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The terms blind flight (IFR) means the pilot fly the aircraft without any A. visual reference B. flight and navigational reference C. instrument reference Heading indicator (HSI) is categorized under A. flight instrument B. navigational instrument C. pneumatic instrument The pressure of the atmosphere: A. increases non-linearly with height. B. decreases non-linearly with height. C. decreases linearly with height. A pressure measuring instruments consists of these elements: A. detecting, electrical, coupling and pointer B. detecting, measuring, coupling and indicating C. sensing, detecting, coupling and pointer The sum of the gauge pressure and atmospheric pressure is A. ambient pressure B. absolute pressure C. static pressure A restrictor or choke is fitted to the inlet of a bourdon tube is A. to prevent damage due high pressure surge B. to get a linear measurement C. reduce pressure into the tube To check the correct indication of a manifold pressure when engine is not running is by referring to the A. airspeed indicator B. attitude indicator C. altimeter To what piece of electronic equipment is an Encoding Altimeter connected? A. the VOR receiver. B. the DME. C. the transponder. When setting the BP counters of an altimeter to the pressure prevailing at a particular airport, the corresponding Q code is known as: A. QFE and the altimeter will read zero B. QFE and the altimeter will read the airport height above MSL C. QNH and the altimeter will read zero










A radar altimeter indicates A. altitude above ground level. B. altitude above sea level. C. flight above (pressure) altitude. When aircraft is flying at flight level (FL) the altimeter subscale should be set to A. QFE B. QNH C. QNE To which types of instrument is a flight director display applied? A. turn coordinator indicator. B. attitude director indicator. C. mach/airspeed indicator. PE (position error) related to air data system means: A. detecting element not sensing true ambient pressure. B. indicator not properly mount on the instrument panel. C. static pressure differ with respect to altitude. What are two ways in which Instruments may be grouped? A. System & display B. job they perform & method of operation C. digital & analogue What is the reference for Absolute Pressure? A. 1000 m bar B. Zero pressure or a vacuum C. The atmospheric pressure of the day






16. What are the (very) basic flight instruments? A. ASI, ALT, Compass, T&B. B. ASI, TAS, DG, RMI, AH & T&B. C. ASI, ALT & compass. 17. The sources pressure for an Engine Pressure Ratio Indicator (EPR) is taken from : A. tail pipe pressure and inlet pressure. B. compressor pressure and inlet pressure. C. tail pipe pressure and compressor pressure 18. A 16 PSI gauge pressure changed to Absolute pressure is equal to: A. minus 14.7 PSI B.16 PSI C. 30.7 PSI

19. The ICAO law for a standard atmosphere assumes sea level conditions of A. 0C and pressure of 1013.25 mbars with pressure lapse rate of 1.98mbs/1000ft. B. 1013.25 mbars and temperature of -15C with temperature lapse rate of 1.98 C/1000ft. C. 1013.25 mbars and temperature of 15C with temperature lapse rate of 1.98 C/1000ft. 20. Pitot pressure is : A. ram air pressure due to forward movement of aircraft plus static pressure. B. ambient pressure C. static pressure ambient pressure 21. The absolute pressure gauge measures: A. the applied pressure referred to atmospheric pressure . B. pressure extremely accurately C. the applied pressure referred to a perfect vacuum. 22. Gauge pressure as indicated on a direct reading bourden tube pressure gauge is equal to: A. absolute pressure minus atmospheric pressure . B. absolute pressure plus atmospheric pressure . C. atmospheric pressure minus absolute pressure . 23.. With an altimeter the : A. inside of the capsule is connected to the static pressure . B. capsule is evacuated and sealed. C. capsule and case are connected via a calibrated choke. 24. When altimeter is adjusted for QNE and is used in standard atmosphere, it will read? A. Indicated altitude. B. Pressure altitude. C. Density altitude 25. When altimeter is adjusted for QNH it will read: A. Indicated altitude B. Pressure altitude. C. Density altitude. 26. The pressure sensing element is made up of three aneroid capsules stacked. This is to: A. Have greater expansion range. B. Reduce or dampen variations and errors. C. Increase the sensitivity of the instrument.

27. The component that senses the vibration of the engine is the: A. Signal monitor. B. Pick up sensor. C. Vibration conditioner. 28. Flight data recorder system records: A. Data used for maintenance. B. Data used for maintenance and accident inquiry. C. Accident inquiry. 29. Flight data recorder is used to record: A. The airplane parameters for the last 23 hours of operation. B. The airplane parameters for the last 24 hours of operation. C. The airplane parameters for the last 25 hours of operation. 30. Mach number on the Mach indicator A. will increase as altitude increase. B. will decrease as altitude increase.
C. will remain the same.

31. What is the purpose of the dashpot in an instantaneous vertical speed indicator? A. it provides an instantaneous indication of pitch. B. it dampens oscillation caused by rough air. C. prevents damage to the diaphragm from too rapid pressure changes. 32. A short circuited temperature bulb in an electrical temperature measuring system will cause the pointer deflect to A. maximum scale B. minimum scale C. centre scale 33. Why Static Port are normally install on both side of aircraft? A. One for pilot instrument and the other for copilot. B. One for backup incase the other side is blocked. C. To compensate for any variation in pressure. 33. To compensates for inaccuracies caused by variations in temperature the altimeter uses __________________ . A. temperature compensator B. thermocouple U tube C. bimetallic U tube 34 The difference between TAT and SAT is, ___________________. A. TAT includes the heating effect of the friction at high speed.

B. TAT is just ambient outside air temperature. C. SAT is air temperature when aircraft not moving

35 The construction of Altimeter is ________________. A) the Static pressure is applied in the capsule only. B) the Static pressure is applied to the inner and outer capsule. C) the Static pressure is applied on the capsule outer surrounding only. 36 What causes Deviation in magnetic compass? A) The difference between magnetic North and true North. B) The magnetic influence in aircraft body and Avionic equipments. C) The influence of the angle of dip. 37.What is the purpose of Compensator inside the magnetic compass? A) Correction for compass Deviation. B) Correction for compass Variation. C) Correction for compass Dip. 38. How many Pickup Coil does the Flux Valve/Flux Detector have? A) One B) Two C) Three 39. Following diagram is a symbol of

A. Resolver synchro B. Torque synchro C. Differential synchro 40. A servomotor tachogenerator signal will make the servomotor A. Velocity proportional to servo demand B. Deflection proportional to servo demand C. Run at constant speed

41. To increase the gain of an amplifier it is necessary to A. Reduce the tachogenerator feedback.

B. Increase the tachogenerator feedback C. Increase the position feedback

42. Friction in a servo system will result in A. Increased inertia B. Decreased gain C. Increased damping

43. An underdamped servomechanism will A. Produce a dead space between load position and demanded position B. Have too large velocity feedback C. Oscillate

44. An increase in velocity feedback will A. Decrease the speed the load moves B. Increase the speed the load moves C. Will have no effect on speed

45. The purpose of velocity feedback in a position servo loop is to A. Decrease the response time B. Prevent overshooting C. Increase the speed of the servomotor

46. Damping of a servomechanism is easier to apply if A. The mechanism is light and has low inertia B. The mechanism is heavy and high inertia C. Input signals are step functions

47. An increase in servo amplifier gain A. Reduces the speed of the system B. Increases system response C. Reduces tendency to hunt

48. Loss of DC to a servo amplifier causes A. Motor to run continuously B. Motor to stop C. Motor to reverse

49. In a transient velocity feedback voltage circuit, the tachogenarator output is summated with the demand voltage A. Only when the load is slowing down B. At all times when the load is moving C. Only when the load is speeding up or slowing down.

50. Open loop servo mechanism has A. Position feedback only B. Position feedback and velocity feedback C. No feedback