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We are now in the lull before the storm but with all the signs right before us the evidence is overwhelming. As you read, keep in mind that we have an eBook which is state-of-the-art and current in real time which is available which discusses all of these topics, briefly reviewed here...more information on the eBook is available at the bottom of the web page.

NASA is continually telling us about the asteroids that just passed by, but not about the ones that are coming in, nor about the current high flux of asteroids and comets coming at us. We are currently in a belt of many such possible hits and it doesn't take a very big chunk of rock falling on the land or in the ocean to cause big problems for years to come. A question that often comes up is: "Why is Planet X not yet visible, why no one has ever seen it to this day?" Well, they have now, but here are a few good reasons for that. First, X is a very dim object, having a very low `albedo' which means it reflects only a very small portion of the light it receives from the Sun. Venus for example has one of the highest albedos, 57% of the Sun's light is reflected. If Planet X is a protostar or brown dwarf it absorbs almost all the light and hence is very dark. Second, PX is approaching from the direction of Earth's South Pole, which stands vertical to the band of constellations where all of the other planets move in a disk. So in order to see it one has to be in the Southern hemisphere, and quite close to the Pole, either on the Southern Island of New Zealand or in Patagonia. Both regions are sparsely inhabited. It is better to prepare early and wait until the time, rather than be ill prepared when the event sneaks up on you. Insurance salesmen sell death insurance to give "peace of mind". That is their biggest pitch. Preparedness for X involves not only the physical preparedness of stocking in

groceries, water and supplies, but mental preparedness of having physically prepared knowing you stand a better chance of survival, as well as spiritual preparedness. What is a clear conscience worth? And it is fascinating to know that virtually all of the cosmic and earth-changing events in the Book of Revelation are likely caused by the fly-by of Planet X.

The Scenario?
Planet X (aka Nibiru) is the planet which is going to pass by earth, 14 million miles away at its closest - on its journey around the sun every 3600 years. It is not a planet considered to be IN our solar system but DOES pass THROUGH our solar system in this 3600 year cycle.

Planet X's passage could be the greatest catastrophic infliction of loss of life upon mankind, since Noahs Ark. Volcanoes all over the Earth will erupt along with multiple high magnitude earthquakes, tidal waves, and a meteor firestorm. Volcanic ash will be released. PX may well be the one reason for all of the underground shelters throughout the United States and the world. No one knows the exact date. The book describes devastating effects to expect due to its gravitational attraction which creates a stoppage of earth's rotation, a restart with a quarter turn in one hour, a pole shift on earth, changing climate for many areas, tidal waves, many earthquakes of great magnitude, and much volcanism.

Cut to the chase!

What can we expect out of this and what do we have to do to survive? All volcanoes may activate, even dormant ones during the pole shift as the north and south poles change locations to Brazil and India; establishing a new equator. This is evidenced by narrow tree ring patterns of past passages of Planet X. That gives us a big hint of what is to come. Read on.

The distance between the sun and earth is 93,000,000 miles. At closest approach PX is still 14,000,000 miles away; about one seventh the distance from earth to the sun. This seems also like a long ways away to be causing this kind of damage; but considering PX is 5 times the size of earth, has 25 times the mass, and is 100 times more dense than earth; in fact it is one of the most devastating distances PX could be and here's why. It's one giant magnet passing by. Its passage ALWAYS is severe enough to leave a devastating mark on earth. During the last passage, tree rings world-wide narrowed for several years afterwards. The core did not slip from the crust causing the mega-devastation which some pole shifts bring. The crust is NOT as magnetic as the core and during a closer passage, earth's crust and core align to PX simultaneously. This passage brings with it the worst case scenario of tidal waves, flooding, Richter 9 - 12 earthquakes, virtually all volcanoes active and dormant coming to life, and 200mph winds during the pole shift, along with severe meteor firestorms from debris in the planet's tail falling to earth that our atmosphere does not burn up. Challenging times are certainly ahead.
WHY PLANET X IS REAL The evidence is overwhelming. A prominent astronomer who dedicated his life to the discovery of Planet X was removed immediately before he could make a public disclosure. Astronomical (planet) perturbations that are caused by its approach are detailed. Chapter One goes over a history of how Planet X was discovered, how it is monitored and a brief description of the future earth changes that will occur during its passage. THE EMP EFECT X-level solar flares are occurring, but scientists have created a new category of solar flare the Y Class. In 1859 a solar storm occurred which was so severe that telegraph lines were destroyed. As Planet X begins its passage around the sun and towards the earth, Y-class solar flares will occur which will have an electromagnetic pulse effect and a good part of the earths power grids will be out of service. In this chapter I discuss the major side effects of this event, as well as specific services that will be disrupted.

TSUNAMIS In the future when Planet X makes a near-earth approach, all volcanoes on the planet will become active. There is one particularly dangerous volcano on the Canary Islands known as the El Hierro Volcanic Region. When this erupts the island on which it sits will split in half various BBC documentaries have confirmed this. A fifteenhundred feet high wall of water will be created which will speed towards the East Coast of the U.S. at over 500 mph. By the time it arrives it will be an estimated two hundred feet high. This chapter describes the science of this event, as well as other expected scenarios. Insiders in top levels privately confirm that many of them are quietly contracting out the building of dome-homes (the strongest structure known to man) in the Ozarks and other safe areas. These domes can withstand hurricane force winds and earthquakes. If these domes are built in the rolling hills or foothills, well away from the shorelines, major population centers, and flat plains (that are expected to flood with the constant rain and melting poles), the chances of survival are as good as you can get. HIGH-LEVEL FOREKNOWLEDGE OF PLANET X Deep Underground Military Bases exist. The base under the Denver Airport, which Governor Jesse Ventura did a documentary on, likely exists. Continuity of government briefings have filtered through to key players as radio talk-host JR Moore. Russian preparation of underground cities is extensive, in the base of mountains and in general shelters. ASTRONOMICAL INDICATORS OF PLANET X How the government has known about this for decades. Percival Lowell began his hunt for Planet X in 1906. NASA discovered Planet X in the 1980s. The disclosure and the cover story are discussed.


The Vatican actually owns its own telescope named VATT (Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope) which is operated out of the Mt. Graham Observatory, located in SE Arizona. Vatican intelligence rivals that of world-class intelligence agencies. A cloak of secrecy exists. SAFETY DURING PLANET X PASSAGE A detailed discussion of preparations, and contingency planning for those in coastal areas. Survival without the essentials. Disaster planning for likely scenarios. Food storage and water purification procedures are covered. Why top naval brass often move after their service is completed to certain safe areas of the U.S. How to be better prepared than the government itself.

Behold, tomorrow about this time I will cause it to rain a very grievous hail, such as has not been in Egypt since the foundation thereof even until now. In addition to Earth changes that scientifically confirm the worldwide destructive nature of Planet Xs last passage of our planet at the time of the Biblical Exodus, tree rings from that era clearly show that a major natural disaster struck the entire Earth. It was during this time period that Niagra Falls was formed, as well as the Great Lakes. On the other side of the globe, the Sahara Desert abruptly came into existence. A polar shift occurred resulting in the Mastedon becoming extinct, and the Minoan civilization came to a sudden devastating end.

PLANET X AND THE BOOK OF REVELATION The seven seals, seven trumpets, and seven bowls/vials are three succeeding series of end-times judgments in the Book of Revelation. The judgments get progressively worse and more devastating as time progresses. The seven seals, trumpets, and bowls are connected to one another. The seventh seal introduces the seven trumpets, and the seventh trumpet introduces the seven bowls.

Let's look at where Planet X fits the Book of Revelation, the most important prophetic book in the Bible. Rather than cover the traditional arguments about whether Revelation is literal or only figurative and whether the seals, trumpets and bowls happen sequentially or happen in parallel, we will just jump right in reading it naturally. This is because PX so perfectly fits what Revelation literally says, that it can silence these debates forever. The only reason that these old debates have raged for centuries is because no one could conceive until the last days how the details of Revelation Chapters 6 - 8 could literally be fulfilled just as written (in fact it was only in recent times that scientists accepted that catastrophic impacts could happen on Earth). When the facts do not fit our paradigm, there is a tendency to distort them, in this case by rearranging the natural order of events or changing their natural, literal meaning. However, there is no reason to do that once the heretofore missing information about the existence and threat of Planet X are revealed. Multiple jigsaw problem-solving reveals the truth throughout this entire book.


Just as every book has a Point of View, this book is intended to be written from the perspective of an Intelligence Analyst. A lot of public domain information exists, but it must be carefully filtered and evaluated. Because my work itself involves sifting of large amounts of data from a variety of sources, I have studied and applied intelligence-gathering and

analysis techniques in the filtered data obtained from years of research on this topic. 90% of all governments use covers, legends and a variety of other intel terms in everyday operations. This book doesnt judge them this book interprets for the reader from an intel standpoint why this can be expected. It teaches critical thinking about the highlevel principles. Then it is up to the reader to decide not only my evaluation but his evaluation does the evidence lead him to a conclusion beyond a reasonable doubt, to a moral certainty? If you still have doubts about Planet X, check out this video on my site: David Meade