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Cheat sheet # 2 General guidelines on choice of statistical test for hypotheses with categorical (independent) and scale (dependent)

level variables Type of test Number of Name of test Example comparison groups Parametric 2 T-test Gender and height Gender and BMI 2 or more ANOVA Ethnicity and BMI Social class and weight Non-parametric 2 Mann-Whitney Gender and income 2 or more Kruskal-Wallis Social class and Income Remember that before you choose what type of test, you need to determine whether or not your dependent variable conforms to the conditions of parametric or non-parametric data. Parametric data must fulfil 3 conditions: 1. The level of measurement is either interval or scale 2. The distribution of the scores is normal (assumption of normality) 3. The variances of both variables are equal or homogenous (assumption of homogeneity)