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WARNING Do not open or remove the cover of the Z-Isolator HC.

. Only qualified service personnel should attempt internal repairs. CAUTION Keep the Z-Isolator HC away from radiators, heat ducts, or any heat producing components. Place it where proper ventilation is ensured. Leave at least 1 inch of space between the sides and top and any other components or cabinetry. WARNING Use the Z-Isolator HC indoors and in dry locations. To reduce risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose it to moisture or rain. Do not use in a damp or wet area, or near tubs, sinks or swimming pools. WARNING Do not attempt to service these units. Consult your dealer if: the unit has been exposed to rain or liquids the front panel LED light is out while the unit is plugged in & on/off switch is on the unit has been dropped or the enclosure damaged the cords or rear panel appear cracked, loose, or damaged

MIT Z-Isolator HC AC Line/Ground Isolator & Filter

Owners Manual
The Z-Isolator HC is an isolation and filter unit for high-current components. Its purpose is to isolate source components from powerline and ground-induced noise and from each other. This in turn eliminates the distortion these components inject into the system via the power-line ground. This product is ideal with todays high-current digital and analog equipment. The Z-Isolator HC offers: one high-current switched isolated and filtered duplex to isolate front end components one high-current unswitched duplex for auxiliary use RFI and EMI protection and limited Z filtering over-voltage protection (OVP) against voltage surges & spikes This manual provides the information necessary for receiving, inspecting, and safely and properly operating your Z-Isolator HC.

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For continued protection agianst fire hazard, replace fuses with 250 V-rated, same type and current limit.




To reduce risk of electric shock, do not remove cover or open this device. No user serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to an Authorized MIT Z-Series service station. Use this device indoors and in dry conditions only. To reduce risk of electric shock, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture.

C A U T I O N !
FUSE WILL BLOW IF ISOLATED LOAD EXCEEDS 500W Note: Isolated outlets have floating ground




model ZIHC11

Before the Z-Isolator HC leaves MIT, it is carefully inspected both electrically and mechanically. It should be in perfect condition, no scratches or dents, and it should be in perfect electrical condition. Verify this by carefully performing the following procedure: 1. Inspect the shipping container for damage, and keep the shipping materials until your inspection is complete.

Group 1, unswitched high current duplex for auxiliary use. These are rated at 1200 watts. Group 2, switched, isolated duplex for high current front-end components. The on/off switch activates these outlets. These are rated at 500 watts. Please note the following instructions. These outlets are not grounded to chassis. For the greatest sonic benefit, use only one component in this duplex. You will need to experiment to find which provides your system with the best results. We recommend that you try one component at a time in the following order: Integrated CD Player DAC CD Transport Preamp

Group 1 & 2 Duplex Instructions

2. Inspect the exterior of the Z-Isolator HC, including the Z-Cord power cord, for any signs of damage. 3. Check for proper voltage. Plug the unit into an outlet that provides a protective earth connection. DO NOT USE an extension cord or replace the Z-Cord with a power cable that does not have a protective ground. 4. Turn on the on/off switch on the front panel. Be sure the LED is lighted. 5. Turn off the unit before connecting your components.


PLEASE READ THIS MANUAL COMPLETELY BEFORE USING THE Z-Isolator HC. Failure to do so may result in improper use of or injury to the unit or injury to the user. The following warnings & cautions are requirements of UL & ETL safety regulations. The symbol of a lightning flash in a triangle signifies dangerous voltage in the unit and warns of a hazard to anyone attempting to gain access to the interior of the unit. The symbol of an exclamation point in a triangle cautions the user to refer to the instruction manual for proper operation of the Z-Isolator HC. CAUTION Do not plug equipment such as heaters, arc welders, or hair dryers into any of the AC receptacles on the Z-Isolator HC. Total AC power consumption of all equipment connected to these outlets must not exceed the expressed ratings for each duplex. Please read the instructions carefully.

Make sure you do not exceed the 500 watt AC power consumption rating in this duplex. Do not HC exceedISOLATOR the 1200 AC watt power consumption rating of the Group 1 duplex. The Z Series components were designed to work together as a system to provide complete power line treatment. The heart of the system is the full Z circuitry found in the Z-Center and the Z-Stabilizer. If you are using an Iso product alone, you may need to add a Z-Center, Stabilizer, or Iso-Strip to your system to filter and isolate all your components. The effects of the Z-Iso units are not cumulative; adding additional units will have no adverse effect upon the performance of the system. 3A. Fuse holder. Isolated outlet is fused at 5 amps/2.5 amps for 230V version (250V FB), 500watts

in dry conditions only. To reduce risk of electric shock, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture.

Note: Isolated outlets have floating ground



model ZIHC11

AC power consumption maximum. If the outlet is overloaded, the fuse will blow. The user may replace this fuse, but WITH SAME TYPE & RATING ONLY. 4. AC input. Heavy-duty IEC receptacle, the main power source for the outlets. 4A. AC input fuse, 15A/10A for 230V version (250 V, ceramic). This fuse will blow if the unit is overloaded. User may replace this fuse but WITH SAME TYPE & RATING ONLY. NOTE FRONT PANEL DRAWING BELOW
6 5.-On/off switch for the switched duplex in Group 2 on the rear panel.

The MIT Z-Series Power Line Treatment System consists of: Z-Stabilizer Z-Iso-Strip Z-filtered unit for power amplifiers. With outlets for amplifiers only. Includes OVP, and a two meter Z-Cord. Dimensions 17 1/4 X 11 3/8 X 5 5/8, weight 23 lbs. mod. ZS11 Filtered & ground-isolation unit for digital componentry, and filtered outlets for A/V source components. Includes OVP, and a two meter Z-Cord. Dimensions 17 1/4 X 11 3/8 X 5 5/8, weight 30 lbs. mod. ZISO11 Two duplexes with filtered and line/ground isolation units. Includes OVP, and a two meter Z-Cord. Dimensions 17 1/4 X 11 3/8 X 5 5/8, weight 40 lbs. mod. ZDUO11

Z-Series Components



Z-Isolator HC One switched high-current isolated and filtered duplex for high current front-end components. One unswitched high-current filtered duplex for auxiliary use. Includes OVP and a two-meter Z-Cord. Dimensions 17 1/4 X 11 3/8 X 5 5/8, weight n/a. mod. ZIHC11 Z-Center Z-Cord Z-Cord-II

Contains Z-Stabilizer & Iso-Strip in a single unit. Includes OVP, and a two meter ZCord. Dimensions 17 1/4 X 11 3/8 X 5 5/8, weight 30 lbs. mod. ZCTR11 Filtered, double-shielded power cord. mod. ZCORD Double-filtered, double-shielded power cord. mod. ZCORD2


If you have any questions about the Z-Series products, please consult your authorized MIT Z-Series dealer. Manufacturer warrants that the MIT Z-Series products shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period of one year. At Manufacturers option, Manufacturer will repair or replace, without additional charge, any product covered hereby that does not comply with this limited warranty. Manufacturer makes no warranty, express or implied, other than that stated herein. Manufacturers liability for any loss or claim, including a claim for breach of the warranty of merchantability or any other warranty, including this limited warranty, shall be limited solely and exclusively to replacement or repair of the defective product covered hereby. In no event shall Manufacturer be liable for any other damage, including special, incidental, consequential, or exemplary damages. This warranty shall be voided in the event the Purchaser alters or tampers with the product in any way or uses the product for any purpose other than that for which it is intended, or in any way not in compliance with the instructions contained in this Owners manual. All products using Z circuitry are protected by US Patents 5,227,962 and 5,260,862. MIT Z-Series products are manufactured and sold by CVTL, Inc. 4130- Citrus Ave #9, Rocklin, CA 95677 Phone: (916) 625-0129 Fax: (916) 625-0149

Front Panel Light. This LED COMES ON WHEN THE ON/OFF SWITCH IS TURNED ON, AND INDICATES INTERNAL OVER-VOLTAGE PROTECTION STATUS. If the LED goes out, an internal fuse has blown. Take the unit to an authorized MIT Z-Series dealer for inspection & service. CAUTION AN INTERNAL FUSE IS CONNECTED TO THE OVER-VOLTAGE PROTECTION (OVP) BOARD IN THE ZIsolator HC. Do not attempt to open the unit. There are no serviceable parts inside. Note: The Z-Isolator HC provides both surge & spike protection for all components plugged into it. Should the front panel light go out while the power switch is turned on and the main fuse is functioning, this indicates that the overvoltage protection board has sensed an overvoltage, and caused the internal fuse to blow, protecting the components in your system. Return the unit to your dealer, who will check the OVP components and internal fuses and replace them if necessary. If the replacement fuses hold, your system has been protected from a surge or spike, and the OVP circuit and Z circuitry have not been damaged. If the replacement fuses do not hold, the unit must be returned to the factory for servicing. Electrical components used in Z-Isolator HC are UL, CSA, VDE approved or listed. MIT recommends that all A/V equipment removable IEC power cords be replaced by the Z-Cord

Z-Series Limited Warranty

Z-Cord Power Cords

or Z-Cord-II, to ensure the highest level of system performance.

Designed to extend the filtering action of the Z circuitry, this product is made for all audio and video components with removable IEC power cords. The specially selected filters at each end block RF from getting into or out of the audio and video equipment, preventing such frequencies from contaminating the signal throughout the audio/video system. The Z-Cord is double-shielded, preventing the pick up and radiation of unwanted signals, reducing both EMI and RFI. The Z-Cord also maintains the clean power line provided by the Z-Series products. It is effective from 500 kHz, where the Z-Stabilizer and Z-Iso-Strip leave off, up through the video frequencies.

Z-Cord II
Improved Z-Cord with expanded performance: double-filtering, which removes more noise and distortion; broader bandwidth offers more filter action. Effective from 100 kHz through video frequencies.