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Get $100,000 in carrer mode Rating: 23%

L1 l2 r1 r2 circle square

Unlock All Cars Rating: 19%

While you are escaping the Lamborghini Gallardo's in pursuit in career mode, escape them and
cool down then it will show a table of how much damage you scored the let it save and while in
gameplay click up, down, left, right

Unlock all cars: Rating: 21%

While gameplay pause game and go to world map and tipe in these

Need For Speed Undercover cheats Rating: 22%

These codes do I know.. cannot debug anymore
put code 1 or code 2 in "Options" -> "Secret Codes"
$10,000 in-game currency
2: %%$3/" Lotus Elise Bonus car

1: -KJ3=E
2: .+)3>$

Die-Cast Lexus IS F Bonus Car

1: 05M2
2: 06,2

Die-Cast Nissan 240SX (S13) Bonus Car

1: ?P:COL
2: @/#/+

Die-Cast Volkwagen R32 Bonus Car


All cars are $1000 each Rating: 18%

Go to main menu and enterthis code:

If you have entered the code correctly you should hear an engine roar and a message saying
"cheat activated.

$15,000 cash Rating: 33%

Enter S1D3K1CK

Cash booster Rating: 30%

Type %%$3/" or $EDSOC (contains letter "O") to get $10,000 in game play.
99999999999999 cash Rating: 24%
L1 l1 l1 square square 0 0 triangle left left

Takedown cheats Rating: 100%

EA and Nissan embedded four cheats in their Takedown series.
1st cheat is on a shelf in Hector's garage, Episode 1.
Watch here: url://

Unf nitro Rating: 22%


FOR MONEY Rating: 100%


Easy money Rating: 21%

When you get the cop car ford mustang gt just go and busted the criminals

Inside a cop car in a chase Rating: 100%

Ok so get a cop car behind you then crash on a highway into a wall then reset your car after
this there will be cop car next to you press the x button and quickly drive into the cop car (make
shore you do it quick anoth so your car is still flashing) and da dar you will be driveing your car
inside a cop car
p.s. I hoped this helped
p.s.2 im driveing a porshe so it might onl work in a porshe but try it in another car anyway

Get 1,000,135,710 dollars Rating: 18%

L1 l2 r3 l1 l2 r1 r2 left right up up x x x x x

Steering Rating: 40%

Press right to turn right, and press left to turn left..

999999999999 cash Rating: 31%


Easiest way to take down hector and g mac Rating: 100%

First let him get some distance on you(let him get in front of you)then floor it and don't use
nos yet then and still while your geting close go to the side like your going around him then get
clos and he will use his breaks so qiuckly press your slow motion and turn behind him while he is
slowing down then still on slow motion press nos and ram him hard .He is slowing down and you
are going fast makes big - health!

Cheats Rating: 35%

L2 L1 R1 X X X L2

Bad car Rating: 12%

The ccx car isn't that good . what I mean by that is you can't change anything. exept the
spoiler ,rims and paint. can't change any performance parts ether.
Escape helicopters Rating: 50%
Go to one of the high ways that have the big pursuit breakers that are signs that you can can
knock over. When you get there DO NOT KNOCK OVER THE SIGNS the helicopters will run right
into it and will go away.It's as easy as that.

Infinite nitrous Rating: 32%

Press at the menu the following code:up,circle,X,down,left,right,square

Car list ps2 only Rating: 60%

1.Chevrolet Camaro ss 2.Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
3.Nissan 240SX 4.Dodge Challenger
5.Dodge charger R/T 6.Plymouth Hemi Cuda
7.Shelby G.T. 500 8.MazdaSpeed 3
9.Infiniti G35 10.Renoult Clio V6
11.Mazda RX-8 12.Volkswagen Golf R32
13.Ford Mustang GT 14.Lotis Elise
15.Nissan 350Z 16.Mazda RX-7
17.Mercedes-Benz CLK 500 18.Porsche Cayman S
19.Chrysler 300C SRT8 20.Toyota Supra
21.Dodge Charger STR8 22.Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR Edtion
23.Nissan Skyline GTR 24.Dodge Challenger R/T
25.Chevrolet Camaro (new) 26.Aston Martin DB9
27.Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG 28.Dodge Viper SRT10
29.Porsche 911 Turbo 30.Lamborghini Gallardo
31.Chevrolet Corvette ZO6 32.Porsche 911 GT2
33.Mercedes-Benz SIR Mclaren 34.Porsche Carrera GT
35.Ford GT 36. Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
37.Koenigsegg CCX 38.Pagani Zonda F

Now what everybody has been forgeting to count the police cars:

39.Ford Mustang GT Police 40.Lamborghini Gallordo Policce

41.Porsche 911 GT2 Police

$10,000 cash Rating: 29%

Go to options and scroll down untill you see secret codes. than type %%$3/"

Sirens still blaring Rating: 67%

Chase a bad guy in the cop car then hit restart. the results are that your sirens are still blaring!

Destravar carros Rating: 12%

%%$3/� - $10,000
05M2 - Lexus IS F
-KJ3=E - Lotus Elise
?P:COL - Nissan 240SX
!2ODBJ: - Volkswagen R32

Escape cops esaily Rating: 80%

Pull up your map in any cop chase and in the top right corner is a road named Dinner's Bridge
that cuts of the map.Drive there and make sure there are no helicopters on you,if they are than it
wont work and you just need to wait tell they go away then go there.While you going down the
road make sure you are going about 95+ mph.There is a bridge jump at the end that you can get
over but the cops can't except the helicopters.That can get you out of the toughest pursuit.

Starting a new carer with the fastest car Rating: 18%

At the title screen go to options and then you put in this following cheat
L1,L2,R1,R2,right,left,right,left,up,down,up,down,up,L1,R1,R2,L2 :
and that cheat should make you start with the farstest car when starting a new carer.

Escape cops on high heat Rating: 25%

Try and make your car as fast as you can. if there are ford mustangs nothing to worry about. if
there are lambo's try and hit a crash breaker with wrecked police cars and stay there until you win
the pursute

Get Out Of The Car Rating: 15%


Need for speed Rating: 50%

Hint:best cars to use in game 100% in 2days not been busted either

1st car:camaro ss 2nd car:vw golf 3rd car:evo 4th car:mercedes slr
5th car:koeneinsegg ccx

Get all cars Rating: 33%


Ecape cops easy Rating: 50%

Best way to escape cops is to get to the bridge and jump over the cops dont follow!

Ultimate performance Rating: 29%

Up down left right circle square x triangle

All cars Rating: 20%

Type the word UNLIMITED at career mode

Nfs Extra Boost Rating: 83%

While starting the race, make sure that the needle at your speedometer( the round thing at the
lower right hand side of your screen) is pointing to the blue area, so you can get a perfect launch
and give your car a good headstart in the race (or you can simply start your race at the 1 count.)

All cars Rating: 50%

Enter right,left,circle,triangle,down,up,square at the press start menu enter it with the direction

Hint Rating: 28%

Now I will teach you how to do 360 spin.Go to garage and select any car.Go on the
highway(use your map)and get on 150 mp/h and pull E-brake on left or right side.The car will spin
and you done it.

RAM COPS (POLICE) EASILY !!! Rating: 60%

All you need to do is just to every time you are about to ram a car use speed breaker just
before you ram it and it would probably spin or move out of your way


Get more money Rating: 25%

Go to "Main Menu" then "Option" find "Secret code" option then insert the code

Get $10,000
Insert $EDSOC (letter "O") or %%$3/" .

Get $15,000
Insert S1D3K1CK

Beating carmen two stage mission Rating: 29%

Car= mitsu lancer evo 9
first- race her in the city. just keep going around city blocks, her driving stinks, so its pretty easy
to lose her. try not to beat her by going too far away. now for the hard part. the game will
jump/cut to the highway. the three goons will be there...of course. try and hit as many as you
can. don't try to kill them right away, just keep your car between them and her. now for some
reason my game "glitched". two of the three goons disappeared, and carmen drives away.her
health meter reads nothing, but she still is driving around the city. so I followed her for awhile,
bout 7 mins. went driving all over trying to find the other goons. went for a hi-way rip and made
my way back to the spot on the hi-way were you first started this mission, found the last goon
"glitching" driving back and forth between the wall and the jersey barrier. he just kept driving and
taking his own meter down lower and lower. I guess the other two goons "glitched" themselves to
death. and yes, this did take me about 7 tries before all the glorious glitching happened. be
patient it will happen---eventually

MONEY CHEAT Rating: 22%


A good start! Rating: 50%

When you start your career buy a mitsubishi eclipse gt then customize your car with nitrous
then race more keep on customizing the car until you get a cop mustang gt, then scrap the car
and buy a lotus elise and customize your performence but always buy the nitrous first!

Escape cops easy Rating: 83%

When you are in a cop chase go to rosewood and go strait to diamond bridge on the dead end
road and go over it. You need to be going at least 85 miles per hour to make it. You will find a
cooldown spot so you can finish the pursuit.

The northern bridge Rating: 67%

Once you found the northern bridge, fly across it to escape the cops!(They can't cross it)(make
sure your going fast enough!)

Shelby terlingua car Rating: 29%

Pause the game select options then select secret codes then put in the following:
(if you do not type in the code exactly how its shown the code will not work)

How to lose cops.( last mission) Rating: 50%

Don't go straight when mission starts turn around and turn left at first street you see. this is
faster. the sooner you catch up to Chase the better because the Lt. will call off the pusuit so you
can take out Chase.

$25,000 cash Rating: 6%


Hint:Glitch Through Old Bridge Rating: 60%

When you jump the bridge go strait then line the right side of your car so that it is touching the
barrier keeping you from getting over to the other side then the front of your car to the wall then
hit the "car reset button" at least 6 or 7 times then it should show your car from a left angle then
keep hitting the button and it should eventually jump you though to the other side good luck and
keep trying.!



Evade Pursuit Rating: 50%

While in a police pursuit head to the bridge with the dead end on the other side and the police
do not get over it and there is a hiding spot there too.

More cars Rating: 42%


Get a perfect launch easily Rating: 67%

Hold X during race countdown then when the 1 comes out release then press x to the second
line backwards to the red line then surely you will get a perfect launch not joke

Best car Rating: 38%

Ok the best car is the dodge viper srt10 its topspeed and acceleration stats are almost full if
you you customize it to the max. it can cost upto 300000 with visuals,

Juiced 2 Rating: 38%

Saleen s7 :WIKF its not in career! you enter cheat code in dna lab

Easy wins Rating: 67%

To win lots of races from 50% to 80% career mode you need lots of money so buy the
Lamborghini gallarado and upgrade the engine to pro. also make the supercharger race and put
any amount of N20 so use it in every race so you will win a lot
Bmw m3 Rating: 44%
X x triangle left left right right up down

Hint Glitch Through Bridge Rating: 75%

When you get to the old bridge you want to line the right side your car up with the barrier
keeping you from getting to the other side and then the front of it touching the wall then hit the
"Car Reset Button" at least 7 or 7 times then it should shoot you through to the other side have
fun and keep trying.!

Money $aver Rating: 25%

When you first start the game, buy your car, and start stocking up on money. Don't buy
anything until you have enough to buy the best engine possible. Get that engine, and then you
can buy other stuff. Butr with that engine, you will dominate the races, and get even more money.
Some more advice is to make the second car you buy, the last one you get for performance, but
do not take that too strictly.

Need stuff Rating: 20%

When you get to a race where you have to get to the checkpoints before time runs out you
need pro nos pro transmission and pro engine to pass it.

Blow up cops in one hit Rating: 20%


Get 100% on the game Rating: 20%

Press up down left right l1 r1 up down right left

then it will show a video of you getting fired

Cheats Rating: 31%


High time Rating: 13%

Cars go so fast they get air borne

Time slower Rating: 22%

Use the cirlce butten( time slower) in a corner and use R1(handbrake) co make a good turn,
but jou will lose some speed like 35 mph

Ulock mclaren Rating: 33%

L1 l2 left rigth up duwn up up

Money Rating: 15%


Be the front of a tanker Rating: 50%

1.Find a tanker 2.get close to it 3.reset your car
4.make sure your car is in the tanker to the front of the tanker a bit forward 7.ta da your the front of the tanker
15.000$ bonus Rating: 25%
You must go into the menu options than you klick of Bonus cheat! Than you must take the
word S1D3K1CK in this one! Now you have 15.000$ bonus from T-mobile

The infractions Rating: 75%

Ok so their are 6
1. Ram cop car 2. Destroy cop car 3. speed over 200kph
4. hit a regular car (car, van, truck, etc.) 5. property damage. 6. YOU SPEED OVER 300kph
i did it in a fully souped can do it in a SLR too and im sure you can with other cars too
but nos is the key ppl later..dont get caught lol

10000 $ Rating: 40%

10000 $

Get cop car Rating: 33%

When you are on a cop mission don't get helicopter then after go 2 your safe house and go into
my cars and the n buy cars. then you go into select car but you can only use it for chasing cops

Easy escape from the cops in pursuits Rating: 83%

When being chased by the cops an easy way to escape is to trick them ie. make it look like
your going to turn left then quickly turn right and use nos or you can simply destroy all the cop
cars then use nos to speed off before the next set of cops find you

Unlocking police cars Rating: 20%

Once you beat hector or zack you get a ford mustang gt 5-0 vehicle and when you tale down
rose you get the lamborghini gallardo 5-0 vehicle and gmac unlocks the porsh 911 gt2 5-0

$10,000 Rating: 26%

Enter $EDSOC (contains the letter "O") or %%$3/ as a code.

Need for Speed Undercover cheats (pc) Rating: 20%

Citwoxq53f -------------------Chevrolet Camaro Concept

qlcukc4bqm -------------------Dodge Charger (1969)

i3kxodepfc -------------------Ford Mustang GT

2-----------------------------Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

d5dviyrlgn -------------------Pontiac GTO (1965)

>8P:I -----------------------Porsche 911 Turbo

NeedForSpeedShelbyTerlingua---Shelby Terlingua

%%$3/" ----------------------- $10,000 in-game

05M2 ----------------------- Lexus IS F

-KJ3=E ----------------------- Lotus Elise

?P:COL ----------------------- Nissan 240SX

!2ODBJ: ---------------------- Volkswagen R32

S1D3K1CK --------------------- $15,000 in-game

"9:G3IF----------------------- Die-Cast Audi R8 car

Fast Money Rating: 33%

Ok you have to beat Zack and Hector then you unlock a ford Mustang use that in busting
criminals it gets you about �20,000 but later on in the game you unlock a porshe and lambo cop
car I use the lambo it is better then you get �20,000 again after the mission then insted of
pressing continue press restart then you do the whole mission again but you keep the money from


Cheat code Rating: 18%


Cheats Rating: 33%