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What is this? Ce este asta? How are you? Ce mai faci? Very well, and you? Foarte bine, tu? Foarte bine, dumneavoastr? (formal) Thank you - Mulumesc You are welcome Cu plcere What is your name? Cum te numeti/ Cum te cheam?/ Cum v numii? (formal) Do you speak English? Vorbeti englez? Vorbii englez? (formal) Excuse me Scuz-m/ Scuze Where is the bathroom? Unde este baia?

10) Numbers till 100 1 unu 2- doi 3- trei 4- patru 5- cinci 6- ase 7- apte 8 opt 9 nou 10- zece 11- unsprezece/ unpe (colloquival) 12 doisprezece / doipe 13- treisprezece / treipe 14 paisprezece / paipe 15 cincisprezece / cinpe 16 aisprezece / aipe 17 aptisprezece / aptipe 18 optsprezece / optipe 19 nousprezece / noupe 20 douzeci 21- douzeci i unu 22 douzeci i doi 30 treizeci 40- patruzeci 50 cincizeci 60- aizeci 70- aptezeci 80- optzeci 90- nouzeci 100- o sut 11) Its not necessary Nu e necesar 12) Ofc - Bineneles 13) Today, tomorrow, yesterday Astzi/azi, mine, ieri

14) Why? De ce? 15) Same here La fel/i eu (me too) 16) Maybe -Poate 17) Slower please Mai ncet, te rog/ Mai ncet, v rog (formal) 18) Your eyes are so beautiful Ce ochi frumoi ai! 19) Hello Salut/ Bun 20) Goodbye La revedere/ Pa 21) Good day Bun ziua 22) Good night Noapte bun 23) Please Te rog/ V rog (formal) 24) See you later Ne mai vedem 25) Its nice to meet you ncntat de cunotin 26) I dont speak Polish you wont ever say this I believe :* 27) I dont understand Nu neleg 28) Please repet Te rog repet/ Va rog repetai (formal) 29) Were are you from? De unde eti?/ De unde suntei? (formal) 30) Welcome Bine ai venit!/ Bine ai venit! (formal) 31) I have a question Am o ntrebare 32) Just tell it Hai spune (literally: Cmon say, we dont really have a translation for it) 33) No problem Nicio problem 34) Sounds great Sun grozav 35) I cant wait Abia atept 36) To be present, future, past To be, present A fi, prezent I am - Eu sunt You are - Tu eti He is -El este /e She is - Ea este/e We are- Noi suntem You are- Voi suntei They are - Ei sunt

Negative form: Eu nu sunt I am not Tu nu eti El/ ea nu este Noi nu suntem Voi nu suntei Ei nu sunt To be, future A fi, viitor I will be Eu (nu) voi fi / (nu) o s fiu (colloquival) You will be Tu vei fi/ o s fii He/She will be El/ea va fi / o s fie We will be Noi vom fi / o s fie You will be Voi vei fi / o s fii They will be Ei vor fi / o s fie

To be, past A fi, trecut (perfect compus) I was -Eu am fost You were - Tu ai fost He/she was -El/ea a fost We were -Noi am fost You were- Voi ai fost They were- Ei au fost 37) To have present A avea, prezent I have Eu am You have Tu ai He has/ She was - El/ea are We have Noi avem You have Voi avei They have Ei au To do present A face, prezent I do Eu fac You do Tu faci He/she does El/ea face We do Noi facem You do Voi facei They do Ei fac 38) What are you doing? Ce faci? 39) To do the shopping a face cumprturile 40) With pleasure Cu plcere 41) The colours White alb Grey Gri Yellow galben Pink roz Orange portocaliu Red rou Green verde Blue albastru Purple violet Brown Maroniu/ maro 42) What, which Ce/ Care 43) What is your problem? Care este problema ta? 44) Whats the date today? n ct suntem?/ Ce dat este/e astzi?

45) To eat a mnca 46) To have breakfast a lua micul dejun 47) To invite a invita 48) To invite to dinner a invita la cin 49) Help! - Ajutor 50) How can I help you? Pot s te ajut? 51) Could you give me a hand? Poi s m ajui? 52) Can present a putea, prezent I can Eu pot You can Tu poi He/she can El/ea poate We can Noi putem You can Voi putei They can Ei pot 53) I cant forget you Nu te pot uita/ Nu pot s te uit 54) Its beyond me M depete 55) Days of the week zilele sptmnii Monday Luni Tuesday Mari Wednesday Miercuri Thursday Joi Friday Vineri Saturday Smbt Sunday - Duminic 56) The months of the year lunile anului January - Ianuarie February Februarie March -Martie April -Aprilie May -Mai June - Iunie July - Iulie August -August September - septembrie October -Octombrie November - Noiembrie December - Decembrie 57) Nothing special Nimic special 58) I hope - Sper

59) Rarely - rar 60) Hardly anyone aproape nimeni 61) Hardly ever-aproape niciodat 62) To see a vedea 63) Recently, lately n ultima vreme 64) Work munc 65) To look for a job a cuta de munc/ de lucru 66) All - tot 67) All the same La fel 68) All right n regul 69) Change - Schimbare 70) For a change Pentru o schimbare 71) To work in shifts A lucra n schimburi 72) What will be the weather today? Cum va fi vremea astzi? 73) What will be will be Ce o fi, o fi 74) To happen, to be going on A se ntmpla 75) What is going on here? Ce se ntmpl aici? 76) Cool Fain/ tare/ mito (taken from gipsy, but you might hear it) 77) Calmly - linitit 78) Calmness - linite 79) To hold, to support, to keep a ine 80) To stick to the subject a rmne la subiect 81) To keep ones fingers a ine pumnii (in ro to keep the fists tights literally) 82) I hardly see you these days - Abia te mai vd zilele astea 83) I got a lot of work Am mult de munc/lucru 84) Nothing new going on Nu este nimic nou (is nothing new) 85) Lets keep in touch Mai vorbim 86) Let me know whats up ine-m la curent (keep me up to date) 87) Take care Ai grij de tine 88) Good always triumphs Binele nvinge/ctig mereu 89) To stand a sta 90) Halt! Stai! 91) Girl - fat 92) Pretty girl fat frumoas 93) Window - fereastr 94) Shop window fereastra magazinului 95) A window on the world o fereastr ctre lume 96) Bad - Ru 97) Its a good choice Este/ e o alegere bun 98) Good job Bine lucrat 99) Thats a good question E/ este o ntrebare bun 100) Not to give a damn a nu-i psa 101) Passer-by - trector 102) To pass by a trece (pe lng) 103) To cross the street a trece strada 104) Goodness - Buntate

105) For the common good Pentru binele comun/ tuturor 106) For my good pentru binele meu 107) Always ntotdeauna/ mereu 108) For ever - ntotdeauna 109) Once and for all Odat pentru totdeauna 110) To win a nvinge/a ctiga 111) Stand present Stand, present a sta, prezent I stay eu stau You stay tu stai He/she stays el/ea st We stay Noi stm You stay Voi stai They stay Ei stau 112) 100 o sut 200 dou sute 300 trei sute 1000 o mie 2000 dou mii Thats a great idea E o idee bun Where shall we go? Unde mergem? Lets go Hai!/ Hai s mergem Why, what for? De ce, pentru ce? What does it mean? Ce nseamn? This evening n seara asta Tonight n noaptea asta To go a merge To go home a merge acas Where to go? Unde s mergem? Where do you want to go? Unde vrei s mergem? Trip Excursie/ cltorie To go on a trip A merge n excursie/ cltorie Excellent - excelent Where? Unde? Where are you going? Unde te duci?/ Unde mergi? I dont know where to go Nu tiu unde s m duc Have you been to poland? Ai fost vreodat Was great! A fost fain/ grozav/ tare/ mito Already, by now - deja No longer nu mai Very soon foarte curnd One/someday ntr-o zi Once there was a .. -

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One day Ill find you ntr-o zi te voi gsi/o s te gsesc Maybe one day you will understand Poate ntr-o zi vei nelege/ o s nelegi Whether you like it or not Fie c i place, fie c nu Do you want? Vrei? As you like Cum vrei/doreti So many Att de mult/ muli (m)/ multe (f) So to say s zicem/ ca s zicem aa To say (that) a spune/ zice (c) What do you mean by saying that? - Ce vrei s spui cu asta? On other side pe partea cealalt Head over heels in love a fi ndrgostit/ndrgostit pn peste cap One after the other unul/una dupa altul/alta For the first time pentru prima dat Its mine e al meu/mea Its easy e simplu/ uor Is it possible? E posibil? Simple simplu For no particular reason Fr niciun motiv special For the simple reason that Pentru simplul fapt c To ride a bicycle a merge pe biciclet To drive a car a merge cu maina, a conduce To go by train a merge cu trenul