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1. What hapens when we delete a normal record of parent with master detail relation? A.

When we Delete a record on parent all its related details and sub details records gets deleted. 2. When is Roll up summary is possible? A Roll up summary are defined only on Master object , roll up summary is possible only if the detail record must be directly related to master in master detail relationship Count, sum, minimum and maximum are different types of roll up summary fields. 3. How to give a hyperlink to a field value without using url type or vf tag? A. 4. What is d difference b/w trigger & workflow? A. Workflows : workflows are a set of workflow instructions like field updates, send email alerts and assign tasks and these actions are performed only when the criteria for that rule is met . which we have given at the time of rule creation Using Workflow rules we can perform operation only on one object Trigger means programming in Apex and can do things which workflows cannot do. Using triggers we can perform operations on different object. Trigger fires when an DML event occurs. 5. How many objects & fields r allowed in an org?

6. Why/In which situation the error "too many SOQL queries: 101" comes? When using soql query to retrieve records that are more than 100 records. 7. How to access a file from documents in sfdc? We can go to documents tab and in the recent documents we can find our required document and access it . 8. What is d allowed size of document? 5mb for file attachments, 2 gb for feed attachment and 10 mb for files attached to email