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Internal test- III Subject: ME 2202-ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS Class : II-MECHANICAL SEC A and Bs PART-A (6 x 2=12) 1) Define psychrometry. 2) Define dew point temperature. 3) If the relative humidity of air is 60% at 30oC, what is the partial pressure of water vapour? 4) What is the coefficient of expansion? 5) Write down Clausius clapeyron equation. 6) What is meant by reduced properties? Part B (3 x 16 = 48) 1) a) A cyclic steam power plant is to be designed for a steam temperature at turbine inlet of 633 K and an exhaust pressure 8 kPa. After isentropic expansion of steam in the turbine, the moisture content at the turbine exhaust is not to exceed 15%. Determine the greatest allowable steam pressure at the turbine inlet and Calaulate the Rankine cycle efficiency for these steam conditions, estimate also the mean temperature of heat addition. (16) (OR) b) (i) Draw p V T surface for any substance that contracts on freezing and get p T plot out of them. (6) (ii) 3 kg of steam at 18 bar occupy a volume of 0.2550 m3. During a constant volume process, the heat rejected is 1320 kJ. Determine final internal energy and find initial dryness and work done (10) 2) a) Consider a steam power plant that operates on a reheat rankine cycle and has a jet power output of 80 MW. Steam enters the high presssure turbine at 10 Mpa and 500oC and low pressure turbine at 1 Mpa and 500oC. Steam leaves the condenser as a saturated liquid at a pressure of 10 kPa. Theisentropic efficiency of the turbine is 80% and that of the pump is 95%. Show the cycle on a T s diagram with respect to saturation lines and determine (i) the quality (or temperature, if superheated) of the steam at the turbine exit, (ii) the thermal efficiency of the cycle and (iii) the mass flow rate of the steam. (16) (OR) b) (i) Describe the adiabatic cooling process and deduce the expression for its enthalpy. (8) (ii) Air at 20oC, 40 % relative humidity is mixed adiabatically with air at 40oC RH in the ratio of 1kg of fromer with 2 kg of latter (on dry basis). Find the final condition of air? (8) 3) a) (i) Draw the cooling and dehumidification processs and explain sensible heat factor, ByPass Factor and effective of cool with respect to it. (6) Duration: 2 hours Date: 20.10.2012 Total Marks : 60

(ii) A steam of air at 101.32kPa, 18oC and a relative humidity of 30% is flowing at the rate of 14.15 m3/min, a second stream at 101.32kPa, 38oC and a relative humidity of 50% is flowing at the rate of 8,5 m3/min. The two stream are mixed adiabatically to form a thrid stream at 101.32 kPa. Dtermine the specific humidity, the relative humidity and the temperature of the third stream. (10) (OR) b) Atmospheric air at 1.0132 bar has a Dry Bulb Temperature of 32oC and a Wet Bulb Temparature of 26oC, compute (i) the partial pressure of water vapour, (ii) the specific humidity, (iii) the dew point temperature, (iv) the relative humidity, (v) the degree of saturation, (vi) the density of vapour in the mixture and (vii) the density of air in the mixture, (viii) the enthalpy of the mixture, Use thermodynamic table only. (16)