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Lesson Plan

Date : 26.02.2009
Time : 10.00 am – 11.00 am
Year : 5 Bestari
No. of pupils : 32

Topics : Air Pollution.

General Objectives : To identify the causes and effects of air pollution.

Learning Outcomes : After the end of lessons, pupils can identify:

- At least identified 3 effects of air pollution to human and environments

- At least identified 3 factors that make happen the air pollution
- Students understand step of planting seeds.

Prior knowledge : Air pollution is a growing problem today. Its effect on our environment and solutions on how we
can combat this problem together.

Procedure &
Content of Lessons Teaching and Lessons activity Remarks
Induction i.Teacher shown the pupils video clips of - Teacher ask the pupils their reaction - Video
( 5 minute) air pollution effects to human and after watching the video.
environments in the class. - Teachers related the video contents
according to lessons will be teach in
the class.
Progression i. Teacher explain to the students about - Teacher ask student if they can tell - Whiteboard
Step 1 air pollution. what they think air pollution is. - Marker
( 10 minute) - Teacher ask student to write the
definitions on the board.

Progression ii.Teacher divide the class to 8 - Teacher identify the major causes - Picture
Step 2 groups. Each group will be provided and effects of air pollution. - Handouts
( 15 minute) with a picture,fill in the blank - Teacher discuss methods of - Fill in the blank
worksheet, handouts and reducing air pollution. Worksheet
each groups need to present their - The student should hypothesize the
findings in front of the class. effecs air pollution on the plant.
- Teacher ask student to present the
-In their finding, pupils needs to list at result from their group discussion.
least 3 activities that cause air pollution
and 3 effects of air pollution has on

Progression Teacher doing some activitiies regarding - Teacher give student a cup and tell - Worksheets.
Step 3 the lessons before pupils present each of them to put a small hole in the - Cup
( 10 minute) their findings. bottom of the cup with a pen or - Marker Pen
pencil to allow the soil to drain. And - Pen or pencil
teacher ask the student to write their - Observstion table
names on the cups. sheets.
- Teacher give some seeds to student - Seeds
and explain to them how to plant – - Soil
with a finger, make a hole in the dirt - Paper towel
about the depth of their fingernail. - Water
Place a seed or tow in the hole, add
some water and cover the seed
gently with dirt. Ask the class their
cup on the windowsill with a paper
towel underneath.
- Teacher explain to the students that
for the next two weeks they will be
recording the growth of their plants
on their observation sheet.

Progression Teacher ask the pupils a question: - Teachers aids the pupils to categorized - Critical thinking :
Step 4 the steps to overcome the air pollution categorized & future
( 10 minute) 1. What is the important of planting and will happen in the future using thinking.
seeds? their handouts.
2. What do plant give us?
3. How does pollution harm plants?

Evaluation 1. Summary of the lessons - Teacher aid the pupils to summarized Good value :
( 5 minute) 2. Moral value of the lessons the lessons and moral value that can Protect the
their take as a guidance to protect the environments.
environments. Love plant
Addition activity : Teacher asks the pupils to gather the information on how to overcome the air pollutions.