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A TWISTED END Damn! Simon banged the telephone receiver in anger.

He had just received news that his latest deal had flopped. Simon was a high-powered executive of a large company but this was his fourth deal to go sour in a row and he was getting worried. His company operations had plummeted to an all time low and the problems were overwhelming. He took his deals seriously and the loss of each took a toll on him. But to say that his deals were the only thing that Simon took seriously would be a big mistake. He had a way with ladies and he loved it. Although he had a loving wife and two lovely daughters, he just couldnt shake the urge to have fling or two every now and then. They help me cool off. He would tell anyone who seemed to disapprove of his ways. Little did he know, one of his many women would be the cause of his downfall. As he sat there thinking of how he would salvage his company and save his crumbling marriage, the phone rang. Simon speaking, Hey baby? A soft voice sounded on the other end of the line. Diane, I told you not to call me again! What do you want? Simon replied angrily. I just want to talk. I have something to show you. Diane said sounding unusually excited. Ok, but it had better not be a waste of my time! It wont, baby. Lets meet at the usual spot. Simon replaced the receiver and thought to himself, I have to do something! He then buzzed his secretary, Jane on the intercom. Cancel all my appointments for the afternoon, Im going out. Ok. Jane replied. Simon put on his coat, straightened his pants and headed for the door. It didnt take him long to be in his car and on his way to Sizzle, a local pub and his favorite spot for his illicit indulgences. He arrived at around 3:30pm and there sat the most beautiful lady he had ever laid his eyes on, but now, she was his worst nightmare.

Hi. He greeted her curtly. Hey baby! Diane replied standing up to hug him but Simon just pulled his seat and sat. Almost immediately, a waiter arrived at their table to take their order. What can I get you sir? I'll have beer for me and a glass of wine for the Simon replied and the waiter waltzed away to get them. Dont you think its a little too early for beer? Diane asked trying to end the deafening silence. Not at all, I have a but thats none of your business I guess. What did you want? Simon asked as the waiter who h ad arrived with their drinks set them on the table. I wanted to talk about us. Whats there to talk about? There is nothing going on between us and I have made that clear to you before. Simon said. The more they talked about this there more heatedly they argued. Diane wanted to start a life with Simon and He wanted to save his marriage. Just come live with me baby, Ill make you really happy and She tried to say but Simon cut in. I have a wife damn it! You knew that you and I wouldnt last! Simon was now agitated. They had had this conversation on more than one occasion and he was starting to lose his cool. But we were so happy together! Diane was pleading on the verge of tears. I have said my final word on this. I dont want to hear about it again! But I said Lets not talk about it, ever again! People were now openly staring at them and Simon did not like it. He stood up, took out his wallet, fished a couple of a thousand shilling notes and placed them on the table. That should be enough for the bill and a cab home. Dont ever call me again! Simon stood to leave. Diane grabbed his hand and tried to say something, but he shoved her away almost toppling her off her seat. He walked out of the hotel amidst stares from all and sundry got into his car and drove off. Simon did not arrive home till late that night at around 11:30pm. His wife was home as usual, seated on the staircase that led to the rooms in tears.

Where have you been? She demanded. Just business baby He replied headed for the bathroom. Dinner is on the table, His wife Betty said after warming the little food she could find in the fridge. Simon did not reply. Not wanting to fuss about it, she headed for their bedroom. A couple of minutes later, Simon was seated at the table staring at the food deep in thought. His life had always been good. He always came home early, had dinner with his family, and then played with his daughters before tucking them into bed. He would then spend quality time with his wife, but that was before he met Diane. Diane was a beautiful 28 year old lady, smart and a senior manager at a local corporation. She was adventurous and the thought of dating a married man thrilled her. They met at a business meeting and hit off pretty well. Rendezvous at local motels became the order of the day till things started to get in the way of his family. He would spend many late nights with Diane and his wife became suspicious. When he couldnt take it anymore, he made the call. Hello Diane? Hello baby, are we still mee she started excitedly but Simon cut her short. I cant see you anymore Diane. We have to break this thing off now! Simon said. But baby No buts. Dont ever call me again! With that Simon replaced the receiver satisfied with his accomplishment but for Diane, things were just beginning. She was not the kind to be put aside that easily and what followed were the most traumatizing days of Simons life. Episodes of being stalked, calls at midnight, and unwelcome visits at the office. Things were getting out of hand, so the day he met Diane he promised himself that it would be the last. His stream of thoughts was disrupted by the buzzing of a mosquito. He swatted the poor animal with his hand, shoved the uneaten food in the dustbin and headed for their room. On the bed lay Betty. She looked so beautiful and he wondered why he had strayed in the first place. He took of his clothes and slipped into bed. Betty was still awake.

Honey, He started. Yeah, Im really sorry for all I have put you through Simon started to say but his wife cut him short. Dont start she said. Simon just lay there in disbelief. He hadnt expected her to forgive him that easily but this was not what he envisaged. He turned over and stared at the wall. How can I get her to love me again? He asked himself over and over again, but he couldnt get an answer. He didnt notice falling asleep but he woke up to a loud bang on the door. He looked at the clock and it was 2am. He got out of bed, put on his clothes and headed downstairs. Who is it? Its the police Mr. Simon, open up! Simons heart skipped a beat. He undid the door latch and there stood inspector Opiyo. Mr. Simon we have a warrant for your arrest relating to the death of Ms. Diane Walker. You have the right The rest of the inspectors words were lost in the wind as the policeman handcuffed him. He could not believe this was happening to him. Simon looked over his shoulder and saw his wife and daughters staring at him in disbelief. I did not do it baby! Believe me Simon shouted to his wife as the police took him away. This was a daunting moment for him. Never had he imagined he would be in police custody, let alone facing murder charges. They arrived at the police station twenty minutes later. He was roughly led into the cells amidst crowds of journalists each struggling to ask a question or two. A selection of offenders, rapists and robbers all stared at him wondering what a man of his clout was doing in a place of the common man. This was surely not his place. After what seemed like eternity, the policeman who arrested him came to the cell and motioned him to step forward. He handcuffed him before opening the door and led him to what looked like an interrogation room. Sit down and stay put! the policeman said as he left. Simon sat there wondering what to do or say when questions began. He looked around worriedly but there wasnt much to look at.

As he gazed at the walls wondering what his story would be, inspector Opiyo, a man I is early 30s walked into the room, sat down and looked at him straight in the face. And without mincing his words he began, Do you know Diane Walker? He asked Yes When was the last time you saw her? Eeh Simon hesitated and immediately a smartly dressed man walked into the room. He moved over to inspector Opiyo and whispered something to him. It seemed to have made him angry since he banged his fist on the table and stormed out of the room in a rage. Im really sorry Mr. Simon the man said to Simon as he moved over and took off his hand cuffs. We have just received some strong extenuating evidence and I am here to release you, The man continued as Simon stared in disbelief. What happened to her? Who killed her? Simon asked curiously. It seems as though it was a suicide case, we found a note in the same room where she was found dead. It talked of her emotional stress and her will to end the pain. The man said. Thats very unfortunate. Very unfortunate, The man said absentmindedly as he led Simon out of the police station and into a car that was waiting outside. There were journalists all over covering the story of his arrest and the mysterious death of Ms. Diane Walker. Did you have anything to do with her death? Why are they letting you go...?The questions were numerous but the security detail kept them at bay. He got into the car and was driven off. He arrived home to a very worried wife and daughter. How could you do this to us? Betty asked as soon as he was in the house and the children were out of earshot. Did you kill her? Of course not! Im sorry you had to go through all this but I am innocent, believe me! he said. I wish I could believe you Simon, I wish I could, she said as she walked away leaving him in the sitting room alone.

The following day, he woke up at around 10am. Only his wife was at home. He took his breakfast as he watched the morning news and one news item caught his attention. Reports coming in indicate that Mr. Simon, the prime suspect in the murder of Ms. Diane Walker was earlier in the night arrested only to be released moments later without any charges. The police spokesman apologized for the arrest saying that Ms. Diane Walker had committed suicide yesterday at around 6pm, and that there was no evidence indicating that Mr. Simon was in any way involved... He didnt need to hear more. He finished his breakfast, took his briefcase and drove to work. As soon as he arrived in his office, Jane, his assistant, informed him of several messages on his desk. OK He walked into his office, sat down and dialed a number. Yes! A cold voice answered. You did a good job. He said. I only did what you asked me to. Can they trace the note back to me? I dont think so. Okay the money has been transferred to your account. Ok And the phone went dead. He sat back on his soft chair and smiled at his ingenious plot. He was startled by the buzz of the intercom. There is a parcel for you sir. Jane said Send it in Jane walked in, handed him a brown envelope tied with a blue lace and left. He opened the envelope and emptied its contents on the desk. To his utter shock, on the table lay a number of photographs of him and Diane showing several of their most intimate moments. Amongst them lay a white paper scribbled on it, You killed her and we have caught up with you!! As he stared at the piece of paper in disbelief, the door swung open and Betty entered holding a similar envelope tied with a blue lace. How could you do this?

Simon just starred at her.

~El Don~