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Kriya Yoga techniques: Pranayama and Bandhas

These breathing and bandhas techniques are considered advanced, producing fast and long lasting positive transformation benefits upon body and mind. In advanced stages of practice ( working daily for 6-12 month, and longer for even more dramatical results) radical transformation of mind will occur, improving and increasing dramatically the memory, intelligence, intuition, mind becoming genial as well as peaceful and happy, constantly positive.


Ujjiay pranayama: Breathe in and out through both nostrils while producing a noisy sound in the throat (this can be done, if while breathing, you contract the muscles of throat, thus restricting the flow of air) Nadi Sodhana Pranayama: Exhale and inhale on both nostrils, alternating laft/right, while breathing on one nostril, close the opposite with your fingers. Nadi Sodhana with Kumbhaka ( holding the breath) : Same manner like previously, but holding your breath after inhalation on one nostril, while the other is closed, alternate nostrils. The rhythm; Inhale/ Holding breath/ Exhale is : 1- 4- 2, measuring the time chanting AUM or OM, or just counting. Example: Inhale for a slow 2 OM, hold your breath for a slow 8 OM, exhale for a slow 4 OM. Knowing how to perform the main yogic bandhas and mudras is also a necessity; Beginners will do a moderate practice, reapeating a technique for 5-7 times only, and increasing after one month of Daily practice.


Jalandhara Bandha: Pressing the chin on your throat/ on your chest and holding it there, while holding the breath after inhalation, 5 seconds beginners, 8-10 intermediate.

Mula Bandha: Contracting the anus muscles ( combined with urinary muscles, if you wish) with or without regulation the breath, as taught in class. Uddyana Bandha: Pulling the muscles of abdomen in toward spine, and out, on out breath holding the breath, then relaxing the abdomen muscles, breathing in and holding the breath. Beginners will hold the breath for 5 seconds only, and increase only after 1 month ( working every day the technique) Beginners will repeat 3 times each of these three bandhas, increasing with one, only after 1 month period of Daily practice. Kechari Mudra: Tongue is positioned with tip touching the palate. Meditate or concentrate while holding the tongue as described. Shambhavi Mudra: With eyes closed, you should concentrate in Ajna chakra ( the point in the middle of forehead), or in Bruhmadyia Chakra ( the point between eyebrows) VIPARITA KARANI MUDRA ( shoulders stand) : With eyes closed, and breathing regularly, or performing Ujjiay breathing, do the inverted pose of the body, holding your legs straight up, while supporting your body on sholders, for 3 minutes continuously, or for 8 breaths and repeating 3 times. Unmani Mudra: With eyes half close, look in front of you at a short distance (5-6 cm) while practicing contemplation the meditation with open eyes. After doing any group of these techniques, perform the relaxation in Shavasana, for at list 2 minutes.