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Michael Peterschmidt

Last American Revolutionary


Hawaii, HI


3 CashIn Term Sheets

1|20|09: 1 st Tickets [for] Sale!

1 st Term Sheet

1 st Tickets

Exactly 11.223.335 Tickets

@ $9.99 = $

Author: $11M Agent: $11M Attorney: $23M Angel: $23M Ad Man: $22M Ad Men: $22M

2 nd Term Sheet

2 nd Tickets [for] Sale!

Exactly 11.223.335 Seats

@ $99.99 = $

Artist: 51%

Activist: 9%

Adept: 1%

Angel: 9%

Avatar: 15%

Actor: 15%

3 rd Term Sheet

3 rd Tickets [with] Invitation!

12|12|12: All Sold!

Exactly 1.223.335 Chairs

@ $999.99 = $1.223.322.766.66

Personal Endowment: $250M Private Endowment: $250M Public Endowment: $250M GlobalNGO: $250M

12|21|12: Capital Liberation Day!

$20B Cash

$200B Credit

Capital Revolution!


Michael Peterschmidt

Wild|Blue Studios


79-7199 Mamalahoa Hwy.

Holualoa, HI

#220B Kona Coffee Villas


To: An Angel, an Agent, an Attorney & the Authorities From: Michael Peterschmidt Date: 2|04|09 10:34 PM HST

Elevator Pitch: Wild|Blue Studios

I am a StoryTeller. I have a Story [to] Tell!

I want to Picture the SkY! I can Sell the Prints! The SkY is Mine! The SkY is Mine to Sell! All of This [is] to Prove iT. I'm a Wild|Blue Artist! I need $1M. Will pay Exact $45 Million. 3 years . 10 months . 7 Days & Counting!

Wild|Blue Studios is1st [and] Foremost. I am the Founder & Chief Creative Artist [for] this Wild|Blue Art| Studio\Gallery. I need $250K x 4Q = $1M. I have an Exact Plan. I'll 'take' photos [of] The Sky! Digital|Print Glicee!

My name is Michael Peterschmidt. I am a SWM, 53 with two children (9&6). I am a Content Creator. I am the Artist [who] creates the Author, Adam Archimedes [who] creates the Avatar; John Michael. I have created a Charactar-Actar. A Web 3.0/4.0 Application: Who is John Michael? John has created Free Capital, he has created a New American Revolution [and] he has created an Actar Zealot. He may even create the 1 st World Revolution . My Actar thinks BiG!

My name id is John Michael. I will start the 1 st World Revolution {doing business as} A. A Free EnterPriZe B. transAXYZS C. United World Peace Incorporated

I am the Founder and Chief Creative Officer [of] A Free EnterPriZe {dba} I. 1 st Private US Constitution: An ExAct Patten-Pending/Closed Agent-Base Exchange System|Complex II. New American Revolution: A Branded-Marked/Trade- Based Market Give|Away III. Wild|Blue Studios: A Real-Time/Glicee-Base Art Studio|Gallery IV. John Michael: A Charactar-Actar/Web-Base ID|IP.

1 st Private US Constitution is an Individual Collective [of] an Exact Number {11.22.334} [of] Collective Individuals

& 1 Outside Counsel [who] 1] Vote 2] Spend 3] Work 4] Play in a Complex Action Lab [utilizing] a.) A System

for Capital Revolution b.) The Theory of Capital Revolution & c.) Capital Revolution. Capital Revolution is the

Liberation Captured Capital, the Velocity Creation of Liberated Capital, the Freedom Shared Capital and the Creation [of] Free Capital.

New American Revolution is the Arrest of Dick & W. It is 11.223.335 1 st Tickets @ $9.99 [for] a Total [of] $112M. $11M Founder, $11M Enter PriZes, $45M Public Campaign. Transparency <>, We did NOT Impeach Them, we must Indict Them! It is OUR American Duty! We MUST Arrest Them! This is Revolution. This is America's Future! Start Today 1|20|09. By 12|12|12. $45M Financier.

John Michael is an American Hero. He is the Last American Revolutionary. He is the Chief Executive Officer of A Free EnterPriZe and Founder of Wild|Blue Studios. John Michael is Adam Archimedes' Avatar, John Michael is the Author's Protagonist. John is John Michael's Prophet. AJ is John's Zealot. I am God's Son. Adam Archimedes is the Artist's Author. Michael Peterschmidt is the Artist. And I am a Poet {in love}! With the SkY!

United World Peace Incorporated is 10M Private Capitalist [buying] 10.111.111 2 nd Tickets @ $99.99 [for] a Total $1B 100.000 Corporals [running] 100 Major Projects, 10.000 Sergent s & Majors [leading] 1000 Minor Projects, 1000 1 st Lieutenants [executing] 100 World Sectors, 100 Cornells [ordering] 10 World Regions, 10 Lt. Cornells [deciding] and The Peacemaker General [presiding]. 1. Palestine 2. Bosnia 3. Lebanon 4. Jordon 5. Syria 6. Egypt 7.Gaza City 8. West Bank 9. Iraq 10. Afghanistan 11. Pakistan 12. Kashmir 13. India 14. Nepal 15. Burma 15. Bangladesh 16. Tibet 17. Darfor 18. Sudan 19. Himalayas 20. The Native American Reservation

transAXYZS is A-X-Y-Z-S & Beyond. A_Being, X_Body, Y_Personality, Z_Soul, S_Self and iT All!

3 MailLists of 1996 [with] 499 Hollywood Agents, 499 Valley Angels, 499 DC Authorities, 499 Boston Attorneys [in] Each List: 5996 Total Contacts. I want/need to AsK [for] Help! I [want to] Startup an OpenSource Social-NetWork Closed Group | Agent-Based Diversity-ExChange System|Complex.

ThankX! Please Call: 808.987.7163 Write:

A Story

John & Mary Michael Om Ma Da

An Exact Capital Action Research Lab

A Free EnterPriZe is an Individual Collective of Exactly 11.223.335 Collective Individuals who Work, Spend, Vote & Play within a Closed, Structured, Democratic and Self-Organizing Capital Agent Exchange Container. The EnterPriZe is An Act in the Liberation of Captured Capital with the Promise of Capital Revolution through the Creation of Free Capital by means of Capital Democracy. Constitutional Capital Democracy is the Exact Rule Based Vote|Poll by which the Complex Decides. Capital Velocity is generated by Diversity in Agent Exchange and maintained through manipulation of the Capital Rotation Equation.

Who am I? I am John. John Michael. ajohnmichael



Context Founder: A Free EnterPriZe Content Creator: Wild Blue Studios Peacemaker General: United World Peace Corps First Trustee: World Trust

John Prophet.










Mary Michael.

Theory of Continual Creation Real-Time Story Teller Technique Story start: 1|20|09 - Story ends: 12|12|12






WildBlue, Inc.

WildBlue Studios

New American Revolution: 1st Private Constitution: ExAct 11.223.335 #’rd - Impeachment TicKets: through

1 st FUND: $269,888,000. 00 HardCash: 11M TicKets@$9. 99 = $110M . 200K TicKets@$99. 99 = $20M . 20K TicKets@$999.99=$20M 3K TicKets@$10,000. 00 = $30M . 300 TicKets@$100,000. 00 = $30M . 30 TicKets@$1M= $30M . 3 TicKets@$10M=$30M

Artist | Michael:

CALL!: 808.987.7163

vMail: 303.800.7103

Kona . HI.HI 96740

Author | Adam Archimedes:

Protagonist | Michael K. BlackSmith:

2 nd FUND: $20,000,000,000. 00 ColdGold Private eQuity FormAtion Creation

Prophet | John:

Thy Will Be Done! OnEarth as-it-is In Heaven! | “…the Kingdom of God is at Hand

Avatar | John Michael:

Our Father; I Pray! Thy Kingdom Come!

Vision 7.7.7 – 12.12.12 | $20Billion GOLD/Cash (5years. 5months. 5days) aSafe hOMe: $20B GoldHardRock Deposit | 1 st usHedgeFUNd: 1 st eQFunD


Individual Collective of 3 Individual Collectives inHabited with exactly 11.223.335 Collective Individuals.


• A Closed System of 3 OpenSystems [that] Act [as] One: 1) A Free Enterprise 2) United World Peacemakers Corps 3) The World Trust

A Free Enterprise: 11.111.113 Equity Partners

United World Peacemakers Corps: 111.111 Peacemakers

The World Trust: 1111 Trustees

Q Partners: $8Billion

Peacemakers Military Protection Plan: $6Billion

The Trustees: $4Billion

The Founder: $1Billion

1 st Counsel: $1B WebSite: 12.15.07 01.19.09 | 400 Days |$150M AD CAMPIANGE |$10M CashPrizes | HardNetWork $19,888,000 | $90M Founder: 1 st iBrain

• Michael K. BlackSmith

PriVate eQuity FormAtion

1 st eForm $269.888.000.


CASH: 400 Days

2 nd iForm $ 00 GOLD: 1822 Days



• Breathe in|out: b|A-Live!

• ConTainer ExChange: Work . Play . Vote . Spend


American Duty: Safety . Secu rity . Happiness

Declaration Demands: New Guards . Future Guar ds

• Public Op-In|CloseDPublic: Art . Entertainment . Education | Counsel ConsiderAtions


Brand New’ ConText | Brand ‘New’ ConTent


A New World Revolution- iConText ProV:

private|| iBrain: $99. 99


A New American Revolution- eConTent ProV: public|| eBrain: $9. 99


1HealD: Doctor . Dentist . Surgeon


XChange: Lawyer . Attorney . Counsel

InAct: Trainer . Coach . Practitioner

1 st 4ConTract[s]: 1 st PersonPay2x-4Hire|Con Tract. 1 st WoM ConTest|ConTract . 1 st Article ConTest|ConTract . 1 st 5000 Direct Sales|ConTract WebSite: ExAct TraKers- Con|TestTraK . CashTraK . AdTraK . ExpenseTraK . AdDressTraK . PriZeTraK

1 st 1000 TicKets Boston: Author of 1 st Article: Bruce Fein . Audience: Otto Scharmar . Artist: Adam Archimedes


Washington DC: Constitutional Law Counsel . 1 st Amendment Attorney . Civil Liberty Law Firm


2 nd 1000 TicKets New York: Actor


3 rd 1000 TicKets

San Francisco: Activist

4 th 1000 TicKets

San Jose: Angle

5 th 1000 TicKets

Los Angeles: Agent


1 st Person Pay2X-4Hire4Service|ConTract: | ExAct TraKers WebPage: . BroadBand Mechanics . WoMAssociate

1 st WoM C onTest|ConTract: 25 ConTestAnts x $5K EnTry Fee =$125,000. 00


1 st Article ConTest|ConTract: 21 Pages | 1 Supreme Breach . 3 Articles . 7 HighCrimes . 10 Misdemeanors


1 st 5000 DirectTicKet Sales|ConTract: 5000 #TicKets x $9. 99 =$50,000. 00 WebSite: A Breach of Duty: The Tyrant & the Despot

$125,000. 00 + $50,000. 00 = $175,000. 00


$9. 99 x 995,000 TicKetsLeft = $9,940,050. 00

$4.8 Million for AdSpace . $0.4 Million for NetWork .

$3.2 Million for Founder . $1.6 Million for Prizes


Plan 10.22.07 12.15.07 [55 Days]+[15 Days] =70 Days from MonDay: 10.22.07 to 01.01.08


• $1K TxPlan: BillMe!

• $1K Business SetUp

• $1K Change Name • $1K Change 9 Number • $5K Hawaii to Bosto

• $5K Boston to San Jose • $5K LA to Hawaii


• $1K Hawaii Law • $1K California Law

• $5K Colorado Law • $5K Indiana Law • $5K Illinois Law

• $1K RxPlan: AdamsGolfClubs

• $1K CopyRight Filings


• $5K Teeth: CoSign

• $5K WoM ConTest ConTract

• $5K Face: CoSign

• $5K Private Constitution


• $5K Eyes: CoSign

• $5K Public|Private Equity Ban

k #s

i $68K + $32K = $100K Self|Site|IP + $75K Bank

OnLine OpIn StartDa te: 01.01.08

ona to Boston-12.11.07


Boston to Wash

ington-12.17.07 Washington to New York-


07 New York to Boston



Boston to San Francisco: DirectSellSF-01.08

San Francisco to San Jose: DirectSellSJ-01.08

San Jose to LA: DirectSellLA-01.08 Home: HI.HI

11.223.335 Sign-Ups $9.



: im p e ac h08. u s

New American Revolution ®

iBrain: Sign-Ons @ $99. 99 : impeach08 .com © WildBlue Studios 10.2007 HI.HI

I am a jesus believer, but i have had enough. 1 St , h'm not the kind of jesus freak you may think i am. I'm a jesusionian. I'll explain later. Right now i have to explainer; I've had enough! George Bush must be removed from office!. He must be impeached, now! I am writing this s06/19 @ 2:30PM watching Kieth Doberman after the report by Abeu Gabe. Torture is Treason. George Bush is hereby, Indicted by this citizen, John Michael, a poor 51 year old male from Fort Wayne, IN. I have a long history of Despotism and am now 'on the lamb' in the Pacific. I site by despotism as accrediting in charging King George of treason, as the 1 st Impeachable, but also of Perjury is Despotism, hence e my siting bn referenced above. Now, the 2 nd Impeachable; Despotism. In fact, in this indictment, Dick Cheeny and Al Gonzales should be included. The 3 rd Impeachable: Obstruction is Tyranny. I have two small children,

and being a poor despot living on the lamb as a religiousness man, i'm a Tyrant too! But

American! An Despot American, but one who is quite and simple, and not a danger to the Homeland and Our Country!

i'm an

My holy orthodoxy, from from church brothers, forbids me from politics, but my country trumps my orthodoxy's. I still have my religion, my sisters will forgive me. We must, as a 2/3 country:

Impeach King George!





$10 Million



Boys Orfanage

& Madras







50 Funders









Our Kingdom Duty Our American Duty My fellow Urantia Jesusonians,

My fellow Jesusonians [if not] Urantian . My fellow Urantians [if not] Jesusonian My fellow Brothers of God [] . My fellow Brothers of Man [Supreme . Ultimate . Absolute] My Brothers of the World [Time . Space . 4th Field] My Fellow Americans,

I am a Jesusonian & a Urantian by Will . by Choice . by Faith

Only by Fortune, am i An American. In fact, Only [in] America I/We have a Duty to America! America needs Us!


i be a Urantia Jesusonian


iWrite to Confess myPolitics:

i am: 1st a Jesusonian

Thought i'd just be saying 1 thing:

2nd a Urantian: repent . renounce . rejoice . rebel . renew . revolt 3rd an American Guess, i'll be saying 2 thing[s]: KingDumb.Com | New American Revolution {and Now} we have to ReBell! The British are coming! Only as Free Americans {are we} Free Men {to be} Free in Faith; to Worship & Think Free! there4: We have A Duty to America! A Duty that trumps Our Pledge of Quite and Silence in Politics! When Called. We Must Answer!

Here[s] the Call! King George & Despot Dick must be Impeached! The Gospel of Jesus must be Born aNew! Our World must Unite in Peace! Complete Date: 12.21.12 {All} 11.223.335: 1st World Revolutionaries $20 Billion: Gold . Metals . Elements 1st Play: A Whole Free EnterPriZe Community Vote [11.223.335 Votes] 11.111.111 Private EnterPriZe Partners: 1st Private Constitution

1 Last American Revolutionary: 2nd American Declaration

111.111 United World PeaceMaker Corps: 3rd World Revolt



kingdom of God is at hand" | NameGame v1.0

1.111 World Trustees: 4th Field AXYZ Map

1 OutSide Counsel: Water Dragon Press

Please HELP!

Please Donate!

Please TODAY!

i am very tired

i need to see a dentist . a doctor . a therapist . a bodyworker

i am about to collapse


been hungry 35Years|yesterday . i am hungry now|today

i will sleep hungry|tonight . i don't want to be hungry|tommorow! Just $9.99! Maybe $99.99!

i need to beg

i need an agent . an attorney . an activist . an advocate . a Friend . a Hand!

i need to WorkOut: myArtWork

i need Out!


am spent Alone! . i am Frozen . i am inLock @ myMouse