Ginny wasn't so sure for herself anymore. "Look at me, I'm just a child, but I was brought into war because of Dumbledore, do you know that?" Shadow hissed, grabbing Ginny's head and pulling her head close to him. "I-" "I was only a child!" He hissed, and for once, Ginny actually thought in his perspective. He was young if he was spotted at age seven with Bellatrix. Weeks would have to have been in for before, so he must have been six, and to know about magic he would have to have been five, but Voldemort would want the youngest child possible to train"Dear Merlin." She whispered, looking into the hardened eyes of Shadow. For him to be at such skill level and to be so young. "I was only a child." Shadow whispered once more, dropping her roughly, and she cried out in protest as her hair was painfully yanked, forcing her head up. "Let's see how well Skylar Potter is against a fully grown Basilisk, shall we?" Shadow purred, letting her go as soon as the large vault like door groaned and slowly slid open. Shadow hissed, taking a step back and melting into the ground much to Ginny's shock, she whispered and looked at the floor, he could be anywhere. "Ginny!" Ginny spun on the ground, looking at her brother who charged past the open vault door. Skylar Potter also raced after. "Ginny! Thank Merlin you're safe!" Ron sobbed, pulling his sister close, Skylar looked around confused, looking at the summoned snake with a slight shiver, he never really liked the slimy things "Oh Merlin, Skylar, you're here." Ginny whispered, Skylar nodded and looked around, acting as if he had done something accomplished. "Yeah! We're here to save you!" Ron boasted and Ginny backed away, looking fearful. "You guys have to get out, he's coming, oh Merlin, Skylar, he's still alive!" Skylar took a step forward, confused and looked around. "Look Gin, we need to get out, the Basilisk might come b-" "It never left." The three spun, looking at the shadows as they rose and grew ice green eyes. Ron paled, and Ginny whimpered. "You! No- I-I-" "What, you killed me? In a way, yes." Shadow chuckled, taking a step out, forming his real body, and forming into the body Ginny saw. His cloak was nothing but shadows, constantly twisting and fading, reappearing in a different spot, yet making it as thick as possible. It was frightening.

"Sky-Sky Mate, who, no what is that?" Ron asked shakily, pointing, and Skylar gulped, Shadow just laughed coldly. "That's Shadow, and he's alive again." Skylar stated flatly, as if he was about to pass out. "You fool." Shadow purred, sweeping across the floor in a smoke, as if he was a Dementor. "I never died." Shadow purred, hissing almost in Skylar's ear and causing him to shudder. Shadow recoiled, standing just in front of the three, near the large statue of Salazar Slytherin. "Let us see, Weasley's, And Potter, let us match the power of Dumbledore's 'Golden Boy' vs. the heir of Lord Voldemort." Shadow growled, spinning to look at the statue. "Speak to me Salazar Slytherin, greatest of the Hogwarts four." And the Statue groaned, bottom lip dropping as the old gears ground together, forcing the pipe to open. And a long snake lunged out, hitting the ground with a thump and rearing, pulling the rest of its bulk from the pipe. "Master Shadow?" "This is it Adalonda, kill one, kill any, but this is the end, of Hogwarts." "Two smell like Weasels, the large hatchling smells like rancid sugar and sweets." "Funny, Lutain said the same thing." And Adalonda seemed to smirk, yellow eyes glittering, and she spun, hissing out in such ferocity, Shadow himself took a step back. "Whatever you do! Don't look in its eyes!" Skylar shouted, clamping his eyes shut as did Ginny, Ron simply turned, pulling out his wand with a shaking hand. "Go ahead, Skylar Potter, make your move." Shadow laughed, swiping his arm across, allowing the shadows to knock out their legs, causing them to collapse. "We can't take on him while the big snake!" Ron protested, eyes still tightly closed. "We need to split, to be honest, I think Shadow's a worse foe, you two take him, and I'll take the snake!" Skylar shouted, rolling away as Adalonda struck, ripping up piles of stone. "Stay still, sugar-child! In my time, if you were that large, you would be killed!" Adalonda hissed, annoyed that Skylar somehow dodged her flying tail. The sounds of a bird caused Shadow to shout out in pain, clutching his head and clenching his eyes, Ron and Ginny stepped back, looking at the child in pain. "What's happening?" Ron shouted to Skylar who looked up at the approaching bird. "It's Fawks!" And indeed it was. Fawks was well past his burning day, feathers as bright as can be, and plumage as large as possible. Fawks landed quickly, shedding tears and taking off, Shadow looked at him confused, that is, until he saw Skylar blinking quickly.

"The bird shed drops in his eyes! He cannot be killed by your sight!" "Then let me bite him!" Adalonda responded, rearing up, and shrieking as the bird came in for another swipe. "Not on my scales, you ruddy chicken!" Adalonda turned, watching a thin black snake lunge and attack Fawks in the air, the two shrieked, hitting the floor with a loud thump and cries of pain. "What the hell?" Ron cried, looking at the fallen form of Fawks, a slight smile graced Shadows lips. "I wondered when you would show, Lutain." He laughed; getting a few hissing insults back. Adalonda swung, looking down at the pale and trembling boy, scenting the air and smelling the sour smell of urine. Yes, the boy feared him. "Come on little child, are you afraid?" Adalonda teased, dropping down and circling, then raising as he was caught in a loose loop. Then, the loop tightened, turning into a noose or a rope, easily able to snap his spine in two. "Protego!" Skylar shouted, halting the scales an inch from his body. Adalonda hissed in anger and brought her head up, about to jam it down into the hole her body made. "Hey Ron, Ginny! What do you have in your pockets?" Skylar shouted, desperately hoping that there was something he could do. "Um-" Ginny searched her pocket while Ron kept the shadow monsters at bay with a Lumos. They shrieked and backed up, circling once more. "I got a Chocolate Frog card, anduh-"Ginny then took over, letting Ron search his pockets, he pulled out a strange assortment of sweets. "I got three blood pops, a Chocolate Frog, and.uhFour Sour fizzlers, and a Ice Mice!" He shouted back, Skylar's eyes instantly widened as he tried to think of something. A prefect had said that a snake threw up after eating a sour Fizzler; maybe it would help them somehow. "Accio, Sour Fizzlers!" Skylar screamed, catching the candies as they came, and throwing them into the open mouth of the serpent as it lunged down. Shadow paced the two, slashing down and allowing the shadows to lunge, only to be repressed by the light spell. Out of the corner of Shadows eye, he saw the fight between Phoenix and serpent continues, it seemed Lutain had the upper hand, as Fawks wasn't very good on ground attack. "It burns! The pain! Ahh! Master Shadow, Lutain, Help the burning!" Adalonda shrieking, gagging on the candies lodged in her teeth, and Skylar scrambled back, shocked beyond belief as the muscles twitched, forcing her last meal to plop down next to him. Skylar screamed in horror as the putrid smell of rotting unicorn filled his nose. The upper half was all bones, due to that going down first, the lower half still had chunks of putrid black meat and rancid melting organs and twisted legs. It wasn't long until even Fawks was wrinkling his nose. "He gave you the sour poison?" Lutain asked, spotting what had happened. "Why! Never in all of my existence have I tasted something as horrid as that!"

Adalonda shrieked, shaking her head to get rid of the numbing drool in her maw, Shadow snorted and looked back at the two Weasleys. "Too late, little red-heads. You're going to die soon, you know that?" Shadow asked, tilting his head slightly to the left, he chuckled, pulling his arm back in a rear, now all of the shadows jumped back, swirling and weaving together until they surrounded Shadow, sprouting long demonic claws and four dragon fly like wings with a few rips and tears. The back legs were little stubs and the tail was fat yet thick. The head was almost like a vultures, slightly more dragonish in shape though. Ron wrinkled his nose at the gross and frightening being. He was sure that is anyone was being chased by this, they would scream in horror. It charged, shrieking and showing twelve giant teeth, almost two inches long and with a dangerous curve. "Lumos!" The two shouted, trying to defend from the monster, it shrieked yet continued to move, clawing at the earth and taking a chunk out of Ron's brown tunic. "Lumos! Lumos! Lumos Maxima!" Ginny screamed, tears racing down her face, the monster recoiled at the last one, swiping down with its claw, giving a large cut on her knee, as a cut on Ron's arm, causing him to drop his wand. Long tentacles reached out and grabbed it, flicking it up to Shadow, which stood in the same spot as the monster, after having it vanish. "All that without a wand, shame really." He mused stroking the shaft and looking at Ron critically. "Unicorn tail hair. The weakest of wand cores." He tisked, before raising it high, and at the two exactly. "Any last words?" He offered, Ginny's face lowered in a scowl, and she smacked her wand down, a grey spell shot at Shadow, causing him to hiss and spin back, clutching his face. Ron looked at his sister who seemed proud. "You just hit the bloody son of you-know-who with a Bat Bogey Hex." He exclaimed, Ginny smirked. Shadow turned, having used the counter curse. His sharp green eyes were wide with outrage and his silver flesh seemed colder now in the light. "Crucio!" Ginny screamed as she barley dodged the spell, Ron ran, having finally spotted how dangerous the situation was. "Adalonda!" Lutain shouted, and Shadow spun, eyes widening as he watched. Skylar ran to the unicorn's corpse, pulling off the large two foot horn, after realizing that magic could do no good against the thick hide. Adalonda reared once more, grabbing Skylar by his feet and flipping him up, biting down hard and letting one of her back fangs pierce his fatty flesh. He screamed, and Ginny cried out, Ron's face was blank, going into shock. She did this again, unclenching and tossing him back, his screams as he scrambled to find a hold in her dark poisons mouth.

She seemed satisfied, until a blood curdling scream ripped from her lungs, she opened her mouth, for others to see the unicorn horn stabbed into the roof of her mouth, causing incredible pain, and brain trauma. She collapsed, and from her mouth, emerged Skylar Potter, bloody, weak, tired, and slowly dying, from the fang in his leg. "NOOO!" Shadow screamed, appearing by Adalonda's side, gently pulling out the unicorn horn and tossing it aside, Adalonda let her breath out in a whoosh! Lutain had also abandoned the weak, limping Fawks, who did his best to move towards Sky who was panting in pain. "No, please, great Salazar have mercy!" Lutain cried, pressing the back of his head against her cheek. Shadows body trembled and he set his hand on the skull of the great snake, repeating the same words over and over inside his head. 'Heal herjust heal her, end our pain and suffering.heal her' But as many great wizards before, not even Shadow could end death. The vault door opened once more, a summoned snake confused into opening the chamber was in front of the five. Albus Dumbledore rushed in, James and Lily Potter at his heels, followed closely by Minerva McGonagall and Sirius Black, watching the display with slight gasps. Skylar Potter was limp, panting in pain with the tooth being removed from his leg. Fawks was bent over, badly bruised and bloody, but shedding tears on his wound. Ginny and Ron had tear marks, cleaning their face of dirt in that area, but the most eye popping thing, was the ruined stone in heaping globs, the blood on the floor and the crater only an unforgivable could make. And the boy leaned over a seventy foot snake, still breathing. "Don't die, please don't die Adalonda." Shadow whispered, his magic not healing her in the slightest. Her sparkling yellow eyes were glazed, half lidded and her breathing was in short pants. "Promise me, Master Shadow, that you will be great, that you will be what Master Salazar always wanted, not was his son was." Shadow nodded, smiling slightly, and he ran his fingers over the smooth scales under her eye. "Promise me, great Lutain, that one day, the race of Basilisks shall be great again, will prosper and roam the ancient forests alive once more." "I promise, Noble Serpent." Lutain choked out, almost swallowing his tongue. Albus, Lily and McGonagall took a step forward, but James and Sirius restrained, watching silently. They knew the connection between animal and human, and they knew that they were just as smart, if not smarter. Losing an animal is the same as losing a brother.

"I see Salazar, he is waiting for me. Go to the forests, little one. Find Mylla, she rests with the great herd. Find her, and tell her that Salazar see's all. Don't forget me, hatchling. Let my name be carved in stone, and carry the world on your scales." She whispered, slowly drawing her body up to her, curling in a slight ball. "Rest in peace Adalonda, maybe one day, we'll see each other once more." Shadow chuckled dryly, stoking her muzzle once more. "GoodbyeLutain.and.Sha-do-w." Then her glittering yellow eyes slid shut and she let out her final breath, not moving at all. Shadow hadn't cried since the day of Grass-Tongue. He hadn't batted an eye at misfortune or pain. He promised himself that he would never cry again. But he couldn't stop the single tear from dropping as a hauntingly old voice whispered throughout the chamber. 'It's a wonderful place' x-(X)-x James Potter watched in morbid fascination, as the boy hung his head saddened, then slowly, he got to his feet, raising Ron Weasley's wand. He stalled a moment as if listening to a voice, that even James heard himself. 'It's a wonderful place' It was old and ancient, strange and comforting, and so strange. So so strange to hear. Shadow almost choked as he waved the wand three times, and almost before their eyes, clear glass rock sprouted, cracking and moaning as it covered the seventy foot long snake, solidifying and curving gently into a diamond tomb almost. Adalonda looked as if she was sleeping. Ginny Potter watched, a lump of guilt in her throat. "Look at me, I'm just a child, but I was brought into war because of Dumbledore, do you know that?" Shadow hissed, grabbing Ginny's head and pulling her head close to him. "I-" "I was only a child!" He hissed Ginny blinked, clearing her mind. Ron and Skylar felt identical waves of guilt, but with Skylar, he felt a certain sentence repeatedly start over and over. 'you're a murdereryou're a murderer' Over and over it played, and Skylar was sure Shadow wanted him to know that. "Come to see her funeral?" Shadow spoke up, trailing his fingers across the diamond like rock. Albus stepped forward, and Shadow spun, pointing the wand at the eight there.

"Take one step towards Adalonda and you die." He growled lowly voice cracking, eyes flashing with sadness and rage, Albus did his best and stepped back. "How are you still alive!" James shouted, fearing that a normal chat wouldn't get across the chamber. Shadow tilted his head, and took a step-Only to appear right under James' nose. "Who said I am? Who said that I am living, still breathing?" He played on, backing away as James flinched, he turned to a statue and his eyes narrowed. "You are all foolish to come here." He muttered, Sirius stood up to the challenge. "Oh? Why's that?" He barked, eyes flashing and Shadow's own narrowed. "I am the heir of Salazar Slytherin. This is the chamber of Salazar Slytherin. You are surrounded by snakes, I speak to snakes." He dryly stated, voice almost breaking halfway through. Lily spun, snake on the wall, snake statue on the floor, snake carved into the walls"Albus, I think we should leave." Lily whispered and he did take one step back, but Shadow had his eyes on Skylar, and pure fury glittered n the icy green orbs. "You! I won't let you leave alive, Skylar Potter. Snakes of Salalzar Slytherin. Kill the ones that dare kills Salazar's Familiar!" The snake's eyes lit up with a white light and they turned hissing, dropping off of walls, splitting out of murals, stone cobra's and Diamondcross alike. Skylar Potter high tailed right out of there. The eight ran, trying to get to the center, but a large stone snake dropped in front of the exit, easily the size of a horse. "Are those things venomous?" Sirius shouted, panting quickly as he pulled out his wand, and Harry watched, watched in morbid fascination as the Stone Nagini and Stone Lutain worked together. He savored the screams of his mother as Lutains tail collided with her chest, and she flew, hitting the ground as the others tried to destroy the creatures. But the ancient wards of the chamber made them invincible. And Harry mourned, bowing his head to Adalonda before trembling, his entire body shaking, and he turned, pointing his wand and spitting out the first spell that came to his mind. "Sectasumpra!" The spell was invisible as it hit Black, causing him to yelp like a kicked puppy as he was thrown through the air like a rag doll, hitting the ground so hard that a wet flopping noise was his friend. James screamed, he couldn't help it, and from this angle, Sirius Black looked dead. Harry wanted him to be. Harry looked up, meeting eyes with Dumbledore, and Dumbledore hesitated, not wanting to fire at him.

Ice cold eyes usually were dark and had a twisted light. Now they were glassy and had the beginnings of tears in the corner, a hint of longing in his eyes, and he looked..he looked human. Albus Dumbledore was many things, but he wasn't a killer. "Crucio." Albus Dumbledore grunted, immediately falling to his knees and clenching his eyes shut, he was trembling, and faintly aware of someone pulling on him, trying to get to the open door. The spell ended, and he was panting for breath, only to have his eyes widen as a black spell was fired, hitting his leg and splitting the flesh off all the way down in a fancy spiral, blood pulsating out. Whatever Dumbledore said in the future, referring to Shadow and his skills, James Potter knew the truth. Shadow just kicked their arse. Harry traveled into the Hospital wing, kicking off Wormtail and sending him back to the manor. He had already gotten the antidote, and the others were waking up. It also helped that nobody was inside the room; Madam Pomfrey found it the best for the students to get used to the living once more on their own. Harry blinked and lifted himself up, groaning slightly as his muscles were sore. "Wha- What happened?" Colin Creevy yawned, blinking his eyes and looking down the line, Justin Finch Fletchley popped his shoulders and looked around, looking surprised beyond belief. "Wait, it got you to Granger?" Justin just wanted to make sure that he wasn't the only one, the pipsqueak didn't really count. "Yeah, I hope Shadis got aw-" "I didn't." Harry responded, twisting his neck, Hermione jumped, looking at him with big eyes, Colin gasped as did Justin. "A Slytherin Half Blood-" "Pureblood" Harry corrected, but they acted as If they never heard "-Got attacked by a monster?" Harry narrowed his eyes, not really caring that much but it was still an insult to him. "And you say that as if it revels around a different factor." He blinked slowly and Justin blushed, looking away quickly. Hermione cracked her shoulders, wincing when she stood on her feet; Harry noted this and gingerly stepped down, trying to play his part well. "How is it you do that?" Hermione asked, causing Harry to tilt his head slightly. "Speak like that, use words many haven't even heard before, it'sstrange." Hermione summed up, and Harry chuckled slightly, but not full heartedly, like something was bothering him too much. "Are you okay?" Hermione asked, picking up the slight frown on his face, he smiled dryly and shrugged it off.

"It doesn't concern you." Harry icily stated, grabbing an evening gown off of the table next to him, it displayed the Slytherin crest of his left breast, as the others grabbed similar robes and took their steps. Colin darted forward, already recovered, and grabbed a note, held up by magic. " It says that it's the great feast!" Colin gulped, looking around and grabbing a neatly folded pile of clothes on a chair across from his bed, he then dashed off towards a lavatory. Harry looked at a chair and found his common clothing, black tunic with black pants, and black cloak with ash grey trim. "It seems we were petrified longer than expected." Hermione did a curt nod and frowned, looking away. "It seems so, the others must be so worried, your friends are worried too I bet." She added, and Harry unknowingly tensed. "They aren't my friends, more likeacquaintances. I find no reason to have friends as friendship is a burden in fights and in life." Harry coldly stated, getting an incredible look from Hermione. "No friends! That's insane!" "It's me." Harry responded quickly. Using it as an excuse to move onto a different topic. Hermione didn't listen however. "Well I classify you as a friend." She stated rather smugly, causing Harry to look over and raise an eyebrow in question. "Me? You barley know me Granger." "Then let me know you." She responded rather stiffly, Harry gave a small chuckle in response. "Not a chance." He spun on his heels, walking with surprising grace even though he was recently injured and slightly moody from the bad encounter with the 'chosen one'. "Hey Shadis!" Colin chirped, waving as Harry was about to leave the room. "Bugger off." Harry didn't even look back over his shoulder to see the surprised and slightly fearful face on Colin. The others including Harry quickly hurried to the main doors to the great hall, Hermione was rather close, showing off her Gryffindor bravery as she kept watching his emotionless face. "Why do you wear a mask like that?" She questioned, a quick glare shut her up quickly. "We're here. Now remain silent and gather up all of your dignity you have left." Colin scrambled to flatten a tuft of hair on his head. Harry moved towards the doors, opening them and blinking at the loud onslaught of people chatting in the final feast. Amazingly the Slytherin's heads turned faster than any other house, Daphne looked down with a tiny smile. At once, the other petrified people ran to their friends who darted towards them, embracing them as happy to see them again.

"You do know I'm not going to let you get away." Hermione warned her face dead serious, Harry looked at her from the corner of his eye before frowning and gracefully moving towards the Slytherin table. The entire feast Harry wasn't paying any attention, he was listening for a tiny hiss, or the soft sound of scales on cool rock. The smells of food wafted next to Harry, but he exhaled and blew it away, no appetite on his mind. The entire meal, Lutain never came. x-(X)-x "You know, I expected you to be here." Lutain turned his head, spotting Harry as he walked silently over the stone. Lutain exhaled and turned back, resting his nose against the crystal case surrounding Adalonda. "We're leaving today, you've been here all night." "So I have" Harry sighed, falling to his knees next to Lutain, resting his palm on the crystal, just over the closed eye of Adalonda, he bowed his head and sat silently, as did Lutain. "If only we could stay longer." "I know Lutain, but Dumbledore will be suspecting this place, now that he knows how to get in, even this chamber isn't safe. We need wards, blood and dark, for none should enter this chamber." Lutain didn't answer, and Harry understood, he was sad, more so than Harry was at this exact moment. The crystal was a beautiful white color, smooth as glass, yet icy to touch. Amazing really, Harry had looked up the spells long ago, never really finding a need for it unless he needed something to be very well protected. And well protected Adalonda was. "Do you think she'll remember?" The strange question of Lutian caused Harry to look at him questioningly. "With Salazar, and the great den and meadow. Do you think she hisses to the great sleep about us?" Lutain clarified, voice cracking slightly and he closed his eyes once more. "Adalonda is a queen among the serpents, I'm sure she hisses to the great sleep about all of her life, for she has had a wonderful one." Lutain bobbed his head in a bow, coiling his body and resting his head on the floor just at the edge of the crystal. "Why? Why did she have to die master?" He hissed in a mournful tone, Harry bowed his head once more and frown, sighing loudly. "SometimesSometimes It's just time to move on. Adalonda doesn't belong without the great Salazar, she was well past her age limit for a normal Basilisk."

"But why does it hurt so much!" He cried, letting his head fall limp to the ground, he exhaled in a choked strangled noise, Harry was silent. "Adalonda would want you to move on, she would want us to carry on her legacy and Great Salazar's work, not fall prey to death when we still have so much more to do and finish," Harry ended trailing his fingers across the rock, letting a sad smile drift his way across his face. "Master, promise me." "Promise what?" "Promise that when the war is over, when peace finally comes, that we can come back here, and visit Adalonda. To remember her as the great queen of Salazar." "I promise Lutain." The two bowed, and turned walking back towards the entrance. And slowly, the bright blazing torches burned down, causing the chamber to become dark, and the crystal casing to slowly vanish. x-(X)-x It was a few weeks after the very end of the school year, well into the summer. Once again, Harry and Lutain had to be kept a secret, and Harry was using his disguise more and more every day. Right now, Harry walked down a road in Shadis. The walkway was smooth white rock carefully carved into place and large sparkling gold fences just before large lilac bushes. Merlin, even the Malfoy's weren't this bad! Harry wrinkled his nose with obvious distaste and moved to the thinly warded large golden obnoxious gates. Prodding at the wards slightly, they fell, like a strand of yarn was holding them in place only. Harry gently moved the gate, casting a silencing spell on it to halt any squeaking of the metal joints. And very carefully, Harry let his glamour fall. Thunder rumbled slightly and rain hit the ground with a continuous sound, the flash of lightning didn't hold a spark to the dark light glowing in Harry's deathly cold eyes. Rain came thicker now, and Harry knocked on the door, pulling his light grey cloak closer around him. The door was thrown open by a tall blonde man, looking down with a charming smile and bright white teeth. "Oh? What do we have here?" "Please let me in sir." Harry tried his best in a sad tone, acting almost weak like how the many other orphans did to get extra food or money on the streets. Gilderoy Lockhart didn't last a moment before hushing Harry in, not recognizing him as the Dark Shadow. "Oh, you came for a picture, or an autograph, perhaps a signed books?" He beamed, not even paying attention to Harry's barley masked disgust.

"No sir, actually, I needed a place to stay out of the rain. I have this necklace to show my thanks." Harry offered, the ecstatic look caused Harry to mentally snicker, pulling out the tiny obsidian snake necklace he had gotten for Christmas in his first year. Turns out their actually was a good reason for it after all. "Oh, well, I'm sure that the obsidian could be made better. I remember once when I was down in M-" By then, Harry just ignored what he was saying, after about an hour of Lockharts fantasy storytelling, the rain stopped and Harry left, getting a few autographed books also. Harry dumped the books three feet around the bend, burning it with green fire, Harry then, pulled out his wand, carefully tracing his finger down the tip, and to the handle, feeling the bizarre chill the wood gave to his heart. "Kill him." Inside, Lockhart gasped and tensed as his throat burned with a strange and sharp pain. He dared look down to see a tiny hole in his neck, and the very tip of a black snake tail dig into his skin, the chain hung limp, not a single reminder of the dark artifact traveling through his blood. "OhOh no." Three days later, The wizarding world was in shock by the mysterious death of Gideroy Lockhart. The only evidence of a magical artifact was the thin chain still around his neck, and the tiny hole at the base of his neck, and the center of his heart. It was rather funny actually. It was common knowledge throughout the Death Eaters that Lockhart was a fraud, especially when their children had him for a teacher. Heck, even his father was proud that the fool was dead. Lutain and Nagini had a night of laughter at that, both wishing that he had been transfigured into a rat and split between the two, but alas. You can't always get what you wish for. Harry had agreed to that and much to his surprise and annoyance, he had been invited to Daphne's birthday party- that he was sure resembled a ball very much. His father had blinked in surprise as he stormed in, throwing the letter at him. It took mere moments before he had burst out laughing, and simply replied, "You are going." That led to this moment, which had Harry in his room trying on clothes that wouldn't fully give him away as being dark or from a dark family. He had settled for a dark green undershirt under a black and gold trimmed robe. It was slightly different, but he didn't wish to come in the Greengrass colors-which were gold and white. He cursed himself mentally as he grabbed his wand, casting strange movements and allowing flesh to mold over his scars, hiding them from sight, and completing his look. "Well, don't you look good in that shed skin, Great Shadow." Harry spun, looking down at the interested form of Nagini, sitting in a little coil and looking at him with bright yellow eyes. "Ah, greetings Nagini, is there a reason why you came to me?" At this, Nagini flickered her tongue and lowered her head, as if afraid of the answer. "You smell of it too, less so but it is there."

"Smell? I smell of what?" "Sadness, agony, pain. You are mourning." That took harry by surprise as he looked down at Nagini who still seemed to cringe as if he was about to hit her for prying. "Lutain is recoiling from all. He's drifting and lonely, mourning without a reason. May you please tell me, Great Shadow, why Lutain and you are saddened to the Great Sleep?" Harry smiled and sat on a couch, motioning for Nagini to coil nearby so she could hear better. "Lutain and I met a great snake, a rare and old beauty for the noble race. She was kind yet deadly when all prevailed. We were with her for a year, and out friendship grew. Recently, she was killed by Skylar Potter, he slit her throat in a fight." "Oh, Great Shadow-" "I made a tomb for her, and she will never age now, we are both very saddened by it." Nagini looked at him with her best sympathetic look before slithering around him and constricting loosely. Harry gladly returned the hug and Nagini left, knowing that Lutain needed comfort. Harry exhaled through his mouth as soon as Nagini's tail finally vanished from his common room. He turned, once more looking at himself in the mirror, he ran his fingers through his hair, noting the dark black almost blue color, with a slight nod, and he turned towards the fireplace, expertly using the Floo to travel. Harry hated parties. It was trivial matters of children behaving stupidly and arrogantly. Purebloods especially. Daphne had been nice enough to have the party split into two different times, the children time, when all her friends came to celebrate, then the adult, when the ball was formally held. And right now, Harry was trapped with the children. Of course, there were older ones, a few cousins of hers or relatives that were not at the legal age yet. It was around forty children, both friends of Daphne and her little sister Astoria who looked around smugly, trying to show off her slightly better looks as much as she could. She even had the nerve to attempt to flirt Harry, then walk away with her blood boiling when he denied her without a second doubt. Daphne watched this, it was rather funny for her not to laugh, after all, Harry was a lost cause for dating. None could get him to even try a date more or less get him to be their boyfriend. "What's wrong Mr. Grumps?" Harry opened his eyes, not even aware that he had closed them, he looked at Daphne dryly, not pleased with his nickname. "It's a party! You're supposed to enjoy yourself!" She scolded, Harry's eyes narrowed. "I am satisfied inside a library more than I am at thisplayground." "Ah, bad childhood?" Daphne sympathized, easily catching the venom inside the one word he hissed.

Harry tensed and looked away, not really wanting to answer or confirm her suspicions. Daphne sighed, putting her chin on her knees as she drew them close. "You know, the others are going to start playing Quiditch outside, come on, it'll be fun to watch- and this time, no bucking charms." She warned, eyes wary, a small smirk came to Harry's face as he reluctantly got to his feet. Daphne practically dragged him out to the pitch, the other children laughing and boasting to one another as they climbed onto brooms they themselves brought or the spare Daphne had. A game of Quiditch had started, and once more, Harry spotted the snitch before anyone else, it was amazing how the untrained eye was so oblivious to everything. Daphne had been watching him, and she noticed the slight adjustment to his pupil, how they seemed to be focused on something, and following his line of sight, she saw nothing. "You see the snitch?" She guessed, his tensed muscles were a dead give away to him, a smirk came to her face and she waved a few of the guys over, a boy named Randy jumped off of a broom, and much to Harry's displeasure and anger, he was forced on it. "If I ever get a choice, brooms are the first to burn." Harry muttered to himself, allowing him to hover above the field, next to Draco, the other team's seeker. "Why do ya' hate Quiditch? You're amazing on a broom!" Draco gasped, watching as Harry swung around while staying in the same spot to avoid a bludger. 'Because I gained the trait from the Potters' Harry's mind bitterly spat, but he couldn't say that, now could he? "I find no reason for small sports such as Quiditch while many other things could be used in the time it takes." Draco wrinkled his nose and Harry held back a scowl, snatching the snitch quickly and diving down, elegantly twisting to land next to Daphne, already tossing her the snitch which she caught in surprise. "Mark my words, Greengrass, I hate Quiditch, and if you ever force me on a broom again, I'll make you wake up tied to the center of the Gryffindor table when school starts." Daphne knew better than to just brush off that warning. With a lump in her throat, she nodded. But no matter what she did, she, nor anybody on the field, could forget how good Harry was on a broom. Harry could finally forget and relax as the adults walked in, and each of the kids put on their pureblood mask that they needed so much to even survive in this world. A few women and men that hadn't heard of Harry(probably not having children to tell them about him) sneered at him and muttered a few things, implying rude comments. A women screamed as her cocktail splashed upwards in her face. Of course, none would actually suspect Harry, except for Theo and Draco that is. They had been watching him, and the slight twitch of his lips gave away the movement just before it happened.

And once again, they were shocked still by his control and power, jealousy washed over them for the briefest moments. Daphne smiled and calmly carried on conversation with her uncle, who remarkably lived in Bulgaria before moving to Romania, northern Romania to be precise. And she was still with surprise when her uncle asked her who Harry Shadis was. "Pardon?" He had replied, surprised when Daphne assumed that he knew. "No? My apologizes Uncle. I assumed that you were familiar with the name with you having lived in Romania." Daphne apologized once more, bowing her head and getting a smile in response. "Think nothing of it, little flower. I was not aware of a Shadis family, and that is highly unlikely for me not to hear of a Pureblood family. Perhaps he is new to the country?" He offered and Daphne frowned once more, shaking her head. "No, he doesn't speak of his parents that often, but I know for a fact that he lived there for most of his life." Her uncle shrugged, having been satisfied with the answer. Sadly, a woman who went by the name of Bridget Broh'er had overheard. And at once jumped to conclusions. She assumed that Harry Shadis was a mudblood. Not three minutes later, Theo had rushed over and grabbed her by the arm up the stairs and onto the balcony with her other friends, looking down at the scene with wide eyes. Harry stood, hands interlinked behind his back and eyes icy as he stared at Bridget. Yet she sneered down and continued on, not realizing how deep of a pit she was digging herself in. "I bet you your mother was a filthy muggle, it's common for such filth to be born from thatbreed." She sneered and Harry's eyes narrowed, not making a single move to retaliate. "Your father probably was a drunk! Leaving that creature the night a-" "Enough." Harry stated calmly, causing her face to turn bright red in anger. She took one step forward, sliding her wand into her hand as she held a glass of wine in the other. "You dare insult me you little child? You're no better than the Mudbloods you worthless brat!" In that sentence, she had almost word for word copied what Michel had said long ago. Harry was normally In charge of his emotions, but this time, he could let it slide Britney cried out in surprise as she sipped her wine, spitting and gagging as it burned her lungs and throat. She coughed, blood spitting from her wounded throat and stomach. Harry had turned the wine into acid, slowly eating away at her from the inside out. He was going for boiling tar but acid worked just as fine. Draco gulped and backed away, as had Blaise as they watched the horrid scene. The women's husband rushed over, already barking orders for Floo'ing to St. Mungos. Harry slipped throughthe crowd, shaking his head as some men assumed that she had been poisoned.

"Idiots that lot is." He muttered, snaking away finally. "Is that so?" Harry spun, looking up at Daphne who looked very cross. "Greengrass." "Oh? So we're back to last names!" "The importance of this conversation is?" "You did that." "Where's your proof?" Harry immediately replied, force of habit from the Orphanage. The moment was ruined when Theo and Draco came running down the steps eyes showing similar glee. They wanted more of it, they wanted to learn about it. It was any look Harry could recognize. "How in Merlin's name did you do that?" Draco panted, eyes showing the jealously he seemed to have more and more as time went on. Harry turned, fetching his cloak and moving towards the fireplace. "I will see you when school starts, young Daphne, Theo, Draco." Harry nodded and spun, vanishing into the emerald green flames. The three were silent before Theo let out a low whistle. "Sure knows how to make an exit huh?" x-(X)-x Harry snarled as he appeared in his common room, throwing his cloak onto the back of a nearby chair and stomping up his steps, glad once more that he had silencing wards built into the marble on the ground. Harry was angry, much to angry to keep his cool faade, much to angry to even try and keep his dark act. Harry turned, and collapsed on his bed, pulling a childlike move and screaming into his pillow. The lady had annoyed him, annoyed him more then any had in a long time. It reminded him, reminded him once more that he was human, and all humans had emotions no matter how dark and uncaring they seemed. And Harry was just a child, a young little boy marching into war with blood on his skin, the blood of all those he killed, and he hated it. He hated the fact, that he could have had a normal childhood, or that if Dumbledore never spoke of the prophecy, he would probably be with the Potters, celebrating his own birthday with his twin Skylar, who would eventually learn his place. Harry hated the favoritism; he hated the emotions that rejection had forced him to be. And he hated love. He hated the emotion because he could never truly feel it and experience it. The feeling of love was created in childhood, and Harry never had that feeling, he couldn't love because he didn't know what love was. And it sickened him. So he screamed, he screamed and screamed, screamed until his throat turned raw, and his left eye teared up, as his right couldn't, the scarred skin had destroyed the tear duct.

'For the Greater Good' Dumbledore's greatest quote, but it seemed to Harry, that his definition of 'Good' seemed a little farfetched. 'If only he hadn't spoken about that bloody prophecy.' Harry though, punching the pillow once more and pressing his face into the silver cloth. 'If only they didn't ignore me.' A few hundred miles away, Remus Lupin frowned and slammed a book down on his desk, glaring at James Potter, Sirius Black and Albus Dumbledore. "Come on, please Moony?" Sirius begged, blinking big puppy dog eyes which didn't have any effect on Remus. "I said no, now leave." Remus glared once more, his amber eyes turning slightly darker and he almost growled. The three had appeared on the doorstep of his rather shack-like-house. It didn't really matter, as this area was highly populated by Werewolves who seek shelter from the ministry. The Great Pack was just north of here, offering to stay in the area to scare away any bloody wizard who viewed them as animals. "Please? Only for one year!" James begged, blinking his eyes and jutting out his lip, he quickly recoiled at the vicious look in his eye. "No, I made my choice long ago." "You can't just forget about us!" Sirius begged, whimpering slightly. "I told you all I wanted to be alone!" "Ah, but Mr. Lupin, you will receive large amounts of privacy inside your own office." Dumbeldore tried to reason, a glare silenced him. "I said no." "Aw come on! What do you have against us?" James asked, getting slightly mad himself, Remus spun, glaring right at him in the eyes with such anger, it shocked him. "Your son is the problem!" Remus snarled, sounding like a wolf and causing the three to recoil. "You know what little Skylar Potter thinks? He thinks that everybody is worse than him, scum that shouldn't even lick his shoes, tell me, James, what do you think he feels about Werewolves?" James blinked, astonished that his son would do that, his face turned red and he opened his mouth, about to respond. "Don't say it, Don't say it James." Sirius warned, he himself had been insulted many times by Skylar in his own ignorance. "He called me a monster, James. He called me a mutt!" Remus ranted, throwing a book onto the floor in his anger, nostrils flaring and very slowly, Albus stood. "I will talk to the boy, what he had done is unacceptable." "Ya' think?" Sirius dryly states, looking at Remus with an unconcerned look.

"-And I am sure that he is very sorry for his actions. However, Hogwarts is not a school for just Skylar Potter. There are numerous children that are in need of a teacher!" Albus protested, eyes looking urgent and trying to get Remus to waver. In the end, Remus gave in, finally agreeing and signing the Hogwarts contract that stated that he would teach that year. As the three men left, Remus sighed and cradled his head in his hands, gently pulling out a small leather book, old with age. He gingerly flipped open the first page, stroking the moving picture in the very front cover. It was the picture of his Godson, looking at him with ebony hair and emerald green eyes, too intelligent for his age. Harry James Potter. Oh how Remus missed him. 3rd year, amazing how fast time flew. Harry sat in his compartment, still bored out of his mind. He hadn't had a real fight in a long time; he feared that he was growing rusty. But he wasn't. He had dueled against Bellatrix, and that had turned out rather well. Two hours of fighting and unforgivable, pain curses and mental curses. Harrry had won, knocking out Bellatrix with four Crucio's and a dark blasting hex, while he received a Crucio and an Imperio, which he shrugged off quickly He hated the unforgivable, especially the killing curse. After being hit with it once already, he wasn't too keen to be hit again. Harry thanked his keen senses in the ability to dodge curses. "Shadis?" Harry turned, blinking slowly at the door which held the same girl from last Christmas. Destiny Scott stood, her arms crossed a little tuft of her gold streaked brown hair hung in her eyes, she puffed it away with a quick blow, sighing as it fell back into her bangs once more. "Destiny Scott, if I am correct?" Harry asked, looking at the seat across from him which normally held Lutain, he was currently snoozing inside a charmed pocket in Harry's lap, tired from last night hunting with Nagini. "So you remember me, huh?" She asked a slight smile on her lips as she plopped down into the seat across from him. Harry for a mere moment had an image of her wearing cut-off jeans, a ripped T-shirt and smacking on the muggle sweet of 'Bubblegum.' Sweet Merlin, Dumbledore was killing him before he even got there. "So, what's going to happen this year?" Destiny asked, tilting her head like a cat as she blinked twice, awaiting an answer. Harry felt an urge to slide as far back as he could in his seat.

"Do you believe I am a seer?" Harry asked dryly causing her to smirk. "Nah, although I am taking Devintion this year" Harry felt regret after ever choosing that class. "So! How was your summer?" She asked, putting her chin on her knees as she drew them close to her chest. Harry arched an eyebrow and Scott rolled her eyes as if he had something to begin with. 'Oh Merlin, I'm with an idiot.' Harry thought, wincing silently although she saw it, a slight frown but she said nothing else. "Anything from the Trolley, dears?" The two looked up blankly at the trolley woman who blinked surprised at the board looks on both, she hurriedly closed the doors and hurried on, a few moments later, Draco himself wondered upon the compartment. "Harry! Whose this?" Draco asked, sending a look at Destiny who 'harrumphed' and looked the other way. "Draco Malfoy, meet Destiny Scott, she's in our year." Harry introduced with a slight nod, Draco curled his lip slightly as he looked at her. "I'm surprised you weren't scared by his snake." He noted with a slight sneer, causing her to stiffen and shoot Harry a suspicious look. "You don' don't have it one younow, right?" She asked, slightly panicking. It was that exact moment Lutain decided to wake up. Draco shook his head as he watched Destiny Scott scramble to escape, eyes wide and panicked as she ran. "How in Merlin's name are you a girl magnet, Shadis?" Draco scowled, crossing his arms as the green eyed monster reeled back its head and snarled once more. Harry stiffened before turning to look at Draco with a slight frown. "I am not interested in a relationship, I never will be." Harry stated rather icily, causing him to snort and glare out the window. "Tell that to Daphne, and Pansy. You have all the girls at Hogwarts groveling at your feet, the 'King of the serpents'." He growled, looking away before snorting and getting his feet, throwing the compartment door open harder than needed. "I'm going to terrorize Potter." He growled, storming away. Harry's eyes narrowed and he exhaled rather slowly, stroking Lutain with fine strokes down his back. "The dragon-child is still so weak, Master." "Indeed, Lutain. His heart is still weak with putty emotions that the humans still have. He will learn, he will learn to kill and he will show no mercy, he will feel the pain and hurt of death." Harry hissed with his eyes closed, lips barley moving as his head was moved to the glass.

"M-mas-ster." Lutain randomly started to stutter, causing Harry's eyes to open and look down at his companion whose scales were drawn tight and rattled slightly. Harry exhaled and looked in wonder as the temperature dropped and his breath turned to fog. "Lutain! Get down!" Harry hissed, flicking out his wand and looking at the glass on the window in slight shock. It was twisting, thickening with ice as something black fluttered past. Lutain did so and dropped to the floor, coiling and rapping his body tight under the seat. "Ma-" "Stay there!" "What is it?" Lutain asked, still trembling from the cold. Harry moved, flicking open his trunk and drawing his hand along the side, fumbling around with the potions before bowing his head and letting out a raggid and fogging breath. Admiting defeat when his fingers refused to move. Lutain inhaled sharply and looked over at the compartment door, flicking his eyes to see heat behind the door that was caked with ice. Pale purple moved softly, gently moving through the halls before it turned completely white on the strange limbs, and Lutain trembled, nothing on earth was as cold to be white and still move. "Master?" Lutain whispered once more as he felt the cold, Harry opened his eyes, the emerald eyes were darkening, and he used his right arm to push himself up off, his left arm slammed his trunk down, latching the lid close and hiding the artifacts some should never see. "Lutaingo, j-just, go." Harry stuttered, wincing as the compartment door slowly slid open, a dusty grey robe dipped in blood stains and black patterns. A scaly hand reached out, bones and skin reaching out in a hooked claw, and a robed head seemed to look down with empty eye sockets, leaning over a shuddering Harry. Lutain bolted, slithering out of the compartment too fast for the creature to follow, he turned and frantically dashed down the corridors, tracing the ice frozen windows and near black hall. "Help! Help! Master has been harmed!" Lutain hissed, looking around frantically, and reared back hissing in surprise as an old worn boot nearly fell on him. "Morsus!" Hermione squeaked in surprise, hesitantly reaching down to stroke him, but he didn't mind, he had other things on his mind. "Yes yes! Lion-spy! Come, come, Master needs help!" Lutain frantically hissed, turning and slithering before turning back to look at the confused two humans. "Mr. Lupin, I think he wants us to follow him. Harry always says that his snake can understand what we say." Hermione pointed out, and the man with worn boots sighed, looking at Lutain with matching amber eyes. "Very well, Ms. Granger."

And Lutain slithered at such a fast pace, that the two had to run to keep up. Hermione was panting and shivering, yet Lupin hadn't broken a sweat, together, they darted down the train. Harry gasped as he saw the hand, thankful for Lutain bolting when he could. "So, you're here." Harry whispered, every breath a strain as the creature swept into the room, looking down as it looked down from its six feet height, the very tips of it's freezing ratty cloak brushing against the floor. "Back to get me? Back to ask why?" He growled, pulling my cloak tighter as he felt a wave of coldness wracking his body. It was burning, every second it burned and it killed, every single moment, he felt the air get colder and breathing get harder. It exhaled wispily, and it fluttered past once more, allowing Harry a small peak past it's robes to look at the decaying ribs and rotting heart, limp and almost falling out in chunks. Harry trembled even further, his lips turning blue and his skin getting paler every moment. "You want your cloak? The trim around the outside?" Harry offered, shivering quickly and falling to his knees, but the creature only bent down lower, using one scaly decomposing hand to push his head upright. 'Oh, of course.' Harry thought, too cold to pull away from the freezing hands. 'A Dementor feeds off of happy emotions, rarely sad and angry emotions. But I draw them in, my bad past is alluring them.' Harry thought, eyes sliding shut as cold and fog overcame his sences. He heard a scream, the screaming wail of a baby, then he heard the dreaded words, and the flash of green light behind his eyelids. But it was fading, as was everyone. "Expecto Patronum!" Oh, it was distant, the shout was from the end of an echoing cave, and brought some life back to Harry. 'The only spell I can't do, how insulting is this?' Harry thought with only last exhale before dropping like a stiff dog and falling to the floor, the cold still causing him to tremble. "Master!" A slight feeling, like knowing that you were moving, but not feeling it. Harry inhaled, and succumbed to the darkness on the corner of his sightless gaze. x-(X)-x Theo and Daphne raced down the train, knowing that something was seriously wrong. There were two Dementors floating about, rumors said that one slipped into Skylar Potter's cabin, apparently almost attacking him before the new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher sprang up and fought it off and out of the broken window they slid through.

Daphne hurried, grabbing onto Theo's arm and pulling even harder as they heard kids screaming and shivering. The window's were icy and almost completely covered, but it was enough to show that the kids inside were shivering. "We're close!" Theo gasped, shivering himself and pulling his coat tighter to him as he ran on. "You two! Stop." Daphne gasped and turned, looking as an older man and Hermione Granger came forward. Daphne didn't like Mudbloods, but she had to admit, Granger was rather smart, even Theo agreed! "What are you doing out of your compartments?" The man asked, and Theo pointed to Morsus who hissed from behind them, obviously panicking slightly. "That's Morsus! Shadis' snake!" Theo stated and Morsus thrashed his tail in worry, Daphne gasped and looked down the hallway. "Shadis!" She shouted and the other's eyes widened, they moved in a fast run now. "It's closer!" Daphne shouted, now spotting the frost on the floor, and the open compartment. They slid to a stop, well as much of a stop as possible, a strangled choking half-scream was heard and Hermione whimpered, backing to the opposite side of the open door, Lupin barreled his way through, pointing his wand at the cloaked demonic beast. "Expecto Patronnus!" He shouted, and Hermione gasped as a large silver wolf jumped out of his wand, roaring and jumping into the compartment, lighting up the near black room. The Dementor was holding Harry up by his jaw, reclining his head back and causing the black spots of frozen flesh become more pronounced. Harry's arms and legs were limp, breathing was strangled and his eyes half lidded, un seeing and definitely glazed. The Dementor had its hood pulled down; face mere inches away from the empty hole of its mouth, the other hand grasping the back of his cloak, lifting him up off the ground. Daphne shrieked and Theo stood, watching with shock as the creature reeled backwards, still holding Shadis but releasing his jaw, swiping down as if to claw the silver wolf, which snarled and lunged in response. Morsus, hissed, eyes wide and his scales rattling, his long fangs were poking out of his angular head and with a quick rear, he struck the Dementor, grasping the dangling strands of the cloak ,and pulling, twisting and coiling to continually reel it back. The Dementor screamed in pain as the thread unraveled its cloak, pulling it back and showing the rotting black flesh and bone chunks. The air battled it and large quantities of what could be assumed, Dementor flesh, fall to the ground, smelling repulsively. Harry fell, nothing was holding him up, and he flopped to the floor sickly still, and Daphne rushed over, ignoring the Dementor only a few feet away. She grabbed onto Harry's legs and pulled, dragging him out of the compartment while Morsus and the wolf fought the Dementor back. "Stupify!" Theo shouted, breaking the window, and the Dementor ran, taking the chance it had to run, and it did.

"Oh god, wake up." Daphne whispered, shaking Shadis as he was still incredibly pale and his lips were blue, Lupin reached down, gently picking him up and moving out into the hallway of the train. "We should take the emergency portkey along with Skylar Potter, he was also attacked." Theo didn't miss the slight tone of distaste when Lupin said Skylar Potter. Morsus appeared In the path of Lupin, spitting and hissing, looking at Harry then at Lupin quickly. "Wha?" Lupin said, involuntarily backing up and looking down at the feisty Gaboon Viper. Snakes were common to kill Werewolves, even if the children didn't know that. "His name is Morsus, 'reckon Shadis was right when he said the he was smart." Theo shrugged looking at the snake with slight fear then back at Harry, finally, it dawned upon him. "He wants to come with, to make sure Shadis is alright." "I think we can make that happen." Lupin nodded, moving towards the front of the compartment while this year's Headboy came, carrying the fainted Skylar Potter. Harry awoke, still shivering and his teeth chattering. He blinked quickly, trying to move to a sitting position, but the weight of the thick wool comforters was a struggle. In the end, he collapsed back onto the bed, groaning at the piercing soreness that wracked his body. "Master! You are awakened! The Granger girl and the two companions were here! They were worried as with an adult male, he carried you." "A man? Must be the new teacher, what happened to the Dementor?" Harry whispered in response, using the shadows to reach out as well as he could in his weak form, trying to sense any humans in the area. He could only briefly scan the area before breaking out in a sweat. "The 'man' used the magiks to form a wolf; it snarled and fought off the death-cloak. It ran away, and we took you here. You are not well, master, at least three moons." "I was nearly kissed, Lutain, what do you expect?" Harry growled back with a slight bite to his tone, causing Lutain to recoil in slight surprise. "Sorry, I'm agitated." "Understood master." Harry nodded and sighed, letting his head flop back down on the pillow. He twisted his neck, looking to the left and frowning when he spotted the sleeping body of Skylar Potter, slightly pale and shivering, He must have been attacked also. Harry exhaled, wincing as his jaw started to twitch, causing his teeth to chatter loudly and almost painfully. "The hunting is going on, the den-mates send regrets for no assistance on their part. I overheard the healer here. She whispers of a moon of rest." "A week? Well, this is an amazing way to start off the year, is the old coot getting in trouble for this?" "The ministry sent the death-cloak in. the attacks from lastlast y-year." A slight sob cut off Lutain and he looked away, clearing his through with a few deep hisses.

"They found it important to protect this stone den, so the death-cloaks were brought in." "yesIs-ee." Harry groaned, trying to keep his eyes open, but even now, his eyelids were falling, not able to keep themselves upright. "Sleep Master, all will be well soon." And Harry did just that.

Harry awoke later, what seemed like a few hours apparently was so much more. It had been a few days, four to be precise. Potions were by his side, apparently he had gone into a coma like state, and Lutain was coiled by his feet, a heating charm set on his scales. On Harry's bed side table, chocolates and sweets of all types rested, the most expensive of their kind. A dozen rich dark chocolate truffles from the Greengrasses, large sugar crafted peacocks from the Malfoy's and much more. If Harry showed emotion, he would be chuckling. He sighed and pushed with his arms, trying to remove the large wool comforter on his chest, finally succeeding and moving to an upright sitting position. He blinked and reached around, grasping for his wand on the bedside table, frowning when It wasn't there, and being immediately on alarm. Lutain was still asleep, there was no reason to wake him from his slumber. Chocolates were on the table, and Harry immediately knew that chocolate was a great cure afterwards. So taking a large chunk of a chocolate frog (consuming the croaking head) he looked around with a frowning face, flexing his finger and cracking his back. The doors opened and two fifth years Harry recognized stumbled in, looking around with wide innocent eyes, but Harry could see right through. "Oi! The great-" "Harry Shadis-" "Has awoken from-" "His slumber!" Fred and George laughed at different intervals, quickly getting on Harry's nerves. "Date, and time." He duly asked, getting it quickly and he cursed. It was days into the year, classes had already started and apparently quiet a few were concerned for him. The rumor of the Dementor was at first, that he had fainted at the sight. But as Hermione Granger went around correcting the Gryfindors on what really happened, the news spread to Ravenclaw, then to Hufflepuff. The Slytherins already knew, from Draco after he was told by Theo. His respect level had risen greatly, even the older kids were impressed that he survived almost being kissed.

"The other teachers-" "Were getting quiet worried-" "There star student-" "Was ill!" The two finished with a sly grin, causing Harry to blink slowly and coldly. "I see" Harry drawled, not really sure where this conversation was going as of now. "Well, Madam Pomfrey-" "Said that when-" "Or if you woke up-" "You were allowed to leave!" Fred finished with a grin, causing a short nod from Harry to make them laugh. "We expect to see you in the Great Hall, Mr. Shadis." "Yes, please do so." They chimed in before darting off, as if they were never there. Harry watched the door where they vanished to for some time before turning to Lutain who was still near his feet. "Lutain, wake, awake from your slumber" "Master?" Lutain speech was slurred with sleep, he slowly lifted his head and tasted the air just to be sure. "Yes Lutain, I am awake, but let us move quickly, for I wish not to be caught speaking in the Noble tongue." "Yes yes! Let us hurry!" And that Harry did. Using the lightest shrinking charm Harry knew, he took all of the treats and homework by his bed, taking it all in stride and frowning when he saw what class he had currently. So Harry made his way down the stone path to where Hagrid's hut rested, and gently walked into the clearing just behind. "This is Buckbeak!" Harry heard and Lutain hissed in anger, he smelt something he did not like. "Hippogriffs, the lightest creature one could have of the flying horses. Such a puny creature, it falls before venom quickly, but only if you can avoid the sharp beak and talons. Such aggressive and proud creatures, they sicken me." Lutain ranted as Harry turned, walking out and into the crowd. He caught Destiny Scotts eye, who gave a short nod before letting her eyes slide back to the large bird-horse creature. "Anyone want t' pet 'im?" Hagrid asked, looking around as everyone took a large step back, not trusting such a creature. Hermione bit her lip but sighed and took a step back, knowing that she'd ruin everything.

"Can I bite it?" Lutain asked, tone dark and thick with anger for the creature, Harry gently grasped his wand, running it down Lutain's Giboon Viper scales, and letting them turn to a Smokey grey with red stripes around his head and down his back. Lutain dropped to the ground, slithering away in the Ashwinder's body, native to the forest. Nobody saw, or at least, Harry thought nobody saw. Hermione let out a small gasp as she saw the angry snake circling around the group, heading for the unsuspecting Hippogrif. Lutain was coiled under a large pumpkin leaf, ready to strike and getting ready to, letting his blood red fangs glimmer with deadly venom of the Ashwinder, but a hint of his very own mixed in- just to let it kill quickly. "Hagrid!" Ron shouted, spotting Lutain as he struck, sinking his fangs into the back right calf of the horse. It screeched, flaring it's wings and craning it's neck around to try and peck at the creature, kicking wildly as it did so. Students screamed and fled, (mostly the Gryffindors) some watched as Hagrid tried to calm down the panicking animal. "A snake!" Dean Thomas shouted, pointing at Lutain was working his way up the calf and biting at the hip socket, then the arch of the back before being flung off by the flapping wings. Even the Slytherin students were running, a few sixth years from the nearby Herbology lessons were shooting stunning spells to try and subdue Buckbeak, who was in obvious pain. "Come on!" Theo shouted, tugging on Draco and Daphne's hand as he tried to get them out of harms way. Daphne turned, breaking away from Theo's hand as Destiny Scott fell, tripping on a large rock. Daphne leaned down and helped her up, casting a glance at Harry. She felt her jaw slide down as the Ashwinder quickly made its way over to him, sliding up his sleeve, but not before shifting into the Giboon Viper known as Morsus. He caused the attack. But how? x-(X)-x Harry was almost twitching in his seat. Professor Trawney was almost as much a fraud as Lockhart. Harry was looking into his Teacup, looking at the other Slytherin he was paired with, Blake, Blake Nigea. He was currently looking at the lumps of tea leaves in the very bottom, soggy and wet in dark green clumps. "Now, exchange tea cups with your partner." Trawney called in such a dreamy voice it was giving Harry a headache, the horrible smell wasn't helping. It had smelt so bad; Lutain couldn't travel the first two steps up the tower. Harry sighed through his nose as he took his partner's blue teacup, looking at the very different lumps in the bottom.

"Okay, so we're supposed to recognize what these things are?" Blake asked, wrinkling his nose as the smell of the room was finally getting to his head. "That is my assumption." Harry gave a narrowed look at the cup as he scanned the pages for whatever might be on Blake's. "I assume that is a..leaf, and that symbolizes health of your partthat could possibly be a bone, in which case calls for great illness." Harry didn't like being so unsure, and by Blake's frown, neither did he. "OkayI'll go with the leaf. Okaylet's seethat's an eye.which means truth or something ruddy like thatandand that's a snake, so that means a spyso, your going to find the truth about a spy?" Blake frowned, tapping his fingers on the chair as he passed the cup back to Harry, who took it quickly and looked into his very own. Harry looked down and also saw the snake and eye, however right near the end of the Snake's tail, something else was set, looking like and extension, when it actually wasn't. It was a willow branch, and Harry knew what that symbolized, as well as a maple branch. Willow- the tree of past. There was a spy trying to figure out about his past? Yet again, apparently Ron Weasley was going to suffer but be happy for it. How strange could this class be? Harry was rather glad when he climbed down from the tower, Blake was wary of him, not exactly sure of what he was to do. Harry was okay with that, he had respect of most of the school already. "Hey Shadis!" Harry turned his head slightly, keeping his face calm even though he wasn't too happy to see Destiny Scott racing after him. "Going to DADA? That's where I'm going to! You're going to love Lupin, he's a lot better than that Lockhart bloke." Harry bit his lip, growling mentally at his luck. Was Sirius Black going to be the teacher next year? Bloody Dumbledore and his meddling So they walked in almost silence, Harry said nothing while Scott continued on with her chatting, eventually she trailed off when Draco met up with him, allowing Scott to leave quickly. "Thank Merlin, thought she'd never leave." Harry muttered, getting a snort in reply. They moved into the large room, the desks were moved aside, pressing against the wall and the others set their schoolbooks and sacks onto the tables, chatting and standing in the open area In the middle. "Oh Shadis!" Harry turned slightly, seeng Hermione running towards him and stopping, looking down at heer shoes as to not meet Draco's glare. "Leave us." Harry turned, stating to Draco, who gave a slight nod before turning away, seeking out Theo. "It's good to see you up again." Hermione smiled, Harry gave a curt nod, looking away. "As to you."

"You'll like Professor Lupin, he was the one that helped on the train, remember?" She asked, prying slightly and Harry turned, looking down at her with a cool mask which made her frown. "I am well aware of what you are trying to do, Granger." "Still not going to tell me anything?" "I don't have friends, only companions." Harry ended, turning away with a slight bellow of his black robes, walking back to the Slytherin side of the room. Hermione scowled before turning to walk back to Padma Patil, she wasn't too bad of a friend when you got to know her. "Ah, good morning class!" Lupin shouted from the balcony above before moving down the stairs, bringing a levitating shaking cabinet with him. Harry suddenly had a very bad feeling about this class today. "Now then," said Professor Lupin, beckoning the class towards the end of the room, near him and the old cabinet. "Nothing to worry about," Lupin assured as the cabinet banged loudly and people jumped back, watching it with alarm. "There's a Boggart in there." He smiled, pointing with his wand to the cabinet, and a few students paled, surprisingly Destiny Scott and Daphne were one, Neville Longbottom and Seamus Finnegan were a few more on the opposite side of the room. "Boggarts like dark, enclosed spaces," said Professor Lupin. "Wardrobes, the gap beneath beds, the cupboards under sinks I've even met one that had lodged itself in a grandfather clock. This one moved in yesterday afternoon, and I asked the headmaster if the staff would leave it to give my third years some practice. "So, the first question we must ask ourselves is what is a Boggart?" Hermione put up her hand, Harry was looking at the cabinet with a sense of dread, he had never faced a Boggart, he didn't know what it would turn into "It's a shape-shifter," she said. "It can take the shape of whatever it thinks will frighten us most." "Couldn't have put it better myself," said Professor Lupin, and Hermione glowed. "So the Boggart sitting in the darkness within has not yet assumed a form. He does not yet know what will frighten the person on the other side of the door. Nobody knows what a Boggart looks like when he is alone, but when I let him out, he will immediately become whatever each of us most fears." 'Oh Merlin, this isn't good.' Harry thought, fingering his wand. Harry sighed, opening his eyes a moment later, when he cared to listen. "It's always best to have company when you're dealing with a Boggart. He becomes confused. Which should he become, a headless corpse or a flesh-eating slug? I once saw a Boggart make that very mistake tried to frighten two people at once and turned himself into half a slug. Not remotely frightening." Lupin smiled, looking over the scared class. "What you need to do is force it to assume a shape that you find amusing." He lectured, and Harry held onto his wand slightly tighter. There were very few things he found amusing, and even fewer that the class wouldn't cringe at.

"We will practice the charm without wands first. After me, please riddikulus!" "Riddikulus!" said the class together, even Harry as he winced saying it. "Good," said Professor Lupin. "Very good. But that was the easy part, I'm afraid. You see, the word alone is not enough. And this is where you come in, Neville." The cabinet shook again, though not as much as Neville, who walked forward as though he were heading for the gallows. "Right, Neville," said Professor Lupin. "First things first: what would you say is the thing that frightens you most in the world?" Neville's lips moved, but no noise came out. "I didn't catch that, Neville, sorry," said Professor Lupin cheerfully. Neville looked around rather wildly, as though begging someone to help him, then said, in barely more than a whisper, "Professor Snape." Nearly everyone laughed. Even Neville grinned apologetically. Professor Lupin, however, looked thoughtful. "Professor Snape hmmm Neville, I believe you live with your grandmother?" "Er yes," said Neville nervously. "But I don't want the Boggart to turn into her either" "No, no, you misunderstand me," said Professor Lupin, now smiling. "I wonder, could you tell us what sort of clothes your grandmother usually wears?" Neville looked startled, but said, "Well always the same hat. A tall one with a stuffed vulture on top. And a long dress green, normally and sometimes a fox-fur scarf." "And a handbag?" prompted Professor Lupin. "A big red one," said Neville. "Right then," said Professor Lupin. "Can you picture those clothes very clearly, Neville? Can you see them in your mind's eye?" "Yes," said Neville uncertainty, plainly wondering what was coming next. "When the Boggart bursts out of this wardrobe, Neville, and sees you, it will assume the form of Professor Snape," said Lupin "And you will raise your wand thus and cry 'Riddikulus' and concentrate hard on your grandmother's clothes. If all goes well, Professor Boggart Snape will be forced into that vulturetopped hat, and that green dress, with that big red handbag." There was a great shout of laughter. The wardrobe wobbled more violently "If Neville is successful, the Boggart is likely to shift his attention to each of us in turn," said Professor Lupin. "I would like all of you to take a moment now to think of the thing that scares you most, and imagine how you might force it to look comical" The room went quiet. Harry thought What scared him most in the world? That was the main problem, he didn't know what scared him. Not Potter, not his father, nothing as far as he could think.

A dead Lutain? No, he would be angry, not sad, so what was it? Everyone ready?" said Professor Lupin. Harry felt a lurch of fear, such a strange emotion. He wasn't ready. What did he fear? Not creatures, not death, so what? "Neville, we're going to back away," said Professor Lupin. "Let you have a clear field, all right? I'll call the next person forward Everyone back, now, so Neville can get a clear shot " They all retreated, backed against the walls, leaving Neville alone beside the wardrobe. He looked pale and frightened, but he had pushed up the sleeves of his robes and was holding his wand ready. "On the count of three, Neville," said Professor Lupin, who was pointing his own wand at the handle of the wardrobe. "One two three now!" A jet of sparks shot from the end of Professor Lupin's wand and hit the doorknob. The wardrobe burst open. Hook-nosed and menacing, Professor Snape stepped out, his eyes flashing at Neville. Neville backed away, his wand up, mouthing wordlessly. Snape was bearing down upon him, reaching inside his robes. "R r riddikulus! " squeaked Neville. There was a noise like a whip crack. Snape stumbled; he was wearing a long, lace-trimmed dress and a towering hat topped with a moth-eaten vulture, and he was swinging a huge crimson handbag. There was a roar of laughter; the Boggart paused, confused, and Professor Lupin shouted, "Parvati! Forward!" Parvati walked forward, her face set. Snape rounded on her. There was another crack, and where he had stood was a bloodstained, bandaged mummy; its sightless face was turned to Parvati and it began to walk toward her very slowly, dragging its feet, its stiff arms rising "Riddikulus!" cried Parvati. A bandage unraveled at the mummy's feet; it became entangled, fell face forward, and its head rolled off with a large thump. "Seamus!" roared Professor Lupin. Seamus darted past Parvati. Crack! Where the mummy had been was a woman with floorlength black hair and a skeletal, greentinged face a banshee. She opened her mouth wide and an unearthly sound filled the room, a long, wailing shriek that made the hair on Harry's arm stand on end "Riddikulus!" shouted Seamus. The banshee made a rasping noise and clutched her throat; her voice was gone. " Crack! The banshee turned into a rat, which chased its tail in a circle, then crack!- became a rattlesnake, which slithered and writhed before crack! becoming a single, bloody eyeball. "It's confused!" shouted Lupin. "We're getting there! Dean!" Dean hurried forward.

Crack! The eyeball became a severed hand, which flipped over and began to creep along the floor like a crab. "Riddikulus!" yelled Dean. There was a snap, and the hand was trapped in a mousetrap. "Excellent! Ron, you next!" Ron leapt forward. Crack! Quite a few people screamed. A giant spider, six feet tall and covered in hair, was advancing on Ron, clicking its pincers menacingly. For a moment, Harry thought Ron had frozen. Then "Riddikulus!" bellowed Ron, and the spider's legs vanished; it rolled over and over; Lavender Brown squealed and ran out of its way and it came to a halt at Theo's feet, it reared back, turning into a giant snake- no it turned into Morsus. Ha! An oversized giant Morsus, spitting and his- speaking. "Little humans, filled with such fear, and such hideous laughter! None has fear, none has true pain!" The snake- Boggart hissed. Sure it had Lutain's voice, but not his way of speaking. "Riddikulus!" Theo shouted, smirking when the Boggart's fangs fell out and the snake was stuck, helplessly gumming in its mouth. The Slytherin's laughed and Blaise stepped up. A small black obsidian dragon was coiled, rearing back to breath large plumes of fire. "Riddikulus!" Bubbles came from the dragon's mouth, it's eyes widened in horror and it gave off angry little yips like a puppy. "Daphne, come on up!" Blaise laughed, allowing the dragon to glare and sprout two more wings, it's claws transforming into a large demonic dragonfly-hippogriff monster. "What in Merlin's-" Draco muttered, looking at the sick thing and wrinkling his nose. "Riddikulus!" Daphne shouted, and it turned into a paper airplane, flying around the room and shrinking before landing at Draco's feet. A hydra. It was the exact same hydra that attacked him and Theo near Harry's room during the Christmas ball. 'Oh, this is interesting.' Harry mused, watching as he Hydra's heads turned into licorice snaps and fell to the ground twitching. Twitching right on over to Harry. Harry held his wand ready, not really knowing what to expect. He sure as hell wasn't expecting to see himself, a duplicate, but as a six year old. Part of the girls in the room gave off little 'Awws!' when they saw how small and slightly cute he looked, Draco and Theo looked at each other confused, Daphne frowned not understanding exactly what this is about.

The little Bogart stared at Harry, almost glassy green eyes stared at him, haunting and yet so familiar, the exact same eyes he had after being left along for so long, or after Grass-Tongue left. His Boggart was being abandoned. "Harry wha-" Daphne started, blinking quickly when Harry held up a finger for silence. "I know you can speak." Harry stated, narrowing his eyes at the little copy, which frowned, haunted eyes instantly turning narrowed and angry, his hands turning to fists. "Why don't you? I know what you're going to say." Harry smirked, a slight smile on his face that the Boggart didn't like. "They left me." The copy said, voice small and innocent, yet on the border of anger and rage, oh how Harry recognized that voice. Draco was confused, as were a few others. Hermione was watching with confusion while Ron and Skylar were snickering and making jokes about it all. "They hurt me." The other one continued on, confused on why Harry wasn't mad. To be honest, inside his heart, he was downright terrified of that happening once more, but it wouldn't, he was sure. "They always do, Take what you want, and steal what you have. They're the same, all the same." The copy stressed, and yet Harry didn't bat an eye. "They should go, leave me, leave us all. And yet they don't. Why, why don't they leave? Why don't they hide from what they don't know?" The copy asked, taking a few steps and eyes glowing almost eerily, the old ratty muggle clothing added as did the faint scars on his arm and bruising on his neck. "You know the answer, and you know it isn't working. It isn't hurting, and it isn't scary. Nice try Boggart, but the past is past, nothing can change that." Harry coldly stated, pulling out his wand, and its eyes widened in fear, before they darkened to almost black. "Then break." It stated, and Harry's eyes widened, the others looked around confused, not sure on what was going on. "Break, snap, twist and burn. Fall and fall, burn and fall. Hate and pain to burn and fall." The little one growled, letting his eyes trail over the desks, which with a small second, burst into black flames, the copy brought its eyes back to Harry, who was putting his very own wand away. Students screamed, even now Ron and Skylar stopped giving insults, Lupin was trying ot rid the room of flames, but it didn't work. "What's happening?" Draco hissed to Theo who looked at Daphne for help, she had her horrified eyes glued to the scene. "Its magic manipulation, the Boggart's trying to hurts us all." She gasped, looking at Harry who had a small smile on his face. "It always was funny how ignorant I was at that age, isn't it Boggart?" He asked, tilting his head slightly, and a large crack echoed from the Boggart at that moment.

It bent it's neck up in a silent scream, and more snaps and cracks before blood dripped from it's mouth. "Fall down, little Boggart, close your eyes and fall down." Harry whispered, tilting his head the other way, and the Boggart collapsed, melting away into nothing as it had obviously died. Harry turned; the smoke was thick enough to block the exchange. Everyone but Draco, Theo, and Daphne hadn't seen the exchange, and nobody dreamed of trying to follow him as Harry turned, walking quickly towards the doors. The flames were dying down, and still nobody paid attention, Daphne ran, Theo and Draco on her heels as she followed Shadis, who had almost broke into a run himself. They ran down the corridors and Harry moved, Draco and Theo panted, and Daphne slid to a halt. "The corridor's split, each of us go one way." She demanded, and Theo nodded, the three racing down. Daphne turned and gasped, sliding out into the open then backing up to hide behind a stone pillar. She peaked out and froze when she saw him, having one hand supporting his weight against a window in a tower, head facing down and his lips moving, as if he was saying something. Daphne held her breath as Morsus suddenly stirred, moving silently up his back and over his arm, dangerously close to his face. Daphne turned, trying to listen even more, trying to ignore the hissing Morsus gave off and listen to what Harry was saying. 'HSSSssssss.' Daphne froze, looking at Morsus as he actually hissed, loud and much raspier then the previous haunting hisses. "Then wha-" She froze her train of thought, hearing Harry chuckle slightly then hiss back. Daphne turned, casting a silencing charm on her shoes and running as fast as she could away. "Oh godShadis is Parsletongue." She whispered, moving even faster, if she could. It didn't take long until DADA became the number 1 class of the year. Everyone was waiting for it on any day, very few had anything bad to say about him, even Draco had stopped insulting Lupin when Harry had discovered something ratheramusing. Lupin didn't stand for Skylar Potter's ignorance. If Skylar was late, points would be taken. He wouldn't be ignored like the many other teachers. Lupin didn't rest for any of hisinsults when he didn't get what he wanted. Lupin actually was a pretty nice fellow. So the rumors inside Slytherin traveled around quickly, but never got out of the common roomsomething they were proud of. Thankfully, the more dangerous rumors never really spread. The one who started the rumors were at risk of being harmed if ever figured out. That's why Daphne never dared breath to a soul about Harry's speaking to a snake, if he even got a whisper, she was dead.

But the rumors of what happened with the Boggart spread to fast, nobody really started it, it justhappened. Harry was angry, he was getting mad and his emotions were cutting loose. More and more often, unsuspecting kids would come to the infirmary with broken bones, Shadow's doing. The rumors were simple, and that annoyed Harry. They thought he had a bad childhood or he had a brother, a twin brother who Harry killed. Amazing how close and how far away they were. Some thought that as a child, he had been abandoned alone for a week, and that taught him his Slytherin traits. Oh, the rumors were so funny. But Daphne, she seemed to be watching Harry and Lutain often now, almost as if she would be killed any moment. But it didn't matter to Harry, he was growing angrier with every passing moment. Harry's anger bought him to the matter of what he was currently doing, darting around the halls as a thin black comet, leaving a smoke trail behind him. It was an easy way, travel through a human with enough force and their puny little bones went 'snap!'. So Harry moved, and moved, eventually spotted a few Gryffindors. He sunk low to the ground, faintly aware of the world through his shadow form, watching the world in black and white, the shadows were white, and the light was black. He reared, about to strike, when the two boys darted through a portrait swung shut, not allowing anything in or out. Harry reeled back, causing the woman in the portrait to shriek and pull an umbrella up to shield her as if it would help, she looked around, panic wide in her eyes as well as a few other pictures. "Let me in!" Harry hissed his voice dark and angry, the woman flinched and backed away, pressing against the far wall and breathing quickly. "Pass-ssword?" The lady stuttered, blinking quickly in her fear, Harry hissed, allowing the sharp jade eyes to pierce through the swirling nothingness of his form, it reared back and spat, angrily hissing curses in Parsletongue. "Let me in." Harry spat once more in the dark haunting English, enough to give her Goosebumps. "I'm-m s-s." Harry shrieked with his anger. Anger starting the day that his dear friend Adalonda took her last breath, and the moment that his life started to fall apart. He slashed at the portrait, enjoying the way the lady screamed as his claws pierced the paper and tore right down the center, right over her heart even when she moved to avoid it. Black ink from the canvas dripped down, the blood of Portraits, it dripped in a pattern, falling and pooling to the ground in steady drops.

'Drip.drip.dripdrip' Harry dared look away, moving back into the darkness as the lights flashed on and students raced out of the room, looking at their trembling portrait in worry. They heard Percy, the Head boy say, in a suddenly sharp voice, "Somebody get Professor Dumbledore. Quick." People's heads turned; those at the back were standing on tiptoe. "What's going on?" said Ginny Weasley who had just arrived. A moment later, Professor Dumbledore was there, sweeping toward the portrait; the Gryffindors squeezed together to let him through, and Skylar, Ron, and Hermione moved closer to see what the trouble was. "Oh, my " Hermione whispered, backing away. Harry silently growled, pressing up as high as he could to a step, observing high above. Dumbledore took one quick look at the ruined painting and turned, his eyes somber, to see Professors McGonagall, Lupin, and Snape hurrying toward him. "We need to find her," said Dumbledore. "Professor McGonagall, please go to Mr. Filch at once and tell him to search every painting in the castle for the Fat Lady." "You'll be lucky!" said a cackling voice. Harry looked up, his ice green chunks for eyes narrowing as he spotted the Poltergeist bobbing, and moving down, just out of sight of the group. "Oh no you don't." Harry hissed, and Peeves seemed to freeze, looking around as he heard the haunting hiss. "Is it the Bloody Barron sir?" Peeves randomly asked, looking around quickly, still too high up. Attacking Poltergeist's were amazingly good stress relieves. Peeves shrieked as Harry swept past, hissing and spitting, swiping out with a claw similar to a dragons, attached to the smokey limp he deemed his arm. Peeves seemed even more shocked when it actually grazed his skin, allowing silver blood to trail down his arm, and Harry spun, diving down and smashing into the top of Peeves skull, causing him to whimper in pain and fall, barley slowing his descent as he hit a small ledge near a portrait next to the now gasping crowd. "Peeves." Dumbledore whispered, instantly looking upward and sending up his strongest light spell, but even the smallest crack, a unicorn hair in depth, hid Harry. There was no way to be sure of him. "Who did this?" Dumbledore whispered, running his hand over the portrait and smoothing down the tears before they coiled back up. Peeves cracked open an eye, trembling as he was scared. "Itit just vanished." He croaked out, putting a hand to his arm as if it could stop the blood flow. "What vanished, Peeves?" Dumbledore's voice was getting harder. And more teachers were coming, Professor Sprout, McGonagall, and Madam Pomfrey, they were looking at the Poltergeist in horror and shock.

"S-smoke." He whispered, trembling even more. "Big black smokeit was horrible." He coughed out in a strangles voice, a few other nearby portraits nodded, looking frightened as they scanned for Harry, who was invisible in the shadows. "Excuse me, Headmaster, but I saw it also." A woman in a photo with a large blue sundress nodded, setting down her umbrella as a few others murmur confirmed thoughts. "It was big and black, I thought it was a Dementor at first, except that it wasn't draining out happiness, rather it seemed to.radiate anger and hate" The woman trailed off, shivering slightly before looking up in the air. "It justattacked, it was charging at a few Gryffindors, Kendral and Lucas, and they vanished into the common room, it pulled back and attacked the Fat Lady.wanting to get in I assume." She finished, looking down at the silent Gryffindors. "Heads of house, please alert the staff and keep the students inside the common rooms." Dumbledore finally stated, spinning around and casting another light spell, harder and one that burned slightly. Harry swept forward, drifting above and the Portraits level with him screamed, pointing in fear. Dumbledore spun, pointing his wand and shouting loudly "Expecto Patronum." Harry never really stopped to try and imagine how bad a Patronus would hurt! A large silver owl burst from the tip of his wand, flying upwards and intercepting the back part of his tail, slashing through and burning it with silver dust. Harry shrieked in all ways his form could and all students that knew the spell fired similar ones also. He hissed as Patroni and other creatures plowed into him, burning his body in amazing pain, her coiled and twisted, turning and jumping into the Shadow's so quickly, the teachers gasped. And he lunged out, slashing at Sprout so suddenly, she gasped and was knocked over, clutching her dislocated shoulder and ribs- at least two cracked. He hissed and arched his back, sharp green eyes looking down at the screaming Gryffindors, but Ginny was shock white, looking at him in fear. 'You're alive.' She mouthed, maybe even said it, but Harry couldn't hear. He turned for a crouch, shooting past Dumbledore's ear and whispering eerily in it. "Nobody is safe" It was a mess in the morning, and breakfast was ordered to be, you weren't allowed to skip it, as Dumbledore had an important announcement to make. And quite honestly, Harry was almost breaking, same as Lutain. They walked down towards breakfast, Harry in the lead. He had sent a letter to his father the night , it wasn't large or impressive, it was five words. Five simple letters that could destroy all of Hogwarts and others alike. 'I can't take this anymore.'

And he was still waiting for a reply. They moved into the Great hall, all teachers (and a few parents- Skylar's obviously) watched and occasionally looked upwards to the top of the hall, as if Harry was there, swooping down and around. Harry scowled slightly and took his seat, Lutain was coiled around his arm and the students were looking around, the Gryffindors were still in a panic from yesterday. "What do you thinks' wrong with them?" Blaise whispered to Daphne who shrugged, sending a slightly suspicious glance at Harry. Suzie also seemed to be even more wary of Harry. After people telling her of his Boggart, she seemed.afraid? "They seem soscared." Draco shuddered, looking at Theo who shrugged. Sally caught Harry's eye, and she looked away quickly, shivering slightly. She knew something. "Attention please." Dumbledore softly asked, and the hall grew quiet, as it was almost silent to start with. "Last night, we had an attack inside the tower. A being of night, or a phantom, one would say. It has severely harmed the portrait of the Fat Lady, Peeves and several other students and staff members." By now, whispered were traveling, Harry coiled his fist and Daphne turned to ask him something, only to freeze quickly. "Hey Draco, is it just me, or does Shadis not look well?" Daphne whispered so quietly only Draco and Theo heard, and they slyly glanced at him from the corner of their eyes. His skin was pale, paler then normal anyways, and his hair seemed even darker with the midnight blue hue more noticeable. His hands were coiled in fists, the knuckles white from the strain he had on them, and he seemed tired, but yet, he wasn't. Shadis didn't look right, ill, tired, something was wrong. "For this event, I must be alerted for any strange sightings reported throughout the castle. All owl posts must be checked for outwards interference, and trunks must be scanned for dark artifac-" Dumbledore stopped talking as a large falcon dove through an open window, carrying a silver letter on its leg. "Of all the times, your father had to send a letter now?" Lutain protested, and Harry's sighed as the bird landed infront of him, and Harry quickly undid the silk thread with no delay, breaking the blood red seal. "Mr. Shadis, I am sorry but I must see that letter." Dumbledore smiled softly, holding out his hand for the letter, and Harry froze, holding it in his hand firmly. "Don't give it up Master. It is spoken in the noble tongue, and he will know, he will knowoh Salazar help us."

Harry frowned and held the letter tight curling it up in his hands before putting it in his pocket and turning back to Dumbledore. "It is against the law to search through one's mail without a seal of permission from the Minister, where's yours?" Harry asked, lifting his green eyes upwards, and Dumbledore frowned. It was a few seconds of a standoff before Dumbledore turned away and Lutain let out a sigh of relief. The rest of the meeting was completely uneventful. Classes were almost canceled, the ones that took part to leave the castle like Herbology and Astrology were suspended, allowing plenty of time for students to wander around- in groups of five or more of course. DADA was nothing more than creatures, and the thick animal smell Lutain kept complaining about. That and the fact that Lupin seemed to bevanishing once a month, and how close Lupin's last name was to Lupine, which was the Latan form of wolf. Lutain confirmed his suspicions when he snuck into his office one night, he was sighing and blames the moon and his 'furry little problem' for the reason he was so tired. Lutain also spotted something that Harry wasn't so sure about. A book, a book with his picture as a baby on it, nothing else and nothing more. To even have a picture of Harry at that age was something to be surprised about, Lupin knew him, Lupin remembered him. On the downside, Harry was under even more watch, and the letter he had was constantly burning in his pocket, aching to be read, and Harry wanted to, so much. But he couldn't in the open. A hint of Parslewriting and he would be taken for questioning that would put the Ministry to shame. If he was in Azkaban, that was easy to break into. Hogwarts? Not so much. So at dusk, when Severus personally escorted the Slytherins back to the rooms, Harry made a bee line towards his very own door, the Giboon Viper mixed in with the sleek Diamondcross, he forced it open, and hurriedly closed it behind him, locking it with many dark spells and charms he knew. He then took out the silver paper, and broke the seal, Lutain slithered up, wanting to see what it read also. Shadow, I understand, and I have faith in you, but you cannot face this alone. This moment, Lucius is sending a letter to young Draco Malfoy, and he is to prepare a simple task. Death Eaters, the highest of my best ranking will sneak into the castle. For years, ever since you slipped past the wards, dark magic has been prying them away from the castle, tearing down ward by ward, and as the Heir of Slytherin, we've blocked it. The old coot can't even feel it. 6 months, six simple months and the Death Eaters will slip inside with a trick so much like your own shadows. Six months, be ready for war. It was indeed Parslewriting, and Lutain read it as well. Harry sighed and bowed his head, snapping his fingers and lighting up the paper like a Christmas tree. Draco was still too weak.

He wouldn't make it, the pressure of being dark would rot his soul inside and out, he would break in the end, and murder would kill his soul better than any Crucio could. And Harry needed to work. He was right, the next morning, Draco was strangely quiet, and he had bags under his eyes, as if he wasn't sure on what to do. Daphne noticed also, as did Theo, Blaise, Millicent, and quite a few others. Draco would need to pick himself up if he really wanted to beat someone or something in the end. Harry was inside the library, reading through a book he had copied in first year, it had vanished just this year actually, and searching through the databases, it said that Dumbledore himself had taken it, as if something was inside it that he never wanted a student to see. And that was exactly the kind of book Harry wanted to read. Magik Most Evile, such a wonderful cruel and dark book, but there was something that fascinated Harry beyond end. Horcruxes, such a wonderful idea, and so cold hearted in nature. Yet so fascinating, to rip your soul into chunks and hide them in objects to let you live forever. Just reading the introduction, Harry was nearly positive that his father had done so. But another problem, if Dumbledore had taken the book out personally, that meant that he knew what a Horcrux was and was hunting for them, and in the end, trying to kill his father. "Shadis." Harry snapped his eyes up, narrowing them at Pansy who had her hands on her hips and looking at him slightly annoyed. "Dray- Dray called for a meeting in this special room. Come on, we're still getting everyone." She sneered, rolling her eyes and getting to her feet; Harry slipped the copy into the bigger-on-the-inside bag and walked silently behind her, unnerving her slightly. And they walked and walked, and for the first time in a long time, Harry was wondering how long it would take for him to break her neck. An old wooden door was in the middle of a hall, pressing against a wall that Harry was sure wasn't occupied before. Pansy knocked twice and the door opened, showing Destiny Scott, deep shadows under her eyes. "You made it, come in." "They smell sad and frightened Master." Harry moved through the door, looking at the silver and black room, an emerald fire flickering in the fireplace on the back left side, everybody was looking down, and with some amusement, and almost everybody here had Death Eaters for parents. "Glad you all could make it." Draco started, gulping a lump in his throat as he looked over the crowd, his eyes wondering on every single person, lingering on Harry longer than anyone else. "I- I'm sure that you've all gotten a letter from your parents." He started rather shakily, getting a few short nods and sighs of defeat. "Yeah, sending in Death Eater's huh?" Theo chuckled lightly, causing Harry's lips to twitch.

"They are this fearful of mere servants? Imagine the fear from knowing you, Master." Harry stroked Lutain, chuckling ever so softly, and nobody heard. "We need to know how to fight." That caused Harry's neck to spin and give a little pop that attracted Daphne's attention. She gave a small nod, eyes not leaving Harry's as she agreed with Draco's statement. "Yeah, we're sitting ducks out there." Blaise agreed and Harry was fighting the urge to snort. "You all think you can learn advanced spells within a week of the attack?" Harry asked, lifting an eyebrow and looking at Draco, a slight feminine huff caused him to freeze. "Who." Harry started off quietly, "Invited her?" Harry hissed, trying to hold back the amount of venom in his voice as he spun to look at Suzie who glared back without fear. "I can go where ever I want!" She shouted back defiantly, jumping to her feet and pulling out her wand from a white holster she had on her arm, just as Harry did the same with his own. "Don't do this Suzie." Millicent muttered, trying to pull her down, but Suzie growled in anger and pointed her wand and fired off a spell she randomly thought of. "Locomotor Motis!" She shouted, and Harry spun gracefully, easily out of the path of the pale blue spell, Suzie bit her lip and tried again. "Stupify!" "Protego." Harry didn't even try to put effort into the spell, he allowed the perfect dome to stop the weak red spell in its tracks. "Scidicortex!" She shouted, and gasped in surprise at the impossibly fast maroon spell that flashed past with a hissing sound, as if on fire. Harry's eyes widened momentarily and he knew this spell could break shields, so he spun, pulling Lutain's head in and getting his arm cut instead of his loyal friend. Harry gasped in pain before looking at the large dangerous looking wound, watching as the skin seemed to shake then peel, turning back and rolling up and severing the flesh, causing excruciating pain. "Master! Sweet Salazar! She-" Lutain stopped when Harry slowly moved his hand, pulling on the rolled chunks of his skin and forcing them down to try and cover his bleeding arm, but they refused and rolled back up once more. The room was silent, and Suzie was pale, backing up and trembling greatly. "I- I swear, I didn't k-" "Where did you learn that spell?" Harry demanded voice dark and angry. His emerald green eyes had darkened with pain and anger, turning nearly coal black. "I-" "That was a spell created by my hand." Harry growled, now seeing red spots in his anger.

"A spell made for death, foolish little girl!" "Wait, why would you invent something like that?" Theo asked, looking at Harry's arm, which was losing blood rapidly actually. "I-" "You read my book." Harry accused, tilting his head and clenching his jaw shut, anger pulsing off of him in waves. "Well you left it out!" She screamed back, pointing her wand once more as Harry grew still. And the anger around him turned to rage. Typical Suzie, stealing what he had, burning his wishes and destroyed what he wanted. Lutain hissed, arching upwards and Daphne gasped, suddenly keeping her eyes on the snake, and its glowing yellow eyes. "Daphne?" Pansy whispered, trying to pull her away from the area of battle, or Suzie's approaching fate. "Don't do it Harry!" She suddenly shouted, causing Lutain Harry's heads to snap around, eyes narrowing in unison. "I have dealt with this child long enough. Suzie will die by my fangs!" Lutain hissed, exposing his fangs, and still Harry said nothing but turned back to Suzie who was still gasping and pale, trembling. "I am finished Suzie. Finished with dealing with you, and your bloody brother David for those many years." He growled, putting his wand back into his holster and rolling his hand into a fist. "How did you know about Dav-" But Suzie gulped when Lutain hissed loudly, causing her to flinch. "I am sick, with you and your arrogance and sick pleasure. But if I said I was disgusted, that would be hypocritical." Harry gave a short bitter laugh, and smiled sadistically, causing a few others to wince. "Shadis, that's enough." Theo stated, pulling out his wand also, but Daphne shook her head, fearing a bite. "You ruined my life, Suzie, little Suzie with the pigtails and the habit of stealing from those you saw weaker." He clicked his tongue and shook his head, smiling slightly as she inhaled quickly and she backed up. "Who are you?" She breathed and Harry tilted his head and laughed, the sound caused Millicent to whimper and Pansy to wince. "You should know, Suzie. I almost killed you on the stairs those many years ago." Harry tilted his head, skin practically white from blood loss. The others would grow suspicious by the fact he wasn't knocked out yet, but the matter of him having gone through vampire rituals helped. ".no." She whispered, finally understanding who it was, and Harry tilted his head slightly, and a small cruel smile came to his lips. "I'm going to kill you Suzie. I've been waiting to for ten years." He mused, shrugging and letting his eyes flash the evil dark green Shadow was known for.

"Harry. This is enough." Daphne demanded, stepping forward with her wand raised, and staring at him in the eye. Harry didn't even break eye contact as he opened his mouth and flicked his tongue, not caring about who was watching. "Lutain? Kill her." "With pleasure." x-(X)-x "Harry. This is enough." Daphne firmly stated, watching his pale and angry body tremble, looking at her with haunted and malice filled eyes. She stepped forward, raising her wand to stun him if he even looked at Suzie. But he parted his lips, about to say something, but a strange hissing came out instead. "Hissayas." It sounded like as it came out in a ghostly fluttering whisper. His tongue twitched as he twisted his neck quickly, to watch as his snake struck and dig its fangs deep into her arm, her gasp causing the screams of others. Theo lunged, trying to tackle Harry to the ground, but another hiss of something that sounded suspiciously like a 'hrishaa's!' And Morsus spun, coiling and hovering, ready to strike. Harry blinked a few times and stilled, looking at the panicking Theo, unsure of what to do. Theo was shaking and everyone was holding their breath as Pansy and Daphne tried their best to knock out Suzie, to end her held and screams of suffering and pain. "Stop this Harry." Theo ordered, his tone dark and demanding like an adults as he watched with narrowed eyes. And Harry sickly grinned, a look filled with malice finished with sadist eyes. And he looked to Morsus, who seemed to hiss something himself. "I had every right, and she deserved it." Harry softly stated, eyes widening as a fist collided with his jaw, and Harry hissed twisting backwards. Theo sprang away, looking warily at Harry as the animalistic hiss sprang from his throat, and his eyes flashed dark and lethal. "Idiot!" Blaise shouted pulling out the useful wand, but before a single word was uttered, Harry pointed his wand at the ceiling and spat out a single spell. "Obliviate!" The dead body of Suzie was found in the Astronomy tower, lying stiff and still on the ground while her corpse was bone white and covered in deep wounds, bleeding dry. A nifty dark spell caused all blood to evaporate, as well as the venom- nobody knew how she died. Harry was nervous, scared almost. The size scale of the mental wipe-out had been large- too large. If flash of recognition or another memory wipe attempt was given, then the entire human subconscious would collapse. It would cause them to grow brain dead, that or remember everything ever said. That would be the end of Harry, so they would die, it wasn't a good situation for them.

So what was Dumbledore's way of lighting the mood of the castle? Hosting a bloody dance! So of course he didn't want to go. And of course the other teachers were going to force him too. But not if he was with another teacher. This led him to the horrific fact of him sitting inside the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom doing a few extra spells. So he worked, not straining himself in the slightest as he caused a well contained fire spell to dart across the room, carefully burning out before it could hit or smolder anything. He casted a glance up at the clock and frowned, it was only 11. The dance ended at one in the morning, he still had to work. So he turned back to the straw dummies and started a hard light spell created by himself off of the faint idea of a laser. As the beam penetrated the body of the dummy, it fell over limp, before another binding spell from Harry lifted it back up to the post. For a while now, Lupin had been watching from a chair, completely silent before he gently rose and the noise caused Harry to whip around, thankfully his wand only by his side. "You seem very advanced, Mr. Shadis." "Thank you sir." Harry nodded, watching him wary and once more glancing at the clock. "In fact, I think there's a spell you should know." Lupin smiled and beckoned for him to follow him. Harry hesitated slightly before getting to his feet. Lupin moved in towards his office and Harry followed a few paces behind. He watched silently as Lupin pulled a small black cube from off of a shelf filled with knickknacks such as a glowing sphere and a few candies. A vial with some sort of pickled insects and a plant that caused Harry to blink quickly when he stared at it, it seemed to give him a headache. "I have things from all over my journeys here." He smiled and swept his hand along the many shelf's. "This was a branch from a water willow, they are a natural delicacy for many water creatures such as mermen and nymphs." He nodded, gently tossing a caramel colored branch around gently before setting it back. "This is a Locorit grasshopper. One of the first animal species to give off a natural spell deflecting shield." He nodded to the pickled insect and gently picked up the plant that harry didn't like. He stroked the soft orange leaves and smiled once more. "This is a southern Poppythorn. They used to border schools in Australia with this, it's a natural repellent to dark creatures such as Vampires and Dementors, however it doesn't have any effect on Werewolves and Goblins." He nodded and set down the branch, Harry momentarily closed his eye and gave a slight nod as Lupin waited, tossing the cube up and down. "This-" He started setting it carefully on a table "Is a creature cube. Able to mimic any known magical creature for a short time. And this is how you're going to learn to defend yourself from Dementors." Harry stiffened and spun, fingering his wand in his pocket. "Excuse me sir?"

"Do you expect me to leave this school knowing that one student is at risk of their life? You were already attacked once, they will attack once more." "You presume that I have not tried this spell before, Professor." Harry stated wistfully causing Lupin to laugh slightly. "And by the look on your face when you were being kissed, you apparently succeeded in casting the spell." Lupin laughed receiving a slight scowl, then a nod. "The trick is- you need to focus on a happy memory" It was 12:45. Fifteen minutes until the ball was let out, and Harry was scowling looking at the cube once more as the fake Dementor sprouted and he calmly looked at it, pointing his wand and not feeling the slightest flurry of panic. "Expecto Patronum." He pronounced carefully and though, thought back to the happiest memory he could think of. He though back to when lights still seemed so bright, and laughs meant the world. Even if he could only remember flashed of bright colors and his high laugh and his joy, he felt the sun on his skin as if they were his mothers kisses. Not a single silver color came from his wand. Once more the Dementor was sucked back in and Lupin sighed, gathering the cube and heading back towards his office. "Don't feel bad Harry, lots of wizards cannot perform that spell." Lupin reassured, but Harry rolled his eyes, letting them stop on a large book suspended high on a shelf, a baby faze with bright green eyes staring at him. "Oh? Hehe passed away several years ago." Lupin tried to sound nonchalant but Harry could tell without Legilimency that it was a lie. "Oh?" "Yes, just a child, such a sweet boy." Lupin muttered, flicking his wand and the book was levitated to the table in front of him. Harry reached out, letting his hand trail across the picture, making sure it was real. It was. "His name was Harry- just like your own." Lupin smiled yet Harry didn't show any reaction. "Harry James Potter, such a bright kid for his age. Always seemed to laugh, his eyes would sparkle when he did, it was so light and carefreeHe was my godson." Lupin muttered, his hand trailing on a few pictures as he flipped the pages. "I was not aware." Harry nodded and Lupin gave a sad smile, waving him off with a sigh. "Not many people know that Skylar had a twin." "I was not aware that he was your godson. Whoever said anything about knowing Skylar had a twin?" Harry finished, hurrying out of Lupin's room rather quickly.

"Master." Harry looked down and quickly snatched Lutain as he appeared in the shadows, and they moved towards the common room, wincing as loud screams echoed down the halls and people started running. "Dang it Lutain, what did you do?" Harry muttered, not daring to try Parsletongue in the current burning of his throat. Lutain looked up with glittering eyes before looking back at the quickly coming rush. "A few drops of venom in the drinking hole and a girl falls dead. Nothing of great occurrence. I believe her name was 'Chang'" Lutain shrugged off and Harry rolled his eyes, stepping through the door as it opened. As Harry vanished, Skylar Potter pulled out his father's map. The map he had stolen from his father just before school started, and Ron Weasley looked over his shoulder, breathing down his neck. "Oi, I didn't know you had a brother Sky." Ron blinked and Skylar tensed, spinning around and crossing his arms. "I do not have a brother Weasley." "But it said on the map!" Ron defended himself quickly, pulling out the map and ducking into the corner just as another clump of students ran screaming and crying out of the room. Skylar quickly pushed Ron into the crowd where he shouted out in surprise but could not escape in time, it was then that Skylar dared look at the map. The corridors were packed so tightly no one could dare move in and out without will, and sure enough. Right next to the girl Destiny Scott and between Adriana Grease, there was a single bloody name. Harry James Potter. But it kept fading in and out, it was there then it wasn't. Was it a ghost? The map didn't work with ghosts. "Mr. Potter." Skylar spun, deactivating the map and in a whisper and holding it behind his back as Snape sneered at him with his crooked nose. For the next two days, Skylar was trapped cleaning out the Prefect bathrooms with something known to Muggles as a 'toothbrush' x-(X)-x This was bad. Very, very bad. Whispers were traveling throughout the corridors and more and more people seemed to avoid his room. More and more seemed to be getting family owls and darting away more and more frightened than ever. It was a week after that Harry finally got his own by falcon. Shadow, The Death Eaters children are afraid of you. They fear you and what you are. Many suspicions are rising; many declare you unworthy to lead Slytherin. Be careful.

And remember, I am watching. That was as homely as Harry could go in this case. Christmas drew closer, and the old fool tried something yet again. He deemed it 'unsafe' to allow students to return home for Christmas break, so he was allowing the families themselves come to Hogwarts. It was only one day of this and Harry had already almost gone mad. He stood on the covered bridge, gently stroking Hedwig while Lutain lounged about with a heating charm on his scales. A mother of the Patil twins had spotted him, and promptly screamed and attempted to throw him off of a bridge. "Stop it you mad animal!" Lutain screeched as he avoided once more a blasting charm. Harry spun back and leveled his own wand, quickly casting a disarming charm and catching her wand. "I have specific permission from the minister himself for keeping Morsus on the property. Do you have a problem with the minister's word?" Harry challenged, and the woman bowed her head and scurried off, he snorted and grabbed Morsus, allowing Hedwig to fly off with a transfigured rat. She deserved it as she stopped the woman's pesky cat from killing or harming Morsus even more. Dining hall was a mess with the shouts and laughs. The aristocrat Purebloods as the Slytherin table watching everything with a critical eye. Even Harry didn't go to dinner as with a few of other Slytherins. Harry sat inside his room, working on an essay and sighing as he gently stroked the leaves of a strange yellow plant he had received from Hermione. Blast that Mudblood. Christmas day was a day that the food would be out all hours, every single person would be laughing and dancing, having a wonderful time. Harry was going outside if he could. Of course, that was his plan. "Shadis!" Harry groaned as someone knocked on his door, causing him to roll and quiet literally melt into the floor and come out the wall in a standing position. He grabbed a black housecoat and slipped it on, opening the door to Pansy, who tried really hard not to look down at his showing six packs. "There's gifts for you outside in the main area!" She squeaked, voice slightly higher than normal as she darted away. Harry scowled but closed the door, knocking on the wardrobe a few times to arouse Lutain of his sleep. A few minutes later, a fully dressed Harry emerged with a shiny scale Lutain in tow. True to Pansy's words, the Slytherin families were crowded around the larger room and chatting in low voices, bragging to one another as they showed off gifts and prizes. Lutain slithered up and coiled around his neck as he stepped down towards his signature chair and took a seat, frowning at the pile of gifts next to him. "Merry Christmas Shadis." Harry turned to Daphne who stood in an unusual blue shawl and held up an old wooden bowl with some sort of fine drinks perched carefully in the center.

"It's homemade Winterbell; my mother sent it here this morning." She smiled and offered him a cup, he took it with a nod and she darted away, looking happier than he had ever seen her. He really didn't want to admit that he didn't know what Winterbell was. It was minty and cool at the same time, a nice sensation actually, and it complemented the strange aroma in the air. He turned, blinking slowly as he watched all of the other families. Laughing and sharing gifts. Lutain watched too, flicking out his tongue before quickly looking away. "We have a family too Master, we are not alone." Lutain reminded and Harry sighed, stroking the top of his head. He had received quiet an array of gifts. Half a dozen chocolates, a case of Butterbeer, assortments of quills from all sorts of birds- one came from an ostrich he was sure, and a few necklaces all decorated with something similar to a snake. The last gift was plain, decorated in silver paper and was about four inches long and two inches thick as it had a small curve. "What's that Shadis?" Theo asked from next to his father who eyes the paper carefully, then gave a sharp glare to Harry who simply ignored it and carefully took off his father's wrapping paper. It was long and bone white, carefully smooth with a few words carved in with delicate care. Written in Latin with a thick Parsletongue drawl to let nonreaders not understand the language. The other end was a silvery metal, carefully molded into a handle. A small not was next to the gift, having fallen out as he pulled the paper out. Use it well. That was all that was written and it burned. Harry watched it crumble to dust and he carefully traced the finely carved words on the side. "Ultionis." He whispered, smiling slightly, and Draco shared an uneasy look with Theo who finally spoke up. "And what does that mean?" He asked, unsure, and Harry snapped his eyes up, flipping the hilt up in a twirl before catching it expertly. "It means revenge." He stated wistfully before he grabbed his things and walked away. Other conversations still in the background. "Master? How did your father k-" "Don't say it Lutain. Don't even say it." Harry walked silently, holding his cloak close to his skin as he walked out over the snow covered ground. Lutain was around his neck, and Harry turned halfway, allowing his eyes to rest on the glowing castle as the faint sound of music echoed over the ground. Through the windows he saw the adults laughing and twirling on the dance floor, drinking and conversing among one another. "It is similar to our own Christmas ball, Master."

"Yes, but ours has more action and we can do as we please then." Harry wistfully stated as he moved through the snow, heading down the ice covered steps gingerly and making his way towards the forest with a black leather bag around his shoulder. The music quieted until it was a small hum in the background, and Harry continued on, looking upright as an owl coed, and Hedwig circled down to land on a nearby tree. "Ah, hello old girl." Harry nodded and Hedwig flapped her wings, nodding as if noting that he was there. "Will the bird be coming with us?" "Good question,- will you be Hedwig?" Harry asked, swapping part way through for English. Hedwig twisted her neck and turned, jumping into the air and flapping above the trees and out of sight. "Apparently not." Harry muttered before looking back at the barren trees and making his way carefully over the snow covered roots while looking at his fogging breath. Lutain glanced over Harry shoulder and hissed lightly as the castle was out of sight. "Master" Harry flicked out his wand and traced it down his scales, allowing the fat Gaboon Viper's scales to shed off like a second skin, showing the long sleek black Diamondcross. They continued on, Lutain hissing and scaring away a few poor spiders- which were large almost as bid as a dog. They continued on, eventually a lumos spell was all Harry had to see with. "I sense a clearing up ahead Master." "Very well Lutain, any humans or creatures?" "Not that I can smell." Harry continued on and frowned as he found the clearing, almost a meadow except it was covered with a thick layer of fresh white snow as well as a small river not far away, half frozen over with a deadly current moving by quickly. "Strange place." Lutain summed up and Harry nodded, cracking his neck as he let out a small shiver. Lutain dropped to the forest floor once Harry put a heating and non melting charm on the ground, allowing the snow to be a soothing comfort to Lutain's tired scales. Harry set the bag on the ground and flipped the top off, reaching as far into the bag as he could go until he found the covered and bound squishy package. Lutain watched with slight humor as the bag was ruffled and dragged slightly as an entire goat corpse was pulled out, rapped in thin brown butchers paper retrieved by the house elves themselves. With a few perfect cutting charms, large lacerations split over the dead animal's body, and blood flowed fresh. "So now we must wait?" "Now we must wait, Lutain." And wait they did.

Hours seemed to pass before Harry sighed and checked the time, it was two, approaching two thirty in the morning. The dance had finished long ago, and yet Lutain and Harry waited. "Master, they appear not to be coming." "II think you are right. There are none tonight." "None what?" The two spun to look at the river, and there, clad in a strange bleached pale tail, was Carpatha. She seemed to be confused yet almost mocking them as she waved her bony flipper and slightly webbed hands in a greeting. "You really think I wouldn't visit my sisters for Christmas?" She scowled and crossed her arms, rolling so her long tail was sprawled out towards the bank and she smirked, showing slightly pointed teeth, perhaps they had grown. Three other creatures surfaced, Mermish creatures with multicolored tails. One purple while the others were various shades of yellow. One had brown hair while the remaining two had blonde. It was a rather strange sight. "Hello Carpatha." Harry nodded breaking the silence, and Carpatha smirked, tilting her head and looking upright as a black crow landing on a tree branch, cawing loudly. "Well, I have a feeling your visitors are coming, Shadow." Not a moment later, large booming shouts of beautiful haunting song caused the birds to scatter. The Thestrals were here. x-(X)-x They circled above like large hawks, flapping every once in a while, they seemed to ignore the freezing chill above. And very carefully, they spun down, landing in a trotting run in which they reared backwards and called out with the booming call, and more came down next. Harry felt a small smile curl on his lips as a baby Thestral landed with a small squeak, trying to stay as close to its black mother as possible. The mother snorted and tossed her head, her wispy black mane flopping about behind her. One larger Thestral approached, its coat thin and falling out in spots, it quickly snapped its head up and hissed with the fang like teeth, pawing at the goat with its clawed hooves. "You can have it." Harry assured and Lutain coiled unsure of what to do. "He says that he fears you poisoned it." Carpatha fondly smiled and flipped once more, dragging herself over towards a tree while her sisters watched from the water. "Now why would I do that?" Harry asked musing slightly as the Thestral exhaled quickly and it slowly lowered its head, ripping into the still warm meat. More Thestrals came and sniffed the meat warily, and Harry smiled slightly as the younger ones darted over the older, using the tiny bat wings to clumsily land with the too-big hooves and nip at the backside.

"It's.." Harry branched off and Carpatha smiled, watching and giving a slight nod. "It's beautiful." She summed up, and Harry nodded, agreeing with that. "Yeah.." He whispered, watching as a mother tended to her baby with a careful tongue. "It really is." He smiled, then a Mermish person hissed, showing spiked teeth before turning and vanishing with a flick of her gold tail. Carpatha sighed and rolled her eyes, pulling herself towards the water. "I must apologize, Memria doesn't take to well to Thestrals. And if you want to get what you came for- I suggest you announce yourself." Carpatha ended with a wink before vanishing herself with a flick of her tail, and the water was just as quiet with the current as before. "Master?" "I don't know what she meant Lutain, I don't know." Harry responded, and spun as he felt a warm snout press into his back. It was a foal, looking at him with milky white eyes and fanged teeth and wagging the long black tail that showed every bone in its skeleton. It gave a booming call- slightly higher as it was young- and tilted it's head, nipping at him slightly before turning and trotting towards a few better looking adults. "It wants us to follow Master." "It must respond to Parsletongue! That's why they can hear us!" Harry hissed back in excitement and the Thestrals ears pinned down and they lowered their heads, not answering. The two hurried past the bone white goat corpse, and into a slightly bigger ground, four Thestrals, one with a baby and they eyed Harry with wary milky white eyes. The second one, reared and flapped its giant, (bigger than normal) wings and bared its teeth. Harry noted that one of the fangs had broken off. The one in the very middle looked bigger and better off then all of the others. Its bones seemed slightly more pronounced, but in a beautiful way and not a starvation-or-anorexic look. Its ears curved downwards slightly, looking more like sloping bangs that a few witches had. The tail was filled with black hair that seemed to have a sloping effect, and the mane looked wild and untamed- but with a bluish hue to it. It tilted its head, blinking back grey eyes. Different then all of the other milky white eyes of the dead, and it opened its mouth, showing only fangs on the top teeth, and slightly sharp tiny ones on the bottom. "A speaker." It hissed, and Harry stumbled back in surprise, Lutain reared and showed his fangs in a warning. "Aye, I am Shadow, a speaker from my ancestor Salazar Slytherin." Harry nodded, finding it odd slightly that he was speaking in snake to a horse. The horse tossed its head and gently started to walk further into the forest, the others- its herdfollowed. The trees seemed to sparkle as the herd gently trotted by, and the Thestral In the lead tossed its head, and Harry pulled Lutain along to catch up with it.

"You seem well." "I am, Heir Shadow. My herd has grown ever fond of this forest, but the light is burning, and it burns our hearts." The Thestral whispered, and Harry winced, looking in the direction of the castle. "You're talking about Albus Dumbledore, aren't you?" Lutain hissed, gently lunging onto the Thestrals back and resting just above the wings, the creature paid no mind. "Names, they are long and hard. Few ever are known to my herd." "And yet you know Salazar." Harry mused and the Thestral gave a half stumble before walking once more. "That is different, Heir Shadow." "That it is, mighty Thestral." Harry responded with a nod, and finally after a few minutes of walking, the leader stopped, and the other ones turned and vanished into the sky with flapping wings. The main Thestral gently lowered itself to the ground, folding its legs under it as it waited for the first question. "May I ask for your name, mighty Thestral?" Harry dared, and the Thestral let out a puff of air, which steamed and vanished into the sky. "You are a charmer, Heir Shadow. And you remind me of one from such a long time ago. A poor stable boy with a gold mane, and brown eyes. Yes, you remind me of him greatly. It has been such a long time since one of your kind has spoken to me- a long time indeed. I am the creator of the Thestrals. I am Mylla the Song." Harry recoiled as if struck, but Mylla said none, and Harry very slowly exhaled and bowed his head. "Then it is an honor, Mylla the Song. It is a great gift to meet one of my kin." "A great gift indeed, kin." And Harry smiled. Lutain scented the air, tickling Mylla's face who snorted and tossed her head, blinking slowly. "It is amusing how many of Salazar's children have serpent familiars- I had a friend. A dear old friend who wore a crown of spines on her head-" "Adalonda." Lutain put in causing Mylla to look at him in surprise before sending out strange knickers in the same tone as laughter. "Ah, of course, what a fool am I to suggest that you do not know of her? How is the great serpent?" She asked, rising to her feet and shifting her weight. "Adalonda passed away." Harry finished as Lutain looked like he was in no position to talk as he seemed to have his eyes glaze over with sorrow. Mylla was silent a moment before bowing her head and resting it near the ground. "I send my deepest apologizes. It has been to long since I have seen her old eyes. Let her rest in peace. Come, it is late, I will take you to the castle."

And Harry boarded her back. With three quick flaps they were in the sky, and diving down towards the great doors. Harry smiled and Lutain coiled around his arm, and together they jumped as Mylla swerved and turned back to the forest. They were smoke before they hit the ground. X-(X)-x Harry sighed and sat in his room, not really sure what to do. Over and over he twirled the Basilisk tooth knife from his father, and every once in a while he stared out the window, as if expecting Mylla to be suddenly there. "Shadis." Harry breathed through his nose and turned, looking at Daphne who was leaning in his doorway, not daring to walk inside incase the wards were still up. "Daphne." Harry nodded, getting to his feet and Daphne turned, walking out into the main room. She grabbed her evening robe and with once look back to make sure that he was following- she walked out of the wall. Harry blinked and frowned, following after her, and quickly clasping his robe shut as he pulled his wand into its holster, and he stepped out, chasing after her blonde hair. He growled slightly as he lost sight of her, and sighed, pressing his palm against the shadows and closing his eyes, letting them dance across his flesh with the addictive feel of Dark Magic. She was walking towards the covered bridge. She was almost there actually, and nobody was near her. A few seconds later, Harry was a few steps behind her. Daphne jumped slightly and put one hand over her heart before muttering a few curses under her breath. But before Harry could even smirk, they were once again moving. The covered bridge was abandoned and even the far doors were open, willing for anyone to walk through. Daphne stopped when she was leaning against one of the walls, and she spun on her heels, pointing her wand so suddenly Harry blinked in surprise. "Alright Shadis. Since I know the others can't perform a memory charm, I'm going to ask you, why did you wipe my memories?" She growled, and Harry crossed his arms, skillfully loosening his wand without being noticed. "Did I?" "All Greengrass's are fed a potion at birth that shows if one has tampered with them mentally or physically. Imagine my surprise when I wake up on Christmas day to find out my mind was whipped." She growled, and Harry chuckled darkly, and suddenly, Daphne didn't think this was such a good idea anymore. "Ah, but you don't know what memory was erased, do you?" Harry asked circling slowly and leaning close by her ear to murmur the words, causing her to tense. "We have a potion for that. It works after an hour of being taken." "Oh?"

"And that was nearly" She mused, looking at a Wizard watch on her arm, then glanced up with a smirk. "59 minutes ago. Tick Tock Shadis, Tick Tock." She laughed and turned, ducking with a squeak as a red blasting curse flew over her and demolished half of the covered bridge, leaving a gaping hole in the side. "What the hell Shadis!" She screamed, spinning around and pulling out her own wand, which she used to fire a stunner which Harry blocked. ""If I am to go down, then I go down fighting." He responded cooling and twirled his wand, green eyes darker and evil looking. "What do you me-" She ended with a strangled gasp as pain filtered through her skull, and she gasped, opening her eyes. Harry stood, looking as if death itself had burned his eyes. And his skin was wrinkled and pealing like old parchment. He parted his lips, about to say something, but a strange hissing came out instead. "Hissayas." It sounded like as it came out in a ghostly fluttering whisper. His tongue twitched as he twisted his neck quickly, to watch as his snake struck and dig its fangs deep into Suzie's arm, her gasp causing the screams of others. Theo lunged, trying to tackle Harry to the ground, but another hiss of something that sounded suspiciously like a 'hrishaa's!' And Morsus spun, coiling and hovering, ready to strike. Harry blinked a few times and stilled, looking at the panicking Theo, unsure of what to do. Theo was shaking and everyone was holding their breath as Pansy and Daphne tried their best to knock out Suzie, to end her held and screams of suffering and pain. "Stop this Harry." Theo ordered, his tone dark and demanding like an adults as he watched with narrowed eyes. And Harry sickly grinned, a look filled with malice finished with sadist eyes. And he looked to Morsus, who seemed to hiss something himself. "I had every right, and she deserved it." Harry softly stated, eyes widening as a fist collided with his jaw, and Harry hissed twisting backwards. Theo sprang away, looking warily at Harry as the animalistic hiss sprang from his throat, and his eyes flashed dark and lethal. "Idiot!" Blaise shouted pulling out the useful wand, but before a single word was uttered, Harry pointed his wand at the ceiling and spat out a single spell. "Obliviate!" Daphne gasped as she collapsed forward, hand on the ground and she gagged, coughing up bile and throwing it onto the stone floor. She dared look up at Shadis simply stared at him, then her thoughts came back. "You're a Parsletongue." She accused between her breaths of breath air and gags.

"Yes." He didn't dare deny it, and she coughed once more, apparently better as she rubbed her mouth on her sleeve. "And you killed her." "Yes." Her eyes flickered up to his, and he blinked slowly, and she pulled out her wand once more. "You're a murderer." She whispered, trying to take a step back, but gasping as her foot scraped against the rubble of the destroyed gap in the bridge. Harry took one step forward, and once more, Daphne looked down. A few owls circled below, and she was sure it was a long fall, at least half a mile drop then the sharp craggy peaks and the icy cold water This wasn't looking too good. "I won't let you kill others." She whispered and raised her shaking arm, but Harry did nothing, just watch before gently stepping forward once more, and pressed his wand to her chest. "Then we have a problem. I can't have you blowing my cover, and another memory wipe and you will be brain dead." He mused, then his eyes nearly turned black as he thought. "I never wanted to do this, Daphne Greengrass." His voice held no sign of regret, but even if it was there, he wouldn't show it. "Do what, Shadis, do what?" She practically screamed in fear, that caused him to smile slightly. "Expelliarmus." He calmly stated, but pointed the beam at her belly, not at her wand. She spun, scrambling for a hold on the rubble as her legs were knocked out and she slid towards the hole. She tried to grab and cried out as the jagged edges ripped into her stomach. "Shadis!" She screamed, trying to grab a hold as her wand was just out of reach and she was slipping. Harry watched, not saying anything as small beads of blood fell from her hands, littered with small cuts from the rock. "Harry!" She tried, and finally Harry looked down, not showing emotion even when tears fell from her face and ran down her cheeks. "There is nothing left to say." He said monotonously and turned, as If he was to walk away. "You're just going to leave me!" She screamed, scrambling once more and wincing as one of her dragon hide boots fell off, and kept falling. "I had no choice." He responded, looking at her slightly with green eyes. "I thought we had something!" She screamed, voice cracking as he sobbing once more, eyes becoming red as she once more looked down. She saw him stop, and she smiled slightly, trying to change his opinion. "I trust you! I know you Harry! I know all there is to know and I understand! Please don't do this! Please don't Harry! I- I love you!" She screamed, and Harry turned completely now, looking at her reaching hand as she slipped once more.

"You don't know anything about me." He responded icily and Daphne squeaked as she slipped slightly more. "You were abandoned! I know the look you have in your eyes- you were abandoned by your parents for someone better, and you have that feeling- that feeling that says that you want them back, even though you shouldn't." She kicked uselessly at the air, and she slid further, now, only her shoulders were visible. "I know you keep your emotions bottled away inside! That's not right Harry! You need to let them out some time, you need to show just how human you can be!" She tried once more, and strained with her right arm to hold out her left. "Please Harry! I know that you can love!" She screamed, the tears had stopped now, and Harry just looked, no emotion in his face. And slowly- he reached down, taking her hand with his own. Hope swelled in her. "You're wrong." He stated coldly, and for once, Daphne heard the raw hurt in his voice as something else took it over, his mask sliding away and showing the scared emotionally scarred child underneath. "Emotions make you weak." He responded, and Daphne felt the slight hope she had slip away. Then Harry pushed her. And she screamed, watching as he cracked her wand and threw the chunks down after her. She closed her eyes and sobbed uselessly as she thrashed, and watched the approaching death coming towards her. No matter how great Shadis seemed, there was one thing desperately lacking. He was missing a heart. And Daphne closed her eyes.