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Name: . Surname: .... Class: 1st year L.PH.

Time: One Hour Date: April 22nd, 2013

Third Term First Test

The text
A long time ago, when our ancestors wanted to travel, they had to go on foot, on horseback or by carriage pulled by horses. Journeys were very different from what they are today. They were slower, for even the most rapid horse-vehicle. They were less swift than the engines and motorcars of our time. But how beautiful they were! The traveller was, then, able to enjoy the view, instead of rushing from one town to another without being able to see anything but being blinded by dust and smoke. I) Reading Comprehension:

1. Read the text then answer the following questions: a) How did people travel a long time ago? .. b) How were journeys at that time? 2. Choose the most suitable title:

a) The History of Transportation

b) Means of Transportation: Past and Present

Advantages .-

3. Find in the text the advantages and the disadvantages of travelling in the past:
Disadvantages ....-


Mastery of language:

1. Find in the text words that are opposite in meaning to the following: a- faster#.............................. b- the least#.......................

2. Use whom to combine the following pairs of sentences: a) I took piano lessons from a woman. I met her at my mums office. . b) The man invented the telephone. He was Alexander Graham Bell. 3. Rewrite the sentences using the structure (so + adjective + that) a) Education is very important. So, our kids should make their best to succeed. . b) Inventions make our life comfortable. So, we can gain both time and effort. 4. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct form: a) By the year 2050, children .(learn) via internet. b) In 2015, every house .(have) a PC.
Use the following cues to write a short biography of:


Written expression:

Karl Ferdinand Braun (1850 in Germany-1918 in New York) Invent the television /1897