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BETTER muzzle flash test
6pack1 From: 6 p a c k 1
Style: Variety Views: 129
Joined: June 19, 2006 Comments: 2
Last Sign In: 2 days ago
Videos Watched: 10,546
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I am making movies with The Movies, and also a
Sony digital Camera. Maybe they are dorky,
dumb, or random, but, I came here to entertain.
N a m e : Brian
Age: 23
2:27 0:09 9:43
I'm Brian. I study Foreign languages (e.g.
Russian, Italian, Spanish, Gaelic, Arabic, and BETTER muzzle muzzle flash test Drumming
German) flash test Improv Solo 2/2
3 months ago 3 months ago 3 months ago
129 views 183 views 22 views
I play the drums (as you can see) and am none too
6pack1 6pack1 6pack1
shabby, when I have a good day at them.
Otherwise I have crappy days, but meh. no rating no rating

I play video games and am helping to direct see all

movies with my friend and "Financier" Andy.

I shoot guns, and I am very into current events, Favorites (198) Subscribe To Favorites
and what it may mean to our liberties here in

I will upload videos mostly pertaining to Politics,

my drumming, Shooting/Guns, and movies that
are for entertainment. 9:31 0:31 0:08
Liquid Tension if u miss a deer How to hit a deer
Enjoy my channel. Experiment three times, qu... at over 150km
2 years ago 3 years ago 1 year ago
127,731 views 419,226 views 17,106 views
Feel free to donate to help: sparvin dirtydmix hewlett199422007
a) Put me through college
b) Buy better equipment
c) Support videos and movies for entertainment
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Donate at this website:
http://www.lefthandproductions Friends (47)

Remember, it is all voluntary, and if you don't

donate that is fine. I only ask a small amount;
every dollar counts, heck even every 50 cents

Thank you in advance. somexone75 mrpitifulband meanmagyjean GIJoeVideos

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Hey TodaYouDie378.
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yankee82090 (5 days ago)

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DB evilution had nothing to do with Dragon Ball and i said IF they were to make DBZ they
should stick to the script the movie failed.
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hey, that weapon you commented on is called a recoiless rifle, it is a crew served light artillery
weapon that requires a stand. They fire a projectile similar to a mortar, and are used against
Recent Activity light armor and personel. Was not a rpg or stinger surface to air missle.
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jenijeep75 (3 months ago)
(3 days ago)
Hey dude this is the mom of the 16 year old shooting her 9mm. You were asking for good
6pack1 subscribed to 7AZC4 shooting spots in Cali. I will have to think about some really good spots and get back to you, I'm
(4 days ago) in a huge hurry. That particular was in Colfax (Sierra Nevadas) and is now closed. Anyway,
happy shooting and I will get back to you:)
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Liquid Tension Experiment 7623954539 (4 months ago)
Good man. God fear'n man yeah?
Liquid Tension Experiment
To save America, one first needs to understand the mess, then know how to mop it up. You take
(LTE Live) - #5 Universal
your liberals and put them into a steel box. Next, you take this box and toss it into the ocean.

In January 1999,... more rebekahj (9 months ago)

I do hope you can detect the obvious sarcasm in my video. ;)
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if u miss a deer three time...
some random guy shoots at a xxxMywavexxx (11 months ago)
buck 3 times and misses all
three times. Don't look now asshole bun NASCAR is huge all over the states.

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How to hit a deer at over 1... mysticnova89 (1 year ago)
gone hunting at 200km Hey pal just to let you know. Theres development on Disk shapped flying air craft that have
actually proven themselves to be more manuverable and faster than the current planes we

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driftwood14 (1 year ago)

blamesoci... wz0 DMagnolia OBAMA or ur MAMA

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