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Dulles, John Israel

JCCEtmm Foster Middle Eastern Policy

October 18, 1955 The Honorable John Poster Dulles Secretary of State Washington* D. C. My dear Mr. Secretary: Recent developments In the Middle c.ast, Including the negotiation of an agreement by Czechoslovakia to sell arms to Egypt, have troubled me deeply aa I know they have troubled you and all the other responsible officials of our Government. As I am sure you must be aware, this development has caused deep concern in many parts of the free world - not only in the United States. In Europe, from where I have just returned, I heard the same expressions of anxiety that I have heard since my return here. There is, of course, no easy solution to this problem. I am aware of that. I cannot, however, refrain from saying that the recent turn of events might have been anticipated, in view of some of the regrettable aspects, as I saw them, of our Middle eastern policy in the recent past. Today, however, we must address ourselves to the future and not to the past. I feel more strongly than ever that we must now make clear to the directors of Soviet policy, and to the Arab countries as well, that we do not intend to permit the balance of military power to be so upset in the Middle ast as to invite or possibly to Insure the outbreak of hostilities in that area. We must do everything we possibly can to discourage an arms race, but even more to discourage any hopes that aggression can be undertaken in this area without positive counteraction on our part. I believe that a security pact with Israel, guaranteeing that country against aggression, with parallel guarantees extended to igypt and other neighbors of Israel, would serve notice upon all the countries involved, including Soviet Russia, that the peace of the Middle East must not be disturbed. I believe world opinion would support such a move on our part. I am aware that any such pact would need to be submitted to the United States Senate for its approval before it could become binding upon this country. I believe that the United

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The Hon. John Poster Secretary of State

States Senate would approve suoh a pact, In the general outline I have described. I urge, Mr. Secretary, that you negotiate such a pact and submit it to the United States Senate, after of course the necessary consultations with our allies. Surely American public opinion could be mobilized in behalf of such an arrangement, which would, I believe, contribute greatly to the cause of world peace and gre tly serve the long-range Interests of the United states. 1 would much appreciate your early comment on this proposal, even thougn you are, 1 know, busy preparing for your vital mission in Oeneva next week. Yours very sincerely,

October 16, 195$

Herbert H. Lehman United otates Senate