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Sea Swallows Sun

By Sarah Monagle

sea swallows sun spreading vibrant hymns, leaving blue behind -Sarah Mongale


She is everywhere
By Fiona Pearse @fionapearse

She is everywhere The most delicate beget strength Blessed are those who believe -Fiona Pearse


By Sir Muse @mrmoseb

Lamb slain Lion who reigns Humility in His majesty -Sir Muse


By Juliet Wilson @craftygreenpoet

strobe lights in the underground nightclub my nettle-stung arm -Juliet Wilson


By Alexis Dimyan @alexisdimyan

True freedom is this In love with earths wild spaces unspoilt by riches -Alexis Dimyan


Dear Leader
By Carlton Williams Jr @atolemdro

How does war make peace? Kill noise and you sip bloody silence. Winter bliss. -Carlton Williams Jr


By Nancy Mills @nessence7

He gently kisses My skin with intent to scar Wounds scab with regret. -Nancy Mills


By Lesley Gray @lesleyfgray

Summer petals fall from your last precious planting. Gather the harvest. -Lesley Gray


Country song Haiku

By Paul Little @p_jlittle

My whiskey dont need water Ive got my own tears. -Paul Little